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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that shooting happened this afternoon prompting officials to put the bis on lockdown. the gunfire erupted in honolulu near the pearl harbor memorial. >> the gunman was a sailor, assigned to a submarine in drydock at the base. he opened fire on three civilian ship yard workers, two of them ended up dying. the srth in the hospital in stable condition. the gunman then turned the gun on himself. >> i cannot share the names of the victims or obviously our thoughts are with the families. of the victims and everyone involved. i can say that we are mobilizing support services for naval ship yard personnel as well as everyone else who may be
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affected by this tragic event. >> the shooting comes just three days before ceremonies marking the 78th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. standing room only at a special safety meeting in lafayette. neighbors, police, and community leaders came together after two violent home invasion robberies about a month apart. allison rodriguez was inside that meeting and joins us live from lafayette. >> reporter: julie, more than a dozen people spoke at tonight's meeting. it juan about panic or assigning blame when it came time for public comment. instead everybody just sharing ideas. coming together and trying to figure out ways to keep themselves but also their homes safe. >> i would like to request that you consider placing vehicles on the other side of town. >> reporter: cameras, alarms, motion lights. just a few of the ideas that came out of a special
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public safety meeting in lafayette wednesday night. >> we really appreciate living in lafayette. the fact that this many people are here. >> reporter: more than a hundred people packed into the meeting at veterans memorial center. the meeting was called after two violent home invasion robberies happened in less than a month. >> to have too 2 so close together is more impactful. >> reporter: the police chief in attendance assuring the crowd his agency was working around the clock on the investigation. the first incident happening halloween night on martino drive. three intruders attacked a husband and wife, tied them up and took off with their bmw. found later abandoned in the oakland hills. >> there were trick-or-treaters going down when the robbers were actually leaving on martino road. which was incredibly scary. >> reporter: then last tuesday, a similar case. three suspects attacking a man and woman inside
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of their home. tying them up and making up with their vehicle. within of the incidents happened down the street. >> the information was not clearly disseminated to us. >> reporter: she says she found out about it through a facebook group. so she suggested clearer communication from police. >> to have information come from a lot of different sources and not very reliable information, i would really like us to improve on that. >> reporter: one after another, came people up, not to yell or play the blame game bichl to find ways they could protect themselves. themselves. >> i think we've been a little bit naive in how we've looked at things. we're not gonna hide.
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it's a great town. >> reporter: there have patrolse area. and as far as the investigation goes, police are not confirming right now if they think these two incidents are related. >> thank you. authorities are investigating the death of a man and a woman whose abouts were found inside a home near martinez as a murder/suicide. police were called there on a missing persons report about 10:45 this morning. the man and woman were found inside. investigators say they were in a relationship. autopsies will determine the cause of theirath. police in antioch say they have identified the suspect in a hit and run that injured a barber.
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she got into her car and kicked him and continued through the glass store front. police say delgadio was driving a prius. any with information is asked to call antioch police. in livermore two, people are under arrest on suspicion of heim trafficking and prostitution. an undercover investigation began a year ago into suspected prostitution at five massage parlors in livermore, tracy and brentwood. neighboring businesses had their suspicions about the parlors. >> reporter: police say this massage parlor owner and her boyfriend promised women from choina aging in range from 20 to 45 the american dream.
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instead they lived a life of >> when they get here, they're essentially held hostage. and forced into prostitution. they're told that they owe a debt and that they need to work that debt off. >> reporter: police say their investigation started a year ago when community members suspected prostitution here at elite foot and back. >> when they first moved in, we were suspicious right away. >> reporter: she says the women lived at the parlor. >> they would come out in the morning with curlers in their hair, and bath robes. and using the atm
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>> reporter: police learned she also owned two parlors in trace and he one in brentwood. after undercover operations and surveillance, police executed search warrants at the five businesses in a home on wednesday. police arrested the couple at their home on dryweek court. jones often bragged he had a lot of money. >> they came in and bragged that he was gonna buy the house can all cash. >> it's absolutely crazy. >> reporter: the couple faces charges that include human trafficking for the purposes of pimping, money laundering, and tax eivation. evasion. police are offering the victims counseling. they're getting for their money. because the women suffer. >> reporter: the owner was convicted of running a sex trafficking operation in 2008 in
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san gabrielle and l.a. county. police in san jose have arrested a night club owner for rape. he was booked into santa clara county jail yesterday. he faces charges of forcible rape, rape of an intoxicated person, and two counts of rape on an unconscious person. police say they began vchlthing after three of his investigating after three of his alleged victims came forward. investigators are asking witnesses and other potential victims to call them. on capitol hill today, the first impeachment hearing in the house judiciary committee wrapped up. four constitutional scholars debated what constitutes removing a president ice. three testified that president trump has committed impeachable offenses. including in those was stfo law professor, pam racarlin. >> kings could do no wrong because the king's word was law. and contrary to what president
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trump said, article 2 does not give him the power to do anything he wants. >> a fourth expert says he didn't vote for or support the president but he doesn't think the allegations have been proven. he criticized democrats saying they're moving too fast and should take the time to prove the accusations levied against the president. >> you can't say the president is above the law if you then say the crimes you accuse him of really don't have to be established. >> if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. g the hearing to, republicans whistleblower and intelligence committee chairman to both testify. democrats denied that request.
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if sort of feels like the grinch stole christmas. >> a van used by a community organization to deliver supplies to the homeless is stolen. a new poll shows more and more people in the bay area say they're not happy.
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downtown and o fruitvale and east oakland. in sunnyvale, police are looking for suspects in connection with an early-morning burglary at a jewelry store. the owner sent us this surveillance video. the burglary happened about 3:00 am in the 900 block
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of west el camino real. it appears two suspects entered the store, spent a few machines looking around smashed the display case and took several items. a camera caught the two men running to a light-colored car waiting in the parking lochlt for many people, the holidays are an extra important time to reach out to those in need. one east bay group is getting ready to hand out supplies to the homeless and its van was stolen. the owner says he has industry for the thieves. >> reporter: it's all earmarked to did to homeless people, hundreds of pairs of socks, toiletries and other supplies, all donated. for clinton carr and his grassroots organization, the great give back, there's a problem. >> sorta feels like the grinch stole christmas. >> reporter: this security video
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shows someone jimmying the lock and breaking into the very van the oh, was planning use to transport the supplies to the homeless this weekend. it happened early tuesday morning while the van was parked near oakland's lake merritt. the van is a 1977 bronze f-151. >> it's tough. you try to look for the best in the world. and you try to make the world a better place. and then these sort of things happen. and it can sorta shake your confidence a little bit. >> reporter: the give-back has been donating supplies to homeless people at christmas time for the past four years, active throughout the rest of the year as well. >> we put up an amazon wish list and people donate >> pressure system support us. so we'll make things work. >> reporter: he's turned over
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the video to oakland police and says this about whoever took the van meant to help those less fortunate. >> obviously i feel violated that it got taken. but i think that if they took it this time of year, i hope they need if. a well-known san mateo county candy store business is closing its doors after more than 30 years. the family-run store originally opened in san francisco back in 1947. the owner announced on facebook today the last two years have been riddled with debt and they have to close at the end of the year. a new poll shows an increasing number of people are unhappy about the changes in the bay area. the san francisco foundation paid for a survey of 800 people. more than half said they felt things are seriously
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on the wrong track in the region. and more than two thirds said that they are not pleased with the changes that are happening here. traffic and housing were the main concerns. working to clean up the tenderloin. >> the forecast for some warm rain and a weekend wet spell as well. as well. >> a levy broke near highway 101. here, it all starts with a simple...
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the tenderloin neighborhood in san francisco is getting new recycling containers that are steined to keep litter off the street. supervisor matt haney today introduced what he calls super bins. fortified versions of the standard blue containers. the bin locks automatically and only unlocks when it's inside of a truck. the containers are tougher to cut into. >> what i hear from small businesses and residents all the time is help us keep trash in the bins to keep our neighborhoods clean. and this bin, this super in indestructible bin. structible bin.
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>> the plan is to put them in other san francisco neighborhoods as well. in petaluma tonight, fire evacuees met the strangers who saved their animals during the kincaid farmer. evacuees of october's kincaid fire were mingling with the volunteers. many left personal messages and told their fire stories. their way of saying thanks. >> he was so nice, i was crying. . he's like i'm fine, it's all good. i'm get your goats. >> big or small, we get 'em all. we got a flying squirrel, an ocelling all the animals and feeding them isn't cheap. the nonprofit raises money to recombirs volunteers for fuel
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and fees. in monterey county, southbound highway 101 is reopened after flood waters closed lanes for part of the day. both directions were under four feet of water, about ten miles south of salinas. a levy break near an elementary school is believed to have caused the flooding. more rain is heading our way. >> and that last story sort of underscore the levy thing in the central valley. that infrastructure that holds water back, those levies old and do need repairing. one of the thing we're gonna be talking about more in the coming years. okay. as we look outside, this is a system that went through
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today. mainly in the south bay. mainly in the santa cruz mountains for heavy rainfall and parts of southern california. that was the atmospheric river. now it's moving on. and we're gonna get a few lingering showers like up in the mountains right now. but they should wind down pretty much by tomorrow morning. and we will see partly cloudy, mostly cloudy day. and friday we get back into rain with some winds too. overnight lows cool enough that fog will flow. valley fog, that's definitely gonna be a thing tonight. we're already seeing it. be ready for that. especially down there in the 99 corridor, bakersfield. breaks between storms, that's tomorrow. and here comes the friday event. a very typical weather system for this time of year. deliver some pretty significant. maybe 3.5 inches over two year.
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two days. and maybe an inch in san francisco over two days. valley fog tomorrow morning, you see that line? that's the valley fog all over the central valley and around the bay area. there's tomorrow night, basically a try day and cloudy. there's friday afternoon. it's wet. saturday, pretty unsettled. saturday afternoon it, starts to clear out. sunday looks like the best day on the weekend. and more rain probably next week as well. the door is wide-open for these rain events. tomorrow is your dry day, wetted from afternoon. up next in sports, if the dons were able to get the upset victory on the hillside. >> first a large christmas tree in san francisco was lit tonight outside of the space center. the tree is 90 feet tall and has
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nearly 17,000 lights.
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we start with usf and the cal bears. >> despite the little graphic behind me that says cal, that story is gonna be about -- yeah, there it is. about usf. because relevance in the college basketball scene has returned to the hilltop. usf playing cal. and you're cool if you're a dons fan these days.
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15 points e jim bow lowe, doing the work. 2010 point, eight rebounds. and then they just take control of the game. hard to believe they beat a pac-12 team this handily. but ye with the three right there. the final score 73-64. is that cute? wolverines sign up in reno. santa clara in deep. robby robinson. jaylen harris the dish and the dunk. they ease away from the broncos. jazz johnson, great name, hope he grows up to play for the utah jazz someday. he had 20 points to lead. nevada. 98 -67 is your final. san jose state trying to beat a ranked team, utah state. wasn't happening. seneca knight with the nice lay-in.
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a spartan effort there. he's fouled. 17 points. the broncos are down only three at halftime. but ustate grinding away. utah state grinding away. 71-59. aggies taking care of things. the warriors on the mend a little bit. a couple players back. the result much the same as we've been seeing of late. having his number retire, draymond green back on the scene. as was d'angelo russell. out a few weeks with the thumb injury. and he looks healthy. the warriors take a brief lead in the second half. but the hornets in charlotte have that guy, devonte graham, he had ten threes. graham. 33 points. warriors had nine as a team. 106-91. the warriors are 4 and 19.
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we've come to that point in the evening where we can check this out. this is my favorite from tonight. lebron james into the four-court. the rules of basketball. you just can't do that. look at the referee. looking right at him. the uat a player says hello! he's walking with the ball. >> probably one of the worst things i've ever done in my career. i didn't even realize i did it until halftime. i just really had a malfunction. >> we all have them, right? >> yeah. here's another referee malfunction. james harden, slam dunk. they dis-allowed the basket. but it went into the hoop. and houston lost by two points. >> it went through. >> bad call. >> yeah. >> all worth checking out. that's the sporting life. >> goodnight. >> goodnight. hey, buddy.
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