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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> it is with deep regret, but also with gratitude that i'm suspending our campaign today. >> now, the baar politician says the fight is not over. break between storms, meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the next system heading toward the bay area. >> from ktvu news, this is the four. >> the bay area just wrapped up its first major rainstorm of the season, now more rain is on the way. that upcoming storm is raising some concerns of mud and lands lines in recent areas scored by land fires. and allison rodriguez in for heather. neck and alex savidge. preparations well underway for this upcoming storm system. tom vacar joining us live from the north bay and the wet weather, looming large in that area, tom? >> reporter: this is up in windsor, this is one of the two really big parks in the area. this one is called shiloh ranch regional park. the other one is called hit foothill park.
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this is a very very steep very very bid park that a lot of people use. lately it has been close because of all the damage the storm did. i must tell you that the mud flows, landslides and debris danger is very real, because the land is already getting very saturated. at windsor's foothill regional park, crews are are already working to prevent massive erosion that was incinerated when the kincaid finer sweat through it. >> we have seen minor movement of soil. we have a contractor right now working at the front of the park on something, soils that we are moving. >> it has eroded in a small amount of debris getting into one of the ponds, visitors and hikers enjoy. that should all be mitigated when the park officially reopened next week. the stuff that burned away is called understory. >> the understory holds the
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soil, binds the soil, also slows rainfall. water from impacting the soil, so heavily it slows water down as it is flowing into streams and the ponds. >> reporter: the reason the parts park district has installed so many efforts already is because they do not want mud or debris flowing down these hills, not only into the on water resources, and blocking their own paths and trails, they are just as concerned about this getting outside of the park, into the neighborhoods where a lot of damage could also be done. >> that is exactly why the temporary controls are put into place, to prevent that. >> reporter: even from the tubs fire that swept through santa rosa two years ago, the erosion problem still remains. >> as we start looking at the larger amount of rainfall, that becomes a concern. like we said, we have been very successful over the last two seasons, and our eyes are on this visa now. >> reporter: on a related
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matter, highway 101, i take that back, highway 37 between highway 101 and atherton road, which was flooded and closed multiple times last year, caltrans is still working on it to ensure it won't happen again this rainy season. get this, it's access depends strictly on what it has learned and its contractors learned from the failed attempt last time. we hope they will not fail again. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, thank you. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the next system that is set to move in later on tonight, mark? >> that's right, it's not going to be the strongest system, but it will still intact, especially the morning commute tomorrow. beyond that, we are kind of buying another system as we head toward friday, that'll be the strongest form at least comparable to early this week though. take a look at the rainfall totals over the last seven days. those numbers really adding up. in sonoma county, approaching 14 inches of rain. big sur almost topping 11 inches. don lemon 10.1 inches.
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seven so much and point twos inches. more rain is on the way. try to break down the systems. next one not a major rain producer, just a few hundredths of an inch, to maybe one half of an inch of rainfall. the friday one will be stronger. you can see the amount of rain from three quarters of an inch to about three and half inches for the north bay, coastal health, and there is a high likelihood we will have another flash flood watch going into effect for the kincaid firebird area. here is the radar, some rain showers earlier this afternoon, those showers developing in the south, moving to the north and right now, we still have some coverage up in portions of the north bay, parts of napa county, approaching marin county, looks like some rainfall in the valley to san rafael, moving the maps around the not as much activity. but look what is developing offshore, more rain showers in monterey bay, also to the west of santa cruz county. as we expand the view, we will
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show you this, one system just off shore here. another one out here in the pacific, and that will be the stronger one. for the meantime, you might encounter those rainfalls, nothing extreme rainfall rate, but keep the ebola nearby for tonight. once again into tomorrow morning, thursday could be considered our break today. we will end on this, that is our friday system, that'll be stronger. that will also pack some wind. we will talk more about that coming up in it. thing?. don't forget you can always download our weather app for the latest conditions. our weather team also posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. california senator kamala harris is calling it quits. the once promising democratic presidential candidate is suspending her 2020 campaign for the white house. this morning's announcement came as a surprise to many people. ktvu political reporter greg lee joining us now with reaction to this announcement, greg? >> reporter: alex, we had
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certainly seen the struggle for kamala ing of this was a harris announced her plans to run for president, she was greeted by thousands of supporters outside of oakland city hall. it has been less than a year but we have seen major shifts in her plates and the pole. now the end of her campaign. >> so, to you, my supporters, my dear supporters, it is with deep regret, but also with deep gratitude that i'm suspending our campaign today. >> 11 months after launching her bid for president in oakland, california senator kamala harris dropped out of the race. >> my campaign for president simply does not have the financial resources to continue. >> reporter: and a message to supporters posted on twitter, senator harris said it has become harder and harder to raise the money needed to compete. the campaign started with major promise, but suffered major losses recently. the former san francisco da and california attorney general dropped to single digits in national polls, and in her shif some supporters came by her oakland headquarters, shocked by the decision.
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>> i thought that she was an equal balance of law and intellect. it seems like we need someone that got a mixture of intelligence and respect for the law. >> dante burks says he expects to see her run again in the future. harris had already qualified for this month's democratic debate. the other candidates responded to the news, including front runner in the former vice president, joe biden. >> a real competitor. i have mixed emotions about it. because she is really a solid solid person. and loaded with talent. >> reporter: the announcement comes a day after california governor gavin newsom that he would campaign for harrison iowa. a super pack prepared to buy $1 million in ads in the crucial states. despite dropping out, senator harris promised to keep fighting for what she believes in. >> i want to be clear, although i'm no longer running for president, i will do everything in my power to defeat donald trump and fight for the future of our country, and the best of
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who we are. >> reporter: senator harris will spend the week traveling to the states to encourage staff and reporters supporters for their hard work on this campaign. greg, the timing on this seems kind of curious to a lot of people. senator harris, she qualified for the next date coming up here in just a couple of weeks. you would think, maybe she would kind of waiting that out to see how you know, she did during the debate. she did pretty well during the last few what was going on here? was this simply a money issue? >> we often see bumps for her after debate, right? after the first debate, she went after joe biden, that was certainly a good thing. donors went up there you're right, absolutely the money without. i think people are surprised by the timing, we are just two weeks from that debate, about a month, february is when the iowa caucus is. many thought she would wait it out to see how she would do. but again, goes all back to money. if you don't have the money to keep the train going, you have to stop. >> she has a long career here, what can we expect to see from
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her after today's announcement? >> everyone has to understand running a presidential sam potential campaign is exhausting, i think she will take a little bit of a break. she can't for too long, because the impeachment hearing is coming up. she will be a major part of that. we have seen her via good prosecutor, i think she will play a major part in that impending trial. they are expecting her to play big in those things. the other part of this is that joe biden was asked today, would you consider kamala harris as a vp running mate and he just walked away. but to that end, perhaps if that is something she would consider, she brings a lot to the table. but maybe some of these candidates would consider. >> already a lot of talk of her as a potential vice president running mate there. we will have to wait and see what the next move is, but as she said, the fight is not over for her. ktvu political reporter, greg lee. cleaning the streets of san francisco, still to come, the new program that aims to address the growing problem of human waste on our city streets. the impeachment report on president trump is now public,
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i'm ray bogan in washington with details on a report that says president trump solicited foreign interference in the 2020 elections. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes
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the house intelligence committee has just voted to send its impeachment inquiry report to the house judiciary committee. fox's ray bogan tells us the report released today says president trump subverted u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine, and undermined u.s. national security for his own political interest. >> reporter: the 300 page
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impeachment report concludes president trump's solicited foreign interference in the 2020 u.s. presidential election. it states president trump use the power of his office to push this credited theory and harm opponents. >> house intelligence committee reports president trump conditioned a potential white house meeting, and nearly $400 million in military assistance to compel ukraine's president to do his political bidding. report says president trump demanded ukraine announced an investigation into his political rival joe biden and his son. >> the withholding of that aid, even for a period of time, send a disastrous message to friend and foe alike that the united states does not have the back of its ally. >> reporter: the committee states president trump's response to the inquiry includes obstruction and witness intimidation. >> this is the result of a president who believes he is beyond indictment, beyond impeachment, beyond any form of
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account ability and indeed above the law. >> president trump is in the uk and says he will keep his focus on nato meetings, but the impeachment inquiry is still taking much of the spotlight. >> deranged human beings. grew up with the complex for a lot of reasons are obvious. >> reporter: the report now moves to the judiciary committee which will hold its first hearing wednesday. lawyers will testify about the constitutional grounds for impeachment, republicans say it is three and tightrope witnesses against one supporter. >> my guess is maybe for impeaching the president, before the phone call even happened in july. >> reporter: humid clear even though the report is out, that intelligence committee will continue investing president trump. he specifically wants to know if the presidents alleged pressure on ukraine started earlier than previously known. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. all right, joining us now to talk more about some of the next steps in the impeachment inquiry, doctor david levine
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from uc hastings college of law. david, always good to have you here to sort through everything going on here. so, the impeachment report from house democrats essentially lays out the argument that president trump abused his power to solicit foreign interference on his behalf, in connection with the 2020 elections. how strong of a case do you think the democrats made in this 300 page report? >> well, in this document they have certainly done the best they possibly could with the evidence. they have made, i think, a very strong case on the question of interference, of soliciting interference. they are showing a substantial amount of context between the white house and the ukraine government, as we know, to the others. so there is quite a bit of detail there. it is not just the one phone call. the president likes to say, look at the transcript. the transcript is that enough of the one phone call. what the democrats have done is to say, this was a month-long effort. and they tie in mister giuliani. that is very strong. the other is the obstruction claim. >> right, they say it was a
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campaign of obstruction by the president and the people around him. >> that's right. >> what was the evidence offered up? >> they are pointing to the absence of evidence in the sense that the white house has utterly refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, as recently as this weekend. whether white house counsel just rejected the idea that they should participate in the next step with the judiciary committee. but the idea is the absence, the refusal to turn over documents. the refusal to let people like mister mulvaney or mister bolton testify. that is the obstruction. the utter unwillingness to participate in the process. >> all right, so tomorrow, the house judiciary committee starts the formal debate. in terms of deciding whether president trump's actions constitute unimpeachable offense, what does this process look like tomorrow, and where do things go once the debate has concluded? >> sure, tomorrow we will see something that is incredibly exciting to law professors.
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maybe not exciting for anybody else, but i will be up early. >> it is your day tomorrow. >> exactly. what it is, they have invited several law professors, several of whom have done this before with previous impeachments, to lay out what the founders thought about impeachment, about what it is therefore. about what are appropriate transgressions to look for. what exactly is high crime in this community? the thing i will be looking for is that while three of those  professors were called by the democrats, one was called by the republican. that is jonathan turley. and george washington, he did this before with the clinton impeachment, and he is very well-versed in this. what i think is interesting is, the material that i have seen about mister turley and g recent weeks, i'm not sure he will be a great witness for the publicans. he has criticism of what the democrats have done, but he is not going to be the key witness for the defense here. >> all right, the president i'm sure, and his allies, are going to probably sit here and argue that, what are we going through this debate here on capitol hill over impeachment, they would say all the democrats have already made up their minds. right? isn't that the case?
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>> well, they certainly will say it. but of course the flipside is, it looks like all the republicans have made up their minds. one of the things we saw today that was rather stunning is that the report includes evidence that mister nunez, who was the ranking member, he was in close confusion with the white house and mister giuliani all through this. and he is supposed to be one of the mutual investigators, and he was working behind the scenes. well, you can make the same charge. that is part of the problem here. speaker pelosi was worried about this, we will end up with an early partisan so, and it's much harder to say the bipartisan process, and therefore harder to say it is legitimate. >> at the end of the day, it is purely a political process. >> absolutely political process. there is a little bit legal here, but at the end of the day, it's all about politics. >> they will shine tomorrow. >> absolutely. don't miss it. >> always a pleasure,
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appreciate it. thanks so much for coming in. we will shift gears and talk about the weather. mark, my day started off with gorgeous sunshine and it quickly shifted to a grey drizzly pattern. is one of those days to start off with the sunglasses and the umbrella is needed in the afternoon hours, definitely the case today for portions of the bay area. kind of had a band of moisture sweep across the region moving from the south to the north. it has been a very active week. take a look at the storm totals going past seven days, canfield, over nine inches of rainfall. santa rosa over 6 inches. approaching 2 inches of rainfall, we are looking for there's raindrops for most of november and boy, late november into december, really an active weather period. the system tonight and into wednesday morning, we are not talking about a ton of rain here, maybe a few hundredths of an inch. up in the north bay, this will be favoring south bay near san jose, morgan hill and gilroy at the top end of the amounts could be approaching .5 inches of rainfall.
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with the rainfall timing, the bulk of this will be before tomorrow morning, this is 6:00 am, maybe until 9:00 am, then a quick drop off in the activity. in fact, maybe more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. here is the radar from earlier today, rain showers, interesting pattern here moving from the south and moving out to the north. right now, their focus up and portions of the north bay. for cena soma, approaching marin county, napa county, and a few more neighborhoods coming up for you, monterey bay, and more development just offshore as well. so that is some of the action out there in the pacific. here, you can to see the wider picture, and we have two circulations, this area of low pressure here. this front way out here, that'll be that stronger system headed our way. for right now though, lots of clouds and some rain showers nearby, as far as the rainfall expectations, we have put this into motion. through thursday and friday, most areas picking up over one inch. we talked about this earlier, the coastal health, especially in north they could be topping 3 inches with that next deal, that'll be by friday. friday
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night and into saturday morning. here we are by tomorrow, rain likely in san francisco, then a chance and the afternoon hours. probably just a son claude makes by about 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm tomorrow. so here we are tonight, then your ego, that rain, this'll be favoring the south bay. this is tomorrow morning, not so much, maybe if you sprinkled or light shower, we will be drying things up throughout the day tomorrow. we will talk about that stronger system and your weekend forecast all coming up in a little bit. thank you, mark. president trump says the nato alliance is strong, but he is having a serious disagreement with a key ally. we will have detailed, coming up after the break. be sure to tune in tonight for all-new episodes of the residence at 8:00 pm, then the final season of empire continue ick around for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news, right here on ktvu. re hot and energized.
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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san francisco is one step
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closeraders announcing a new system to address the growing problem of human waste in the tenderloin. >> sara zendehnam has more now on this new plan. >> reporter: while we were waiting here, we actually saw someone use the sidewalk as his bathroom. so clearly this is an issue here, but hopefully this new pressure washing system will help. supervisor matt haney was joined by the tenderloin community benefit district to announce an increase in pressure washing sidewalks in the tenderloin. usually they do pressure washers once a month. now, they will do it once a week. every block of the tenderloin is bordered will have a specific day scheduled to be clean. crews will also continue their normal efforts every day of picking up trash. those who represent tenderloin secured $260,000 in funds during this year's budget process for cleaning within the district. that, in addition to an investment for property owners will allow the service to
4:25 pm
continue until 2034. it is a tough job, but the appreciation for crews is obvious. >> when i see them hard- working, they inspire me every day. it almost brings me to tears, they deal with a very very tough job and they do it with a smile on their face. they get a tremendous amount of gratitude, i would think probably the thing we collect the most of out of here, over trash, needles, feces, we collect a lot of thank youse. >> reporter: in 2018, they got 3000 calls for feces cleanup, according to online rental company rent the company study data from 31, that's an 11% decrease from the previous year. but it is still an issue. they say the area has the highest number of 311 requests, citywide for sidewalk cleanliness issues. giving the homeless access to more bathrooms will also help. the supervisor extended a pilot program for 24 hour affordable bathrooms, called pitstops. that gives people options drop
4:26 pm
tonight. the restrooms are cleaned and monitored at all hours. it is all part of his 10 point plan, which also calls for more animal waste stations and tamper-resistant trash cans. it brings relief to people who have been here for years. >> when you cleaned up like that, no matter if it's done by the city or private business, it is definitely welcome after they pressure washed the sidewalks. >> the weekly pressure washing has already started. here working on some things, but we are to hold people in the area should notice a difference right away. >> reporter: in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. for workers who were file fire last week are planning to file a complete against the company. they are announcing today they will be filing unfair practice charges with the national labor relations board. unfairly retaliating against them for organizing workers around social causes. the company says the four were accessing and achieving business and employee information, but the former workers deny those allegations saying they did not violate any
4:27 pm
policies. san diego repuicto misusing $250,000 in campaign funds, and he is excited to resign. duncan previously designed deny those charges. he said he pleaded guilty to spare his three children the hardship of a trial. earlier this year, his wife, margaret hunter, also pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds. the couple is accused of using the money to pay for vacations, meals, and gifts. a federal prosecutor says he is planning to ask for a sentence of one year in prison. well president trump is butting heads with french president emmanuel macron at the nato summit in london today, it is supposed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of nato, but there is evidence of tension within the alliance. president trump lashing out at the french president for his recent remarks that quote europe needs to wake up, because it can no longer depend on the u.s. president trump also continuing to put pressure on nato members to spend more on defense. >> there are some countries that aren't fulfilling their
4:28 pm
commitment and those countries will be dealt with, maybe i will deal with them from a trade standpoint. >> we don't have -- >> the french president also clashing with president trump over the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria, without cord needing with friends. president trump also rattling the stock market is today, the president said in london he has, quote, no deadline for trade deal and he doesn't mind waiting until after the 2020 election. the dow was down 280 point, the nasdaq lost 47, and the s&p 500 was down 20 points. new tariffs on goods from china are set to take effect december 15th, if no deal is reached. this is giving tuesday and ktvu is partnering with ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland. up next, we will sit down to talk with a little girl, known as leah to overcome her, to learn how the generosity of
4:29 pm
others help her and her family heal. plus, look at that hospital and how they use forms of therapy outside the box to help those patients recover. ♪oh there's no place like home for the holidays.♪ ♪'cause no matter how far away you roam.♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ the united states postal service goes the extra mile
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today is giving tuesday. a global movement encouraging people and organizations to help make a difference in their communities. today was created in 2012, and over the last seven years, it has inspired hundreds of millions of people to give. this year, ktvu is teaming up
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with the folks at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland who provide world-class pediatric care. for more, we are joined by a former patient at ucsf, leah carol, and her mom, lindsay bowen. thank you both for being here. leah has a rare disorder that led to her spending much of her early years in the hospital. leah, it is so good to have you here today. she is doing great these days. >> she is. >> she is cured. >> she is cured, 100%. >> after spending years, her first years basically, in and out of the hospital. >> our first touch with children's hospital was at six months of age. she will be seven years old in january. >> and the disorder that leah has, it basically makes it difficult for her body to fight infections? >> correct, the way i explain it, we all have white blood cells, leah did not make the one that fought off bacterial infections, but now she does. >> okay, what did it take you mark to make leah better.
4:33 pm
>> it took two lifesaving bone marrow transplants, and the second one worked. >> leah, do you remember being in the hospital? >> yeah? what do you remember most about being in the hospital? >> do you remember the good things? >> what was one fun thing that you did in the hospital? >> music therapy? >> yeah. >> so obviously, you are talking to me earlier, and she spent so much time in the hospital with treatments. but what you wanted her to remember most was the fun things she did. the positive experiences. and a lot of those are programs that are funded by donors. >> correct. yeah, child life, which are the people that basically let your children still be children when they are sick and in the
4:34 pm
hospital. they would do bedside stuff with her, arts and crafts, they would bring her toys. music therapy, they would come again, bedside. and dancing power, which is another organization that comes in and teaches movements that can be done in bed or in a chair. it's been incredible. >> what did that time in the hospital, i said to you that she spent about 400 days in the hospital, you know exactly how many days. >> 437. >> to be precise. >> yes. >> how much did she miss out on in that time? >> oh, everything. we miss holidays, birthdays, family events, we missed preschool. we missed our first year of kindergarten. so we are doing that again this year. family time was a big deal. >> and now, i understand leah is in school? >> full-time. >> she is in kindergarten? >> yes. >> you say yes, leah? all right, how was really remem it was a long time ago. who is your teacher? or who do you sit next to?
4:35 pm
>> it's hard to >> mrs. b is her teacher. >> but having her back in school you know, life is back to normal. >> yeah. >> i know you attribute a lot of that to the experience, the care, that you got at ucsf benioff in oakland. >> absolutely, we are here because of what they did for her. >> so they call your daughter leah the overcome her. because she had a moment online? >> yeah. yeah. >> why do they call her that? the overcome her. >> she was singing a song called overcome her, mandy said, a christian reporting recording artist. i posted on her page, it got a little bit of life to it, but mandy's a got a hold of it and shared on her page, that is when it just blew up. she is actually the one that dubbed her leah the overcome her. >> i like it, it is a perfect
4:36 pm
nickname, isn't it? >> it is. >> finally, as we wrap up here, your message, this is giving tuesday. what is your message to people out there who might be feeling like they want to give today and are looking for someone to donate, and a way to give back? >> i can say from first-hand experience, spending holidays in the hospital, and spending what felt like a lifetime, at least her lifetime in hospital, everything you give gets put back into patient care and, just getting them a chance to live in the hospital. they don't us in the bed and get medicine all day long and not live therechildren's hospital does an excellent job yourself on that screen, don't you? yeah, that's what i do when i see myself on tv.
4:37 pm
smile. leah, thank you so much for coming. i'm really glad you are feeling better and you are in kindergarten and having fun. thanks for being here today. all right, thanks so much, leah carol and lindsay bowen, thanks for coming in, we appreciate your time. >> all right, that little smiles a lot, doesn't it? as lindsay mentioned, some of the therapy that leah did their was that music therapy. there are a lot of other types of treatments and therapies at ucsf children's hospital in oakland. ktvu's claudine wong shows us how they are using medicine along with music as a fun way to guide their patients into recovery. >> reporter: we will be back in black. all right. >> note mac >> reporter: is a terror therapy session forbody and mind, physical exercises with 15-year-old brandon, his love
4:38 pm
of music, and his recovery goals. he came from children's hospital suffering from a syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that affects his nervous system and his ability to move. recovery can take months, or even years. >> initially, you know, in an intensive care unit, it is a very very, it can be very stressful, being able to provide a sense of effort and you know, a sense of safety, you know within a trusting relationship. >> reporter: john is his music therapist. >> it is pretty highly coordinated, we get direct physician consults through electronic system, and verbal through doctors, nursing, child life, rehabilitation, palliative care, social work, spiritual care. >> reach up, go one, and too. and one, and two. >> reporter: music therapy at
4:39 pm
children's hospital, oakland, offers individual and group sessions out of as a part of treatment. in brandon's case, it is physical. >> can the patient use the right hand to be able to hold a mallet and a drum? and being able to gradually try to increase, just endurance, and use of that. >> reporter: and its emotional. >> with this particular patient, it was being able to provide a sense of socialization and connection, and meaning. while also you know, working on functional goals. so basically, the whole spectrum of a person. >> reporter: for the patient, music therapy can look different. they can play their own instruments, write their own songs, and use music as a way to smooth out the rough spots in their journey. >> when they are playing on an instrument, or really putting themselves into the experience, you know, number one they are not focusing on the pain, but also the idea about we bring in a lot of improvisation and
4:40 pm
songwriting, being able to promote resiliency. >> reporter: brandon father, who didn't want to go on camera, said he has spent months here with his son and has watched him improve. >> reach, up, up, up, up, up. >> reporter: brandon is finally off the ventilator and working hard every day. >> all right. >> reporter: hand-in-hand, medicine and music, paving his road to recovery. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu, fox 2 news. what an inspiration that young man is. now, anything helps. if you would like to learn more about supporting ucsf benioff children's hospital, and their day of giving, you can find information on our website, head over to, you can also go to ready set coming up in 4:00 pm, a school in dublin pledges action after complaints from parents and students over leaky roof and flooded classrooms.
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weather has been an active week so far, one system for tonight, and a stronger when we are watching as we head toward friday, we will have more on the rainy forecast headed our way. ♪♪ next time i'll go to jack,n at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ school board members in the east bay city of dublin vowed to fix an aging elementary school, and for the first time in decades, they have set aside a big chunk of money to do it. >> ktvu's allie rasmus spoke with parents and the district about the plans for dublin elementary. >> reporter: $33 million, that is the amount of money the dublin school board earmarked last night to make some major renovations to this elementary school. this is dublin elementary, one of the oldest schools in town, at nearly 60 years old. over the thanksgiving break, heavy rain caused some damage. parts of the roof came in with leaking ceiling tiles came down, and several rooms and classrooms were flooded and had to be relocated to other parts of the school.
4:45 pm
parents voice their frustrations at a special school board meeting last night and the board heard the complaints. they voted last night to set aside $33 million to rebuild part of the campus. >> we will be rebuilding probably about half of what the campus is, as well as multipurpose room, and the office. italy definitely take a few years before any significant changes are made to the campus. the good thing is, now the money is allocated, that can happen and that wasn't the case yesterday. >> the classroom, actually the roof collapsed, i know that is in dire need to be upgraded. so i'm glad they're moving forward with it. >> hopefully their promises come true, it is nice to see a change of heart. still a little untrustworthy, but as long as we start seeing the process, yeah, i'm willing to possibly vote for a new plan. >> reporter: that is what is
4:46 pm
coming up for dublin voters this spring. the board wants voters to approve a $290 million bond measure. the school district spokesperson said over the past 10 years, dublin student population has grown by more than 200%, making it one of the fastest-growing districts in the area, if not the state. the district said it need that extra money to build a second high school, and a new middle school. but for now, 33 million is already set aside, allocated specifically for dublin elementary to make some major repairs and renovations here, the district spokesperson says they hope to get that process started looking for an architect, getting public input, in early 2020. in dublin, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, we got a little bit of a break in the rain to start the day. then things kind of clouded up and there was some folks getting some showers and some parts of the bay area. here is a live look from san francisco for the east bay. the also the much bigger storm
4:47 pm
moving our way toward the end of the week. >> yeah, as we know here in northern california, not every system is equal. the one moving in later tonight into tomorrow is going to be a weaker one, but as we head toward friday it will have the potential to produce heavier downpours and some stronger wind. here's the breakdown, tonight and into wednesday, next system we are thinking a few hundredths of an inch or maybe a trace amount, that's up in the north bay. this'll be favoring the south bay, then the stronger storm, more of a typical pattern, that would be producing more rain in the upper bay, you can see those heavy rain totals intentionally by friday and win could be a factor as well. we started out the day with lots of sunshine, then the high clouds move in and some rain showers this afternoon developing by monterey bay, drifting to the north. then we have showers right now to track on the radar, in fact could be moderate to heavy in a few portions of the north bay, looking toward west marin, we have covered toward petaluma. a few scattered rain showers approaching san francisco, once again, moving in from the south and drifting to the north as we check out the view here. closer to monterey bay, closer to santa cruz mountains, and more development out to the
4:48 pm
west. as we expand here in the pacific, you can see all the activity. here is the current system we are watching, then upstream in the flow is the next guy we are watching as we head toward friday. outside right now, we have the clouds, still scattered rain showers, once again it's amazing that we have lots of sunshine this morning around 10:00 am, 11:00 am, and the clouds rapidly marching into the afternoon hours. the next system, here it is, tomorrow morning. then as you can see the frontal boundary here, that'll be the stronger storm as we head toward friday, especially friday evening. so here is the breakdown with our thinking here. wednesday, at least for tomorrow, rainfall focused in the south bay. that'll be for tomorrow morning. thursday, some clouds, a slight chance of a sprinkle almond and into friday, you can see that track of the system developing, and this will also be is no producer in the sierra. it has a weak transformation in this year and will continue as far as the snowy pattern, winter storm watch begins 4:00 pm friday, into the weekend
4:49 pm
snowfall potentially would be on the order of 1 to 3 feet. but this will be a warmer system, so as a result, levels going up, especially up above 7000 feet. here is the forecast model tomorrow morning. the focus will be in the southern half of the bay area may be a few sprinkles or light shower in the north bay, then it kind of vanishes. a slight chance of the shower tomorrow afternoon. the best chance to get outside tomorrow will be tomorrow afternoon for your wednesday. thursday, clouds in place, slight chance of the shower, then we go into friday as that front comes on board, rainfall rates will be going up. forecast highs tomorrow, upper 50s to lower 60s. we still have the bulk of the activity tomorrow, focused in san mateo, hayward, san jose and morgan hill. and a look ahead, your five day, still pretty active. a lot to talk about here, remember alex those days of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. we have a nice little weather story. especially with the kincaid fire burned down, potential for minor flooding, possibly strong wind, it'll be friday. then if you are making weekend plans, saturday still at you a
4:50 pm
few chances of scattered showers. >> bb sentry shopping this weekend, they will be a window. >> there will be a dry window. or sunday will be a dry day. >> good to know, thank you mark. giving back to the homeless, next at 4:00 pm, we'll tell you about the partnership announced between bart and the salvation army attains to help provide much- needed services. and coming up tonight in minutes at 5:00 pm, dramatic video of a burglary at a jewelry store in the peninsula. this was not the first time the business has been hit. plus, we are following the major announcement from editor kamala harris, she is ending her bid today for the white house in 2020. we will have the latest coming up in 5:00 pm.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
bart and the salvation army are joining forces for a new campaign that is aimed at helping the homeless. it is called partners for change. this partnership will help to provide donated funds and paper tickets from bart writers to help pay for supportive services for the homeless. >> inviting travelers throughout the bart system, this holiday season just to dig a little deeper, dropping a few coins, a few darla bellows on the maybe an unpaid ticket that has money on it, and we'll turn that into a help for people in need. >> the salvation army's very first red kettle donation drive started in san francisco in 1891. us young salvation army officer wanted to help provide a
4:54 pm
christmas meal for homeless people living in the city. he took in donations to make it happen. this year, the salvation army will be putting those iconic red kettles at bar stations across the bay area from now up until christmas eve. all to collect donations for the partners for change campaign. ktvu has been a part of the one warm coat drive for 17 years now and this holiday season, we would like to ask you once again to consider taking a look in your closet to see if you might have any spare coats or jackets that you would be willing to donate. if you would like to donate one of those jackets or coats, you can go to to find a list of drop-off locations around the bay area. they include santana row in san jose, bay street in emeryville, and part is getting ups and big o tire stores. the one warm coat drive last until the end of this month. one of jeffrey epstein's alleged sex slave is detailing her relations with prince andrew, i'm brian jiminez in new york, that is coming up. ♪
4:55 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit an person who said she had sex with britain's prince andrew after being trafficked by jeffrey epstein allegation on british tv. >> it is the royal scandal not
4:58 pm
going away. she is holding her own interview repeating accusations the pair had sex on three different occasions starting in 2001 when she was 17 years old. and prince andrew was in his early 40s. >> it was disgusting. he wasn't mean or anything but -- he got up and he said thanks and walked out. i sat there in bed just -- horrified and ashamed and felt dirty. >> she said she was working as a sex slave for jeffrey epstein when she was trafficked to some of his high profiled friends including prince andrew. buckingham palace is pushing back issuing a statement reading quote it is denied that the duke of york had any form of sexualth virginia roberts. any claims of the contrary is false and without foundation. >> he knows what happened.
4:59 pm
i know what happened. there is only one of us telling the truth and i know that is me. >> after his own bbc interview prince andrew stepped back from his royal duties to what he calls the foreseeable future. he is reportedly willing to speak to investigators if asked. back to you. a major shake up in the democratic presidential race. senator harris announcing she is ending her run for the white house. this leaves 15 candidates who are still in the running for the democratic nomination for president. good evening everyone. >> she was a top tier candidate when the race began and seemed to make her mark after the first presidential debate but has sinceshe said she was forced tol out of the race because her campaign does n joining us in te studio now with reaction to that announcement. greg. >> we certainly have seen the
5:00 pm
struggles, the time of all this was a surprise. when she announced her plans to run for president she was greeted by thousands of supporters outside of oakland city hall. it has been less than year. now the end of her campaign. >> so, to you my supporters, my dear supporters, it is with deep regret but also with deep gratitude that i am suspending our campaign today. >> 11 months after launching her bid for president in oakland, california senator kamala harris dropped out of the race. >> my campaign for president simply does not have the financial resources to continue. >> in a message to supporters posted on twitter senator harris said it has become harder and harder to raise the money needed to compete. the campaign start with major promise but suffered major losses recently. the former san francisco d.a. and california attorney general national polls and in her home state. the campaign laid off


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