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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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controversial navigation system for the homeless. >> i know this hasn't been easy. >> the mayor's message to those in the neighborhood worried about crime and drug abuse. san jose police faces several closet over this encounter between an officer and a man. from ktvu news, this is "the four" . a man coming forward this afternoon with claims of misconduct against the san jose police officer. he says, while riding his bike, the officer ran him down with a squad car. the man refused to comply with his orders to stop. welcome everyone to "the four", i'm heather holmes. >> that encounter is at the center of the lawsuit against the department. ktvu's reporter jesse gary has been digging into the details of this. he is joining us live now from downtown san jose, jesse? >> reporter: bicyclist
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continual advised to write in bike lanes when on city streets. as a matter of fact, san jose went to a lot of plants to create the markings on the street. he was doing just that when an irate police officer tried to pull him over and used his vehicle to be as a weapon to get him off his bike. >> i got hit on. >> reporter: he is on crutches this season due to he and his attorneys say it was abuse from a san jose police officer. >> to not pursue justice. >> reporter: the violent incident happened around 10:30 at night summer next. the avid lifelong cyclist was on his bicycle on a 14 mile ride from portions of san jose.
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he was approaching moderate road, he says, police officer david pulled alongside screaming. >> he was telling me to pull over, i asked why. and he just said so. >> reporter: he moved to the sidewalk, and wrote to the opposite direction in what he calls, verbal abuse. it was followed, and then drove onto the sidewalk and into him into the by. >> a speck of and tried to hit me. he sped up and hit me. two seconds by far, i was going to die. >> reporter: his wounds were not fatal but he suffered. he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. >> >> reporter: he is suing the department and the city. >> it feels like he wasn't a
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bait and he became immediately angry. we have these cases popping up a lot lately. >> every time that there is a claim of excessive force, we take it seriously. >> typically, there is a longer process. it would be found in the internal affairs and then i a gets involved and investigates the claim. >> reporter: the process is in its infancy, gonzales would be without wheels. tuesday morning, he recovered his bicycle from a recovery facility but it was bent and damaged. >> i was injured and i feel like that shouldn't have happened to me. i don't know, you know. it seems a little scary to have something happen like that. >> reporter: in addition to
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that physical wounds, that pre- existing anxiety conditions return. he will be in court in february on two misdemeanor counts related to the encounter with the officer. we're live in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. heading back to you. five people suffered from breathing problems in a san francisco apartment, it's because of toxic fumes. the san francisco fire department was called to 988 howard street just after noon today. five people were complaining of difficulty breathing and a chemical smell on the seventh floor of the wells apartments. one person was taken to the hospital to be checked out. investigators determined if someone had mixed bleach with cleaner. that sent of noxious fumes. city leaders and their the latest navigation center to respond to the homeless crisis. >> the new facility was fiercely opposed by people who live in that neighborhood.
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today, the mayor committed to addressing the communities concerns while helping people get off the streets. >> live in the city. christian, you have been given the look inside the facility? >> reporter: that is right. this over here behind me is the parking lot just months ago which is now transformed as the city's newest navigation center. now, all eyes are on this project. a month-long fight whether to open here or not. was of the work in the center has been completed by the end of the month, the doors will open to welcome homeless references comes looking for shelter and services. the mayor organized a news conference and a tour of the new facility say despite months of controversy opening the center was a necessity to begin housing the homeless. >> last year, we helped to dozen 146 people exit homelessness. and since we have opened navigation centers in san francisco, they have helped over 5000 people.
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>> reporter: it generated controversy. neighbors worried about increasing crime. opponents took the city to court to block the navigation center. leaders of the opposition released a statement with equal, given its proximity to 10,000 of residents, the navigation center will be closely watched. we hope that it would be less of a failure than previous navigations in the city. other neighbors they, they stand behind the mayor's plan. >> i support her. because i want to raise my kids in a city that helps its people. >> reporter: capacity of the navigation center is 200 people. when they open, they will only have 130 people being sheltered here as part of phase commitment to neighbors. it is a necessary first step to resolve the city's homelessness crisis. >> we have a new site opening up and that bay view and then
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two more sites after that we are not yet ready to announce. >> reporter: three navigation centers are in supervisors martinis district. it helps resolve a citywide problem. >> a legislation to require a navigation center in every district. >> reporter: the city is hoping to begin moving people into this navigation center by the end of the must. long-term, the city says the solution to homelessness crisis is more affordable housing. we're live in san francisco, christian, ktvu fox 2 news. dna testing help police solve a 37-year-old cold case. it was back in 1982, just before christmas, when authorities found the bodies of two teenage cousins. jeffrey flores atup and mary jane malatag went to a convenience store and went back to their home but never made it. both of the victims suffered visible injuries. this case went cold but last
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year, a homicide detective renewed investigation by using advanced dna technology. authorities tied to homicide to this man, clifton hudspeth. a career criminal who lived just minutes from where one of the teenagers bodies were found. suspect has since died but his remains were exhumed in the dna match the killers. happening now, people getting for rallies all around the bay area in support of the impeachment of president trump. these are life pictures from skyfox right outside the grand lake theater. you can see several dozen people scattered there with signs on that street corner right outside of the theater. we are also told that other martyrs are happening in san francisco. in just about an hour ago, also is i rally in san jose at 5:30 tonight. events also scheduled in many other cities in many areas including palo alto, livermore, walnut creek, san mateo and
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santa rosa. lawmakers are expected to vote to impeach president trump for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> president trump weighed in today with a letter attacking house speaker nancy pelosi and democrats. >> reporter: as the committee debated how the house impeachment vote would go this week, the president sent house speaker nancy pelosi a strongly worded letter calling impeachment and illegal partisan attempted coup. >> this has been a total sham from the beginning. everybody knows it. >> reporter: in the six-page letter, the president tells speaker pelosi that she has cheapened the importance of impeachment. this is lame on her court, you are the one interfering in america selection. you are the one subverting america's democracy. you're the ones obstructing justice. you're the ones wringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan gains.
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over in the house rules committee, lawmakers worked for hours to prepare the ground rules for the full house floor vote on the two articles of impeachment were yet again the hearing remained bitterly divided. >> was it appropriate for him to ask another country to investigate an american citizen? >> there was nothing wrong with a call. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell shut the door and democrats request for more witnesses during the senate trial. said he believed impeachment would remain an entirely partisan issue. >> this is a political process. it there's nothing judicial about it. >> the president has something to hide and republican senators, too many of them are intent to help him hide it. >> reporter: as they went back and forth for hours, something did get done on capitol hill. the house approved a $1.4 trillion spending package to
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keep the government open past friday. it heads to the senate and then the president for approval. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. a late night dispute in vallejo escalates into gunfire leaving to people that. coming up at 4:30, what police say happened that led up to the violence. san francisco's newly elected district attorney vows to do away with harsher penalties for independence with gang ties. our legal analyst michael cardoza weighs in on his land policy shift. a break from the rainfall will soon be coming to an end. outside right now, partly to mostly cloudy skies. rain chances will be going up this evening. more on your forecast, coming up. ♪
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a victory last must district attorney's race and as he prepares to take office coming up in january 8, he is revealing more about his priorities. among them, putting an end to the enhancements. additional prison time and send this is for those with gang ties. joining me now to talk more about this reversal of policy is ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. michael, thank you for being here. gang enhancements, they became law here in california going back from the 80s. this is when violence was really rampant in a lot of cities. explained to the audience what these gang enhancements are designed to do.
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>> they are designed to get rid of gas. what happens is, if you say, go commit an armed robbery, you're not again, you get so many years in prison. if i commit an armed robbery and i am in again, and i do it for the benefit of the gang, i not only get it then you get they tack on more time because it is for the benefit of the again. trying to get rid of gas. not working, though. >> that's what we were talking about. because they can, obviously, still exists. >> we have lost against graham but we are not getting rid of graham. it's a circular argument in that sense. this idea that the new da has is both good and bad because what it is going to do is going to involve gas. oh, you mean we don't get more time, we can go threaten people more? then let's go do it because we are only going to get normal time. i don't like what he is doing. he can do a whole lot better
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way. but the good that is going to come from this because i have seen it. i have tried a number of cases where an ordinary person that lives in a social economic challenge neighborhood. they go commit a crime, and that the a comes in, let's put some gang enhancements on it because he was read that they. in a lot of cases, it is overused. in other cases, it is not. but what happens is, when someone doesn't do it for the benefit of the gang, even though they are in the again, so, for example they were on the street corner and somebody was giving them a problem but they should you as an individual, what the persecutor would sometimes add gang enhancements giving them more time and they scared the holy heck out of the jury. oftentimes, in week cases, they say, let's had the enhancement. is and as the 12 people in the jury here again, they hear we are going to convict.
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there's some benefit to it but i don't think that he should announce that i'm not gonna do it. >> let's talk about what he says. he says he opposes them because they are disproportionately applied in people of color in neighborhoods. i want to focus on holding people accountable for what they have done, not who they are. people are seeing their families impacted by ever is a list uses of these gang allegations. that is something that you mentioned. what are the gang enhancements in fact effective? >> yes. in certain counties. they are effective. gang members do think that if i do it for the benefit of the gang, i'm going to go a whole lot longer to jail. but then what happens is the template pressure on them on we don't care either you do it or we hurt your family. it is sort of a circular
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argument. does it benefit the gang? sure, it benefits that gang. does it stop the ground? not really. because once you're in a gang, you do what their shot colors ask you to do. >> i think there are a lot of reactions here. >> it will involve the gas in my opinion. it will also have an effect on the police department. you watch. police officers on the street. when he because the a, they would say why would i ever is somebody in the gang? they are not going to prosecute it anyway. that is going to be very, very hinders. i believe it is about six months until you can impeach some of the from office. i hope he does well. they may have some benefit. i think this one, the way he presented it is that. thing, because people of color are involved. who joins gas? white people join gangs to. and they put gang enhancements
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on them to. it is disproportionate because more people of color joint gas. >> okay. >> you watch six months on what happens. i am predicting, something is going to happen. >> thank you. we have some change in the air in terms of our weather. a lot more gray and clouds building ahead ahead of the storm. tracking system that would impact the morning commute. if you are thinking about wednesday morning, that will factor in your class. outside right now, fairly nice. looking towards the bay, cloud cover out there, we had a little break from the rainfall past couple of days. as you can see here, taking a look at some of that rainfall totals this season. san jose reporting two and half inches of rainfall for at least this season. santa rosa approaching 11 inches as the percentage of average. you can see those amounts
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ranging in fact over 100% in centers up to 65% in san francisco. san jose, 63%. here's a satellite showing you this. the circulation in the pacific and some green showing up in the last few frames of the radar. right now, some cloud effect. the main system is out here in the pacific and it approaches our coastline later on this evening. especially after 8:00 or 9:00. that's when the shower chassis will be going up. for our current numbers, most areas right now across the 50s. walnut creek, 51. palo alto in the 50s. right around 54 degrees. here's the live camera look towards san francisco. we have some overcast but also still a few breaks in the clouds as we head towards your tuesday evening. rainfall tomorrow, for tonight into tomorrow, most areas will pick up between have the tent of an inch to about half of an inch. maybe the coastal heels will be approaching and inch.
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tomorrow morning, the heaviest and possibility of some thunderstorms, we scale back on the coverage and the activity by mid afternoon tomorrow. overnight lows, we're likely, the possibility of a thunderstorm and overnight lows starting off tomorrow morning into the 40s. here is the forecast model tonight at 11:00, more clouds with chance of scattered showers. the bulk of the action comes on board late tonight. early tomorrow morning, wednesday morning, this is your commute. 7:00 tomorrow morning, once again, you might encounter a thunderstorm throughout the day. especially tomorrow morning and throughout tomorrow, scattered showers. we scale back on the action by wednesday afternoon. is stronger storm, tracking that as we head towards the we talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. newly released government interview shedding light on the dysfunction and that deception. surroundinama's 80 year
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long war in afghanistan. coming up, one of the washington post reporters who fought for the release of these documents. talk about the biggest takeaways from the afghanistan papers. we should do too for episodes of the residence at 8:00 and then the final season of empire continues here at followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news. right here on ktvu. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app.
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some u.s. troops will reportedly be coming home from afghanistan. lindsey graham says president trump will announce a troop withdrawal this week. he says the president could send him more than 3000 troops starting next year. grams us afghanistan's national security forces are up to the task of defending their country. however, some troops will remain there. 18 years after the invasion of afghanistan, newly released interviews with military commanders and others are revealing the mistakes that were made in the conflict and the efforts to mislead the public about the progress that was being made. i talked by phone with
4:25 pm
washington post investigative reporter greg with that, part of the team that fought to the release of the so-called, afghanistan papers. >> reporter: in public, they were saying that we were always making progress. things are going well. yet, in these interviews, here are all that disillusionment and doubts about this tragedy, about the policy, about how things are going. it is an enormous contrast of what was said publicly. >> after a three-year legal fight, the washington post paid to post notes of the interview with hundreds of people involved directly in the conflict that included military commanders, u.s. diplomats and afghan officials. one army general who was interviewed who served under president bush and obama said he was sent to afghanistan without a clear strategy or a notion of what victory would
4:26 pm
look like. the post reporter says there were many lessons to be learned from the afghanistan papers. >> reporter: one thing that screams out to me is the basic agreement on what we are trying to accomplish as a country. when we first went into afghanistan after 911, everyone understood why to retaliate for the night hijackings. but within six months, we have much i think the objective the al qaeda leaders were captured. but then, why were we still there? why did we think the taliban, the enemies for 18 years? why were we trying to build up the government so much. what were we sneaking around for? in the interviews, everybody is trying to get answers.
4:27 pm
extensively. it is so that everybody understands the mission. >> more than 2300 u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan since the war began in 2001. new satellite imagery shows signs. north korea lodging station of what appeared to be two recent rockets engine tested. 13 lodges since may. this comes as some of north korea's allies are pressing that united nations to lift many of the sanctions against it. >> reporter: tensions with north korea are on the rise following another mission engine test. they are equal, crucial tests meant to deter the u.s. military. today, satellite imagery shows signs of activity at the lunch site, perhaps a preparation for another test.
4:28 pm
as pyongyang presses more pressure to the u.s. >> i think that they would be likely, if they don't feel satisfied. >> reporter: the white house is rejecting any ideas including sections relief. it won't be the year and deadline set by kim jong-un take get the talks back on track. the north is now threatening mark me sell treads. >> i would be disappointed if something would be in the works and we will take care of it. >> reporter: that envoy for north korea has been trying to coordinate the that diplomatic response. he is ready to restart talks if tina clary is asian is on top of the agenda. >> let me speak directly to our
4:29 pm
counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs. >> reporter: at the un security council, china and russia trying to lift some of the sanctions against north korea. u.s. has blocked that proposal. in london, fox news. still to come, a new study shows high school athletes do not have adequate training staff for support in the event of an injury. we're going to talk about the studies author right after the break. searching for answers after a shooting lease two people dead and another person injured. they're very latest in this investigation. just because we're super hungry...
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two people shot to death and one woman wounded following an incident in home in vallejo this morning. detectives are still looking for a motive and do what we have adopted that shooting. ktvu sara zendehnam has the details. >> reporter: was to go to that dollar. her dad was dating the woman who was injured at the situation. she was obviously very emotional and told us that she plans to spend her day with family. usually, in december, it is christmas decorations that light up this neighborhood but today, this police lights. >> i feel bad for the people. it is such a sad time of the year for that to happen. >> reporter: a double homicide rocks this neighborhood.
4:33 pm
>> looks like a third world country here. all these cars and police cars. >> reporter: the solano county sheriff's office said someone called vallejo police about a heated altercation in their house after midnight. when officers got there, a woman was outside with head injury. >> she was alert when officers came on the scene. two men were in the house. it appears they were in a conflict. they are investigating on what happened. >> reporter: the two men were shot according to the office. they are looking to that three different spots. they all knew each other. there isn't one outstanding suspect. investigators found the gun they believe was used in the shooting. as for neighbors here, the feeling of shock wears off and dealing with the emotions of this devastating shooting. >> it is sad for all of us. never expected anything like
4:34 pm
this. >> reporter: in solano county, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. researchers at san diego state university pulled high schools across california and found half of those schools either don't have an atlantic trainer or have an a qualified person filling that decision. for more on this issue, we are joined here in the city by the author of the study, certified athletic trainer from san diego state university. we appreciate you coming here today. for all the high school athletes out there and the appearance, how troubled where you buy those findings? >> this is our first look at what happens statewide. context, california is the only state that doesn't relate the athletic training. you can go out and present yourself as an athletic trainer without having to pass our national certification exam. this is the only state that that happens. how many schools have a trainer or have any schools has individuals misrepresenting
4:35 pm
themselves when they are not qualified to do so. we have 100 a schools where there is an individual who is actually not certified that is providing care to athletes. >> what is the risk for athletes if they don't have a certified athletic trainer on staff? >> they are trained in the evaluation, management and treatment, rehabilitation after injury. everything from a traumatic spinal injury to a concussion. any sort of injury from an ankle sprain to the really catastrophic things, we are trained to treat and manage the injuries. if you have an individual that is not trained to do so, there could be some catastrophic lifelong consequences. >> and with so many schools without an athletic trainer on hand or a person who is underqualified, how often do you think it is that a high school athlete here in california are suffering real serious injuries and of those injures let's take a met a
4:36 pm
concussion, left go untreated. >> the huge population of student athletes that are potentially at risk, it is not only the schools but also the athletes traveling from other schools competing that school. there being potentially treated by the home teams of having trainer who is actually not certified. it is a huge population at risk. >> do you think it is a money issue that they can't afford somebody? >> that is one of the issues we have seen. the more that they are hiring qualified individuals were electing to go without tend to be the more at risk schools and lower income schools. absolutely.'s what needs to be done with this data that you have now collected? >> the bill that i have introduced, bill 1592, and it is of the athletic training practice act. it will establish a licensure board that would oversee our
4:37 pm
profession and make sure that we are actually athletic trainers. also serve as a resource in case, there needs to be somebody reported for practicing properly, they would have a resource to report the individual to. >> looks like a lot of athletes are not getting the care they need and deserve. we appreciate your time dr. eric, the other of the study. thanks for coming in. >> think you. >> heather? all right, the holiday season is filled with family and also a lot of food. it can be very difficult to eat healthy especially this time of year. coming up, a professor and best- selling author joins us live to talk about the role your brain place in dieting. at mary whether. an actual break from the rainfall will soon be coming to an end. we will talk about a system that rolls into the area tonight. and a stronger one that may ruin your weekend plans. we will that down, coming up.
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the new year is coming up, one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. for you do that, you might consider resetting your mindset. retraining your brain might be the key to your success. best-selling author of the new book, the stress eating solution, thank you so much dr. for being here. okay, so, you really get into what drives us to overeat and to reach for food? what role does the brain play whether we are successful with that diet? >> we can always stay with the diet whenever we are not stress. but when we are stressed, it causes legions of chemicals to be flowing that makes us hungry, tired, depressed and craving processed food. now, it is even more that when this circuit gets activated and stress eating circuits gets the thinking brain, we absolutely have to get that food.
4:42 pm
the solution is to rewire our stress eating circuit. >> so, how do you do that? >> interesting, you can't even eat healthy out of it. it is an emotional circuit, requires emotional techniques. it is easy to learn. you can be craving, which for the app, and in a minute or two, reach for the craving and stop it. >> give me an example of what that might be. what might be the solution be? >> the solution is to essentially be able to notice when you are craving, do not judge yourself, don't think that it is a behavioral problem. this eight brain circuit. so, you stop all judgment saying, i just everett, what did i do that? i did it because a wire in my
4:43 pm
brain triggers a chemical that made me overeat. and the solution is feel compassion for myself and use the emotional toll on the spot and stop the stress and change the message in the brain. instead of saying to my self, i get my love and safety from food i get my protection from food. change the message. connecting to that the best part of ourselves. when we do that, the stress vanishes and look at healthy food and it looks fabulous. >> so, before i grab that cookie, i'm wanting something sweet, i don't need to eat it. i tell myself, what? >> you need to not tell yourself anything. when you are in stress, you're thinking brain is off-line. that is why we have the app. you reach for the app, because you're not thinking very well, you need to process your emotion. without emotional processing, it doesn't work. you expressed your anger,
4:44 pm
sadness, fear and guilt and all of a sudden the stress goes away and you got to that the best part of yourself and you realize that you don't even want that food. the whole trick is that when you are in stress, process your emotions using a simple tool with an app and you stop wanting to food. if you want the food, you are going to get it one way or the other. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate you coming here today. the book is called stress it the solution. it has information also regarding the app you have. >> absolutely. >> those of you who made the resolution to eat healthier, you're gonna have some success this year. turning things over now to mark. outside, heather, we are enjoying this break from the rainfall. here is a live cam move out the clouds. some breaks into the cloud cover throughout day.
4:45 pm
here's the deal. later on tonight to wednesday, next system comes on board. it will not be a major one, talking about some rain tomorrow morning. the stronger one not set to move in that we can. especially by saturday evening. as far as this first system, you can see that rainfall range in most of the areas, big ridge. taking up about a 10th of an inch to have an edge. the coastal hills going to be averaging an inch. winds not too much a factor on 25 to 30 miles per hour. a chance of some light snow for this year but no winter storm warnings or winter weather advisory's in place. satellite, a lot of clouds. those clouds true out the day, main system is still here out in the pacific. some green showing up here. you can see, we are not in that rainy but ingested but that will be changing late tonight after 8:00 or 9:00. current numbers, most areas right now in the 50s. we have cooled off a bit compared to last week. live camera looking out towards san francisco for this evening. show you this. you get some idea that we still have some overcast tonight. here is the deal tomorrow
4:46 pm
morning, the system that will impact the morning commute. your wednesday morning commute was impossible to thunderstorms. the thunderstorm can actually have just a rainfall, manageable way for and all of a sudden a downpour develops. maybe some lightning strikes. watch out for that tomorrow morning. scattered showers early tomorrow afternoon. the activity and overall trend scale back on the activities throughout the day of partly cloudy skies by 3:00. tonight, next system right about here and upstream of the flow, somewhere within this pattern here, that will bring in some heavier rainfall makes. the plant next few days for tonight into wednesday morning, this front will bring in some more rainfall. and then a break, thursday, friday. mostly cloudy but partly cloudy skies for the south bay. in general, it will not be stormy for those two days. and then, as you can see later in the day, saturday, redeveloping. here we go tonight, the rainfall and of ticking up
4:47 pm
being in coverage. this is tomorrow morning. this is your commute tomorrow morning. 7:00, 8:00, once again, the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. your wednesday and we scale back on the action especially after 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the challenging commute tomorrow will be for the morning hours. the afternoon in the evening, not so bad. thursday, you can see mark that's up in the north may. there is a chance of a sprinkle here. fewer clouds as you make your way to the south bay. temperatures for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. afternoon highs, look ahead. your five day forecast scattered clouds into thursday. friday, ticking up overcast. we can, we will bring in that next storm in rainfall it is so hard to come i want to just really say this time, it will be pouring rain. i have to remind myself, it is still several days out. things could change. right now, saturday evening, could be heavy rain lingering into sunday. i kind of plan all this out coming on board.
4:48 pm
thank you so much. a walnut tree more than a century old damage but not lost in the fire. >> one family's story of giving the tree a prominent place in their new home. >> his turban was often blood on his face. the most terrifying thing i have ever seen. a bay area man attacked and he says, it is because of how he looks. coming up, we speak with the victim and his daughter about the alleged hate crime. some scientists, say tiny pebbles could help clean the atmosphere. ♪
4:49 pm
♪ ♪
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cinema county family who last their home in the fire has now come full circle. >> the story of recovering. >> reporter: boardgames at the share was new dining table. not just a piece of furniture but family history. >> it was here for about 115 years, according to several people who came out. >> reporter: they are fronted were anchored by a walnut tree a landmark. that is your was home and many others gone. >> everything was leveled except that walnut tree. it was still standing but unfortunately, it just wasn't going to survive the heat from
4:52 pm
the fire. >> reporter: the dated the tree came down list of. it couldn't be saved, it wasn't safe. but they felt a responsibility. >> they knew our house from the tree. it was just one of those symbolic trees, you know? it was just beautiful and unique. >> reporter: andrew is a wood at this and. he huddled with the family to learn about the tree. and the 1500 trunk went away for two years milled into two inch slabs and then allowed to cure until it could be crafted into something new. >> this project in particular, you want to make something very special for them. so, there was a lot of emotions involved in it. >> reporter: he has other trunks still drying. projects from other fire survivors. this table took 100 hours to build. >> this is the final piece the house has been waiting for. >> reporter: fisher was moved
4:53 pm
into their home several months ago. a triumph after losing everything they had except each other. >> this is meant to be the place we gather. >> reporter: the table reveals how disaster in which their lives. most of them that helped move it was friends they met after the fire. it's been a journey for the family and the tree, both resilient. there longtime companion instead of showering them with walnuts now giving them a new memory. in santa rosa, ktvu fox 2 news. trump administration is pushing back against a growing number of states allowing illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. i've got the details, coming up.
4:54 pm
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gun collectors, one of you this because it is will now need to go through extra steps if they want to buy a weapon at the gun show. >> starting next year, federal background checks would be required for all gun purchases. right now in salt lake, background checks are only done by licensed dealers at gun shows but not, now the county would require for private sales is at a venue that is on county
4:57 pm
owned property. opponents of the new law says this is a decision that should be up to state lawmakers. >> reporter: that is where the debate should be happening in that legislature. where the people have input as opposed to just confined in the mayor's office. >> several states over the require back on checks on all gun show seals including california. undocumented workers can apply for driver's licenses in new york. california passed a similar law in in 2015. >> long lines when the law came into effect. the trump administration is not happy about it. the white house is now threatening legal action. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants forming long lines in new york after a new low allows them for driver's licenses. on monday night after long debates in the state senate, and assembly, they joined a growing number of states allowing illegal or
4:58 pm
undocumented immigrants to obtain a state issued i.d. in the trump administration is not happy about it. >> anytime we rework illegal behavior or illegal activity, that is problematic for us. what we have seen on the border is that it encourages more population, more individuals to come here illegally. >> reporter: the administration says they could take legal action against the states. immigrants and human activists say that this will allow them to buy insurance. >> no one is trying to cheat our system. certainly not a noncitizen who is here because they want to make a better life for themselves and their family. >> reporter: meanwhile, the administration is moving forward in another of its immigration policies. funding that porter will. the president will just get under $1.4 billion for the wall. the white house calling it a big win for the american people. >> a year after they called the manufacturer crisis, the president is getting 1.3
4:59 pm
billion for his wall. >> reporter: last week, a federal judge with a hold on funds already being used to build the wall. the white house is appealing that ruling. in washington, ms. jenkins, fox news. after months of fighting, court cases and protests, we're finally getting a look inside the controversial homeless navigation center that is about to open in san francisco. the center is just about done and people would be moving in in the next week or so. good evening, everyone i'm frank sommerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we got a tour of that facility today. joining us live christian, the homeless are expected to moving in before the end of the year? >> reporter: that is right. this one that we are standing on right now was a parking lot before. it is now transformed into the
5:00 pm
city's newest navigation center. you are looking at where it would be a reception. now, all eyes on the city are on this project following a month long fight whether he should be here or not. is of the work on the new navigation center has been completed. by the end of the month, the doors will open to welcome home the san franciscans looking for shelter and services. the mayor organize in this conference and tour of the new facility thing, despite months of controversy, opening the navigation center was a necessity to begin housing the homeless. >> last year, we helped to dozen hundred 46 people exit homelessness. and since we have opened the navigation centers in san francisco, they have helped over 5000 people. >> reporter: it generated controversy. neighbors worried that it would lead to increasing crime. the leader of the opposition released a statement with goal, given its proximity to


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