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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 12, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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deadly crash. good afternoon everyone. >> we begin with raking news out of redwood city. a woman was killed after being hit by a boss. we are live on scene, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good afternoon, and that the gators tell me the victim is a 70-year-old woman who was hit by the accordion style bus as it was turning from james avenue onto el camino. you can see the bus being towed away from the location. they have finished the on scene investigation of the bus and they have hosed down the street. they have towed the bus away. the bus was turning from the james avenue headed westbound and was making a left-hand turn onto the southbound lane of el camino, when it struck the women. we do not know if she was in the crosswalk or if the bus driver had the right-of-way. officials tell us that the bus
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is on the ecr route today running the length of san mateo county. it was traveling to the bart station. officials say there were four passengers on the bus and no one was hurt. the bus driver was also uninjured. he has been taken for drug testing, which is standard article following an accident. five years ago there was a study looking at constructing bus lanes but the street is too narrow for vehicular traffic and a bus lane. the investigation is continuing, we do not know the cause. we have been told they are not quite ready to reopen southbound lanes. if you can call for the area and we will have more for you this afternoon. so often we talk about surveillance camera videos, do you know if there was a camera
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inside the bus pointed at the driver or point it out where the street? >> reporter: excellent question, i was able to talk to officials who tell me the bus is fitted with these cameras. they are trying to determine if the cameras on the bus were functioning and if so, what the video doesn't show if anything at all. we will let you know, back to you. we are following developing news where a woman had to be rescued after her townhome went up in flames on blackbird circle. the woman was transported to the hospital and her condition is not known at this time. the cause of the fire is not known. new, police are searching for a person after he shot a man trying to break into an apartment. the suspect was on a balcony trying to get inside a second- story apartment near west third street.
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a man and his girlfriend were asleep inside when they woke up to sounds on the balcony. the man armed himself and went out to investigate. that is where he found the suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire. a victim was hit three times. he is in serious but stable condition, no word if the suspect was shot. he took off from the scene in a pickup truck. it was a wet start to the day across the bay area. there are clouds and drizzle out there, a few hours from now an advisory goes into effect on the coast. we are joined with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the day. it has been a foggy day and things are starting to improve a bit. we did not have impressive rainfall totals over the last 24 hours. there was 8/10 of an inch but not as much in santa rosa. you can see the 10th of an inch in san francisco and less than that in hey bird.
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they did not have measurable rainfall here at all. this is a current look at the storm tracker and you can see most of this has moved off to our east, however there are just a few little drizzly spots out there. in the north bay uc south of san jose clouds that are sticking with this program if you take a live look, a few breaks of sunshine trying to make it through there. they will get pretty warm today, 56 degrees already right now, santa rosa is 59. oakland is 63. livermore is coming in at 65 degrees. we started up warm this morning, we never cooled down overnight, these are the highs we are watching for today, with low to mid 60s around the bay area. the clouds stay with us. tonight it is mostly cloudy and there is a chance for shower. we should stay relatively dry and mild overnight
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temperatures. we see about 45 in santa rosa and 53 in san francisco. we see the lows change ahead, the next system is coming on friday, we will talk about that when i come back in a bit. for now i send it back to you. new, a major bust in san francisco. stolen goods discovered suddenly by law enforcement. >> we are live in the newsroom with details on this investigation. >> reporter: good afternoon, in the last hour coming in from the district attorney's office, an unprecedented in the level of collaboration between various agencies and the amount of suspected stolen goods having been recovered. 30 warrants were served and many of the phones were wrapped in aluminum foil. this is in a bid to avoid detection. there are signs from this operation that show sophisticated approaches. take a look at what was recovered earlier this week, i should say a fortune and this
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is a small sample of the items found in what is called operation focus when. authorities are saying they are going to the goods. you can see cameras, laptops, iphones, luxury purses and laundry detergent were recovered. the das office work with the police department, chp, bart and other agencies to pull off the dust. they suspect this could be why property crimes are on the rise. items that may have been stolen in car burglaries could have ended up here, or even people who walk into the parking stores and simply walk out carrying large amount of work and ice. the investigation does show that that is the case. laptops and computers were taken to a chop shop and broken down, and sold for parts. in fact the u.s. postal service is a part telling them a lot of
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items are being shipped out of state. all of the details are under investigation at this point. the das office said if you believe you have a cell phone or laptop stolen and you have the serial number, they want you to reach out to them and hopefully they can get some of your items returned to you in time for the holidays. in the newsroom today, for you. >> hopefully people can be reunited with their stuff. trains be meal may be more crowded. there is a problem with pins that connect the new train cars. the problem was discovered yesterday. the pins in this new fleet on the last three months before becoming a reliable. officials say if two train cars became separated, passengers would be safe because breaks would stop the car. however, i have decided to run one car and passengers this morning said the trains were not too. at the same time they are frustrated hearing there is another problem within the system. a new shipment of her placement
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pins is on the way, they hope to have everything back to normal early next week. joe biden is in the bay area today. he will be at fundraisers in palo alto. biden was in las vegas yesterday for a town hall with voters and he dismissed claims that he had told aides previously he would only be serving one term in office if elected president in 2020. if he is elected he would be 78 years old when he is sworn in. bloomberg and bernie sanders are older than biden. president trump wins another term he will be 74 years old on inauguration day. tonight, a town hall event. he said climate change is a top authority for his campaign and the latest national poll shows joe biden leading the crowded field of democrats, 26% of voters support biden as the
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first choice. elizabeth warren has 21% of support. bernie sanders has 16%. he is followed by pete buttigieg. today is the last day for candidates to qualify for the next debate which is scheduled for next week. the house judiciary committee back in session discussing articles of impeachment against the president. they are arguing through a marathon session, to send this to the full house. at issue here, two articles of impeachment charging the president with obstruction of congress and abusing powers, stemming from his pressure on it ukraine. committee members have had a motion and hardship, they are expected to approve the articles of impeachment and will likely be a vote tomorrow or next week. another meeting disrupted, how protesters used christmas carolers to cut an open school
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an oakland school board meeting derailed again. parents say there was excessive force at a prior meeting, we report now. public children climbed onto the stage and into the chairs of the open school board. this is the director vacating the seat. the full meeting was led by the acting president moved to a conference room as protesters portrayed jody london as a wrench should be recalled. the recall is spearheaded by a parent who planned to sue the district after a scuffle at an october board meeting.
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they claimed excessive force and injury, and blend london. >> she had the police force beat us down she needs to be held as possible. >> london was served at intent to recall, a petition of 50, putting the vote to north oakland voters which will require thousands of signatures. >> we were doing is sending a signal to the entire board that the people of oakland are not for sale. >> it doesn't feel great, but i am a public servant. >> london has watched month of this attack went over. parents are upset about school closures. costs are rising and revenues, with too many schools and more students. having meetings stalled repeatedly is frustrating. >> there are other members of the public who would like to continue. >> she believes most parents support her.
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>> same jody you are on the right track but i support you. i have been getting emails and text messages. >> many and for her to return. >> when you come back here and talk to us? >> after one hour of chanting and caroline, that was enough. staff estimates that $18 million must be cut in the next year or two. 13 schools could be affected, closed, combined or reconfigured. four of the 7 members could return including jody london. it is time to check in with a look at the rainy weather we are experiencing. there is a break on the horizon. >> there are breaks coming and that is good news. we are looking at this area with drizzle and you see it on the
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camera here. it is light and it is really just low clouds out there. there is a light drizzle near fairfield, you will see spotty showers around. as you zoom out you start to see the cloud cover still straining in in the big picture. we have high picture here to the north, and unfortunately that is leading to low visibility areas. you can see three miles here and a bit of visibility issues in concorde. take it easy if you are heading on the road. we have some danger on the coast line west and northwest with a swell that will produce what you see here, which will be high toward high waves, 15 to 20 feet. that is to say if you are on the coast be careful with rip
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tides. take a look at the temperatures right now it is 59 in san francisco, we are starting off relatively warm, 59 here and 65 in redwood city. san jose is 66 degrees and this is where we are going, for the highs today. you can see we are looking out for temperatures that are mostly in the 50s. you are looking to see how we do with that. the temperatures are not going down so much tonight. this will not change for the next few days, we will be in the 40s and 50s in san francisco and other systems will come through living temperatures down. i will track this down for you. you can see today we will get some breaks in the clouds and a few pops of sunshine making it in at 6:00. was taken into friday morning, clouds again move in as the next system takes hold. we have rain rolling in friday afternoon tracking north to south. it is a light system which we see here on friday night before
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finally we get some sunshine in and clearing north to south saturday. is welcome sunshine i am sure. this does not look like an impressive system, these are the totals we are talking about here. we probably have less than a half-inch throughout the area. this is your extended forecast to show you temperatures will start rolling down as we see sunshine on saturday and sunday. i monday we look up for highs in the 50s instead of the 60s. also overnight low's will be chilly and evil are likely to see more of the 30s. the justice department is charging nfl players with defrauding a healthcare program for retired players of nearly $4 million. according to court documents these players include clinton portis and carlos riders. the players allegedly submitted false claims for reimbursement for medical equipping. an indictment says the players fabricated documents including invoices and prescriptions.
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a hearing is happening and sentences go to urge city leaders to declare a public health crisis over rampant street drug use and increasing number of opioid overdose deaths in the city. >> we are here, unified and committed to call drug use and drug overdose crisis what it is, a public health crisis. it is a public safety crisis. we are demanding an emergency response. >> the hearing as well as a rally is organized san francisco supervisor matt haney demanding that the health department prevent a plan to increase access to narcan and provide regular reporting of overdoses and overdose death, and increase emergency responders and safety personnel. the show must go on, how a ballet school has made it through after losing its longtime location. also, how they are getting ready for the holidays, after the break.
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take a look right now, thanks and take companies banks and tech companies are addressed. an behind the scene look, this neighborhood open house is scheduled for saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. the five billion-dollar campus was completed in 2017 and more than 4000 people work there. years ago apples that one day members of the public would get to see the campus for themselves. there is a new home for the oakland ballet school. this comes as the group gets ready for the holiday production. this is one year after they lost the home and now we take a look at the new home. >> reporter: students at oakland ballet school appears
12:24 pm
to be dancing with an extra spring in their step. after being kept on their toes as the school searches for a space to lease they finally settle into this studio along piedmont avenue. >> it is comforting to say the least because i have a space that we know is ours and we will not be kicked out, for the time being. >> they lost their home last christmas and we were there at the school held its last class in the building. it has been home for 40 years. the schools owners former professional dancers were able to come to an agreement to purchase the property and since then it has been a test of resiliency operating the school at temporary locations. >> we did not have one place where we could be 100% of the time so we had three places we were going. >> they were determined to teach ballet and life lessons.
12:25 pm
>> there is discipline, coming and showing up to be on time, it will be dancing in a group, you have to work in a community. >> they traveled from union city to oakland several times a week to take lessons. >> this is work ethic to keep going and not give up. >> we are proud and happy to have a diverse school and have it accessible. this is for all students who want to do it, all body types and all colors. >> the students are now rehearsing for the annual holiday performance of nutcracker. they are excited to showcase hard work and tell the holiday tale through dance. >> being able to express myself beyond words and being able to make other people feel something about that -- >> the goal is to find a
12:26 pm
forever home and for now it is to focus on the nutcracker performances. this will be held here in oakland. still to come, seven months after playing in the western conference final, the sharks have fired the head coach, details on a major shakeup after the break. you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. it helps to have someone in your corner. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance. new this year, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the state to help lower the cost of health insurance...
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. following breaking news, a road is closed following a deadly crash. a 70-year-old woman was hit by the bus this morning. that person was pronounced dead on scene. the bus was traveling at james avenue when it hits the women. officials say there were four passengers on the bus and no one was hurt.
12:30 pm
the bus driver was not hurt, but he has been taken away for drug testing, which is standard protocol following at the accident. transit officials say if there is a camera on board but no word yet if it was operational. the sheriff's office is investigating the incident. developing news out of san jose, where a woman had to be rescued. this happened this morning on blackbird circle, the woman was transported to the hospital, her condition is unknown at this time. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we are keeping an eye on whether condition. that means that there is no indie serious in the sierras. we are joined now with a look at the conditions statewide, mountains, coast, here inland, a lot of things to talk about. indeed, and this beautiful picture of lake tahoe. we are expecting more snow.
12:31 pm
i want to start with the high surf advisory. this kicks in at 3 pm and we are expecting wave heights at 20 feet. you have to be careful at the coast. he certainly want to watch out for that. rain totals over the last 24 hours, depending on where you were, you saw under one inch of rain. santa rosa was the same story that much less than that in san francisco and you see the numbers going down. in san jose they barely got anything, just a trace, if anything. this is where we are and most of the rain has moved out. there is plenty of cloud cover and drizzle out there. you will certainly feel that if you are hitting the road. you can see where this is now and we see spotty showers in fremont as well south of san mateo. it is kind of drizzly out there but there is sunshine as well. we are taking a live look and here is sunshine in san jose
12:32 pm
sitting at 66 degrees. it is 65 in livermore, oakland is 64 and the same story in santa rosa. these are the highs we are looking for today, we will see those warmer temperatures in the south bay. there are still clouds in the north bay, and lows in the 60s, 61 in san francisco. overnight tonight we will see showers because of drizzle but it is cloudy skies and mild temperatures in the 40s. that will change in the next system comes in. i will talk to that in a minute. we continue to follow the latest development with eight deadly volcano in new zealand. a risky search for victims. the gases are so toxic that taking one deep breath could be fatal.
12:33 pm
members of the search party are wearing protective clothing and using breathing apparatus. 16 people have been confirmed dead since the eruption. a driver has been hooked on suspicion of dui, in palo alto. this crash happened at 1:45 am. chp said the driver lost control of the car and hit the center divide. a truck rear-ended the car and some of the gravel went flying into the southbound lane. the driver of the car was intoxicated. he was booked for a dui. a person in the truck was injured and a third vehicle was involved in the pileup. police will host a community meeting. 24-year-old jamaica hampton was shot after he broke a bottle over the head of an officer on saturday. this was at 23rd and capp street. hampton is in the hospital but he has been booked on assault. san francisco police will discuss the shooting at a town
12:34 pm
hall meeting at cesar chavez elementary school. the start time is 6 pm. authorities continue to investigate an awful shooting in new jersey city. >> reporter: community coming together wednesday night amid an emotional goodbye to bystanders who were killed tuesday when two armed suspects exchange gunfire with police in the hours of jersey city, new jersey. the gunbattle and standoff ended up at a kosher market and left six people dead. this included joseph deal. three bystanders inside the store and 47-year-old david anderson and francine graham. authorities haven't determined a motive but the city's mayor believes the location was targeted in an anti-semitic attack. this sparks fears of more attacks on the jewish community. >> with one voice we found to crush the monstrous evil of
12:35 pm
anti-semitism, whatever and wherever it appears. >> minutes later the president signing an executive order aimed at combating anti- semitism on college campuses. officials say the two shooters in the rampage are also the prime suspect in the killing of an uber driver, nearby. one man is in jail after an site. a man stabbed his coworker. the victim was taken to the hospital for multiple stab wounds. he is expected to be okay. he is facing attended murder charges. a woman accused of running over a or has turned herself into police. ruby turned herself in yesterday, investigators say the 28-year-old got into a heated argument with the barber
12:36 pm
at the barbershop. witnesses say this escalated and she got into her car and slammed right into brian martin and drove away. martin is recovering from surgery forces. a former pg&e lineman is coming forward saying he was fired after working with dangerous equivalent. >> safety measures are in place and the worry is that these devices may still cause fires. we visited napa and got to look at the equipment firsthand. >> reporter: take a look at the power lines. look closer. through the ice of his experienced lineman this is a danger. >> they are not supposed to be on the high wire, that is what i do not understand. >> these are trip savers, a type of recloser and they save workers a trip to fix a line that stops working. instead, the saver zaps lines
12:37 pm
with electricity, with a goal of restoring power. >> it lights up the sky hotter than the sun. >> there are fire risks and they have similar devices in high threat devices. >> he said he took these fears and spoke with managers. be dictated not understand our concerns and they address them. it was pretty much going in one ear and out the other. >> months later fire started across the north bay, cal fire concluded this was caused by a downed power line.
12:38 pm
>> everyone put their heads down because we knew these should puppy out there. >> one is speaking up and then he was sent home with no explanation and months later was fired. >> what i have seen is evidence of retaliation. >> a $7.6 million claim was filed over the termination. with utilities bankruptcy, civil suits have been suspended for now. pg&e said he was fired for misusing company time, misstating work activities and submitting fraudulent timecards. he says that does not add up. >> he does not have any warnings, he does not have any suspensions. he does not have any writeups. he complained about safety, and literally at the safety meeting where he complained he was tapped on the shoulder, and walked out of the building. >> not only him, but four others were fired for the same thing but court records say
12:39 pm
they were let go after they stood up for safety. >> i think that pg&e try to silence the very workers who they should have been listening to and trying to protect. >> he spends his days driving around napa looking for the devices he likes. >> with dry vegetation it is mind-boggling to me that they would have this here. >> he claims they had ongoing issues with the trip savers but kept installing them anyway and he has filed a claim with osha. >> it is unsafe, it is not a good design. they did not test them enough. for them to still be out there, it does not make sense, to me. >> pg&e says now many trip savers can be remotely turned off, like these. pg&e said it is now part of the plan during fire season or dangerous weather conditions. here the black switches down
12:40 pm
preventing automatic jolt of electricity. a tag indicated it was done ahead of a power safety shut up. >> that is not supposed to be there. >> seeing these dangle does not sit well, reminding him of why he said he lost his job. >> looking back i was putting a target on my back and sometimes i think i should have stayed quiet, and went a long. i could have played the game. >> if you have a story idea for us give us a call at the number on your screen, or you can send an email online. today the san jose sharks are expecting to introduce the new interim coach after firing pete deboer. the general manager said performance this
12:41 pm
season and a record of 15 and 16 is not good enough. the sharks assistant coach was fired as well. >> one family making it out alive after a terrifying car crash, why the six-week-old baby was ejected from the car and a warning now for other families, after the break. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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a remarkable story after a six week old baby was thrown from the back of a vehicle. we hear about the close call for the family and the warning police have four others. >> reporter: this is a baby who everyone agrees is so fortunate to still be alive. >> i have been on 17 years and i have never seen anything like this before. >> ezra's parents were driving southbound with the baby and toddler brother in the back seat. they crashed near the main street exit.
12:45 pm
the suv flipped several times before stopping. as her was in his car seat but it was not installed correctly and he was thrown out of a broken window. in a message has father said he frankly crawled out of the suv to search for his boy. officers arrived to find him in his car seat. for the most part he was unharmed. his father, mother, and brother were also okay, after the accident. >> we can sit here with a smile on our face knowing that no one is seriously injured. this is a good morning moment for all of us, who have children, the proper installation of a car seat is so important. >> police are investigating the source of violent threats at gilroy high school. those were not credible in cording to police but extra officers did monitor the campus yesterday.
12:46 pm
the gilroy school superintendent said she was notified they police after students at the online post and reported it. this comes six months after the deadly mass shooting at the garlic festival and the school district said some parents decided to keep children home from school even though the threat was deemed not credible. work on the golden gate bridge is two years behind schedule. the deterrent net systems were scheduled for january 2021, but now the highway and transportation district said it looks like the barrier will not be completed until the year 2023. officials say there are factors behind the delay and also say the lead contractor was bought out by a global engineering firm, which led to a later start on the project. the district said the contractor did not realize how long parts of the construction would take, and the contractor is bringing in additional resources. we have late rain here and let's check in for a look at everywhere else.
12:47 pm
it is about scattered showers because it depends on where you are. it is light rain coming down right now. it is certainly out there and you can see in the green areas here. in and around walnut creek they are getting a few showers. they are getting some in the peninsula in the north bay. most of it has worked off to the east and we are left with a drizzle and the low clouds. as we zoom out you see the clouds are really going to keep streaming and throughout the day. there is high pressure down here but it is not strong enough to pump it out of the way. is giving us a bit drizzly and foggy and you can certainly see it here as we look at the visibility at 1 1/4 mile. a bit of fog out there and three-quarter mile in concorde. that has gotten worse over the last half hour. be careful. also be careful on the coast. we have a swell that moved in. there is a high surf advisory that kicks in today in a couple
12:48 pm
of hours at 3 pm. this goes until saturday at 3 am. you can see we are expecting the wave heights to be up to 20 feet. the west and northwest facing beaches will be the most dangerous. the current temperatures now, we did not get too cool over night. it is 60 here and 60 in napa. they are seeing sunshine coming through so they are warming up and these are highs we are looking for today. these are the low to mid 60s and mostly cloudy skies with a bit of drizzle as well. i believe a chance for rain tonight, i think we will see a bit of a drizzle. it will be cloudy and pretty mild with 40s in the north bay, the 50s around the bay area and it is not bad at all. that will change with our next system. we will see the temperatures go down. today there will be drizzle and breaks of sunshine coming in near 7:00.
12:49 pm
there is a system moving in and you can see it tracks from north to south. at 9 pm as well, so it will continue with a break and more rain. when we finally clear out on saturday morning you see the chance for sunshine. that will be a north to south clearing and this does not look like a massive system. the rain will be system to what we have seen over the last 24 hours. we see one half inch or less in most spots. it will be a bit foggy as we go through friday. here is the extended forecast and again there is drizzle and cloud cover today in 60s. temperatures are rolling down and we go into the weekend where we get a break and sunshine. we have cooler temperatures behind the front particularly in the north bay. overnight saturday and sunday we roll back into the 30s. it will get very chilly. enjoy the mild temperatures. we have those while we are enduring rain, drizzle, and cloud cover.
12:50 pm
it is a nice weekend. saturday night and monday we will have 30 nice days coming our way. back to you. young people are helping to make this extra special. >> elissa harrington reports from a targets. >> this is an event with the salvation army. parents say kids went on a shopping spree to purchase gifts for underprivileged families in san francisco. here is video of the kids and parents with shopping carts full of toys. they helped load up once empty trucks. the idea of the toy drive is to serve under privileged youth and teenagers, a group overlooked with toy drives. age range is 8 to 16. the kids know what they like, gifts will be delivered next week. >> we are shopping for the kids who cannot get the toys that
12:51 pm
they cannot get themselves. >> in san francisco we all know how hard it is just to make ends meet. homelessness is a huge issue and most people find themselves one paycheck away from homelessness. if they are choosing toys or a home, a lot of people will go without toys. we are trying to help make that happen for these families. >> the group raised thousands of dollars to make this happen and the idea stemmed from a couple of people who were raised by single mothers and remember how hard the holidays can be. salvation army trucks plan to return here to target throughout the holiday season for anyone else who wants to make a donation. we are once again teaming up with immunity volunteers to collect donations for one warm coat. we have been part of this for 17 years.
12:52 pm
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after weeks of contentious campaigning, voters went to the polls today to elect a new parliament and possibly decide the future, this is held two years ahead of schedule. also considered an 50s seats are up for grabs. johnson said he will take britain out of the european union by january 31 and corbin has promised another referendum. if no one wednesday majority,
12:56 pm
johnson has the first shot at forming a coalition government. taking a look at the markets a positive day. you can see currently trading up more than 200 points, also the nasdaq and s&p 500 are up half of 1% on the day. infants at a phoenix hospital got a special visit from santa. as we explain, the visit brought much-needed joy to patients and families. >> merry christmas to everyone. >> reporter: santa claus is coming to town and on this particular day he parked in glendale to bring holiday joy to the smallest elves. >> with chaos going on i like to come out here and put normalcy into their lives around christmas. >> right now there are 30 kids here young ones were all born immaturely or sick and will not
12:57 pm
be able to go out and sit on santa's lap for a photo. banner health decided to bring him to them. >> i think having santa here for the holidays gives us a chance to let our families and their families to tell their babies how much the are loved. >> mackenzie richardson is under two months old and has not been able to leave the hospital yet. her parents have been coming in twice a day for six weeks, to check on her. they say there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than a visit from saint nick. >> it is exciting that we can celebrate the holidays with her, even though we are here and we feel a bit of celebration, even though she is in the hospital. her getting tuesday santa and celebrating is nice. >> they hope spending time with santa will give mackenzie the boost she needs to possibly
12:58 pm
come home just in time for christmas. >> so that we can ask him to have her under the tree for christmas. >> so sweet. we know the nominees for the nfl man of the year award. this recognizes a volunteer and charity work. the 49ers nominated richard sherman. he helps low income students through his blanket coverage foundation. he spends time at the santa clarita hall. the raiders nominated another who hosted a 5k. this benefited an organization that provides a second chance for those who have fallen on hard times. a player from every team will receive a donation in their name to their charity of choice. the winner of the award will receive a $250,000 price. many expect the ravens to beat the jets tonight, but lamar jackson is dealing with a quadricep injury and macy limited playing time. also ronnie stanley is expected
12:59 pm
to be out with a concussion. the jets are struggling has players will be sidelined for injury. cover start that 4:30. all of our newscasts will error on ktvu+. mcclymonds high will play in the division to a championship game on saturday. this is against pacifica high school. the warriors won the championship last week and with a win over manti, hi. they are dedicating this game to football star ramon sanders who died last month of bone cancer. the best of luck to mcclymonds high, and all going for the state title this weekend. >> thank you for watching, for the latest news and whether check out our app. we will see you at 4 pm.
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