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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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asterix step in washington, democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against president trump over his dealings with ukraine. >> mr. presidencies himself as above the law. we must be clear that no one, not even the president is above the law. >> republicans like that that that that charges are defenseless. from k tv news, this is "the four". >> house democrats introduce articles of impeachment against president trump. the white house and republicans remain divided. democratic leader sais the president betrayed the nation. welcome everyone to "the four". i'm heather holmes. >>: all of us a sham. greg lee is joining us now from
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the newsroom with a more on the details of what we saw unfold today in washington. greg? >> reporter: this is just a fourth time in history articles of impeachment have been introduced against the u.s. president. house speaker nancy pelosi called this a solemn day and democrats said they must be clear no one is above the law. republicans say their counterparts want to impeach the president because they are afraid he will get reelected. >> and serviced her duty to the constitution and to our country, the house committee and the judiciary is introducing two articles of engagement. >> reporter: then announced to the articles of impeachment against president trump tuesday charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> threaten the integrity of our elections. throughout this inquiry, he has attempted to conceal the evidence from congress and from
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the american people. >> reporter: the nine page document as the president ignored and injured the interest of the nation. when he allegedly withheld military aid in the white house visit to get ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden. republicans called the process rushed and unfair. democrats said they had no choice. >> the argument, why don't you just gray, mustard this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election? >> reporter: the house judiciary committee will likely debate and vote on the article by the end of the week and move to the full house for a vote for christmas. it will likely follow along party lines. republicans pushed back thing the democrats just don't want to accept trump as president. it is not difficult to defend this president. but it is very difficult to defend this congress and what they have done in history will not be kind to them. >> reporter: the president has been tweeting in response, writing, nadler just said that the russian ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election. ridiculous. and he knows that is not true.
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>> reporter: the white house press secretary released a statement calling the spaces and partisan. going out to see the president will address charges in the senate where it looks like we're headed for the trial in the new year. the president is expected to take the stage any minute at a campaign rally in pennsylvania and is expected to address the article. in the newsroom, greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> telling us more is joe paul. he is a law professor at uc hastings. >> reporter: they only drafted the two articles of impeachment here. the focus is very narrow on the presence dealings with ukraine. what is that strategy there in sort of keeping a narrow focus on the impeachment case? >> i think this tragedy is that first of all they want to make clear to the american public what the grounds are. they want to keep it simple so that it is accessible to everyone. that the president has leveraged his office in the wake to advance his own
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political interests at the expense of our national security in our democracy. i think that is the simple message that they are trying to convey with these two articles. >> professor, when looking at this debate, how do you expect things to change or will they or will democrats continue to prosecute president trump and republicans continue to defend him? >> the experience of the nixon impeachment is illustrative because in that case, it was not until very late in the process that a majority of the members of the house and the senate reached a conclusion that the president should be impeached and removed from office. i think that in this instance, the facts are not disputed. i think what is really being disputed here is whether or not there are suspicions, grounds
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never impeaching the president. i think a lot of that will defend on how the american public understands the articles as they are presented here. >> and you bring up impeachment case against president nixon. when you step back and look at various impeachment processes over time, this particular case, the impeachment of president trump, democrats are essentially saying, this kind of potential for interference in u.s. elections is exactly what the constitution designed the impeachment process for. do you believe that is the case? >> i think so. it is very clear that when we go back and look at the discussions at the constitution convention, the concern is the situation where a foreign
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government seeks to influence our government and i can imagine the case in this. >> when you talk about the partisanship of all of this, what type of info do you think the articles of impeachment being lodged against the president is having on the american people as a whole? >> it is very divisive polarized time. i deeply regret that fact. i do think that one issue that i think ought to unite all americans as concerns about our national security and our autonomy. i think to the extent that the president and some of his supporters exonerate russia and its involvement in our elections in 2016. i think this is going to, i
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think this is going to persuade a lot of americans that if we are going to remain an independent and democratic country, we need to go ahead with the impeachment. >> we would have to leave the conversation there. we thank you for your team. thank you so much. going to the east bay this afternoon for two men made their first appearance in court today. >> reporter henry lee joining us with new details about what happened to the victim in three different counties. henry? >> reporter: and most of these cases, a husband-and-wife word tied up, separated and had valuables taken. now, victims i spoke to today are relieved. they have been charged with felonies and for home mission in where victims were tied up and blindfolded. >> all of the victims were just
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terrorized in their own homes. >> reporter: in three cases, couples were restrained and separated by armed mast invaders adding to their fear. >> zip tied and duct taped and some of the victims were dragged by their feet moving the husband to a different room from their wife. >> reporter: a 3.6 gpa where he played basketball despite being born without a fully functional left arm. but now, prosecutor mary knox said keeping a color-coded notebook with sketches of homes in nearby open spaces and shopping centers where they could blend in. >> he did research on locations, various locations that would give them an easy escape route. that if the police were to arrive. >> reporter: also monitored police radios. >> different big hymns could hear what they belie is a police scanner. >> reporter:, was kidnapped and taken to a berkeley apm before
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being released. then on halloween, the man confronted a couple in lafayette stealing the couple's bmw and spent and warning them not to call the police or else they would come back. 10 days later, police investigator in which the same man stole a couple of jewel's and mercedes, the husband tells me his wife herself well is keeping. next day, during a police chase, then posted real. >> at that point, we were still in in investigation. >> reporter: no, man went back to left it just before thanksgiving confronting another couple stealing high- end wine, gone, a portion generally that they to write to on in sacramento. the bail for both men are more than $9 million for each. two other suspects were also assessed arrested. as search for a third home invaders still underway. >> some terrifying details.
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including more in this case, just go to our homepage at developing news in new jersey. four people were killed including a police officer during a shooting rampage today that lasted for hours. those two shooters are believed to have died in the gunfire. ktvu's candace tells us authorities at this point do not leave this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: around of heavy gunfire rang out for hours in jersey city, tuesday. a gruesome chaotic scene. the violence left multiple dead including civilians and a police officer. >> two officers were shot. one recently gave his life and the second officer was shot in the shoulder. >> reporter: shrapnel injured two additional officers. the officer killed what detective joseph views of
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veterans of the force known for taking guns of the street. while doing his job, became involved with the suspect at the cemetery where he was shot and killed. demonstrable to a corner store leading to a standoff and shoot out. >> it was quick. and then i would joke that it was fireworks in december but it wasn't for the july. >> reporter: five people dead in the corner store. two of them believed to be the suspect. the other three, possibly civilians. >> our partners did an extraordinary job at a very very difficult circumstance with the high powered rifle fire where no other citizens. >> reporter: they found a stolen you hold that contain possible fire device. as their bomb squad examined the truck, their investigation into the shooting could last
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months. candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news. it is a merrillville sound every tuesday in san francisco. the reason the outdoor warning system is going silent. the historic agreement in south bay. how the deal could provide more drinkable water while preventing drought. weather, clouds across the entire bare area. showers, we have a chance of it moving to the the area. we will break down the chances, coming up. joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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$5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ officials have reached a historic agreement on the vital resource. water. >> decade-long deal will provide more drinkable water for residents and what resiliency from drug. ever reporter jesse gary has details in joins us live outside. jesse? >> reporter: good evening to you. the agreement reached today will last almost at the end of this century. we have 2095. at the course of the time it will provide more drinking water to two plans that will rebuild as well as helping to protect the environment. rarely have so many officials and elected to be the leader stood shoulder to shoulder toasting with recycled water.
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the completion of a difficult agreement. >> there has never been a 76 year relationship and number one, number two cities have different needs. number three, water is complex. >> the motion passes unanimously. >> reporter: they voted approval for a two-part agreement with the city's mountain view. andre, valley water will fund $16 million off a $20 million advanced recycled water treatment facility in palo alto. mountain view will be able to use the treated water for irrigation. freeing up between one and 3 million gallons of drinking water for residents. >> that is a big deal because water is a big deal. water, not having a different source of water, 49 drinking water, is really critical. the drinking water for the times when he. >> reporter:, half of palo alto's wastewater transferred to a valley water advanced water purification center for
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treatment. that water could then be added to the groundwater table and eventually be used as drinking water. >> ways in which we could develop and expand recycled water. >> this also reduces the amount of water that we are taking from the delta. and that will increase the amount of water for the fish and wildlife in that area which is a good thing. >> reporter: the two plants will be disjoint next year. construction to start in 2021. they hope to have a 10 by 2022. officials want to double the amount of water that is reused in santa clara county the current 5% to 10% in short order. live here in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. heading back to you. weather right here in the bay area, letter have the day, things turned gray and mark,
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you're tracking some showers for some folks here in the bay area? >> right. parts of northbay. we're not talking about any major storms that is a good thing. we need a break for that. here's a live camera look towards the estuary. san francisco there in the distance. cloud cover over the good portion of the bay area. mostly cloudy skies, just for a few scattered light showers especially for less than half of bay area each and every day as we head towards the weekend. good news, no major storms. no atmospheric rivers in the bay area forecast. here is the satellite radio the book of the rainfall right now, past 12 hours, focusing up here you can see some development out here in the pacific. we see some green living in the portions of the northbay. right now, northern sonoma county, been up toward portions
4:19 pm
of lake county, not all reaching the ground just yet but a few scattered showers approaching san francisco. pretty quiet on the south bay radar. current numbers, most areas right now into the 50s. san francisco, 55. san jose, 59 and walnut creek checking in at 56. another live camera for you at sfo, lots of clouds in place. tracking a few scattered showers throughout the evening hours. overnight lows, we're thinking 40s and the 50s and the possibility of still a few scattered showers first thing tomorrow morning as the system kind of fizzles out over the bay area. here's what our forecast models thing. not too much action into south bay. santa rosa, napa, fairly close to san frcisco, this is tomorr ma few sprinkles of very few light showers. 7:00 and throughout the day, still a few clouds.
4:20 pm
a few what sprinkles paying us a visit for your wednesday. cloudy pattern remains in place is when due thursday and multiple shower chances in our friday. all of that coming up in just a little bit. a hyper local news turn right here in the bay area is expanding. coming up, talking up live with the founders and their move to nonprofit organization. be sure to tune into and it is the mask singer continues at 8:00. one singer will be rebuilt. and that it is the moody's christmas special that continues at 9:00 that will be felt that at 10:00 news and the 11:00 news. all right here on ktvu.
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berkeley side is expanding with the new platform dedicated to oakland. to move is made possible by $3 million in grant money the site received from the google news initiative in the american journal's importer. joining us now is a two
4:23 pm
cofounders. thank you so much for coming here. congratulations on expanding. francis, let me start with you. why did you choose to expand into oakland? >> we have been reporting the news in berkeley for 10 years now and we've always certified oakland as an incredible new city. it is a city that is four times the size of berkeley. and with the cut next to local news all around the country, all around the bay area, we noticed that there was less and less news coming up about oakland and we thought that if we have the opportunity, we would like to go in and try to closely cover some of the communities that don't have voices now. >> oakland is a community you believe is undercovered. what are some of the key issues that you're going to tackle was this new platform launches next year? >> i think there are a lot of untold stories in oakland. part of what we're doing in launching this next spring is talking to people in oakland.
4:24 pm
talking to community leaders, talking to people out in the various neighborhoods about the stories they want to see. it is some very obvious stories, housing, on affordability of housing, homelessness, the education system, development in oakland, there are a host of issues around that that certainly there are plenty of stories to tell. >> so you've got a big infusion of cash here that goes a long way to be able to tell some of those stories. one and half million dollars from the google news initiative in 1.5 million from the american journalism project. what they did take to secure that money at how the disk come to be? >> we noticed that google's news initiative was giving out some money for different news sites content around the country. they give some money to them. and, we thought that they should actually partner with a small hyper local news site
4:25 pm
that has been doing it for a while. we think we know what we are doing. we talked to google and the news initiative people agree with us very, very quickly. they thought it would be very helpful. they want to help develop metrics and approaches and things that will help the news business and so by focusing on a small side, they might learn some russian steak which apply elsewhere. >> were you given assurance that google will not try to have some sort of sway over what stories are governor and how they are covered? >> we have never been interested with the money that came with strings attached. it is very specific in the contract that there will be no involvement whatsoever in the editorial and that would've been a very fundamental point for us. >> we know that google is making a lot of money off of local news content while the local news industry has taken a hit. ad revenues are falling, see layoffs in a lot of newsrooms.
4:26 pm
did that give you pause at any point in this process? did you have any second thoughts about partnering with google? >> was we met the people from google news initiative, we didn't have any second thoughts but we were aware about the role of social media and online form in siphoning funds from newspapers and organizations, without the molded of all ourselves. we are also grateful for the opportunity to expand into oakland. maybe some people could say that it is a great thing that, it is a great thing that google is doing it. >> there is sort of a shifting business model, speaking of which, berkley said, you guys are changing now to become a nonprofit? what does that allow you to do, why the change? >> i think in some ways, we have probably always been a nonprofit without the tax status. furry community oriented, very mission driven. what the nonprofit status will
4:27 pm
allow us now, however is to get grants like the american journalism project money which was only available to nonprofits. and there is this growing ecosystem for nonprofit news. we can tap into that. both funds will also support. we also of course live and work in one of the wealthiest regions in the world and we are quite of domestic that there will be people in the bay area who want to support local coverage on local news. >> i think there are a lot of people like that out there. before i let you guys go, francis, what about a name for the oakland site? some ideas? >> it has been much easier to get $3 million in funding than actually fell on a name. we are working on it. >> we appreciate you both come in and. congratulations on the expansion. cofounders of berkeley side. thanks for coming in. greatness. it is one of my go to sources.
4:28 pm
all right, a big development and they can have this driving. the historic cross country trip just completed things to technology from a cooper base company. >> the u.s. now has a tree deal with mexico and canada. i am in washington with details of the deal, coming up.
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♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ changes coming to one of the familiar sounds in san francisco. the city's public warning system will be going silent for a sauce two years.
4:31 pm
the emergency siren system tested every tuesday is undergoing renovation. >> i hear it every week. sara zendehnam explains what people are asked to do in the meantime. >> reporter: if you're next to one of the 119 emergency sirens in san francisco at noon today, you heard it go off. if you missed it, you won't be able to hear it again for another two years. did you hear that? cars driving, people talking, for the next two years, that's what it will sound like a 12:00 pm on tuesdays in san francisco. instead of like this. the city's outdoor public warning system sirens have officially been silenced after one less alert today because it is getting enough great. >> it is almost like a church bell going off or something where you expect it at a certain time. the last major upgrade of the 8- year-old system came in 2005. the san francisco department of emergency management has the $2.5 million project have a new
4:32 pm
operating system stronger encryption and hardware to improve its liability and security. it could take up to two years to finish. >> the need to be programmed and tested. especially with emergency communication, because it is so important that these tools work reliably when they are in we needed. >> reporter: during a possible water contamination situation on treasure island. the siren will warn people about emergencies ranging from tsunamis to nuclear attacks. an upgrade is important. >> modified to make it better and for safety, of course. upgrade. >> reporter: in the meantime, signing up for alert as a will send emergency information straight your cell phone or go do the easiest thing, get to know your neighbors. >> the best tool is our connection to our neighbors, friends and family during times of need. >> reporter: signing up for alert as of it's easy, all you
4:33 pm
do is text your zip code to 888777. in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. a silicon valley startup called was a i announced they just made history. the company says it's prototype, donna struck completed the first crust on the trip of it's kind. akamai safety driver was inside the salmon from california to pennsylvania. the truck merrily drove in autonomous mode. the trip took less than three days and it went smoothly. joining us now is dr. william a professor at the university of san francisco with an expertise autonomous vehicle technology. professor, how big of a deal this is? >> this is a huge accomplishment. driving close to 2500 miles. a system that can almost drive itself and almost in all conditions. it is a big deal.
4:34 pm
concept for future technology. >>'s plane a little bit more about this level four allergy. >> what it means is in almost all conditions, the car can operate and that includes most kind of like rain, snow and various like. >> also, looking at locations and mapping as well. >> that is right. grappling with roadway conditions are vehicles surrounding, it is sensing all of the things surrounding it and delivering that. >> it is important that we talk about it is better because in this case, it was a personable product that was, you know, tracked all the way across the country and this autonomous vehicle. >> it really be the case for on the nation and the fact that in the future we will be able to
4:35 pm
deliver products more efficiently and in a more safe manner as well. >> talk a little bit of what is meant different industry as a whole. >> it is proof of concept that the technology, the center street, and other companies have been using, can combine cameras, rater in something that is called like her and it works. it also shows that technology can be used and that it actually can be used for product deliveries. i think that and industry as a whole, shows that this first case isn't, these cases of logistics, product delivery. >> as we mentioned, really big achievement. there is a flipside here, and that is what does this say about the future for truck drivers.? >> a good question and i do
4:36 pm
think that we tend to overstate the quality of driving jobs and understate the number of jobs that are left in the industry. right now, it is actually a hard industry to record for. and, we do have an opportunity to return an existing labor in the professional driving industry for safety drivers the way policies are written. a lot of people are talking about the issue of weaver in the driving industry and i think it is somewhat overstated is something we need to pay attention to. >> all right, the future is here. thanks so much, appreciated. today, the u.s. finalize a tree deal with canada and mexico. reaching an agreement sweeping bipartisan approval but did no come easy. it is a result of long-running negotiations between democrats and republicans. >> reporter: lawmakers are showing it is possible to work
4:37 pm
together amid the most divisive times of modern political history. they are telling a new tree deal with canada. the usmc a. it is meant to be a replacement for nafta. now, more than a quarter- century old. >> it will immediately help our farmers and manufacturers. our lawmakers. >> reporter: democrats say that the changes as a result of contentious negotiations with the white house. >> this got really hot on the number of locations. i said we set a world record by hanging up on each other. >> reporter: within the privates between the three countries give more business to american manufacturers. usmc eight include stronger labor standards with violations resulting in policies and goods and services. it increases
4:38 pm
and protection. for prescription drugdurable generics. generic sections of expensive branded drugs much sooner than before. representatives are heading to mexico and canada to cement the deal. vote in congress is expected sometime before the end of the year. in washington, fox news. former quarterback said to be on the next month. there's push back. live interview with the sports reporter who wrote about the petition to get the nfl to change its mind. lots of clouds moving in the past few hours. talking about a few showers. we are going to have more on your forecast,
4:39 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit michael vick is expected to have a starring role. his selection is not sitting well with a lot of people. more than 360,000 people so far have signed petition to try to stop vick from participating.
4:42 pm
he is the quarterback sent to prison for running a dog rink. cindy, what do we know about the selection process? how and why was michael vick chosen? >> reporter: michael vick, you know, he is one of the great stories in the nfl. he is returned brokered by caddell as part of the philadelphia eagles and. they were not about to let this guy sort of founder after he served his prison sentence for that dogfighting enterprise. honoring him is kind of an odd thing. they are always looking for attention and falls generally right before the super bowl or after, it is preferred this year. could you hold on a well,
4:43 pm
people don't pay too much attention to it because of the super bowl. there was a thought about honoring him as a cap and, generally, then alleviation for that community, signing autographs. working with players in such. and, he has come back. he had a successful career since his gun and out of prison. >> and, cindy. i asked some folks on twitter on what they think about this. some people go straight to the point. he served his time, but he made amends. lived a good life since. had a champion right now for animal rights. still, though, it is a controversial pick. talking a little bit more about this petition. >> reporter: someone posted a petition on and it posted about half 1 million signatures now. they are actually free petitions.
4:44 pm
one urges hunters to avoid. it sounds like a lot of people but you know, half 1 million people in the general scheme of the number of people that watch nfl games, i think it is probably not a vast number. you know, i think it probably will die down a little bit. maybe as we get closer to the game. >>, cindy, do you think the nfl will change its mind? >> reporter: so far, they have not. i think that would make a difference. when the money walks away. >> well we would have to see what have is when the pro bowl is laid. cindy, appreciate your time. thank you. talking about the weather
4:45 pm
now and we're going to take you up the hill here. this is a live look at those snowcapped peaks right outside of lake tahoe there. a beautiful shot there. a chile late afternoon of their in the mountains. back here at home, in the bay area mark, we have some light showers that are going to be moving through tonight. mainly focusing up north. >> that is right. the system for falls apart over in northern california was quite the transportation in the best two to three weeks and this year and here in the bay area. outside right now, lots of lots and place and tracking a few scattered showers moving into the north bay this afternoon heading to your tuesday evening. thankfully, this will not be a major system. ab about a quarter of an inch could be approaching half an inch. wins around 20 miles an hour. this year are picking up a little bit of snow. maybe one or two inches. up about 6000 feet. the reader is once again covered with some grain.
4:46 pm
you can see some of the activity developing up in portions of the north bay. this afternoon, especially up in sonoma county, santa rosa, up towards cloverdale and also approaching lake county as well. this afternoon, little bit more coverage here. approaching san francisco near the shoreline, ocean beach, not so much action. south bay, not a whole lot. we're not expecting much in the way of rainfall. maybe trace amounts. current numbers, we have lots of 50s. santa rosa, 54. san jose, 59 degrees. outside right now, our cameras looking at mt. diablo. clouds moving back into the area. we have the right portion of your screen. this will not be a huge factor but this could be 10 to 20 miles an hour. rain forecast this week, show you a bigger view here. you'll notice that over all of headline that is the bulk of the rainfall focused up here
4:47 pm
they kind of taper off by stewart your way through san francisco, monterey. this is right on through sunday that is going to be the theme with maybe a few scattered showers paying us a visit but most areas under a quarter of an inch of our rain. tomorrow morning, cloudy skies, few sprinkles are a light shower or two. afternoon, holding onto cloud cover, mostly cloudy skies at 3:00. here is the next system coming on board as we look upstream. a very active weather really nothing showing up to impact our weather pattern. tonight, more clouds, few scattered showers developing especially up in the northern half of the bay area and over the next few days, for thursday into saturday, you will see the storm tracker appear, close enough to the bay area, maybe a few scattered rain showers that would be favoring the north they. here's the forecast model, here are the showers moving through tonight into tomorrow morning.
4:48 pm
this is 7:00 and then into wednesday afternoon, some clouds may be a sprinkle or two for tomorrow afternoon. thursday, we could have a few sprinkles of flight shower and then into thursday night, probably the most cloudy skies. forecast highs tomorrow, mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s. when i was putting together this five day forecast, i was not very happy because we're not come minting to one thing. >> all over the place here. >> exactly. that is what the pattern is like. a lot of bouts, there may be a sprinkle or light shower. best bet could be friday and once again into saturday evening. but at least nothing like what we saw last weekend. >> you might want to be prepared. always have folks really. the trump administration is backing away from plans to
4:49 pm
expand its use of facial recognition at airports. >> explaining what privacy advocates are so concerned. coming up in minuat 5:00, users all saying the same thing, there's a new drug ripping through san francisco and tefft have skyrocketed because of it. >> this is not right. cannot be happening. somebody needs to hear this. >> and they did here. coming up in, her life- saving medical treatment, she gets the news that she will not be. coming up at 5:00. ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52
4:50 pm
satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
4:51 pm
the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
4:52 pm
the trump administration is backing of a controversial plan to use facial recognition in all u.s. airports. the administration is bracing unexpended use of that technology. more on the growing controversy over privacy concerns. >> reporter: whether we realize it or not, most of us use some type of recognition software every day. the privacy advocates are raising alarms that that growing use of environment by president trump. administration including u.s. c idea was scrapped after big objections from lawmakers and
4:53 pm
activists's. the administration is making more limited use of facial recognition at a number of airports and other agencies like customs and border protection are also using it. a growing number of critics say it amounts to illegal surveillance and trades too much freedom for too little security. >> not overly comfortable. >> you never know. tenures, 20s, what that information might be used for. >> reporter: any new technology should be on the table when it comes to saving lives. >> if they are in public, they are going to be photographed no matter what so, i feel that is not a for me. i'm okay with that. i don't do anything wrong, nothing to worry about. >> reporter: beyond the privacy concerns, scared experts are also worried about it potential data breach giving hackers a potential way to get data. >> the concern is how to protect the data and to keep the data safe from threats.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: they are considering a bipartisan bill with wiring that they should get worse before using the software. merriam-webster has announced its word of the year. for 2000 and in. this year selection is the pronoun "they". the use of the word to refer to a single person who gender identity is non-binary. searches for the definition of "they" on the website and app increased by 313% in 2019 over the previous year. the dictionary also listed quid pro quo and impeachment. two of the words with the biggest spikes in searches during the patch 12 months. vladimir putin calls a fan politically motivated. how the country plans to respond.
4:55 pm
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russian president vladimir putin is appealing his country's olympic been. >> the band will last for four years. more now on the fight. >> reporter: russian officials planning to appeal the decision to ban the country from world sporting events for the next four years. the world and high dopey agenng
4:58 pm
monday. officials suggesting it is politically motivated. >> translator: i think one has every right to say that these decisions are not based on care for international sport. >> reporter: the band is saying doping in the russian at least is the reason for the band. divan still allows for athletes to complete under neutral fact. that is, is not suspected of cheating. >> we definitely want to guilty people to be punished in the hardest possible way. >> reporter: that ben is in the first for russia. the international olympic committee band more than 40 athletes for competing in that year's winter games.
4:59 pm
they were reported cheating during the 2014 winter olympics. >> this is now the third time attempted to fit in the same consequence to russia state sponsored. >> reporter: they have 21 days to respond to the sections. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. officers under fire for hours in the neighborhood of jersey city, new jersey. the gunfire finally ended, six people including a police officer were dead. good evening, and julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a police officer were shot and killed after that, a long standoff unfolded at the grocery store about a mile away where the two suspects and three other people were killed. jersey city is just across the hudson river from manhattan. gunfire about integrating the
5:00 pm
labor described as a diverse and gentrified. ktvu's candice nguyen following the developments in our newsroom. >> reporter: police did not believe that was an act of terror but possibly a police response gone wrong. known for confiscating legal guns. he was on the job and gunfire rang out leading to chaos. sporadic heavy gunfire rang out for hours in jersey city, tuesday. a gruesome chaotic scene. divan stuffed multiple debt including civilians and a police officer. >> two officers were shot, one recently gave his life and pronounce at the jersey medical center. the second officer was shot in the shoulder. >> reporter: shrapnel injured two additional police officers according to the police chief. the officer killed was officer fields known for taking guns of


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