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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now. .62 santa rosa a good shot with about a half inch of rain. sfo with a quarter inch, dublin .21, not too shabby, not a lot but as we get three or four in a row, rain is what we're looking at for some. not as much to the south, there goes the system but now you get the onshore deep moisture with very light rain, 50s a lot of temperatures, and the systems continue all the way into saturday, cloudy, mostly cloudy and mild with off and on, 50s for a few but 60s for some. 6:00 in the morning, a little wet out there. as you said, that may affect the commute, right now we go to a couple what pictures, let's talk about the wet weather on the golden gate bridge, southern marin, the traffic is light but it is raining right now, i can tell by the way the water is beating up on the lens, same thing here at the bay bridge, you can see the
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cameras wet, it is raining right now, does little slow, highway 24, wet weather here driving over to the tunnel and wet weather in san jose, this might slow you down, we will have another update in just a few moments. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news from oakland where a body of a woman was found in her car on 98th avenue, police found the car responding to the activation of a shots fired in the neighborhood near e street around 9:00 last night. when the police got there, they found the woman's body. they discovered she had been shot in the head. people in the neighborhood say they heard as many as 10 shots. the police have not said if they believe the woman was targeted. we did reach out to local police and we are waiting to hear back. we get more information we will bring it to. several democratic presidential candidates campaigning in california today, tom steyer and michael bloomberg will stop in the bay area, joe biden will be in southern california. sara zendehnam is in walnut creek this morning to look at the event. >> reporter: good morning, tom
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steyer will be right here in walnut creek and just a few hours to meet democratic voters, the event is at the rossmoor event center starting at 12:30 today, then he heads over to napa tomorrow for another town hall event. then, his bay area tour continues tomorrow, he lived in san francisco and made a stop in south carolina tuesday before flying to california. the campaign has brought him to the golden state a few times now but is the first time michael bloomberg will address him. he's joining jerry brown in san francisco today at 2:00 where the duo will talk about climate. bloomberg try to reel in california voters he already had two northern california mayors on his side, the san jose mayor sam liccardo endorsed him and is now the california campaign supporter, he will also be with michael tubbs the mayor of stockton this morning. bloomberg is a newcomer to the presidential race and is trying to set himself apart from the democratic rivals. he richly attended the united
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nations climate conference in spain. >> the reason i'm here in madrid is very simple. i'm here because president trump is not i'm here because his administration refuses to lead on climate change and so others must do the work. vice president joe biden also on the road, he starting his day las vegas where he is hosting a town hall event, he will then make his way to california for fundraising events in los angeles and monica. as fort the event for tom steyer in walnut creek, starts at 12, the doors open at 12:00, it's open to the public. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. work to complete articles of impeachment against president trump today will then set the stage for a vote by the full house. if the judiciary committee is expected to convene this afternoon to amend the impeachment legislation for how
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speaker nancy pelosi, house democrats pursuing two articles of impeachment against president trump, first for abuse of power, the second for obstruction of congress. democrats say they sought to move ahead of peter proceedings because the president may be trying to influence the 2020 election. >> president trump solicited a foreign nation in the ukraine to publicly announce investigations into his opponent. and a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by russia to help his reelection campaign. >> president trump held a campaign rally last night in pennsylvania told the crowd democrats just want to retake the oval office. >> there are no crimes, this has to be an impeachment, you know why? they want to win mac election. >> president trump is only the fourth president in history to trace impeachment. presents andrew johnson and bill clinton both impeached but acquitted in the senate.
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president richard nixon resigned on the verge of a house impeachment vote. track happening today in redwood city, prosecutors and defense attorneys meet with the san mateo county judge in the trial accused of killing his girlfriend's children. tivoli is a real estate heiress from hillsboro acquitted on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy charges. the jury could not reach a decision on the same charges. prosecutors asked the judge for more time to decide if they want a retrial. expected to request at least one more week when they go to court today . also today the man charged with the stabbing death of a b.a.r.t. passenger scheduled to appear in court. jermaine grimm faces charges of murder and four other felonies, he scheduled to receive charges today, witnesses say grimm tried to steal the shoes of another b.a.r.t. passenger number 19th and another passenger reportedly saw what was going on, pulled
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out a knife and try to stop grimm, the passenger all over williams, lost control of the knife and was reportedly stabbed to death by grimm. in the south bay, three different agencies now reached a historic agreement on the vital resource, water, the board of santa clara valley water improved in agreement with the city with palo alto to provide more drinkable water for residents especially during the drought. under the deal, valley water will pay 16 of the $20 million needed to build a treatment plant in palo alto for recycled water. mountain view will be able to use the treated water for irrigation and that frees up 1- 3 million gallons of drinking water. >> is a big deal. water is a big deal, water, having a different source of water for non-drinking water potential activities is really critical, it saves the drinking water for the potential use we need. the second part of the
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agreement will see about half of the palo alto water transferred to a water purification center for treatment. that water could eventually be used as drinking water. back over to sal to look at traffic, we are just showing the golden gate bridge, definitely a still some wet roads. >> and a crash on the southbound 101 before the golden gate bridge at the sausalito on-ramp which is well, it is not really making a huge backup in the area but it might affect you and it might run a traffic break unfortunately, here just south of that, you can see traffic is okay, you can tell the weather will be a factor, and it starts raining we have a correlation with more crashes, this is a look at the bay bridge, raining right now, we do have traffic on highway 24 a little soggy as well, so, if you see this you give yourself an extra five minutes 10 minutes for the morning commute, we started to have a couple of crashes come in, as soon as it started
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raining we started seeing more fender benders as you look at the commute here, is also slow leaving dublin into pleasanton and the 880 is slowing down through hayward, still the south bay, it looks all right, this is a live look at the arthur mays commute, that looks okay, but, you know, the next 10 minutes, you know the drill, when it rains, the traffic slower. let's go to steve paulson's now talking about the rain. >> no doubt about it, sal, it is persistent, light, sometimes rain or drizzle. that will be about sfo and points south. about. there's more to the north but it just keeps on going. that will be the pattern into saturday. cassa darrow probably more than that. santa rosa, northern napa county, somebody asked me they're getting pretty good rain.
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dublin .21. petaluma to napa, napa is in vallejo, brentwood. not far away a little bit more. officially that is what san jose's reporting. is the more rain on the way? yes. .05 and .07, more for santa rosa, then more coming in looks like friday night into saturday, that pushes some temperatures which means santa rosa becky russian river, three quarters of an inch certainly could fall there, that is the focal part of the north, closer to the rocks of the of the heavier moisture, these are mild systems, once the air is saturated, pretty much now, we seek fog which does not take much to get light rain. 50s most of the temperatures, 51 in brentwood, pittsburgh, clayton, alamo, danville, hesitant. the warmest at 53, a lot of cloud cover, friday mostly
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cloudy, and 60 santa clara valley towards santa cruz off of 50, mid 50s out of the north, light rain and a lot coming across the pacific which means a zonal flow jet stream west to east, that takes us into saturday then a buckle in the gesture gets cooler drier into monday. i keep the grade your head because that could pop up anytime saturday, 56 to 64 for temperatures santa rosa to morganville. through saturday, this is about the time we will have you. 6:10 is the time, another unusual idea for the bay area homeless population, coming up at 6:30, the proposal to house people on board a cruiseship. new efforts support university of california to drop some of the requirements, the reason many people say the sat is unfair.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, happening today, volunteers in san francisco busy getting ready to cook a holiday meal at home. this morning is the grocery bag giveaway. allie rasmus there in san francisco to show us the preparations underway, we can see them behind you. >> reporter: yes, we are inside were all the action is happening, the giveaway starts at 7:30 this morning, takes a lot of work and preparation before hand obviously, these are the bags people are starting to pick up, you can see a lot of fresh fruit, fresh
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oranges, also staples for stuffing and rice and other items, this is part of the grocery bag giveaway, tell us more about it, i want to introduce the chief impact officer for glide. what sort of food will be in these bags today? but we have two bags, bags for folks here in the neighborhood, mostly asian seniors, chicken, fruit, rice, soy sauce, and fresh vegetables, cauliflower this year and off-site a more traditional holiday, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc., these are think so folks have a traditional holiday meal at home. >> you are expecting to give out 2500 bags of food here for people coming here and another 2000 delivered to people who cannot physically be here. can you talk about how great the need is? is it growing every year? >> the need is growing. i've been here almost 5 years. we are seeing more people, seniors, low income family with
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children, folks working-class trying to supplement their own food, food security. people who are working, to supplement income with food, we are trying to meet the need with food. >> reporter: with all the expenses, the dollars just not going far. >> not far enough, people are trying to make it work. >> 7:30 this morning, can anybody come and stand in line for a free bag of groceries no questions? but anybody can come, we have asked the questions we invite you to come join us. if they have the need we are here to fill the. >> people watching home can i d ob fill the bags today but we hold onto food donations later this evening? >> we have daily free meals every day, we are open for meals serving 2100 meals every day of the year, if you would like to donate, you can go to
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our website. we are here every day of the year, if you want to volunteer not just the holiday season,, in february, april, september . >> reporter: the need is year- round, thank so much. the chief impact officer for the foundation. they will start giving out groceries at 7:00. preparations are underway, we will check back with you guys in about an hour from now to see how it is going. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu. 6:15, the university of california with two lawsuit cases accused of discrimination requiring prospective students to take standardized tests. the lawsuit demands the campus system eliminate the requirement for applicants who take the sat or act test. the lawsuit complains the test discriminate against the disabled, low income, multilingual and underrepresented minority students. some officials already considering dropping test requirements because they said research convinced them performance on the test
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strongly influenced by family income, parents education and others. the school board president jody london interrupted by people who served what they called a notice of intent to recall her from the school board, the group oakland is not for sale collecting signatures for the effort, the group staged a series of protests in recent months saying london played a major role in the oakland school closures and mergers, the district is millions of dollars in debt and did not comment on the recall effort. a small sally andrews preschool stays at the current location at least through the next school year. parents of kids of broadmoor preschool worried the unified school district would move the school which has been on the
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boulevard 30 years. the school district is considering relocating the preschool to the san leandro adult school about two miles away, parents say the community is very close knit and they want the school to stay where it is. >> i love being able to watch my child and adults and be involved in what she is being exposed to. >> school officials say discussions continue and no date has been set for a decision on the future locations of the preschool. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> we are keeping an eye on contra costa county, traffic here will be slow and highway 4 already, to get up on the map, you can also see full traffic on concorde to walnut creek and highway 24 also a little bit of slowing in lafayette and marinda, you get to the bay bridge, slow traffic already waiting for you at the toll plaza, actively raining there right now, that could
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slow your commute, the san jose commute looks all right, this gets a later start than usual and there is a live picture of the 280 and downtown, 6:19, let's bring steve and. of you seen the new control room about a month away x >> very nice, very nice. >> top shelf. mostly cloudy, drizzle and light rain continued, mild temperatures and mid 60s for some. to the north 50s. light rain into saturday. santa rosa, .62, more than that, dublin also close to that, not a lot since then. 15 100s. oakland, vallejo, san francisco. more on the way, these are weak systems but after a while, the next thing you know, hey, half inch of rain to an inch of
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rain. that line is mainly santa rosa. and inch of rain. the russian river i would not be surprised at all to see something like that over the next day or two. just a lot of moisture sitting across, when you're in a pattern, a dry one or everyone, it is tough to break down, dry this week. i do not know about that. sure enough, that is what we are getting, not a lot of jet stream support but enough deep moisture spreading across the rain. 52 palo alto in menlo park. now much of a change. pacifica 51 been 54 montero and union city. los altos hill everybody really close, a lot of cloud cover, cloudy, mostly cloudy, kind of cold and mild, foggy there, off and on rain into saturday, this is the westerly flow and jet stream, the zonal pattern, more clouds off and on rain, looks like jet stream buckles a bit by sunday, drier, cooler and
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breezy sunday into monday, the active pattern well into christmas eve just so you know it's a pretty wet pattern coming in 7010 days, light rain makes it through. 6:21 of the time. san francisco losing millions of dollars in basic challenges to keep business conferences in town, coming up, the reason oracle is taking the big conference to another big city. there are new safety concerns near the side of the volcano in new zealand, the reasons xmas believe another irruption is likely. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. welcome back to mornings on 2, a volcano venting more steam and mud after a deadly irruption two days ago, six people confirmed dead, eight others missing and presumed dead, all passengers on the royal caribbean crew show, rescue crews hope to begin recovery efforts today but increased volcanic activity preventing them from getting off of the island. >> we cannot put other people into jeopardy to go out where thnde is actually safe. >> the royal caribbean ovation of the seas made an emotional departure from the new zealand port yesterday, 30 people still in the hospital including 25 in
6:25 am
critical condition. one of the top politicians a once celebrated civil rights leader defending her country from genocide. addressing the international criminal court, a un report the military forced more than 700 thousand minority muslims from their homes since 2015. they called the report misleading. awarded the nobel peace prize in 1991, then under house arrest for almost 15 years. she has been criticized for rallying for human rights causes since she was in a position. authorities believe a jewish kosher market was targeted were six people were killed including a police officer. three bystanders and two suspect. almost an hour, jersey city police s.w.a.t teams change date barrage of gunfire, the sound of gunfire filled the neighborhood in all public schools are put on lockdown.
6:26 am
the shooting started about a mile away when a police detective investigating a homicide approached one of the suspects at a cemetery. jersey city police detectives joseph seale shot and killed. >> he was a good cop also a husband and father of five children. >> then the suspect's drove a stolen rental van to the kosher supermarket on twitter, the jersey city mayor said investigators believe the shooter targeted the market in the neighborhood too many orthodox choose -- jews. on board a christian, why one bay area lawmaker is adjusting the idea.
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the pretty little design on your screen with raindrops lingering. wet roads on the bay area you're watching mornings on 2. on the economy, a unique leader.
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there is the opening bell getting ready to rain this morning, the good news this morning, investors waiting to hear from the federal reserve weather to change interest
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rates. there is the opening bell live. all of your business news coming up in today's dollars and cents. we say good morning figure for joining us on mornings on 2 wednesday, december 11, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, thank you for joining us this morning, get out and do some running around because we get another premix storm? >> the 21st or 22nd. >> what about this weekend for people still trying. >> okay, saturday, get the tree saturday. >> you will be dry. >> sunday. get your tree sunny, sorry. >> light rain continuing often on light rain into saturday. saturday pamela. >> i've got it >> sunny looks better, drive:breezy at the bottom of the screen there. thursday and friday and saturday, light rain and the lower pacific heights,
6:31 am
completely different, that is what we call thunderstorms saturday, and inch of rain, light stuff you don't have to worry about. quite the show saturday. we do have a lot of moisture streaming across the area, we get this kind of pattern you get light rain and that is what we have often on your go 50s in the temperatures, mid 60s, 64 and 65 around gilroy and santa cruz to the north, rain north, not a lot but it is enough. all right, 6:31. sal is here, he will tell us? >> new crash on the east shore freeway, another one at san pablo, a new 180 westbound where he puts the arrow, these two are making it a lot tougher to drive from hercules into richmond, busy at the bay
6:32 am
bridge toll plaza, it started happening when the rain started moving in, we also have a crash in san francisco the southbound 101 at the 280 interchange, i would leave on the 280, not the 101 heading south, as you look at the south bay it is getting busy, more than just a few, let's go back to the desk. a member of the oakland city council proposing a cruiseship being used to provide housing for the homeless. cristina rendon joins us from the newsroom saying the plan will soon move forward. >> good morning to, roughly 1000 people in a cruiseship into affordable housing. we bought the city council president details in the works of the captain told the san francisco chronicle cruiseship companies contacted her about providing emergency housing. she says it houses a lot of people quickly, she also mentioned the idea at previous meetings. now it may be a real
6:33 am
possibility. they plan to bring the proposal to the council in january. >> the fact i made the comment from somebody here to somebody he knew to someone they knew now i reached out to somebody who actually does this, sometimes the words we speak can and do come true and maybe we can have a way to do it overnight with the cruiseship. >> the chronicle reports the cruiseship would be at no or low cost to the city with people paying for rooms on the cruiseship based on their income, details are still being worked out on this including options for cruiseship city park at the port of oakland, the city has seen a nearly 50% increase in the homeless population the past two years with an estimated 4000 people considered homeless, her idea is part of the permanent access to end homelessness in oakland within 15 years. live in the newsroom, ktvu, fox 2 news. time, police in auburn
6:34 am
arrested a suspect accused of attacking three people in the plaster county live room. the suspect arrested last night, police say two people were stabbed, another hurt trying to intervene yesterday afternoon go there still looking for another person of interest seen running from the scene your code no word yet on a possible motive. we are hearing from the mother of a man shot and wounded by san francisco police, she attended a protest last night at the city mission district where jamaica hampton was shot. the incident started saturday morning with two officers trying to question him about a burglary to an altercation with witnesses saying hampton broke a bottle over one of the officers has and they both opened fire. >> all he wanted to be is left alone that day. i know my son i know he is a good person. his intentions were not to hurt anybody. >> they were attacked out of nowhere.
6:35 am
and artery he easily could've had his gun taken away. it highlights the dangers police officers face every day. >> this is san francisco as first officer involved shooting of the year. they remain hospitalized in critical condition. 6:35, oracle moving the annual open world conference out of san francisco after more than 20 years in the city. oracle is based in redwood city. people attended the conference in the past found the san francisco hotel rates are too high in the streets are too dirty. now oracle is moving the conference to las vegas, the statement says the city and amenities are tailor-made for hosting large-scale events and we look forward to bringing the industries most comprehensive technology and developer conference to america's premier hospitality destination. >> huge loss for the city
6:36 am
because they have over 60,000 people, $54 million lost in revenue. >> in a written statement the san francisco mayor london breed says the city will continue to expand the street cleaning efforts and and shelters to help the homeless. she also says the city needs to work with the san francisco travel association and the hotel council to address the high price of hotel rooms. later today house democrats put the finishing touches on articles of impeachment, doug luzader joins us from washington dc this morning with details on how to set it is appearing for the impeachment battle. >> the house will begin the house judiciary committee what is called a markup of the articles of impeachment, the president in the meantime says it will backfire. >> reporter: hello pennsylvania. >> president trump any boisterous rally in pennsylvania saying impeachment
6:37 am
may be helping his reelection. >> poll numbers got to the roof because of the stupid impeachment. >> reporter: a direct shot at how speaker nancy pelosi after democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against the president, the judiciary committee fine-tunes later today with a full house vote as early as next week, the poll numbers may be shifting, a new one shows 51% of registered voters now oppose impeachment and removal. the challenge for democrats is to make their case. >> we hope they watch the hearing and the president and react to the evidence. >> i would be totally surprised if there were 67 senators to remove the present. >> he openly decides how the senate trial will run. and what happens. >> it will be right around the
6:38 am
time the ball game ends. how about that thanks a lot. >> we don't know senate run wou witnesses would be called. back to you guys. rain is happening with in effect, sal is here. >> the crash dave and pam we have been talking about very slow, slowing traffic coming in, almost all of the way back to the bridge, westbound 80 maybe closer to highway 4, nevertheless the whole stretch is going to be slow, we had an earlier crash and san pablo with slower traffic, the whole region is going to be slower, the crash started coming after the rain started, it looks like it may be stopped raining here at the toll plaza, now it is stopped, there have been no major issues, san francisco southbound 101 approaching the
6:39 am
280, a crash with the 101 a little slow, i take the 280 out of town, we go to the south bay where the commute fills in and there is a 280 north down downtown, slow traffic there, i heard pilots talk to each other about rain and some delays expected, later today because of the weather, we will keep an eye on that for you and call your carrier if you are taking a flight. let's bring stephen. >> >> light rain, right? >> yes. >> it 1/4" at sfo. hey now. cloudy and most accardi, drizzle, light rain, oakland, livermore, not so much, this will take us into saturday. in fact i think there will be rain for the russian river zeroing in on 3/4 already, cloudy and mild light rain, off and on rain saturday sunday, monday, dry but cooler and breezy, very active going out and by that i mean rain, even mountain snow is we don't the 21st and the 22nd two about
6:40 am
christmas eve, fyi as soon as we get closer. santa rosa just shy of a half inch of rain, sfo .24 and dublin .21, not a lot but a little bit, san jose south, probably not much at all that santa rosa north yes. decent photos coming, for tense does not sound like much but the russian river could easily be three quarters of an inch or more. that is the focus farther north. heavy rain still clicking right a long. a lot of cloud cover, 50 sunny temperatures, cloudy to mostly cloudy. 50 gilroy, 49 petaluma, only a few checking in and 40s. 54 santa a lot of cloud cover organized but a lot there, it begins with light rain . >> reporter: a more rain will
6:41 am
begin pretty high with this kind of pattern here, the fog in the valley, light rain on 80, that will be the issues here, not a lot to the system but a lot that keeps the rain going, most of the energy just to the north called his own pattern. west to east, looks like it will be more of a north to south by sunday and monday. until saturday, a lot of the cloud cover with off-and-on light rain go 60s for some, mid- to south then 50s to the north, too much cloud cover and rain, that will be all the way into friday night and saturday, cooler, dry, breezy and sunday. 6:41 is the time. 20 u.s. and china it's assents to go into effect this weekend come up next, the effect it is having on businesses and stocks and the remaining ticking points before a permanent trade. the city of oakland reducing tax on marijuana businesses in the city, we tell you business owners say high
6:42 am
taxes or hurting them. was take a look at the newsroom with what else's coming up on mornings on 2. when i join you in just minutes, how to avoid getting scammed even just a room for the next vacation. a new survey by the better business bureau relieved reveals how often we have dishonest writers. and the steps needed to take to make sure you are getting what you pay for. what to do if you are caught up in a scam. also, when is the last time you got a holiday bonus? one company went above and beyond and let employees share a $10 million bonus. how the company determined who got how much and the major milestone that prompted the surprise. a video showing the reveal the brought so many in that world and into our newsroom to tears. for top quality floors at rock-bottom prices,
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come to floor & decor. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. the pros come here. i come here. hands down the best place for floors. no question. floor & decor. welcome back to mornings on 2, the city council unanimously approved a measure to cut taxes on marijuana businesses currently cannabis businesses pay city tax of 10% or less depending on sales. that is in addition to state taxes bringing the total chemist tax in oakland to about
6:46 am
40%, it creates a maximum city tax of 5%, supporters say local businesses will benefit. >> i ask the council here to think of small businesses to think of black and brown business. and think of the longevity of the program as well as the example you are setting for the rest of the country. >> the mayor and the oakland police officer association opposed the idea, the mayor says it could cost the city as much as $4 million a year. happening today, the 737 max jet testified before congress. the max jets grounded after two deadly crashes killed 346 people. the house transportation committee will hear testimony by a senior operations manager in the boeing flight test and evaluation unit. before the first deadly crash he wrote a letter to boeing management saying for the first time in his life he was afraid
6:47 am
to put his family on a boeing jet. the lawyer says his concerns were met with indifference by the company. congress expected to vote on approving the new trade deal with mexico and canada with bipartisan support. the new trade deal has rules between the three countries called the united states mexico canadian agreement. it would replace nafta negotiated 25 years ago, approved by both president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi. democrats say their are changes to the administration proposal as a result of it or negotiations with the white house. >> it this got really hot on a number of occasions. i think we set a world record for hanging up on each other with the trade reps. >> the deal gives more business to the makers of american car parts and also strengthens mexican labor unions and has
6:48 am
oversight of environmental laws. the house could vote on it by the end of the year, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate may not vote until january. american and chinese trade negotiators say there is a possibility for the latest round of tariffs going into place sunday could be delayed, officials are now saying there is no hard deadline for a phase i agreement. president trump continues to say tariffs will be imposed december 15. his son-in-law jared kushner has been involved in the negotiations and says talks are heading in a good direction. the biggest hold up at the current level of talks in washington demand china guarantees it will purchase more agricultural products including soybeans. chevron says it is winding down the value of assets by more than $10 million because of an overabundance of crude oil and natural gas in the u.s. chevron says it is coming the value of several properties including natural gas appellati
6:49 am
oil drilling project in the gulf of mexico. chevron chief executive says the company instead focuses on the most promising future prospects like shale oil drilling in texas. time magazine announced the person of the year, this year the honor was to climate activist greta thunberg. the 16-year-old made headlines last year with a strike outside the swedish parliament, since then she inspired millions of supporters to rally in more than 150 countries, and september she scolded were leaders at the united nations for failing to address climate change. other finalists included house speaker nancy pelosi, president trump, and the cia officer who was a whistleblower in the impeachment inquiry and the hong kong protesters. congratulations to her. an amazing young woman. the time is 6:50, we have rain in parts of the bay area and problems on the road. >> it we do, as a matter fact,
6:50 am
you can see traffic is going to be slow approaching crashes we had, i want to show you 80 westbound after highway 4, the crash is blocking traffic coming in, at least one lane is taken off, then after that, we have still traffic as well, slowdowns at the a bridge toll plaza and also slowing on the 11 heading south out of san francisco because of a crash at the 280 clearing up, 80 northbound right near 90 in oakland a stalled truck in the right lane, traffic backed up from the 238 and the south bay commute is getting slower all over the place including downtown san jose, airplanes coming in but they are talking about rain and if you are taking a flight make sure you give yourself plenty of time, the wind is calm now according to the san francisco airport. so it is not the winds, it is the rain that may affect your flight. >> it had a quarter of an inch at sfo, a little bit at a time here, thank you. we do have light rain moving through and we expect that to continue into saturday.
6:51 am
cooler dry, maybe sunday, but mild temperatures and cold air here, this is all in the 50s pretty much, light rain off-and- on. it picks up heavier announced to the north. san francisco, oakland, concord north, that is the main one. mostly cloudy into saturday, dry sunday and monday, clear and breezy and it starts to slide back into the mid and upper 50s and low to mid 60s. santa rosa a half inch for amounts, sfo just shy of a quarter inch. other locations, oakland .21. not much in the santa cruz mountains. generally less than a 10th of an inch, a lot of moisture coming across, cold front with one going through last night, there went right there. a series of these coming
6:52 am
through, the event is called a warm overrunning, saturated, that's what it takes to get rain out of this, 50s for almost everybody, upper 40s for a few, mainly in the low 50s here including the wind in ross and mill valley checking in at 52 degrees, you can see the cloud cover further north, mendocino county, russian river north, getting decent amounts of rain to the south of that more cloud cover, this is going to continue all the way into saturday, then we see a different pattern sunday into monday, we keep the reindeer handy, i don't is going anywhere, six or eight hours a comes back into the storm- tracker just north but it is close enough, what about the pattern into the weekend? bakersfield, fresno, monterey, not much, ukiah north, i think even russian river in santa rosa north. 50s and 60 sunny temperatures, pretty mild conditions, after saturday cooler and breezy.
6:53 am
just a reminder, ktvu teaming up with community volunteers for one warm coat. we have been doing this 17 years. this holiday we want you to go into your closet and see if you have any spare coats or jackets you can donate, you can go to and see a list of drop off locations. they include bay street and emeryville, jack london square and oakland, santana and san jose and the san francisco ferry building, one warm coat drive continues until the end of this month. track the time is 6:53, while uber and lyft deal with reports of sexual assault among riders, there isnew app to make them feel more secure. coming up in the next hour, we break down how the you are safe app works and who designed. a new list for the best companies in 2020, for the first time, a different kind of company landed at number one. we tell you who it is and where
6:54 am
google and facebook is on the list.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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emergency agency should have known where the tubs fire was headed because of past fires in the era. the lawsuit also claims
6:57 am
emergency officials were negligent in not using modern technology to give people important evacuation information. 24 people killed and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed after that fire burned across santa rosa in the sonoma valley. >> san francisco seeing a surge in the number of people using and dying from methamphetamines. according to a new report, meth arrest went up this year with cocaine and heroin arrest going down. over the past 10 years the number of people dying from meth related causes have increased simple. >> we have a complete crisis on the streets in san francisco right now and also have people dying. >> the task force found that part of the problem lies in the fact that cal point is a 90 day treatment program model for substance abuse but it can take up to one year to effectively treat methamphetamine addiction. the city says it needs to set up a longer runway to help
6:58 am
people quit meth for good. >> in sports, the san jose sharks just wrapped up a winless road trip in nashville. san jose held the predator scoreless for two periods but in the third nashville's nick menino sent the puck past sharks goalie. the predators goalie kept the puck away. nashville scored two more times and the sharks lost 3-1. but they will be back on home ice against the rangers tomorrow night. to make major-league baseball winter meetings continue to date in san diego paid the giants added a new picture -- pitcher. gossman contract of $9 million. most recently played for the reds but the big highlight of last season was on august 18. he threw what is called an immaculate inning against the cardinals. nine pictures and all of them
6:59 am
strikes. and struck out the side. he will turn 29 years old next month. he will be pitching in his eighth major-league season. the giants also made a deal with the angels that acquired a couple of infielders. one of them is zach. and also with the reds in 2017. but has had a disappointing time with the angels for two seasons. the giants also acquired will wilson who was 15th overall pick in last year's draft for the angels will get a player to be named or get cash considerations from the giants. >> a woman found dead in her car in the east bay. details on where this happened and what police say about the woman. >> and recovery efforts continued after a deadly volcanic eruption in new zealand. the new concerns that crews are worried about and why it may affect their search efforts. and presents no candidates campaigning in california. who will be making stops across the golden state as we look at
7:00 am
their prime events. >> it's wednesday, december 11. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is chilly and wet. and steve knows all about it. >> what kind of rain >> i think it was the softest prettiest rain i ever drove through. >> thank you. we do. it's not heavy and i was looking at one of the forecast models. every six hours there is light rain at sfo all the way to friday night yet the accumulation is only about a quarter of an inch or less. so while there won't be a lot it does look to be not continuous but in the picture for just about the next three and half days or so. probably into saturday and then break on sunday. we are in the 50s for most of us. no organized rain


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