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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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and i think we have a decorative cake out front, and then we have sheet cakes in the back. oh, i see! is that the theme you're going for -- tacky?! sheet -- like a sheet. oh, "sheet." i thought he said "chic cake." [ laughs ] all of my cakes are chic. oh, they are, yeah! it is the weekend before christmas crowded malls and airports especially at san francisco international. >> just allocate a little bit more time than usual. besides that just hope for the best. kind keep smiling. >> holiday travel is in full swing 86,000 passengers make their way to sfo today. good evening i'm on the senior.
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smooth sailing at the airport today. major delays or cancellations but it's a difference story at sfo. nine cancellations and more than 300 delays throughout the day. live team coverage now from ktvu's greg ligon. greg?>> reporter: andre what a difference we are live now at terminal three and i can tell you before 7:00 tonight there is virtually no one here take a look behind me, this is the case tsa line, take a look behind me. some more dishes tsa line. maybe three or 400 people. the good news is, the vast majority of those delays have been earlier today. but tonight, most lines most flights are running on time. >> one of the travelers making their way through as sfo
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tonight. although travel can be a headache there is a payoff. >> it's more convenient but if you're going to see people it's all worth it. >> sfo reports about 86,000 passengers making their way to the airports today. a big bump from a typical saturday. >> we are doing 36,000 additional passengers today than your average and saturday so it's gonna be busy. >> more people, more potential problems. it is important to maintain your holiday spirit. >> you have to be patient with people and it's gonna take a little bit longer. converse with the passengers as the time goes by a lot better. and of course that makes all the difference. >> despite larger clouds the lines flowed freely. one of the things you want find is bets best not to bring wraps gives gifts. >> to be able to be open. maybe not put that elaborate dropping job while you are
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flying out. >> flying in and out was not a problem this evening as three runways were open. and skies favorable. but officials warned that could change overnight. >> we do have storm is coming in. tonight possibly after midnight. and once those start to roll in the faa may put us on the ground delay. which is which reduces our arrival and the departures by about half. >> that would mean the normal load could become half. if that if that happens and travel becomes more trump turbulent on the spirit, one woman has her own travel tip. >> have you can just pretend that you're somewhere else. >> reporter: live look at the flight board on terminal three the flights are running on time tonight and operations are pretty smooth despite the long lines. again if that weather turns
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tonight into tomorrow, there could be significant delays so the best thing to do is if you are coming or going, from here at sfo tomorrow, call your airlines to get the latest. live at sfo, greg ligon's fox 2 news. to be area representative using calling for noise reduction at sfo and other airports. representative jackie spirit and held a press conference in san francisco. eight different bills that she is sending to congress to address noise from airports lane communities here and across country. sfo had the 7.4 billion dollar expansion plan and that means more passengers and more air lane traffic. >> we want to see the airport to be successful, have a robust revenues, but we have to also come up with solutions that
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help those who are most impacted by it. >> one of the bills that would establish a program at sfo it would regard to airport insulate more than specific but sensitive areas. now your weather the clouds rolling in in the bay area. this is a look at the san francisco skyline. there is sunset. it is beautiful. but it may be the last of son we will see for a while. because the rain is on the way. meteorologist mark mine at least good news. first half of the weekend, you get outside and do the shopping and errands that you need to do at least tonight into tomorrow morning. especially tomorrow morning. that when the rainfall will pick up. not so much around the north coast moving to the bay area. rainfall kind of the range here between a quarter of an inch to
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almost 2 inches of rain. not only for the coastal hills. wins around 35 to 45 miles per hour and beget windy overnight as we head into sunday morning. and the sierra to have a winter weather advisory. for us a wind advisory is in place right now to 7:00 tomorrow morning in the east bay hills. we could have winds gusting up to about 40 miles per hour. that's where we have the with advisory. here is the current satellite radar, lots of clouds streaming into the bay area and the bulk of the organized rainfall, up on the north coast right around eureka or crescent city, cape mendocino, lots of clouds clouds moving into the north they and it will increase in coverage as we head into the overnight hours. here's our live camera looking towards san francisco bay. officially winter now. the winter solstice at 8:00 hour this evening. we are officially in winter. in the short term you can see
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what happens early tomorrow morning. the rainfall moving into the northbay. at 3:00 am. and still some often on rainfall. but we could have some breaks in action. tomorrow afternoon will have more the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and the christmas outlook all that coming up in a little bit new at ten police are searching for another package thieves. this one happening in the montclare neighborhood. after the incident on the ring doorbell. and you can see it right the man walking for the home and walking away with a couple of packages. if you have any information, you're asked to contact oakland police. some people went shopping for their gifts the old- fashioned way. shoppers went to malta stores across the bay area. the national retail federation 148 million people are shopping online or in stores today. otherwise known as super saturday. experts expect them to spend $34 billion today alone. leigh martinez braved the
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crowds at outlets in livermore to find out if it's a worry or the holiday spirit bringing people out to shop>> reporter: livermore's outlet parking lot back before noon. that is when we caught up with two sisters who were leaving. >> we are pretty much finished at this part. we have a few others that we have to visit.>> reporter: 148 million people expected to shop saturday before christmas. >> this is a traditional thing. living out here in the west coast. >> it must be shopping in stores because online doesn't put them in the christmas spirit. >> you kind of lose some of that when you're online. even though it's crowded, it's fun to still be here and everyone's has the spirit and everyone's dressed in their christmas outfits. >> this morning i went to starbucks it's the norm for me. and they had no they said taken
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him to leave a note. you can you can make it to the holidays and have a great day and it so it's really cute and it was in the right spirit pick>> reporter: but this is their only chance all season to shop. >> i been working to yesterday so now i'm on a mad scramble to get my shopping done. > reporter: there staying jolly in all of the traffic. >> we had to arrive here probably an hour before just to find parking. it is outrageous today. the parking lots are jampacked. from here to the moon if we were in the different planet.>> reporter: beside shoppers and sellers there was another group out here today. and there was a very in enthusiastic much. >> i heard there is a giftwrapping wrapping spree. >> reporter: amador high school students doing their best to attract attention. >> we are wrapping grits for free today asking for donations to help fund raise for a pediatric center in san
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leandro.>> reporter: if people miss out on the giftwrapping, their fundraiser is up online accepting donations. >> our donation calls that we are trying to reach his hundred thousand dollars be>> reporter: giving can have it happen all year in louver livermore leigh martinez, ktvu fox news. the 49ers eliminated the and the ramp from playoff contention tonight. it was another game that came down to the final seconds winning by a field goal. 34-31. the niners are now 12-3. the coach responded after the game. >> everything was up and down throughout the whole thing. a lot of times each individual stuff up. but each individual is kept coming back and by the way it was special. >> the 49ers would welcome meet for compete for the division title next week against this seahawks. scott reese will be here to break down all the highlights later at 10:45 pm in sports
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rep. this is the worst fire fatality that we have had in the city of las vegas. >> tragedy in that city a deadly fire races to an apartment building. leaving windows to escape. it may have been started by people trying to keep warm. a member of the 49ers family dealing with sudden death. c.j. better brother killed and stabbing. first >> the first the story filled for the annual toy giveaway that benefited more than 1000 children.
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hundreds of people lined up this morning some for huge holiday giveaway enrichment. ktvu's desire in the reports. >> richmond police and firefighter spread cheer the event provided for hundreds of families including more than 1000 children with gifts for the holiday. >> we have to do this because we walk out of here with gifts, groceries and hopefully they have a better christmas because of it. >> the annual event almost did
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not happen donations were slim and the need was this year was higher than a ever. >> unfortunately this year when we began the season and began to prepare for toy drive, our shelves were bare. donations when coming in the same way that they have in the past. and so we reached out for some assistance and unfortunately, local residents very, very much so. met the mark. >> families at registered received toys and food with all the makings for christmas dinner. the lucky ones to come about bicycle. >> lease and firefighters build these bicycles 350 bikes that were given away in a raffle. volunteers celebrated each time. chrysoberyl muskets were among the winners. berryman says it helps tremendously about the holiday. >> get everything that they need for all of their kids. and i just think that this is
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all helpful and it makes everybody enjoy christmas. >> daniel jackson arrived at 1:00 in the morning to wait in line. >> i can't feel my feet are or my hands. it's wheezing. >> she also want to bike a christmas gift for her daughter. >> we just really need to have some time were so happy. alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the samaritan house of san mateo county holiday push out the event makes it possible for the families in the county to need a little extra help for the holiday season. samaritan house says by the end of the event they would've given away 23,000 toys, clothes and gifts. >> this is basically our community digging in getting into their hearts in their pockets. to help us do this all year. and the big thing i want to emphasize is the folks that we are helping need our help all
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year long. >> the samaritan house of san mateo county has 2000 registered clients will receive help iran. the holidays are known as an the season of giving. and the season has not is appointed some charities. giving machines were installed in downtown san jose this year. as part of the city's annual christmas in the park celebration. they look like regular vending machines but these eating machines allow people to have help others during the holiday season. they surpassed their goal of $100,000 locally while camp pain and has raised 3.9 million dollars. to take part in this humanitarian initiative and that's a past the 2.3 raised million to $20 million raised worldwide. varying weather the weekend off to a dry start. after will be changing in the short-term over the next few hours. rainfall expectations you can expect the good of the action.
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coastal hills could be about 1.75 inches. in the santa cruz mountains. inland areas maybe just a quarter of an inch in the north made that wet spot could be topping an inch. the boat would be coming in tomorrow morning. early tomorrow morning to about eight or 10:00. here is the satellite right now. some green finally beginning to show off shore. rainfall hitting the lead up along the north coast. armed eureka and mendocino. this will gradually fill in and the wind speeds will be picking up. right now the wind is not so bad around five to three miles an hour up in santa rosa. you can see more panels, san jose, suddenly went at about 16 miles per hour. but the wind will be picking up and gusting to over 30 miles per hour. as we head into your sunday morning. clouds in place cannot toward san francisco bay and the bay bridge. here is what our skycap is thinking tomorrow morning.
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gusty winds at 7:00 tomorrow morning. and then by lunchtime the chance for a few scattered showers scaling back on the shower activity. maybe a chance to get outside throughout the day by the afternoon hours with some sunny bricks. here we are tomorrow morning. waking up tomorrow morning at 4:00 this is 5 am, this is 9 am and look what happens later in the day. forecast scales back with the shower activity. there is still a chance into the afternoon hours to get outside. for your sunday afternoon. we will talk more about this and also your christmas forecast. we will have that coming up in a little bit. expect delays if your print lining ronnie writing bart tomorrow. according to the agencies twitter page it will be running singletrack between the embarcadero and the 24th street mission station. delays will run anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. bart will be doing cable replacement work from start of service around 8:00 tomorrow night. the valero rep refinery warning
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people people that they may see flaring this weekend. refinery says the flaring will continue for several days and may be visible and maintenance work is done on a processing unit. valero says unnecessary safety precaution managed in accordance with flare minimization plan. any adverse consequences for the surrounding area. the search continues for a missing man out of these may. an arrest made after a mother and baby missing in texas but the new bizarre turn of of these events about this case. early-morning blaze in las vegas is the deadliest and the history. jackhammer with the details coming up.
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. santa rosa police they have arrested a man who robbed two women this morning. rodolfo fabiano leon was put into jail for robbery in violation of ovation. officers say they responded to cutting the downfall of the report of a woman's purse be stolen. the same suspect. reportedly robbed the second woman at are nearby 80 atm. they caught the 26-year-old suspect right away. he was booked into the sonoma county jail. police in concord are looking for this man. 80-year-old to 70-year-old wiliams him finley would whitman road thursday night.
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police believe he is somewhere with his dog in australian shepherd named eli. investigators say he suffers from dementia and other problems that require medication. if you see them you're asked to call the please. six people killed and more than a dozen injured that door to an apartment complex in vegas. people was were seen jumping out of windows escape the plane. fox news reports. >> this is the worst fire fatality that we have had in the city of las vegas since the inception of the fire department. >> an investigation is underway in nevada after the apartment complex went up in flames in downtown las vegas killing at least six people and injuring many others. >> most of the people are hurt with smoke inhalation. as they are being transported had multiple fractures and what individual has a broken legs possibly a broken back. >> fire breaking out early sunday morning in the alpine motel apartment.
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firefighters say they were there was heavy smoke and people were jumping out of windows to escape the fires. local officials say at least 30 people. las vegas metropolitan police department homicide investigators were on scene fire officials ruled the fire accidental and not criminal. >> we want we went in and found the fire in the first floor when we got in there the got the fire out in less than a minute it was easy to put out. >> with this is telling the police and the art apartment did not have heat and residents are using stove as heating. turning into a dire situation deadly. the fire started in the area of one stove unit >> we've always told you people never to use stove as heating device. they are not designed for that. and what happens is they can overheat and they can catch fire and this might be one of those cases. >> it remains unclear what
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caused the deadly fire this holiday weekend. jackie heinrich, fox news. arrested were made in the case of a missing mom and her baby. heidi percent went missing with her newborn back thursday. 33-year-old body was found in the trunk of a car in a home just northwest of houston yesterday. the fire department had initially responded to that home for child welfare check and that is when they found who they believe to be broussard's one month baby daughter. woman arrested has not been officially identified but please believe the woman knew each other. >> there may be additional charges are filed in this case. as the investigation carries on. and that will be determined as we develop more information and uncover more evidence. >> suspect is charged with kidnapping and tampering with the corpse. the child is with protective
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services cj better's brother how the 49ers a response responding and the search for the suspects. a new poll shows how many americans the impeachment. ♪
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's 49ers expressing the condolences of the family of cj better brother. best part brother was one of two men released tabbed last night. after tonight's game kyle shanahan gave his condolences to the family. >> we appreciate for all the thoughts such a great family good as any person that i've been around. unbelievable i never got a chance to play but i know his parents and i know cj and they told me about him. unbelievably special person so hearts and prayers are out for them. >> we are getting insight into
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inside the bar spilled outside so far no one has been arrested. reporter agent able at the latest. 22-year-old clayton beathard with the two young men stabbed outside of bar yesterday morning. this is surveillance video from inside dogwood bar earlier that night. police are trying to identify the spoke for people who they believe are friends. best art and the penny later died. a third step victim is in the hospital. he went to battle ground academy high school in franklin where the plate foot wall. defensive end and best art was a far back his brother cj is currently a quarterback for the san francisco 49ers. i also spoke with her formal football coach and actually told me it was an honor to coach these two young men. his son looked up to better and he was the kind of man he wanted his son to be like. he will remember him for this
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personality. a good teammate and great friend to many. who also offered people on the field. battle ground academy also made for those who counseling available for those who wanted to talk about that. police are asking for your help in finding these four people. the 49ers released a statement that in part we extend our help heartfelt to c.j. and his entire family. i see copes with it is unthinkable loss with a loved one. c.j. has traveled home knowing that he has entire support of the organization as they grieve the passing of clayton. a new poll released show 52% of those questioned said they support the articles of impeachment. saying they approve of trump's impeachment and removal from office. 42% oppose it. the political morning concept first conducted after the
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articles of impeachment were passed. jackie's pair is back in the area after her impeachment vote. she said she had a constitutional duty to vote in favor of impeachment. >> the president of the united states write a foreign leader. to do an investigation on one of his potential opponents and his election. and that is interfering with our elections. it's frankly rigging our elections. >> nancy pelosi says that she will not send the articles of impeachment and until she gets assurances of a fair trial. trial expected to begin sometime next month. united states military officials are monitoring north korea for surprise missile tested their concerns in the north may carry out the laws. this holiday season.
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>> north korea is threatening the u.s. after an american official reportedly raised concerns about north korea. human rights records. a spokesperson from north korea's ministry of foreign affairs says if the u.s. dares to impair our system by taking it will be made to pay dearly for such an act. north korea went even further calling the u.s. a cesspit of human rights village violation. the tough talk comes at the u.s. military braces for possible north korean missile tests during the christmas holiday. this month north korea says the u.s. is running out of time to make a deal to convince the north to abandon its nuclear program. the north has demanded that the u.s. drop economic sanctions and the trump administration said it won't be bullied. senior pentagon officials as to address the stalemate at a new conference on friday. >> we think that the political solutions the best way to the nuclear a nuclear eyes of the peninsula. and to address north korea's programs. i'm hopeful that we could again get the process started again. and get to remain on the
10:35 pm
diplomatic path. >> asked about the relationship amid concerns and that the north and conduct test any day now. >> i will be disappointed if something would be in the works and if it is we will take care of it. we were we are watching very closely. >> military leaders no matter what korea north korea might decide to do next the u.s. will be prepared. mark meredith, fox news. here's to political tomb turmoil of britain's plan to leave the european union. house of commons voted in favor of preliminary keep reading withdrawal bill friday 58 votes 358 votes. boris johnson celebrating its conservative parties went in parliamentary election. labour party leader final warning for those who voted in favor of brexit. >> now is some moment to come
10:36 pm
together and write and you time. >> the prime minister's brexit deal was a terrible deal for our country. and we still believe it is a terrible deal today. >> final votes are set for next month in the house of commons and upper house of lords. expected to be confirmed leaving. helping the homeless coming up setting up to give those without the home a place to stay and off we resources. bay area weather changing over the next few hours as our next front comes on board. the christmas forecast it could be tracking a few more rain showers as well. we will have that forecast, coming up.
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it will be a special christmas for to conquer children thanks to uncle awkward police dispatchers. photos of the facebook page is it back on november 6 they got a call and learn. to children that were in dire need. and just survived a tragic event. so, they decided to buy gifts for the two to make christmas a little brighter. that demanded the gifts over to social services with and personally liver them to the
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kids. dozens of religious institutions in the san joaquin valley will soon have a purpose beyond worship. we join 30 churches and temples will be donating food and support while some will offer place for homeless essay. these zion lutheran church in stockton is part of the program. board member john gracey says the campus will host job- training center to help any adults staying there. >> teaching people who have fallen on back luck because of their trade is no longer demand showing a new way to use those skills or redevelop new skills where employment is very important. >> hoping to shelter in the spring of 2020. roughly 15 years ago. bay area weather. we are tracking the first winter storm of the season. winter solstice early this evening at the 8:00 hour. right now we have clouds in
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place and not much in the way of rainfall just yet. that will be changing over the next 3 to 5 hours. rainfall expectations over a quarter of an inch. inland valleys and coastal hills approaching 1.75 inches. winds around 35 to 45 miles an hour. strongest tomorrow morning in the sierra. they will pick up the new snow with the system. been on board. right now the satellite the bulk of the green and the of the rainfall is off to our north are right around eureka on cape mark mendocino. the green starting to fill-in just offshore. forecast models and look at the rainfall first developing up in the north. the next couple of hours. spreading to the south. current numbers, most areas in the 50s and 40s starting to show up like santa rosa, 44 degrees. here's a camera looking out toward savages go before tonight. we have clouds in place. looking out towards the bay bridge and the embarcadero lights. audience in raindrops first thing tomorrow morning. check out the calendar here for this week. been on board here at we head
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towards christmas. step out of the way and rainfall first thing tomorrow morning chance of abuse scattered showers on tuesday and another chance of rain as we head to christmas. especially during the morning hours. watching out for those three days with rain chances here in the bay area. now first thing tomorrow morning, rain, likely some gusty winds overnight lows in the 40s and lower 50s. here is our next system coming on board. it is a slow mover. we have a cloud cover, gusty winds developing especially over the hills. the east bay hills we have that wind advisory currently in place. sunday the bulk of the rainfall will be tomorrow morning. and more sunny breaks. into the afternoon hours. in the sierra as i mentioned, it will be is no producer. winter weather advisory begins tomorrow morning right around the 7:00 hour. and we will be talking about snowfall in the order of 6 to 12 inches. with some fresh powder in the mountains as the system comes on board. here's to forecast model
10:43 pm
tonight. here's tomorrow morning waking you up tomorrow morning, 5:00 am with cement moderate possibly heavy rainfall across the bay area. this is 9:00 and look at the change into the afternoon hours. still a chance of some scattered showers. scale back on the activity maybe something breaks into the afternoon. monday, probably just cloudy skies and sprinkle in the south bay. and then on tuesday will be picking up the clouds in bringing the shower chance especially during the afternoon hours. forecast high for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. that is one thing you are going to notice. cooling-off, quite a bit. will be talking about mid-60s over the past few days. and that front moves in that cold air moves in, temperatures will cool off sunday. partly cloudy skies into monday. chance of a few showers on tuesday and andre we are tracking that rain called so santa as we had to our wednesday. we could have a chance of showers as chance would be for wednesday morning so what on that. that is a wrap for news and
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sports is next with the trailer down at levi how it came down to the last play for the fourth straight game for the 49ers.
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