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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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father most cameras. specs of the south bay cameras showing it right now. that could move in but right now it is clear. you know how that goes. this is a look at the maps, i can see slow traffic into tracy as you can see, maybe a little bit in oakland and at the bay bridge toll plaza dense fog. i tell you where it is not that foggy, we mentioned, san jose, we check in on them in just a bit. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. we are following a developing story out of new zealand where a volcano erupted. on a small island. about 50 tourists were visiting. elissa harrington is watching all this in the studio with this now with the very latest. >> reporter: many more are injured or missing. torso left the island video the moments after the eruption started. steam and east ash sensed 12,000 feet in the air. it happened at white island
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about three miles off shore from the new zealand northbound. the royal caribbean confirm some of the tourist from the cruiseship ovation of the seas went to sydney last week. the new zealand prime minister says they are doing everything possible to rescue those still on the island. >> we know there were a number of tourists on or around the island at the time. both new zealanders and visitors from overseas. i know there'll be a huge amount of concern and anxiety for those with loved ones on or around the island at the time. i can assure them, police are doing everything they can. the ministry of foreign affairs is also assisted with any response required for those in the field. >> the rescue mission is challenging, the island is unstable with risk of more eruptions. there is also dangerous ash and volcanic material on the service. emergency crews cannot yet search the island for the
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missing, 23 people have been taken to sure, some suffering from severe burns. this is new zealand's most active volcano, tourist visits daily, it is estimated about 10,000 people visit every year. back to you. police in santa rosa excited to question a fellow officer accused of firing shots at a man holding an umbrella. it happened saturday afternoon when police rushed to guerneville and fulton road that reports a man was pointing a gun at people in cars. the police moved in to stop the suspect, the umbrella he was holding was mistaken for a rifle. one police officer fired three shots at the suspect who was not hits but he was arrested and the investigation continues. san francisco police this week hold a community meeting about officer-involved shooting saturday morning that ended with both the suspect in the police officer in the hospital. police say the suspect was spotted trying to break into a home near 23rd and mission.
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then attacked police. that is when he was shot. he was treated for life- threatening injuries. the police officer injuries are less serious. the time is 5:3, the owner of a san jose floral shop says the are ruining his busy seasons. the shop was left her up at 1:00 friday morning. quibec to shop for eight hours later and found computers, money and several valuable vases were gone. he says if only one thing is returned, he wants the heirloom vase that belongs to a family from italy. >> one of the clients brought it in. the value is over $1500. so they knew right away what kind of vessels we had. >> he also worries the suspects took computers with important client information including names and addresses, he posted his surveillance video on social media, he has been hearing back from people who
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say they have seen the pair of thieves before but nobody seems to know where they are now. the fbi says it is investigating a deadly shooting in a pensacola naval air station as an act of terrorism. three people were killed, eight others injured, the gunmen has been identified as 21-year-old mohammed saeed alshamrani to a second lieutenant in the royal saudi air force. able to get her say he hosted a dinner party before the shooting friday with three other saudi nationals where they watched videos of mass shootings. one of the students allegedly recorded the shooting from outside of the building while two others watched me car. >> it was purchased lawfully, a 9 mm weapon, glock 45, it was purchased lawfully. is the information we have. >> the saudi government is pledging full cooperation for the investigation, several stews close to the shooter are also said to be cooperating. president trump now warning
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kim jong un about violating their own quote special relationship. this comes after north korea tested another missile over the weekend. it is the latest in the string of actions by north korea which has conducted a series of short- range missile tests over the past two months in an effort to pressure the u.s. to give relief from sanctions before the end of the year deadline. that is when kim jong un has said he will be finished with negotiations. >> i will be surprised if north korea acted hostilely, i have a very good relationship with kim jong un. i think we both want to keep it that way. he knows i have election coming up, i do not think he wants to interfere with that. >> north korea's ambassador to the united nations says long negotiations with the united states are not needed and denuclearization is already off the table. today the justice department is expected to release a highly anticipated report about the presence
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claims the russia investigation was not legitimate. according to the los angeles times, report will state the bureau did not break rules or laws and the pursuit of evidence or to liberally seek to derail mr. trump's presidential candidacy. the paper also says the inspector general uncovered cases of agents and lawyers acting in careless unprofessional ways. the time is 5:6, the house judiciary committee in washington holds a hearing this morning to lay the groundwork for articles of impeachment. democrats moving fast, today we hear about the evidence for and against impeachment and the judiciary committee moving very close to a vote. the chairman jerry nadler formally launches the process to draft articles of impeachment against president trump. >> we have to go forward with considering articles of impeachment because of the threats that this pattern of conduct poses to the election. >> chairman is simply running a large rubber step because he wants to get this done because this is just a very much a way
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to get rid of the present they do not like. >> now if democrats have a schedule committee vote this week apostasy a full house vote before the end of the year. people getting ready to head out the door, sal, what do they need to know? >> it is foggy out there. we have a video, taken by one of our crews of the fog, driving right here near the colosseum, that is just right near the road heading up north, you can see on the right, the fog is a little denser by the way, when i was driving project the square where the mothership is located, is even denser. look at this. this is the 880 in oakland from her camera. a little easier on the ground. when you get to the bay bridge, it is foggy and as well. what you need to do is slow your speed, slow your roll man, slow your roll. right steve? >> he says right can i say right.
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>> just be careful, steve, i will say this picture first, it is not foggy right now. in san jose. is bringing mr. steve paulson's our meteorologist. what say you? >> stay in your lane, sal. foggy for some, not for all. san jose is one of the few that does not have a lot of fog it. foggy morning, mostly sunny, cloudy tomorrow, light rain late, not a big deal, late tuesday night into wednesday. the bulk of this week i think fog is the bigger story, not is rainy although there will be some light rain in between systems, southern california and arizona. particles north, part goes right over us. very light rain. again towards the end of the week another system with amounts about 2/10 to that less farther north you go. 30s, 40s to 50s, san francisco, also oakland at 50, sfo 52, so
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is campbell, upper 40s, santa cruz, sam martin also gilroy, not much of the change, through the roof as you might imagine with all this rain. no breeze out there with the lights law, napa airport zero visibility, same petaluma, novato, lakeville highway is a treat. watch out for that, santa rosa with a mild visibility, concorde a half mile with little more, 0 1/4 mile or less also oakland and sfo. a little southwest trees that is why fairfield had the east breeze. i think they are socked in, or north breeze, they don't they have at west southwest, that is why the visibility there is okay. hayward a half mile, half moon bay, san jose, by far and away the best. 28 truckee. santa barbara 49. monterey 49. a little bit of the system moving out of southern california, into arizona, 50s
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on temperatures, 48 in las vegas and 57 san diego. 53 las vegas if you're traveling. for us after the fog lifts. if it lifts it may take till early afternoon, sunshine tomorrow and the next system brings us a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain, not much. 50s on temperatures near 60 for a few but offshore breeze, cloudy very light rain, mostly cloudy again, foggy is the big story, one more system thursday into friday, not much rain but a lot of fog. the time is 5:10, voters had be rescued from the cold waters near the golden gate ridge. up next, what happened on the boat that forced people to abandon ship. matters fence took over the streets of new orleans. break we hear from players about their narrow winner against the saints. one of the most thrilling games of the season. afraid of , the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby,
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a lot of fans call the most exciting game of the year. jimmy garoppolo through 349 yards and four touchdowns including that long pass to emmanuel sanders, the longest touchdown of his career, a great run. later in the second, sanders shows i can throw the ball too. >> inside a little trickery here. sanders throws it. for the touchdown >> the score went back and
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forth. less than a me left the game the 49ers 33 yard line. his favorite target. >> ruffalo fires, >> a no-brainer here comes robbie goal. a 30 yard field goal. the final seconds and won, 48- 42. the raiders hope that after a disappointing loss to the tennessee titans. yesterday the game looks like it was going to be a shootout.
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the titans then took control in the second half. thanks to a couple defensive stands and 26 yards, the scoop and score from recovery on the titans scored six touchdowns beating the raiders 42-21. >> our guys are fighting. i wish i could give you more, tennessee is a good football team, in first place, they proved it today right here. >> see raiders lost three straight games, the final game in oakland before they move to las vegas this sunday against the jacksonville jaguars. all right, 5:60 is the time. back over to sal, a foggy monday. well, sal is busy. >> i was saying it's time for another haircut, my hair is a little shaggy. >> let's see. >> is foggy. >> i think i have to do it every two weeks now which is a
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problem i would like to have as a middle-age man. i digress. let's talk about the fog. foggy at the bay bridge toll pleasant. let me do that again. san jose, oakland, you see the difference there? you can see traffic is going to be affected by the fog, this is so foggy in oakland this is the 880, you can kind of see the headlights coming through, please give yourself plenty of time, let's go to the slow traffic we have on the altamont pass, it is very slow. let's go to steve now. >> never complain about my hair anymore. i am just glad to have a. >> me to. let's get to it, foggy for some. the danger going forward. very light rain. signs of chatter high and dry. >> cloudy, a lot of cloud cover, in fact, overcast most
5:18 am
of the week. accommodation of fog and higher clouds. it will not be is rainy although there are some during christmas week, we get a series of systems coming from the northwest so that will be good for the snowpack, that is the way it looks to me. systems to the left of your screen split, we do that a little bit starting tomorrow then there will be very light rain. not a bunch, the farther north a better opportunity than another system late in the week, 1/4" with lesser amounts, that might be a little on the excessive side, a caveat, i think we to trim that back. 42 at the airport, 40s for many castro valley, 44, 89, nine lakeport, 39 kelsey bill, there are a few 30s but a lot of 40s petaluma with fog, fog, fog, it is high, high, high. 100% which means we have zero visibility for some. novato, santa rosa up to two,
5:19 am
livermore zero, also the 880, oakland airport. quarter-mile visibility, look at the west southwest breeze out to the tulsa delta. the same can be said for san jose. 10 mile visibility there. hayward a half mile visibility. 40s and 50s unless you are in the mountains, 20s and 30s, temperatures as well, southern california looks like it will come down, if you are heading down, much quieter than the last couple of days. a lot of cloud cover and rain, for us the fog will give way slowly, remember, the days are very short now, the next system with a lot of cloud cover and very light rain late, 50s on the temperatures, 60 for a few, overall, accommodation of high billable clouds and fog, 50s to the end of the week, the weekend looks better.
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i'm sure fog around. thank you. 5:20 the time. controversy involving scott mckibben, up next, public records say about suspicious financial dealings. >> a new report is revealing about bay area communities. is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. so what are you waiting for? get this great deal when you sign up for fast, reliable internet.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, a special celebration at one of oakland oldest black
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churches. >> >> in the 100 your pastor the first passages serving the car geisha, graduate of you see berkeley and holds a masters from howard university, she joined the church first at the age of 12 and yesterday, she spoke about her journey how grateful she is that she was asked to serve. >> guest preachers from all over the country coming to oaklands to attend the grubbing ceremony scott mckibben spends
5:24 am
tens of thousands of dollars in public money without authorization. the bay area newsgroup reports mckibben authorized a $25,000 to the son of former state senator don parada the cadence has not explained what work parada did for the coliseum authority. last week prosecutors filed criminal charges accusing him a $50,000 fee to help negotiate the coliseum deal. the bay area has some of the wealthiest committees in the country but also has 10 of the poorest neighborhoods. the majority are in the east bay. in a report and east bay times finds berkeley southside has the highest poverty rate at 67%. oakland made a list with six different zip codes falling below the poverty line. richmond also made the list, only two zip codes on the list are not in the east bay, san jose, guadalupe river park and watsonville near the city municipal airport.
5:25 am
laws in limbo on federal land in san francisco, the examiner reports the san francisco police department no longer has jurisdiction over dog attacks on federal land. the national park service park police and golden gate national recreation area with document incidents on federal property. a legal challenge halted the informal agreement between the city and federal 30s allowing dog cases to be heard by tv. includes many popular dark spots such as the presidio, fort mason and others. the average price of gas has dropped but not by much, prices dropped a penny per gallon to two dollars is a sense of the weekend, over the past two weeks that is, some industry analysts say further cuts to gas prices are likely because crude oil costs are on the rise. but they're harder this time last year. as the bay area in san jose, three dollars and 50%, san francisco has the highest price
5:26 am
at $3.80. frozen 2 continues to dominate the box office with $34 million, the disney in a minute equal getting closer to the $1 billion global sales mark, for versus friday also in the top three. the man hines two iconic childhood characters has died, caroll spinney was the voice behind big bird and oscar the grouch and sesame street nearly 50 years, he started playing big bird in 1969, during that time he won five enemies, he also received a lifetime achievement award from the national academy of television arts and sciences, he retired just last year, caroll spinney was 85 years old. democrats plan to take
5:27 am
major steps this week towards voting on impeaching president trump, what you can expect by the end of the week. the reason a woman says she is done doing business with fedex after a security slip up several customers personal information in danger.
5:28 am
5:29 am
a police man opened fire
5:30 am
last week, ups man driver killed. with a plan to get out of the drivers death. last mass settlement the country. >> people that lost their homes to fire agree to a multibillion- dollar settlement. good morning and welcome back, monday morning december 9. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with, the storm the trench the bay area the last couple of days also brought nearly two feet of fresh snow to some of the sierra ski resorts. nearly all of the tahoe resorts have more than half the trails open, this is what looks like. people enjoying the new snow. interstate 80, highway 50 and 88 open, all drivers with no chain restrictions. i have to work.
5:31 am
>> so does steve paulson's. he is talking about a lot of fog in the bay area. >> a lot of fog. >>, rain and snow very good, thanksgiving we did not have a drop. now we do. clouds linger, lots of fog, little bit of rain. not a lot. generally a brighter week. still a little out of that late tuesday into wednesday. two for tuesday. again slightly overdone. a quieter week even though very foggy, 40s for most rated 50 low 40s for some, upper 40s mid 40s also richmond 46. fog, if it's not 10 miles, probably zero. especially the 101, petaluma
5:32 am
would you like to start with my friend. >> the fog we're talking about, on the fog control, interstate 80. you can barely see the fog here. i will keep the picture up too long. you will see traffic at the bay bridge. also foggy on the midday crossing. and stumptown san jose. let's go back to the desk. attorneys layout the evidence in the case and argue for and against charging the president's with high crimes and misdemeanors. a is from the newsroom to explain this my. think of this as the beginning of a court case in congress. attorneys for a congressional
5:33 am
democrat the evidence so far over whether or not to impeach president trump and charging things like abuse of power and obstruction of justice. accused of pressuring the president to investigate joe biden and his son by withholding u.s. military aid to the ukraine. much like the trial the opening statements defending president trump. he will not be there. they refuse to participate in the hearing because administration says impeachment and is illegitimate and partisan. depending how quickly hearings and committee go, they vote to impeach the president by christmas. it happens early next year that could be a trial in the senate over whether or not to remove the president from office, right now you're looking at a live a of the hearing on capitol hill, the house judiciary committee will be hearing some of the arguments from attorneys starting at about six pucker time this
5:34 am
morning, just a half hour. when this goes over to the senate's, to the house vote to impeach the president, and moves to the senate next year for a trial to remove the president from office but that is not likely to happen since the senate is controlling republicans who report president trump. a two thirds majority in order to remove the president from office once he is a piece. allie rasmus, fox 2 news. 5:34, look at some of the top stories this morning, rescue crews in new zealand where a volcano erupted, waiting until it is safe to search white island to find survivors. at least five people were killed, many others still missing. happening today, ups and fedex drivers in the bay area plan to halt all deliveries at noon to pull over to honor the ups driver killed in a florida police shootout with thieves hijacked his truck. his family is question the officers decision to open fire with innocent people on the highway. christina coleman has the
5:35 am
story. >> a nightmare, a bad dream i hope to wake up from and see and hear. >> a south florida family demanding answers after a fatal shootout with police leaving their loved one dead. thursday, a driver struck hijacked by two robbery suspects in coral gables. the suspect led police on a chase that busy intersection in rush hour traffic and ended with a shootout with police leading to the death of a 27- year-old ups driver and a seven- year-old by standard. the fbi identified the suspect as lamar alexander and run sharon hill, both also died in the shootout. >> i told them to get out. the way the police handled the situation was a nightmare >> the family of the ups driver says law enforcement should figure out another way to handle the situation. >> where was the s.w.a.t.
5:36 am
that handles all the hostage situations? where was the sniper? the hostage negotiator? they came in full force. >> police say it was the suspects responsible for the outcome. >> the officers are showing courage moving forward to danger. that is what we have to look at here.. the outcome was dictated by two violent felons that decided to bring this on the community. >> the family is planning to hold a funeral early this week. police in piedmont asking for the publics health to catch a package the. investigators say he has been stealing packages on mountain avenue in writing alanna bye. take a look at the photos here, neighbors say he recently hit the same house twice. once during the day then again at night. anybody who recognizes the man is urged to contact piedmont police. in a separate incident, a fedex driver near lodi dropped
5:37 am
a nine page document son of a woman some containing hundreds of names, addresses, phone numbers, gate codes and preferences for where and when customers want the packages dropped a. >> in the wrong hands this could have went to somebody and they could have found the people, they could be robbed and open the gate with the people that trust fedex. >> it is crazy what can happen. >> fedex says it is reviewing the incident and will take steps to make sure it does not happen again. 5:37, bay area voters are safe this morning after being rescued at baker beach near the golden gate bridge. investigators think the boat has engine problems that ran out of gas that ran aground. one person treated for exposure to cold water is expected to be okay. happening today, caltrans will shut down a concrete bridge, beginning at 7:00 tonight.
5:38 am
the bridge is near frog leap winery and highway 128 and rutherford road. one lane of the silverado trail will also be closed near concrete road. new girders with a replacement bridge wider now, also ground crews will direct traffic around construction if you are driving, expect delays. the work should be wrapping up by 11:00 tonight. 5:38 is the time. back over to sal, what are you keeping an eye on? >> the fog may cause you to drive slower which it should. that is probably a good idea. let's go to the livermore area, we have traffic on the 580 and the 205, it is robust here coming up to the area, you can see traffic very slow on the 205 and the 580. it doesn't get better until you reach livermore. we have traffic slow, supple 680, normally we have a camera but it is too foggy to show you, i will show you this, it
5:39 am
is slow as you head down south on the sonoma ridge into the fremont area, give yourself extra time. the fog is in oakland, you will see it at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. 5:39. let's bring steve and. the big story this morning, the fog for most, not for all. it is getting thicker. it continues until 7:00. foggy morning, mostly sunny, if you get the fog to bird off, sometimes that is a tall order. a light rain tuesday evening, a lot of this washes up a little bit, lots of fog, not as rainy, two systems on the way but they do not look very strong. a little bit of a break this week but the fog will be front and center, still, some of the projections a little bit of rain, more so to the north, the increase to the north is from the system coming thursday night and friday, a little overdone. 50s on the temperatures with a
5:40 am
few 30s on the peninsula, closer for everybody, after that, 4950 or 51, the fog, fairfield with a west southwest breeze. up to 10 miles an hour. about a half-mile to a mile and half, mild order, about zero, santa rosa around a quarter mile, oakland and sfo both a quarter mile and livermore zero, now so good. quarter mile or half-mile watch out for assistant taking a turn in southern california. spinning towards arizona. not as cloudy as it was. temperatures much better, a lot of cloud cover from tropical moisture the last few days. for us fog gives way to sunshine. tomorrow increasing clouds and a lot of fog and sunny skies
5:41 am
the forecast this week, mostly sunny today. less the fog settles, not going anywhere, very little rain tuesday and wednesday, another system thursday and friday weekend looks okay but i'm sure there will be pockets of thick fog. the time is 5:41, the sanford women soccer team had a major win. coming up, a national title game coming down to the wire. plus, we show you how the green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is helping victims of the camp fire in butte county. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, pg&e agrees to pay wildfire victims 13 1/2 billion dollars. greg ligands was in santa rosa over the weekend with lawyers and victims talking about the impact the settlement will have on ratepayers and the future of pg&e. >> roughly 40 wildfire victims, a small fraction of the 40,000 or so involved in the settlement heard firsthand some of the details of the 13/2 billion dollars settlement with pg&e. >> the largest settlement in the history of the country. >> attorneys representing more than 5500 victims of north bay wildfires from 2015 to 2018 gave more specifics on the deal. terry roll in who lost his home
5:45 am
in the tubbs fire had questions about payments and process. >> what is the criteria? what is the time x and, what is the range of the payments? that is what i came for today. >> reporter: it attorneys cannot provide every detail but say the funds will be distributed based on individual claims and managed by a third- party trustee. >> 6257 in cash, some in stock, it goes into a trust fund, established for all of the victims . >> reporter: he lost everything, including his home in the fire and was underinsured. >> right now i do not have money to rebuild. i hope my is coming on time, i just need the foundation basically. >> we have underinsured amounts on structures and personal property, emotional distress. a significant element.
5:46 am
>> reporter: it attorneys say a settlement is not just about money. it also includes provisions pg&e must follow in order to be eligible for any financial assistance and another disaster. >> only if they are certified as safe and follow the requirements on the weather station, underground wires. >> the deal took three years to put together. if things go according to plan, attorney say these victims could start to receive payments late next year. >> we are optimistic going forward we will get a payout, we will do our best to do as much as we can. >> reporter: it the settlement still has to be approved by a big to court which attorneys are hoping is a mere formality, as for the victims, the vast majority have already filed claims but for those who have not, the deadline has been extended until the end of the year. greg ligands, fox 2 news. the time is 5:46, all of the wildfires in california also increased the overtime pay for firefighters by 65% over
5:47 am
the past 10 years. a new study by the la times found there was overtime with firefighters among the best paid workers in california government. experts say it is cheaper to pay the overtime than to hire more firefighters considering the cost of training and the benefits for new employees. green bay packer quarterback aaron rodgers helping to raise awareness and money for wildfire victims and butte county. rogers was born in chico as part of the the nfl my cause my cleats campaign, rogers chose to wear custom cleats to bring awareness to the areas devastated by the camp fire. cal fire took to twitter thinking rogers for his efforts to help the community which is still in the process of rebuilding. the time is 5:47, the san jose sharks still struggling, they lost their fourth game in a row, the latest losses in florida against the panthers
5:48 am
lost 5-1, florida scored two goals before san jose even got on the board, even after scoring, the shock lost momentum. the panthers mckenzie weaver, they mixed it up, both sent to the penalty box but evander then sent to the locker room. the sharks could not catch up, they lost 5-1, they play nashville tomorrow before coming back home. sanford won their second national championship the last three years and the cardinals are the queens of soccer once again. >> the women soccer team celebrating their third national championship last night against forced eventually to penalty kicks. first for the women college final. the shooter was tied when the goalkeeper katie meyer made a save. scoring the final goal giving stanford 5-4 victory over the
5:49 am
iconic program. >> they did it. way to go. 5:49, let's go to sal, much to talk about in the commute, good morning. >> it is foggy out there and some of the pictures to show you are limited because of the fog, we do have a foggy day bridge toll pleasant it is for sure, if you're driving on the approach of the san mateo bridge it is also foggy, one thing is the fog tends to move around, not in downtown san jose, speaking of which the san jose commute still looks pretty good as you drive through the valley but if you are driving to san jose or to the area, for pleasanton we have a slow commute south because of an accident south of the 84 interchange. give yourself extra time if that is your commute. 5:49, let's bring steve and this morning your coat we will get to it and take a look at the rain for the rain
5:50 am
your. santa rosa not far away from 10 inches away from normal. the city had a torrential rain and flooding city. still only 66% normal, not only saturday the city but goldengate field followed by incredible rain out there, the picture is on twitter by the way. a shout out. goldengate field. it was pouring, other locations cannot get a drop. oaklands, 60%, 2.8 nine, san jose, 71% 2.4 three, we are making up ground that it is going to be a slow process, little bit of rain this week, not a lot, tuesday night into wednesday, another one looks like late thursday into friday, this will not be a rainy week but will be a foggy week, so, i would prepare for that, tomorrow we get a lot not going
5:51 am
until late, off and on, not much of a breeze as the system comes in, the one to the left is split so that will pull out the energy, 40s, 50s, a few 30s but a lot of 40s and 50s, 46 been lawman but 52 san jose, 50 gilroy, also saratoga the humidity is high and when it is high there is fog. that is what we are seeing except fairfield and san jose, anybody else between 024 mile visibility, very tough, novato, petaluma, napa and around the area, livermore as well, hayward, sfo half moon bay, i think the fog is assuming it on san jose at 10 mile visibility. 28 truckee, quieter and this year as well. a lot of cloud cover in southern california, arizona, that is also taking a turn getting kicked out, if you're heading down in that direction, quieter, maybe some rain but southern california on the
5:52 am
quieter and drier site. for us, the fog lifts slowly, for some it takes a while then the next system coming in with a lot of energy northward but we get some light rain tuesday evening. it would not take much, once you are in a pattern, i'm reluctant to say no rain because there will be some. tuesday night and wednesday, again later thursday into friday, right now a break this weekend but there will be fog. just a reminder, download our weather app, has interactive radar, hourly updates and the 7 day forecast, a really easy feature to upload your weather photos and videos. the ktvu weather app is free to download through your smart phone or your tablet. the time is 5:52, a wish list for bay area politicians, bay area voters have the final say on a sales tax measure next year, coming up, how the money will be spent and how it can help your morning commute. a church debate with this, the controversial nativity scene
5:53 am
, we tell you the message behind. first, our community in the south they came together, they brought santa to town for a very special visit. he wants to show you a live picture outside. the fog moving into san francisco. there is the sales tower building there. michael mcdonald any background. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, big crowds at san francisco pier 39 over the weekend for the annual christmas tree lighting, just to get into the holiday spirit. that's the stormy weather slow down, perfect day for holiday festivities, santa claus was therefore photos and the pier 39 mascot. saucy to see line made a special appearance, a music performance, letter writing with santa and a huge christmas tree is the biggest attraction. >> a 60 foot live tree it looks elegant and traditional and classic. most of the time.
5:57 am
but, every day from five minus 10:00 p.m., this tree turns into a kaleidoscope of swirls and twirls and colors and dances and it is electrifying. we are calling it musical moments. >> some of the stores at pier 39 give back to the community donating part of the sales to the cal fire benevolent foundation, the nonprofit supports firefighters and their families who have been affected by the california welfare. 5:37, some the neighbors and san jose willow glen neighborhood spreading christmas cheer there. santa claus paid a special visit to chris gimenez, developing physical and demo mental disabilities, he's not been able to see santa since he was nine years old. but his neighbors rallied together and set up a fund for him. for steve's stole an elaborate
5:58 am
christmas display from the family front yard. >> i can't even describe how i feel because i am just so amazed how something that was so bad a few weeks ago to do something i never would have ever thought of. ever. i'm just, i'm so blessed. >> christmas in the park donated several items to the family to replace what was stolen, neighbors also raised enough money for the family to give back to their neighborhood. they purchased christmas lights for every home on their street. the neighbors say the feeling of joy brought the neighborhood together. ktvu part of the one warm coat drive 17 years now. this holiday season we want you to look in your closet and see if you have a spare coat or jacket you could donate, you can go to , you will see a list of drop off
5:59 am
locations including the san francisco prairie building, and santana row in san jose. you can also stop by a street in emeryville and the participating ups tire stores. the one warm coat drive continues until the end of the month. many tourists unaccounted for this morning after a volcano erupted in new zealand, we have the latest on the disaster and the search for survivors. closer to home, rain over the weekend, thick fog starting workweek, this is a live picture, look at san francisco and the salesforce tower surrounded by fog, we have more on the weather as you head out the door. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, i am pam cook. >> i am dick clark. we are starting in washington dc where democrats have live
6:00 am
pictures identical hill pushing ahead with articles of impeachment against president trump, the house judiciary committee convenes this morning, they will formally receive the investigative findings against the president. we will be carrying live undrafted coverage of today's hearing on ktvu plus and will have an update coming for you at 6:30. right now 6: 00 on the dot. >> not only on the coast, it is everywhere. even san jose with a little bit of fog i do not know if you heard that are not. >> i gotcha. >> i hear you, he's moving around a ton. zero visibility. a foggy morning, it looks to be a foggy week, there will be a couple weeks systems with light rain late tuesday and wednesday and maybe thursday


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