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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 9, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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ahead with articles of impeachment against president trump, the house judiciary committee convenes this morning, they will formally receive the investigative findings against the president. we will be carrying live undrafted coverage of today's hearing on ktvu plus and will have an update coming for you at 6:30. right now 6: 00 on the dot. >> not only on the coast, it is everywhere. even san jose with a little bit of fog i do not know if you heard that arnot. >> i gotcha. >> i hear you, he's moving around a ton. zero visibility. a foggy morning, it looks to be a foggy week, there will be a couple weeks systems with light rain late tuesday and wednesday and maybe thursday and friday, lots of fog is the big story coming between systems, taking
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turns in southern california moving into arizona, a lot of the next system splitting, 30s for a few, 40s for many, many low 50s on the temperatures, even 35 up in kelsey, 39 kenwood, 35 polk valley, lots of 40s to mid-40s with the fog zero visibility for some, not for all, for some, about a quarter mile visibility or less except san jose now down five or 10, we will keep an eye on that. 50s on the temperatures with the fog the sunny. the phone in the traffic. the fog may make it tough, tough for me to driving, i was driving slower and 30 drive slower it takes you longer to get to work, let's go to the bay bridge and you can see it will be foggy here, also it will be foggy on the 880 driving south, very foggy oakland and also on the san mateo bridge, the commute has been a little slow getting to the south bay on the 680, we talk about the south bay and
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the 680 commute when we come back in a few. let's go back to the desk. police in new zealand say they do not expect to find anymore survivors of the volcanic eruption this morning on white islands. eruption happened with dozens of tourists were actually exploring the service of the volcano. >> such a sad situation what we know at this point is there is no sign of life on the island and the outlook is grim. five people initially confirmed dead with dozens of others missing. a group that left the island minutes before the eruption shot a video leaving on a boat, you can see the eruption with ash 12,000 feet in the air, and have done what island about 30 miles offshore of mainland new 50 people were on the island during the eruption, 23 were brought back, some with severe burns, the prime minister of australia said 24 on the island visiting were australian but the royal caribbean cruise line
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ovation of the seas, the number missing is still in the double digits, emergency crews cannot go back to search because it is too dangerous. we are working at a pace come at the stage is too dangerous for police to expose the island. however, we continue to assist conditions which would allow us to go to the island. the island is currently covered in ash and volcanic material. we are taking expert advice for the safety and rescue of the team. >> geo that is an agency monitoring volcanoes and earthquakes in new zealand, the urgency said there is risk of more eruptions. geo that also recently raise the alert level stronger tremors. they will not say if as unsafe visit at this time. the marine volcano is a popular tourist attraction off the new zealand's north highlands. about 10,000 people visit every year. elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2
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news. new this morning, police in oakland investigating a deadly shooting, a woman was shot and killed shortly before the night on eves avenue near 90th avenue, we do not have any other information on the victim, still gathering some details and police have not set off they are looking for suspect that we will continue to update that story. happening today, police in santa rosa expected to question a fellow officer accused of a firing shot at a man sitting at a dangerous suspect who was holding an umbrella. it happened saturday afternoon, police rushed to guerneville and fulton roads that reports of a man pointing a gun at people in cars. as police moved in to stop the suspect, the umbrella he was holding was mistaken for at the is not hits but he was arrested and the investigation continues. san francisco police t an o
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shpolice officers in the hospital. suspect was spotted trying to break into a home near 23rd and mission then attacked police. that is when he was shot, he was treated for life- threatening injuries, the police officers injuries are less serious. new this morning, a for your ban from russia for all global sports after a cheating scheme went on for years, russia is banned from using its flag, anthem and team name at the olympics and other major sports events including the 2022 world cup. russia is also banned from posting international sports events. russian athletes not located in the doping scandal will be allowed to compete as individuals. the time is 6:06, the fbi investigating a deadly shooting at the pensacola naval air station as an act of terrorism. three people were killed, eight
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others hurt. the gunmen identified as 21- year-old mohammed saeed alshamrani, a second lieutenant in the rural saudi air force. metzger say he hosted a dinner party for the shooting friday with three other saudi nationals and they watched videos of mass shootings. one of the saudi students allegedly recorded the shooting from outside the building while two others watched from a car. >> it was purchased lawfully. it was a 9 mm weapon, a glock 45. it was purchased lawfully. and that is the information i have. >> the saudi government is pledging full cooperation with the investigation, several students who were close to the shooter were also said to be cooperating. bay area voters could be asked to decide whether to approve a one cent sales tax hike to raise more than $100 billion for transportation improvements over the next 40 years. the text measure known as
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faster bay area would have to be approved by a vote of the state legislature in order to appear on the number 2020 ballot. the money would be used to fund ambitious transportation projects of the bay area such as a second transbay terminal for b.a.r.t. or another bridge across the bay, people opposed to the text measure say bay area texas are already too high. the time is 6:07, sal is back watching the commute, we dealt with heavy fog this morning, is it still a problem? >> it is still an issue, the sun will be making it better, then we could see a little better but dark and foggy, not a great combination for your drive. let's go out and take a ok at the commute on the 580 at the 205 interchange, it is very slow here, also we have an usual slow done on the 680 dublin to pleasanton84, it is better now that the crash has been cleared but the damage is done, something i like to
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say. it will take a while for this to unwind because of the volume of traffic, some people on the 880 heading from hayward to union city and that is slowing things, you can take a live look at the a bridge toll plaza, if you can give yourself an extra 10 minutes which is a tall order on a monday but you might needed to stay on schedule. the fog brother number two or number one, you are number one i am number two, here is the. >> you are number one in our hearts . >> i don't even know, thank you. santa rosa with pretty good rainfall, in fact they are one of the few over it's for the rain near, not the water year, almost 10 inches of rain, that is 170% above normal, even though it was a quagmire in torrential rain saturday in san francisco. that brought you to 3.6 nine. it's a quarter with our observer to polansky on there. according to the national weather service. there might have been a miscalculation with the rain, i think we will check it out. his numbers certainly verify
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it, 30th in juneau, a ton of rain there as well, i saw that 71% but we are making up for the wet not dry october, tuesday and wednesday the emphasis on little, less than a 10th of an inch, probably covers it, i should add these are the european models, i tend to believe this and that is a leap of faith. foggy morning, mostly sunny cloudy light rain tuesday evening into early wednesday, lots of fog this week, even though two systems are such to make a brushing glance at us, there goes one system into southern california now off to arizona it goes, the next system on a split taking energy away from us, 30s 40s and 50s on your temperatures clayton 43, 41 alamo, lafayette 44, brentwood sleeping in, that is all right,
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you are allowed to do that, half-mile visibility for some, also petaluma watch out, nap airports zero two mile and a quarter, fairfield not coming down, 10 now 48, zero livermore, oakland airport, sfo about a mile or less, san jose now down to five, half moon bay a quarter mile, highs today in the 50s near 60, pretty close to where they should be this time of year, they will not change much, 49 ukiah, 44 second, there goes the system out at southern california, so much quieter if you have travel plans or need to head down there it will be a lot better than it was the last couple of days that is for sure, for us, after the fog lips, we start to see the next system come in and that will give us rain late tuesday and wednesday, not a lot but 50s and 60s on temperatures and exceptsystems, fog will be the big story this week. all right. thank you city. 6:is the time, a lot of christmas decorations are out but wanted to be seen is
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turning some heads. coming up, we show you the controversial display in southern california and what one church has to say about it.
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strep welcome back to mornings on 2, breaking news this
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morning, the new york times reporting paul volker a former chairman of the federal reserve bank has died, he shaped u.s. economic policy more than 50 years, he worked in the treasury department under john f. kennedy and served under barack of anna, his career spanned 10 presence, his daughter confirmed his death, the former chair was 92 years old. the 49ers now at the top of the nfc west, tied for the best record in the nfl. yesterday's game had a little bit of everything, a lot of fans call it the most fitting game of the year, jamika ruffalo through four touchdowns including a deep pass to emmanuel sanders. >> deep down the field. going for it all. he caught seven passes for 157 yards his arm.
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>> inside, little trickery. sanders throws it wide and open for the touchdown. >> he was falling too. the forth, the saints to lead with less that he minutes to play then the game came down to fourth from the 49ers 33 yard line to jimmy ruffalo fighting his favorite target. >> he fires it's and it is part. oh cher [ cheering ] here it comes. the facemask grab, 49ers into field-goal range. robbie gold hits the game- winning 30 yard field goal, the 49ers came back final seconds and won. the 49ers with a one-game lead on seattle after the rams beat the seahawks.
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joining us from san francisco this morning, reaction to the exciting game. >> it was really very exciting, some people are calling it a game of the year. we're taking video of some of the highlights where we break down exactly what happened in this game and give you a bit of a recap at home. never and 100 years of history in the league was a game decided by a final score of 48- 46 but that happened yesterday when the 49ers took on the new orleans saints at the superdome. jamika ruffalo had a great game. he did throw 349 yards and four touchdowns including the unbelievable 75 yard catch to emmanuel sanders. that is actually the longest touchdown of his career. in both niners losses this year they were on the wrong end of the game deciding field-goal in the last part of the game, this time they were on the other side. 53 seconds left in the game and
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the saints had a 46-45 lead. robbie gould with a 30 yard field goal winning the game with a final score of 48-46. we heard from jimmy g after the big it. >> that is what a good football team does, you find a way to win tough games like this, whatever it may be, i think our guys are built for anything. the environment and everything was pretty loud up there but i thought we did well with it. >> what is next for the seemingly unstoppable team? they have three games left and the right of the season. the niners have to weigh them all including the last in seattle to be insured the first front of the plaster the next game is on sunday, the niners for and nine falcons at home. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. we will get you to where you need to go, there is a lot of fog to deal with bay area. sal is watching everything. >> yes, it is foggy for sure,
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all this experience it driving to work, let's take a look at what we have here at the bay bridge, you can see by looking at pictures it is rather foggy. it is going to be foggy on the span as well, the emeryville camera is pretty much useless right now with a cloud of fog, i used the camera to look at the east shore or the bridge. this morning that is not possible, let's talk about interstate 880, barely visible hear from our camera, san mateo bridge looks a little better, while in the cemetery bridge reminds me of the plane approaching san francisco airport. the san jose, it looks all right, the 280 is not particularly foggy in downtown san jose. here is a man with a clear mind dealing with the fog. >> thank goodness for that. thank you sir.the fog to 45. any rain this week? tuesday into wednesday. not a lot, maybe a 10th of an inch or less, probably late
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thursday into friday, this looks like a generally drier week. not as much rain as we have. fog in the morning, mostly sunny, if you can get through the fog, sometimes it is obstinate and does not want to go. cloudy light rain late tuesday then not as many this week. high pressure to the left choose the system up and splits into southern california, arizona, much better than a week ago, a lot of 30s, 40s, 50s on the thames, the traditional almost everybody upper 40s, san carlos fremont 49, redwood city even belmont, san mateo, fog is the big story. still zero nevada, not far away you get a quarter mile or so go half moon bay with 10 mile visibility. 28 truckee, there goes the
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system and a lot of cloud cover out of southern california moving into arizona, much quieter for los angeles san diego and palm springs, the fog is the big story and tomorrow we have increasing clouds leading to light rain, 50s on the temps near 60s and again when you are in a rainy pattern and we are in one, i have to keep it in the forecast. not until late tuesday or wednesday. then a lot of fog takes us into the weekend. 6:20 is the time, some are calling it's a real estate free- for-all, coming up, the potential new rule for aggressive agents and how it could affect sellers and part of the east bay. walmart, a christmas sweater from shelves, we show you why the retailer is apologizing this morning. ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs.ue leader. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training
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this year's and miss universe is south africa crowns last night after excelling through rounds of evening gowns and questions on social issues, the two runners-up for the crown were miss mexico and miss puerto rico. the owner of a san jose flower shop said thieves ruined
6:24 am
the busy season and took something he cannot replace. he left his shop in the willow glen neighborhood around 1:00 friday morning and came back four hours later. that is when he found computers, money and several valuable aces missing, if only one thing is returned he hopes the heirloom vase a family from italy brought its. >> the values over $1500. it's like they knew right away what kind of vessel we had. >> he says he also is concerned because the suspect took computers with client information including names and addresses. take a look at the video, he posted the surveillance video on social media, he has heard back from people who said they have seen these things before but police are still looking for the. even though the bay area has some the wealthiest communities in the country also has some of the poorest a majority of them are in the east bay. this is according to a new report in the east bay times
6:25 am
that finds the berkeley south side has the highest poverty rate at 67%. oakland made a list with six different zip codes falling below the poverty line. richmond also made the list, the only two zip codes on the list not in the east bay, san jose near guadalupe river park and watsonville near the city municipal airport. fremont say leaders have heard all of the complaints and now they are cracking down on real estate agents who put out a lot of open house signs, according to the east bay times, right now the only rule about signs is they cannot be up before noon on weekends and they cannot pluck sidewalks. there are no rules how many signs agents can put up, a few realtors reported competitors put signs up as early as 6:00 in the morning but, agents who put up signs early say it is safer because there is less traffic and competitors are just jealous of their success. a methodist church in los angeles county getting attention for a nativity scene
6:26 am
with jesus, mary, and joseph, refugees in cages. the trump administration policies at the u.s. southern border, the annual nativity scene tackles societal issues. more traditional nativity scene is displayed inside of the church. 6:26 is the time, the house judiciary committee edging closer to a vote, coming up the next half hour, the latest on today's impeachment hearing and what to expect today. one admitted film with a major box office milestone. movie suffers one of the worst weekends ever. right now we want to take you high above the fog san francisco. i believe that is the salesforce tower glow just peeking above the fog. they want the father morning, be careful you are watching mornings on 2. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. we want to take you live to the opening bell. there it is live, recognize that? ring the bell this morning celebrating 100 years since going public. stocks heading down this morning, the reasons why coming up in today's dollars and cents. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 monday,
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december 9. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, thank you for joining us this morning, waking up to fog. and it is cold. >> it is cold. >> it will be mild a couple days . >> the rain was horrendous over the weekend. >> for some. that is correct. especially in the city. >> and marin county. >> yes, a lot of rain there. some locations did not. very windy as well in the city saturday with fog, jake mckenzie up, 44 visibility about a city blocked by the look of it, breezy, there you go, good advice, a foggy weekend a foggy morning. cloudy, light rain late tuesday into early wednesday, not as rainy as this week but all sorts of fog going forward, the forecast for the rain tomorrow but a 10th of an inch, probably little more to the north, two systems, one moving off to
6:31 am
southern california, the next on its way tomorrow, 30s and 40s and 50s on your temperatures, the fog is the big story visibility wise, 0245 miles, they have been getting worse since the 4:00 hour, that continues to do so for some, 50s on most of the temperatures. 6:31, where would you like to begin. >> we are starting in the east bay, traffic and fog not helping although i think a lot of people are used to it at this point, if you days was, the southbound 680 in the 80s slow and the 580 at the 205 interchange also very slow, a and you can see a fog blanket at the toll plaza and it is foggy on the 880 and the san mateo bridge, not so foggy in the south bay, we will check out the south bay, twin when we come back. let's go back to the desk. here is a look at some of the top stories this morning, rescue crews in new zealand waiting until it is safe to start searching white island for survivors after a deadly volcanic eruption today, at
6:32 am
least five people were killed, many others are still missing. happening now, a policeman hearing against a new phase against the president. lawyers arguing for and against charging the president with high crimes and misdemeanors. ellie rasmus joins us now with all the details, good morning. >> good morning, you can think of this is the beginning of the court case in congress, this morning, attorneys for congressional democrats and republicans lay out the evidence of the impeachment inquiry. right now we have a live picture at the two individuals you see at the witness stand are the attorneys for the democrats and the republicans. much like a trial, today the hearing starts with opening state from the attorney and democratic attorneys laid out evidence for impeachment with republican attorneys arguing against defending president trump maturity house judiciary committee began the hearing with a statement that if you minutes ago. >> no matter his party or
6:33 am
politics, if the president places his own interest above those of the country, he betrays his oath of office. >> where is the impeachable offense? why are we here? i tell you, this may become known as a focus group impeachment because we do not have a crime. to the start of the hearing a protester was let out of the room shouting at the house judiciary chairman who was quickly removed from the area, the presence lawyer will not take part in this happening today, the white house refuses to participate in the hearing because the administration says the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate and partisan, depending how these hearings go with the committee, a full house, to vote to impeach the president by christmas, if that happens, early next year there will be a trial in the senate over whether or not to remove the president from office. is not likely to happen, the
6:34 am
senate is controlled by republicans who report president trump, the senate would need a two thirds majority in order to remove the president from office once he is in peace, ellie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2. pg&e agreed to pay 40,000 fire victims . attorneys representing many victims of the northbay wildfires from 2015 to 2018 held a meeting in santa rosa yesterday to provide details of the settlement. people who lost their homes say they have questions about the process and who received the payments. >> what is the criteria? what is the time? and what is the range of payments? it is what you came for. >> cash, stocks, it will go into a trust fund established for all of the victims. >> the deal took three years to put together and if things go according to plan, the attorneys say the victims can start receiving payments late next year. 6:35, happening today, today at noon, the bay area ups
6:35 am
drivers and local fedex driver say they will stop working and pull trucks off of the roads at noon, to otter a ups driver killed last thursday on a florida highway during a shootout between police and the two men who hijacked his delivery truck. his family is demanding answers as to why the shootout happened at all. >> the way the police handled the situation was a nightmare. >> where was the s.w.a.t. team that normally handles all the hostage situations? where was the sniper? the hostage negotiator? they came in full force. >> police say the two hijackers are responsible for the violence, the family plans to hold a funeral later this week. police in piedmont asking for the public to help catch a patch good steve, investigators say has been stealing packages on mountain avenue and writing
6:36 am
away on a bike. take a look at the photo, a neighbor say he recently had the same house twice. once during the day and again at night. anyone who recognizes this man is urged fedex driver near lodi dropped a nine page document outside one woman's home which contained hundreds of names, addresses, phone numbers, gait codes and preferences for where and when customers want their packages dropped off. >> in the wrong hands, this could of went to somebody as they could have found the people, they could get route, open the gates. with people who trusted fedex with this information. it is sad to think what could happen. >> fedex says it is reviewing the incident and will take steps to make sure it does not happen again. 6:37, walmart apologizing and is not removing an adults only ugly christmas sweater from its website in canada after the sweater depiction of santa claus doing drugs went viral. the image on the sweater includes a santa claus sitting at a table with three lines of
6:37 am
a white substance. it looks like a straw in his hand beneath it are the words let it snow. walmart lames a third-party seller for the sweaters ending up on the website. >> they missed a couple reviews i guess. someone has the sweater. probably on ebay. >> absolutely. you can get anything on the internet pam, dave. let's look at some of the pictures we have. a lot of fog out there. i think the commute looks kind of normal. i will show you the pictures and you will say it is pretty foggy. as long as you leave yourself an extra 10-15 minutes or just allow 10-15 minute later, that usually is what happens, in fact, 10 minutes late today you should be okay with that. it is very foggy and a dense fog in some areas. the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge, the south bay commute
6:38 am
getting filled in, we did have a little problem getting to the south bay this morning, had an earlier trash southbound 680 just after the 84, now it looks like we have a second crash, if you are in pleasanton heading down south, it is going to be very slow, this morning is slower than usual. slower than usual. 638. let's bring steve back in here. >> thank you. >> we will get to it, take a look at the rainfall from july 1. which is where i started ma that is alsoi continue, santa rosa made up a lot of ground, forging weeks, 117% just shy of 10 inches of rain, even san francisco with torrential rain, still 66% above normal, open 60 san jose, 71% shy of 2 1/2. will there be more rain this week? yes, lights, about a 10th of an inch, maybe more, late tuesday
6:39 am
into wednesday another one late thursday into friday. not a rainy week by any stretch but not a dry week. mainly fog. a lot of it out there, that is the main message here this week. night and morning fog and a lot of cloud cover coming in most of the week, today is kind of a break, 40s on most the temperatures, a few 30s but not many, 46 pleasanton, pinellas 44, it feels colder to you, it is, concorde 10 degrees colder than yesterday at this time, more -7, fairfield -6, minus h depending on what we're looking at, the fog and visibility is not very good. 023 or five miles, it moves around a little bit, livermore one of the better, a little better on highway one there.
6:40 am
40s and 50s on most of the temperatures here, southern california much quieter than it was, taking a turn into arizona. if you have plans there it will be much better than it was over the weekend, cloudy and rainy them, fog is the big story for us in the next system will be here tomorrow and the forecast model rings light rain but not until late tuesday, tomorrow a very cloudy day, we will see temperatures on the cool side, watch what happens late tuesday and early wednesday, there you go. a little bit of light rain into wednesday morning, 50s on the temperatures, couple systems this week with fog front and center over the weekend. 6:41, generations of children growing up watching big bird and oscar the grouch. today, the cast and crew are mourning the loss of the man behind the characters, we take you to the kennedy center for a special honor. let's check in on what is coming up in the 7:00 hour with mornings on 2. >> i join you in the studio in just minutes, violence confrontation caught on camera,
6:41 am
on the campus of sacramento state, how the situation started online before coming to blows in person and what happened to two men involved. steve harvey cannot catch a break. the latest misidentification mixup but came when he was hosting this year's miss universe contest. what he says is to blame and how this harkens back to the big mistake in 2015 when he announced the wrong winner. we will be right back. for top quality floors at rock-bottom prices,
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where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. welcome back. taking you to the big easy. a victory parade, niner fans lined the streets of new orleans. and intense game against the saints. they now sit at the top of the nfc west after the seahawks lost to the rams. the raiders playoffs after a disappointing loss to the tennessee titans. yesterday's game looks like it would be a shootout, combining for 550 yards total offense in the first half. that the titans took control in the second half thanks to a couple defensive huge 46 yard scoop and score
6:45 am
fumble recovery right there. the titans scored six touchdowns beating the raiders 42-21. >> our guys are fighting, you know, i wish i could give you more. tennessee is a good football team, in first place. they proved it today why they are. >> the raiders now lost three straight games, the final game in oakland before they move to las vegas this sunday against the jacksonville jaguars. the green bay packer quarterback aaron rodgers helping raise awareness and money for wildfire victims in butte county. aaron rodgers was born in chico . is part of the my cleats campaign he chose to wear custom cleats to bring awareness to the areas devastated by the camp fire. cal fire took to twitter thinking rogers for his efforts to help the community still in the process of rebuilding.
6:46 am
>> stanford won their second national championship in the last three years. >> the women soccer team celebrating third national championship in program history, last night the match against north carolina was scoreless in regulation eventually forced into a penalty kick which was a first for women's college final, the shootout was tied 4-4. one the sanford goalkeeper katie myers made the save, kiera pickett scored the final goal giving sanford the five minutes for victory over the iconic unc program. >> way to go. the time is 6:47, sesame street inducted into the kennedy center honors but it is coming with a touch of sadness. the man behind the bird and oscar the grouch has died. and claimant remembers a television icon as sesame street semantics placed in television history.
6:47 am
>> it says right here, that >> thank you. >> sesame street became the first television show awarded at the kennedy center honors sunday night in washington dc the ceremony was a bittersweet one. earlier sunday the original big bird and puppeteer carol finney died in his home in connecticut at the age of 85. for nearly 50 years he gave big bird warmth and oscar the grouch is grout. the first scene is the first show. a different kind of show. >> he operated the two muppets from their inception in 1969 when he was 36. he performed the almost exclusively into his 80s. >> the child was eight feet tall or oscar about two foot eight and live is in a
6:48 am
trashcan. it is so much fun to play the. >> the workshop said in a statement the legendary puppeteer was living with involuntary muscle contractions. the muscle performer who succeeded him as big bird treated prior to the ceremony saying he taught me to keep in innocence and childlike quality alive. not only big bird but and myself. >> i think you are in my seat. >> cast members who attended the kennedy center honors were yellow feathers in his honor. frozen 2 still the most popular film of the box office for the third straight weekend, the animated disney seco is number one. frozen 2 earned nearly $35 million over the weekend, it is closing in on $1 billion in
6:49 am
worldwide ticket sales. but the edited film clay mobile has a third worst opening of all times, the film came out over the weekend and more than 2000 theaters and only made about $660,000. the cost 75 nine dollars to make. >> new this morning. netflix's dominated nominations for the 77 golden globe awards. the nominations announced early this morning, netflix got four nominations including marriage story with six nominations. that is tim allen. the other movies nominated are the irishmen, 1917, joker and the golden globe awards held january 5. i have a lot of will be watching to do. >> the lady who just walks down. that was from this is says. beth. >> yes. for those of you who watch. yes. >> okay. 6:50 is the time, let check
6:50 am
and with sal for a look at traffic, how is the commute? but it is foggy and maybe tough to see, you might want to leave the house in little early if you can, people usually do not have extra time in the morning or adjust your schedule, probably more realistic, let's see what we have now, we keep showing you the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't have any real view of the east shore freeway because it is too foggy to show it to you, i will tell you the east shore freeway is going to be slowing down coming to richmond. 880 okay as you drive through the area, no major issues but it is foggy. the san mateo bridge traffic is going to be okay here driving to the peninsula where there have been no major issues, traffic in the south bay is getting a little bit slower as you drive through. the traffic is going to be a little slower, i want to show you something i just noticed as i was scanning my cameras. to a the traffic reports, it is not so foggy in lafayette, a lot of people there on the
6:51 am
freeway but right now, lafayette not so foggy, let's t do you think the fog will change? do you think the fog will eventually get to lafayette? but yes, i do.  it is around. yes. not right there but there is plenty to go around, the visibility is lousy for many but it is okay for some. foggy morning, mostly sunny, it can be really tough, cloudy, light rain lace tuesday, early wednesday, another system late thursday and friday but it does not amount to much, there will be fog i think often on most of this week, so much rain later, this time of the year nights are long and there is no breeze allowing fog to set up, some light rain coming in again that not a lot this week, christmas weekend looks like the pattern picks up with more of a cold or rainy system underway. once the system moves off southern california's not
6:52 am
taking return, 30s for a few, 40s for many, low 50s including the peninsula, 49 to 51 nearly everybody, two of the coolest. 11 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time at the airport -10, -9 fairfield and even hayward and santa rosa -6 and -7, humidity through the roof because all the moisture in the air has visibility not very good for nevada or petaluma zero, airports back down to a half mile, sfo and oakland have not changed much. half moon bay he's gotten better. sent carlos checking in with half-mile visibility. palo alto pretty close, san jose seven in 10. 49 ukiah, clearing out toward southern california as well, if you are heading to arizona you might encounter rain but not for los angeles san diego or palm springs. >> for us after the fog, was the sunny tomorrow we will do
6:53 am
it splits, some of the energy will move north, the other part goes right over us, that will give us rain late tuesday into early wednesday, there it is, not a lot but a little bit keeping them in the forecast, 50s from, most, a lot of fog. if you see what the students say in the video and what the university officials are responding to. another popular disneyland attraction closing next year. haunted mansion and how long it will be close. a duct taped banana. the original version of a piece of art needed a quick update.
6:54 am
watching across the sky, the fog covering major parts of the area, you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ visit your local chase branch. morgan advor
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skiers and snowboarders may want to call in sick today.
6:57 am
plenty of snow over the weekend, this is valley. today summit express at alpine meadows. squaw valley says two feet of snow fell in the latest storm and topped 100 inches. snowfall for the season, last winter we did not breach the benchmark until january 6. in san francisco big crowds came out for the pier 39 over the weekend to see the annual tree lighting. the christmas tree lighting to get into the holiday spirit. it is beautiful. with the wet weather slowing down around the bay area, a perfect day for holiday festivities, santa claus was there and the mascot solti the sea lion made a special appearance, musical performances, sent and craft making for the kids.
6:58 am
but the huge christmas tree was a big attraction. a 60 foot live tree that looks elegant and traditional and classic. most of the time. every day from 5:00 until 10 a clock p.m., it turns into a kaleidoscope of swirls and swirls and colors and dancers, it is electrifying. we are calling it musical moments. >> some of the stores gave back to the community donating part of the sales to the cal fire benevolence foundation supporting firefighters and families affected by california wildfires. it is now 6:59. the artwork really a banana taped to a gallery wall in florida? take a look, the display has changed a bit. after a new york performance artist walked into the gallery and ate the banana.
6:59 am
he called his performance hungry artist. a friend art collector paid $120,000 for the banana and the duct tape on it. swimming art gallery owner heard the banana was eaten, i will see he was furious. the gallery if you are heading the owner another banana which was then taped to the wall. a volcano erupts killing at least five people, we monitor the recovery efforts as emergency responders. democrats once again pushing for impeachment we break down the aggressive timeline they face. >> the biggest of the season as the 49ers beat the saints and it was a nailbiter. we have highlights of the heart stopping game and the reactions from fans.
7:00 am
cloudy, light rain. lots of fog and another system late thursday night into friday.


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