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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a school board meeting derailed once again. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. parents upon the acting president of the board out after what they say was a case of excessive force by police. deborah villalon in oakland. >> reporter: that ruckus just the latest flash-point. critic says they don't trust this board's judgment or honesty. and tonight they mocked them with christmas carols. children climbed onto the stage and into the chairs of the oakland school board. their meeting led by the acting president moved conference room. protestors portrayed jody london as a grinch who should be recalled.
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>> reporter: the recall is spear-headed by one of the paraphernalias who plans to sue the district after a scuffle with police at an october board meeting. they claim excessive force, injuries, and blame london. >> she had the police force beat us down. she does need to be held responsible. >> reporter: at a community meeting tuesday, london was served with an intent to recall. a petition of 50. putting the vote to north oakland voters will require thousands more signatures. >> i know whatting we're doing with the recall election is sending a signal to the entire board that the people of oakland are not for sale. >> it doesn't feel great. i'm a public servant. >> reporter: london has watched months of discontent boil out. parents upset about cuts and school closures. the district says cuts are rising, revenues are flat, and there are too many schools for too few students.
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>> reporter: london believes most oakland parents support the board. their tough choices and they support her. >> i know this is hard but i support you. i've been getting e-mails, text messages. >> reporter: calmer voices implored the board to return. almost an hour of chanting and carolling had been enough. >> reporter: tonight staff reported $15 million must be cut in the next year or two. 13 schools could be affected, closed, combined, or otherwise reconsidered. four of the seven board members' terms expire in just over a year. frank and julie, that includes jody london.
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a major rescue effort tonight in santa cruz tonight. a man suffered moderate injuries after falling into a deep hole at a beach in davenport. multiple agencies responded to the scene. a the man was stuck in that hole, which was about 15 feet deep. rescuers were able to airlift him to safety. he was taken to the hospital and expected to recover. new information on the woman accused of running her car into a barber in a dispute over a haircut. 28-year-old ruby dy, lgadio surrendered to authorities. a week ago she got into an argument with the man who cut her child's hair. she got into her prius and hit brian martin near his barbershop.
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an alameda county sheriff's department is charged with inappropriately touching and texting a 15-year-old girl. he is a nine-year veteran working out of san leandro. he has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges. detectives say they learned about the text messages last awk. some of them are described as sexually inappropriate. the alleged victim also said that the deputy touched her inappropriately as he was giving her a massage. tomorrow the house judiciary committee is expected to vote on presidential impeachment articles. >> republicans and democrats on the committee clash in a contentious debate on capitol hill. there are two articles. >> basically the house judiciary committee has 24 democrats and 17 republicans. and this debate was clearly divided along party lines. the impeachment debate wednesday night was historic.
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bifor different reasons depending on political parties. >> we have never in the history of our nation seen a president categorically defy congress in this may be. >> after all of these hearings and grand pronouncements, we get abuse of power? >> reporter: the articles say president trump abused his power by asking the ukraine president for a favor to investigate political rival, joe biden, and biden's son. >> the facts here are not in dispute. donald trump withheld $391 million in aid that was essential to ukraine. and donald trump withheld a white house meeting and unless ukraine's president would do him a favor. >> he said he juan pressured. ukrainians didn't even know aid was withheld at the time of the call. and they did nothing to get the aid released. >> reporter: there was debate on the second article which states the president obstructed
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congress by refusing to comply with congressional subpoena subpoenas. >> this commit and he this majority are so high-bound to their clock and their calendar. they will not allow the judicial process to work out. >> this is not a rush to judgment. it's a rush to justice. and we mint dray. mustn't delay. corruption is corrosive. >> reporter: if the house judiciary committee votes to put the articles before the full house. >> democrats have been looking for an excuse to impeach this president since the day he was elected. >> most folks are probably sitting at home thinking what in the world has any of this got to do with me? if we decide the president is above the law, then we will no longer live in a democracy. >> reporter: the house has 431 members, 216 votes are needed
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to pass the articles of impeachment and send it to the republican-controlled senate for a trial. and of course the big picture is the impact on the 2020 reaction. both sides say they believe the impeachment will hurt the other side. new information on yesterday's shootout at a kosher supermarket in new jersey. rick leaventhat that'll tells us investigators are looking into the two shooters and whether they had ties to a hate group. >> reporter: new jersey's governor briefing reporters on the shooting that ended in a kosher deli in jersey city, tuesday, leaving six dead, including a police officer and the two suspects. >> we saw the very worst of humanity. but in the response, as law enforcement worked to address the threat, and as the
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community came together to grieve and care for survivors, we also saw the very best. >> reporter: authorities confirm the shooting started in a nearby cemetery. 15-year veteran detective joe steels approached a suspicious rented u-haul van and the driver got out and opened fire. the father of five was killed. the suspects identified as 47- year-old david anderson and 50- year-old francine graham drove to a jewish grocery one mile away. footage shows the pair exiting with long-guns, ignoring others on the street, and walking straight inside the store, opening fire. killing three civilians. officers heard the shots and responded, along with swarms of local state and federal agencies. residents taking cover, and schools next door and across the street on lockdown. a two-hour gun battle ended when cops in an armored vehicle rammed the front of the store and shot and killed the suspects. authorities found multiple
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weapons, lots of ammo, and a viable pipe bomb inside the van. authorities wouldn't speak to motive and designate this a hate crime. anderson was reportedly a member of the black uehebrew israelites, a hate group. >> two victims of the shooting have been identified we members of the orthodox jewish community. owner of the market. the a shopper at the market is identified as moisha deutsche, a rabinical student from brooklyn. the third victim worked at the market, douglas rodriguez. new developments in the overdose deaths of a 13-month- old boy and his father in santa rosa. the arrests that were annoyanced today as part of a federal drug investigation in san francisco. >> 16 people are now confirmed
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dead in that volcanic eruption in new zealand. why rescuers are still having trouble getting to those who are missing. ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52 satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77
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john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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san francisco police have scheduled a community meeting to discuss an officer-involved shooting that left a suspect hospitalized. authorities say 24-year-old jamaica hampton was booked on assault, battery, and obstructing officers. on saturday, officers were investigating a burglary when they spotted hampton at 23rd. both opened fire on him. he remains in the hospital. san francisco police are set to discuss the shooting at a town hall meeting at cesar chavez elementary school next tuesday night at 6:00. three people are accused of supplying the fentanyl that killed a santa rosa man and his 13-month-old son. authorities charged them with distributing the drug that led to the death of 29-year-old patrick o'neil and his son,
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liam, last second. last september. authorities say the fentanyl was sold in the tenderloin. >> wean that the harm of the tenderloin neighborhood open- air drug market is not contained in the neighborhood. those harms reach into our community. >> authorities say it's not clear how the drug ended up in the baby's system. the suspects in the case have been charged with federal crimes which means they could face longer sentences. the death toll following that volcanic eruption on an island in new zealand is believed to be 16. authorities announced today two people who had been hospitalized have now died. the announcement came as the volcano vented more steam and mud. and that delayed plans to recover bodies still on white island.
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many of those who survived the initial blasts on monday suffered severe burns. movie producer harvey weinstein remains out on bail after posting additional bond. he arrived at court in new york today using a walker. a judge increased his bail from $1 to $5 million in his sexual assault case over allegations that he violated bail conditions by mishandling his electronic ankle more than. weinstein is 67 years old. he pleaded not guilty to charges that he raped a woman in her hotel room in manhattan in 2013 and performed a forcible sex act on another woman in 2006. weinstein has reached a tentative $25 million settlement with dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. one of the faces of the fight against climate change has received a big honor from time magazine. time announced that 16-year-old
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greta sundberg is its person of the year. the magazine makes a selection each year recognizing an individual or group of people who most influence the world in the past year. the swede esh teenager is the swedish teenager is the first teenager to receive this honor. she has inspired millions of supporters to rally in more than 150 countries. extra police at gilroy high school. the threatening message that rattled some students there who still have the garlic festival shooting on their minds. >> also dangerous and powerful waves. the warning for those who plan to head to the beach. >> and we saw some sprinkles out there. surf along the coast. and mild. cool temperatures. a little bit of frost. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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a man is under arrest on suspicion of stabbing a coworker today at rubric, a cloud data management company in palo alto. authorities say he stabbed his coworker from behind during a fight. both worked as outside contractors in the mail room. the victim was taken to the hospital for multiple stab wounds that were considered nonlife-threatening. muñoz has been booked into jail for attempted murder. police officers were posted
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at gilroy high school today after a threatening message targeting the school surfaced on social media. police determined it was not credible. >> reporter: threatening words were posted on snapchat toward the school. >> it's really frightling that your children can't even go to school anymore without something like this occurring. >> i don't know the exact wording. i just know that the mroovrs that i talked to police officers that i talked to said there was a reference to a shooting. >> reporter: the superintendent said police notified the district tuesday night after several students saw the post and reported it right away. the threat referenced after- school wednesday as the timeframe. >> we did have police officers here all day. the garlic festival shooting was right over there.
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people are in a different place now because we have had a shooting right here in our town. >> i actually was a little scared because of what happened after garlic festival. >> reporter: it comes less than six months after the shooting at the garlic festival. staff, students and many families were there. gunfire rang out at saugus high school six weeks ago in santa clarita. >> you'd rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: the school district notified parents and sent this letter that said the gilroy police department does not feel the threat is real. >> some people have really horrible senses of humor. it's just not funny at all. >> reporter: the district says police are interviewing student bus it's unclear who is behind the message. >> people that make these bad comments and statements, they should just stop and let kids be kids and let them grow up and enjoy their time.
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>> reporter: despite the threat not being credible, some parents took their children out of school on wednesday. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory on bay area beaches starting tomorrow. it ends early saturday morning. waves could be up to 22 feet tall. >> it was pretty iffy because it had been raining a bit on the way over. but the sky is clearing up and the waves are amazing. >> a reminder, be careful if you go to the beach. the large waves will be capable of sweeping people into the cold water. >> this time of year, if you want to see how big our waves are gonna be, tune into surf line over in hawaii. generally these are coming
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through the hawaiian island a couple days ahead of time. our surf is gonna start growing. it already has today. it's gonna peak on saturday, friday or saturday. the showers out there now, light scattered showers. very light and annoying, frankly. enough to slow you down on the commute. just glazed on the roadway. fog, clouds and fog showing up in the inland bay valleys. and more of the same tomorrow. this will be the model. oakland, fremont, richland, danville. that's the model. a little sprinkle here, a little sprinkle there. tomorrow overall will be a nicer day than today. tomorrow there'll be a few more breaks than that. maybe a little drizzle in the morning commute. tomorrow afternoon. a lot of clouds.
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and the model has trouble deciding whether drizzle is gonna come out because of the fach of the system. because of the nature of the system. it doesn't necessarily know the topography or ground feeding during the day. anywhere you see clouds, there's a good chance for a little green tomorrow at any point. 9:00 am friday morning, friday afternoon. there's a little something more, right? looks like that's gonna have a little pop. and then saturday it clears up. and saturday night, gets going again. right? it's just rain. the story is gonna be the five- day, which basically is day to day on this one. friday could evolve into something more or less. and saturday could be nicer than we think. stay tuned. a big comeback tonight from the warriors. don't see that every day. it was against the new york knicks. sent the game into overtime. did they have enough to get the win? mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah.
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the good news, the warriors came back from being down over 20 points. the bad news, they didn't get the win. >> this may be the low point tooib. the new york knicks come in having won only four games, having lost ten straight. and they were on the second game of a back-to-back. they played last night in portland. they get out to a 22-point lead on the warriors on their home floor in san francisco on, apparently, i'm just guessing, ugly sweater night. they came back in the fourth
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quarter. they were trailing again with 7.7 seconds left. d'angelo russell works for his three-point shot. he had 32 points. and the warriors have all the momentum going to overtime. that did not hold up. the warriors again find themselves down on the final minutes. mitchell robinson with the blow- by there. 124-122 is the final. the warriors have now five wins, 21 losses. of course steve kerr's job is not in jeopardy. but the sharks did fire their coach today. first time they've ever done it in the middle of the season. after racking up a 15-win, 16- loss in, or tie, in overtime. they've lost five in a row. they've got a 25-goal differential so far. haven't looked that good
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against the nhl. the nhl's elite. crazy spending continues in major league baseball. the angels of l.a. they need a hitter. yeah. they've already got mike trout and albert pujols. but they now have anthony rendon who led the nats to the world series championship. this is a seven-year deal worth $245 million. great postseason. the cal bears, get them on their home floor. pretty tough to beat. ask the bulldogs of fresno state. joel brown ahead with a beautiful pass there to jajuan harris. dyson put it down off gloosz.
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glass. and matt bradley takes care of the work for the bears. led the bears. 24 points. 69-63 is your final. cal is 6 is 4. >> we have reached that point of the night where you must check this out. is this the number 2 pick of the draft. john morant. watch this dunk of the year. greatly appreciated on the replay here. he goes up and over. he's knot some spring. got some spring. and this is a guy who beat the warriors the other night. and hopefully with the warriors playing the way they are, they will find themselves another top pick. they're gonna be drafting very high come next year. >> there's always gotta be a bright side. thank you. >> see you larry. >> thank you for joining us.
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