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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PST

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served all day, so they're not just for early birds. nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can. a strong storm moving through the bay area. this system is expected to bring a lot of rain and wind. >> we're supposed to get some 20, 25 mile an hour wind gusts. just try to keep everything tight. >> forecasters say more wind and rain is expected for your weekend. good evening, everyone.
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>> and close to the bay bridge. you can see raindrops hitting our lens. the rain is really coming down in the east bay. >> we have live team coverage of this winter-like storm tonight. greg will tell us how the rain affected events in the south bay. deborah is in santa rosa where the storm started. first to mark demayo, tracking the conditions. >> hard to believe we started you on the day with sunshine this morning. the clouds have been marching in. the rainfall rates have been increasing. especially focused up in the north bay. take a look at this early storm total so far. reporting over four inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours. they simply pick up the most ha enhance the rainfall rate. santa rosa approaching an inch of rain.
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napa 0.23. san francisco, livermore, not too much rain just yet. but the rainfall has been picking up across the central portion of the bay. last flood watch. the kincaid fire zone until 4:00 tomorrow morning. a big range in rainfall totals through saturday. could be about a half an inch. the coastal hills could be approaching four inches. winds gusting. blustery out there. above 40 miles an hour. and the sierra under a winter storm warning. rainfall up in the north bay. here's some of the coverage right now. coming in closer to san rafael around richmond and toward the berkeley area this evening. this blanket covering a good portion of the bay.
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san francisco, heyward, livermore. a light to moderate cell. travel this evening, tonight, is a challenge with the rainfall picking up. and for the santa cruz mountains, we have some more rainfall to talk about for san jose. mountain view, the rainfall is picking up as well. here is our live camera. the bay bridge toll plaza. a solid downpour. and the wind speeds up. blustery conditions out there. coming up, we'll let you know how the system will impact your weekend plans. especially for your saturday. the north bay was the first to feel the effects of this storm tonight. that's where we find deb joining us live in santa rosa. >> reporter:it raining. not as heavy as we've seen. a few minutes ago, it was absolutely pouring. we're at the city's sandbag station. no one here right now. it is open 24/7 in case anyone
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needs them. we found people tonight just sort of slogging through this storm. >> reporter: up all night to pick a christmas tree. >> it was really the only night that would schedules. we had friends coming over tomorrow, and all sorts of stuff. a little pressure, fire under our feet but we're happy to be out. >> reporter: in the latest storm, which has rolled in, back-to-back, leaving the north bay saturated. throughout the burn areas, absorbent barriers are helping guide runoff so it doesn't turn rebuild into mudbox. they had a brief closure for a time but report no major problems. >> that's awesome. let it come on down. it's gray. >> people seem to be getting used to this winter pattern. >> i'm already prepared. let it come. we had some rain earlier this week. i think we're ready for it. >> i'm happy it's raining. no fires.
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i wish it was raining like this last month. >> trees like it. plenty of water. >> reporter: this is the month for christmas trees. wet, messy work on a night like this. business dries up quite a bit when it rains. the owner jokes he will kayak customers in pretty soon. >> the main thing is we have had problems in the past with the wind. a lot of trees fall over and stuff. we try to manage. >> they had their boots on, ready to go. loving it. >> reporter: rather than way waite for a dry day, this dad embraces the wet weather. >> i think it's a little bit fun and we need it. so let's rock and roll. make the best of it. check. don't leave home without them. and this system, while it moves through has left one lingering problem.
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a power outage in east santa rosa. affecting about 4,000 customers. that's about 12,000 people. we'll head over and check that out for you at 11:00. >> i hope they get for those so wet christmas trees. >> reporter: i know. some of them are gonna end up in the mud no doubt because of the wind. they're latched to those fences but some of them will come down. >> thanks deb. now to greg live for us in santa clara. the rain forced the city to change its plan for tonight's tree-lighting ceremony. >> reporter: yeah, alex, as you can probably see, the rain is falling gently right now here in santa clara where the community did come together for their annual tree-lighting ceremony. it's something they have done for 108 years. this year they did have to make a change due to the weather.
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>> reporter: people gathered at santa clara's central park to soak in the holiday spirit. organizers have been watching the skies to ensure mother nature would cooperate with their holiday event. on monday when it appeared the forecast wasn't when they hoped for. they made some changes. >> once we heard there was gonna be some high winds and rain starting at 5:00, we tailored back the event a little bit. >> reporter: rather than setting up a big tent that can be unwieldy, they scaled down to smaller ones.
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>> reporter: santa also came inside but the kids didn't seem to care because he arrived bearing gifts. >> what do you think of that teddy bear? >> that he's cute. >> reporter: organizers also canceled the fireworks show and decided to close an hour early. and the forecast dropped the crowd size by about 50%. many in the crowd came prepared to get drenched. the rain fell slightly. it was utah that fell hard, losing to the oregon ducks. >> we are ducks! >> three, two, one. ee, two, one. >>in santa clara, it was barely sprinkling. people did get to go home dry.
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you can see the rain continues to fall. i wouldn't describe it as cats and dogs. more like kittens and puppies at this hour. live in santa clara, greg liggins. >> i like that description thank you. the wind and the rain having an impact at sfo. some arriving flights are being delayed up to two hours. the airport has seen more than 350 night delays and 83 cancellations. this storm is also expected to bring heavy snow to the sierra this weekend. the brunt of the storm is due to hit lake tahoe in just a few hours. and the california highway patrol is urging travellers to avoid the sierra during the next few days because of dangerous road conditions. the chp says if you have to head to lake tahoe, make sure your car has a full tank of gas and be prepared for mountain highways that are covered with snow and ice. >> you have to slow down. you gotta keep a good space
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between you and the other people around you. when somebody does spin out around you, you could avoid it. >> we just checked and there are chain restricts on interstate 80 in the sierra. right now there are no rain requirements on highway 50. caltrans warns that the situation could change. a reminder to download the ktvu weather app. it has minute-by-minute updates for your area. pg&e announced it has reached a deal to settle individual claims related to recent northern california wildfires. $13.5 billion settlement includes claims from the tuff fire, the camp fire, and the butte fire in 2015. it includes claims from the deadly ghostship e fire. pg&e says it admit
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fault for the tubs fire or the ghostship fire. the utility reached a $11 billion settlement with insurance companies. police are investigating a shooting in the parking lot of harvest pole in brentwood. it happened at about 4:00 pm. a 15-year-old was shot in the parking lot of the bowling alley but found nearly two miles away near a burger king on second street. hosts taken to a local hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound to the leg. police don't think the shooting was random and say there's no threat to the public. lafayette police arrested two more suspects in connection with a string of home invasion robberies. they are facing charges of possession of stolen property. and conspiracy. .
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>> the suspects are accuse have had taking part in four separate home invasion robberies between october and november of this year. during a halloween night invasion in lafayette, three men with masks on broke into a home and pistol-whipped the victim inside before stealing their bmw and dumping the car. a month later in lafayette, the suspects tied up the homeowners in and ransacked the house. all four are being held in lieu of bond. that officer should be prosecuted. and no longer deserves to have the honor of wearing a badge. >> a family is suing after their relative is shot and killed by police in the east bay. later tonight, the new body cam footage of the deadly shooting. >> reporter:s are facing tough times this holiday season with online retail and big-box
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stores. but some small shop owners think there are things the city can do to help them out. >> and a new target for package thieves. the search for the people holding up ups drivers in the south bay.
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joe biden and withholding crucial security aid. the latest jobs report is out and shows companies are still finding workers to hire even with record employment. the labor department says employers added 266,000 jobs last month. the numbers were stronger than expected, easing fears of a possible recession driven by trade tensions. hoping for a bright holiday shopping season this year despite poor weather is and a
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shorter season. what some small shops say are the biggest challenges and how the city might help. >> reporter: san francisco already has a shop and dine in the 49, encouraging people to support local businesses. some shop owners say the city could do more to help support those small stores that give san francisco its character. customers stepped out of the rain into alexander brook company. a shop that's welcomed book lovers for 29 years. >> when we moved in, there were six or seven small retailers. and then other restaurants. now we're the only retail left. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season shows the chall businesses. online shopping and big-box retail changing people's shopping habits. >> 90% online. yeah. >> reporter: this customer and others say when they do go to
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store, they try to seek out smaller shops. >> it's always better to support small businesses that are more interest and have people who work in the community. >> reporter: the san francisco chamber of commerce says it's critical for the city to do more to help small business owners. >> reporter: city hall zoning and permitting can put too many restrictions on businesses trying to grow. >> small businesses are evolving to try and adapt to this new economy. they're trying to add food with their retail. but the struggle they're facing is that city hall, ththose activity. >> ad smith says he's managed to stay in business 20 years, adding chocolate and confections. he says many about the city's small business
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offerings. >> they have no idea that area alone. that's a perfect illustration of how the city can do something twofold. promote the small business, but at the same time promoting the unique character of the city. >> going into a shop, meeting people, talking to the owners. >> reporter: >> if city hall doesn't evolve with us, our merchant corridor will lose their vibrancy. hope to expand that program. >> we know shopping small definitely keeps a lot of money in the community. thank you so much.
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earlier today in san francisco, before the rain started fall, a lot of folks were take advantage of the dry weather early in the day. the public works department is offering residents and businesses up to ten free sandbags. this morning we ran into a woman getting sandbags for her dance studio that 32ed last week. >> it came rushing down the hill. and emptying out onto the wareh the front offices got flooded and it smells like wet laundry. >> not good. the sandbags do a pretty good job of keeping the >> we know that we need the rain. but it's causing a lot of problems on the roads.
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>> travel tonight of course difficult. in some pars of the bay area. downpours and strong winds. another wave coming on board for tomorrow. this morning, we started out with mostly clear skies across portions of the bay area. rainfall rates picking up. and we're still concerned here as we take a look at the flash flood watch. the kincaid fire burn zone. rainfall rates, half know afrn an inch to 0.75 an hour. this flash flood watch is in place until 4:00 am on saturday. you probably noticed the winds picking up again throughout the day today. we have a wind advisory. gusts ovper hour. closer to portions of the north bay, light to moderate rain
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scattered around. it looks like we have some more enhancement closer to vallejo, napa, fairfield. a little more scattered in nature for portions of marin county. moving the map there, still some light to moderate rain shower activity for oakland, heyward, livermore. and for the peninsula. the rainfall definitely increasing in coverage this morning. a factor around the santa cruz mountains, palo alto, san jose. current speeds around now to 18 miles an hour. some of these numbers have been backing off a bit since early this evening. to the afternoon camera. hour, another wave approaches. and that will increase the rainfall rates as we head into
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saturday around. we'll talk more about that system. and maybe a chance to get outside for one part of your weekend. the full forecast in a little bit. still to come, the latest on the deadly shooting at a florida naval air station. plus, what the chp is now doing to try and find whoever is launching projectiles at cars on highway 101. >> how the warriors ended their roadtrip with a win in chicago. >> a jury makes a decision in the defamation case against tesla's ceo. is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. back guarantee, installation when it works for you,
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>> >> san francisco police say a man is behind bars suspected in two cases of assault with a knife. 30-year-old randy gochi was arrested in the tenderloin tonight. the first victim says he chased him holding a knife in both hands. he is suspected in another assault in the tenderloin sunday. a jury in los angeles cleareded elon musk of defamation for a tweet aimed at a british diver. last summer he posted an offensive slur about the diver during thailand. the jury deliberated for less
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than an hour. learning more about the gunman responsible for this morning's deadly shooting at the naval air station in pence coala, florida. he was a member of saudi air force training to be a pilot. investigators say on the too early to determine if there was an act of terrorism. the gunman killed three people and wounded several others before sheriff's deputies shot and killed him. >> there's some real heroism today. real heroism. i'm devastated. we're in shock. this is surreal. but i couldn't be prouder to wear the uniform that i wear. >> this dead he shooting in florida took place at the home of the navy's fabled blue angels. a string of armed robberies against ups drivers in the south bay. still to come, why police
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believe the crimes are likely connected. >> the bay area may have to wait even longer. ♪
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newly released surveillance video shows one of the ups trucks recently targeted by armed robbers in the south bay.
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>> san jose police are still working to track down those responsible. ble. >> reporter: this home surveillance video shows the ill-fated ups truck and driver moments before the crime tuesday night in san jose's oak grove neighborhood. police investigators say two men one armed, approached. >> it's just not happening here. it's happening all over. and how this young generation is so thieving. >> reporter: san jose police believe the same duso responsible for similar crime. on wednesday night in east san jose. and 45 minutes after thash the area of war admiral avenue and snow drive. >> i have kids that go to middle school out here.
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you never like to hear that on the happening close to your home. >> reporter: ups management sent a statement about the crime saying the company takes a multilayered approach to community. we work with local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities. executives would not say if the targeted drivers were taking a leave of absence or back on the job. porch pirates have become common place in many communities. prompting installations of security cameras on many homes. armed robberies delivery trucks on its new route. >> it's not a big surprise. we had some packages disappearing a few months ago. we noticed that some of our ups stuff was disappearing. i'm not sure if they started there and worked their way up. or if it's a new person. but we definitely have had issues with packages. >> reporter: san jose police are asking people to stay on the lookout for the suspect's vehicle. all they have right now is a dark-colored honda sedan.
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san francisco police in the e to investigate a inner sunset area. we first reported the crimes when we started two weeks ago. today a store owner is replacing a broken window for the second time. the windows of a store were broken two notice thes ago. >> we are aware of all the incidents. we're investigating as we speak. >> that suspect doesn't appear to be connected to the ongoing inner sunset spree. authorities have released body cam and dashcam video of a deadly shooting that happened in danville. the man who was killed tried to run over an officer.
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as henry lee tells us, the family's attorney tells us the officer used poor tactics. >> reporter: november 2018 when danville police were changing a man who had been acting suspiciously in a quiet neighborhood. within moments, the incident turned dead deadly. vlad mir who was mentally ill died after being shot numerous time. >> i see a police officer who essentially turned into a cowboy. >> reporter: the family's attorney is suing over the deadly shooting. >> that was flat-out criminal homicide. that officer should be prosecuted and no longer deserves to have the honor of wearing a badge. >> reporter: the sheriff's office described the incident as -- >> athat occurred result of a suspect trying to run down an officer. >> reporter: it started when residents called police to report a suspicious person walking in their neighborhood. >> we have had a strange individual lurking around our
10:34 pm
property. >> reporter: danville police  spotted him leaving the area in a honda. they tried to stop him but he took off. henned up near the corner of diablo and front street. police say he tried to drive in between the gap between two police cars. hall forward-looking numerous shots. >> shots fired. >> reporter: in this dashcam video, you can hear the officer reacting after hall opened fire. hall told investigators he fired because he believed arboleta would ram and kill him. he drove off and crashed into another car. he died at a hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest. >> you have an officer who overreacted who put opened fire on a young man who was wanted for nothing more than ringing doorbells. >> reporter: the family's civil lawsuit is pending. and the district attorney's office is still reviewing the shooting to determine if
10:35 pm
officer hall will face any criminal charges. two more washes were hit by projectiles as people drove on highway 101 in monterey county. the highway patrol confirmed they both happened in the prunedale area last night. the vehicles seem to be targeted at random. a special task force is working 24/7 to track down and arrest whoever is responsible. >> they are launching projectiles at a high velocity. we do not know they are coming from a firearm. but they can and will shatter windows. >> at least five people have been cut by shattered windshields and flying glass since the projectile attack started in february. the new stations in south bay were expecting to open this month. they won't be open till at least april of next year.
10:36 pm
the santa clara valley transportation authority says they need to do additional work for the ten-mile extension. bart will then have to conduct safety tests to make sure there are no problems that need to be addressed. they are the first phase of bart's south bay extension. tracking some moderate to heavy rainfall out there. coming up, we'll let you know when some more downpours could move in for your weekend. >> bay area second graders were speechless last night after meeting pop star lizzo. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now
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it was a dream come true for some bay area second graders and their teacher who got to jam out with their idol. >> that's lizzo with the second graders from an elementary school in pittsburgh. their version of her song went viral. and they got to share it with her. their teacher wrote special lyrics about doing well in school and doing kind to
10:40 pm
others. >> their mouth just dropped. they went up to her and hugged her. it was the most beautiful moment. she kept encouraging, she wanted to do the whole thing. and it's like she knew the words to our song too. so it was really -- it pumped the kids up, for sure. >> oh, my gosh. they all look so happy. the concert organizers arranged for the class to meet with lizzo before her show last night in san jose. the weather forecast still tracking some raindrops across portions of the bay area. the main front sliding across the region tonight. the cool, unstable part moves in in your saturday about a hal inland valleys. for the coastal hills, it could be topping three, maybe approaching four inches.
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turning to the timing for tomorrow, can't guarantee it. but there is the possibility of a break tomorrow morning. then we're gonna bump up the rainfall rates once again. there's the satellite and the radar. you'll notice the lightning strikes detected offshore here. some of this instability will be approaching the bay area overnight. it has been a very active radar pattern all day long. scattered rain from santa rosa, napa, richmond. breaks in the action for portions of marin county. still right around novato and san rafael, talking about the rainfall. central portion of the bay, this has scooted out to the east. oakland, heyward. as we expand the view here, the santa cruz mountains, south bay, not picking up as much rainfall. but still expecting some more rain showers in your saturday forecast.
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wind speeds, a wind advisory in place right now. the numbers have been back off a bit. winds around six to nine to 18 miles an hour. still blustery. especially at the coast and near poefrpgzs of the bay. we we're can just get a sense here, the rain showers coming on board, and the wind still somewhat of a factor. here the front moving across the bay area tonight. the source of the rainfall this evening. the rainfall spreads to the south. this area of low pressure sticks around. it's gonna keep an unsettled forecast for tomorrow. and the possibility of some thunderstorms. and toward the sierra, a winter storm warning snow levels tomor 7,000 feet. sunday 6,000 feet. snowfall could be around one to three feet. here's that possible break tomorrow morning. scattered showers. this wave moves in from the north. and we could be tracking some thunderstorms tomorrow
10:43 pm
afternoon. still scattered showers into saturday night. and sunday, still some showers. maybe a break by sunday afternoon. possibly a chance to get outside by sunday afternoon. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to the low 60s. once again, prepare for the heavier downpours even if you do have a break. the showers could be redeveloping. scattered showers into sunday, and finally, we want that break to happen into monday and tuesday next week. probably a mixture of sun and clouds. coming up tonight on the 11:00 news, four women and two children served with an eviction notice in the east bay. why sheriff's deputies were forced to intervene. >> and we got a lot going on in sports this friday night. how the warriors rose up at crunch time against an opponent who has proven to be no match. how the ducks did something against utah that nobody has done all season.
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