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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 17, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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city's newest navigation center. you are looking at where it would be a reception. now, all eyes on the city are on this project following a month long fight whether he should be here or not. is of the work on the new navigation center has been completed. by the end of the month, the doors will open to welcome home the san franciscans looking for shelter and services. the mayor organize in this conference and tour of the new facility thing, despite months of controversy, opening the navigation center was a necessity to begin housing the homeless. >> last year, we helped to dozen hundred 46 people exit homelessness. and since we have opened the navigation centers in san francisco, they have helped over 5000 people. >> reporter: it generated controversy. neighbors worried that it would lead to increasing crime. the leader of the opposition released a statement with goal, given its proximity to 10,000s
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of residents, this navigation center would be closely watched, we hope that it would be less a failure to the neighborhood than the other navigation centers. some residents support the mayor. >> i support her because i want my kid to live in a city that helps people. >> reporter: only 130 people will take shelter here as part of the commitment. it is a necessary first step to resolving the city's homelessness crisis. >> we need more shelters. the mayor has called for another thousand. have a new site opening up in that bay view and then two more sites after that that we are not ready to announce yet. >> reporter: 70% in three navigation centers are in martinez district. he says that the whole city needs to resolve the problem. >> the required navigation center in every district.
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>> reporter: the city is hoping to begin moving people here before the end of the month. the long-term solution to the homelessness crisis is more affordable housing. we're live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. pg&e has reworked their 13 and have billion dollars settlement with victims of california's deadly wildfires. it is blamed on pg&e. derivation that was discussed in the bankruptcy court here today removes a provision that requires to approve the deal as a key piece of pg&e's plan by june 30th. pg&e needed to meet the deadline to qualify for coverage in a special fund but the california legislation approved the summer to help insulate utilities losses caused by future wildfires ignited by transmission lines. pg&e also proposes separate $1.7 billion settlement with the cpuc for their role in the
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planning of those fires. the bankruptcy judge or rather a bankruptcy judge decided with the ghost ship fire victims agreeing ginny would now have to defend itself in an upcoming civil case. the judge ruled that the victims families can sue pg&e in state court. the victims families are going after pg&e, the warehouse centers, the city of oakland and others that they say all their responsibility for the fire that killed 36 people. however, this one, investigators still have not determined the exact cause of that deadly fire that broke out in december, then 16. toxic fumes in an apartment caused by peoples to have breathing albums today. fire department was called to 988 howard street this afternoon. five people were complaining about difficulty breathing and a chemical smell on the seventh floor of the the apartment. one person was taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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investigators determined someone has mixed bleach with cleaner sending obnoxious fumes. police have sold a cold case using the in a. they have sold the double killing of two cousins dating back to 1982. two people were founded near the fremont city line. days before christmas. 37 years ago. the case went cold for years until a homicide detective decided to restart the investigation using new dna technology. ktvu is more in a in milpitas tonight where the two were last seen. >> reporter: the cousins were last seen after visiting the 7- eleven here. that's when the teens walked away and caused passive with their killer. now, almost 37 years to the day, the identity of the killer is finally known. these cousins were murdered 37 years ago on december 20th-
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1982. their killer has never been known until now. 16-year-old jeffrey flores atup, a milpitas high football player and his cousin, mary jane malatag, from san francisco, were last in milpitas walking to his family's home when police say they were of decadent murdered. mary jane malatag was actually assaulted. their bodies were found in fremont near that milpitas water. fremont police announced clifton hudspeth, who was 31 years old at the time was their killer. >> we started doing research on who was living in the area at the time. what kind of similar crimes were going on in the area. >> reporter: the same technology used to catch the alleged golden state killer cracked this case. along with evidence held for more than three decades. >> there was a source. >> reporter: he died from a
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medical condition according to authorities. they were able to use his remains buried in santa clara too much him to the crime. >> we were able to get his body and it was 100% his dna. >> reporter: dna is the biggest game changer law enforcement has seen in years according to detective class. this marks the third case solved by fremont police in months with 27 cold case is remaining. >> no matter what the cost, we are going to try to find out who was the suspect and put the victims families at rest. >> reporter: the motive may have other cases linked to the color. clifton hudspeth stayed in san diego prior to the double murders here. >> are the families of the two people killed still in the bay area? obviously, you know, this just
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doesn't bring back their relatives but at least it might provide a guess, some closure? >> reporter: police say that families requested privacy. i did asked them what the family's reaction was when they told them. they said, it was difficult. it brought up memories. they were happy to know that this person is no longer a there and going to do this to anyone else. >> all right, thank you. the house of representatives took action today to avoid a government shutdown. the democratic-controlled house voted and passed a 1.4 will endorse government spending package. the package gives president trump flexibility to continue building border fencing on the u.s./mexico border. including early childhood education. the bill also increases funding for the pentagon's budget. this pending legislation prevents the government shutdown this weekend. now heads to the u.s. senate
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where a vote is expected before christmas. house of representatives expected to take a historic about impeach resident drum for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. right now, a live pitcher from skyfox, people gathering for rallies in support for impeachment. here is the live picture right now happening in san francisco where a crowd of about 100 people are starting to gather. this well is just getting underway. from there, the group will march from the montgomery station. this kind of tearing signs. there were some patrol cars on the perimeter of this rally. one of many happening around the bay area today as people gathered to, here is another look at the similar scene. it looks like the guy like theater in oakland. if you can see, a few dozen people were gathering their outside, holding signs outside that theater. fox news learned that president
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trump weighed in today with a skating letter attacking house speaker nancy pelosi. >> reporter: as the rules committee debated house the house impeachment would go this week. the president sent house speaker nancy pelosi a strongly worded letter calling impeachment and illegal partisans attempted cool. >> this has been a total sham from the beginning. everybody knows it. >> reporter: in a six-page letter, the president told house speaker nancy pelosi that she has cheapened the impeachment and places blame on her cool, you're the one interfering with america selection. you're the one subverting amicus democracy. you're the ones obstructing justice. you're the one bringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own political and partisan gains. over in the house rules committee, lawmakers worked for hours to prepare the ground rules for the full houseboat on the two articles of impeachment
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where it again, the hearing remains bitterly divided. >> was it appropriate for him to ask another country to investigate an american citizen? >> there was nothing wrong with the goal. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell shut the door on democrats requests for more witnesses during the senate trial. he believed impeachment would remain an entirely partisan issue. >> this is a political process. there's nothing judicial about it. >> the resident has something to hide and republican senators, too many of them are intent on helping him hide it. >> reporter: as members of the house went back and forth for hours, something did get done on capitol hill. the house approved a $1.4 trillion spending package to get the government often past friday. it pass to the senate and then to the president for approval. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> if you want to read the
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entire letter of president trump, go to our website, in new york, several prosecutors asked the judge to bill for illegal campaign contributions. prosecutors revealed that he received an undisclosed $1 million payment from unindicted ukrainian oligarch. they argue that he would be at risk. the judge denied the request to deny bail. he and another man worked with rudy giuliani and they are accused of trying to get ukrainian officials to investigate joe biden's son, hunter. giuliani has denied knowing about any illegal campaign donations. attack just as his shift ended.'s family believes it is a hate crime. coming up at 5:30, the unusual series of events that led to this taxidriver be affect. in san jose police officer used his squad car as a weapon and rammed him down as he was
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riding his bike. details about his injuries and his lawsuit against the department go weeks of cleanup against several southern states. the only thing that were left were piles of rubble after storms came. a what morning. tonight and tomorrow morning, it looks wet. back here with details. you shouldn't have to live with pain. you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose
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between the life you've built and the care you need.
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the jersey city police detective joseph seals who was killed last week was laid to rest today. dozens of fellow officers lined up to pay their respects. they cared his coffin to saint aidan's church. the 40-year-old married father of five was shot and killed
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last week in a cemetery. that two gunmen went on to kill three more people at a nearby kosher deli before dying in a shootout with police. at the funeral today, seals was remembered as a model officer who helped get guns off the street and he was respected by both police officers and community members. >> i spent a lot of time working with joe and it is not really something you can put in words when something like this happens. you could just grieve and pray for him and his family. >> new jersey's attorney general says the attack was driven by hatred. it is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. accusations that in san jose police officer used his car as a weapon to run down a
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man on his back. the officers as he refused to compliant with his orders to stop. now, the man has filed a lawsuit against the department. kutv's guess it has to report for us tonight. >> i am shocked to hit head-on by an officer. >> reporter: he is in crutches to do what he and police. >> i suspect that it happens more than we hear about. those tend to not pursue justice. >> reporter: the incident happened around 10:30 at night december 9th. the avid lifelong cyclist was on his vintage still friend bicycle and a 14 mile ride in portions of san jose. he was approaching monterey road. he says police officer david pulled alongside him and screamed. >> he was telling me to pull over and i asked why. he just told me because i think so. >> reporter: feeling threatened and feeling for his safety, gonzales moved to the sidewalk
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and rode the opposite direction to get away from what he called verbal abuse. the officer did a u-turn followed, another u-turn and then drove to the sidewalk heading to him and that by. >> he sped up and hit me. he didn't try to break and slow down, he sped up and hit me. two seconds before, i was going today. >> reporter: his once not fatal but he suffered a concussion, back pain, knee damage, possibly another injury. he was arrested and charged for disrespecting officer and resisting arrest. >> he is filing a case for excessive force in violating human rights. >> it feels like an officer not being obeyed and feels angry and we see cases like these popping up recently. >> if it's a crime of excessive force, we take it seriously. typically, it is a longer
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process. it would be from internal affairs or independent police. and then we investigate the claim. >> reporter: while the process is in infancy, gonzales will be troubled for the holiday and without wheels. tuesday morning, he recovered his bicycle from a police inbound facility, but it was bent and broken. >> i just hope he is all right and i don't know. it just seems like a little scary. >> reporter: in addition to the physical ones, then self assess the pre-existing and that the condition has returned. he is doing the department but in february he would be in court on two misdemeanor treasures for this within. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
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travelers may have been exposed to measles. three people who were at l.a.x. had measles and have exposed others to the disease. anyone who traveled between terminals four and five on december 11th and beatrice. measles can develop a the 21 days after exposure. so far, this year, health officials say there have been 24 cases of measles reported in l.a. county. at least four people have died in the southeastern united states where tornadoes and heavy rain caused widespread damage. is you can see, jonathan tells is one tornado alone traveled more than 60 miles. >> reporter: cleanup underway after parts of the park were twisted apart by powerful storms. the trail of damage runs through multiple states, downed trees and power lines, homes and businesses reduced to piles of debris. >> houses that used to be.
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>> reporter: strong winds ripped into the school in alexandria, louisiana. students and staff have ready evacuated to a nearby church. is a 21 hour period, the national weather service tweeted more than 240 tornado warnings. at least two dozen were reported across the region. from mississippi to alabama and louisiana into texas. >> i heard glass scattered everywhere. trees falling. i have been here for 42 years, i have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: one twister traveled a whopping 63 miles across louisiana. >> reporter: everything was flying around. everything was given in. trees were coming through. >> reporter: ours of mississippi suffered damage prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. >> it maybe on a personal level that it is. but we will start the rebuilding process has begun.
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>> reporter: fatalities are recorded including a husband and wife in alabama, another person killed when her louisiana home was struck by a sure tornado. for severe weather is in the forecast for today. most of it south georgia and the florida panhandle. in town creek, alabama, ktvu fox 2 news. so, nasty weather out there. even today, i will show you that system on the eastern seaboard. it degraded now with some airport delays. it now moves of sure. get a little bit of a break from the your self down towards florida but numerous tornadoes and all sorts of issues, whether it wishes. it is about the close right now because we have another system on the west coast, and in. you can see that as i come back this way and see the system and its wound up pretty good especially down here. it looks pretty good. that looks pretty tight. so, the rainfall occupations, the models are suspecting a to fence or maybe have an inch of
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the rain. this happens late tonight and early tomorrow morning. that is the heaviest rain. most folks would get maybe a quarter of an inch and some people less, some people more but either way, morning commute, you know how that goes. little what doesn't go a long way when slowing things down. tomorrow morning's commute, looking a bit . looking at showers out there, you can see of sure, those showers are , you know, 80 miles of sure, they would be around just after dinner time for many folks. that will be the chance for, you know, lecturers starting at the goes and working its way in and. it is cool. today was really cool. temperatures right now in fairfield, 40 degrees, 47 in livermore. overnight lows this time of year. a be a little more but 47 is cool. 48 in nevada. overnight lows despite the cloud cover, on the cool side
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again. 40s, me for deceiving low 40s. kind of cool start to your day tomorrow. you can hear the raindrops tonight and early tomorrow morning as you head off to work. the outside shot of san francisco as we speak of. beautiful night at market street. all lit up in red. clouds are thickening up was we talked. the system on a scale of one to 10, it is about a four maybe a three. not a lot of wind, not a lot of snow, not a lot of rain. definitely a system, something that would have an impact on the wednesday morning on tomorrow morning commute. i have a computer model where it times it out for you, see you back here. using a naturally occurring substance to help fight global warming. coming up tonight, how spreading a volcanic rock around the beaches could be key. coming up on 6:00, heartbreak and information about two people killed on i 80 late last night. a wrong way driver crashed into the. we will hear from their children about where were they headed when they died. four bay area school
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♪ having emissions have been the cry for environmentalists. >> another approach using natural elements to take carbon out of the atmosphere. >> reporter: a naturally occurring green rock is abundant and readily available
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byproduct of poking us. when crushed and spread out in beaches, natural chemistry and reflection closet to actually pull, absorbent store grandma changing carbon from the atmosphere. >> we need to remove some of those gases are we are baking the earth and causing irreparable harm through increasing temperatures. >> reporter: a nonprofit dedicated to finding natural solutions to climate change and global warming. best part of this approach is there are processes that don't require a whole lot of new expensive pioneering technology. >> this process normally takes tens to hundreds of millions of years. but we can look at say, we can get more rock to break down more quickly speed up the cycle. >> reporter: but he said, one problem with this is that it is most effective on beaches which is only a small fraction of our
5:28 pm
landmass. another kind of volcanic rock finally ground of can actually increase farm production while cleaning the atmosphere. >> reporter: a dozen right now in many california farms and ranches over massive acres. >> we can increase crop fields by 15 to 20%. >> reporter: is three quarters of the world's farmers use this, it could capture by the third of all the carbon immediate each year putting a serious dent in carbon emissions. the project is racing seed money to measure the rock on remote beaches without disturbing recreational beaches. >> and we can show that world that this is the technology and technique of minimizing granny that could remove all the world emissions if needed.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: since the very beginning of time, the odds are this could be one of the many solutions to global warming. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. his shift ended when he parked his cup. why his taxidriver believes that he is a victim of a hate crime. one police arrived, two people were that offered was found with a headland as is of a home. the latest on the investigation,, and a. also ahead, all it took us eight minutes and police have their suspect. how they track they would be package fees and made a quick arrest. on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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he works as a taxi driver near his home they believe it was a hate crime. our crime reporter henry lee spoke with the victim today and has more on what happened. henry? >> reporter: the victim wears a
5:33 pm
turban. he believes he was singled out as of his appearance. 57-year-old taxidriver has bumps, cuts and bruises after being attacked. it happened about 4:00 in the morning, sunday after his shift ended. he was parking near his home when a man came up to his cabin and asked for a letter. he didn't have one and the man left. but he then came back with a second request. >> he asked me if i have $5 and needed a right. he looked suspicious. >> reporter: you told him that his shift was over and that's when the man at that pam and hit him. >> he lifted my turban. >> reporter: he fell done but the attack wasn't over. >> he choked my neck.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: was he freed himself, he offered help. a security guard offered health. that suspect ran off. his daughter came over to help. >> his turban was off and blood all over his face. it was the most horrible thing i've seen. >> reporter: he believes he was singled out because of his looks. >> i am using a turban, i have beard, look different. >> reporter: his daughter believes it is a hate crime. >> he has a clear intention of hurting my dad. >> he was clearly hiding and waiting to attend the attack. >> reporter: he managed to grab his attackers who the was turned over to the investigators. anyone with information is to
5:35 pm
call police. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police milpitas said they arrested a woman for stealing a package that was a bake placement officers. he got out of the car and took the package just eight minutes after officers had with the fake package on the doorstep. it happened last week. officer say the woman was also driving without a license. she is now facing several different charges. thousands of kaiser mental health officers in the picket line of their day to strike. >> 4000 psychiatrists, nurses and specialists were on the picket lines yesterday protesting staffing levels and patient care. they say patients have to wait weeks even months for appointments, service and treatments. they have mixed feelings about the strike but they hope kaiser officials are listening. >> i would wish that they
5:36 pm
understand and that they were collaboratively. and ulcer, to advocate for the patients i serve. they want us to fight for them. >> kaiser says that it is already in the process of hiring hundreds of healthcare workers and spent $700 million on new mental health facilities in recent years. the national union of healthcare workers have now been without a contract for more than a year. two people dead and another wounded after a shooting in solano county. it happened in vallejo. ktvu sara zendehnam with our report tonight. >> reporter: spoke to the daughter of one of the men who died who is out here earlier. she says her dad was dating the woman who was injured in the situation. she was obviously very emotional and told us that she plans to spend the day with her family. really a tough day all around for family and neighbors.
5:37 pm
usually, in december, this christmas decorations the life of the same rate but today, it is police lights. >> i feel so bad for the people and it is such a sad time of the year for that to happen. >> reporter: a double homicide in vallejo rocked this neighborhood. >> it looks like third world country here. all these cars and police cars. >> reporter: the solano county sheriff's office said somebody called vallejo police after a heated altercation just after midnight. when officers got there, a woman was outside with a head injury. >> she was alert when officers found her on the scene. it appears that they were in a conflict. >> reporter: the two men were both shot and killed. investigators spent hours looking through three different spots. they say they all knew each other and there isn't even an outstanding suspect. one looking for evidence,
5:38 pm
investigators did find it on they believe was used in the shooting. >> make sure the community is safe. >> reporter: neighbors here have the feelings of shock and dealing with evolutions about this devastating shooting. in solano county, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. the home of a suspected serial killer is sold near sacramento. coming up, what the couple intends to do with the home of the man believed to be the golden state killer. going from hotels to motels to course. that is the worst feeling in the mother want to put in there kid. >> homeless but not given in. how two students, in oakland are dealing, and also driving despite incredibly difficult circumstances that no child should ever have deal.
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the primary debate will take place as scheduled, thursday night at loyola marymount university in los angeles all seven of the candidates of oliver for the debate have threatened to boycott the debate over a labor dispute involving food workers that loyola marymount. a tentative agreement has now
5:42 pm
been using that dispute and the democratic national committee this thursday night's debate will go on as scheduled. to use poll released today shows joe biden still leading the pack of democratic residential candidates. it found that biden has the support of 23% of likely democratic voters. center bernie sanders came in second with 14%. senator elizabeth warren with 13%. mayor pete buttigieg with 8% and the new candidate, former new york mayor mike burke has 6%. simple found president trump would defeat all of these democratic candidates in the general election. airlines removing the boeing 737 max jet from its schedule through mid april. southwest is making the move after the decision to stop production of the airplane in january. this all comes as the worldwide ban on commercially use of the jet lingers into 2020 following
5:43 pm
two questions that killed 346 people. experts say the halt in production could create chaos for the aviation industry and hurt the american economy. >> suspending production of a commercial aircraft is something that has been very really done. it truly is an untreated in the decision and it this one that have that massive impact to boeing and its suppliers and the airlines. >> boeing says it doesn't expect any layoffs or furloughs as a result of the stoppage. in a statement, the manufacturer is promising it will determine later when production can resume. a huge investment in detroit. ford says they would spend one and have alien dollars on two facilities there. the plans to build a new suv and ranger pickup truck. workers will also build new hybrid and electric versions of the f1 50 pickup. ford says they will start hiring more than 3000 workers
5:44 pm
in the coming year. high school can be a tough time for teenagers even in the best of circumstances. >> i am trying to stay positive. sometimes, it gets to me and i just kind of break down a little bit. >> a brother and sister with no permanent home can continue to flourish. they are on the honor roll and school play. neck, their school is rallying around the. bring in some christmas cheer to kids spending christmas in the hospital. how they teamed up with sentences close to make the time a little merrier. a little bit of rain possible for the commute. a wet one for your wednesday morning. forecast models, not next. and .
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the sacramento area home of them is suspected to be the golden state killer is now being sold. the 1500 square foot former home in citrus heights verse purchase last month for 300 thousand dollars. that prices well below and other homes into neighborhood for the sacramento couple reportedly brought the ranch style home and plans to live there. d'angelo is accused of burglary and. consumer privacy group claims that surveillance cameras so that amazon are
5:48 pm
crating security. they're urging the public to avoid the product and help educate others about the alleged security risk. one couple in class essays a hacker recently reached their ring camera which led to strange voice come into their home. >> my daughter was freaked out. she couldn't sleep at night. she is scared. >> amazon says they have no concrete evidence of hackers breaching the camera system but the, company is still urging public to take safety precautions including regularly changing passwords. as the number of homeless people rice, so that's the students become invisible to people. there is currently an online fundraising campaign to help a brother and sister who have no permanent place to live. >> reporter: at school let out for the day at fremont high school.
5:49 pm
most students had to home but this brother and sister are homeless. they and their mother have been sleeping on their aunts studio. before that, they spent nights and their car. >> i'm trying to stay positive. sometimes it gets to me and i just kind of break down a little bit. >> reporter: robert is a sophomore and his sister is a senior planning to go to college. they became homeless last year. there grandmother died and they were staying in their apartment. they ended up in the streets these days. >> went from motels to cars. that is the worst feeling any mother want to put on their kid. >> reporter: they are self- conscious about wearing the same clothes over and and over. >> it makes me feel dirty. and everybody else is like, wake up and put on a new shirt.
5:50 pm
but i am always wondering, do i smell bad? i have no money. >> reporter: they are just two of the approximately 900 homeless students which is more than the entire population of fremont high. despite the hardships, the two students have managed to make the honor roll on both perform in the upcoming school musical. >> both students are amazing, they shop to school everyday. they were card. >> i just pray for that both to continue to keep fighting. >> reporter: a gofundme is underway to help the family. the site has raised more than $320 so far. >> i appreciate you for from the bottom of my heart. i think you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: in oakland, ktvu
5:51 pm
fox 2 news. some christmas cheer came does when it was needed for several patients in the hospital today. >> , , . >> that is sent out along with mrs. clause. they visited six children in san jose this afternoon. more than a dozen members of the santa clara sheriff's department handed out age- appropriate gifts to kids in the pediatrics ward. a 5-year-old boy from milpitas named hunter method thank you after getting his gift. responders said that his son loves seeing elmo and sent the. >> will be a tough time. grateful that people are around and willing to give toys from around and cheer everybody around. >> to see that smiles on their faces after we give them the gifts, we always try to do
5:52 pm
something to give back to the community and this is a perfect opportunity. >> reporter: some of the family members had tears in their eyes as gifts were handed out to their children. tracking a few showers off sure. we could see a quarter of an inch in most bay area cities. maybe a little bit more and the coastal hills. have inch of rain. it is enough to mess with the morning commute. it is not going to mess with the evening commute. we are moving through that quickly. their reign is still of shear. tomorrow morning, a quarter inch of rain and the roadway, that will be a slow go. most of the rain will fall overnight tonight. you will hear it on your rooftop tonight trying 11:00 or something like that. or earlier depending on where you are. the scattered showers will amount to about a quarter of an inch in most bay area cities. it will help add to our rain totals a little more than we anticipated. it looks like it is going to linger a little longer than
5:53 pm
anticipated. the models have dissipated. there are the overnight lows. right now, the temperatures, the forecast overnight lows where we are now. mid-40s, something like that. it is going to be chilly overnight. cloudy, cold, drizzly. especially after midnight for most the area locations. beautiful shot of san francisco. we were talking that next week is christmas. isn't that amazing? i will put that in some winter solstice around the corner. days are starting to get longer or shorter, not longer. tomorrow morning, there it is. the morning commute. look what happens in the afternoon. look what happens in the afternoon commute. okay. this is all about the money. should be through pretty quick. overnight tonight, about 3:00 am tonight, you see cherished drug bay area and then 7:00 am, that could get have finished their. and then them, lunchtime, gone.
5:54 pm
tomorrow, that is wednesday. thursday looks pretty good. as we had through the next system, tonight, tomorrow morning, telling us this straight here. thursday and friday will be that's what here. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. kind of what we have been seeing. as we get into this deal on saturday night, sunday. saturday looks fine, saturday night into sunday. this one looks like could be watching some foot tall from the house as it is going to be what enough. so there are the forecast highs tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow because of this low pressure, and it. here is the five they forecast. plan accordingly. looking similar because of the clouds and sprinkle a little rain there. three in a row like this. saturday, looks like the best data we can. sunday, rain. the trump administration
5:55 pm
says they won't be pressured by ongoing missile tests from north korea. next, my story, coming up customer coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00, the city of san jose and is is a settlement in the case of a former police officer accused of a woman while on duty. how much the woman was awarded . we're learning more about the couple killed by a driver doing a wrong way on interstate 80 overnight. as their children speak out about the legacy they leave behind. [ electrical buzzing ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ sweden's greetings. enjoy your first payment on us when you lease a new volvo. now through january 2nd. 80 years after the invasion of the kenaston, newly released interviews with top government officials are revealing the mistakes made in the conflicts and the efforts to mislead the
5:58 pm
public about the progress being made. after a long legal fight, the washington post got the interviews with military commanders, u.s. diplomats and afghan officials. one army general who served under president bush and obama said, he was sent to afghanistan without a clear strategy or notion of what victory would look like. >> in public, government officials kept saying, there are setbacks but we are always making progress. we're making progress, we're turning the corner and things are going well. yet, in these interviews, you hear all the disillusionment and that's about this tragedy, about the policy, but how things are going. >> the documents show that those interviewed shows frustration and is about the goal of the mission since the war began. new satellite pictures show work being done at north
5:59 pm
korea's main satellite launching station after what appeared to be the lower recent rocket engine tests there. north korea has carried out at least 13 lunches since may. this comes as some of north korea's allies are pressing the united nations to lift many of the sanctions against north korea. >> reporter: sanctions with north korea are on the rise following another missile test. crucial test of a new weapon meant to deter the u.s. military. today, new satellite imagery reveals signs of activity at the lush effect. perhaps, in preparation for another test. putting more pressure on the u.s. to revive the denuclearization talks. >> we have seen talk of tests. they would be likely, if they don't feel satisfied. >> reporter: the white house is rejecting and the for any concessions from north korea. it's a's they would not meet
6:00 pm
the deadline set by kim jong-un to get the threats back. a blunt response from president trump or the >> disappointed if something would be in the works and if it is, we will take care of it. >> reporter: the on way for north korea has been trying to coordinate that diplomatic response. he said, he is willing to start the talks if denuclearization is part of the agenda. >> let me speak directly to our counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs. >> reporter: at the human security counsel, china trying to lift the sanctions against north korea. u.s. has that proposal.


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