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>> good morning, it's friday the 13th. the weather, we will find out. i didn't see any fog >> i think we will be filling in rapidly here. fog drizzles out there and a lot of this is a north bay and east bay so far but i can certainly pop up. all the moisture continues and it wouldn't take much to get this rain to go a little south. it is either great or awful.
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we are focusing on 37, 116, 29, 101. not too bad to the south. cloudy today in the system will on later this afternoon. >> happy friday. here we are, traffic is doing okay. we are starting off with the commute and in flight. a little bit of fog but for the most part it's a nice commute.
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other people may have also been hurt. if you have any issue, call oakland police. >> police are also investigating an increase in robberies and they are boosting police patrols in that area. >> we've been having quite a few robberies in the area, especially people walking in the area. >> police have noticed a recent of take of robberies. the darkness that shrouds the evening commute and holiday season bring out thieves. they often target people walking out of the station. >> headphones, cell phones out. that kind of thing. >> in a one-month period from
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october to november, there were 60 robberies. some robberies are committed by one person and others are carried out by a group. >> there are people that will drive around in cars in groups and they will pull over and then take off. >> the victims are usually approached away from the station in areas that are not well lit. >> anything of value, i put right at the bottom of my back. he met one woman is extra vigilant after being assaulted and robbed after getting off of a train. >> i wasn't sure what was happening. he groped me and then he grabbed my wallet from my back pocket and took off. ever since then, i don't go anywhere without my taser. >> we have a pamphlet with all
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of our contact info and basic tips. >> tips include keeping your valuables hidden, avoid walking alone and if you need to avoid your cell phone use your cell phone, go to a safe spot. >> if you do have the earphones in, we say keep them at a low volume so you can still here. >> dave expanded their crackdown to other part of oakland. they say their efforts will continue through the holiday season. >> one man is in the hospital after a shootout in santa rosa. a man who lived in the apartment grabbed his gun and confronted an armed intruder and they fired shots at each other. >> the victim was hit at least
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three times. >> the intruder escaped in a pickup truck. if you have any information, call santa rosa police. the house judiciary committee will reconvene with abel on two articles of impeachment against president trump. after 14 hours of debate yesterday, jerry nadler and his session ended around midnight. republicans kept offering amendment after amendment. republicans tried to drag out the debate to bury the vote from the public. >> i want the members to think about what has happened over the last two days and search their consciences before we cast a final vote. >> with democrats in the
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majority, the draft articles are expected to be passed when they vote. the full house could vote next week. the committee is set to reconvene at 7 am this morning. we will continue to bring you the latest developments here. >> democratic presidential candidate joe biden will campaign today in san antonio after he wrap up a very busy day in the bay area. he attended three democratic party fundraisers yesterday including one in san francisco at the fairmont hotel. he is the candidate who can work across party lines and heal a divided country. >> we need experience and
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maturity. >> we need someone who can bring the country together and work with people across the aisle. >> about 100 people were at last night event including libby shaft who hasn't decided who she will endorse for president. >> cory booker will host bay area fundraising event. booker will be at events in berkeley and palo alto. the candidates hope they can connect. >> once she left the race, it was like picking up gold coins off the playground. you have to have those and you have to have those chips for the california primary. >> political experts predict
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more and more candidates will come here to the bay area between now and the caucuses in iowa in early february. >> let's get you to where you need to go this morning. >> good morning dave. the commute is off to a decent start. it will be foggy in some areas. the fog is making it useless. 4:08 am, let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> we have some rain to the north.
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fog drizzle and rain develops. there's not a lot here and i think the forecast models are under forecasting the rain. the moisture is beginning to make a move and as it does, the warm overrunning is already beginning to paint some areas of rain. just north of santa rosa. >> we will hear 50s and visibility is not so good for some. even fairfield is coming down. oakland is three quarters now. a quarter-mile visibility happening in the bay so watch out. there could be a little bit of a break to the south but i
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don't think too much. these are warm systems and look at all that moisture which has to sag south. cloudy with drizzle in the morning and there will be rain. >> a new video from new jersey showing how a couple launched a deadly attack on a kosher market. why investigators believe this was a targeted attack and what the fbi needs before it can close its investigation. >> yet another delay in the recovery effort in new zealand after the volcanic eruption. the latest details from new zealand.
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>> investigators in jersey say this week's deadly attack at the kosher market was an act of domestic terrorism. rick has the very latest from jersey city. >> we believe the suspect held views reflect a hatred of the jewish people as well is the hatred of law enforcement. >> surveillance video shows the two suspects pulling up to the grocery store in a stolen rental truck. getting out and walking
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directly into the market with guns drawn ignoring civilians in the street. the suspects shot at everyone inside killing three then exchanged fire with police for the next two hours.>> i found it to be a very nice community here and it's just unbelievable what happened. >> assemble unknown any other attacks were planned. this store was next door to a school.>> in one week, the world were forget about this. for the people in jersey city, this is the home. this is our home, this is your home. >> both suspects were killed by police but the fbi still looking for information, photos or videos.>> a man was arrested after a violent incident with
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the mayor of martinez. when the police arrived, the man allegedly a police sergeant. the man was booked on suspicion of battery as well as threat. >> recovery efforts in new zealand continue this morning. crews have been able to retrieve six of the eight victims on why i went after the volcanic eruption on monday. officials say they can't go back until at least saturday.>> days after the devastating volcanic eruption, efforts to recover eight people were underway friday morning. they wore protective clothing and used a breathing apparatus to protect against it for
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themselves. to still remain on the island.>> we believe at least one of them is in the water and the other one, we are unsure. one is still on the island and we haven't located him. >> heartbroken family members of the victim got a chance to see their loved ones before they were flown to auckland for official identification. >> let's get you to where you need to go on this friday morning. i didn't see much fog but i know it's moving around the bay area. >> it is foggy.
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this is a special request for you dave because i like you so much. we are going to see. here is a picture of some fog although it's kind of hard to see. it's kind of foggy between interstate 24 in lafayette. our camera is not visible because of the fog. the commute is light and i'm not sure san jose is. this is what we are dealing with. if you're going to be driving, give yourself some extra time. >> there is a lot of fog out there and it's continuing to form as rain and picking up rapidly. rain develops and it's on your way. upper 50s and low 60s.
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i've looked at three different forecast models and am trying to use the wettest one because i think they are missing the projections. high pressure built in. look at that moisture streaming across. but starting to develop pretty rapidly. the fog is a big story here. third of a mile, take your pick. the system starts or drops off later tonight. this is a warm system. morning fog drizzle it will
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drop south by this evening. we will start getting the upper 30s by sunday and monday. >> still had, i family in east oakland pleaded for answers. still had, the latest on the death of a 19-year-old woman and what might have happened moments before it deadly shooting. >> oakland may soon have several more affordable housing units. a firsthand look at how an old hotel is being converted into old apartments.
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>> welcome back. some of the tiny homes in castro valley being built for the homeless are now in their permanent location. yesterday a big crane in several equipment moved six of those homes from livermore to castro valley. the company built these homes to help people transition into permanent housing. >> an old rundown hotel is going through major renovations and that the positive change from the horrible conditions several years ago many of the people will be coming back.
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>> it seen better days ahead. right now we are weatherproofing everything. >> is in bad shape and its worse shape than we thought it would've been. >> extension cords used as permanent wiring. that's all changing now. >> it's a little bit of partnership for the community. trashed hallways and extreme violations. >> is the worst i've ever seen.
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>> planners were surprised that structurally this place was still standing. builders are up against the clock to overhaul all seven stories. answering and holly is hustling with workers who got it and re- did the plumbing and electric. 99 apartments were reduced to 66 for more space and no more shared bathrooms. you can look straight down into
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the street. >> fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers. they're all here and brand-new. some are paid as little as $250 a month. program organizers say they were an extra 25 affordable apartments but they were all filled up after getting some 4000 applications. cleaning up what was once considered hotel and making a small dent in the affordable housing crisis. >> big news coming from the united kingdom this morning, a sweeping when for boris johnson. coming up, what the win means
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for breakfast brexit. the new look expected by next season.
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family members demanding justice as police search for whoever shot and killed a 19- year-old girl. what investigators they may have led to that. in washington after four hours of debate the house judiciary committee will meet again this morning. what to expect as we get closer to to the vote on the two article goes of computer judgment -- articles of impeachment. >> good morning, it is friday morning, friday the 13th. we are also following breaking news coming in from the south
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bay. police were at the scene of a shooting incident. it started about 2:00 this morning. the area as you can see in these pictures is block off well police investigate. we are calling san jose police are trying to get more information. elissa harrington is on her way there and we will get a live report as soon as we get new information. >> we are also talking about your weather and the fog this morning. >> it is foggy and there is rain on the way. i think it will be an impact here for many. drizzle, dense fog advisories are out and for some very thick fog on the valley even on the coast, rain to the north eventually move south. rainfall amounts will not be too bad to the south but it
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will be heavier for the north. i would almost think of doubling that for santa rosa and you could do that for the russian river area as well. we turn much cooler, tremendous amount of moisture coming in from the west southwest. it lifted a little bit that allow temperatures to warm up yesterday. 50s for the temps and watch out for the fog is visibility is not very good, zero for some. highs today in the 50s and 60s with rain later. i do see some fog. the traffic is light so far. looking at interstate 80 and the bay bridge toll plaza and there's a little bit of a backup. if you're driving on 80, no major issues. here is a look at some of the top stories. boris johnston and his


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