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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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protected space. that's where you raise your family. >> police say two suspects are in custody tonight accused in two violent home invasion robberies in the east bay city of lafayette. >> a tip from the public led to a break in this case. one home invasion happened on halloween night. the second, a month later. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> the two suspects are from fairfield and are linked to other crimes in the east bay. live coverage now from azner smith. she's at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: on >> reporter: they recovered stolen weapons and property from a home in fairfield. >> i'll sleep better tonight knowing those people who are responsible have been arrested. >> reporter: outside diablo
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foods market in lafayette, residents are a little more at ease upon learning police arrested two men responsible for two home invasion robberies less than a month apart. >> it's actually surprising to me that people's homes are being invaded and people are being tied up and their lives are in danger. >> i expect my community to be concerned. i'm concerned. and that is why we put so many resources into this. >> reporter: police say tips from the public led them to the arrest of 22-year-old joseph . policearrested them in a home in fairfield. the intruders barged in, tied up the homeowner and his wife and ransacked their home. they stole their bmw and dumped it in the oakland hills. happen november 26th. three men wearing hospital masks entered through an open garage door, pistol-whipping a 65-year-old resident.
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>> we link them to four. two in lafayette, one in oakland, and november tenth. >> reporter: they were linked to a robbery where a homeowner was kidnapped. >> that means they really targeted them. they thought it through. that's a little concerning. >> reporter: the police chief would not say if the homes were targed or picked at random. he says more arrests could be coming. >> in both cases, it was reported that there were three that is why our detectives are still out working this evening to identify the third suspect in this case. >> reporter: the two men who have been arrested are being held at the martinez detention center. we're told bail has been set at $1.5 million each.
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another case of a projectile being thrown at a moving car in the prunedale area. a few miles north of salinas. the victim was driving home -- excuse me, after finishing a 14- hour shift at his job in san francisco when he heard a loud, frightening noise. >> driving, pretty heavy traffic. 60, 65. and i heard this explosion. i didn't know for an instant, maybe it was a blowout. but what's going on in the area for a while, i said i think my window's been shot. >> the victim says he was shaken up when the object flew through his back driver's side window but he wasn't physically hurt. the chp is investigating more than 40 similar incidents on roadways in the prunedale area since the beginning of the year.
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at least five people have been cut by shatter windshields and flying glass. the bay area is now bracing for more stormy weather. another round of wind and rain is heading our way just in time for the weekend. the north bay saw a little drizzle tonight. the heavier stuff is due arrive tomorrow. >> bill martin is here. when do you think this heavy rain is gonna start? >> tomorrow afternoon, around the late afternoon commute. and overnight hours into saturday morning. ed from afternoon into saturday morning is the wheelhouse for this guy. and the rain will be the strongest. and it's not a megastorm. it's a good storm. it's gonna have wind. wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning. it will stay in effect through the afternoon commute. your morning commute is dry. your afternoon commute should be wet. wind gusts on the bridges tomorrow afternoon or evening. maybe 35, 40 miles an hour. a winter storm warning in the mountains. exactly what you would expect with this kind of setup. and the burn zones in the north bay, any burn zone in the area
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is gonna be concerned for flooding. because of the debris flow potential or mudslide potential. and that's the case with the kincaid fire. that goes into effect tomorrow afternoon and lasts through basically saturday morning. that's the wheelhouse for this storm in terms of rain and wind. the strongest winds tomorrow in the evening hours and the early morning hours on saturday. wind advisory for basically the entire bay area. nasty commute tomorrow afternoon. the rain will bring new worries to the kincaid burn zone tomorrow. sterm preps are underway. and those who gather forward r they reallbreak, julie. tonight people crowded this plaza for a big holiday celebration. tomorrow, same time, they might
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have been soaked. >> reporter: snow fell on the town. a great photo op. at least it wasn't a rainy night. thousands of people enjoyed the holiday kickoff. a few umbrellas out for the random sprinkle. >> you can't kill the spirit in the town here. >> reporter: rain and making a return. some parts of sonoma county got up to a half-foot since last saturday. public works crews have been clearing storm drains. checking them twice so they're not overwhelmed with water. and the local hardware stores seeing a run on all things rain. >> four to five inches of rain is what i heard. a lot of customers are gearing up for. that sandbags, parts, rain boots, raincoats.
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things like. that >> reporter: and a new palette of sandbags in stock. 50 pounds each. >> we had a customer come in for a hundred. >> reporter: winter celebration follows a tough time. fire, evacuation, blackouts. finally, gen rafrts are being used to cook food again. >> at least the floods are something we kind of know that's coming. >> reporter: this dad watching his daughter write her letter to santa is resigned to more storms. >> you know it's gonna happen. hopefully it's just not so much that it completely floods everybody out. >> turn it a little bit. there! >> reporter: and hopefully, 200 trees lining the square make it through okay. decorated by schools, businesses, groups. in the spirit of sonoma strong. >> when you almost lose your whole town, a >> cherish every moment.
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>> reporter: a lot of fun after so much stress lately. this holiday event is in its 19th year. and this grove of unique christmas trees remains on display and free until the first of the year. the storm that is expected to bring heavy rain to the bay area will also bring heavy snow and strong winds to the sierra starting tomorrow night. the national weather service is already discouraging people from driving to the mountains if possible. those who must drive to the lift areas should be prepared for long highway delays and pack an emergency kit. a new poll on the democratic primary race in california has a new ladders. bernie sanders has moved to the top of the latest poll. it's a poll done by the uc burkly center of environmental
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studies. elizabeth warren has fallen seven points to 22%. joe biden in third with 14%. pete buttigieg has 12%. the pell was conducted before senator kamala harris left the race. the berkeley poll shows an ever- changing preference as democratic voters search for a candidate who best represents them. one of those candidates still in the race is julian castro. cast row mentioned the lack of ethnic diversity, despite the diverse field of candidates. and it is a sentiment that is shared by,s who showed up for the event. >> the moment i heard that, that was one of the things i gonna have an all- white stag >> today we hit the donor threshold to get on the debate stage.
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i still need to hit the polling threshold. >> so far six candidates have qualified for the debate on december 17th. after more than 100 years, a sonoma county staple is closing its doors for good. >> what authorities are saying after a child from the north bay died from an e. coli infection. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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in san jose, police arrested a woman who they think murdered another woman on september 23rd. 19-year-old, jennifer del real sanchez, is accused of shooting 24-year-old kiah morris in san jose. morris died at the scene. police did not say if the women knew each other. and they have not immediately released a motive. sanchez has been booked into santa clara county jail for murder. an historic store and cafe
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in senator kamala harris is closing for good at the end of the month. the gym start opened in 1893. the recent wildfire, evacuations and power outages have taken a toll. >> reporter: this store has been attracting visitors and locals since the 1890s. the owner, carey brown, has announced she's closing this general store on highway 128. >> it's been bittersweet. this has been an extension of my life and my home. >> reporter: jimtown is the only place in the valley where you can get good food, antiques, just regular conversation in one place. >> i used to come here after school and get a soda. now i you miss it?
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>> i will very much miss it, yes. it's a big part of our community. for sure. >> reporter: it is perhaps a microcosm of the problems small businesses now face in the north bay. the owner says the challenges of keeping a business afloat through wildfires, evacuations, and now power blackouts is taking a toll. especially when it's happening during the busiest time of the year. >> try years of devastating fires in our area. devastating during the high season. they've really pushed it over the edge. the parties we've lost, catering, they're not gonna be rescheduled in january or february. >> reporter: and the high cost of living makes it difficult to attract workers. >> a lot of the housing that might have been available for somebody low-income has turned into a vacation rental. so that also squeezes people
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out. >> reporter: jimtown start out as a general store for agricultural workers in 1893. brown and her husband bought it 28 years ago and expanded it. they are hoping to lease the property or put it up for sale. but there are no guarantees. >> i'm sad to hear it's closing down. that's kind of a disappointment. i'm sure for everyone. the marin county public health department reported today that a child from novato has died from complications from an e. coli infection. authorities have not yet revealed the sex or age of the child who died but this case does not appear to be connected to the ongoing national e. coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce from salinas.
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an early test indicates the child's death is an isolated case. rain back in the forecast, get you going for the weekend. >> a holiday tradition ten years in the running. the drag queens who performed in tonight's drag queens on ice performance in san francisco. >> this is one of the best events of the year. this thing i'm wearing on my head is 40 pounds. i might fall. are you gonna be here for it? i hope so.
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the holiday ice flinching san francisco's union square celebrated a decade of drag queens on ice. >> this year's event featured a lot of drag queens, also some disney characters made a dazzling appearance and entertained the crowd. this event had people lined up outside the rink and sitting on the ice for the best seat in the house. >> a lot of different ways to
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celebrate christmas. and this is a way that's very specific to san francisco and very special to our city. and look at how many people turned out for us. we love doing this. we love being a part of it. i am so honored to be here. >> the show is free every year. it's gonna be a little wet out there as we head into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. friday the storm gets here. it's a frontal passage, more of a typical winter storm unlike that atmospheric river where it just kept coming. you're gonna see a frontal pattern with the front going through. heavy rain and wind shift. more typical of what you'd expect. by tomorrow afternoon, the afternoon commute is not going so good in terms of drive. there's a big system offshore. it starts off with snow levels high. by friday night into saturday morning, the snow will be begin to come down in the mountains.
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not on our peaks, but around lake tahoe. snow at 5,800 by sunday morning. that's pretty good news. right now on the dry out there. the morning commute will be pretty dry. and it gets going in the afternoon. from tomorrow afternoon, let's say between 4:00, 3:30 and four. and 11:00 saturday morning, that's when this is doing its stuff. in between, before that and after that will be scattered showers. in that period, the afternoon tomorrow into midmorning on saturday, that's when the rain will be happening. maybe to the point it will be tough to get outside. weather on saturday, once the front passes through, you'll have an opportunity to get some stuff condition. some stuff done. the model tomorrow morning, dry. and there's tomorrow afternoon. that's the event. and here comes saturday
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morning, right? and then that's saturday afternoon. so you see some breaks in there saturday afternoon. and sunday right now, doesn't look half bad. it's gonna be some clouds and what have you. but sunday is definitely your day if you want to get out and do some kind of shopping or outdoor activity. friday afternoon into saturday midday is when this will do what it does. tonight's edition of weekend lights. >> in the east bay, zoo lights returns to the oakland zoo. colorful light displays, laser light shows, gondola rides, christmas trees. the 43rd annual oakland alameda estiary lighted yacht parade is saturday. head to the yacht club or the park in alameda. boats will proceed down the alameda side path and oakland
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yacht club and rusty pelican before casting to the oakland side. in san francisco, thousands of people dressed in santa costumes will walk through the streets spreading good cheer for santa con on saturday. head to fort mason for the seventh annual italian christmas market where you can shop for italian foods and wines, unique handmade italian fashion and accessories. arts and crafts. food demonstrations, book presentations and more. in the south bay, holiday lights begins this weekend. you can drive through a mile and a half of colorful lights and fun displays during fantasy of lights in loss gatos. in the north bay, the mill valley winter fest is sunday in downtown plaza. highlights include a massive slide, santa, a full day of live entertainment, and music. children's activity, food and a tree and menorah-lighting
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ceremony. in sports, raiders play at home, niners, warriors, and sharks are on the road. a legendary football coach with ties to the bay area is set to step down from his job tomorrow. coming up next in sports, mark will have the latest on frez no state. e.
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for those of you who don't know, julie's son jake is the quarterback at fresno. >> he hasn't started yet. he's on the team. he's hoping to play. >> today we got real shocking news. no one was expecting. tedford is stepping down. >> he's had heart problems. >> yeah, it's stressful. head coaching a football team is at any level. and tedford has had heart issues in his lifetime. and at age 58, he's decided
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enough is enough. he is an alma mater, fresno state. he's been there three seasons. probably best known as the most successful coach, right up there. in the history of cal bears football. eight bowl game bids in his 11 seasons. and he helped develop aaron rodgers. he will hold an official press conference tomorrow to announce he is stepping down. if might be the same for that guy. they go down again despite stark the game night. zeke elliot. two-yard touchdown. 7-0. gonna come out strong in chicago. mitch trubisky looking good. playing better of late. the cowboys didn't look really interested in making tackles. bears win it, 7 and 6. cowboys going the, way.
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6 and 7. out on the road, you pick up a point, yeah. ideally you want to win, but it didn't happen for the sharks. but it was entertaining. the hurricanes' goalie would tell you how hard the right hand of joe thornton is. mrazek and him penalized for slashing here. there you go. do not run into that -- it's not even a 1-2 punch. that's a one-punch. and the sharks believe in erik karlsson. 17.6 seconds left in the second period. assisting logan couture. the captain cannotscore here in the shootout. needed to. to keep them alive. he is denied. and the hurricanes win it. 1 point for the road defeat for the sharks. 3-2 is your final. st. mary's basketball definitely on track.
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they had a hiccup against a very small school. and there's the class of 2032. the victory. jordan ford had something to do with that. the bears have won eight in a row. we must check this out. you know all about hand-eye coordination, particularly in baseball. in the dominican republic, a very unique way of helping batters hit hard pitches. >> he's sling-shotting a bottle cap. and the batter is hitting it. >> that's incredible.
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>> that's some hand-eye coordination. that's the sporting life. >> goodnight. physicists are concerned that if this supercollider actually works, it'll create a black hole and swallow up the earth, ending life as we know it. pfft, what a bunch of crybabies. no guts, no glory, man. hey, check it out. the school of pharmacology is looking for volunteers. "we are testing a new medication "for social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder." why would they be looking for test subjects here? i don't know, raj. maybe the comic book store doesn't have a bulletin board. what's going on? (whispering): shh, hot girl in sheldon's office. sheldon's office? is she lost? i don't think so. i followed her here from the parking lot. maybe she's his lawyer. well, she's free to examine my briefs.


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