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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 6, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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been response will have been arrested. >> some relief from the east bay city of lafayette after police say they captured suspected home invaders who terrorized that community. we have the very latest. from kvii you fox to news, this is mornings on 2. >> that makes you so happy, doesn't it. >> i am happy. >> good morning, i am david clark. >> think you, we have a burgundy thing going. all matching this morning, happy friday. >> rain and crs no. how about that. not just yet though, outside our doors it is a dry one. images arranging in the 40s, low 50s. we have san francisco checking in a 60 fit, san jose at 53. a live look there at sfo, where it is still dry.
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dealing with a little bit of fog up there this morning, take a look at the inner east bay. concord reporting quarter mile visibility. everybody else a okay at the moment, if you look at the central valley, central and sacramento valley, we have got some there as well. dry conditions due to morning hours, that will begin to change into the afternoon and by the evening drive, i think many of us will be facing the wet weather. the system comes with advisories as i mentioned a moment ago. when adviser for the entire bay area. oh flash flood for the north bay. and a winter storm warning for the cra. traffic is doing very well, if you are driving on the road, this is a look at tracy, five 8205. a nice-looking drive, continuing out to the south bay. we are off to a nice start here. and traffic also looks good if you are on 882. at four 01, let's go back to the desk. >> there is
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more rain on the way. especially in the north pray standards are cleared of dirt and debris so they do not get backed up with water and overflow. particularly in the kincaid fire zone. one of the areas in the flash flood watch this afternoon. in those areas people are taking action, not weeding. they are buying up storm here at hardware stores. >> we are hearing about 4 to 5 inches of rain is what i heard. and a lot of customers are gearing up for that. so, with sandbags, tarps, rain boots, raincoats, things like that. >> in the kincaid fire zone area they worry about landslide and aversion problems because of the storm. in sonoma county there is also the feel that the rain will put toxic fire debris in streams. there adding more shelters to get people out of the rain
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and cold. they will add more beds from shelters from east palo alto to san jose. there also are many centers. currently there are no change instructions on highways, the highways between the bay area and the tahoe. this will definitely change when the snow starts falling. looking at some of the incidents that happened last time, the national weather service is warning about hazardous mountain travel conditions again this weekend and people are strongly encouraged not to head into the mountains. if you have to, prepare for long highway delays and pack an emergency kit. a reminder, you can also download the weather up, it does have interactive reader, minute by minute updates for your area, and you can upload your weather photos so we can show them and share them here on air. just go to the app store for that for you. people in lafayette and the spare relief. now the police arrested two people of suspected of to home invasion robberies. >> i will sleep better tonight, knowing that those people who are been
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arrested. >> a the public led to the arrest of two men in fairfield. the police are still searching for a third suspect. that first home invasion robbery, happened halloween night. the second on november 26. the same people are also suspected of home invasions in oakland. and in venetia. >> in both of our cases, it was reported that there were three subjects involved. that is consistent with the oakland and venetia case, and that is where detectives are still out this evening, still working to positively identify the third suspect in this case. how the suspects will due in court on monday, right now they are in the martinez detention center, bail set at $1.5 million each. there winning delivery drivers to be extra cautious after ups trucks have been the target of three armed robberies this week alone. one of them happened on tuesday in the area of each grove court and banana lane. the other two happened a day
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later. one on sandpoint drive and one on war admiral avenue. in all the kisses two men went into the trucks and stole several packages at gunpoint. they drove off in a newer black honda sedan. in florida four people were killed including the ups driver after a robbery and carjacking that ended with a shootout with police. authorities say to stuff specs robbed a jewelry store then project a ups truck with the driver still inside. the chase ended in the middle of rush hour with an intent and battle between police and the suspects. >> this is what dangerous people do. to get away. and this is what people will do to avoid capture. people who give up and are held accountable for their crimes, then we would not be these many people in danger. >> the ups driver in both suspects died. they say a fourth person killed was stuck by gunfire in their car. police in hayward investigating a robbery where
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the thief stole a car and smashed into a hayward police suv. it happened yesterday afternoon, sky fox flew over it. police say the driver was wanted for robberies and was trying to get away from police when that crash occurred on mission boulevard and tennyson. another car that appeared to be parked was also hit. the police investigation continues. also authorities are running tests, they want to know what is inside some mysterious containers left on the side of the road in san mateo county. has not cruise were sent yesterday afternoon. officials say someone dumped several five gallon containers there between state highway 92 and edward road. so far emergency crews have not said what may have been inside those containers. some bay area middle and high school students are staging a pole protest outside blackhawk in san francisco calling on the company to change its investment practices. they will hold what they call a
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theatrical protest starting at 10:00 this morning right outside blackhawk offices on howard street. the students say they want lack rock to stop investing in fossil fuels, the d4 station of the amazon and private person. the board of directors approving $18 million to be spent on new train cars. they are hoping to add more than 200 50 cars. the fleet will allow them to operate more transfer hour. the anticipate all new train cars to be in service by the spring of 2023. in with a new plaque. there it is rare that plaque is now permanently on bus number 08955. on the 19 proclaim. supervisor jim on walton worked with city leaders to find ways to honor rosa parks on these buses.
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>> this the bus will forever have a plaque highlighting rosa parks and what she has done to get us here today in terms of leading to desegregation of the buses, and not only montgomery alabama, but also across this country. >> that lack for rosa parks was unveiled yesterday marking 64 years since the montgomery alabama bus boycott which started after she refused to give up her seat to a white man. >> that is a nice honor. 4:08, it is friday morning and the rain is not here yet so hopefully the morning commute will be okay. i hope so. i just want to remind you that it is going to be as pam said, game is being played tonight at levi stadium here let's go to the south bay here. i will show you the traffic is also the pac-12 championship going to be looking okay obviously, right now. you know, levi stadium is right here, too: 37. so expect a lot of slow traffic in this area.
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they looking pretty good, there been no you issues. here the bay bridge toll plaza it is like. hoadley will have a lighter than usual morning commute, and right now it is looking that way. let's go to rosemary. it is a dry start to the day, and a little dry out there for east bay. fairly calm conditions" conditions. as the storm moves closer to the bay area, we are going to be with the wet weather in time for the afternoon and evening commute. here is a view there, where you can see that green stillwell offshore. here zero look at the future test model i will stop it right around the noon hour, 1:00 hour. we will call it right around lunch time. here is 5:00 though, things really begin to turn active as we from central and south bay. if you have evening plans for tonight you are going to need
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the umbrella as the rain will continue to fall, tonight into tomorrow. the wind advisory for the entire bay area, starts at 10:00 this morning and will go to early tomorrow morning. winds are expected to reach 30 miles per hour could gust 45 to 50 closer to the coast and in our hills. does either when strong enough to bring down trees and power lines. the flash floods we are talking about is for the north bay, away from the coastline. the kincaid fire burned stone and areas downstream. this will start at 4:00 this afternoon and go to early tomorrow morning. everything about heading up to the sera for the weekend be prepared for the winter travel. this advisory begins at 4:00, will last all the way until sunday. right around noon. a winter storm warning with snow levels expected all the way down to about 6000 feet, so will impact the passes. temperatures this morning in the low 50s. santa rosa 56, 55 in oakland, and for your afternoon
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widespread 60s in the forecast. i have a look at the rest of your week and on the extended forecast coming up. san jose's mayor, trying to work with pg&e to make it more customer, to create a customer owned utility come how &eis responding to takeover plans that have the support of more than 100 local leaders. stomach interaction is pouring in over a 49ers radio announcer suspension. what one could group is asking of tim ryan after his comments about lamarr jackson's skin colors. ♪
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81% of people with developmental do not have a paid job let's build the workforce of the future. join us at welcome back to mornings on 2. people who live in or near burned areas of orissa wildfire will not lose their insurance coverage all things to the latest move by the california insurance commissioner. the commissioner announced a one-year moratorium. it bans insurance companies from dropping customers. that applies to about 800,000 homeowners in 98 zip codes across califor >> a year from now i want to make sure that homeowners that are going to be guaranteed coverage. we are saying the new appetite in the legislator to addressed this issue, both from republicans and democrats. which can only mean that you know, the insurance companies are going to have to be part of
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this conversation. >> now insurance companies are now required to renew your insurance policy until at least december of next year. there may be other changes in insurance laws to follow. >> support is growing for pg&e to turn into a customer owned cooperative. more than 100 local leaders across most pg&e territories have sign on a plan to put control in ratepayers hands. yesterday hebert revealed a seven-point plan that would govern the purchase of the bankrupt utility. among other things the customer owned utility would be able to invest more post bankruptcy dollars into infrastructure. >> the reality we all have to accept is as ratepayers, as customers, we are all on the furnace. if we are going to be on the hook, we better on this. >> in a statement pg&e said a government or customer takeover is not the optimal solution that will address the challenges and severe the long run interest of all customers.
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the champions of the pac-12 conference will be crowned tonight. utah and oregon square off at levi stadium and what is expected to be a rainy, maybe sloppy game. the ducks will play the underdogs for the first time this year and the most prominent game of the season. their lead by quarterback justin. they will face the best defense in the conference. utah is the fifth rank team in the country. looks to make a statement tonight as they try to get into the college football kickoff at levi stadium is set for 5:00. there is mixed reaction to a controversial statement made by tim ryan. the 49ers suspended ryan for one game after he said that e r lamarr jackson's dark skin and his dark uniform helps him disguise a dark football, when he is running fake handoffs. some of the 49ers top african-
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american players are now defending ryan. however, one prominent african- american church leader in san francisco is demanding that ryan make a public apology. >> he should be brave enough to come to the black community and state his remorse. >> and i think anybody in this would take it offensively, or anything. he apologized. >> he walked up to me earlier, and before he said anything. i told him, i got your back. >> now the 49ers are practicing in florida this week before they play in new orleans on sunday. tim ryan apologized to players and members of the 49ers organization at the team's hotel. those apologies reportedly were well received by the players who talked to the media yesterday. meantime the woman who accused coach bolton of sexual assault has dropped her case
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against him. the woman kelly tenant is a former host on spectrum sportsnet l.a. she says luke walton assaulted her in a hotel room in santa monica while walton was an assistant coach for the warriors. in august, investigators for the nba and the kings organization determined there was not enough evidence to support her allegations. the kings and the nba say the case is now considered closed. unless there is new evidence available. caught on camera damer interest the course, at dangerously close call. a construction worker narrowly avoiding being hit by a car when sitting at the cones with just seconds to spare. the man jumped out of the way. he and the driver suffered just there he is. oh. >> you see for yourself, wow. >> that is the kind of stuff you and all the other traffic experts warned about, talk about, be careful of.
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being on the freeway is no joke. you have got to be careful out there. all right, let's go out and take a look at the commute. we are going to look at the approach to some of these faraway commutes, like gilroy and morgan help. we are off to a nice start from gilroy into morgan help. san jose. it has been a very nice drive. we do not see a lot going on when it comes to the bay area commute. it is all green. green means the speeds are up. that is a good view. it has not started raining yet. here in oakland, you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza. as long as it is not raining, i think the community is going to be okay. of course, when it does start raining it will change. for more on that let's go to rosemary. by the evening commute it is going to be raining, and it is definitely going to be a tougher drive. outside our doors this morning, fairly calm, the winds are light.
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we are experiencing a little bit of fog. we will check in on the visibility in a moment. let's take a look at the system with its eye on the bay area and california. you can see still offshore at this time. we move in closer, mix of clouds out there this morning. we have mid and high-level clouds as well. the future test will show you when this is expected to move in. here is the lunch hour. we will remain dry, mostly cloudy over the north bay, partly cloudy over the rest of the bay area. as we get into the early evening hours, this does move ashore, it is going to bring the wind with it. we do expect windy conditions as well. here is a look at friday night for your evening plans, it is going to be a soggy one. how about saturday morning, we wake up with scattered showers but it does not wind down in fact it picks up as we get into the afternoon. with another wave moving through. here's a look at your dinner hours, there is a look at your saturday evening. scattered showers are expected to remain in the forecast until about sunday morning until we
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dry out for sunday afternoon. as far as the rainfall amounts, anywhere from half an inch to an inch expected over the next 24 hours. as we get into sunday morning notice some more, where we will see anywhere from one, perhaps 2 1/2 inches in urban areas and articles are expected to pick up more than that. touched on this a little while ago. but if you're just joining us with a wind advisory in the entire bay area. snow will also begin to fall in the sierra with a winter storm warning in place, later today lasting all the way into sunday. we have a flash kinkaid fire zo as well as areas downstream. that is what we will be working looking out for the next 24 hours. as far as the here and now, concord reporting quarter mile visibility, livermore reporting three quarters of a mile there.
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be careful along that stretch you may find some of the inner east bay at this hour. temperatures wise we are in the upper 40s to the mid-50s right now. for your afternoon, low to mid 60s expected in your extended forecast. we will show you, getting into the weekend, going to start out a big sake. we are dry for monday and tuesday. thank you. ktvu has been part of the one warm coat drive. this holiday season we want you to look in your closet. see if you have any spare coats or jackets to donate. you can go to katie and you'll see a list of drop off locations. think of the san francisco ferry building. and santana road in san jose. also, you can stop by bay street in emeryville, and also anticipating ups and big o tire stores. the one warm coat drive continue until the end of month. a neighborly dispute is brewing in union square coming up next, the prospective business facing some pushback from the long-established shops
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in the san francisco shopping district. new rules making airbnb safer. we will talk about the latest restrictions for travelers who use that home sharing service.
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sentences go union square, pushing back against a plan to allow a high-end cannabis dispensary to send up shop nearby.
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alexis bronson told the chronicle he wants to open a well lit, upscale outlet in the storefront on geary between stockton and grand. but two companies on either side of that space including the luxury retailer chanel say pot shop would tarnish the image the upscaled reputation of union square. ronson will be arguing his case to the planning commission in february. uber the ride-sharing service has more than 3000 sexual assaults in 2018 when the used the services. uber and lyft both drivers and riders. this is uber rights were involved in 58 traffic facet fatalities. airbnb is an plummeting three new safety steps.
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the first mandates no excessive noise, unauthorized gas, or blocking neighbors driveways. another safety measure is a dedicated communication line between cities and airbnb. and finally, it is banning open invite parties that includes large unauthorized gatherings promoted on social media such as the hollowing party in miranda where five people were shot and killed. still ahead a new political poll is out conducted right here in the bay area showing a shakeup among democrats. coming up, the candidate that is taken the link among likely democratic voters in california. plus a heated exchange between a farmer in iowa and joe biden the cost the former president to raise his voice during the town hall talk.
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dealing with the san jose homeless crisis, face-to-face and the police have a better way to interact with people on the streets. the flooding on the minds of many people that live in the areas that have been affected by the wildfires. we have the latest on the forecast, and how the people in the north bay are preparing. from ktvu fox news this is mornings on 2. >> welcome back to this friday morning, december 6. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. it is 4:30 am and we have rosemary in for steve. by the afternoon things will change and we will get into the wet weather, and it will


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