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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 4, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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my campaign for president hopefully does not have financial resources to continue. >> it is over, senator kamala harris ending the 2020 presidential campaign, the reaction to this from president trump from the senators big announcement. nt. thank you for waking up with us december 24. >> i'm dave clark. grab the umbrella wherever you are going. >> steve paulson is here with his. >> most of it will be in the morning decreasing in the afternoon, 10th of an inch and the inch will be santa clara valley, the santa cruz mountains to the north, maybe a couple 100 to a 10th of an inch. folks, this time is to the south and in the morning, does something, maybe half-inch amounts as well, by this
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evening we will be on the drier side, still in the area it will start to move ves inland it sta a lot of rain with it, there's a pretty good rain already. santa clara valley, santa cruz mountains, maybe santa cruz proper. i think that is the focus of the heaviest, some of will be lifting over the diablo range along the ultimate pass, moderate to heaviest rain, as it moves north it loses energy but still it produces some light rain with cloudy skies and light rain, 50s on the temperatures, cooler than yesterday. 5:01. sal and he is going to tell us about? >> the commute looks good through vallejo, let's go to it, traffic will be busy on 37 already heading away from the vallejo area towards marin county. as you look at the rest of the commute getting to the east shore freeway, it is lights but it is wet as steve mentioned. at the toll plaza we already have a delay, let's go back to the desk. we are followin news in the east bay. police and sheriff's deputy is
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now investigating several crime scenes that may be connected. sara zendehnam is one of the crime scenes near castro valley. what happened? >> reporter: good morning, dave. information is limited but you can see behind me there are a couple alameda county sheriff deputies cars in front of the 711. there is crime scene tape blocking off the entrance and deputies are looking into the store and speaking to somebody who possibly is an employee. this is on redwood road in castro valley just one of three scenes the alameda county sheriffs office is at this point. another is beech street in hayward. somebody let authorities a chase on the 580 that ended up there. this is video of the scene. we also stopped by a chevron on castro valley boulevard. we saw one alameda county sheriff's deputy inside of the store but it was locked. we have reports of possible robberies happening at the gas stations but have yet to get
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that confirmed by authorities. we have reached out to the sheriff's office for information on this but not back. sara we get that information we zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. people affected by wildfires gearing up for a storm expected to hit the area later this week. the threat of more rain is causing concern about mudslides, foothills regional park in windsor, crews have already been working to prevent mass erosion in areas earned in the kincade fire. the erosion had already sense debris into a pond at a popular hiking area. there is already emergency in san bruno after a landslide there happening in kruger canyon near san bruno avenue. part of the hillside collapsed on the eastern part of san bruno avenue and is shut down 300 feet with the right light of westbound san bruno avenue near crestmoor drive. the declared local emergency
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means the city can get services needed to deal with the landslide. right now no homes or private property are in danger. president trump overseas in the united kingdom will meet today with other world leaders at the nato summit near london. early this morning president ummet with british prime minister boris johnson about several topics including nato and trade. today he meets with the german chancellor which will be watched very closely since they have a very difficult relationship. then before flying back to washington president trump holds a news conference right on the grounds of the summit. last night at buckingham palace, president trump and the first lady attended the nato anniversary reception marking 70 years of the nato alliance. they were greeted at the palace door. she was there along with prince charles and his wife camilla. the event was marking 70 years of the collaboration in the nato alliance. many nato leaders find some
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common ground there, several seem to be caught on camera apparently gossiping about the behavior of president trump. in this video recorded last night during a reception at buckingham palace, the canadian prime minister justin trudeau in the middle of the screen was seen standing in a huddle with the french president and british mr., the dutch prime minister and princess and. they asked why he was late. justin trudeau was heard saying he was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top, referring to president trump's on scheduled question and answer session with reporters yesterday . also happening today, the impeachment inquiry into president trump enters the next phase, the house judiciary
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committee will hear from four law professors this morning, to decide whether to drop articles of impeachment against the present. cristina rendon lively newsroom with a look at what we can expect today. >> reporter: good morning, the hearing starts at 7 am our time, three law professors for the democrats and the republicans will be speaking this morning about the impeachment process. expects to hear them talk about past impeachment efforts of the former president and what the country founding fathers were trying to achieve by creating an impeachment process. they also could be asked to give opinions on whether president trump should be peach the house judiciary committee is responsible for writing of articles of impeachment against the president if warranted. democrats argue president trump withheld motorcade for the ukraine in an effort to get the country to investigate his clinical rival joe biden and his son. just yesterday the house intelligence committee sent a 300 page impeachment report to the judiciary committee saying the president to undermine the
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integrity of the u.s. presidential election process and endangered national security. >> this is the result of a president who believes he is beyond indictment, beyond impeachment, beyond any form of accountability and above the law. >> be processed slowly drags on with no direction, no focus because of one big problem. the big problem is, the president did nothing wrong and they cannot prove it. >> the debate in the house judiciary committee will determine whether the presidential actions related to the ukraine rise to the level of high crime missed venus, the white house says trump's lawyers will not participate in the judiciary committee hearings and say the entire process has been unfair. again the hearing starts at 7:00 a.m. our time, i provide updates throughout mornings on 2 and you can also watch live on interrupted coverage on ktvu plus when they start at 7:00. cristina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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kamala harris vowing to be a thorn in the side of the president. she shocked supporters yesterday when she announced she is dropping out of the race. president trump mopped her with a tweet, too bad, we will miss you. she replied, do not worry, i will see you at your trial. her campaign struggled recently as it was running out of money and laying off staff. we were told they also showed a drop in support even in california. >> i want to be clear, although i am no longer running for president, i will do everything in my power to defeat donald trump and fight for the future of her country. and the best of who we are. >> harris dropped out of the race just days after the announcement that gavin newsom would campaign for her in iowa next week. stay with us on mornings on 2, we have complete coverage of the election coming up at 8:00. the san francisco chronicle
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senior writer will join us in the studio to talk about where kamala harris campaign went wrong. tathe bay area. we will check in, yes, let's talk about traffic to see where sal is. the roads are wet. it's kind of tricky out there. it is kind of tricky out there. including running around this studio kind of tricky here i am. all right, let's take a look at the commute, the neighbors toll plaza, it is a little backed up here, it is not, you know, it's early but i think people are getting on the road and they should because of the wet weather. if you are driving out to the east shore freeway you will see slow traffic there and getting up east shore freeway from the richmond area is not too bad. so, i would advise you to get on the road as early as possible, we have had a couple fender benders but for the most
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part, the mute is shaped up to be about the same, something i did notice, it is only 5:09, we have this backup in vallejo, so, it seems people are keeping my advice and getting on the road just a little bit earlier than normal. we usually do not see that still 6:00. today i don't blame people a little early at 5:10 let's bring steve back and >> four lanes merging into one on the 37. i mean, it is ridiculous. >> i mean, it is. i wish they would widen it but it is what it is. >> it is. that is your commute, that is a tough one. >> along with others it makes it worse. we do have rain moving in south with this system, the stronger system arrives friday into saturday and friday and saturday looks to be focused more to the north than today looks more focused to the south of the rain train continues.
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the inch will be the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley. up to 3-4 inches and russian river and northward as we had friday and saturday, the lows had deep tropical moisture rotating in towards somewhere around santa barbara, somewhere in that vicinity, that is hold on a second. there you go. some of the rain moving in towards the santa clara valley and morgan hill, pretty good rain there, lighter amounts as you go northward the bans are moving northward, a light rain as you head towards sonoma county and napa county and mendocino county, 50s for temperatures, 30 truckee, 50 ukiah. mixed presentation last i checked there is a little bit of snow, i would think lake level would be it though. there's not a lot with this system. but it is starting to turn over a little bit so above it lake level we get light snow, much stronger which props a winter storm warning friday. southern california and on the rain as well, traveling on the
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101 or the 105 it will be a wet drive there, looks like almost all of california except northern california and on the rain today. off and on rain, otherwise cloudy, fog maybe as well. we get a break thursday in the next system is friday into saturday, maybe early sunday that it clears out. 5:12 is the time, tis the season for package leaves in the bay area. >> having packages through the holiday season is a quality-of- life issue. still ahead, empty amazon packages found along the side of the road and we have the latest on the investigation and what those packages have in common. a new program in san francisco tenderloin, it will be announced today for cleaning streets and sidewalks. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. the time is 5:15, happening today, prosecutors will be deciding if they want a retrial in a case where a man was accused of killing the father of the daughter of tiffany lee who is his girlfriend. tiffany lee was acquitted of first-degree murder and conspiracy charges in the killing of green but the jury deadlocked on the same charges so his case could be retried. city workers in san
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francisco continue a campaign to clean up the streets and sidewalks. the city will announce a pilot program to reduce litter and improve trash the company tenderloin district by unveiling spill proof trash bins. it is part of the supervisor 10 point neighborhood clear plan. he says the sidewalks in the tenderloin will be power washed once a week instead of once a month. the extra power washers will be funded by the city and local property owners. happening today, a big announcement by other gavin nding for ct to be released by the governor to counties and cities called emergency response for the homeless. last september the governor signed a budget including six or $50 million for local governments to help out with the homeless crisis . also today in oakland, a city council committee will attempt to consolidate information gathered is here on homelessness in that city. the committee also outlines what the current plans include
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helping resolve the homeless crisis. includes private development of housing options offered by state-based groups, private property owners and nonprofit groups and the committee will see how far those plans have progress. at the same time the homeless in oakland will be offered a series of services right in front of city hall. the nonprofit group will offer what he calls a pop-up care village tweet 11:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. the services include showers, haircuts, medical and fishery services, legal aid and mental health care. the time is 5:17. let's get to where you need to go and give yourself a time because the roads are wet. with rain out there. here is sal. >> icy a little bit of an early they te out there, the prudent have enough time and they are not rushing, let's take a look at the 580 in the 205, we have
5:18 am
slowing there and also slowing west on the 580 near greenville road, there was a crash on the shoulder. even though the lanes are blocked on the freeway, there is still plenty of activity slowing traffic down at livermore. when you get to dublin it gets better, there have been no major issues on the 880 or the 580, driving through oakwood. if you are driving through the bay bridge, we already have a backup which is typical, act up just after 5:15, the metering lights came on, this is about a 10 or 15 minutes delay before you make it to the stand. 5:18, the rain will definitely be around this morning. right? but that is correct, most of the morning. stronger amounts will be, have your mounts, will be to the south, lighter amounts to the north, closer to the proximity of a low and friday and saturday we just flip that right around and have have your mounts to the north with lighter amounts to the south. a couple of systems here impacting us in between that thursday weekend a break with partly with a 10th of an inch up to an inch. the heaviest in santa clara valley in the mountains, the heaviest friday and saturday will be to the north with
5:19 am
russian river north, famous for looks to be the mix. a 10th of an inch to an inch today again have your mounts down towards south of san jose, most in the morning, decreasing the afternoon into the evening. it is with us right now, you can see a lot of the moisture rotating, a lot of it starts pushing east, the low makes its movement starts to move in somewhere around santa barbara. you can see lighter amounts on the coast, have your amounts morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, a lot of them heading towards san jose, the monterey highway, out towards areas to the east, contra costa county, solano county, lighter amounts as well. this is mainly a system to the east and south, more so than the north does not mean you do not recommend you do not get as much, 50s on all the temperatures, 30 truckee, mixed precipitation in the mountains, some of this is turning to sn write about at lake level, some of that is coming up, a warmer system so, snow levels
5:20 am
will be on friday and saturday when they come down. i have to drive to los angeles. well, i did not expect rate all the way down. if you take the 101 or the five, the area is not getting much rain with areas north. but your turn is on the way. that will be friday and saturday, look at that. ukiah with 3 inches of rain in the forecast, lighter most of the south but good for everybody around the bay area, pretty good distance friday into saturday, 50s on temperatures and ventures near average to a little below, we get a break thursday, clouds up friday and rain saturday maybe a little early sunday than clearing. 5:20 is the time, you can help families in need this morning as you had to work. still ahead, a new partnership involving b.a.r.t. just in time for the holidays. i wake up every day and my baby is not here. >> a high school athletes killed in a car crash six months ago but, we show you how rivals came together to honor him.
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5:24 am
weights. the first game without clinton >> what you want to be when you grow up? backup ask about their. >> him and middle school. the season he would have left is a senior. but he died when his car crash on marin freeway he may have fallen asleep at the here. >> is mom says she is overwhelmed by community support and the memorial to her son on the campus and the retirement of his number 11 in football and basketball. now a foundation is raising the scholarship fund to send a student to the private school each year who cannot otherwise afford. >> i think when you see this kid or meet this kid, he or she will remind you about his character, his kindness. all of those things that he possesses. >> no surprise the former teammates sported the fundraising shirts but so did redwood players during warm- ups. coming together as competitors and community. clinton was known countywide.
5:25 am
>> definitely a total out of left field tragedy. just if you knew the kid, you knew the experience was unmatched. >> he has always been there for us. the coach was a phenomenal athlete that stood out just as much with his people skills. >> at school he was clinton b personality, quinton the friends. clinton the students. fitting in with lots of different groups of students. >> his best friend and fellow point guard spearheading the foundation. missing him always. >> it will be tough but hopefully we make him proud. it's like having him on the court. >> how he wanted to be remembered? >> he made the world a better place. >> a man in 17 short years. they won last nights game 40-
5:26 am
26. the salvation army joining forces helping the homeless. it is called partners for change. barge passengers are encouraged to donate money and pay for tickets to help pay for services for the homeless. the money will be used on everything from like it's and socks to substance-abuse treatment and supportive housing. ktvu is also part of the coat dry for 17 years, this holiday season we would like to ask you to go to your closet and see if you may have any spare notes or jackets you can donate. you can go to for a list of drop off locations which include the san francisco building, jack london square and santana row in san jose, you can also stop by bates street in emeryville and participating ups and tire stores. the one warm coat last until the end of the month. san francisco gets a break from the loud weekly tradition. up next. the reason siren testing will
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so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. the numbers they come up with, over 50% that shop online will lose at least one every six months. one of their packages. >> package thieves definitely out of this holiday season, coming up, the warning from
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authorities as more bay area deliveries are being intercepted. the impeachment inquiry continues this morning to the case now moves to the house judiciary committee, we tell you who they will seek and what it means for president trump. good morning to you and welcome back to mornings on 2 wednesday morning december 4. i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook, thank you for joining us this morning. hopefully you have a safe drive because the roads are wet . >> yes they are. >> it will taper off for the evening commute? >> more so, pushes his. >> what about tomorrow? like i put out the lights? >> anytime you want. >> if i don't want to get wet? >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> don't do it friday you will be in trouble. >> okay, tomorrow. >> ryan is in santa clara. not only in santa clara but monterey towards santa cruz, gilroy, morg, san martin
5:31 am
and hollister, they are taking the brunt of this so far. that is where the heaviest will be with this system, 10th of an inch to an inch makes sense when you're closer to the proximity of the low, most of the rain light to moderate will be in the morning and tapering off to the afternoon and evening hours, the low is moving and central california maybe down to santa barbara. attempt a lot of moisture and rotates back around and that is what we are seeing although heavier amounts to the south and east, lighter amounts, already lots of that reported heavy rain the 5:00 our. lighter amounts to the north, we are still getting light rain all the way to santa rosa. point north with the fewer totals there and compared to the south. 50s on the temperatures. 5:31. >> we are busy looking at the commutes already getting a little crowded. good morning to you at home as weg at the altamont pass commute at the 580, also slow traffic approaching the
5:32 am
interchange after an earlier crash there, interstate 880 looks all right, not very crowded but there is a crowd at the bay bridge. coming up in just a few we will take a look at this and also at the south bay commute. let's go back to the desk. we do follow breaking news in the east bay. are investigating multiple robberies with crime scenes in castro valley and hayward. it appears a chevron and 7/11 were both hit in castro valley. after that somebody let authorities on a chase on the 580 that ended up in hayward and this is video of the scene where the chase center. sara zendehnam has a seen in castro valley. she is gathering information and we will check in with her the top of the 6:00 our. the time is 5:32 this morning, the house judiciary committee weather to draft articles of impeachment against president trump. doug luzader s what to expect.
5:33 am
good morning. >> good morning, the house judiciary committee will hear from constitutional law experts this morning with democrats also keeping a close eye on the unforgiving count. >> as president trump nato summ be hard to ignore what is about to happen on capital hill. >> the president of the united states solicited for interference in the election. >> reporter: last night democrats on the intelligence committee voted to release a reports that they say proves the president engaged in misconduct trying to pressure the president to investigate former president joe biden and his son hunter. everything shifts to the judiciary committee this morning led by jerry nadler. they hear from four constitutional law experts to talk about impeachment and whether the conduct should remove them. republicans will be united in of their opposition. >> the peace process slowly drags on with no direction, no focus because of one big problem. the big problem is the
5:34 am
president did nothing wrong and they cannot prove it. >> in the meantime tonight the capitol christmas tree will be lit. a reminder the end of the year is rapidly approaching. summit democratic sources say the idea of wrapping impeachment up before christmas is looking less and less likely. >> that raises the possibility of impeaching the president, perhaps in early january which pushes back a senate trial even further. back to you guys. doug luzader in washington, make sure you stay here with us for the very latest on this morning's impeachment hearing, we will bring you live under opted coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m. on ktvu plus. the time is 5:34 here are a look at some of the top stories. are leaders in london formally meet today for the nato 70th anniversary. all of this as president trump continues to feud with some of the other nato members after
5:35 am
urging them to spend more on their own defense or threatened economic retaliation from the united states. kamala harris dropped out of the race for president. she said the campaign was struggling financially which forced her to lay off staff. she did not qualify for the next debate but poll numbers have dropped to single digits. >> we have rain this morning, we expect scattered showers today ahead of the friday big storm. people in the north bay area affected by wildfires with mud and landslides, crews are trying to prevent erosion in the area burned when the kincade fire swept through the area. police looking for los altos thieves for people that use a truck to smash into a jewelry store, take a look at the video, the truck was actually stolen from san jose. the owner says of 42 years, nobody has tried to break into his jewelry store until regionally. over the last four months his store was hit three times. this time thieves ended up stealing more than $200,000 of jewelry and just about 60
5:36 am
seconds. >> rings, pearls, they smashed one, two, three windows and cases. i have been here through rough, bad and times. and i do not think that is right. >> the thieves left the truck behind, several business owners near the shop are now expressing concern about the burglary oakland police busy searching for a package the, take a look at, doorbell camera capturing video of a woman getting out of a silver sedan walking up to a porch, she pauses then she grabs a package. the people who live in the house gave the video to the police and filed a report. also a mystery in san jose right after cyber monday. neighbors near a creek trail found dozens of open amazon boxes just dumped on the side of the road. most of the boxes were addressed to people 20 miles away in menlo park. so far the police do not know
5:37 am
they suspect. >> the porch pirates had a field day. they just ransacked everything. >> killing the joy of so many people. to steal a package, especially at the holidays. >> police said they will continue to try to figure out where the crime may have occurred, we tried to contact amazon and have not heard back from them, this comes after a similar incident back in august about 50 empty amazon boxes were found dumped along the guadalupe river in san jose and we still do not know how those boxes got there. and amador county in sacramento, police are working to track any thief who made off with 300 amazon packages from a post office. the sheriff's office says someone took the packages from the pioneer post office sunday. the delivery driver left the boxes outside the office even though the post office was closed at the time. finding the thieves will be a difficult task since investigators do not have surveillance video or any.
5:38 am
now, many customers are left waiting and wondering if they will get the packages. >> it is not fair. for somebody to be so cruel. i understand people have hard times and make bad decisions but, you have to remember there are repercussions and you are hurting people. >> a spokesperson with amazon says the delivery driver was hired through a third-party company and say once the company desiccation is done customers who did not receive their order will be able to get their money back. 5:38, the city of san francisco operating with outdoor public warning systems, that will change one of the familiar sounds of san francisco. the most noticeable part of the system is a loud siren, it's broadcast across the city when there is an earthquake, tsunami, a contaminated water supply or some other major emergency. the city will shut down the system for renovations starting a week from today. the system is tested every tuesday at noon. most people in san francisco are used to hearing a.
5:39 am
>> it would just be weird it is not there anymore. >> you can audibly hear something going on which would make you ease the public to me. >> the city of san francisco would still send alerts through the television, radio and websites. you can also sign up to get a text alert. the upgrade work is expected to take two years but it is possible the upgrades may take less time than that to finish. right now, 5:39, let's check in with the commute, what are you keeping an eye on? >> we are looking at all of the commute, some of the faraway commutes a little bit slow like i want to show you something that caught my eye immediately, that would be the tracy commute, we looked at gilroy and solano county, those are okay, look at the tracy commute, part of this was an earlier crash but we do have a lot of slow traffic down the 205 the 580, not that it is
5:40 am
unusual but it definitely is slow, it is not an easy commute been with the rain, mix that in and it is a more challenging drive out there as you look at interstate 80, the traffic here looks okay. there have been no major issues at the toll pleasant and it does not look like it is raining as hard as it was when steve and i did our first traffic report just right after four clock in the morning. it was raining at the time. right now it's seems to have stopped rating and that may help us a little bit. speaking of steve, let's bring him in. that is early. 4:00 in the morning? geez. >> yes, sir, it was early and it was raining heavy. although it is heavy towards the south at i will show you totals. still of the northeast and southeast, it is still there, not that bad but in the higher elevations we get gusts about 25 miles per hour. so, a little easy, blustery day, but hollister a 24 hour total, and it should have, that is where it is from yesterday, now that is lifting northward, morgan hill through midnight, .61. watsonville had heavy rain at the 5:00 our.
5:41 am
so rain returns today, heavier amounts to the south, the stronger system is on tap for friday into saturday, maybe even raining sunday. we get a break thursday, if you want to hang your lights pamela, i think thursday is your best bet. >> okay, not tomorrow. >> okay. >> tomorrow. >>,? >> all tomorrow is thursday. >> yes pam. >> oh my gosh, i lost a day all of a sudden. >> you are on your own now. today the heaviest amounts south in the santa cruz mountains, santa clara, but north heavier amounts are friday and saturday with the system that if it is not mount tam it is russian river north. the low packs in a lot of moisture in it is making its move to finally come it is been out there a long time but look at some of the bands going around watsonville, morgan hill, san martin, moderate to heavy rain, that it lightens up a little but still maybe on the ultimate pass, modesto and patterson if you are heading out that way. you can see it is much lighter
5:42 am
as it moves to the north. 50s on the temperatures, probably not changing much, it is some white snow with mixed precipitation at lake level, temperatures in the 30s for truckee 28 but if you are going out there, it should be just fine on the roads but watch out, at lake level it could turn and all the way down to southern california and that low is tempted with a lot of moisture giving us rain today with projections, friday and saturday, i think russian river is up to ukiah. when are you putting out the lights? >> tomorrow, which is thursday, i need to catch up with my neighbor. >> i know. still ahead, new plans in santa clara county to better serve the victims of sexual assault. next, details of a new 24-hour service for assault victims. a shakeup at google, the founders are stepping down, not completely. be tell you what this all means in the future of the silicon valley company.
5:43 am
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is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. today. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today . a groundbreaking ceremony for new housing developed on the peninsula near a busy transportation line. the gateway station is being billed steps from the middleberry caltrain and b.a.r.t. stations including retail businesses on the lower floor of the complex. with 400 apartments, 80 of them
5:46 am
will be affordable housing and military vets get top priority. the ground breaking ceremony starts at 11:00 this morning. hundreds of demonstrators expected to march through the san francisco city hall this afrny want the city to provide rent subsidies for older people might be forced out of their homes by rising costs. protest organizers say there are 30,000 senior citizens who paid more than 30% of their income just for reds. they say the city could take care of the problem with $525 million a year in rent subsidies. the state attorney general is taking action against several auto-parts companies. he will announce details of antitrust action later this morning. the only information we have so far is the companies were involved in an illegal bid- rigging conspiracy. the fbi says by the end of last month it conducted more than 25.4 million background checks of people that want to
5:47 am
purchase guns. it continues through the end of the year and the fbi would break the current record of 27 a half million which was assented to thousand 60. recent number of checks is a strong indicator that more guns are being sold. guare quick despite holiday season amid public and political pressure for stricter gun control laws. sanford police looking for a man accused of groping a woman the campus. please say it happened sunday night about 6:15, the woman was walking towards ray's cafe on escondido road when a man came up behind her, grabbed her that right away. university officials want anybody with information on this or any other assault to call them. santa clara county will expand the access to sexual assault examinations at stanford university hospital starting next year the new center operates 24 hours a day in the emergency room. especially trained nurses on call to perform those
5:48 am
examinations. this comes after the university released the latest report on sexual assault in the region, they found a 50% increase in the number of reported cases in santa clara county from 2015 until 2018. four workers fired from google planning to file a federal labor complaint against a copy. now the former employees plan to file unfair labor practice charges. the national labor relations board, they say google is unfairly retaliating against them for organizing workers around social causes, google says they were accessing and disturbing private business and employee information what fired them last week. the google cofounder made a major announcement. larry page and sergey brin stepping down from their executive roles on the search giant parent company alphabet, the two men launched google out of a garage in menlo park 20 years ago when they were grad students at stanford. the google ceo will now also be the ceo of alphabet and the
5:49 am
others will still serve on the board of directors. the time is 5:49, the north lake tahoe fire district says actress and comedian anna faris and her family are lucky to be alive after a close call with carbon monoxide poisoning. she and a group of 13 family members were at a vacation home when the lake tahoe area for thanks giving whatever but he started feeling sick. at first they thought it was the altitude but when two people went to the hospital they found out it was poisoning. she thanked firefighters on twitter, hopefully the dinner table was empty because everybody was sick. >> very scary. reminder to check those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> batteries in the yes. 5:49 is the time. by the way, you have to have those, you know, you cannot purchase a new house without. they will not let you. you have to have them.
5:50 am
good morning. let's go take a look at the commutes now and tracy and truck well, let's start to the bay bridge first time i will get to tracy because it is slow but i want to show you the papers because that is also slow, and is crowded. i would not say it is bad. it is what you might expect for the sum of the morning. clouding up before you make under the bridge of the 10 modest intimates, 880 still looking all right and so is the 580 driving for oakland, this is the hour when traffic is pretty manageable through the area. now that i mentioned the tracy area, it is very slow and the 205 the 580 as you might expect. once you get to livermore it looks better. happy dublin area we had earlier promised, and also seeing slowing here in pleasanton on the 680 southbound as you drive south towards fremont and slowing on the 80 south as of highway 92 and before, just a little bit in hayward. 5:50, let's bring steve with today's weather. thank you. the system is making its move returning although far less to the north, heavier amounts to
5:51 am
the south, i just flip that around by the time friday and saturday, then the heavy amount will be in the north, hollister and a half in 24 hours. gilroy in there as well. rain returns today mainly for the morning, decreasing throughout the day into the evening and we will get a break thursday then rain and wind arrives friday, looks like afternoon and evening will be the heaviest, 10th of an inch to an inch, that's the south today. the stronger system 3/4 to maybe three or four on the north friday night into saturday, maybe even sunday, early sunday. today, lighter amounts, the wattage amount would be santa clara vall santa cruz mountains, iceland amntand again, this is a morning event decreasing throughout the afternoon into the evening. it will be pushing east as the low finally starts to push inland, it is not there yet. the moisture rotates around, the heaviest amounts by fire, hollister, watsonville, gilroy,
5:52 am
morgan hill, into the santa cruz mountains. even san jose that over towards the east along the altamont pass towards tracy, stockton throughout the island, also brentwood, antioch, more so in some areas along the coast, just a little bit out of the window. to the north, more so on the lighter amounts, you can see up towards santa rosa. later rain, that is why it is like. 40s for a few, 50s for most, most of it above lake level as far as snow it might be lake level, this is your system. but to the south there is pretty impressive totals coming in from below until it finally was east but that won't be until this afternoon, there it is, it starts to take the turn but until then pretty good rate to the south. lesser amounts to the north. sunday, friday, saturday into early sunday, from marin county north there will be pretty impressive totals. 50s on temperatures today, clear compared to yesterday and we get a break thursday, we cloud up friday with the winds
5:53 am
picking up, rain heavy in the evening into saturday, off and on rain said, maybe early sunday then clearing sunday afternoon. just a reminder, make sure you download the weather app, has interactive radar, hourly updates and the 7 day forecast and it really has a feature to easily upload photo and video, the weather app is free to download for your smart phone or your tablet. it is now 5:53. new information on the college admissions scandal. had for 6:00. the ringleader of the admission scandals used to get applicants into stanford. researchers alerting you about rising carbon emissions, why a new study says reductions may so far just not enough. first, emotional honors for draymond green. while visiting his alma mater, michigan state. first, we want to take you outside, do you think it is not windy and chilly this morning? a look at your screen.
5:54 am
you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby,
5:56 am
helping pass background check laws and defeat nra back politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back, lawyers today in charlotte, while they had the day off last night, some team members gathered at
5:57 am
michigan state university to support draymond green as his college jersey number was retired there. draymond green start at michigan state, and all- american, national player of the year in 2012 and these are some of his teammates here. he was emotional when he saw his number 23 lifted to the rafters. >> it is special. every time i walk into the arena i see my name up there.[ applause ]>> he kept close ties with his former school. he sends text messages to players and offers them guidance. the time is 5:57, tonight the warriors will deck the halls at their new home in san francisco. it includes a tree lighting ceremony. the community gathering place outside of the chase center will have a 90 foot tall christmas tree. the tallest in san francisco. letting the will be one of
5:58 am
the tallest players in warriors history. it will also feature several smaller christmas trees as well as a menorah and 13,000 ornaments. happening today, the area around san francisco city hall will be lit up. preparations made tonight for the official tree lighting. that starts at 4:00 p.m. mayor london breed will help turn on the lights at 5:30 tonight. the tree is at civic center plaza between city hall and the park ice rink. animal experts say if you put up christmas decorations outside of your house, make sure it is up high enough that deer and other wildlife do not get tangled up in the decorations. as you see this one here. animal services posted his photo the deer near a home tangled in christmas lights on its antlers. animal experts say the deer will still be able to eat even
5:59 am
in that situation but it probably will shed its antlers this winter. happening now, two crime scene investigations in the east bay, what we know so far about what happened and whether things are related. it is raining again this morning, making for dangerous driving conditions on some roads, we tell you how workers in san bruno are trying to clear a precarious landslide. good morning and thank you for joining us this wednesday morning december 4. i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark, it is an umbrella day, steep also has all the information. >> panel, today is wednesday. >> i am also said monday. >> tomorrow is thursday. >> okay. i'm going to have to -- it has been a long week, i tell you. wednesday most of the day.
6:00 am
i got it. >> and fridays after th. though >> i did, i did. rain, i will say, most of this is south of san jose. does not mean you won't get rain, i doubt you get this much, there is more for the santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains. hollister, and a half, morgan hill .61, gilroy in there, watsonville with a half inch of rain. a 10th of an inch to an inch, the inch again favors areas to the south, much lighter amounts to the north, this is a morning event then decreasing as the system pushes east, a lot of rainfall goes with it, the coast is not getting in on this too much, this is more of a southbay maybe east bay event more so to the north as well, lighter amounts there, that is not the case as we talk about the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley. also towards the east, brief heavy rain, not as much to the north, couple 100


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