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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 9, 2019 12:00pm-12:59pm PST

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fireworks as impeachment continues on capitol hill. what was said today and when we could possibly see a vote. 49ers fans are calling it the biggest win of the season. how the niners got a victory in new orleans and reaction at the heart stopping final moments. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. good afternoon. >> it was ace foggy start that today. that fog is sticking around still has now entered the afternoon hours. here is a live look. the rain has stayed away but that can soon change. as for the file, it has created robins for travelers. here is another live picture. hundred 35 delays, a dozen cancellations. a ground delay in effect until 2:00 this afternoon.
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rosemary will join us in about 15 minutes with a closer look at what we can expect for the rest of the week. several people are dead and several others missing after a massive volcano erupted in new zealand. many of them were tourists exploring the surface of working a. kitty the e of the harrington reports one man from san francisco was there. >> reporter: ash and steam thousands of feet into the air. tourists and their guides scrambling to get on board. a helicopter, burned and destroyed. he just left the island. he was at the edge of the greater only 30 minutes earlier and posted this videos showing steam and gas pricing from the event. tourists alessandro and alyssa also recorded this terrifying scene on their phone. people scrambling for safety in the boat as volcanic material searched towards them. >> another boat turned to ashes
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and we were very, very lucky. really lucky. >> reporter: around 50 people were on the island when the volcano erupted only 23 were rescued. many of them suffered severe burns. the rest, feared that. australia's prime minister said almost half of the visitors were from australia. they were passengers of the innovation of the secrets she. rescue teams cannot go back at the church. >> covered in ash and volcanic material. we are taking expert advice richard quest any rescue teams. >> reporter: helicopter and a drone detected no signs of life. >> we know that there were a number of tourists on or around the island at the time, both the new zealanders and visitors from overseas. i know there will be a huge amount of concern and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around the island at the time. and i assure them police are doing everything they can.
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>> reporter: the volcano had been showing and rest recently. the agency list dollars status just three weeks ago after noticing stronger tremors and an increase in the amount of gas from the bend of the greater. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. democrats and republicans continue in the impeachment inquiry. >> the latest hearing before the house judiciary committee lawyers were both sides making their case. ever reporter life here in the newsroom with a look at the arguments, so for. >> reporter: what we hear is basically a summary of the arguments that have been made to this point. democrats believe that there is overwhelming evidence president trump but himself before the at this is an rushed process and a politically motivated attack. the fight between democrats y c the latest house judiciary hearing. >> we have to have some rules
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of decorum which aren't conforming with everybody else's rules. i would say that cross- examination of witnesses not budging of witnesses. >> reporter: a disruption from a protester before witnesses even started. lawyers for republicans and democrats squared off resenting their evidence to the committee and the american people about whether or not to impeach president trump. democratic letter cited two weeks of the testimony in part as to prove they say that the rest and leverage the white house meeting and military aid to pressure ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden. delete republican counsel said it is all hearsay and presumption in the democrats latest ploy to attack the president. >> in a call transcript is baloney.
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abuse of power, betrayal of the national interest, corruption of elections. and what is so extraordinary is to conduct we are going to be talking about today. didn't violate one of these but all three. >> reporter: lawyers for democrats and house intelligence and judiciary committees argue the need to move quickly because they believe is in trouble try to meddle into dozen 20. this comes days after house speaker nancy pelosi publicly directed the drafting of articles of impeachment. >> president trump's persistent and continuous effort to coerce a foreign county to help them cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our >> reporter: democrats making the point for abuse t part of democrats obsession of impeaching president trump. they say started the day he was elected. >> they can't get over the fact
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donald trump is >> reporter: invited to participate today but they declined. president has been treating saint read the transcripts and called the democrats a disgrace. articles of impeachment by the end of the week. in the newsroom, greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the judge justice department internal watchdog has released a report on the rush investigation rejected the president's claims that it was legitimate and politically biased. there was no evidence investigation was stated by bias from fbi leaders. he also found the controversial surveillance of a trump campaign advisor in 2016 was riddled with errors and had illegal offers purpose. the fbi was legally justified in launching its inquiry into russia's interference in the 2016 election. >> the 49ers how the the best record in the national football and it's a conference. they are 11-2 in the left
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second when against the new orleans. >> live in the east bay to bring us to highlands and reaction. hi, sarah. >> reporter: you know that the niners went into the game as the road underdogs but they came on top. there were so much back and forth in the game that some are calling it one of the best of the season. whether you were watching the game in the bay area, or at the superdome in new orleans. one thing is clear, san francisco 49ers are still riding the high of the 48-46 win over the new orleans. >> for space, so happy. >> reporter: with 53 seconds left in the game, they had a 46- 45 lead until niners kicker 30 yard goal.
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of 39 yard game and a penalty help set up a gold winning kick. >> got the face mask and then crazy. >> reporter: 349 yards and four touchdowns including a 75 yard actual manual standards. the longest touchdown pass of his career. >> obviously, jimmy done the stretch, this is a big game and he played big time. he played like the best quarterback, he would be a legend. >> reporter: seemingly unstoppable team with three games left in the regular season, the niners have to win them all to ensure buy in the first round of playoffs. they hope the team will get it done. >> we are going to win out. >> reporter: the niners play next on sunday taking on the falcons 2
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news. >> the oakland raiders are fitting after a and that came. looking like it is going to measure that as both teams combined for the 500 yards in the first half. guidance controlled as i have things to a couple of defensive stance and a 46 yard scoop and score fumble recovery. they scored six touchdowns and meet the readers, 42-21. last home game is sunday against jacksonville. cabinet today, the park could become the latest bay area deceit banning e cigarettes and tobacco products. amanda park will consider a similar ordinance tomorrow. complaining about the rampant use of e cigarettes by students in middle school, high school, both in classrooms and restrooms. command was founded saturday afternoon right here
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yellow street. later that night, they found another man suffering from gunshot wounds on the court. medics pronounced that man dead at the scene. police say the homicides are not a police officer accused o firing shots to amendment holding an umbrella. it happened saturday afternoon when police rushed to fulton road because of a man pointing a gun pointing at people in cars. they stop to the men, the umbrella he was holding was mistaken as a rifle. they fired three shots. he was hit but wasn't injured. and officer involved shooting in saturday morning ended with both the suspect and police officer in the hospital. police say the suspect was spotted turn to break into a home near 23rd in mission and then attacked officers. he was shot. he was treated for life of any interest. the police officer enters are less serious. advanced all and every month with 25 dogs inside was
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been recorded bird.,, we will track it down. also, new concerns following a deadly shooting at the pensacola naval air station. the questions now being braced about who should be allowed to train here in the united states. outside the door still stuck under mostly cloudy skies. look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the week ahead, coming up. a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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the building while two others watched from a car. enforcement officials say the gunman purchased the weapon he used. >> it was purchased. it was a nine millimeter weapon without 0.45. purchased lawfully. >> saudi government is in full cooperation. several students who were close to the shooter are also said to be cooperating. florida's governor is now questioning the vetting process for training foreign military students on the base. >> have foreign military personnel coming to our base. they should not be doing that if they hate our country. >> urging security precautions for training foreign military on u.s. bases. this is after the shooting rampage in pensacola, florida where he saw the air force event killed three people.'s >> reporter: the fact of the
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matter is bringing in people from saudi arabia you just need to be on guard on that. >> reporter:.gunman posted on twitter before the shooting that's the u.s. of of israel and accusing america of being anti-muslim. >> he had a major social media trail. this guy was somebody who was just had a deep-seated hate for united states and that was pretty clear from that. >> reporter: the fbi is operating on the assumption that the attack is an act of a terrorist and. >> i tell you that we are looking very hard and uncovering his motives. i would ask for patience so we can get this right. our investigation has not led us to any information that indicates that there is any credible threat to our community. >> reporter: saudi arabia has pledged to cooperate with the investigation. president trump says he will review policies and foreign
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military training. in new york, psi, fox news. a break from the rain but we saw the fog this morning. >> we have sunshine yesterday afternoon and this morning we are covered in clouds and it has to be with that residual moisture and the fog, so thick, there was an advisor this morning. the advisor has expired the you can see here, not say much sunshine. giving a look there from san francisco, here is another view of sfo, san francisco and i love it these. we are running temperatures in some areas cooler. 40 degrees right now in santa rosa. cool one outside. mid-50s in oakland and livermore. 51, san jose. the winds are generally like. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. nampa, and it was good. interface may, 90 preschooler. around the bay within a few
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degrees were river yesterday. it doesn't feel what is not without the center. here's a look at all the cloud cover. over the north bay, in santa may, east bayshore, down through san jose along the coastline, the peninsula, covered as well. here is a review of some of the visible the up there. have patchy fog out there early on and then as you take a look now, nevada reporting about a mile and a half. napa, mile and three quarters. it is looking better. and improving. but was still have delays. the east coast also expressing delays because of the weather there. boston, philadelphia, laguardia, all reporting delays at this hour. here's a look at the afternoon highs expected for today. cooler than yesterday because of that struggle to see some sunshine the afternoon. 56 degrees in santa rosa going 56 for napa. 15 in the city of centre fiscal. 63 in antioch's, 62 and unconquered. 62, san jose, 59 degrees over
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areas of mountain view. getting into the extended forecast, remaining at temperatures very similar, upper 50s, low 60s has will the neck several days. tuesday night into wednesday, a week system will move through bringing as a slight chance for a few scattered showers there. has been into the weekend, now looking to be a chance for scattered showers on saturday. when i come back, future cast and how much rainfall we will actually get in the next week. back to you. ups driver killed in a the police should that. local drivers are doing today in his honor.
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investors wait for the latest of eight injuried negotiations as a new round of tariffs on chinese imports take effect. dow is almost at the lowest point. that percentage dropped in nasdaq.
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president trump morning north korean leader kim johnson about violating their own pool, special relationship. this comes after north korea tested another missile. as series of short range missile tests over the few months all in an effort to pressure united states to offer relief from sanctions before th north korea's ambassador to the united nations as well negotiations with the u.s. are not needed and denuclearization is over the of the table. just about 90 minutes from now, ups and some fedex drivers in the bay area than to stop all deliveries to honor the ups driver killed in a florida shootout. his family's now questioning the officer's decision to open fire with so many people in their vehicles right there on the highway. order coleman has the story. >> it is a nightmare, a bad hop from and see here.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: demanding answers after a shootout leaving their loved one that. on the first day, ups driver frank ordonez's truck was hijacked by suspects in coral gables. the suspect left police in a chase on a busy intersection with traffic. ending in a shootout with police leading to the death of the ups driver and a bystander. the fbi has identified the suspect as alexander and jerome hill both also died in the shootout. >> you've got to stop this. get out. the police handled assist with sage was a nightmare. >> reporter: to the figure that another way to handle the situation. >> where was the s.w.a.t. team that normally handles all the hostage situations? where was the sniper. where was the house
12:25 pm
negotiation. they came in full force. the su responsible for the outcome. >> moving towards nature, that's what we have to be looking out dictated by two violent felons that decided to bring this on this community. >> reporter: that ordonez family is planning to hold a funeral earlier this week. in los angeles, christina coleman, fox news. police in piedmont asking your help for catching a porch parrot. he had the same house was during the day and one in the net. anyone who recognizes this man on the screen is encourage to contact police. changes coming by the end of next year. dublin base, we will do away with the single-use cup's by the end of next year. this means customers with azure
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with love, california. oakland police say they have recovered a van with 2000 rescue dogs and said. belong to a groups transporting animals to the country. stolen from outside the hotel in fremont early this morning with more than 25 docs and said. fremont police put out a bulletin. oakland officers spotted the van this morning. the dogs are said to be in good
12:30 pm
shape. no word yet if anyone was taken to custody. new information in a deadly volcanic eruption in new zealand. authorities now saying eight people are missing. fewer than earlier feared. about 60 people were believed to be on white island when the volcano set on a shot boiling hot steam and ash into the air. a man from san francisco positive these images online. you can see people waiting for rescue. michael shea just left the island 30 minutes earlier. many people suffered injuries and including some with severe burns. >> translator: we know that there were a number of tourist on our around the island both new zealanders and from other places. i know there will be a huge lo on our around the island at the time. and i azure them police are doing everything that they can.
12:31 pm
>> one couple from richmond, virginia were taken to a hospital with severe burns. they were visiting for their honeymoon. impeachment hearing continues. >> began the second public hearing this morning. label the reports from washington with the latest. >> reporter: the latest house impeachment hearing started with partisan fighting and delays as house lawmakers consider which articles of impeachment to bring forward for the president. the hearing began with fireworks between lawmakers and protests from a notice member who supports the president. democrats and republicans both have a lawyer layout their case for and against president trump's impeachment. >> the every lens is overwhelming that the president abused his power by ident to investigate a political
12:32 pm
opponent. >> to impeach a president who people voted for because of a call transcript is baloney. >> reporter: chairman jerry nadler argued president trump betrayed his oath of office. he was referring to president trump's request to ukrainian counterpart to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. republicans in the judiciary committee defendant president trump saint impeachment hearings are an attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election because they see democrats don't like president trump one. >> they can't get over the fact donald trump is president of the united states and they don't have a candidate that they think and bit him. >> reporter: it is not clear yet which articles of improvement. it could be brought before the committee later this week. in washington, rebuilding, fox
12:33 pm
news. three men killed in a crash on highway 24 really saturday. relatives of the men came out to the crash scene yesterday. the men were driving home after a social gathering about 3:00 saturday morning when their car veered off the road and hit a tree. 31-year-old, 22-year-old and 21- year-old died. he was taking teddy bear. >> people would say just by looking at him because of his size that he is a big teddy bear, very loving. >> crash investigators don't believe alcohol was a factor. they're checking whether the speed or weather contributed to the crash. financial really for a barber involved in a hit-and- run over a haircut. the barber was run over by a customer last week.
12:34 pm
the owner of the delta barbershop was hurt when a mother upset of some haircut rammed her car into the storefront last wednesday. police are still looking for the motherhood they have identified as 28-year-old ruby delgadillo of brentwood . surveillance video captures steve's dealing thousands of dollars worth of optronics from a small business in san jose. it happened at the peak of the busy season. >> i'm actually very disappointed. the thing that i'm very disappointed because this is something that you are never repaired before or never expecting either. >> theft happened at a shop in san jose will grant neighborhood early friday morning. as it smith reports that they have could not have happened at the worst time. >> this is the biggest moment for us during the holiday in pretty much during the year. >> reporter: the company but with back-to-back events. last friday, around 4:40 in the mornowr noticed
12:35 pm
computers, i present many are missing. wasn't until he called security footage realized the warehouse had been burglarized. >> to go from the computers in the bags and the paperwork. >> reporter: security cameras capture the thieves make off with some is items. what he wants back most is a vase, and heirloom belonging to a family. >> reporter: one of the clients bought it. they knew right away what kind of vessels we had. >> reporter: he suspects the bear had all been on the store before. his biggest fear is the computer that may have had the customeratn. he dubs them red riding hood and the grinch. >> she is wearing like a big long hoodie which is read then he looks just like a grinch. >> reporter: after posting the surveillance video from on the social media, he got comments
12:36 pm
from people saying they were transient. >> he goes by the name pops, he goes around and still surround. he just goes to the homeless and so everything by quickly. >> reporter: no one knows their whereabouts. the owner says he spent all day sunday searching for them. >> they ended up pushing this and then this one just came up. >> reporter: they came in through a loading dock door left unlocked during the hustle and bustle season. lesson learned. >> we were like let's get out of here and we will come back early. by the time we came back, it was too late. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. to pay 1 1/2 million dollars. attorneys and victims talked about the impact the settlement will have on the future of pg&e. >> reporter: roughly 40
12:37 pm
wildfire victims, a small fraction of the 40,000 are so involved in settlement, hurt first and some of the details of the 13 an app million dollars settlement with pg&e. >> it's the largest settlement in history. >> reporter: representing more than 5500 victims of northbay wildfires from 2015 to 2018 gave more specifics on the deal. terry ron holos his home had questions about payments and process. >> what is the criteria used, what is the time and what is the range of those payments? those is what i came for today. >> reporter: they say the funds will be distributed based on individual claims and managed by a third-party trustee. >> 6.75 billion cash, 6.5 billion stock will go into a trust fund established for all the victims. >> reporter: he lost everything including his home in the fire and was under insured. >> right now, i don't have any
12:38 pm
money. i just hope this money is coming on time so i just finished the foundation basically. >> other insured on property, emotional distress. >> reporter: attorneys say the settlement isn't just about money. it also includes provisions pg&e must follow in order to be eligible for any financial assistance in another disaster. >> they are certified as safe and following the requirements on weather stations. underground wires anderthe deal three years to put together and if things go according to plan, attorneys say these victims can start to receive emails late next year. >> we are optimistic that going forward, we are going to get a payout and do our best to get as much as we can for you. >> reporter: that settlement still needs to be approved by a
12:39 pm
bankruptcy kurt that attorneys hope is for formality. a vast majority have filed claims and for those who haven't, deadline has been extended until end of year. in santa rosa, ktvu fox 2 news. increasing over time for firefighters by 65% over the past decade. new study by the l.a. times finds with over them, firefighters are among the best paid workers in california. it is cheaper to pay overtime then hiring more firefighters once you take account the cost of training and benefits for new employees. a san francisco man who was serving jail them eating leftover cooking without permission from someone at his residential treatment program has been resentenced to them serve. they are arguing that a sentence of six months in jail was a failure of the judicial process earlier this month. 42-year-old gregory was disciplined by the drug for eating a cookie which was left over after handing out meals to the homeless with harbor lake.
12:40 pm
he completed a 30 day rehabilitation program while on probation for a 2070 vandals in church and has been using its outpatient program. when fields was caught taking the treat, he chose jail them over the option of starting the 30 day program over and having contact with family and friends. now, one week after being taken to the city, he will be released. a big honor for sesame street. it came a multi-deep sadness. the legendary puppeteer who brought big bird and oscar the grouch to life. around the bay area, we're looking for the such a. checking in on your current conditions, show you the next possibility of some rain in your we can, coming up. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine...
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at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. sesame street made television history but comes with a touch of sorrow. taking us to washington d.c. for the honor.
12:44 pm
>> it says right here t hanks, that spells thanks. >> sesame street became the first show to be honored in washington d.c. the ceremony was a bittersweet one for the education program. earlier on sunday, the original big bird and oscar the grouch voice actor and puppeteer ordonez family four died at his home in connecticut at the age of 85 . for nearly 60 years, he gave a big bird his quirks and oscar the grasses grow. >> the first different kind show. >> spinney voice the puppets from their inception when he was 36. and almost inclusively to his
12:45 pm
80s. >> oscar lives in a trashcan. it is so much fun to play them. >> in a statement, the legendary puppeteer had living with dystonia which causes involuntary muscle contraction., but performer tweeted prior to the kennedy center ceremony saying carol taught me to keep innocence until the quality of life. not only in big bird but in myself. >> i think you are in my seat. >> sesame street cast members who attended were yellow feathers in spain is memory. in new york, and the claimant, fox news. to them cup chbeen nominated as sports person of the year. >> this year in the world cup give people not only a motivation of inspiration but almost like a path forward to doing something. doing anything. in a a little
12:46 pm
bit paralyzing. >> team usa's midfielder scored the goal and also for her outspoken of the quality. soccer match, that was stanford women's soccer game celebrating its third national championship against north carolina. it was eventually forced into penalty kicks as a first for a wome a big save and then scoring the final goal. 5-4 victory over the iconic unc program. not a lot of gray.
12:47 pm
i don't know about you but great skies. looking at the rainfall. we're not going to see it, not the day. we did have drizzle in many locations. dense fog as well. the advisory for the dense fog has expired. here is a look at san francisco we are fighting for sunshine. from the coast around the bay, and to the north and south bay, cloud cover still fairly widespread. east bay, sunshine. areas of morgan hill, we've got sunshine. santa rosa is so beginning some of that as well. to the coastline, pretty good over san pablo bay, crossing to richmond, the golden gate, all still covered in the gray along the peninsula, widespread. san francisco down towards south bay, along the east bay shore as well. berkeley, oakland, san leandro, hayward, fremont, milpitas and
12:48 pm
there you go, florida, san jose. hoping to see some sunshine for most of us today but it is going to be tough one. it is going to be a slow clearing afternoon. really satmosphere is stable at this point. the angle of the sun isn't helping us either. here's a look at what is going on in the way of storms, nothing coming our way for the next 24 hours. tomorrow night, we could begin to see a shift. here is a look at the 24 hours in advance. we have a little bit of rain over northern california. for us, not so much as we get into the second part of the afternoon and into the evening hour, we could see some of this pop-up as we get into your overnight hours. maybe a few scattered showers to start your t tuesday night into wednesday morning, a few sprinkles coming your way. not a big deal but enough to get us get the winchell wipers go. pushing you all the way out into the weekend.
12:49 pm
we will have a few opportunities coming our way. it doesn't look like much of any but you can see here, cumulation could be anywhere from a quarter inch to half- inch. we will be tracking that day today as unsettled weather moves primarily over northern california. temperatures outside right now are calling under mostly cloudy skies. 52 in nevada, 48 in santa rosa. east bay, 51 at this hour. livermore, still in the upper 40s to low 50s. 49 in bangor as well as windsor. tracking your highs mid to upper 50s. north bay is upper 50s. low 60s for san jose in your extended forecast showing an evening chance of showers. a mix of sun and clouds, thursday and friday into your weekend. slight chance, you're way on saturday. the models can't quite agree and that that's it. back to you. review has been part of the one warm coat drive now 17
12:50 pm
years. this holiday season, we're asking you today to your closet and see if you may have any spiracles or jackets that you could possibly donate. you can go to ktv list of drop-off locations. being away from your family may be tough especially on holidays. one girl has a surprise from her father who has in the blood in afghanistan. a look at the heartwarming reunion. >> reporter: it's been over a year since isabella has helped her dad. >> i was playing the piano. i was really surprised is when i turned around, there he was. >> reporter: haven't seen him since he was deployed to afghanistan in the national guard. isabella says seeing him on that stage, >> it was like a case in rainbows. >> reporter: for antony, >> nervous and happy. >> reporter: it has been to lawson he kissed his wife and daughter. spending that much time away from home, >> it's been tough on her and for myself so, being able to bring us together in such a special way from the school
12:51 pm
district and from webster, really made it great for our family. >> reporter: perhaps what is hard is missing out on watching his children grow. >> everything continues to happen without us while we are gone. so we're just trying to figure out where we fit into it now. that is the most important thing is to just re- assimilating back into life. >> reporter: while he is happy to be home for the holiday, he had this message for the soldiers who aren't as fortunate. >> keep fighting the fight, you're gonna get there. just keep doing the job until the job is done. >> reporter: in green bay, >> happy to be home. >> reporter: fox news. still to come, the golden globe nominations are out. the company receiving the most mazen who gets stopped.
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how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette taking a look the market
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here. some stocks are up some stocks are down. dow jones you can see currently more than 87 points right there. slightly in negative territory. amor that stolen fan. >> the owner of the van arrived on scene thinking the officers. more about this investigation, today on the four. netflix dominated the golden globe nominations for 34 knots including for best picture. ashley has a look for the leaders which include other streaming services. >> reporter: it is time for hollywood's party of the year on a stress of both the big and ds. l screens. the netflix relationship trauma marriage story leads the way with six nominations. including stars scarlett johansson and adam. for best motion picture drama. running up the truck drama category are the two pope, the
12:56 pm
irishman, were epic and 17 in the dark thriller, joker. going for best motion picture, musical or comedy, the elton john biopic rocket man, murder mystery knives out, quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood. the dark comedy jojo robert and the eddie murphy led dolomite is my name. contenders for best television series drama are big with allies, the crown, killing you, succession and newcomer, the morning show. vie for best television sears, the, leave it, the kaminsky method, the marvelous mrs. mabel and the newbie here is the politician. noticeably absent, the final season of game of thrones. lead star is missing from her usual category. as with the limited series when they see us. kirsten dunst for her offbeat
12:57 pm
comedy on becoming a god in central florida. jennifer lopez officially joined the white season with hustler. meryl streep for big with allies be her own record with the 34th career globe nomination. the golden globes air january 5th from the beverly hills posted on the fifth them by recruiter be. in hollywood, ashland barkin, fox news. miss universe was ground last night to go >> the new miss universe is south africa. >> she is miss south africa. in her last response, the 26 year old actavis said she wanted to give children who look like her the chance to see their own faces in her and know they too are beautiful. miss mexico and puerto rico were the two runner ups for the miss universe crown. but the night didn't end before another mistake in the announcement by cohost steve harvey. >> here's the look at the
12:58 pm
winner, philippines. cake and oranges and potato chips. this is a lot. >> it is not philippines, it is malaysia. >> okay, well, let me expand something to you, i just read that and the teleprompter. you all have to quit doing this to me. >> here's the thing, steve perry was right, the national customer contest was right. will remember that he announced miss columbia's winter instead of miss philippines. the later clarified that harvey was correct, miss philippines was the winner last night but he couldn't be on stage in augustine because she was a finalist. >> big crowds came out to catch the annual tree lighting. photos and mascots. there were mystical performances, letter writing to
12:59 pm
send and craft making for children. that the rain tree was the biggest attraction. they also gave back to the community by donating a portion of their steels to the cal fire benevolent foundation. the nonprofit supports firefighters and their families who had been impacted by california's wildfires. google santa tracker is getting a hijacked makeover. the o-line program helps to keep track of santa's whereabouts. classic snowball fight and do additions include a 3-d snow box where you can build your own winter wonderland and and up dated design percent of the village with a reindeer anti- factory. sent this exact location will be offered starting december 23rd. time to fire up the slave. also, get out and do your things because more rain is on the way. our coverage slips online at be sure to download our katie weather app. rage caught
1:00 pm
on tape. outrageous viral videos leaving drivers fearing for their lives. plus, a one-on-one with actress patricia heaton. her bargain with alcohol. >> i felt like i was leaning into it too much and covering my anxiety about my life. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ season 11 starts now. the road can be stressful. but what happens when aggression in reps in front of you?


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