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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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changes must be made. >> 20 more women alleging that they were sexually assaulted by drivers working for the san francisco bay rideshare company. >> he wouldn't tell me where we were going. from ktvo news, this is eddie four. >> in san bruno, saturation gave way. prompting a local emergency, just one of the several whether the related problems around the bear area. we have a strong storm heading our way. welcome everyone to four. in some areas there are fears of more potential damage as heavy rain is expected to come on friday. joins us now. re>> reporter: you can bet that
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they are worried. on this hillside, it is important to check your property plus the properties above and below. the bay area's landslide country. as much of the state where people build on top, on the side and on the foot of hillsides. most come without warning even though there are warning signs. >> the most important thing is to keep an eye on drainages and if you see movement happening. the tonnage of their property is going to be the best prevention that homeowners can have. >> reporter: in 2011 a landslide by intense rains between hillside in san pablo damaged six ohms. litigation between the residence and the city on a poor drainage led an issue for years. they get each other's insurers
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to buy pilings down in bed rocks. but the fight goes on. in 2017, a similar landslide destroyed one home and cost a red tagging of two others as part of a high hillside behind them giving way. ever since, no one here has been unaware or unconcerned with the hillside especially when there are heavier rain's. >> meals can come down again. it happened a few days ago and the street was covered with bed. where the only thing larger than this enormous pile of rock and soil is the mountains of legal papers that have been filed over lawsuits regarding the slides. lawsuits that will continue for years to come. >> a spin there had. >> insurance as far as i'm concerned, they try to not pay
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and make your premiums. it is great, if you want to claim, they do not pay and dumped you if you can. >> reporter: it led to an injured woman and destroyed two homes and took all the rest of the year to clean up. when the president says that many folks are worried sick and some can't even sleep at night. here is a list of the various rest slides that happened in january of 1982. 25 people were killed in slides. i covered some of this. santa barbara, two years ago, killed 23. and in 2014, is like in washington state killed 43. this can happen anywhere on, below, or at the side of the hillside. time to check your pretty before the rain comes. >> it is advice. thank you. the rains are going to come
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in a big way here. coming up at the end of the work week. we have one day tomorrow to dry out and get ready for a big storm. >> thankfully today was into the bad. picking up half an inch of rain on friday. we talked about landslides so we are concerned with the mudslides or landslides. it is also a long-term deal when you add more rain over several weeks, it could take us into january or february. it could be dormant and all of a sudden you are going to be caught in a slide or a major slide develops. not just now that we make our way into january and february. over the past 24 hours, approaching have an inch of rain mall. santa rosa 23. san jose 103. and at the satellite and radar you can see the rain showers. not only here but down towards central and southern california. in los angeles, picking up some rainfall today. here is our
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afternoon. be have developing on monterey bay and a monterey county. heavier downpours. coming closer right now, to morgan hill and gilroy. downpours on this portion of the beer a year. not completely dry. especially right around gilroy. as we continue through the maps around. up on the north bay, santa rosa reporting light rainfall and the coverage is backing up over the past hour. and that rain will continue over the next few hours. so tomorrow will be somewhat of a break. there is a chance of a sprinkle or light shower. but our next system, we out here in the pacific, this is the circulation we are tracking tracking later in the week. and also the friday night and into saturday. we are talking about the system and how much rain we can expect coming up in your forecast into a few minutes. a president who cares about
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our constitution, rush if you are listening, but out of our election. >> moving to the next stage. the house judiciary committee now taking the lead. today's hearing weighing the allegations against president trump and using the framework of created by the founders. >> four constitutional scholars debating whether or not the president's actions warrant impeachment. taking a political report weekly, monitoring the hours long hearings. here are some of the biggest takeaways. >> reporter: marked by artist and today, no different and experts providing context for people at home as well as the committee. but like republicans and democrats, these experts were split about whether or not to impeach. >> president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. >> lighting a foreign government into our election is a serious abuse of power because it undermines democracy itself. >> if what we are talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable.
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>> reporter: the three constitutional law scholars by democrats all agree that president trump committed impeachable offenses or high crimes and misdemeanors outlined by historical context. four witnesses appear in the first impeachment hearing in the house judiciary committee after the house intelligence committee approved a report accusing the president of abusing his power and obstruct in congress. the allegation that the president leveraged military aid in a white house meeting, the treasure ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden. >> i believe that this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachment but great this creates a dangerous precedent to future impeachment. >> reporter: the lone dissenting voice. setting concerns about the strength of the evidence and how quickly the process is moved. democrats questioned the outline of records of abuse of power, bribery, and obstruction
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of justice. republicans focused on the partisanship of the process. calling it a sham and the hearing interrupted in a fiery back and forth. >> if we do not act to hold them in check now, president trump will almost certainly try again. soliciting interference in the election for his personal, political gain. >> the founders were concerned about political impeachment. because you just don't want to die. you did this since november 2016. >> wrapping up a three-day visit to london for a nato summit. took shots at there is in the inquiry a disgrace. >> the hearing with somebody on the same day and now they do it with nato. these people, you must question whether or not they love our country. and that is a very, very serious thing. >> reporter: it should be noted that the first day of the inquiry you were president trump and his attorneys will be allowed to participate in the hearing. the president's counsel said that they would not take part
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today, calling it an unfair process and did not rule out participating in the future. for mark today's hearing, bring in professor david levine. thank you for being here. how significant is it.? we saw experts chime in in the framework of the cost of tuition and something that they are ready and they should impeach. >> they did is they were laying the predicate of what is to come next. what they are doing is creating a frame around a picture if you will and the representatives will be filling in the colors as we go along. so, some of it was a little arcane, going back to hamilton. it is important in setting the law. >> reporter: i want to talk about the professor, the loan the sender and he has a.and maybe the democrats have to slow down the process and bring in more witnesses. your reaction? >> it is true that we haven't heard from everything that person but the problem is that the president refused to make those people and make those documents available. so, in the abstract, in a
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seminar room the officer is right. we do not have a perfect case. but if you looked at any sort of a prosecution, whether it is a criminal prosecution, and impeachment prosecution you never have an absolutely perfect case. you have to decide we have enough evidence and i think this case it is clear that there is plenty of evidence and that the president really has something going on his way he would have allowed those people to testify. he would have released documents. it is obvious that those things just don't exist. >> it was hours of testimony from the witnesses. we heard multiple references to the mueller report. is that a sign that we could see this inquiry and perhaps articles of impeachment expanded beyond just the ukraine call? >> it looks like that. if you look at the democratic council and the way that he was asking questions, it sure looks like what he was doing is that he was keying up perhaps a third of article of impeachment which is obstruction of justice and will be based on the core
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part of part of mr. miller's report which we do have all of the elements of a section of justice made out and several of the points of the mueller report. so sure looks like that will be one of the three or four articles. >> reporter: we look at the national polls, they are about the same. 50% or so of america cans are looking for the president to be impeached and removed. what does it say that that's meter has not really moved so far? >> everybody has made their minds up about this man. and is very hard to get anybody on either side to change their mind. if you're thinking about this as a really interesting seminar. from the leading law scholars of the world and they did a tupperware job. but if it is going to change people's minds, probably not because people have made decisions about this man and really, very little would law e thank you for joining
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coming up here, with the basement hearings are underway on capitol hill, president trump was meeting with nato allies in london. still to come, a divide within the group that maybe showing following an interaction among world leaders that was caught on video. more women come forward alleging sexual assault by lyft driver's. coming up next, we will talk live with a lawyer involved in this process. and of course again the rideshare company. ♪ ♪
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20 more women came forward today saying that they were or sexually assaulted by drivers with the rideshare service lyft. several of those as well as the husband of one woman spoke out at a news conference announcing the lawsuit in san francisco this morning. the survivors say that lyft knowingly continues to let sexual predators drive and interact with the public. one woman identified as jane doe described how she fought back against her . >> i fought for my life and punched and kicked the kicked him. while the vehicle was still moving. i got out of it alive because i fought back. after the fight, he tried to throw me from his vehicle. i fought for my life and slammed i fought for my life and he slammed my hand on the car door wall and drive. >> she is now fighting back against lyft and hopes that other people will not go through what she experience. for more on this lawsuit, i am joined now by attorney steve
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abney. thank you so much for being here. you alleged that they failed to protect sanders. explain how so. >> lyft is known for the misconception. they did not take active measures to protect the most vulnerable clients. you have women who are out drinking and doing the right thing, taking a safe drive home. the reality is that lyft does minimal projects for the drivers and has no accountability during a ride. no cameras in the cars which would you print prevent drivers to do something wrong. >> they think that lyft takes its duty to screen drivers enough? >> no. unfortunately not, they are more concerned about shares rather than safety. they created a perfect platform for sexual predators.
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because you have a situation where the driver has no supervision and you have vulnerable women who again are doing the right thing by taking a safe ride home after a night of drinking and these predators are preying upon vulnerable women. >> we reach out to lyft for a statement and they said that no one should have to injure with the women in the lawsuit described. saying that we recognize these risks which is why we are relentless in our work to build safety into every aspect of our work. this is what the spokeswoman said and adding that lyft has invested in a lot of new features. the policies to protect riders and drivers. what you think of those changes and do they go far enough? >> the reality is that in the 20 cases that we filed, eight or 10 of them happened after the so-called changes went into effect recently. >> so you're saying that even after lyft put in some new procedures that women were still getting assaulted and
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raped? >> absolutely. we get dozens and dozens of call. the women especially did not know about it. they need to protect themselves for the holiday season. >> what is the solution? you mentioned stricter background checks and cameras inside the vehicle. what other potential solutions do you see? >> they can also monitor the ride. these drivers will be scheduled for their trip and the drivers will go off course for a matter of a half hour or hour and that is a sign that something is going on. they can monitor it that way. but the biggest concern would be the cameras, the predator knows that he is going to be on camera. he is less likely to do what he will do. >> thank you so much for talking with us. regards to this new lawsuit
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filed against lyft. talking about our weather. a great day around the bay area. and showers tapering off for today. but we are really gearing up for this big storm moving in in the next couple of days. 48 hours from now we are talking about moderate to heavy rainfall marching closer to the bay area. that is our next system. that is our focus. not sleep lee, still working with some showers with the radar with today's 60. in developing in the pacific and it could produce rainfall about three quarters of an inch and maybe three inches especially for the coastal hills. winds at 40 to 50 miles per hour. sierra under a winter warm storm watch. here is the satellite and radar. not only in the b area that in southern california, it is becoming closer to the bulk of the action at least right monte bay and closer to santa clara valley. ll, a little bit heavie
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domorgan hill and go right. some of these estimates here based on the radar, showing you about a .56 inches. as we move the maps around. not nearly enough coverage but still some scattered showers of the county. santa rosa in the floor clock tower has him like rain. that were number of most areas, in the 50s. the sweater in the cold for today. and keep the umbrella nearby. a little bit of a break across portions of the b area right now. santa rosa right now at 54. san jose checking in at 50 degrees. and here is a live camera looking above san francisco. some clouds and a few breaks from the clouds. way out there in the distance, there were portion of the screen? the clouds are starting to pick up a little bit. overnight lows with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. mostly cloudy skies. we will have to watch out for some dense fog that conform and some of the north of the valley
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especially in the inland valley is right around san francisco. adding that in the forecast for our morning. throughout the day tomorrow, still a chance for a sprinkle or a light shower. but tomorrow, skidding back the showers. lots of cloud cover and temperatures in the upper 50s. hearing go. this is this afternoon, we put this at 11:00. a lot of clouds. you notice the forecast models generate a few springs are light showers. but the logs remain in the forecast. for your thursday, here we go in the friday. 8:00 and that rain line approaching our coastline has a front. that is the cause of some significant rain and strong winds. more coming up in a little bit. authorities in san francisco say that a man died today after falling off a cliff. they got the call about 2:50 pm from a witness who had seen the man moments earlier near the labyrinth, looking walking very close to the edge. they found the man on the rocks along the surf. rescue swimmers were able to
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reach him but he was pronounced dead at the scene. firefighter say that the man fell about 200 feet, he was believed to be in his 20s and he was has the police investigating. a viral video, serious tension in the nato alliance. i am benjamin in london with all of the details. coming up. wednesday night here on fox, that means they to of the masked singer returns at 8:00. that will be followed by back- to-back episodes of the holiday monday the moodys at 9:00. and hope you stick around for the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news all right here on ktvu.
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tensions in the race between president trump and other world leaders. in a meeting at london work in the 70th anniversary of the nato alliance. benjamin hall tells us president trump is calling cannabis president to paste after a conversation caught on an open microphone. >> reporter: nato is presenting
4:25 pm
a united front but after two days of meetings with tension. adding to detention, i know viral video showing leaders of canada and the uk appearing to mock president trump. canadian minister justin trudeau is denying that he was criticizing the president saying that he was merely surprised. >> i made a reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference before my meeting with president trump. and i was happy to take part of it. it was certainly notable. one of the biggest policy drifts between president trump and french president, neil mccrone on the nato member turkey. bio weapons from russia. president trump said that turkey's relationship with the u.s. purchase new nuclear arms deals. >> we are talking to russia about many
4:26 pm
nuclear creation. >> reporter: one big priority is the program for nato to spend more on defense. the nato spending is the highest in history thanks to his focus to the issue. >> it is because of trump. other presidents came and they sit two hours and they leave. and i said no, you have to pay. >> reporter: nato leaders also created a special commission to help improve the alliances decision-making process. london, benjamin hall, fox news. a crime spree leading to a police chase an arrest in alameda county still to come. details of this early mornings encounters. george zimmerman back in the days after announcing a $100 million lawsuit against the family of trayvon martin along with the prosecutors in the case. working this down with our ktvo's legal analyst.
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the district attorney's office has decided not to retry the case of jose garcia, the man who fatally shot kate steinle in 2015 as he walked along the center six go here with the father. he was already acquitted of murder, manslaughter, and assault. but he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a gun and the appeals court overturned that conviction because the trial judghe
4:30 pm
called improper instruction to the jury. for more on this case and others, we are joined by ktvo's legal analyst. explain why it is that the san francisco district attorney's office stepping aside and letting the feds take over the case? >> they reversed the case as you just said. they served the time on that. so when they sentenced him in the state court, they give credit to the time served and it got reversed. why should we do this? the feds got it and now they are going to prosecute him for being a felon in possession of a gun. and almost someone who is in the country illegally for possession of a gun. and he faces up to 10 years. >> as you pointed out there, if the san francisco attorneys office tried to retry on those charges, he would have stayed bet that time. >> so why e money of
4:31 pm
th te care of it. they are more likely toake a and sentencing. >> is this standard protocol when you have a local 30s bringing charges in the federal authorities bringing similar charges at the same time? the local authorities step aside? >> it happens all the time. the local attorneys will step aside because the federal court rules in a larger jury pool and has a better chance of getting a conviction. >> lastly on this case, what happens if the feds try him on the charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm? he is in this country illegally also. what happens? >> if he is convicted, the sentence him to time, say 10 years. that would be the most. say the time, once he served the time, they deport him. but he has a history of coming back in 20 times. and he comes back to the
4:32 pm
country almost immediately. >> moving along here and talking about another big case that we were following here. the murder trial involving a hillsboro tiffany lee. she was acquitted in the killing of keith green, the father of her kids. but her codefendant, the jury deadlocked on that case. her codefendant and the san mateo district office essentially said we need more time to decide whether we are going to bring another case. what are they trying to decide here? what did you read into this delay? >> usually what happens after a trial, if the jury deadlocks, both the prosecution and the defense looks at the counter. in the case, it was 6-6. six were guilty and six were not guilty. so the government is now on the
4:33 pm
precipice of the siding, should we try it again? what are the chances of getting unanimity because in a criminal case, all 12 have to vote guilty or not guilty. so they are deciding, do we really have a chance in this case to do that? remember what they did in this case, they had adella who was a conspirator. and they made a deal with her and say you testify. but what they did, contacting annex girlfriend and told to stay away from him. so the government said we are not going to use this as a witness. >> so this adella counter into this? because they pulled back the plea deal, they took that away. they took that off the table. how likely would he faces charges here? >> i was thinking about that when i was going back over my notes on the case. wait a minute, if you prosecute him. if you find a defense attorney, i am getting up and telling the jury, they decide to make them a witness. commanded them murder now they find a not
4:34 pm
guilty and now they are going to go after him again. who are they going to keep going after? do they get adella? if they do not get her whether they do? you have to make up your mind. the government as a prosecuting agency, who are we going after? they made their mind up. i do not think they can go after him credibly. you have to see if we have a strong case. we will see how that plays out. in the meantime moving on to a case that we have followed for many, many years here. you remember former florida neighborhood watchmen george zimmerman who shot and killed a 17-year-old trayvon martin any community in florida. he is now suing the family of trayvon martin. zimmerman is suing kevin martin's family for $100 million, claiming that the criminal case against him hinged on false evidence here. what are the claims that mr.
4:35 pm
zimmerman is making hair and how likely is this >> let us start with is. remember back when we saw the pick sure of the young man? what they did was they photographed him when he was 10 years old. and put that out to the public. so, what a nice looking young man. not very big. but in fact, he was six foot tall, 17 years old. what happened in this case, according to this lawsuit is he, martin, had a girlfriend. and that girlfriend was on the phone when this shooting went down and the argument happened. and she said to the people and her family and other people, i did not want to testify. what you are trying to get me to say is not true. someone else stepped in and took her place according to this lawsuit. and claimed to be her and linda to say that he was begging for
4:36 pm
his life. and that zimmerman shot him. when in fact, according to the evidence that was put into the trial, martin was slamming his head against him and broke his nose. >> of the prosecutors mishandled the case but wise to trayvon martin's family? >> because of that is who allegedly put all of this together and substituted that witness in. that is pretty great yes. if you do something like that, you are playing with justice. they could be prosecuted. and so everybody was reading into it and we did not know about this. now this is it comes about. i am nothing it is true but the laws it says it is true. and it is true. but they are going to collect a lot of mofor this because they have ruined his life irreparably. >> thank you. you can learn more but the cases we just talked about. the information is up on our
4:37 pm
homepage on a couple of art robberies. one person in custody and one person shots. all happening this morning. that is in alameda county. deputies tried to determine if all of those incidents are connected. ktvo's's errors in the nam has the story. >> reporter: they were very busy this morning after responding to multiple different crime scenes. there were two separate incidents. late tuesday night, chef deputy got a call from a residential burglary and castro valley. the sheriff's office says that a man we will call suspect one was armed and burglarized his ex-girlfriend's home and left. another call came from a man allegedly robbing a chevron on castro valley boulevard. when deputies card to the chevron, suspect one drop off and left deputies on a person. he got out on his car on beach street in hayward and grant.
4:38 pm
they ended up finding suspect one and a gun. >> we have him in custody. so we are working through that. and we also found a firearm on the past that he ran. so, we believe that the firearm was used in the burglary and robbery of the chevron. we have him in custody. >> reporter: about the same time, there was a second incident. a teenager we will call suspect into walked into eden medical center with a gunshot wound after deputies said that he accidentally shot himself. the sheriffs office said that the suspect to maybe connect did to the robbery at the 7- eleven on redwood road. a click inside the said that someone came in with a gun and took money and cigarettes and ran. suspected two could've been involved in a robbery earlier this week at the same chevron on castro valley boulevard. suspect one is accused of hitting last night. for now, these two situations are separate but could very well be connected. >> the timeframe is always suspicious. the fact that he walked into
4:39 pm
the hospital, we do not know if he had a car. we do not believe that he had a car. how did he get there? all of these things we try to put together to see if he was dropped off by another person. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is that they have gotten multiple reports of robbery in san leandro, alameda county, and even dublin over the last few days and are working to see if they are all related. to recap, suspect one was arrested. and suspect to is being treated at the hospital and has not been arrested yet. we still do not know if he will be arrested in connection today 711 robbery. because at the gas station were not injured and names at this.are not being released. intended andro, sara zendehnam , ktvu fox news. see how a new app brings neighbors together to prevent packages have to for a price. loss of clouds and showers fading for right now. heading to a break for
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or visit millions of packages are stolen or lost across the country everyday. especially during the holidays. jennifer williamson tells us about a man in new york city who launched a company helps neighbors to ensure that your deliveries stays out of the hands of thieves. >> reporter: this is the season for deliveries. according to the new york times, over 90,000 packages go missing in the city daily. one startup is spreading a little cheer in the process. there we have been able to create a network of local neighbors who they can trust. freelancers, retirees, that can earn an additional source of income by being a great neighbor. the founder and ceo of hiccups. service that uses an app to link people expecting packages with neighbors who can keep an
4:44 pm
eye out for the goods in hand deliver them. >> you're not going to be home for the delivery, think of a $300 cost, going to the post office and trying to get a refund from the retailer. >> reporter: of the students is that for five dollars or 6 dollars, you can have a piece of mind and it will have to build communities. >> we did that with transportation. getting people to work together and when they need to be that you look at airbnb and they do that. how would we can do that in new york. >> we have a camera but i do not think that you ever found the culprit. >> reporter: mini split on whether or not these are worth it to fork over a few dollars. >> i wouldn't do that because ultimately, it is their responsibility if the package is lost to give me a new package. why would they pay for
4:45 pm
something like that? >> reporter: in midtown, i am jennifer williams, ox news. >> not a bad idea. but i feel like without the app, we should be taking care of each other. of our neighbors. anyway, giving a live look outside. those clouds really telling the story. let us bring in our media ladder just mark tamayo. >> academy decrease. here is that beautiful shot once again. the those clouds over san francisco. and the celery perspective showing you lots of rain. not only here in the bay area down towards central and southern california., closer there, you can see the radar coverage over the past four hours. rain showers here out towards sacramento and lake tahoe. lingering activity, closer to the county and around the monterey bay. green and yellows, making some severe numbers.
4:46 pm
right on morgan hill outside of gilroy. squirting out to the hills in this portion of the area. as we move them up here, the coverage really backing up. shower 50 and around the park and up in santa rosa. we will continue to scale back with the shower coverage. over the next few hours and the temperatures will drop off as well. santa rosa, 54. walnut creek 53. and half moon bay in the upper 50s. 57 degrees. here once again, the cloud cover. holding onto the clouds overnight and into tomorrow morning. and watch out, tomorrow morning will have some dense fog especially in the north bay valley. stabilizing overnight. a lot of leftover moisture in the service that could lead to dense fog impacting your morning commute. the next one moves in friday and night. the coastal hills and wanting to three inches. this one will be stronger than the one that moved across the bay area today. here is the timeline.
4:47 pm
is community here in the friday. not too much happening in the morning hours. but things wrapup especially by 3:00. 6:00, 9:00, the wind will be a factor as well. no wind advisory just yet. but i think we are going to have to take that in for portions of the b area. the distribution, the coastal hills king the bulk of the rainfall. most areas of a san francisco topping an inch. the south bay approaching an inch in the north bay around two inches. a rough draft with the forecast rain totals. you get the idea. not just ace few sprinkles are if you hundredths of an inch, this is another round. here is today's system with a look upstream, here's that friday. the cold front marching towards the coastline. the key is we are in between storms tomorrow. we get a break and there is a chance of a sprinkle in your thursday forecast. lots of clouds. the system hurricane watches closer to our coastline. later on the day, stronger storms. also a wind producer. and also a snow producer. out towards the sea area. winter storm watch, seeing
4:48 pm
that. and just before 4:00 pm, into the portion of the weekend. no fall to be 1 to 3 feet. another snow producer in the mountains. here we go, tomorrow morning, some clouds and maybe a few sprinkles. and into friday, the chance for a few showers. things really pick up friday afternoon and up towards the bay. friday evening, 7:00. lots of heavy rainfall. and saturday morning, some rain showers. into saturday and then by sunday, that is that chance a few lingering showers into sunday morning. highs tomorrow will be close to 60 degrees. the morning fog, mostly cloudy skies. in the look ahead on a friday. moore rain and clouds. especially friday night on the road. it will be a good idea. saturday and sunday, a chance of a shower. and bettering out. we have a break in the wet weather into next week. so the rainfall, we definitely needed. we need those breaks to be coming our way as well. governor newsom pledging to battle the homeless crisis.
4:49 pm
>> the hundreds of millions of dollars the governor is a luke saying to help those living on the streets. coming up tonight, 5:00, the peninsula cup pool elected from their rv under a decades- old law. why they may be without a home for the holidays. a van loaded with supplies for the homeless stolen in oakland. where the victims are hopeful that they will get that van back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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gavin newsom announcing a plan that would allocate billions of dollars to help the homeless crisis. he made an announcement today from the veterans facility. their families in than california's. the governor plans to provide $650 million in funding which he sent it to the state budget back in september. to help. throughout california fighter the homelessness crisis. >> no one stands taller than one who lifts someone up. it is a.of consideration. a moment in time. >> he planned to release the money in january after the department of housing and urban development divided homeless count numbers but he said that he was frustrated with the slow movement to the federal government and said that he would funnel the money now. a new forecast from and in the bay
4:53 pm
area, the south bay expected to see home prices go up. home prices in and is a market are forecast to go up to .1%. sacramento is also expect did to get a bit more expensive i just under a percent increase. the san francisco oakland and stockton markets are all expected to see home prices fall less than 1%. despite prices falling, and sandra cisco in oakland, those cities expected to be the biggest local decline in home sale at 4.5%. we are joined here by someone from >> many buyers who are out there in the market will have difficulty finding a home. sellers with prices softening are looking to sell immediately. they do come to the market and expecting to find a moderately
4:54 pm
priced home. >> in general, millennials will make up more than half of all home mortgages and baby boomers will continue to hold on to their homes. chicago police find an illegal drug and gun sales pointing a finger at facebook. with the foxbusiness network in chicago, telling you why in just a minute. on the economy, a unique leader.
4:55 pm
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facebook at the crosshairs of chicago police. under pressure over illegal gun and drug sales. fox's jeff block lays out the accusations against facebook and the company's defense. >> reporter: the truth is is because of harboring criminals. chicago police with some tough words for facebook. criticizing the social network for allowing's its users to sell guns and drugs in invitation-only groups. >> the police department organized crime bureau brought to light an imminent threat posed by drug and gun dealers who secretly use facebook to fuel the gun violence here in chicago. offices for the department bureau of organized crime created fake accounts and use them to join the hidden groups. investigations began two years ago and led to at least 53 people being taken into custody and charged in the latest round of arrests. >> facebook could be doing more to solve this problem.
4:58 pm
where facebook said it works with police and proactively illegal gun and drug sales, released a statement saying in part quote illicit drugs and firearm sales have no place in our platform. we removed content and accounts that violate our policy. the company in law enforcement continue to be at odds over facebook's policies that removes phony accounts. including one set up by undercover officers. >> the bottom lines is that the vendors are emboldened by the privacy afforded by facebook. this has created a thriving market for guns and drugs with high prices and hold fast. where it catches more than 97% of illegal drug filled content and 93% of illegal gun sale content before it is even reported to them this book says. in chicago, jeff block for the fox news network. ktvo you
4:59 pm
david witt hearing enters the next stage. calling for constitutional law experts to debate whether or not to impeach. those experts were not unanimous on how the founders would receive the allegations against the president. good evening, today marks the year split be in jail. greatly with the major moments. split between party lines today. experts providing context for the committee and the american people about exactly what the constitution says about impeachment. like republicans and democrats, they disagreed with the evidence. >> president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and demeanors. >> allowing a foreign government into our elections is a series of wars of power because it undermines democracy
5:00 pm
itself. >> if what we are talking about is non-impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. >> reporter: the thir constitutional law scholars all by democrats all agree that president trump committed repeatable offenses or high crimes and misdemeanors outlined by historical context. two witnesses appearing in the first impeachment hearing in the house judiciary committee after the house intelligence committee approved a report accusing the president of abusing his power and obstructing congress. an issue, the allegation that he leveraged military aid any white house meeting to pressure ukraine to investigate the one hunter biden. >> the impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standards of past impeachments but would create a dangerous precedent for teacher impeachments. >> reporter: professor jonathan charlie was the lone dissenting citing concerns about the strength of the idand how quickly the process is moving. democrats questioned rick to outline a


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