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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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suggested she might delay articles of impeachment to the u.s. president until she knows the process is fair. >> here are the final tallies of the vote. 230 to 197. 229 to 198 on obstruction of congress. the day-long drama played out in the house of representatives and the battle to come. >> reporter: only three democrats sided with republicans today. nancy pelosi kept the tone solemn. no cheering. >> it is tragic that the president's reckless actions make impeachment necessary.
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he gave us no choice. >> reporter: for more than six hours, democrats and republicans in the house of representatives laid ware the partisan divide. >> president trump violated the law and solicited foreign interference in our elections. >> donald trump has been and remains a threat to our national security, a clear danger on our democracy. >> excusing his behavior will forever tarnish your name. >> reporter: republicans raeled against the proceedings, accusing democrats of trying to overturn the election. >> impeachment will not just be a stain on the democrat majority. this will be their legacy. >> this will be determined as the political impeachment that set the precedent for presidents to be impeached every time there's a divided government. >> reporter: the final votes
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were largely on party lines. >> president trump lashed out at a rally in michigan. >> democrat lawmakers are not believe you have the right to select your own president. >> the president is still president. be president tomorrow. and he's gonna be president for 2020. >> we have done what we have set out to do. the house has acted on a very sad day.
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a political science professor says the length of the trial depends on whether mitch mcconnell can keep all of the republicans in line. >> if he can do that, it willab i short trial. the democratic managers will present their case of two or three days. the president's attorneys will respond over two or three days and mcconnell would presumably move to acquit the president and that would end it. if four republicans vote to allow for witnesses, we could
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be talking about several weeks. >> he says public opinion has shown little movement on the kwer since it began. a lot of voters made up their minds early on. five ascertains are running for president and all of themville a key role in the impeachment trial as joirz. bernie sanders tweeted, quote, "a trial in the senate. mitch mcconmost hold a fair trial to hold this president accountable". >> our coverage on president trump's impeachment continues on our website. and we'll have all of the latest developments tomorrow on morning time 2 beginning at
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4:00 am. a dramatic uber ride for a san francisco man after a driver refuses to let him and his wife out of the car. the ordeal started when they returned from a trip to southern california. >> reporter: this is a picture of brian wrestler and his wife taken when they flew to disneyland for a weekend getaway. the san francisco couple flew out of oakland airport instead of sfo due to weather delays. after their return flight to sfo, an alaska airlines agent ordered an uber to drive the couple to oakland airport. >> we got literally to the sign that said welcome to oakland international, and that's when the driver realized that the destination didn't match what we had told him. >> reporter: he said it now appeared the clerk inputted oakland at the destination and not the oakland airport. >> he got pretty upset and told
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us that we had lied to him, we were trying to steal from him. and he basically stopped the car in the middle of the road. >> reporter: the 34-year-old explained to the driver he couldn't change the destination because an airline employee ordered the ride. wrestler says he offered $20 to let them get out of the vehicle. but the driver only became angrier. >> all of a sudden he just hit the gas and turned around and hopped onto the highway. which is when we started to really panic. we eventually called 9-1-1. >> reporter: wrestler tells me the driver exited the freeway and pulled over at 14th and broadway by oakland city hall. police arrived and took an incident report. wrestler reported the incident to uber and alaska airlines but hasn't heard back. >> my own goal was to make sure the driver isn't out there putting others' safety at risk. >> reporter: uber e-mailed a
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response to us saying what is described is disturbing and they have removed that driver's access to the app. just as san francisco gets ready to open a controversial navigation center along the embargo, the city is planning open another one. if it's approved, it would be located at a three-story building at 888 post street. it would be earmarked for homeless use and has 75 beds. nearly a hundred people gathered in san pablo today to protest notice that they have to move. most of them are seniors. residents say they were told two days before thanksgiving that they had to move out in
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january. the operator of the facility is not reing new its lease. many residents are calling on city leaders to help them stop what they say are unfair evictions. a san rafael high school was placed on partial lockdown after a registered sex offender walked onto campus. school officials found the man wandering grounds around 7:30 this morning. he was escorted off the campus. police say it was only after he left and officers arrived that they learned the man had touched a student as well as a teacher. she's been identified as willie joan. >> he was simply walking around the campus talking to students and staff. acting kind of unusual. they weren't sure what his intentions were. >> we're always concerned when anyone is on campus shs especially someone with a criminal history. >> based on the intruder's description, an officer identified jones as the suspect and he was arrested downtown. he was arrested in august for
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allegedly chasing or following two women and then holding officers at bay. coming up, a suspect is arrested months after using ar- 47 rifles to rob a bank in pleasanton. how authorities were able to catch him nearly 700 miles away. >> a thief caught on camera. but it's not your typical theft. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco,
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helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. eye man who barricaded himself inside a barbershop has been treated for symptoms of intoxication and a bite from a police dog. officers were serving a water this morning when a man holed up inside mike's barbershop on western avenue armed with at least one knife. the standoff shut down area streets for more than two hours. that man was taken into custody
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without incident. he was wanted for felony domestic violence. he will face additional charges. a suspend gang member accused of robbing a pleasanton bank and shooting at a police officer has been arrested in arizona. authorities arrested him in yuma yesterday. he along with three others used ak-47 rifles to rob a wells fargo branch in april. torres then shot from his vehicle into a police cruiser. the officer inside wasn't hurt. sheing charged with attempted murder of a police officer. a woman from dawell, ey city and a man from san francisco are under arrest facing a slew of charges.
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a crime of opportunity at a berkeley apartment complex. video shows a food delivery worker dropping off food and ripping off packages on her way out. >> i had to rewatch it a couple of times. no, she didn't, right? >> reporter: ethan chang which manages the property described the video was taken, showing a resident innocently allowing a delivery driver into the apartment. she hands off the purchase to the customer. after everyone is out of sight, the stealing begins. >> the resident left, they
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basically pilferred the packages, pilfered the publics. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> it is christmas time. and a lot of people are doing the christmas shopping. i wasn't too happy but it's okay. >> they confirmed that was the person who delivered their food. >> reporter: the robbery made more surprising by the fact there are cameras all over this lobby. >> that camera, the front door. >> reporter: even these wanted posters of people previously caught stealing packages did not work. >> i was a little shocked when i saw it. >> reporter: the company conducting a survey this year. san francisco picking up the dubious distinction of being first. oakland coming in at number seven on this list.
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package thefts have become a fact of life nowadays. >> reporter: berkeley police launched an investigation to determine who that woman is. they're trying to find out who she was working for at the time the crime had taken place. >> door dash says it takes the safety of the community seriously. the unique way a north bay man is helping enforcement. >> the spirit of giving is alive in san francisco. to the events to help thousands
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of people has had the holidays. >> showers are ending now. there's more in that five-day forecast. we'll see a little bit of that this weekend. i'll have the timing when i see you next. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! the line of people waiting to get inside the salvague
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army's toy giveaway stretched around blocks today. the salvation army says the donations are down this year but they wouldn't let anyone walk away empty-handed. >> last night i had to go down and i had to buy quite a bit to make sure we could meet the need for today. >> the program will make sure about 3,000 children will have a present to open on christmas morning. a nonprofit group in san francisco provided 1,000 pieces of clothing to children and teens in a family services program. boxes full of shirts and blouses, dress pants, backpacks, and pullovers were provided by the group.
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>> they're amazing. especially at a time where some of our families experience the holiday blues and the stress of going to the department stores and trying to shop and get clothes. one squadron gives us quality clothes, high-end clothes for our young people. are it's just amazing. >> one closet has collected and distributed more than 200,000 garments to community centers, shelters and programs since it was founded nine years ago. founders estimate they have helped 20,000 young people with clothing for the year. >> a few clouds out there now. the showers have mostly ended. a messy morning commute. messy afternoon commute. some areas got over inch and a half of rain in the santa cruz mountains, the marin county watershed. most of us got zip 25 to zip 50 over the last several hours.
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valley fog in the morning. then a little bit of a break. not a bad day. a few clouds. friday, not a bad day, a few clouds. saturday afternoon, the cloud business thicken up. and we get into rain saturday afternoon into sunday morning to midday. saturday until about noon looks okay in the central bay north. and saturday afternoon might not look too bad. there's a visual depiction of the sky tomorrow for most of us. throughout the day, partly sunny. variable clouds. overnight lows with valley fog in the forecast tomorrow. dewpoints in the upper 30s and low 40s tonight. the plan here is for this new system. thursday looks good, friday looks good. then valley fog. and saturday this system starts to key up.
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most of the morning, looks okay on saturday till about noon or 1:00. then it gets wet, certainly from san rafael south. after about 1:00, it should be south. saturday morning, chance to beat stuff. then the rain starts the afternoon. and sunday afternoon when the rain should be ending. here's 9:00 am tomorrow morning. fog, tomorrow afternoon. that's the day. here comes friday morning, friday afternoon. here comes saturday. saturday morning, and then saturday afternoon. wet, and overnight saturday and sunday. and then it looks like saturday afternoon might be okay. come back tomorrow night and we'll look at it again because the models are moving around. hopefully it'll square itself up on saturday or sunday. see you back here tomorrow. a man in the north bay has written a song he hopes firefighters will adopt as an anthem.
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>> it's a troibt firefighters. and tonight several restaurants in santa rose joined in supporting his efforts. they wore the slogan. money made from copies and merchandising will benefit santa rosa's firefighter toy drive. >> we have tons of people that saw this and they wanted to come in next year and help us expand it. it's all for a good cause. we love our firefighters and first responders. >> with 5,000 children set to receive toys this season, the union appreciates the musical support. the warriors scored from all over the court tonight. was it enough to get the win against the blazers? mark is up next with that and the rest of sports.
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>> a live look at sfo with the rain-caused problems today. 47 flights canceled. more than 400 others were delayed mainly because of an unusual wind tunnel.
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kind of like a historic game. ien what to expect out of the warriors. whatever it is, it's a low expectation. they actually played pretty l. 16 three-pointers tonight. not enough to beat portland. damian rilard, 31 point lillard, 31 points, and portland kinda trolled this throughout.
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the warriors always made it tight. they break with alex burke getting it up top. the rookie had 11. they were only down one at halftime. glen robinson the third, career night for him. he had five threes. warriors were down only four. mccollum with a bomb from outside. 3.12 left. steve kerr knows the writing is on the wall. the warriors are five and 24. 15 threes didn't get it done for them. it did for st. mary's. they take care of the pac-12 asu on the road, no less. the score at halftime, 51-19. the gales led then start letting loose from three.
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96-56. and the gales found their stride. all attention focused in women college's basketball on this one. stanford, tennessee in town. they're ranked 23. can't wait till the freshman does that in a real game. the dunk from the pregame, she can do a heck of a lot more than dunk. kiana williams had the big night tonight. the you really see it on the replay. she had 19. 78-51. if you ever want to consider taking up boxing for a
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hobby, who better than mike tyson to train you? serena williams decided she wants to take up boxing. >> tyson said she definitely has power. and i can't wait to see how she incorporates that into her tennis game. wouldn't put anything past her. chris paul paid for all his teammates to get custom-fit suits and asked them all to show up in suit and tie. and they did. a chep chip off the old block. that's the sporting life.
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>> serena williams, man. see you later, everyone. gonna. >> gonna. . how we doin'? it's the most stressful day of the year for claire -- our anniversary. she tends to leave her gift shopping till the last minute, and the pressure can really get to her. i'm great. huh. -oh, did you forget it's our -- -no. happy anniversary. you're strangely calm. is this the legendary realm beyond madness? i already got your gift. and i nailed it. i even stayed below the $100 limit. you? oh, you'll be quite pleased. ...once i find something. this time i left my shopping till the last minute, maybe just to give claire a chance at our competition. am i too competitive? i mean, she does often say, "phil, do you always have to finish first?" ♪


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