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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the glass. uh -- here comes the other one. he has hammer too. hammered the cases. then this guy starts putting things in his pocket. >> the owner who didn't want to be on camera says it took the thieves less than 60 seconds to steal about $200,000 worth of merchandise. >> gold, rings, pearls. they smashed one, two, three windows or three cases. >> the truck which police say was stolen from san jose was abandoned, left wedged in the store front and the burglars got away. another camera captured the truck driving up followed bay white bmw. his shop has now been hit three times in the last four months. all while the owner says he is battling cancer. >> i have been here through rough, bad and good times and -- i don't think that is right. >> this is what the family owned
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business used to look like and this is what it looks like now. a boarded up store front. >> it is really unsettling. it is really heartbreaking to hear when any kind of a store gets damaged. especially the time of the holidays when it is a busy season for jewelry stores. >> jewellers say theft comes with a territory and several stores in downtown have also been targeted by thiefs this year. police say the surveillance videos will help their investigation. several business owners expressed concern about police not taking property crimes seriously. >> we will have to do something about this. i don't want those concerns out there. now they police department doesn't, the chief doesn't, the city doesn't. we will have to get together with them and try to relay these concerns. >> the owner of this jewelry shop said god only knows if he is going to reopen. he still has some pending orders and does have insurance. for now he is just in clean up mode. back to you. new information tonight about the death of a man from
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the north bay who died in police custody. it all started after david ward reported his car was stolen. it ended with a police chase, tasing and a deadly choke hold. >> this was the end of police chase in sonoma county last thursday morning when deputies and sebastopol officers spotted this honda accord >> the vehicle was still reported stolen. >> they were still under the knowledge that the thief was behind the wheel. >> they gave mr. ward orders which he did not comply with. >> turns out the driver was actually david ward himself who had recovered his own vehicle but did not report that to police. there was a confrontation.
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ward was tased and placed in a neck hold. >> what that does is reduces blood flow. >> ward was taken here to petaluma valley hospital. he was pronounced dead about an hour after that confrontation with police. she says ward required the use of an oxygen tank and believes a health issue is a reason that ward did nod stop when ordered to. >> i wonder if he had his oxygen tank with him. i had questions about him panicking -- and not being able to breathe and perhaps was just -- trying to attempt to get home. >> after reading that police account of the incident involving her brother she told us she bothered by the actions of the officers and deputies
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involved. >> what was the rush why not take a little more time to -- before taking -- before sticking to she not --e is not complying , he is not complying. >> the police investigation could take a couple of months after which it will be turned over to the district attorney's office who will then determine whether a criminal violation occurred. back to you. oh major shake up in the race for the democratic presidential nominee. california senator kamala harris is suspending her campaign. >> she was top tier candidate when the race began. she says she was forced to pull out ofe the money to continue. our political reporter greg lee here with reaction. >> the timing of this certainly
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surprising. when senator kamala harris announced her plans to run for president she was greeted by thousands. it has been less than year. we have seen major shifts in her place in the polls. and now the end of her campaign. >> so, to you my supporters, it is with deep regret but also great deep gratitude i'm suspending our campaign today. >> california senator kamala mare it -- harris dropped out of the race. in's a -- the campaign started with major promise but suffered major losses recently. the former san francisco d.a. and california attorney general dropped to single digits in national polls and in her home state. the campaign laid off staff and shifted the focus to iowa.
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some supporters came by her oakland headquarters shocked by the decision. >> i thought she was -- an equal balance of law and intellect. it seems like we need someone that has got a mixture of intelligence and a respect for the law. >> he said he expects to see her run again in the future. harris had already qualified for this month's democratic debate. the other candidates responded to the news including front runner former vice president joe biden. >> a real competitor. i have mixed emotions about it. she is really a solid, solid person. >> the announcement comes a day after california governor gavin said he would campaign for harris in iowa. despite dropping out, senator harris promised to keep fighting for what she believes in. >> i want to be clear, although i'm no longer running for president, i will the everything in my power to defeat donald
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trump and fight for the future of our country and the best of who we are. >> now as we have come to expect, the president and senator harris traded barbs on twitter. senator harris will spend the week traveling to the early states to thank her staff and supporters for their hard work on the campaign. back to you. well the house intelligence committee voting this afternoon to send its impeachment inquiry report to the judiciary committee. the report released today says that president trump subverted u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine and undermined u.s. national security for his own political interest. >> it states president trump used the powersh discredited thd
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harm opponents. the house intelligence committee reports president trump conditioned a potential white house meeting and nearly $400 million in military assistance to compel ukraine's president to do his political bidding. the report says president trump demanded ukraine announce an investigation into his political rival joe biden and his son. >> the with holding of that aid even for a period of time sends disastrous message. >> the exit committee states president trump's response to the inquiry includes obstruction and witness intimidation. >> this is the result of a president who believes he is beyond any form of accountability and above the law. >> president trump is in the u.k. and says he will keep his focus on nato meetings but the impeachment inquiry is still taking much of the spot light.
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>> [ indiscernible ] >> the report now moves to the judiciary committee which will hold its first hearing wednesday. four lawyers will testify about the constitutional grounds for impeachment. republicans say it is three anti-trump witnesses against one supporter. >> [ indiscernible ] >> chairman schiff made clear even though the report is out, the intelligence committee will continue investigating president trump. he wants to know if the president's alleged pressure on ukraine started earlier than previously known. back to you. well stanford law professor is one of the four professors who will testify before the house judiciary committee tomorrow. she has been with the stanford faculty since 1998 and has written extensively on constitutional law. the white house decline and invitation to
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participate in tomorrow's hearing. stay with us for the very latest on tomorrow's impeachment hearings. we will have live uninterrupted coverage starting at 7:00 a.m. still to come here, a major upgrade coming to san francisco's outdoor public warning system. what it will mean for emergency alerts. and two men now in custody accused of attacking a security guard during a robbery at a store in the north bay. we are back here with a chance of a wet morning commute. or slightly wet morning commute plus more rain as we get closer to the weekend. a live look at the tuesday evening commute in lafayette. that is 24. you can see the eastbound direction there very heavy. tonight ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 will be right back. ig
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a package thief is caught on camera in oakland. you see here the woman get out of a silver sedan. she walks to the porch, pauses before then reaching down and snagging the package. a surveillance camera capturing this crystal clear video of the suspect creeping on to the porch at a home on 65th avenue. residents say they did turn this video over to police and filed a report. you see her get the pack orange and pack orange and get back into -- pack orange and get back into her car and take off. two suspects are in custody
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tonight accused of attacking a security guard while stealing items from an upscale apparel store. police identify the two suspects as 22-year-old king and 21-year-old madison. they stole more than $15,000 worth of merchandise from lululemon. keep those umbrellas handy. that is the way it will be. it has been just kind of wet since thanksgiving. it will continue that way really right through the weekend. a little bit into next week as well. so tonight we might see a sprinkle. the best shot for -- we are seeing a sprinkle. the best shotnkle be on wednesdy morning. then we get into it on friday. friday is a different type of weather sys will pack a little a punch.
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it will do well with the snow in the mountains. right now storm number one which is multiple storms but see how warm it is -- warm moist air really colliding into southern california mainly. see this branch here? this area here is going to push through the bay area tonight and early tomorrow morning. that is why it gets a little wet. next system comes down from here. with that said few sprinkles throughout right now. the showers are -- mostly up around 101, up around petaluma and nevado. most of the bay area bridges are dry right now. that is some good news. so the commute -- today was a break day. tomorrow even though we have a shot at a few sprinkles i still think tomorrow is a break. the rest of the day will be like today was. the rain begins on friday.
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that is when we get into real weather around here. unless you go south and head down to santa barbara you will find yourself some rain too. when we had come back we will put it all together and look at the model. all right. as you mentioned another strong winter storm expected to hit the bay area later this week. this new round of rain and wind is causing concern in the north bay especially many those areas that were burned by recent wildfires. how emergency agencies are preparing for possible landslides. >> crews have already been working to prevent massive erosion. >> we have seen some minor movement of soil. we have a contractor right now working at the front of the park. >> the erosion has resulted in the a small aa mount of debris getting into one of the ponds
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visitors and hikers enjoy. that should all be litigated when the park reopens next week. the stuff that burned away is called under story. >> the under story holds the soil. it also slows rainfall water from impacting the soil so heavily. >> the regional park district has install sod many mitigation efforts already because they do not want mud or debris flowing down these hills. they are just as concerned about this getting outside of the park into the neighborhoods where a lot of damage could also be done. >> that is exactly why the -- the temporary controls are put into place to prevent that. >> even from the tubbs fire, large amount of rainfall, that
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we have been very successful here over the last two seasons. our eyes are on this season now. >> highway 37 between highway 101 and@ -- caltrans is till working to assure it doesn't happen again this rain season. its success depends on what it and its contractors have learned from failed repairs last year. back to you. san francisco is taking action to try to clean up their streets and sidewalks. the tenderloin community benefit district is increasing the number of times that crews pressure wash sidewalks in the tenderloin. clean ing will go from once a month to every week. city money and an investment from property owners will allow the service to continue until at least 2034 and people who live in work in the tenderloin appreciate the effort. >> when i see them hard
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working -- they inspire me everyday. it almost brings me to tears. they deal with a very tough job. they get a tremendous amount of gratitude. it is probably the thing we collect the most out here. >> last year the tenderloin logged 3,000 calls for feces clean up. that is the highest number of requests city wide. officials say more round the clock city sponsored bathrooms are also helping with the problem. new at 6:00, soon you won't hear that alarm siren go off around noon on tuesdays in san francisco. at least for a while. san francisco's department of emergency management announcing today the city's outdoor public warning system is going out of service during a two year upgrade project. the last siren test before the temporary shutdown will be a week from today. the upgrades are expected to improve the reliability and security of the city's siren system. while the system is down san franciscans can still receive text message alerts by signing
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up for alerts. after the break a deadly hid run crash in fremont. the new information just released by police as they try to find the driver who hit and killed a woman and her dog in the crosswalk. plus a look at the alarming increase in the number of people who need help putting food on their tables. this year the blame is on more than just being in an expensive place to live. ace to live. ♪
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tonight there are new details in a deadly hit and run crash that killed a woman and her dog. police say they have evidence that the suspect was driving a light colored buick lesabre when the car hit 72-year-old suzanne ogi and her dog. investigators say the crash happened at a marked crosswalk at the intersection of niles boulevard and lyndon drive. witnesses say the driver stopped and briefly checked on the dying woman before jumping back in the car and speeding off. well the head coach of san jose's elk grove high school wrestling team is under arrest on suspicion of inappropriate acts with a child. bruce shelton worked for the school district for 37 years before retiring in 2017. he remained as a walk on head coach. san jose police arresting him yesterday. the district announced it fired him today. the school dis shelton went through the normal background checks and coaching certification before his employment began decades ago.
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stanford police are looking for whoever grope d a woman as she was walking on campus. the university is encouraging anyone with information on this or any other assault to please report them. sexual harassment complaints are up at stanford university. according to the mercury news an annual title 9 report says stanford received 279 reports of sexual harassment and gender discrimination between september 2018 and august of this year. that is up by almost 70 during this same time period in the previous year. the complaints involve faculty, staff and students and include rape, stalking, nonconsensual touching and intimidation. the complaints have resulted in firings, investigations and one
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expulsion. the news at 6:30 starts next. who the transit agency is teaming up with and how you can use those old bart tickets to make a donation. plus an emotional day in the south bay. the raiders surprise visit to the children's hospital providing some good medicine to the kids to day. later this sports mark will have all of the presents and the smiles that the team provided. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. now oh to the our top story. kamala harris announcing today she is suspending her presidential campaign. her campaign was struggling financially laying off staff and focussing its efforts on iowa. her poll numbers also dropping to single digits in recent weeks. >> we are learning more about the death of a man from the
6:30 pm
north bay who died in police custody last week. david ward reported his car stole ton police but later recovered it on his own. police say they didn't know that when they spotted the vehicle and started chasing after it. investigators say ward refused to comply with their demands and was tased and then put in a sleeper choke hold. he ended up dying at the hospital a short time later. police are looking for the thiefs who plowed a truck into a jewelry store there and they left behind a big mess. the owner said the thieves made off with about $200,000 worth of merchandise. he said this was the third time the store has been burglarize in the past four months. >> you are watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. bart is teaming up with the salvation army to try to raise money to fight homelessness. >> this holiday season the transit agency is asking riders to join in on the effort. >> [music playing] it is that time of year again when the bells of the
6:31 pm
salvation army are ringing raising money for the needy. >> when inviting travelers throughout the -- the bart system this holiday season just to dig a little deeper, drop in a few coins a few dollar bills or maybe an unpaid ticket that has money on it and we will turn that into -- help for people in -- need [music playing] >> the salvation army and bart teaming up with bell ringers at stations throughout the holiday season. bart is often ton front lines of combatting homelessness. bart board president saying the agency is working with the salvation army to make sure those in need receive the services they need. >> the largest city shelter in san francisco -- unless they have a medical note they have to get up and go somewhere.
6:32 pm
>> bart said the salvation army offers a host of services aimed at helping the needy right away. >> they have 675 shelter spots. that is all most half as the entire san francisco shelter system. they have drug treatment. they have family housing. >> bart also said the money raised will be used in the cities where it is donated. money dropped off here in san francisco will be spent in the city. the red kettle campaign runs through christmas eve. back to you. food pantries are seeing an alarming increase. wildfires pg&e power black outs and the high cost of live are the key reasons. they are seeing a bigger need for help than ever before. >> here at fish the oldest and largest food pantry in son ma county, this air force veteran came for groceries for his wife
6:33 pm
and 2-year-old daughter. >> just been a little bit of difficult time. >> joshua says he works full-time the but the job doesn't pay enough to afford the county's ever climbing high cost of living. >> you have to have a good job lined up. can't be making minimum wage around here. >> such stories are becoming increasingly common here at fish. >> we see a steady influx of people who need help daily. >> this pantry is serving 6,000 people a month now. the highest increase they have ever seen. >> one reason are the wildfire the past two years that displaced thousands of people. the biggest reason for the increase now people here say are those still recovering from pg&e's blackouts during this past fire season. >> when people lose their power, the refrigerators don't work. then they lose their food. a lot of people can't afford to go out to the grocery store and replenish their food. we came in real handy. >> the redwood empire food bank
6:34 pm
in santa rosa supply groceries directly explain directory to more than 90,000 people in sonoma county. those in charge say a survey from two years ago showed at least one in six people in the county are missing meals or going hungry. >> we can double the amount of work we do. we still would not be meeting the need. >> the problem of hunger in the heart of farm country. back to you. ktvu has been part of the one warm coat drive for 17 years. this holiday season we would like ask you to consider looking in your closets to see if you have any spare coats or jackets you would like to donate. you can go to for a list of drop off locations. they do include santa row and
6:35 pm
san jose and participating big old tires stores. the coat drive lasts till tend of this month . the non-profit group officially unveiled their wheels to day. it is already been out in the san francisco tenderloin for the past two weeks. the clinic contains two complete exam rooms offering a full range of health care just like the free clinic. doctors have found many people are suffering from chronic illnesses. >> we are seeing people with uncontrolled diabetes who are not accessing care. we are seeing people with uncontrolled high blood pressure who are not accessing care. we are seeing people who are hiv positive and hepatitis c positive who have not accessed care. we are seeing a wide gamete. >> the group hopes to expand with more mental healthcare services for those who need them. the truck is parked near glide church in the tenderloin on tuesdays and thursdays. coming up, the key founders
6:36 pm
of google stepping down from their roles the new ceo. and the economic retaliation as president trump makes waive at the nato summit in london. how other world leaders are responding. t nato summit in london. how other world leaders are responding. waive at the nato summit in london. how other world leaders are responding.
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6:38 pm
president trump butted heads with french president,
6:39 pm
emmanuel macron at the nato summit in london today but the summit is supposed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of nato. >> as reporter, benjamin hall explains, there is evidence of tension within the alliance. >> reporter: the summit for nato in london is supposed to be a celebration on the 70th anniversary of the alliance for president trump has taken the opportunity to pressure nato members to spend more on their own defense and he says if they don't, they could face economic retaliation from the u.s. >> there are some countries that aren't fulfilling their commitment and those company countries are going to be dealt with. maybe i will deal with that from a trade standpoint. >> reporter: that and many others putting him at odds with macron criticized the president's focus on defense spending saying the discussion should be how to redefine nato for the post-cold war area. >> we don't have nearly -- the situation. >> reporter: the two leaders also having a strong disagreement about captive isis fighters and weather should be
6:40 pm
held. >> would you like some nice isis fighters? >> do think everybody who wants them? let me say that -- the number of fighters on the ground. >> reporter: diplomatic disagreements are exposing a growing risk among nato members with president trump playing only a minor dispute and the alliance remains strong. >> we were looking very, very -- things we have to work out. >> reporter: the president is attending a special reception at buckingham palace tonight and a news conference tomorrow on wednesday. benjamin hall, foxnews. presidents trump also rattled the stock market saying he had no deadline for trail deal with china and doesn't mind waiting until after the
6:41 pm
2020 election. the dow was down 280, nasdaq down 47 and s&p 500 down 20. higher tariffs on goods from china are sick to take effect on december 15 is no deal is reached. workers who were fired from google last week are planning to file a federal labor complaint against the company. today the former employees announced plans to file unfair labor practice charges with the national labor relations board saying google is unfairly retaliating against them for organizing workers around social causes but google says the 4 were accessing and distributing business and employee information. google today announced a big shakeup at the top of the giant silicon valley company. google cofounders larry page and sergey branding announced they are stepping down from executive roles. today's announcement comes 20 years after they launched google out of a caloric garage in menlo park. google ceo, sundar pichai will also run alphabet however page will continue to serve on alphabet board of directors and make major decisions involving google. checking in on tomorrow's
6:42 pm
forecast, what for the morning commute but not a lot, just a little bit more rain is slated for friday. that will impact the weekend. back here with the five day. let's go to ktvu's alex savidge in the newsroom with the latest on the stories where working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. new figures show a sharp jump in background checks for gun sales. we will tell you what experts say is behind the trend. details on a major protest at the nato summit in london today against president trump and the president of turkey. we will have those stories and much more coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. first, after the break, a back in marin county tangled in holiday lights. tonight, the warning for ok outside we tors. are the holiday spirit is already being heard. >> ♪ you can fill it all over ♪ people you can fill it all over ♪ you can feel it all over
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people ♪
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized.
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. ♪ ♪ this portion of ktvu is sponsored by yamaha pianos. great deals on great pianos. they suffered unimaginable loss during a mass shooting earlier this year but on this
6:46 pm
giving tuesday, a south bay family is learning what makes their community, good work, so strong. >> south bay reporter, jesse gary explains how one local businesses reaching out to help families heal. >> reporter: normally at this time of year, the wrapping takes place under a tree but this is no ordinary event in. for the first time, tuesday morning, barbara gary caesar new set of wheels. >> it looks great. thank you to everybody who made it possible. i really appreciated. >> reporter: moments earlier, managers at caliber collision announced that gary is the latest garlic festival shooting victim to get a helping hand from the community. >> this is just calibers away of saying we are part of the community, we want to help where we can. >> reporter: gary had her life turned upside down in late july after accuse gunman santino legan killed 3 people at the annual garlic festival including her 6-year-old grandson. >> it is all we can do.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: to help tackle the difficult transition, and to better a dispirited grandmother of 8 who had an unreliable car, the gilmore foundation chose her to be the second recipient in the recycled rides program. >> when a walked in and saw the gary's today you get a little caught up in the emotion because you know what they have been through. they lost a child and there is not any money in the world that is going to replace that. >> reporter: geico insurance donated the damaged 2015 monday a lot drop. calibers repair crew bonne terre 3 weekend and weekday evenings to take the car apart and then, revamp it. >> the time we gave up we would get back in gratitude and thanks. >> reporter: it is the second time since the summer tragedy that an affected family has been helped in this way and this time, the but ready to drive. in denver, jesse gary, ktvu fox
6:48 pm
2 news. that is so nice. >> yeah. really neat. we have another storm on the way? >> yes, and it is almost winter and here we go. it is exactly what, like i say, if we did not get the rain thanksgiving, we would be asking where it was. we need the rain and we are going to get snow, too, two different systems, one from the south that we have been seeing since last 72 hours. here comes the system number 2, essentially, a different one, this one will be cold and that is on friday. the plan, more rain. keep your umbrellas him handy. right now it's raining in the bay area, the north bay and that's how tomorrow morning goes as well. you will see it migrating up from point conception there and that is how tomorrow goes. tomorrow is going to be a little like that and a few scattered showers, mainly in
6:49 pm
the morning, late tonight, early morning hours tomorrow so that could provide for an early morning, slightly wet commute so that's what i'm thinking about that by the time you get to your 10:00 time in the morning, the commute should be pretty dry from the sky and then we get a break tomorrow morning. most of the day will be dry like today. thursday is a break day but maybe a sprinkle like today and friday it changes around. here's the plan. i will show you the storm number 1 right there, a break on thursday, and then a little bit of a rain event on friday with breezy conditions and a cooler storm. wednesday is morning rain and again, most of us spend -- by lunchtime will have forgotten about a. a winter storm warning will be hoisted up which is what you want to see this time
6:50 pm
of year, snow levels will be lower because on friday, it is a cooler system. it has been raining up there so you know. forecast for tomorrow morning, a wet morning commute and look how quickly it goes away, by 11 am it looks cloudy and mostly gone. the morning commute kind of damp but not stormy. wednesday afternoon office commute, nothing. thursday morning, nothing. thursday afternoon, nothing. here comes friday. right there. boom! there is something. that is going to bring a cooler storm. the next couple of days, nuisance showers, no big deal. this is the event on friday and it will be typical storm, don't freak out. not a winter storm, winter storm warnings will go up but not anything extraordinary for this time of year. this is exactly what you would expect. the 5 day forecast, we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. a deer has been spotted in marin county, tangled in christmas lights. a pretty interesting site to see. moran amaama animal services said the picture was taken in
6:51 pm
some of. they think it was grazing on a shrub when the lights got caught on it and. they say that fortunately, the buck will likely shed his antlers soon. this is a good reminder to make sure decorations are secure and high enough that animals will not get tangled in them. the raiders went to ucf children's hospital today to make it smile. action sports michael have a presence on the smiles of the event today. ♪oh there's no place like home for the holidays.♪
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mark meuser now. former cal linebacker and carolina panthers coach rivera is out of a job. >> it is a tough racket being a coach in the nfl. usually it's like black monday when that season ends, the team that did not do well gets rid of their coaches and carolina felt it was time to make a change and the ninth season as head coach. 4 years ago, north carolina won the super bowl in the bay area. they were having a bad year, 5 and 7 and upset by washington on the home field this past sunday, the third time 18 with an under 500 record has beaten them at home so he fell out of favor, despite the fact he is
6:55 pm
the winningest coach in panthers history. the interim coach is very fuel and this is how it works in vegas. here is the favorite to permanently replace them. robert gsellman, the 49ers defensive coordinators, number one out of vegas also notable, jim harbaugh and greg roman, former connections with the san francisco 49ers but we will see how that pans out. meantime, both the 49ers and the raiders busy in the community with charitable endeavors. starting with the 49ers, this is a great thing. it is called make a wish. they have been doing it in connection with that organization since 2016. this is a campaign created to make positive, inspiring, unifying messages about player causes and they put it on their game day cleats and hopefully the message will inspire people. today was on boxing day and this is jimmy garoppolo reacting to some of the messages today. >> -- you are wearing our
6:56 pm
pictures and that means a lot to me. >> the reason i like the 49ers is because they are the best team in th. >> good lucto you. my cleats make you do well. >> this is adorable. that was cute. >> the staff and the raiders also busy, ucsf children's hospital today and tyrell williams, whitehead, mo hurst and darren waller, the tight end bringing presents to some of the kids as well as raiders gear, hats, uniforms and such and a $20,000 check. >> any time we get into the spirit of giving, it is not about what we can give, it's what we can give back to these kids who really are the emphasis of the event. >> a little baseball news, the
6:57 pm
giants and that a's made moves yesterday, the a's contribute their own spirit. jake diekman came over from kansas city in the trade around midseason, signed into a two year $7.5 million deal, 8 year veteran, 1 and one-up with a 1.45 e.r.a. out of the pen last year. globetrotters always trying to outdo themselves. in case you did not know it, this was world trick shot day. who better than the harlem globetrotters? check this one out. >> a little nervous about this. can't go up anymore! we are only going down! >> all right, from 13,000 feet, hammer harrison with the tandem jump right there. imagine the pinpoint accuracy you have to
6:58 pm
have by the man actually directing that shoot. slam-dunk , right? no problem at all for hammer harrison. check this out. this is a baby ray's last night at the new orleans pelicans game. mom and dad tried to lure their babies to the finish line but watch what happens right before the finish. the little boy catches the little girl. they forget about finishing the race and check that out! i mean, they are full on forgetting they have a race to finish right there. all worth checking out. that is the sporting life at this hour. guys, back to you. >> ron rivera, former cal lineb about 30 seconds to find another job, no problem at all. >> see your letter, everyone. >> good night. about the new star trek film. more details there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth.
6:59 pm
i'd be more interested in a scene depicting spock's conception. oh, please. for vulcans, mating-- or if you will, ponfahr-- it's an extremely private matter. still, i'd like to know the details. his mother was human. his father was vulcan. they couldn't just conceive. maybe they had to go to a clinic. can you imagine spock's dad in a little room with a copy of pointy ears and shapely rears? how come on star trek, everybody's private parts are the same? no alien lady ever told captain kirk, "hey, get your thing out of my nose." (knock at door) hi. can you help me? i was writing an e-mail and the "a" key got stuck. now it's just going "aaa..." what'd you spill on it? nothing. diet coke. and yogurt. and a little nail polish. i'll take a look at it. gentlemen, switching to local nerd news-- fishman, chen, chaudury and mcnair aren't fielding a team
7:00 pm
in the university physics bowl this year. you're kidding. why not? they formed a barbershop quartet and got a gig playing knott's berry farm. wow, so in your world, you're like the cool guys. recognize. (chuckling): this is our year. with those guys out, the entire physics bowl will kneel before zod. zod? kryptonian villain. long story. good story. well, count me out. what? why? you want me to use my intelligence in a tawdry competition? would you ask picasso to play pictionary? would you ask noah webster to play boggle? would you ask jacques cousteau to play go fish? come on, youd a four-person team. we're four people. by that reasoning we should also play bridge, hold up a chuppah and enter the olympic bobsled competition. sheldon, what, do i need to quote spock's dying words to you?


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