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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> showers a short time ago and now things are shifting further south to the rest of the bay area. good evening everyone, and alex savidge. >> and i'm sara zendehnam. the wind advisory is in effect for the bay area. take a look at your screen right now. you can see just how windy it is in san francisco with our life picture. that flag really blowing in the wind. we do have ktvu news coverage with tom baker in sonoma county near the fire burn zone where there are concerns of mudslide. >> that we want to start with meteorologist mark tamayo tack in the rain right now. >> that is the plan. the rainfall rates have been increasing in portions of the north bay. first off in portions of sonoma county. over the past six hours, you can see numbers with it and picking up over an inch of rain. santa rosa .22. those are just six advertorials. the more rain expected through
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saturday, 10 about amounts approaching four inches in the coastal heels. when adventure in place. wins the thing about 40 miles an hour and the sierra are merrily for the higher elevations, about 7000 feet, talking about one to three feet of additional snowfall. now, we have this. flash flood watch, once again, this week, with the passage of this front that will boost the rainfall rates and key concern here is flash flooding and the kinkaid fire burn zone. this flash flood watch is in place until 4:00 saturday morning. the radar right now, things have been changing a little bit over the past couple of hours. you still see some coverage kind of increasing. received this one storm up here. set of some debris flow at about 4:28 this afternoon. here we go with some of the coverage up in portions of the north bay. santa rosa, st. helena, looks like we have some moderate to heavy rainfall around.
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.39 inches an hour as we move the maps around. still some more coverage in portions of marin county. in fact, door enrichment center and recently covering san francisco to oakland and san ramon and not as much action in san jose. but, we finally have some more development here in the coastline. perhaps monday, close to shoreline here going up above the hills and this will gradually increase in coverage over the experience with the rainfall making a big push to the south and also some strong gusty winds. be careful on the right ways to this evening as rainfall rates pick up. we will have more on your weekend forecast, coming up in a few minutes. there is that flash flood watch near the kinkaid fire burn zone. tom vacar joins us live from there is concern that debris will be swept away by heavy rain. tom, what is coming down over there? >> reporter: about 10 minutes ago, it was not coming down here. there are a lot of people out here. if you take is the christmas tree lighting
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ceremony. there are quite a few dozen people here that are for this lighting ceremony, 6:30. the whole point is still think about this, three weeks ago, these folks were thinking about extreme fire conditions and now thinking about flash flooding. with one big atmospheric river behind them, and very wet cold front about to hit, people in the kinkaid fire burn areas are putting set for what is coming especially overnight, friday and into saturday. sonoma county and the community soul foundation so coldwater marines are going to burn area victims providing free cleanup as well as mud and debris flow mitigation to protect nearby neighbor heads, vineyards, sewers, streams and ponds from contamination. >> is trying to help. it is the coordination of the local government to make sure that we don't have any issues with landslides or
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contamination. >> reporter: and this is not just one and then, when all of the party cannot so much low- lying vegetation, analog trees, many watersheds around here had been altered. as a result, you want to make sure that you keep checking this so that mud and you reflow doesn't get into races where it should not be. a huge amount of work has already been done in windsor sonoma county ark which was a really bring in the fire. because of all this fire damage, better part will arrive from the ashes. >> it is being rebuilt even better than before. a brand-new fire resistant bridges and structures. so, it is going to be better than before. >> reporter: windsor, geyserville, all set for the storms and for holiday visitors. >> we are ready to welcome you. have tree lighting, about five dozen people coming to our tree lighting.
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all of the businesses are open, all that restaurants are open, the wineries are open. >> reporter: in fact, here, they are tough indeed. the ceremony will go on until 8:00 pm to that. just showing you the spirit up here. that going to stop the good time. as was on hillsboro and on windsor and as we're seeing right now, tom baker, ktvu, just singing in the rain. >> it doesn't look like anything is dampening the fund there. go there and get dried off. thank you so much. in san francisco, people taking advantage of the dry weather earlier today to get ready for all of this rain. the public works department was offering residents and businesses up to 10 free sandbags. you can still get them. people can pick them up at the operations yard on the street we ran into a woman getting sandbags for her dance studio in the area and she says it was inundated with floodwaters during last week's storm. >> it came rushing down the
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hill and emptying out onto the warehouse, my neighbors and myself. the front offices got floowet laundry. >> reporter: the sandbags feel do a pretty good job of keeping out the water. taking a look not to travel conditions at the airport. live look here at sfo. you can see the wind and the rain taking a toll on operations here in san francisco. some arriving flights to sfo are being delayed tonight but of two two hours. the airport just told us they have seen more than 350 flight delays thus far and 83 cancellations. there are no major delay spirit ordered at san jose or oakland airport. also expected to bring heavy snow do this year this week and. currently, there are no chain restrictions on the two main highways to the lake the whole
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area. interstate 80 and highway 50 but, travelers are still being urged to avoid this year if possible. due to the powerful we can storms that is expected in the region in just a few hours. there are already a large number of snowboarders on the slopes following the recent storm. the chp is telling people who are coming to town this weekend to be prepared. that means having a full tank of gas, extra clothing and food essentials in place the highways does get shut down. it also means driving more carefully. >> you have to slow down. we had to keep a good space because between you and the other vehicles around you so, when somebody does ace been around, you can avoid the. >> you can always download our free ktvu water up for the very latest on conditions. our weather team is always updating on facebook, twitter and instagram. investigating a shooting that happened in the parking lot of harvest bowl on
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brentwood. happened about 4:00 this afternoon. police are telling us a juvenile was struck in the leg by a gun fire and taken to a local hospital for treatment. police do not believe the shooting was random and they say, this they believe there is an threat to the baltic stretch of highway 101 is being targeted. another part was recently hit by a projectile. about 50 cases have been reported so far this year. ktvu's and ribbon reports, many commuters in the south they use this right every day to get to work. >> best, there were two more confirmed cases. that meets in february, 14 vehicles in monterey county had been struck by some sort of project out. shattering windows and terrifying drivers. >> there's some pretty heavy traffic and i heard this like explosion. >> reporter: it has been the epicenter but incidents have been reported all over highway 101 and 156. and they had been increasing in frequency. there had been 22 incidents in
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october 1st on one that, chp responded in a 17 year period. >> launching projectiles at a very high velocity. we do not believe that they come from firms but it is a high velocity that it can and will shatter windows. >> they're not saying what the projectiles are but they are being ate exclusively at the driver side of the car. chp test force has detectives working 24 seven on the case. >> typically, what we're seeing is that they occur mondays, thursdays and fridays in the later afternoon or early evening hours. >> reporter: the vehicle seem to be targeted at random. but after a bus carrying the football team was struck, the monterey county sheriff's office jumped in to add manpower to the investigation. >> a lot of our faults are what are you doing about it? so we decided to offer our help and take over the investigation.
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we offer assistance to our detectives and whatever they can, with. >> reporter: they are inviting drivers to keep the windows up and pay attention to those surroundings. >> there's nothing to see, it's a wooded amount real-world, it is one of those situations that is unfortunate but it is what it is and you can stop doing it. >> reporter: the stretch of why no one is heavily traveled by commuters having a good for from san jose. they have no choice but to continue. >> i actually ignored it and if it's can happen, it's can happen. if it doesn't it doesn't. if it happens, i hope it doesn't gilman. >> reporter: if you get hit, don't drive home they want you to pull over and call 911. reward for information on this case is now up to $8500. along highway 101, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. today, the lafayette police department arrested two additional suspects. 24-year-old emmanuel wells and
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21-year-old of fairfield are facing charges of possession of stolen property and conspiracy. they are now facing additional charge of child endangerment. yesterday police announced the first two suspects in this case. joseph wells and adama diop have been arrested after a dip that came in from the public. they are facing more serious charges including burglary, kidnapping and false imprisonment. the suspects are all believed outplayed some sort of role in four separate home invasion robberies that happened in lafayette, oakland and phoenicia between october and november of this year. in a halloween night, home invasion in lafayette, three men wearing masks broke into a home and pistol whip the people who lived there before stealing their bmw and then dumping the car and oakland hill. a month later in lafayette, the suspects picked a home on crestmoor drive tried up the homeowners and ransacked their house. to other home invasion
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robberies to is in oakland and phoenicia all four suspects are being held in lieu of bond. . is searching for a man who may have sexually assaulted a woman in an elevator earlier this morning. they are looking for this one you see on the screen right here. 38-year-old roberta. police say the alleged assault happened at the mulberries station for service began for the day. workstation agent spotted the alleged victim on a closed- circuit television and notified the police. she had been assaulted. six feet to. a functioning surveillance camera in the elevator. but that is everything to determine whether the suspect and victim may have known each other. coming up, newly released video of a deadly encounter in kendall. why police say officers shot and killed a man and now, his family is responding. ups delivery driver held at gunpoint and robbed of the
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packages. one of the cemeteries tying the cases together. a live look not the wet conditions on the golden gate ridge tonight. there's not much traffic to see but you can see derosa should only slick. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 will be right back. steps... start with small ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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a video tied to an incident at the county jail, sending it. he was really beaten with
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regards following his arrest for public investigation. he says the guards also called him racist names such as arab and terrorist. the video shows him being but that the jail shortly after his arrest. doesn't show the altercation. the sheriff's offices the man became violent with in the process of taking him to the cell. >> he grabbed hold one of the female officers and tried to drag her to the ground and attempted to buy her. kicked another officer to decide. >> the sheriff's office points out no cameras were inside the cell due to the state's prison privacy law. the surveillance video shows one of the ups trucks that was recently targeted by armed robbers in the south bay. ktvu's jesse gary tells us san jose police are working right now to track down those responsible for holding up three delivery drivers just
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this week. >> reporter: this home surveillance video shows the ill-fated ups truck and driver moments before the crime tuesday night in san jose's oak grove neighborhood. around : 40, police investigators say two men one of whom is armed approached the man to demand the driver to open the doors and still boxes destined for delivery. >> it is happening all over. how these young generation is so thieving. >> reporter: san jose police believe the same doing is responsible for similar crimes. on wednesday night, in e san jose, and 45 minutes after that, the area of war admiral avenue and snow drive. in these cases, the suspects grabbed the ill-gotten goods and got off in a black sedan. >> it can happen anywhere but you never want to hear it is happening close to home. >> reporter: ubs management send a statement in part, the company takes a multilayered across to the security working with local, federal
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authorities. not specified if the drivers are taking a leave of absence or back on the job. porch parts became a thing in communities. prompting installation of security cameras. armed robbery on packages while en route is setting a new trend. >> we noted some of our ubs stuff were disappearing. so, i am not sure if they started there and work their way up or if it is a new person. but we definitely have had issues with packages. >> reporter: san jose police are asking people to stay in the lookup for the vehicle. are they have right now is a dark-colored honda sedan you can call the departments robbery unit and you can leave a tape even anonymously. news. moderate to heavy rainfall
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across the portions of the area. not everybody picking up the rainfall just yet but they start to materialize and we plan on this and be careful with them. now, rainfall expectations over the next four today and into tomorrow, be grateful range, but i have managed to maybe four inches in the coastal hills. beacon of rainfall spike this evening about eight, 9:00. backing off around midnight, maybe a little bit of a break tomorrow morning and we do see the intensity pick up early tomorrow afternoon for your saturday. here's what one of the forecast models think. showing this to you because we're not expect the a few sprinkles of an inch of an inch. numbers really gone. pretty acetyl as we go into your saturday. when speaking up as well. southerly winds wrapping up a wind advisory in place until 7:00 tomorrow morning for the entire bay area. is going up about 40 approaching 50 miles an hour. with the active reader to show you right now. you can see recently portions
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of the north bay, santa rosa reporting survey rainfall. towards the bridge, we have some more yellow showing up. right around san mateo and hayward, as we continue to move the map around, not too much having to sit in the south but we are expecting to have the coverage increase over the next few hours especially after 7:00 and in the. live, look out to the golden gate ridge, slick world waste and wind speeds coming out of the direction of of the south. tomorrow morning, a chance for some scattered showers and then to the afternoon hours, rainfall could be picking up and there's a possibility throughout the night and into tomorrow of maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. here's the plan for this evening, this is 10:00, and then into tomorrow morning, maybe a little bit of a break look what is developing to our north. some unstable air leading to some shares and maybe some more thunderstorms in your saturday for gas. talking more about this and your five day coming up in a
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little bit. up next after the break, four people dead following a shooting at a u.s. naval facility in florida. we are learning about the suspected gunman and the latest about the investigation. also, in the surveillance photos just released by police as they search for the thieves who robbed a jewelry store at the great mall in milpitas. shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. wean air force veteran made of indoing what's right,.on not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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learning more about the gunman who killed three people at the naval air station in pensacola this morning. >> investigators are now say he is a member of the saudi air force training to be a pilot. authorities say at this point, it is too is was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: the shooting started friday morning in a classroom building. service members and civilians at naval air station in pensacola in the florida panhandle told the shelter after police confirmed an active shooter information. several few were killed and others wanted before chef
6:25 pm
deputies killed the gunman ensure that the >> they negated the threat and they are now in a local hospital. we expect them to be fully recovering. >> reporter: the basis a major military facility with more than 23,000 personal working there. the sade brought to date massive response with a base lockdown almost immediately. was arriving on the scene and this would have saved the lives. the shooter is a saudi national who was here in the u.s. study with american navy. >> given that this was a foreign national implied by the saudi arabia. we need to make better for these victims. >> reporter: this is the second hitting on a military base in three days. following an incident at harbor on wednesday dead including the gunman. the white house is president
6:26 pm
trump has improved and he is monitoring the situation. the administration has offered federal assistances to help vesicle to recover from this tragedy. >> our condolences go to the families and to everybody involved. also offering mental health services for december everybody shooting. in miami, phil keating, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news i physical 30 starts next with it in the video that happened in danville. what the video shows and how the victim's family is responding. was a second procedure for stephen curry. an injured hand later in court. four women and two children served with an eviction notice and aced the. why they say they should be able to stay in their home and had the sheriff's office is responding. on the economy, a unique leader.
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storm expected to bring heavy snow to sierra this weekend the brunt of the storm one hint until later on tonight and right now, there are no chain restrictions on the two main highways up to the lake tahoe area that will be interstate 80 and highway 50. however, travelers from the bay area and elsewhere are still being urged to avoid this year if possible because of this powerful weekend storm. driver started on the stretch of highway 101 in monterey county. yesterday, two vehicles were hit by a projectile that smashed the window out on the highway. sincreported cases was of them happening there. authorities say they stuck up patrols in the area and wired commuters to stay
6:31 pm
authorities have released body camera and desk and footage of a deadly police shooting. the man who was killed with mentally ill. >> police say he tried to run over and officer. the attorney said plastic. our crime reporter henry lee shows us the video and has the latest. >> reporter: it was november 2008 human police were chasing a man who was acting suspiciously in a quiet neighborhood. within moments plastic. vladimir r valletta died after being shot numerous times. >> a police officer essentially turned into a cowboy. >> reporter: the family attorney who is doing over the shooting. >> that was criminal homicide. the officer should be prosecuted. they no longer deserve the honor of the badge. >> reporter: the sheriff's office described the incident
6:32 pm
as -- >> and officer involved shooting that occurred as a result of the suspect trying to run down officer. >> reporter: it started when residents called police to rip what a suspicious person walking in the neighborhood and bringing doorbells. >> we found a strange individual looking around the property and around the door. >> reporter: police spotted him leaving the area and a honda. to try to stop him but he took off. ended up near the corner of diablo front street. that is when police say he tried to drive between the gap between two police cars. >> shots fired. >> reporter: in this video, you can hear the officer reacting. hall told investigators he fired because he believes are valletta graham and kill him. after being shot, he drove off but crashed into another car. he died at the hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest. >> there was an officer that overreacted and put himself in
6:33 pm
a position and opened fire on the young man who was wanted for nothing more than bringing doorbells. >> reporter: the civil lawsuit is pending and that das office is reviewing the shooting that will determine if officer hall will face criminal charges. henry lee, ktvu. there sonoma county deputies was chasing the 52-year-old because they believe his car was stolen. they didn't know he had already recovered his own car and was driving it at the time of the chase. when that ended, deputies approached the car and there was a confrontation. he was tased and placed into a neck cold. he died about an hour later. it is reported that deputy charles blunt used a similar restraint on a woman in 2015 and gave testimony that contradicted video of the
6:34 pm
incident. neighbor said past allegations of excessive force have come under scrutiny. >> a former contra costa fountain county fire battalion chief is facing felonies for falsifying payroll records. prosecutors say he would take vacation days but later changes timecard to claim special pay for assignments outside of normal duties. when he took vacation days, he had to cover that for public safety resulting in overtime cost. is accused of costing $46,000 in unearned salary and another $19,000 and covering shifts when he came to be on special assignment. he faces a nine-year sentence if convicted. please have released photos of three young men suspected in a smash and grab property in
6:35 pm
august. the photo follows a four-month investigation of officers watching countless hours of security video. they stole thousands of dollars in jewelry and watches and took off in a black four-door sedan. for homeless women it took over an unoccupied house have been told to get out. rob roth spoke with them and they say they're not going anywhere. >> a few weeks after taking over this house, before homeless women and two a letter >> we received an eviction notice taped on the decision to commandeer the house. >> we are out of time.
6:36 pm
the time is now. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said the eviction could happen later this month. the women that are part of a group called moms for housings that they have every right to stay. >> don't you think it is more dangerous for kids to be on the street in this weather and element e have you thought about children being for not having homes to it in. >> reporter: the argument is shouldn't people that don't have a place to live stay there. moved in about three weeks ago. the house needs repairs but it does have electricity and humming. >> this is an important moment for the city. we have to make a decision on how we support families and communities that are struggling in the crisis. >> reporter: the house is owned by wedgewood llc, a real estate investment company. their spokesman said they only recently acquired the house.
6:37 pm
>> it doesn't help the situation, i hurt. >> reporter: when the sheriff department does come to evict, they expect a large crowd of people to try and stop it. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu , fox 2 news. coming out, the latest on the impeachment proceedings. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love nt store prices.r less. never.
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the white house will not take part in the next phase of the out impeachment hearings. they had until the end of the day today to decide if they would send lawyers the representatives to participate. on monday the judiciary committee will hold a hearing to present all collective evidence to the articles of impeachment. >> a vote on the committee and it will go to the full house. we have enough responsible people in the household the president accountable. >> attorneys will likely present evidence during monday's hearing. the republicans lawyer could be joined by congressman -- and speak on behalf of the president. companies are still hiring, even with record high in women. the labor department said employers added 266,000 jobs.
6:41 pm
the jobless rate fell to a 50 year low. the numbers were stronger-than- expected. >> we are by far and away the most successful economy anywhere in the world. we are doing better than any economy in the world. consumer spending has become a more important fiber of growth. that led many businesses to cut spending. on wall street, markets rallied on the report. the and he was that sick s&p was up 28 points. investors were urged plastic it will waive new tariffs on soybeans and pork as negotiations continue. coming up the timing of the heaviest downpours and how the storm could impact the weekend.
6:42 pm
we have a look at some of the stories we're working on at the 7 pm news. some business owners are in fear, weeks after hitting storefronts at the san francisco inner sunset, vandals targeted that same neighborhood again. we will have an update on the investigation. he is a newcomer to the presidential race. we will hear from former massachusetts governor about how he plans to tackle some of the biggest issues. those stories and more coming up with on ktvu plus. students in the bay area and across the world skipped class to call for action. we will show you the demonstration san francisco and what they are demanding. taking a live look outside, the rain really begins to hammer the bay area. get those umbrellas out. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. following a developing situation in oak and. this is a crash that happened on interstate 880.
6:46 pm
three-car crash in the southbound direction. there are at least one lane that is blocked as a result of the crash. you can see a tremendous backup in the southbound direction on the 880 and a and. as he approached 98th avenue. more details on this crash that took place. the extent of the injuries that might be involved. as soon as we learn more, we will bring that to you. students across the world skipping class to take part in another round of global climate protests. hundreds of activists rallied in san francisco, calling for a new deal. this is one of a number of -- calderon the bay area. the students called on the investment firm, to help fight
6:47 pm
climate change. >> they are a big problem. coal and oil are two of the biggest producers of co2 in the atmosphere which is causing the planet to warm and the ocean acidification. >> the latest protests come as the united nations are gathering for a summit in madrid. >> now they are shifting. reports of moderate to heavy rain across parts of the bay area. but in half next to may be approaching four inches.
6:48 pm
the wind has been ramping up in the sierra. flash flood watson place right now. the peak could be about half inch to three quarters of an inch. wins gusting to over 40 miles an hour. rain light to moderate cells. even heavier cells as we come close to worsens of the north bay. and portions of marin county, a little bit scattered. or development close to san
6:49 pm
francisco around the golden gate ridge. making the push to be in land valleys. for the south day, finally activity approaching sunnyvale. the numbers have been picking up over the last few hours. half moon bay, typically stronger when gusting to 37. in the short term, be extra careful on the roadways. not only rainfall but strong wind to contend with. the breakdown, about half-inch for the in land valleys to maybe 3-4 inches for the coastal hills, even portions of the north bay could top two inches. that is the forecast for tonight through saturday. here's the system offshore. the front moving across the bay area. moderate to heavy rainfall.
6:50 pm
we are dealing with an area of low pressure. and the possibility of thunderstorms in the saturday forecast. winter storm warning in place right now. high elevation snow events. for tonight into the morning, you may wake up and see it as a break. possibly thunderstorms and heavier downpours moving across portions of the bay area. to be a few scattered showers and decreasing chances into the afternoon. the forecast ties, tomorrow everybod lower 60s. rain showers could come back in the afternoon. be prepared for saturday. >> we are in the station not
6:51 pm
knowing what is going on. >> we are starting to see the effect. sports is next. the saints are well aware of the 49ers defense coming from the bayou. at hertz, we know that a change of scenery shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction
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by j.d. power.
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we have our fingers crossed . >> he will be crossing them for a while. the weight is real. may be valentine's day or st. patrick's day. seth curry went under the knife today. was a planned surgery to have pins removed. he will be reevaluated in february. is to return at some point in injury like this. fans can only hope and watch and pay tribute as they are in chicago today. scores and the foul. one point game early on.
6:55 pm
the final couple of seconds, white beat the buzzer. the both of the 28-23 lead after one. there is streamlined. robinson the triple. we have a ballgame. look at this move. he loses his man. may play early fourth quarter of united center. we have our first coaching casualty. they fire david tisdale who went 21-83 in less than two years at the helm. the assistant coach also sent packing. mike nolan will take over head- coaching duties. >> they will follow-up their
6:56 pm
trip to baltimore with a trip to the big easy. nothing easy about it. the matchup to watch, drew brees and the offense against the san francisco defense. so dangerous in the superdome. >> there are no weak links. all very good players. big, strong and physical. very well coached. very sound and everything. >> probably one of the best groups that play collectively. a pretty good secondary. we had to have the focus of the weekend. >> the raiders last two games have been brutal. to blowout losses on the road. must win against the titans in terms of wildcard possibility. today's headlines, josh jacobs, questionable with the shoulders
6:57 pm
fracture. is also dealing with a pet coral issue. jacobs is having the greatest season ever by a rookie running back. in case they don't have him, the coach has contingency plans. >> is questionable. >> you will see a lot more of d'andre and jaelyn and. have the fullback ready to carry the ball as well. >> for names and three venues, the world challenge has one constant, tiger woods. yes hosted the event since 2000. donating winnings back to the foundation. these days in the bahamas. a nice day for golf. better today. areas looking to nderpar. par four, 140 yards out.
6:58 pm
that is a thing beauty. >> tiger shoot the 67. he enters the round at 11 under. two strokes back of this gentleman. the lengthy birdie putt. for under 68. >> tiger is doing well. >> thank you for being with us tonight. the big bang theory is app. >> our live news continues at 7. have a great night. he's completely schooling you.
6:59 pm
hey, guys, guys, some of the other waitresses wanted me to ask you something. it's called tressling. it combines the physical strength of arm wrestling with the mental agility of tetris into the ultimate sport. yeah, that's terrific, but what they wanted me to ask you is to cut it the hell out. great. come here, guys. come on. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday... we might as well stop. it's a stalemate. you're beating me in tetris, but you've got the upper body strength of a keebler elf. keebler elf? i've got your keebler elf right here. (grunting) (grunting) okay, it's a stalemate. so, leonard, will we be seeing you on saturday for your free birthday cheesecake? he can't eat cheesecake. he's lactose intolerant. okay, he can have carrot cake. what about the cream cheese frosting? he can scrape it off. forget about the cake. how do you know that my birthday's saturday? i did your horoscope, remember? i was going to do everybody's, until sheldon went on one of his typical psychotic rants. for the record,
7:00 pm
"that psychotic rant" was a concise summation of the research of bertram forer, who, in 1948, proved conclusively through meticulously designed experiments blah, blah, blah. typical taurus. so, seriously, are we going to see you saturday? uh, i don't think so. why not? i don't celebrate my birthday. shut up. yeah, you do. it's no big deal; it's just the way i was raised. my parents focused on celebrating achievements, and being expelled from a birth canal was not considered one of them. (scoffs) that's so silly. sheldon: it's actually based on very sound theories. his mother published a paper on it. well, what was it called? "i hate my son and that's why he can't have cake"? sheldon: it was obviously effective. leonard grew up to be an experimental physicist. perhaps if she'd also denied him christmas, he'd be a little better at it. thank you. wellpecial french toast breakfast, wearing the birthday king crown, playing laser tag with all my friends... yeah, see?


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