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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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seven hours from now. >> the house judiciary committee said they would be working through the night preparing the charges against president trump. democrats will pull forward one charge against the president of abuse of power, and another of congress. democrats are still debating a third article of impeachment of obstruction of justice. republicans call it a political hit job by the left and democrats say if left unchecked, the president will try to again is outside influence in the 2020 election. democrats alleged he tried to use his office and military aid to force ukraine into investigating his political rival, joe biden, and democrats. the president needs to say there was no bribe, no quid pro quo. >> the president was perfectly fine military aid to ukraine, in 2017 and 22.
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what changed? so they could vote as early as thursday. stay with us for continuing coverage, tomorrow morning, the briefing is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. our time, and mornings on to have complete coverage. >> bloomberg is headed to utperformances. >> the assisted living center may have 16 days to move. there is a lot of stress for those seniors right now, right in the middle of the holidays.
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>> it really is bad timing, julie, very stressful. there are 80 seniors who are here at the san pablo assisted living center. many of them have serious disabilities and now they are all scrambling to try to find another home before this one closes. home for the holidays at the brookdale san pablo assisted living center has not been married. >> you can feel the anxiety. >> they learned they have 60 days to find another place to live. >> it is very hard this time of year. >> stressful, frantic search for housing. >> i was devastated. the first thing that came to mind is the fact i don't have a lot of money. >> i'm living on my $2100 per month social security.
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>> they wanted to make sure they had ample time to sell to a new senior living operator. they tried to offer a lower lease but could not find a buyer. brookdale has offered to relocate to other company locations and offer $1000 and moving expenses. residents say they think brookdale should do more. >> they would pay up to $1000 of moving fees. it took $2000 to move here from berkeley. >> they've been taking our money every month, regularly. it seems like quite a nasty thing to do to people.
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>> in california it seems like this is a loophole, it does not make sense that an operating company can say we choose not to be in the long term care anymore. >> rob was speaking there, and said his mother is a resident here and he hoped state lawmakers will consider adding protections for seniors. some people living here have been here for a decade or more and a lot of them do not know what they are going to do. >> the fbi says 11 people have been arrested in connection with a major drug smuggling ring . eduardo guzman korres is the ringleader, and his main supplier is south of the border. in all, officers seized more than 30 pounds of methamphetamine during those rates and in undercover drug
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buys. a former football player has been arrested, accused of assaulting a police officer and climbed into the patrol car. police described it as a dangerous situation that could have been a much different ending. >> he was flagged down by a young man standing in the median. they chatted briefly, the young man asked about the officers gun and patrol car. >> he asks to drive the police car. the officer said of course no. you could also tell he was a bit altered. he said you should leave, you are going home. >> rather than leaving, he tried to forcibly get into the car but the officer stepped out and had the men sit down. >> after a few moments he stood up again and ended up attacking the officer. it led to a struggle where he tried to take the officers gun,
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not once, but twice. >> he hit the officer and managed to get inside the patrol car, then backup arrived. >> several other officers were able to hold him down. >> he probably wore the blue and gold uniform what was let go for unknown reasons this fall. they released a statement saying we are aware of the incident and the details described are troubling. now he is no longer a member of the football program and we remain concerned for his well- being. the linebacker was considered a star at his texas high school and can be seen in videos hosted by max preps. they don't know what motivated the attack but the officer exercise restraint. >> we are suppose this did not
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end in tragedy. >> the officer was not seriously injured. the suspect is facing a litany of charges including battery on a police officer. >> a punk rock band from san francisco is asking for help in finding for valuable guitars. they were stored in a trailer park near the lead singers home in campbell, normally it is parked in the north bay. last month they realize someone broke into the trailer and stole guitars worth $20,000. >> we are musicians. it is hard enough making money anyway. >> we don't have insurance on those things. >> one of the guitars, the custom cutaway is considered priceless.
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they say they are using backup guitars. members are now considering offering a reward. >> a burglary happened late last night on skyline drive, the suspect was posing as a door to door salesman carrying a notebook. the homeowner confronted the intruder who then ran away. anyone with information should call vallejo police. this dog is special. he knows when people need a little extra love. >> he did not cut it as a guide dog but now he has a new mission, we will introduce you to the newest member of the san rafael police department. >> locked up in cages, a christmas display stirring controversy and the message behind it.
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more than 40 dogs safe after being recovered, the pig located here, between the subjects and rescue the animals. the dogs were taken to the oakland animal shelter to be cared for. >> san rafael has a new addition to the police department. the dogs already bring a lot of joy to those around them. we have the story of blue bayou. >> blue is a new dog on the
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beach. >> all he does is comfort. a labrador retriever mix just over two years old. and lynn murphy's new partner. >> this dog is special. he knows when people need a little extra love. >> giving and getting love is his job. he joined the force, blue's reaction was a bit more relaxed. >> he got a little distracted. he was paired with a client for eight months. blue is very social and likes to scavenge, nosing around for snacks, delivering reports, and treats as rewards. >> they knew he would be a good
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fit, confident in social, and he loves to be around people. >> blue is an icebreaker, effective among the homeless. blue creates calm for police. >> a hug for him, and antidote for the anxiety. >> even when we are busy, turn around and see his face. it makes a big difference. >> comfort is a good word for him. with it brings blue full circle home
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to san rafael to stay. >> such a sweet story. >> a unique new approach to get people into housing in the east bay. >> a $120,000 banana on display as a putative is a piece of art. >> i don't get it. >> see what happened when one visitor decided to eat the banana. >> he bought it at that point. >> we will get the story. >> none of us get itwill see yo >> none of us get itwill see yo minute. oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. a church in castro valley is getting ready to install small houses to give homeless people a place to stay, but these are different from others that have gone up in other parts of the bay area. >> children's was donating their time on monday putting the finishing touches on six new homes for people with no place to live, tiny homes, only 157 square feet, each will have its own bathroom with a shower and a kitchen, different from the tiny homes in san jose and cavins in oakland to have all facilities.
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, a home, heater and running water. knew their expert transported to the parking lot first presbyterian church in hayward. is looking - - they are looking for some type of homeless person to move into them. work and have jobs and are still sleeping with the sleeping in their cars, they are not housed, this is for people who are employed. >> homelessness does not just occur in big cities. this woman sleeps at the church shelter. she says for some the tiny homes will end the misery on the streets. >> they are going to be paying some money. but they are going to get it
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back. we want them to get used to paying rent. >> they are hoping it is not just a one and done. >> they can get them out of the cars and into a home for 18 months. the nonprofit homemade california has a variety of contractors donating time and materials. they still need to provide plumbing and electricity and should be ready for move-in by february. the manager should be ready to leave the residence to permanent housing within 18 ing stability when they readjust and get feet.
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>> the depiction of the holy family locked up in cages, a controversial display was set up by claremont united methodist church with jesus, mary, and joseph separated and confined in chain-link cages with razor wire on top, meant to be a thought-provoking piece. >> it would be what happened today if the holy family showed up at our borders. >> it puts the mirror on us right now. that bothers me. >> some community members are calling it inappropriate and wrong and others say the display is needed to remind people of what is happening at the border. >> 169,000 migrant children
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were held in custody last year. >> a piece of artwork incredibly are of valued at $120,000. he stunned a crowd at a miami beach art gallery when he thought a banana was ripe for the picking. he grabbed it and ate it and described the work of a hungry artist. >> this is what they did. >> all right then. art gallery officials are not seeking criminal charges in the case, they are simply replacing the banana with another one.hai ba the story. >> just keep replacing the banana.
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>> apparently it happened. >> as we had outside, we had some clouds. valley fog, coastal fog, and high clouds. and a chance for a sprinkle as the system as the system slide through. would be the afternoon. i don't think it would be noticeable. you see a little green offshore that is sort of like a drizzle. not the classic cold front or anything. everything up does fall should be extremely light. the golf time, the soccer time, the lacrosse game. cloud cover, plenty of fog, overnight lows, 39 in santa rosa. there was a dense fog advisory for a lot
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of parts of the bay area. if you were in it this morning, you will probably see it tomorrow morning. visibility will be better, i think it will be out there again. tomorrow is a lot like today. increasing clouds tuesday, and tomorrow, here is the model now. there is the fog. it's all fog. that's tomorrow morning. here is the system for tomorrow afternoon and evening. most of the day is cloudy. this years apart tomorrow by late afternoon. fog again wednesday morning, more clouds, thursday more clouds, thursday afternoon, maybe a bit of drizzle. temperatures are generally in the 50s, will to upper 50s in
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the coolest spots. >> there you go. >> business as usual. just a raindrop or two tomorrow night. warrior fans got to look at one of the best. and the first round pick john moran put it on against the warriors state center. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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scott is the warriors when anymore. in this case, one of the top rookies. >> this is true. we hope to see zion williamson with the pelican's list next
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friday. but he still hurts and is unlikely to play. we almost missed john moran as well. he returns my four-game acceptance just in time. to center, second quarter, he stepped back and knocked down the open triple "the crowd. next possession is give him go. we have a one-point game, feeling pretty good. they blow it back open. check out th of the year. highflying genre, they win 110- 102. late game drama for you in houston, rockets lead by two, one second to go, inbound, a 30 footer, bottoms, ballgame catch and shoot again top.
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darius was on the receiving end, 55 euros connection come 17-3 newark, abby was loving it, but did not love this. the giants are up 17-10 late in the game. seventeen, we got overtime, and the eagles marched right down the field. that was wide open. >> the
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eagles win 23-17, 6 and 7, good enough for a first-place time. college football would open another superstar to the holo- house on saturday. headliner overwhelming favorite, lsu quarterback joe burrow. forty cents a season, his team happens to be the number one seed in the upcoming college football player. billy karen, the only lsu player to win. here's your list of finalists. three other guys get to go to york. jail and hurts would be the third street to win the award. missing fields and chief young representing ohio state. the announcement, 5:30 on saturday. way back in the day. hard to believe lsu only has one heisman winner. >> was he even in this thing?
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since you will not be in, no. ths we should get some for the house. no, you're not going to ask me "what time is lunch?" every day through a talkie-walkie. cam, we need to talk about this. we -- we have these lamps at home. okay, we have boat lamps. cameron: i know. it's so validating. it's like that time we saw our can opener in that dog-food commercial. we rented a houseboat. my dad wanted us to take a big lake trip so we could see the first total eclipse in 99 years. you know, growing up on a farm, i always fantasized about lake life. yeah. you know, anyone can go to the lake. only the elite can sleep on it. my parents used to take claire and me every summer when we were kids. oh, i just never dreamed i would marry into a lake family. mm.


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