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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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amber lee is live at the mascone center where open world is usually held. >> reporter: this is another conventioning held here this week, attracting researchers and scientists from all over the world. everyone we spoke with agrees that the streets are t-shirty and the hotel roops too expensive. but there is different reaction. >> reporter: the hearn geophysical union, an international nonprofit scientific association. it went elsewhere in 2017 and 2018. >> i'm kinda glad to be here. >> reporter: but some attending the conference say even budget motels are expensive and they're worried about their safety. >> we did see someone get mugged on the street the first day we were here at 1:00 in the
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afternoon. >> reporter: people who attended the open world conference found san francisco's hotel rates too high and the streets in poor conditions. oracle is moving its conference to las vegas. "the city is taylor-made to hosting largekale events." >> it's a huge loss for the whole city. brought in over 60,000 people. >> reporter: a coalition that represents small businesses in the city. the state of many streets have gotten progressively worse. >> we're in a crisis in san francisco. and small business has been affected for many, many years. now it's affecting beg boys,
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big conferences as well. >> reporter: "woe sorry to see oracle open world move to las vegas. but we'll be booking, events to fill that space in the future. ." >> i don't know if i would come become if the conference wptd here. it's a lot of crime it seems like. >> i would much rather go to san francisco. >> reporter: in a written statement, the mayor says the city will continue to expand its street-cleaning efforts and add sheltered to help the homeless. he also says the city needs to work with the traveller station and the hotel council to address the high cost of health rooms. >> amber lee in the stetoin. thank you.
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a brauj of gunfire on the streets of jersey city, new jersey, today left three people dead, including a police officer and two innocent bystanders. the shorts were also found dead. >> it happened in a quiet neighborhood around jersey city. for >> new tonight, the city's mayor says it appears you in that shooter specifically targeted the kosher jersey city market. they still have not released names of the other items and two attackers. the police officer killed was joseph steele, a father of five. >> reporter: neighbors took sheltered in homes, businesses and schools. s.w.a.t. teams exchanged a brauj of bullets with the two attackers. the suspects rush interested a
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kerber store, and rapid giver gunfire. as many as 100 children were trapped in a small synagogue and still near the scene. >> they banged on the door to make us open up sethey could use the place to get up and hang out and sthoot from there. >> reporter: officers managed to rescue one woman, backing her out to a safer location. but thee bystanders were killed among with the two shoorts. police within one of their own detectives was also killed. the shooting started nearly a mile away from a mraeshgd vfrnthing a homseveral approached one of the suspects.
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joseph steele was fatally shot. a fet of the husband and further of foefb, killed nutwo woke woks just before xriz. >> reporter: officers say the van appeared to contain explosive devices. on tuesday night. the jersey city mayor stated on twitter that quez paced on our initial investigation, we nuknow the active shooter tarnthed the location they attacked." two other officers were injured in the shootout. two more police officers were hit by gunfire. one sustained a injury to the shoulder. one sustained another injury to the body. >> reporter: those two officers have been released from the hospital. this investigation could take
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weeks and they're traying to tomorrow the mettive. trying to determine the motive. the mother of a man who was shot by san francisco police on saturday says there had to have been some other option. 26-year-old man survived but may be paralyzed. >> reporter: frank, he's in critical condition. and the incident has enflamed families whose loved ones were also shot by police. in this new case, officers tried to question a young man in connection with a burglary. >> if i stop you and grab you, don't shoot me. >> reporter: his mom is trying to understand how her 26-year- old son ended up in a bloody altercation with san francisco police. >> all he wanted to be is left
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alen. i know my son. his intentions were not to hurt anybody. >> reporter: video caught the aftermath. witnesses said hampton broke a battle over one suspect's head, and opened fire. the police described it as a sudden, violent assault. >> this person would have accept escaped an artery, or an officer. >> reporter: in which case they had to find themselves. >> he would have immediately had his gun taken away and been shot or killed. >> you're gonna shoot me? and i have no weapon? >> reporter: she says her son has been struggling. he linebacker living in a drug rehab facility in oakland but
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ended up on the streets of the mission. >> everybody falls down. you don't go around shooting them. >> reporter: police critics say the shooting sets a pattern. >> police break their own department's policy of time and distance. >> excess use of force happens three teams more in the city of 41. why is that? >> reporter: so far she has not been allowed to see him. >> why can't i go see my son? what is the problem with me seeing my son? >> reporter: these are restrictions apparently imposed by the district attorney's office until hampson is formally arrested.
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sfpd holds a town hall for public within ten days. the officer's body-worn camera may shed more light. >> thank you. a new development in the ghost ship ware house case retrial. the lead attorney for derrick almena wants to reinterview the jurors from the first trial in order to help him prepare for the second one. almena is is set to be retried in march on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, stemming from the fire that killed 36 people in fruitvale in december, 2016. the house committee is introducing two particles of
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impeachment. >> house democrats announce charges against president trump, how the president is suspending and the next steps in the impeachment process. >> the rain moves onto the afternoon commute. and the rain is still falling in part of the bay area. wrap brap >> the 49ers give back in a big way. what 400 kids received tonight. here, it all starts with a simple...
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enjoy your first payment on us when you lease a new volvo. now through january 2nd. a good downpour in san francisco tonight. our photographer captured these pictures around 7:30. bill martin is here now with a look at the storm. >> brief rain on the afternoon commute. and at times it came down pretty hard. some of the rainfall got up to nearly 0.25. mainly in the north there. santa rosa coming in at just about 0.25. it really in a rapid amount of time. pretty significant for only an hour or so of rain.
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here's the system now. slipping up into the hills. we still have showers just east of the area. pleasanton, the livermore valley. some moderate linger. then learning around morgan hill and gilroy. the plan is for this to move on out. we'll get to the forecast for tomorrow and beyond. it's gonna be a week full of clouds and maybe some sprinkles. today house unveiled two articles of impeachment ooh, using him using the office in order to investigate a political rival. >> in service to our duty of the constitution and to our
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country, the house committee is introducing two articles. >> reporter: two articles of impeachment against president trump tuesday. charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> efforts that compromise our national security and len the integrity of our elections. throughout this entiry, he has attempted to conceal the evidence from congress and from the american people. >> reporter: the president ignored the interest of the nation. when he allegedly withheld military aid to get ukraine to investigate jeand hunter biden. >> the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this, why dent you just let him cheat in one more election? >> the house judiciary committee will likely debate and voeft on the articles by
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the end of the week. it will likely fall look party lines democrats just don't want to accept trump is president. >> it is not difficult to defend this president. it is very difficult to defend this congress on what they have done. >> reporter: the president suspended at a campaign in pennsylvania. >> they announced impeachment and then an hour later, she announced that she's going to do usmpa. you know why? it's a huge deal. and it plays down the combeem because they're embarrassed by the impeachment. and our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her stupid impeachment. >> reporter: democrats say these charges are what the founders had in mind when they gave congress the power of people. le. >> this is precisely the situation where a foreign think seeks to influence our government and i can't imagine
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a severer case than this. >> reporter: the white house press secretary released a statement calling this baseless and partisan. michael bloomberg is headed to california it were to campaign for the democratic bid for president. if he is elected, he said the u.s. will regin the paris limelight accord. tomorrow morning, bloomberg will take part in a roundtable discussion in stockton. a very merry christmas for 400 underserved children and their families. >> they were special guests of the 49ers. the 49ers' "hope for the
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holidays" event. thiare went >> reporter: excitement on the faces of these kids. for some of them, they've never been to levi stadium in santa clara. >> it's magical. >> it means a lot for me. i can only imagine for them. that the finers are doing this. >> reporter: a brand-new backpack, pikes, toys. not to mention a simple haircut. >> it's an opportunity for many of our kids to get a haircut, this time of the year money is tight for many of our families. >> reporter: the boys and girls
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club of sill condition valley. remembering many of the children are fans. >> it's this that we're having right now, i feel like it's so great to be able to use that to give back to the people who love us and give us 7 support. >> reporter: ben garland helped donate money to purchase bikes, helmets and locks. >> we're out there having a blast and work hard. tame there's people that have a really tough time during those homes. to leeflly help them as much as you can. >> reporter: that's what this season is all about. giving back. >> football is our life. it is our livelihood. and it's how we provide for our families. but it is just a game. >> reporter: for many of the players, the event is just as
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rewarding to them as it is for the kids. >> it's funniy because i'm the 0-lineman, and none of the kids know who i. but seeing my other testimonies around here, catching touchdowns every sunday. it means the world to them. >> reporter: next game this sunday against the atlanta falcons. >> association-linemen are very person. >> yes, you are. perhaps young divback for the raiders took place in an even for the navy tonight. the raiders teermed up with the united way bay area and a group from union city to create a night of holidays park. >> we partner with union city
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kidz zone and support the wish list of their families. we have about 63 families here today. the events tonight included tin picture booth and story time. still heed, oakland votes on a plan that could reduce taxes on pot shops. >> it's the first class action claim against sonoma county from the tubs fire in 2017. ♪
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a san jose soccer coach is under arrest for inappropriate behavior with minors. authorities say the alleged behavior happened between november of 2018 and last month. gutierrez is a walk-on varsity soccer coach at gunderson high school in san jose.
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cannabis businesses currently pay a city tax of 10% or less depending on valleys, on top of sales tacks which brings the cannabis tax in oakland to about 40%. the ordinance would create a top city tax of 5% of gross receipts or less depending on size. supporters say local businesses will benefit. >> i ask the council here to think of small business, to think of black and brown business. and to think of the longevity of this program, as well as the example you're setting for the rest of the country. >> the mayor opposes the idea saying it could cost the city as much as $four million a year. three santa rosa residents
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are now suing sonoma county in
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a san jose soccer coach is under arrest for inappropriate behavior with minors. authorities say the alleged behavior happened between november of 2018 and last month. gutierrez is a walk-on varsity soccer coach at gunderson high school in san jose. cannabis businesses currently pay a city tax of 10% or less depending on valleys, on top of sales tacks which brings the cannabis tax in oakland to about 40%. the ordinance would create a top city tax of 5% of gross receipts or less depending on size. supporters say local businesses will benefit. >> i ask the council here to think of small business, to think of black and brown business. and to think of the longevity of this program, as well as the example you're setting for the rest of the country. >> the mayor opposes the idea saying it could cost the city as much as $four million a year. three santa rosa residents are now suing sonoma county in the latest legal action tied to the disastrous tubs fire two years ago. >> roefrp location, various locations that would give them an easy escape route if the police were to arrive. >> the research the >> the largest contract in baseball history. joe will tell us who the play is and which team signed him to a nine-year $324 million deal. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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two fairfield men accused in a series of terrifying home invasions made their first court appearance today. >> henry lee has new information about what happened to the victims of these crimes that happened in three bay area counties. >> reporter: charged with two dozen felonies in the east bay where victims were tide up and blindfolded. >> terrorized in their own home. >> reporter: in three cases, couples were restrained and separated by armed masked invaders. >> zip-tied and duct-typed, and some of the victims were dragged by their feet. moving the husbands into different rooms from their wives. >> reporter: now prosecutor mary knox says he helped plan the invasion, keeping a color-
10:31 pm
coded notebook with sketches of homes and shopping centers where they could blend in. >> he did research on locations, various locations that would give them an easy escape route if the police were to arrive. >> reporter: they also monitored police radio. >> different victims in the robberies could hear what they believed was a police scanner. >> reporter: the spree began on october 29th in oakland's upper rockridge neighborhood. then on halloween, the men confronted a couple in lafayette, stealing their bmw and phone. ten dies later, an investigated home invasion. the husband tells me his wife cut herself while escaping. the app was arrested the next day. he then posted bail. >> at that point we're still investigating the whole invasion/robbery. so we were not charging him for that particular arrest.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: they went back, harassing another couple, stealing jewelry that they tried to pawn in sacramento. bail for both men, $9 million each. a search for a third home invader is still underway. new soelthss from sonoma county where authorities have revved a man in a carcarjacking. the carjacking happened on november 24th. the suspect was a caretake on property owned by the victim. somehow ward recovered his year. three days later, he was driving it when deputies tried to stop him. ward led officers on a chase.
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>> reporter: over the years he's seen that stimulant shift from cocaine to meth. >> what i see nine times out of ten almost is the crack pipe has been replaced by the bubble. the bubble i'm referring to is
10:34 pm
the typical pipe that someone will vaporize methamphetamine out of it. >> reporter: the increase in meth use has been laid out in san francisco's 2019 methamphetamine task force report. the report saying the percentage of arrests increased this year. at the same time cocaine and heroin arrests dropped. over the last ten years, the number of people dying from meth-related causes has increased seven fold. >> we have a complete crisis on our streets in san francisco right now. and we also have people dying. >> reporter: addiction medical specialist says he's also seen an increase in meth use. he says the drug's effect on the body of minds and useers make it especially difficult to kick. >> we try medications that are off-label to see if it would decrease to use, the cravings. it doesn't work.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: users agree that the grip the drug has on the body and mind makes it difficult to quit. >> speed i just don't do it. i find myself in a black hole all the time. >> reporter: part in the problem lies in the fact that the state has a 90-day substance abuse treatment model. but it can take more than a year to effectively treat methamphetamine addiction. the city says it needs a longer runway to help people kick meth for good. a concord woman a rare illness will avoid deportation and be allowed to stay in the u.s. to receive a potentially life-saving medical treatment. a medical deferment. there is a catch. the deferment is only good for two years then she'll have to reapply.
10:36 pm
>> >> she is a native of guatemala who came to the u.s. as a child so doctors could study the rare disease. she receives weekly treatments that are not available in guatemala. several bay area lawmakers helped her when her medical deferment was pulled. three people wounded at a library. the knife attack under investigation in historic city of auburn. >> and we're tracking the forecast. it includes a little bit of shower activity potential for the morning. then a little bit more in the five-day. >> and a good start to the winter season for sierra ski resorts.
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police in auburn are looking for the man who attacked three people at the placer library. it happened this afternoon in the sierra foothills. two of the victims were stabbed. a third was hurt when he tried to stop the attack. all three victims are now recovering in the hospital. the attacker was wearing all black and may have escaped from the city by getting on a public bus. no word yet on a public motive. we are getting late word tonight that a suicide bombing targeting a u.s. military
10:40 pm
convoy in afghanistan. one afghan military commander says the blast was powerful enough to cause mass casualties but there's no initial word of deaths or injuries. flight training students from saudi arabia have been suspended at three military bases in florida. the restriction affects more than 300 saudis. the navy says this is to ensure safety as they recover from trauma. they have been contained on- base by their saudi commanding officer. lawmakers in washington are touting a bipartisan trade deal with mexico and canada. the new move sets rules for trade between those three
10:41 pm
countries. it would replace nafta, now 25 years old. democrats a result of contentions with the white house. >> i think we set a world record for hanging up on each other, myself and the trade reps. >> the deal gives more business to american manufacturers of car parts. it also strengthens mexican labor unions and increases oversight of mexico's environmental laws, regulations and protection. president trump praised the agreement. representatives from the administration are heading to mexico and canada to cement the deal. a vote in congress is expected before the end of the year. still ahead, fencing couldn't keep them out. the new plan of action to keep wild pigs from digging up soccer fields. >> and rain returned to the bay area tonight. how long will it last? ♪
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mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs.ue leader. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the city of lafayette is taking steps to correctly the wild pig population. they have been digging up soccer fields at the community park as they forage for food. temporary fencing was not enough to keep them out. the city has hired a licensed trapper to capture the invasive
10:45 pm
animals. officials are also closing some nature trails during the process. ocess. new information about rescue dogs that are still missing after the vab they were are being carried in was stolen in fremont. one of the dogs, a white bulldog named fable, was located today and now being returned to its rightful owner. another bulldog is still missing. there are about two dozen dogs that were in the pet transport van when it was taken on monday. >> it is complicated with this many animals in this transport situation. we're trying to identify do these dogs have owners, where did they originate, and where's the goal? where's the end point? >> oakland animal services says it has cited the owner of the transport company. she plans to fight the counts of animal neglect. the world tree of hope is
10:46 pm
open for public viewing at grace cathedral in san francisco. it's decorated with hundreds of lights and thousands of paper cranecranes. everyone is invited to come get a firsthand look at the tree and share their wishes for the holiday season. >> sprinkles lingering out there tonight. pretty fast and furious for a short time. for a couple hours there, it was raining hard. zip 25 in some locations. elsewhere, 0./100th to a tenth of an inch. but it got wet. the system has moved past the bay area, east, stockton. eastern gilroy. still seeing a few the system moves through quickly. lingering showers in watson, gilroy, morgan hill. presently will be dry from the
10:47 pm
sky. puyou could see the scattered showers. it would be low grade. but it could possibly drizzle or do something like that. ice skating going on there. temperatures in san francisco in the low 50s. overnight lows tonight in san francisco are gonna get into the versus -- well, in places like mill valley, 49, 50 degrees. overnight lows on the cool side. fog and low clouds again tomorrow morning. this whole week is gob characterized pie a lot of cloud cover, a lot of westerly flow. and a slight chance for a few sprinkles. in the morning and even in the afternoon but it's low-grade stuff. that's your day tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. and valley fog and a little bit of fog along the coast too.
10:48 pm
there's your valleying fog tomorrow morning, 8:00 am. and you can see a chance of a few sprinkles. the afternoon on wednesday, more clouds. main system to the north. thursday morning, what do we do with that? thursday afternoon and friday morning. friday afternoon looks like we might get a little bit more something but it's really diffuse. the cool temperatures in that off-chance of a sprinkle, a shower, what you have. there's the five-diforecast. see you back here at 11 complk. 11:00. nine feet of snow at the lake tahoe region has the winter season off to a strong start in. truckee, bookings for many of the 420 hotel rooms and 1,600
10:49 pm
vacation homes are on an uptick. it's also bringing pleasant of foot traffic into businesses and restaurants and giving winter workers plenty of hours on the clock. >> they have been really, really fun. a lot of people getting excited. the locals are getting excited. having the snow and the mountains starting to pop has been an awesome time. getting out there and playing with the snow has been fennel. phenomenal. >> the recent storms have brought a relatively wet snow which builds a great base. one of the items that witness belonged to jerry garcia has been sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. that includes his shadowcaster guitar named alligator. the sale prois, $524,000. the initial estimate said it would go for about $400,000. garcia died of a heart attack
10:50 pm
in 1995. nine years, $324 million. it's the largest contract in major league baseball history. and it's a pitcher who's getting it. >> then on the 11:00 news, a protest over saturday's police shooting in san francisco.
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more than a hundred bay area students gathered at the space center for an event called basketball decoded. it was designed to help young people get hands-on experience in computer coding and other skills. mark ibanez was the master of ceremonies and he shared some career advice. >> my dad always told me if you find a job that you love, that  you don't dread going to every day, you'll never work a day in your life. >> the students spent the day exploring their central career options and learning more about the rapidly changing world of highway-tech. >> you were there toin.
10:54 pm
tonight. >> a good career path also might be learn to be a major log pitcher. the numbers cope getting hier as it becomes more and more profitable to be a highway- priced player. garrit coal, the rich gerrit cole, niniers $throe 24 million. that's $36 million a year. he won 20 games left season. $1.ity million per win. he pitched in throw gim gims. cole set know astros record last yore. the [ engine noise ] were active today. >> >> the [ engine noise ] assigned a starting pitcher of their own, kevin gosmachine.
10:55 pm
august 18th hoe tlou what is referred to as an immaculate inning against the card untils. noin pitches, all strike, struck out the side. hoe is 28. giants made a deal with the angels to acquire a couple of infielders. cozart was an all-star with the red negligence 2017. it's been a sxoiment with the angels for two years. the angels were happy it be rid of. the giants' offer gets another infielder, will wilson, the 15th overwhelm pick in left year's draft. wilson batted 0.275. sharks hit the road left week for four games. they did not improve their standings in that stretch. the most mem republic part of
10:56 pm
their game tonight in nashville, the manager decided to take on two members of the pred irrelevants. he mixes it up. why not go after austin watson as well? the team served 19 penalty minutes. the third period, nationals got on the board. sharks did have a chance to tie. boudreau may beings his run. but the sharks go down 3-1. they're currently four in the west. >> >> the wal football team is going belling for the second year in a row. evan weaver received the honor today. the eighth kam player to be
10:57 pm
named conference player of the year or coplayer of he had 22 tackles in a single game. patrick willis, first-time draft pick of the 49ers in 2007. inducted tonight into the college football hall of fame. a pretty impressive class. willis played collegiately at the university of mississippi. >> it's truly an honor. i know that the fraternity is very small. so it should be one of those guys who have been inducted. to get included is truly special. just glad to be representing
10:58 pm
ole miss. the warriors will play another team at the bottom of the standing tomorrow night when they host the knicks. the knicks have four wins and have just fired their head coach. shooting has been a problem. 43% from the field. 33% from three-point range. the season has an entirely different dynamic. >> we turn it off, we run through a lazy offensive sequence. and we don't have that kind of margin for error. last night we were just scattered. and it cost united states because we were playing a team that we had played earlier in memphis. something to check out on this tuesday night.
10:59 pm
>> oh, man. >> at least it ends well. heron gets the ball to his teammate who finishes what he could not. minimize the impairment. even though hear about this from his teammates. st. john's 82-71. he was happy, doing what he's doing, everything he could to make his life better. >> we are hearing from the mother of a 26-year-old man shot and wounded by san francisco police. she believes police had less environment options during that confrontation. >> the young man survived but his family says he may be
11:00 pm
paralyzed. deborah is in the studio where protestors gathered in thanes into that shooting. >> reporter: frank, saturday, about 8:30 in the morning, started with two officers trying to question a man about a burglary. it ended with gunfire. >> if i grab you, don't shoot me. hit me with a tazer. >> reporter: this mom is trying to understand how her 26-year- old son ended up in a bloody altercation with san francisco police. >> all he wanted to be is left alone. i know my son. i know he's i good person. his intentions were not to hurt anybody. >> reporter: cellphone video caught the aftermath. hampton shot multiple times. two officers sprayed with glass, one hospitalized, leaving his face and neck tuterred. hamilton broke a bottle


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