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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> weber going to do with and they did that. the mayor of martinez affect. the man taken to the city told police he was making a citizens arrest. >> he grabbed me on the left shoulder and tried to pull my has been my back. taking it easier to reach a suicide prevention hotline. the federal planned for a new three digit number tell people in crisis. >> i believe 988 would help. it has an echo of 911, number we all know. from k tv new, this is "the four". >> we begin this afternoon was on developing as we have been following for hours here in fremont. a robbery suspect. the man, as you can see here the speakers have arrogated himself on top of the building
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and officers down below. this building is under construction. skyfox was overhead as negotiators were trying to talk with this man into getting him to peacefully surrender. the building which is located at warm springs boulevard and brown road, as i mentioned is under construction and not occupied. the negotiations continue with this man at this hour. >> here is some live picture for that scene. dement went inside of a house in that same area. he broke in and when the woman inside confronted him, he struck her and took off with some items from the home. he eventually ended up you're on top of this building. aside from throwing items from the roof, the man also has a rag with fire and dust that from the roof as well. firefighters any tactical emergency medical team is still on the scene to try to convince the men to surrender peacefully. we are going to keep an eye on this situation. we will bring you and update and this stand of as soon as it is resolved. another historic day on capitol hill. articles of impeachment against
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president trump now headed for a full house vote after the house judiciary committee approved two charges earlier today. that vote, followed two days of heated debate, attacks and a very clear partisan divide. >> mr. trump is now on a short list of u.s. presidents who face the impeachment process. political reporter greg lee joins us now. more on what happened today and what is next. >> reporter: richard nixon, bill clinton and now donald trump. just the four u.s. presidents who face impeachment by the house. democrats call this a solemn and sad day. republicans slammed the process calling it a travesty. >> for the third time and a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. >> reporter: a historic step in the house judiciary committee. vote along party lines at approving articles of impeachment against president trump. >> there are 23 eyes and 17
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nose. >> reporter: after debate imports and fights, thursday, the democrat-controlled committee moved forward with charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. charges tied to the allegation that president leveraged a white house meeting and nearly $400 million in military aid to pressure ukraine into investigating joe and hunter biden. >> a predetermined they were going to do it and they did it. come or high water. they have no proof, no evidence, no crime. but they went ahead anyway. they are tearing the country apart. >> today is a solemn and sad day. the house will act expeditiously. >> reporter: democrats say the president different betrayed the nation. president trump agreed. >> it is a hoax. nothing was done wrong. zero was done wrong.
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i think it is a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment which is supposed to be used in an emergency. >> reporter: the articles will now move to a full house for a vote next week. if they vote to impeach, it will set up a trial in the g.o.p. controlled senate. fox news interview, mitch mcconnell says he is coordinating with the white house counsel and indicated the outcomes already been determined. >> we all know how it is going to and. there's no chance the president is going to be removed from office. >> we don't have three coequal branches of government now. the senate has become a tool of the president. >> reporter: uc hastings professor says americans need to pay close attention to what happens next. >> establishing a line here is important in history. whether the president is removed from office or not, it is important that the american public understands what is at stake.
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>> reporter: we could see a vote as early as wednesday. if impeach, the present would face the trial in january after the holiday break. >> let's talk about that full house world happening next week. how things may play out. obviously, we saw this vote in the judiciary strictly along party lines. there was a lot of talk about some democrats who might defect. because they are up for election in districts that donald trump one. >> all you need is is a simple majority. meaning, there is some breathing room for those democrats. like you said, there is this concern that some of these democrats are worried of the political implications of 2020. if a vote for impeachment, why not get reelected. i was in the district for president trump. certainly, i saw on that. >> certainly something that a lot of them are going to be thinking about. as we look ahead, after the
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house vote, to this trial in the senate. expectations there. >> some conversations in the republican side about what exactly will happen. reports from resident trumps counsel that they don't necessarily want to go live with this is because they're afraid of what will be said understands. some republicans today said it though, they would like to see with this is because they were upset they didn't get a chance to call their own during this process which is what they have claimed president trump said during his questioning and answering this morning. he said, i will do whatever i want because we did nothing wrong. when asked if you want a larger trial. >> and let's talk about the political implications here, i mean, for the resident. assuming that things go the way we expect with a full house vote, i mean, he is, at that point, one of the three presidents in our history to be impeached from office. not removed but impeached. one of the concerns that he had is as he heads to the 2020
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election. >> my approval rating is out of the roof, he believes he is doing so well. what is true that is in swing state, head-to-head with democrats, he is gaining ground in areas that democrats may have been being human that projection. his approval rating has been static, 40% from the beginning to end of this where we are at today as winter this trial. bottom line is we really don't have a resident for this because with clinton, he was impeached in his second term. nixon, resigned before it reached the full house vote. this will be a very interesting historically. to see what happens in implications of the. >> greatly, thanks so much. for more and the impeachment vote and reaction on capitol hill, you can find it all at our home page, now we go to san jose were homicide detectives have spent much of the day canvassing on intersection on the east side of town. >> they're looking for clues in a deadly shooting. much of the guilt after an apparent argument. reporter jesse gary joining us live from east san jose with
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the latest on this case. jesse? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. in the past 30 minutes, the roadway open. it has been closed for the better part of 14 hours from ross avenue stretching all the way down to eat till drive. that was 14 hours. on scene investigation is winding down. we're learning more about the murdered man. family and friends say justin the jesus looked hard on the outside but was a teddy bear on the inside. they say and you that's car accident recently prompted the 25-year-old turn his life around. >> they got hard i use. he was gunned down at the intersection of south white road and florence court. >> maybe 1:30, six shots in quick succession. and then they heard a woman yelling and screaming down the street. >> reporter: an argument
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between a group of people and the jesus proceeded with violence. >> i heard gunshots and then we started closing the doors and locking doors to make sure everybody inside will be okay. >> reporter: by the time officers arrived, he was dead. the suspects have run off. >> received information that possible suspects involved in this fled into a nearby court into a residence. we did contact those individuals, we have them detained. >> reporter: lisa spokeswoman said, rest than a half dozen men and women are questioned. this case marks san jose's 32nd homicide of the year which officials say is on par for previous years. detectives search for a motive, family friends prepared to lay to rest a man who leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. >> we are sad for the family involved in both sides. the perpetrator and the victim because it ruins families. >> reporter: i spoke with police ago and told that the suspects are being held and no one has been arrested at this time.
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we will let you know if that changes. live in east san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the mayor martinez says he is doing fine this afternoon after being attacked downtown. he is having an encounter with his particular person before but nothing violent until now. >> joining us live now from martinez after talking with the mayor about exactly what happened. greg, what did he have to say? >> reporter: the mayor actually operates an insurance business right here on main street. in fact, it is right there behind me next to the bank. he said it was yesterday afternoon that he had stepped out of the office and he was confronted by a man that he has encountered for. bystander video captured the aftermath when mayor was attacked outside of his business. moments later, the suspect known as eli threatened to detain him under citizens arrest and became violent when the mayor wouldn't comply.
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>> eli, take it easy. i am busy, move along. he became more aggressive and started getting closer and closer. eventually, he grabbed me on the left shoulder and tried to pull my hands behind my back and at that time, a good samaritan came out of nowhere and jumped into it and pushed him away from me. >> reporter: good samaritan, danny, witnessed the attack, driving by and sprang into action to help. the mayor says, police also arrived and that's one eli dominhuez became aggressive. >> he fought back. he bit a sergeant on the finger. he also fought the good samaritan. they took him away. >> reporter: dominguez, the man accused of the one attacking the mayor known to be violent and confrontational on city council meetings when he
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rambled incoherently about taxes and the fact and then threatened to arrest the entire counsel. >> you have an ultimatum, step down or have your office recalled or and or be arrested under citizens arrest. >> reporter: under privacy rules, they cannot elaborate on dominguez muscovy mental health but says that he has been in  trouble with the law before. >> he has been arrested for an incident where he bit a sheriff's deputy and was subsequently placed in the system. >> reporter: the mayor says he managed to get through all of this relatively unscathed. as for the suspect, he is currently being held at that martinis detention facility. he is facing several charges including multiple accounts of battery and i just spoke a short time ago to the mayor, give us an update, he says that the suspect is going to be arraigned on monday and that the da is going to ask for no bail. live in martinez, ktvu fox 2
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news. >> white scary for the mayor. think you. still to come, a legal victory for berkeley, the warning the city can now issue about cell phone use. a live interview with berkeley smear. also, federal regulators looking to make it easier for people struggling with mental health issues to get the help they need. talking with an expert on the new process being rolled out by the fcc. cloudy skies over the bay area and will into the weekend, scattered showers. a look at the current conditions and show you what you can expect for your weekend, coming up. call or visit
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the fcc is moving forward with plans for a new three digit number to reach a suicide prevention hotline. it is similar to 911 for emergencies. people will soon be able to dial 988 to get help. currently, the national suicide prevention lifeline uses a 10 digit number. colors have been routed to a crisis center where counselors answer calls. 2.2 million calls were taken last year. federal relators hope this short hotline number will make it easier for people to seek help. >> i believe 988 would help. it has an echo of 911, a number we all know. this research should make difference when they need a lifeline. >> this new number will be
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expected to be ready for use in the year 2021. for more, we're joined here by the executive director of crisis support servitors of alameda county. thank you so much for being here. how do you think this would affect suicide prevention efforts in the future? >> i think that we are most excited about is the result of having a shorthand number for crisis intervention and suicide prevention. i think young people will learn about 911 from elementary school age and hopefully, this new number will make it possible for us to be having these conversations about mental health and suicide prevention starting early and maybe people won't have as much of a hesitation about reaching out. >> certainly simplifies the process as well. it is a three digit number that i need to remember if myself for a family member is in the mental health crisis. >> definitely. i think there are some estimates from the national suicide prevention lifeline that they say in this new three digit number, the number of
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calls coming in annually would be at 12 million calls. >> let's talk a little bit more about the numbers. because they are startling. it is estimated that more than 47,000 americans died by suicide and more than 1.4 million adults attempted suicide. this was in 2017. can you tell us a little bit on what you're seeing there in alameda county? >> we're definitely noticing some changes here locally as well. two years ago, the number of lifecycles that we've had was under 7000. last year, it was over 10,000. that is a pretty big jump for us. that doesn't take into account over 40,000 local folks calling in addition to the lifeline. today, i was also looking at the severity of these goals. the degree of severity of course have also increased. pretty significantly, primarily
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, less than 10% of vehicles would be considered severe. now, that number has been up in the last couple of years. we are definitely feeling the stress that both are feeling and the increase in suicidal thinking. >> those are in fact some startling numbers your sharing with us tonight. talking about how important these goals are. what is the research show about a person's interaction with someone in a crisis center? >> one of the i mary protective factors against suicide is really connection. that's what crisis centers offers. crisis centers offer a positive connection, 24/7, regardless of high isolated or upset or lonely somebody is feeling in their own lives. one of the things that make it special is the fact that we have so many volunteers on- site. we have about 200 volunteers here in alameda county answering these goals. it is really the sense of neighbors caring about neighbors and that number of connection really impacts people. we know that even in a 10 minute call, the degree of the stress that simply maybe
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expensing decreases significantly after they have felt that somebody was truly seeing their pain and hearing them out. >> once they hung up, there a little bit more helpful. thank you so much for talking investigating. this new three digit number is set to be unveiled. thank you so much. talking about the weather around the bay area in the last few days seeing something misty and drizzly and today, once again, a lot of folks so some showers. rosemary is taken alive look here looking across san francisco and things are gray once again today. >> scattered showers continuing to fall over the bay area. tonight, a bit of a break tomorrow. another round comes in tomorrow evening. sunday looks drive for our local football games. outside our door, a different view. storm tracker showing you what we do have scattered showers over the bay area. take a look, areas over petaluma moving towards san rafael, american canyon, light rainfall for you there.
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over towards the coast, silliness, light rain wrong highway one. it looks just south of perhaps ocean beach with ocean beach area indoors half moon bay, on the peninsula, 101, 280, i went one for san francisco through san mateo and into east bay. i think the inter-east bay is severely dry. into the sacramento valley to get some of that green. we do have some snow piling up over this year's. notice right there, that lake tahoe and lake tahoe is green. that means that the snow level is about 6000 feet. 6500 feet through the night. that snow is going to continue till the weekend and there is a winter weather advisory that continues as well. goes all the way until early sunday morning. if you plan on traveling, be prepared for that winter travel. here at home, we have an advisory that will expire over the overnight hours.
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right along our coastlines from the north bay all the way into monterey. when i come back, a look at the temperatures and the future cast model, details and do it with her and what we expect to try, coming up in just a little bit. a progress for the u.s. china and read. details, coming up after the break. be sure to tune internet for wwe friday nights back down. starts at 8:00 ahead of the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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this weekend airing on ktvu, featuring some exclusive sitdown interview with arnold schwarzenegger. for a preview of the conversation, we're joined by alex michelson. alex, he spoke a lot about current events including his trend being named time
4:25 pm
magazine's person of the year. >> of course, climate change, one of the most important issues. i saw this during his time as governor. yesterday, he was in clovis with former governor jerry brown celebrating the one millionth solar roof in california. something he started back in 2006 finally coming to frisian. in the last few months of it brett fn berg, the young 16 year old activist from europe and traveled around the world with her climate change message. just name time person of the year. the two of them have a bike ride together. he had loaned her his electric,. take a look. >> she communicated well and was she is concerned about this is if they screwed up today, it is her generation that is going
4:26 pm
to get affected by that. it is her generation that is going to go and really experience the punishment of this whole thing if they don't do this solving the problem. i think the voice is being loud and clear and that people should pay attention and that she is very feisty and strong. she communicates well and she's a fantastic young lady. unbelievable and smart and she educated us. this is what we want every kid to do. don't sit around and complain. you have the power and she's showing how much power a kid has when they go out and do something about it. >> reporter: i asked him about some of those critics and he said, look, any time you do something big, you're gonna get critics. we also talked about his work on election reform. and also talked about his kids. it gets pretty personal talking them. including his son patrick who has a new movie out.
4:27 pm
he is talking about the first time watching that movie and watching his son's sex scene. he wasn't expecting that. that was a very interesting moment for him as his son becomes a movie star like him and also talked about his son on the bodybuilding. he is proud of him and close with him. interesting to hear him open up a lot. this is probably the most interesting interview we have done on the show so far. >> certainly. a great were the moment for any parent when you see your child doing something like that on the big screen. but anyway, looking forward to the conversation. that in fact sounds interesting. thank you so much., this weekend. think you. the u.s. and china have reached a modest trade agreement that everts new tariffs set to start this weekend. you is also cutting some import taxes on chinese goods in half from 15% to seven and have percent. china pledged to end its
4:28 pm
practice of measuring cup is to hand over their technology in order to gain access to its markets. china also agreed to by $32 billion in u.s. farm products over two years. >> it is a phase one deal but a lot of big things covered. i say, fictionally, the farmers would have to buy much larger tractors because it means a lot of business. >> the tax-cut agreement has not yet been released and analysts say the main effect with the to de-escalate trade tensions as negotiations begin on a broader phase ii agreement. been up here on after the break, a legal victory for the city of berkeley. the supreme court says the city can require cell phone providers to post health warnings. talk and live with the mayor of berkeley about the implications of this ruling. sue to play for federal grants to curb the vp epidemic affecting all 50 states.
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the centers for disease control says now vaping illnesses and death have reached all 50 states. 52 people in twin 60s have now died from illnesses. the cdc says more than 2400 people have gotten sick . federal lawmakers are now looking at ways to try to keep teenagers from vaping. proposing a new fee on e- cigarette benefactors to pay for education on the dangers of vaping and help fix the habit. >> these companies are targeted
4:32 pm
to children with dessert and fruit flavors, devices that look like flash drives easily hidden by the same students. >> face with criticism and lawsuit, the is it that they insist of keeping their product away from young people. it was a big night for trump ally. the british prime minister and his conservative party won their largest majority since 1987. >> regimen hall in london with more on the fallout with this election results. >> reporter: british prime minister boris johnson meeting with the queen on friday morning following a big win for his conservative party. he is now governed mandate to form a new government after the conservatives want their biggest parliament majority since the era of margaret thatcher. their rival party suffered losses since 1935 expected to be the final blow for those who want to remain in the european
4:33 pm
union. >> leaving the european union as one united kingdom. >> reporter: thompson is a close ally of president trump who promotes breaks it and criticized jeremy. on the state of london, supporters of both parties say the wrangling of the breaks it played a big part in the conservative victory. >> we finally got that majority of. after 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: farther north, overwhelmingly chose anti-exit lawmakers. scottish national party seen a london have no mandates to take scotland out of the eu and some of the demands for a new vote. >> decide by the majority of scotland is very different to that chosen by much of the rest
4:34 pm
of the uk. >> reporter: after the big loss, it will step down early next year after the party has taken a new leader. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. the supreme court is siding with the city of berkeley in a legal battle with the cell phone industry. the high court voted this week to ly city ordinance and warning students stand. three years ago, berkeley approved an ordinance requiring cell phone retailers to issue warnings about the possible exposure to radiation from cell phone use. cell phone companies argue that the ordinance violated their free-speech rights by requiring them to deliver a message they disagree with. supreme court rejected their challenge. joining us now on phone is the mayor of berkeley, mr. mayor, we appreciate you coming on today. how significant is this ruling by the supreme court, do you think? >> it is significant not just for berkeley's ordinance but also nationwide and the
4:35 pm
information that we are requiring cell phone retails to provide is the same information the fcc over the mandates that cell phones include. so, we weren't requiring any additional information beyond the fcc disclosures. it is important that people know how to properly use the device. that is the purpose, to provide information so people can use the device safely. >> the wireless association, they challenge the audience in berkeley, they pointed a fact that the fcc, at this point, is no scientific evidence establishing a causal link between cell phone use and cancer or other negative health problems. what do you say in response to that and all the warnings being posted in berkeley misleading at all? >> i don't believe them misleading. these are disclosures that the federal government already requires that cell phone companies must include. the information is with the content neutral around the
4:36 pm
health effects of technology on individuals and merely just providing information about how people can safely use their device. we do know that there is some degree of radiation when you come to use your device, this is just basic information every consumer should have. >> how concerned do you think the average person should be about the health effect of using their cell phones or having those wells close to their bodies? >> every time you have a device emitting radiation, there is some inherent risk. that is the reason why the federal government over the mandates this information be provided to consumers, not only upon purchase but also in the phone itself. if you actually search through your phone under settings, see the disclosures there. >> let me ask you, because you know in san francisco, the cell phone industry, they were successful in challenging an ordinance there that would have required something that sounds similar, retailers do kind of handout a fact sheet labeling
4:37 pm
so that missions as a possible carcinogen and that was successfully shot down. it seems similar to what you're doing in berkeley but a busy, there must be a distinction. what the thing your warning was allowed to stand by the courts.? >> the difference between san francisco's warnings and berkeley's warnings is they have adapted language that is far more extensive than what fcc mandates. it did make actual value statements about the impact of cell phone use on health. and, they were able to strike down the state as. what we elected to do was just ensure that the information is already mandated by the federal government, we provided much more transparently to customers when they purchase the devices at the actual science never required to be posted on the stores, to reflect the fcc mandated disclosures. we i think, took a safer path
4:38 pm
by aligning our state it's with those that are already provided. i want to commend our outside counsel who did and it's credible job on my this is important and preserving local rights to protect safety. >> to wrap up, let's talk about the brother implications of this really but the high court. do you believe that this is going to open the door for other cities out there, other states across the country to require cell phone retailers to post these similar health warnings? >> i hope so. i think that consumers had the right to know and this information is already buried in your phone. by requiring this information to be provided in a more transparent fashion, people can make their own decisions about how to use their devices safely and, i think people have the right to know this information. >> that was the mayor of berkeley. we always appreciate your time. thank you, mr. mayor. >> thank you so much. foggy, foggy friday.
4:39 pm
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the foot will team on its way now to southern california. to play in the caf division i state championship game.
4:42 pm
as you can see, they had a police escort out of town. the padres have only lost one game this season. they're going to play tomorrow at norwalk against undefeated corona delmar high school. this is sarah's third time in four years going to the states final they won the championship back in 2017. wish them luck. >> we certainly do. all right, let's take a look at our weather and, you know, it's been this kind of this way. pretty much all week long. rosemary, we are expecting some changes over the weekend or? >> yes. >> okay, good. like a son? >> we will have changing conditions into the weekend. we have the in and day out. seeing the gray skies, the
4:43 pm
light rain, often on. that is exactly what is going on right now. san francisco, 50 degrees. oakland, checking in at 15 and. as we take a look across the oakland estuary, livermore at 67. santa rosa, 55. we're cooler out there in many areas today. down by seven over santa rosa. down by three, oakland. number four in oakland. here's a look at the system that is moving through. northern california, center of california and into the sierras, we've got wet weather there. the plume of moisture continues to move through. it is going all the way back towards the hawaiian islands. that is going to stay in place through the night and into tomorrow we will get some break. here's a look at the scattered showers activities. fairly widespread. from around the be an inlet. as we begin into the evening drive, it takes light showers to flip things out and slow
4:44 pm
things down. we will continue with that true that late part of the afternoon and evening hours. here is a look back at this year. have the snow piling up when snow levels about 6500 feet. lake tahoe, about 6200 feet. anything green, nothing in the snow on the lake at this moment. slow levels will be dropping as we get into the weekend. winter weather advisory in place until early sunday morning. i show you when it will be pretty treacherous and interest driving at times, mix of rain and snow going on. about 6500 feet. we've got snow and we are looking at anywhere from a foot to two feet of snow. by the end of the reagan. that is some greatness. for us, the high traffic advisory. early saturday morning. for our west and northwest facing beaches. there's a view of your future cast into tonight, if you have plans, a few pop-up scattered showers activities going on because we get going tomorrow morning, mix of sun and clouds. mainly dry and your dry for most of the afternoon. for another way begins to approach. there is your dinner hour. and there's the evening. to see more scattered showers into saturday night.
4:45 pm
sunday is a dry day. temperatures expected for tomorrow morning, 50 degrees for oakland, 15 san francisco. low 40s to start the day in santa rosa. and of the afternoon, mid 50s at the coast, mid to upper 50s for the rest of the bay. very similar to where we have been last few days. here's a look at the extended forecast. drying out in time for our 9ers game. our reader scheme, on sunday. temperatures don't watch a lot that you will notice in the into extended forecast of their, monday to tuesday, mainly dry. our next opportunity at scattered showers perhaps some rain coming tuesday night into wednesday. almost there. >> we just got to get through tomorrow. thanks, rosemary. more than 23 years since the deadly bombing that rocked the atlanta olympic game and the subsequent investigation focusing on the man who discovered the explosives. the bombing, the probe and media frenzy are all covered in the new film, richard jill.
4:46 pm
the suspect. spoke with the books offer who were consulted on the film. >> 1996 olympic games in atlanta overshadowed by deadly bombing. resulting in the deaths of two people and injuring more than 100 others. it could've been much worse. if not for security guard richard, who spotted the bag and helped clear the area before the destination. he was hailed a hero to within 72 hours, he became the focus of authorities investigation. and saw his private life thrust into the public eye. >> everything sped up and over 15,000 journalists there. people saw what happened real- time. >> reporter: alexander was the u.s. attorney for northern georgia at the time. he is co-author of the book, the suspect. which dives into the events leading up to, during and after
4:47 pm
the bombing. >> it was a rush to judgment in the media. there was a leak and the law enforcement about there shouldn't have been. >> reporter: alexander's writing partner, kevin, who is with that wall street journal at the time, notes some of the actions and tips from people who knew him raised serious questions. >> in the public consciousness, you had a guy who was an absolute collectible even though he was absolutely the hero. >> reporter: they see that case with immediate frenzy as the social media story before there was social media. like the stories of others who were falsely accused such as the duplo cosplayers. >> all of a sudden, there again, tried and convicted in the public opinion. this is a dangerous trend. will move on expect for the people who had been in the crosshairs of that kind of experience. it is very damaging. >> reporter: after his exoneration, richard felt a number of lawsuits against media outlets. he died in 2007. in atlanta, steve harrigan, fox
4:48 pm
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the dog leash became caught between elevator doors. >>.walk away as she was walking on. >> reporter: and then the elevator door shut leaving the pomeranian and his owner on either side and on different floors. >> as soon as i saw that the door shut, just record. >> reporter: johnny was getting home late from work and began turning the corner to head to his department but luckily, he said, that you don't caught his eye long enough to see what was about to happen. >> the door closed real quick and i know that it wasn't just going to stop. >> reporter: the dog was starting to lift off the ground. so, he pulled the leash down with all his might. he scrambled to into the buckle caller or in class the leash. >> so, you see me struggling trying to undo it because of all the fur around his neck. and the whole time, i could just hear that girl bowling her eyes out inside the elevator, freaking out. >> reporter: finally, the dog and the owner was reunited. >> she was saying think you.
4:52 pm
it was a freak thing that could've happened to anyone. >> reporter: he posted the video to show his friends but now it's gone viral garnering a lot of brace. >> i did what anyone else would do but it was just instinct. >> reporter: he hopes this video would be for awareness for retractable leashes and elevators. in the whole ordeal, the dog was pretty calm. a secret santa surprised shoppers in alabama by paying off customers layaway items. taking shoppers by surprise in the city of anniston. according to the store, all that mystery person was that every person get a paper that says god loves you. jesus made the price. >> i wanted to check and see how much i owe. so i can get it off in time for christmas and, she said, okay, she told up my account and she
4:53 pm
said, you don't owe anything and i said, excuse me? >> total cost of the layaway items came out to $65,000. still looking for a real christmas tree? were going to take you to one bay area farm not only spreading holiday cheer but supporting students as well.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a visit to the local tree from. >> if you're a fan of fresh-cut trees, you may want to head into the santa cruz mountains were one tree farm is selling trees and giving back over the holidays. >> reporter: it's a lengthy trip but it is worth it. at the tippy top, seats the peacock christmas tree farm. 34 acres long, 45,000 trees. dozens of varieties. all that in the santa cruz mountains like ornaments. and they are all ready to come home. >> everybody that comes up here is happy. were everybody is in a good mood. >> reporter: the owner and his wife choose transplants who fell in love with the property back in 1919 and. the only catch, the ownership came with a year-round holiday
4:57 pm
twist. the tree farm must carry on. >> it is a real business. morning after thanksgiving, i see a line of cars coming in and i was like oh, call our friends to come help us. >> i'm eric >> and lisa >> and gina >> will come to the tree county farm. >> reporter: seasonal employs and voters all that back to peacock every year to work the farm and the magic it is. it truly is a family affair. >> you can't make it up. it's like watching all the movies going to come up here and. >> you come up here and you see the outdoors and you pretend like you're a lumberjack. >> reporter: judy of santa cruz has been a peacock tree buyer for over 20 years. she loves the sense of community and that personal
4:58 pm
touch. >> the trees are gorgeous. the properties gorgeous. the hard part is making up your mind. >> reporter: my christmas day, 1000 trees would have left the mountains and the charity would be all the better. like they do every december, they donate some of their proceeds. this year, it went to words in need in honor of ambassador chris stevens who died in libya seven years ago. the funds will go towards scholarships for middle eastern studies majors all following stephen's footsteps. eric and i were fraternity brothers with the ambassador at berkeley. and so was stephen donald who runs the nonprofit. >> chris was the kind of guy that he felt he was your best friend after you rode with him in the first time in the elevator. he was the guy that you how to
4:59 pm
effortless way listen and understand people and culture around him. >> reporter: christmasy giving sole and only fitting that he is remembered this time of year. his family make an annual trek to the santa cruz mountains to the peacock christmas tree farm. >> why don't we do this more often? it doesn't have to be just christmas. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. capitol hill for only the fourth time ever, the u.s. president will face the impeachment vote in house of representatives. the vote likely scheduled for next week. the president calling it a witch hunt, scam and hopes. good evening, i'm christina. >> the judiciary committee approved two charges. greg lee joins us now with more on today's vote. greg? >> reporter: richard nixon,
5:00 pm
bill clinton and now donald trump. the only four u.s. presidents who have faced impeachment by the house. democrats call this a solemn and sad day. republicans slammed the process, it's a travesty. >> for the third time and a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. >> reporter: historic step in the house judiciary committee. a vote along party lines approving articles of impeachment against president trump. >> mr. chairman there are 23-70 nose. >> reporter: after maria 14ers appears to be than partisan fights, thursday, the democrat- controlled committee move forward with charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. charges tied to the allegations that the resident leveraged a white house meeting in nearly $400 million in military aid to pressure ukraine. investigating joe and hunter biden. >> vape predetermined they were going to do it and they did


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