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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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retired which fit the ruled white requests, worldwide admission requirements. they could possibly house people. >> the fact that i made that comment got was someone he was here. to everyone they knew. and now i've been reached out by someone who actually does this. we may have the possibility. >> it would keep all the homeless people out of the rain, during the wintertime, and it is really cold right now. it makes a lot of sense. >> i think it would be a great idea, it would be interesting to see how the implementation happened, and how successful it would be. >> the idea of getting a huge floating apartment building prepackaged, plea plot plums, prewired, pretty much preprepared is enticing indeed. but then, you have to consider the other, many problems that come with that. social, legal, and ethical. the port of oakland says cargo
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docs cannot handle passenger ships. they make use untenable. even after long hearings the pain conservation and development commission is unlikely to approve it. numerous health threats such as norovirus is supposed to be considered as well as security for the residence on board. the ship must be permanently hooked up to shore power, and sewage, as well as regular if not daily garbage service. the 2005 after hurricane katrina, they released three carnival crew ships to health 5000 displaced new orleans residents and recovery workers for six months. taxpayers footed over a quarter billion dollars in costs for the ships, and the food service. >> it is not an easy problem to deal with. >> reporter: 70 mega ships capable of handling 30,000 passengers will join the 314 existing ships, that have room for 537 thousand passengers at any one time.
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all of that is just one sixth of california's overall housing unit shortage. the city of berkeley is taking a step to try to deal with the housing shortage. they are partnering with bart to build hundreds of thousands of, portable housing units. they are here now to break down the plan, and the reason some say it is not a good idea. >> both the city of berkeley and part say that this will solve two problems for address the regions shortage of affordable housing and combat climate change. some say it will produce something else that is equally important. >> they voted unanimously to move forward with bart to develop affordable housing. both bart and the city of berkeley will begin to work. to change our rules, to begin paying planning, to begin the learning process, to develop a project that we hope will begin construction within five years. >> reporter: the agreement
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weans the city will work with them. at the bart station. at that location, there is not much room to build out, but there is plenty of room going up. >> the city of berkeley owns the rights. meaning anything that gets built, is also within the city's jurisdiction. >> the capital meeting of room full of supporters was hard to miss. >> affordable housing is desperately needed. up to this point, berkeley has only met just over 10% of its regional housing allocation for low income and very low income units. >> reporter: it is bordered by sacramento delaware and virginia street. beyond the station there are homes. the only open space here is the parking lot. >> we estimate we could create about 600 to 800 homes at the north station as well. >> that is a problem for some who gave the plan for a thumbs down. >> removal of the parking lots
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make bart inaccessible to current residence because there are no viable alternatives. >> i would not like the neighborhood around north berkeley, the change from the way it is now, single-family residences, it is very quiet, there is no traffic. >> reporter: as far as the city is concerned, that is the idea. they believe the housing will combat climate change by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, hoping that the people who make these planned units their home will use other forms of transportation in addition to bart. >> are concerned, there are some that are concerned about the changes that will happen. change is going to happen regardless, so how do we plan for change in a way that is inclusive is, that is equitable, and safe. >> reporter: even though the land where the housing would be built, is on park property. the plan means the city of berkeley will have a say in the project. both parties have to stick to a
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strict timeline, the project could get go out to bid by next december. city officials say they were taken by surprise by oracles decision to move the conference to las vegas. the city will lose out on more than $60 million in revenue. it is based in redwood city, that says that it was made in part because the people who have attended the conference and in past said san francisco streets are too dirty and the hotel rates are too expensive. >> sentences go is a great place, they love coming here despite what we know. some of the challenges that exist. we are working on it. things are improving. they're not getting better as fast as i would like them to get. san francisco is a great place, and people want to come here. >> mayor says she is disappointed that oracle made its decision without getting the city a chance to discuss the issue. she said it is an opportunity for the tourism industry to attract new conventions. orifice was taken i hate us
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for the first time in 67 years. organizer say of several years of rapidly increasing costs made hosting the event impossible in 2020. they say land-use issues as well as increased security cost following the gilroy garlic festival shooting are the biggest issues. the executive director for the nonprofit art festival foundation says organizers need a year to rework the event, so they can give the people the experience they are coming to expect. >> the decision to go on hiatus this year, was a very very difficult decision. no one wants to and this arts festival. it is more like what do we do to make this accessible for the future. >> they are confident the festival will return for labor day 2021. a number of options are under consideration. everything from making the festival smaller, to reduce the cost, to making it larger, to
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increase revenue. mike bloomberg campaign in california today. he started in stockton and traveled to san francisco. ktvu has a recap now of his visit. >> reporter: mike bloomberg made his first camping trip to california with a stop in san francisco. the billionaire and former new york mayor took the stage with former governor jerry crown. the american geophysical union meeting to speak about efforts to combat climate change. >> make sure the rest of the world knows that america however is continuing its progress even with the climate denier in the white house. this administration has its head in the sand. >> reporter: he started his day in stockton accepting an endorsement from the city's mayor. >> we have a candidate here with the record, resources, and the relationship not just to be donald trump, -- >> he outlined economic proposals based on his work in
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york. and raising the national minimum wage. >> this is america, we value hard work. we are also compassionate country, and we should make sure that those that try to do the right thing, if they need a hand up, let's give it to them. >> reporter: he is under fire for his support of this new york city's controversial stop and frisk program. >> he said he was wrong. and apologizes speaking again on it today. >> we cut 95% of it out before i left. and i said look, i made a mistake and i apologized for it. >> reporter: other candidates have been critical of his late interest into the race. and his spending. he is shelling out $100 million of his own money by the end of the year. despite the spending a new poll shows him about 5% with democratic voters nationally. he made a pitch to california voters. >> californians understand,
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nothing is simple, you have to have real solutions, and you have to have evolutionary and revolutionary change. >> reporter: he has got more work to do. he is the top choice for only about 2% of californian democrats. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. another billionaire democratic candidate hosted an event in rock creek today. he left his business to provide for more progressive process. he told them that climate change is one of his top priorities. he is set to headline another town hall call at -- he made that check for the democratic debate next week. there in session debating the articles of impeachment against and president trump. at a marathon hearing. the two day session is to debate and amend the two articles of impeachment that
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were introduced yesterday. democrats say president trump abused his power by using military aid as leverage to try to pressure ukraine to influence the 2020 election. congresswoman zoloft and call the impeachment inquiry regrettable. >> the power to impeach is not to punish a president. it is to protect americans from a president who would abuse his power. and the constitutional order, and threaten our democracy. regrettably, president trump has engaged in abuse of power. >> a vote of the committee is expected tomorrow, vote by the full house on impeachment is expected by next thursday. president trump today tweeted that to impeach a president who has quote, done nothing wrong, is sheer political madness. coming up, new details about the new attackers killed yesterday in new jersey's city shootout. as well as a possible motive. thieves seen coming out of the bay area department store
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their arms full of clothes. what police are telling us about the theft. we're back here looking after the break at some raindrops. it will continue for a couple days here not heavy, but we will see you back here with the five day. also ahead a bay area city threatening to deal with wild pig. enlisting the help of a expert after the pigs destroyed a local park. heading into the city, it looks like a morning commute, man. it is totally backed up tonight. ktvu channel 2 news at 6 here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover
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there is growing concern and fear that a deadly shootout yesterday in jersey city was a targeted anti-somatic attack. >> fox news rick leventhal tells us investigators think the two shooters had ties to hate group. >> reporter: chaos and gunfire across the river from manhattan. two suspects, man and a woman entered a jewish market with guns blazing just after noon, tuesday. and what authorities expect was a targeted attack. leaving six people dead including the shooters and the police detectives. it started in a nearby cemetery where they say 16 year veteran officer approached a rented u- haul van and the driver got out and opened fire killing the father of five. and the suspect identified as 47-year-old david n. anderson and francine graham drove straight to the market a mile away.
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surveillance footage shows him exiting the vehicle with long guns, ignoring others on the street heading straight inside the store where they killed a shopper, a store worker and the wife of the owner. the shootout ended when they drove the vehicle into the store until the suspects. they were not sure of the motive but they are investigating a potential connection with the black hebrew israelite movement. anderson, who has a criminal record is suspected of posting anti-somatic and anti-cut messages on social media and may have left a note on. >> we have contained digital and document evidence that we are reviewing for possible motive. authorities recovered multiple weapons, lots of ammo and a viable pipe bomb at the scene. >> reporter: hundreds of rounds or fiber before both shooters were taken out. they are also the prime suspects in the death of another man whose body was found in a car trunk last weekend. in jersey city, rick leventhal,
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fox news. president trump signed an executive order and at preventing anti-semitic acts. it allowed judaism to to be identified as a nationality and not just a religion. the move comes just one day after that mass shooting in the kosher market in new jersey. president trump condemned the acts of the shooter saying he will always stand by the state of israel. >> across our country jewish- american strength is sustained and as part of our nation and as president i will always celebrate and honor the jewish people and i will always stand with our treasured friend and ally, the state of israel. that i can tell you. >> today's order is parking mixed reviews from the jewish community with some siding the lack of combination towards white nationalism as a reason for increase of anti-semitic acts.
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with a few scattered showers out there, light and annoying is what we will call those. it is low across the bay area right now, it is going to continue. just a lot of clouds. it is like a fire hose. i will show you. it is just, the dynamic of that thing. it is going all the way back out past the state line. it is got characteristics of an atmospheric river just does not have as much water as one would. it comes all the way into our show, and what is really happening is a comes into the hills and some of the topography, or some of the warmth of the ground, and you get rain. you get dynamics of the air raising and pushing the air of the mountain. and this is what you get. widely scattered showers. that is what we got. we did have significant rain last night. most areas were about a 10th of an inch, eight hundredths of an inch, something like that. but it was raining. you can see the scattered showers now, really messy on that afternoon commute.
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temperatures generally in the 50s file is going to look a lot like today in terms of the morning go, the afternoon go, too. it is going be cloudy, to cool. for my money i like a good cold front that comes through, the rants, cloud, and the wind, and then the sun peeked out. this is so different, this is just a damp weather coming our way from thousands of miles away and it is going to be here at least from tomorrow most likely into friday as well. when we come back we have the latest long-range commuter profile. a problem that won't go away, wild pigs invaded a public park in lafayette and the neighborhood around it. rob roth is told us who the city is hired to take care of the problem. >> as the city of lafayette surveillance video shows the community park is being invaded by feral pigs. as many as 40 that come in at dusk and dawn. >> the common and the acorns a
6:19 pm
fall from the tree. >> this is the mess they leave behind. tens of thousands of dollars worth, but not just here. the grounds of a nearby school and some people's yards. >> we had a couple encounters were off leash dogs have spooked a pig, and they come close to the humans aggressively. >> this fence kept the pigs office of the soccer field, which is currently under repair. they just found their way into other parts of the park. out of caution the city posted warning signs enclosed to nature sales trails to avoid possible people pagan counters. the city is going one big step further. it is hiring a license shopper to deal with invaders. >> the trapper we are dealing with is hoping to utilize a corral system so we can control large groups of them at once. after that fish and wildlife will dictate what can be done with the pics. we have been told that relocation is not possible. >> meaning euthanasia is likely.
6:20 pm
those who use the park say the pic should go. >> they really serve no purpose around here as far as i know, other than to destroy some of the parks and recreation. park officials believe the pics first came to the park during the dry season in search of water and food. >> we were told that once the rain returned they made move on. and head back up to higher ground. but they found a happy home here in lafayette. unfortunately, they do not seem to be going away. >> the city hopes the trevor will able to get rid of the pigs in the next few weeks. in lafayette, rob ross ktvu, fox 2 news. the go ship warehouse defendant taking a request before his new trial starts next year. what information his lawyer wants unsealed. and at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ sweden's greetings. enjoy your first payment on us when you lease a new volvo. now through january 2nd. a new development in the ghost ship warehouse case.
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the lead attorney for derick almena want to interview jurors in his first trial to help him prepare for the retrial. in a motion filed this week the jurors could provide quotes, valuable information and help the defense understand why they did not reach a verdict. he has set to be retried next march for the death of 36 people in the ghost ship warehouse fire that happened three years ago in oakland. the jury acquitted his former -- the utility says that is not true, the investigate to see these devices for himself. what did you find? >> the are called trip savers, they actually save the workers a trip. instead these devices automatically shoot bursts of electricity up to four times to quickly re-energize the line and get the lights back on. pg handy has more than 2800 similar devices across northern california.
6:25 pm
he was one of the linemen installing them beginning in 2016. he calls these trip savers a terrible idea in areas with high fire danger. concerning to managers, and says speaking up cost him his job. he is suing the utility for $7.6 million. pg&e claims its allegations are untrue and maintain he was let go for using company time. still to this day he is determined to make sure everyone knows about these trip safes. especially in his hometown of napa where major royal wildfires rage shortly after pg&e started installing them. >> it is like a lightning strike coming at you. it lights at the sky, hotter than the sun. in a dry area, or a high fire area, it is mind-boggling that they would be putting these in. not only are they shooting one strike, they are shooting multiples, lightning strikes into dry forest environments. >> pg handy is sense developed
6:26 pm
a program to disable automatic attempts to re-energize lines through dangerous weather. he says it is not enough. they investigates takes a closer look at these advices and what pg&e has to say about them. we will also look at claims made in a lawsuit against the utility. this coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. ktvu fax to news at 6:30 is next. charges today with 13-month-old baby boy and his father. what we are learning that the suspects in the drug dealer that took place 50 miles from where that happened. a part-time high school girls scott soccer coach accused of inappropriately touching the girls on the team. what we are learning about the investigation and the action taken by the school district. and the san jose sharks is struggling. now management is shaking things up. later in sports mark has the details on the firing of the coach. and what is ahead for the team.
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now to our top stories, the house judiciary committee has begun debate on the articles of impeachment for president trump. democrats are unlikely to agree with the republican amendments to the articles. michael bloomburg campaigned in california starting in stockton and going to san francisco. he has been under fire for his support of new york's controversial stop and frisk program when he was major. ahead of his run, he said he was wrong and apologized. the head of the oakland city council is proposing housing up to a thousand homeless people in a cruise ship. the idea is already facing opposition. the port of oakland says cargo docks are not designed for passenger ships and security would be an issue. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. three people have now been
6:31 pm
charged with supplying the fentanyl that killed a father and his baby boy in santa rosa last september. >> ktvu fox 2 news' crime reporter henry lee tells us the drugs were sold in the tenderloin in san francisco and made their way to the north bay. >> reporter: 13 month old liam o'neal and his father patrick died in santa rosa back in september. as a result of fentanyl that was sold in san francisco's tenderloin. >> these drugs were distributed in the open air drug market that exists here in the tenderloin. a 2500 drug transaction led to the untimely deaths of father and son. >> reporter: anderson joined the dea and santa rosa police announcing charges against three suspects in a drug deal that had a deadly reach more than 50 miles away. >> the idea that the harms of the tenderloin neighborhood open air markets, the idea that those harms are contained in
6:32 pm
the tenderloin neighborhood is completely false. they reach out into our communities. >> reporter: the three in custody described as links in a chain. authorities say a tender line dealer provided the fentanyl to this woman, leana zamura. she allegedly sold it to lindsey williams. williams gave it to shane cready who delivered it to his friend who died, patrick o'neal. >> went from tenderloin drug dealer to the father victim. >> reporter: the father and son were found by the baby's mother who came by to check when she wasn't able to reach o'neal. >> the infant was dead. the father died in the hospital two days later. >> reporter: both died of a fentanyl overdose but it is not known how the baby ingested it. >> and the precise means by which the baby was acutely
6:33 pm
intoxicated, it's not clear. and i don't think we will ever know. >> reporter: police found a fifth of a gram of fentanyl at the scene. >> that one fifth gram quantity of fentanyl is many, many potentially adult lethal doses. >> reporter: the two women were arrested day after the deaths. shane arrested tuesday in text text. because they had been charged with federal crimes, they could face stiffer sentences if convicted. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland police have investigating the shooting death of a woman late last night. they found the woman about 9:00 after hearing the shots on the shot spotter system. it happened in neighborhood near e street and 98th. when they arrived, they found the woman shot in the head in her car. they have not said whether they thought she was targeted and her name was not immediately released. a part time coach in san jose faces charges of inappropriately touching
6:34 pm
members of the soccer team. jesse gary has more. >> reporter: ricardo gutierrez had been a walk-on coach. weeks ago, three player confided he had been engaging in inappropriate behavior almost since arriving. >> we found through the investigation there was inappropriate contact occurring between november of 2018 to november of this year when the victims came forward. >> reporter: san jose police spokeswoman says the contact involved touching, not sexual intercourse. 34-year-old gutierrez came to police headquarters monday and surrendered to offices where he was arrested and charged with three counts of molesting a child. his victims are two 16-year- olds and a 15-year-old. >> anyone brought in to work with our students has to be vetted carefully. through the doj and the fbi
6:35 pm
background checks. and, this particular coach did pass his checks. >> reporter: school district spokeswoman lily smith said gutierrez is on unpaid leave and will not return to the san jose unified school district. she says administrators contacted police after the girls first reported the crime a few weeks ago. and that parents should rest assured students are safe. >> we commend our students for coming forward feeling confident and safe enough within our school area to talk to a trusted employee. trusted adult about what they saw. >> reporter: this parent says she believes gutierrez should receive the appropriate punishment if he is guilty of the charge. gutierrez was also a coach of the san jose surf girl's competitive soccer team. that group sent out an email to parents saying once it learned of the investigation, gutierrez was immediately removed from coaching duties and will not return. they don't believe any of the girls were victimize. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:36 pm
new at 6:30, video posted on twitter shows a group of people attempting to shoplift from a department store at the hill top mall in richmond. four women and a man entered the sears store yesterday at 5:00. grabbed clothes an ran out of the store. you can see a security officer in blue attempting to intervene. grabbing the man in a teal hoody. the man is seen strikeing the guard before leaving. police say the thieving made off with roughly $500 worth of merchandise. and, investigation is ongoing. coming up, the price of rent in one east bay city continues to rise. we will reveal the median cost. and celebrating a 40 year tradition in san francisco. as thousands of people lined up in the rain for the glide foundation's holiday grocery
6:37 pm
bag give away
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6:39 pm
okay land is now a more expensive city for renters than san jose. according to the real estate listing site zumper, the price of a one bedroom apartment in oakland went up 5.1% last year making oakland the second most expensive bay area city for renters behind san francisco. the median price for a one- bedroom apartment in oakland climbed to $2,470 a month. san francisco remains the most expensive city for renters in the united states with a median
6:40 pm
rent for a one bedroom apartment at nearly $3,500. a new influx of luxury apartments in oakland is pushing rents higher. a vehicle triage center for people who live in their cars and rvs in the hopes of helping them transition into permanent housing. it is located on san jose avenue in the outer mission and offers 30 parking spaces, restroom facilities, and an on site office. program administrators are already interviewing potential residents hoping to begin moving people in next week. thousands of people in san francisco picked up free bags of groceries today. it was the 40th year of glide foundation's grocery bag give away. the bags were packed with full holiday meals including a turkey or roasted chicken. veggies, fruit, bread, rice, other goodies. hundreds handed out the bags and gave out hugs.
6:41 pm
people who received them left with a smile on their face. >> i'm truly blessed. >> it takes the help of 500 volunteers to make the give away happen. volunteers also delivered 2,000 bags to home bound seniors and disabled people. we have the forecast for you that includes more of the green on the radar. damp weather in the bay area right now. it will continue. we'll have the weekend and the five day as well. we'll see you back here. heather holmes in the news room with a look at the stories we are working on for the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news plus. >> the centers the ever disease control is taking action in the wake of a deadly measles outbreak in american samoa. what it is doing to stem the progression of the disease. and for years, bay area tech giants facebook and google were listed as some of the best places to work. but no more, the new rankings from tech employees.
6:42 pm
those stories and a lot more when alex and i see you live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. first, the 16-year-old from stockholm now being honored for her climate activism. the announcement today about greta thunberg. and taking a live look outside on this wet wednesday night. ktvu fox 2 news news at 6:30 will be right back.
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commuters are celebrating the opening of a new bike path and car lanes. the ribbon cutting was held in petaluma. they are part of the ongoing marin, sonoma narrows project that will widen the lanes from four to six between petaluma to novato. before it was completed, the most direct way to get from novato to petaluma was to ride on the shoulders of highway 101. a high surf advisory on the bay area beaches. it starts tomorrow and ends
6:46 pm
early saturday morning. waves could be up to 22 feet tall. we talked to a couple of friends who drove to the pacifica pier today to get a peek at what's to come. >> it was iffy because it had been raining a bit. but the sky is clearing up and the waves are amazing. >> as awes, becareful if you happen to go to a beach. because the waves are capable of sweeping people into the cold water. gray drizzly day all around the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin here now. is it going to let up or get heavier? >> the drizzle probably stay about the same. but the cloud cover and grayness will hang with us through the night into tomorrow. maybe a little bit into friday as well. this pattern, the swath of moisture coming off the pacific. extremely damp flow. minimal dynamics. there is not a real cold front with this or low pressure or anything. just the moisture slamming up against the coast. and, generated livering just
6:47 pm
consistent wet. folks moving through the bay area trying to get home. i think it is moving pretty slow along the bay bridge. wet. just enough rain to make things take a little longer. and it does take a little longer when it rains. with that, we will see maybe sprinkles on the morning commute as well. as the pattern just stays put. right? i'll show you the satellite in a minute. you can see the embarcadero. that was the big deal back in the day. frank, you remember when they started lighting up the embarcaderos, it was such a big deal. such a city move before the bay bridge was lit. >> totally. >> i still love it when they light it up but for years i was like wow. they probably did that in the 80s ? early 90s ? the forecast for tomorrow is going to be this. maybe a scattered shower. some more scattered showers. what will you do with that?
6:48 pm
this looks a little more intense. if you will. but, it shouldn't be. it should just be like this. here is tomorrow morning. here's the wet flow. greens in there representing the chance for sprinkles. here is tomorrow afternoon. right? i think, i think it is going to be like today. you are not seeing the models not sure what the do with it either. it is just a lot of moisture streaming in. and i think a tall building will get the rain to come out at this point. now, we are friday morning. friday afternoon. a little more. but, really the dynamics are up here and we are down here. we are getting back into everything. friday looks like it might have something. so, just kind of keeps coming saturday. that will be interesting saturday night to see. that is actually a little spinner right there. you saw the rotation. that might have a little more oomph. the way to play with this is day by day. and time it out.
6:49 pm
they are definitely changing. the molds are changing. though i'm showing you a five- day. i know it is close. but, it's not directly accurate. so it will move around. right? the moving target the next couple of days. i'll see you back here. >> we think the lights went up along the embarcadero in 1987. you were right on it. that was a long time ago. >> look at that. >> the power of google is with you. thanks bill. one of the faces in the fight against global climate change has received a huge honor from time magazine. time announced 16-year-old greta thunberg is their person of the year. magazine makes a selection each year recognizing an individual or group of people who most influence the news and the world during the past year, the swedish teenager is the youngest person ever to receive the honor. she first made headlines with her strike outside of sweden's parliament. since then, she has inspired millions of supporters to rally in more than 150 countries.
6:50 pm
well, a holiday tradition kicks off in a few minutes as the san francisco ballet celebrates the 75th anniversary production of nutcracker. tonight is opening night and ballet is marking it with christmas carols. sf ballet performed the first american performance of the nutcracker in 1944. the san jose sharks have been struggling and management decided to make a change. next in sports, mark will have details on the firing of the head coach. and here is a look at the prime time. it is the masked singer followed by almost family at 9:00. we hope you will join us for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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when you lease a new volvo. the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. it is safe to say everyone expected more out of the san jose sharks. management decided to let their
6:54 pm
coach peter dubor go. >> is this a surprise? i don't know if you could call it that. but it is something the organization has never done. fire a coach midway through the season. he is out. officially fired today. and they haven't been terrible. they are 15-16-2. that's good for sixth place in the pacific. but, really they are streaky. got off to a really bad start. got hot. now they lost five in a row. and, one thing that really sticks out, they are the third worst in the league as far as goal differential. they have given up 25 more goals than their opposition. that's not a good thing. they have also been out-classed you think when you see them on the ice against the elite of the nhl. there's a huge disparity there in the way there. the sharks assisted bob bogner has been named interim coach of the san jose sharks. probably be able to celebrate jimmy g. winning the offensive
6:55 pm
player of the week award more if there were not so many injuries piling up. did he ever have his career game in new orleans. some of the stats from that game, he wracked up 329 yards. he was 26 of 35. pretty dog gone good. if anyone doubted this guy is a franchise quarterback, be quiet. richburg is out for the rest of the year with a patella tendon injury. he will be replaced by garland. sherman important cog. they are doubtful against atlanta sunday. but injuries in football, like frank's favorite sandwich. they go together. >> that's true.
6:56 pm
coach shanahan, not exactly in shock. >> hopefully, we are getting our guys back a little bit. when they are going, they are very tough to deal with. >> all right, i don't know about you, but, a lot of people i know not overly sentimental about the fact this sunday will be the last game the raiders play in oakland. to put it bluntly, the fans of oakland deserve a whole lot better than what the organization is giving them. they will be out the door after this sunday. and out on the road to finish this regular season which is really going poorly. they have lost three straight after winning three straight to put themselves in false playoff contention. it wasn't happening. get this. they have been outscored 116- 33. in their last three games. even when they complete a pass. it turns into disaster like it did against tennessee in a
6:57 pm
route. derek carr, very mediocre. say what? he has thrown three interceptions. three touchdown passes. in the last three losses. always keeping a stiff upper lip. >> when you get on a roll, it is easy to say we got this. we are learning through that. we are hitting some adversity. if not the effort, it is not a lack of want to or anything like that. just little things. little things that add up to big things. i tell you this. major league baseball is back to give it up, unbelievable money particularly to pitchers. you know about last night, garrett cole's all time record for a pitcher and today, the dodgers signed blake treinen who a year ago was one of the best relievers ever. he had a 0.78 e.r.a. with the as . strained a shoaled her past season. wound up with a 4.91 e.r.a. lost his closers job but the dodges say what the heck.
6:58 pm
one year, $10 million. what about tanner roark? a lifetime 500 pitcher. 33 years old. came over from the cincinnati as where he was 10-10 last season. good for them. good for them. check this out. tiger woods still relevant. the president's cup. he is the captain. and tiger, the shot of the day. like i said. tiger still relevant. that is a birdie putt. and, check this out. that's not an easy shot. and, there you go. that is the sporting life at this hour. >> all right, thanks mark. the news continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus. goodnight! >> see you later! ee you later! worst. renaissance. fair. ever. please let it go, sheldon.
6:59 pm
it was rife with historical inaccuracies. for example, the tavern girl serving flagons of mead. now, her costume was obviously germanic. but in 1487, the bavarian purity laws, or "reinheitsgebot," severely limited the availability of mead. at best, they would have had some sort of spiced wine. you're nitpicking. oh, really? well, here's another nit for you: the flagons would not have been made of polypropylene. renaissance fairs aren't about historical accuracy. they're about taking chubby girls who work at kinko's and lacing them up in corsets so tight their bosom jumps out and says, "howdy." bosoms would not have said "howdy" in the 15th century. if anything, they would've said, "huzzah." i don't care what the bosoms say, sheldon. i just want to be part of the conversation. hi, guys. looks like you've been to the renaissance fair... i'm hoping. renaissance fair? more of a medieval, slash, age of enlightenment, slash, any-excuse- to-wear-a-codpiece fair.
7:00 pm
okay, fine, whatever. you guys, this is my friend eric. hello. hi. hey. so, yeah, good to see you. yeah. yeah. it's good to see you, too. we should probably go. yeah. bye, guys. i like your hat. thanks. my mom made it. penny with a new guy, tres awkward. it wasn't awkward. it wasn't fun. besides, what's the big deal? we dated, we stopped dating, and now we're both moving on. koothrappali: by moving on, do you mean she's going out with other men and you spent the afternoon making 15th-century soap with wolowitz? that was not 15th-century soap. my god, those people need to learn you can't just put "ye olde" in front of anything you want and expect to get away with it. can we please just go in? my chain mail's stuck in my underwear.


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