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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  December 22, 2019 7:00am-8:30am PST

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is a soggy thought start to your sunday commute. >> the stadium 49ers ramp into the final seconds. what needs to happen for the red and gold. traveling for the holidays, thousands of extra people in the area, where you can expect. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings onto. welcomes the warnings onto. >> good morning. it's the last sunday before the big holiday. home you got shopping. we are going to go on shop . you better bring the umbrella. >> it's raining, at least for the first half of sunday. we will dry out by the second
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part of the afternoon. between now and then, we do have what the roadway, here's a look at the golden gate bridge. the rain moved in in the overnight hours as expected. less than that for the central and south day. the radar still picking up on the scattered showers, we will continue with this trend as we roll through the next few hours with the second part of your sunday. we are going to remain dry. let's take a look at the radar right now, it's fairly widespread. light over areas of the lord me, getting to central bay, picking up on some pockets of light to moderate rain there. we do have snow that continues to fall in this area. for winter travel along the west slope, areas i-80 as well as highway fifth the. we take a look at how much rainfall has moved through the bay area, so far in what you can expect for the rest of your sunday and beyond. >> is rosemary's just saying, there is a rain falling on the area right now.
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live in marin county, in an area that's always among the first to see the effects of any storm. good morning, alyssa. i'm in the area of lucky drive, a lot of times we do have rain, this is where we end up. this area is notorious for flooding issue. we are experiencing some light rain as we go off the exit here. it's a very large, some flooding happening as you exit. that you have to keep in mind. a lot of rain on the windchill in some places that was very hard, get at this point it's lighter than what we first arrived. also in oakland area, we experience some very large delays in this area. traffic is moving right now, but when you're out there keep in mind that there is water, standing water and some lanes of traffic. maybe we want to take it a little bit slower, keep plenty
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of space in between you and the car in front of you. reporting live, elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 news. developing news, 30 people are hurt after a a shooting, it happen in a party in chicago overnight. there was a large crowd inside, where people are gathered to celebrate the last of man that died last april. people ran outside, there was more gunfire. for victims hospitalized, one person is in custody and one other possible suspect is still hospitalized. police do not have a motive for that shooting. is department investigating a shooting after responding to a report of gunfire at a home, it happened just before midnight, friday night on almaden avenue near berryessa street. they someone suffering from at least one gunshot wound, he was taken to the hospital where he he later died. anyone that might have
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information on that man's death is asked to call the police. 9 people were hurt after are a car drive in a wrong way hit two cars on. the crash happened just after midnight, saturday morning in the eastbound lane of 80 between chadbourne road and state highway 12. all 9 people injured including children ages 5, 11, 17 were all taken to the hospital. one person is in critical condition. the driver of a tail the corolla was arrested on suspicion of dui. police say have arrested a man who robbed two women saturday morning, he was booked into jail for robbery and violation of probation. officers say they responded to coddington mall for a report of a woman as she was walking to the parking lot. police say they got the 26-year- old suspect as he tried to run away, he was booked in the sonoma county jail.
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police meanwhile are still looking for a missing 8-year- old man was considered at risk. investigators say a 70-year-old william finley was last seen going to bed at his residential care home in whitman road thursday night. police believe you know somewhere with this dog, an australian shepherd named eli. investigators say finley suffers from dementia, some other serious health problems, as well as medication. if you see him all know where he is, your urge to give the police a call. oakland police are searching for another package thief. this one happening in montclair avenue. the owner had the incident on their ring doorbell. he walk away with a couple of packages. if you have any information, give police a call. police are warning people to check their credit card state vents for the charges they didn't make. that's after skimming device was covered at a gas station earlier this month.
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scammers are used to capture private numbers as well as personal i.d. numbers. state officials say they found 286 credit card skimmer so far this year. they believe many more were probably plan and not discovered before identity thieves remove them. 7:06, members of congress is the busiest traveled days of the year to remind voters to curb police are around local airports. that would regard the airport to provide noise cancellation a year that are near the airport. she has $7.4 billion plan for expansion and chief says that means more air traffic and passengers coming to the airport. >> we want to see the airport
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be successful, have robust revenues that we have too, with solution to help those who are most impacted by it. effort to officials is it generate more than 3 quarters of $1 billion a year in revenue, the act from that money is felt across the entire area region. holiday travel is in fort wayne around the country here in the bay area. more than 86,000 passengers made their way yesterday. that's about 26,000 more travelers than the usual saturday. let's take a live look right now, really hasn't been smooth sailing, you can see the runway wet, it is a cloudy start of the day. 9 cancellations and more than 300 delays throughout the day. more people often means more potential for problem. line seem flowing security. with a rush in the crowd, it's important to maintain your
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holiday spirit. >> you just have to be patient with people and noticed that it could be a little bit longer. converse with the passengers. of course, a hat makes all the difference. >> there monitoring the weather. flights were coming in smoky. is the faa puts sfo on the ground in a, it could reduce their arrival and departure's by half. probably driving and if you're out there, it's kind of crazy coming. >> all kinds of stuff out there. in that exit we take. >> without a doubt. >> be prepared if you're getting out doors, we do have the slick roadways funding in some areas. here's the look at some unions where. it's a soggy start to sunday and they may see area of san
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francisco. where looking at scattered showers throughout the course of your morning. it will taper off, we're talking about delays just a moment ago by airport. here's to look at what's going on across the country. san francisco reporting delays at about 15 minutes or so. as we take a look at the rest of the country on the east coast, we've got philadelphia reporting delays at about half hour or so. this also helps us out of the radar, you can see it continues to get scattered showers that's from area like atlanta over towards louisiana and mississippi. the pacific northwest continues to get wet along here with us along the west coast in california and the bay area. here's the look at storm tracker two, the system of dinner and overnight hours. pockets of moderate rain moving through areas of east bay, comfort, brentwood, pittsburgh, and in the south bay. we've got some return showing us we could have some moderate trains over the areas near san jose. here's the closer look, we
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don't have to spend a whole lifetime of the reader, most of the area seeing that rain right now. we are not seeing it just yet up over this year, picking up just a little bit of snow. there's an advisory as we talk about the moment ago. it starts at the 7:00 hour, we are already underway. until 10:00 tonight, snow levels are expected to drop down for 1200 feet. we could get a foot of snow for some good news. before i let the rollout, we will take a look at what we expect this week to move out. we are mostly cloudy, perhaps mostly cloudy, second of the day even partly cloudy skies. dry conditions expected. look at your temperatures for today and for the rest of the week in the christmas day. >> giving back to the community, coming up how a one east bay police department changed the christmas after responding to a tragic call. >> the trailer in santa clara is in minors face the rams in
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thereby. i will came down for the nice play for your 49ers. coming up. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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welcome back. one more men in the 49ers will be your top seat in the nfc playoffs. another got to watch the game with the niners as time expired beating the rams by 3. l.a. is now out of the postseason. >> for what seems like two months now, the 49ers have been playing games to go right down the wire. when it gets the rams, it got another one. again, he delivered. >> i love that moment. used to appreciate the guys that are on the operation and
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how hard we have been working to kinda make it right. >> winning field goals of 49ers went 60 yards and converted to unlikely third in 16 play. one they can reborn and one to emmanuel sanders. >> it's a great call, we took it over time. we lay some crazy game and i would say we battled, hope we that. >> now, i mean, the way we did blocking, is that i'm making play. >> how much i appreciate everyone here that was huge. i want everybody to get the game ball. >> somehow, we just figured it was ultimate the coming down to it. the 49ers against the seahawks in the final sunday of the season. all that is at stake is the first round by in the home
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field throughout the playoffs. joe fonzi, ktvu, fox 2. everyone got a game ball. things believe it or not, the 6 and 8 open readers are still mathematically alive for postseason. they need a lot of help. for starters, they need to win their final two games including today, 8 other teams would have to wean out the next two weeks, unless the 1% chance. by the way, josh pickups will miss today through the shoulder injury down in southern california. here's what happening today at ktvu, we will chat with joe fonzi. here in morning sun to, top niners and readers there, then you will join the sunday crew followed by the new orleans saints. they will had a tendency to take on the titans are caught one big game, seattle will host the cardinals, that would be good 49 and funds will be watching. 5, we will have the news of the day followed by the news
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rep. that's all happening here at ktvu fox 2. rock up another sports title, star ford women's volleyball team won the last 3 titles. they have to a narrow in 3 in the asfoor. catherine plummer had 22 kills to lead the cardinal passed. wisconsin has mated to the national finals 3 times, never taken home the title. stand for the one to soccer title just last week. good for the cardinal, switching gears for sports. expect delays if you're planning on riding bar today in downtown san francisco. according to the transit agency, it will be running a single track between the embarcadero and 20 fort street mission station. it will run anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. cable replacement work from start service around 8:00 tonight. the refinery and finish is warning people leaving thereby
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dimasi flaring this weekend. the refinery says that larry will continue for several days in may be visible. this is because maintenance work is being done in the processing unit. mufflers quote unnecessary city percussion being managed in accordance with polaris minimization plan. is not expected to cause any issue for the surrounding area. >> big story today is the weather. a lot of folks had holiday goodies to go out and buy. we are here to tell you when the coast will be clear. >> we are looking good for the second part of the afternoon. we must enjoy the rain, want to get outdoors. some people enjoy running during. how about a view of the 4. what a gorgeous start of the day. it is a cool one and the snow hasn't fallen , we are looking at that snow working its way through the foothills and into the sierra to the coming hours. we are already in place for the west slope along i-80, as well as highway fifth the.
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for troubling up, be prepared for that. for the last 24 hours, the rain is only be followed for a few hours. little bit more than 3/10 of an inch, already picking up more than half inch there. and francisco a little bit less than few hundred inch of it there. 27, fairly widespread in the lord may, or right along the coastline. it's light with a few heavier pockets of area of the central bay, sought a and squeezing a little bit closer there along highway 4 near brentwood. over toward san jose, we've got some moderate rain falling there. switching over towards i-80 may be a bit going on there. this can continue to move ease and by lunchtime, i think we are mostly cloudy, mainly drive. the wind is a little breezy, we are reporting 60 miles per hour.
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san jose gusting to 21. here's the look at the future cast, 10:00, the rain is still falling, by noontime that begins to change now moving into the sacramento valley and into areas of tahoe, at least the backline of it. getting into the second part of the day, we go makes an sun and clouds. we have some clearing, we got some cold air moving behind the system. is to pick them temperatures to be a little bit cooler. monday, tuesday, drier day. here's tuesday morning, thing starts to change, the next opportunity will rate will be christmas straight. for the most part until wednesday, here's the look at temperatures right now forte degrees in nevada, 41 in downtown san francisco, upper 40s in castro valley, into the afternoon temperatures remain in the 50s, low to mid-50s. 57 from conker, one of the warmest part, only expected to get 53 for your afternoon. for
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some, it may only be few degrees warming between now and the second part of the day. here's the look at your extended forecast, on the screen, the afternoon highs don't change. they cool off even a little bit more. we go have makes sun and clouds. right now, you got to go ahead of storm. >> coming up, some special guide dogs. garnering attention/utterly for northbay nonprofit. how duck is very about the fortin. holiday shoppers parking areas of storms in lawrence. have some shoppers in the east bay. getting ready for christmas.
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today the san francisco police department is teaming up with the mayor to give away hundreds of christmas trees.
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we have some video from the similar event hosted by sf be the last year. the event features facepainting, free rollerskating, refreshment and of course photos with santa. as if ed is expected to give away more than 300 trees this year. they will be another giveaway tomorrow and free in the western addition. happening today, this is first night of hanukkah and several celebrations around the bay area in san francisco. that starts at 3:00 at the manure like happens at 4:30 there. also at 4:30 this afternoon, there's another light being at the courthouse square in redwood city and fremont city hall. both of those events are 4:00. the national retail federation estimates 148 million holiday shoppers spent 48 billion dollars yesterday
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preparing for the coming holiday. some of the was done online, many people to hold fashion route and went to stores and mall including the premium outlets in livermore. austin ghostly getting together to shop at their holiday tradition in they can't imagine doing it any other way even though they leave thousands of miles apart. >> we pretty much finish at this, we have a few others that that we have to do. even though it's crowded, even though we are bad in the parking lot, we will be here and everyone is there dressed in their christmas outfit. >> students from a mother high school are offering free gift wrapping. they're asking for donations with all the money going to a program at adriatic care center that help family facing hard situations. it will be a very special christmas thanks to the
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conquered police dispatchers. the department posted this photos of their facebook page, they say back in november the 6, they got the call and learned that two children that were living in dire need and that just survive a tragic event. the only decided to buy gifts for the two kids to make the christmas a little brighter. the gifts over to the social services and personally delivered them to the kids. the holidays are known for the season of giving. the season hasn't been disappointed for charities. giving machines were installed in downtown san jose this year as part of the city's annual christmas in the park celebration. they look like regular vending machines. they allow people to help others during the holiday season. they surpass their goal of $100,000 locally. globally, the campaign is raised $3.9 million in 7 cities that the part in the initiative. that's more than the $2.3 million race worldwide in 2018. >> edb once against teaming up with the committee volunteers
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to have donations for one coded. they have been doing the last 17 years, this holiday season we like to ask you to look in your close at have any spare jackets or coats that you can donate. you can go to for list of some award drop off locations. they do include emeryville, jackson square in oakland, san jose and the ferry building in san francisco. the warm one coat dry last until the end of the month. >> today's a good day to hold one in giveaway. coming up, as democratic candidates wrap up their campaign, one senator is getting new endorsement. they're endorsing bernie sanders's they wrap up in california. tragedy las vegas after a deadly fire races through an apartment building there. a man started the fire, that story and much more coming up right after the break.
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a bar fight claims the life of 22-year-old man was the younger brother of a quarterback cj battered. what police are now saying the fight was about. >> a new poll shows how many americans support the president. why one bay area congresswoman said she voted in favor of
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impeachment. from ktvl fox 2 news, this is mornings onto. all right, as expecting, it's really cold outside. it's wet outside, that this pressure. this is the last weekend for before the big holiday. the golden gate bridge has traffic and found and a lot of rain as well. happy december the 22nd. here is mornings onto. rosemary's joining us right now with a look at the weather. >> first full day of winter. welcome. >> it's a pretty wet fall to. >> it's a good start. yes, it's a soggy one out there, we are going to see the transition back to drier air as we get into the afternoon. it's a nice to wake up, slows
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you down just a little bit. allows you time to spend indoors. you don't have to get up and run down. the system bringing as rainfall into the overnight hours continues at this time. we're looking at steady light rain perhaps over pretty much the entire bay area. a little breaks their right around the peninsula, san mateo, maybe towards the redwood city. and got a light rain falling, south bay, few moderate pockets of rain, reported an area south of the inter-east bay along 680. looks like that will not creak, looks calm. hasn't hit the sierra, we're picking up on some snow, just on the edge of a quincy outside of that tahoe is still dry. there is an advisory already lays goes until 10:00 tonight. juergen have some trouble getting up over the passes. be prepared for that. for us, we are starting out
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with the rain, it will taper off mostly cloudy skies, few scattered showers and the most part of your day. we will have to look at temperatures where you can expect for today and the week ahead coming up. if you're planning to go out this morning, grabbed the umbrella the ring continues to fall. alisa is live in westborough where rain is making the streets wet. >> good morning. definitely grab a jacket or an umbrella, also some warm clothes. it is very cold this morning. you can see the rain is coming down, we are getting some rain as well, very cold win. i want to show you the freeway, you can see cars are still traveling in a pretty good speed. in some areas, there is still water, you don't have to write this morning. i want to show you little bit of the video. obviously, little bit slower today, keep your lights on, leave plenty of room between you and the car that this front
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of you. rain really on and off, at some point heavy, a little bit lighter, we are in the lucky drive area, which tends a flood with we get everything. it's been a little bit of flooding on and off ramp. definitely keep that in mind if you're heading out the road this morning. it is very wet, very cold and as rosemary mentioned, we are finally in the winter, feels like it. reporting live, elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 news. police are searching for at least one suspect into deadly stabbing of two men including a younger brother of cj and tucker battered. 22-year-old and 21-year-old friend, there at the bar and got into a fight. witnesses said it turned deadly once it went to the street. after last night's game, shanahan took some time to get his condolences to the family. >> what happened last night is
7:34 am
very sad. the tragedy, there such a great family. their family is unbelievable, i never got the chance to meet clay, but knowing his parents, cj, i believe he is a very special person. >> first i like to send my condolences to the family. it's a terrible thing to happen. there is such an incredible family. >> that's george kittle and cj both went to iowa. we are also get more on what started the fire.
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>> 22-year-old clayton battered was to young men stabbed outside of the bar early saturday morning. this is the surveillance video from inside of the bar earlier that night. police are trying to identify this for people. a third stabbing victim is still in the hospital. both of them went to battleground academy high school, where they played football. the quarterback was named tennessee mr. football for his division in 2014. his brother is currently quarterback in san francisco 30 niners. i also spoke with their former football coach, he told me it was an honor to coach these two young men. is an look up to battered and exactly the young man he wanted his sun to be around. he remember him for his humorous personality, a good
7:36 am
teammate, the great friend to many. they also made counselors available saturday for those who wanted to talk about this tragedy. metro police are asking for your help in finding any of these two people. again, that was age reporting in ashville. heartfelt sympathy for cj and the entire family as they cope with the unthinkable loss of a loved one. cj struggled home to join his family, knowing he has the support of the entire organization as the great for passing of clayton. >> at least 6 people are dead and dozen are injured after a fire breaks out in an apartment complex in las vegas. the fire happened early saturday morning at alpine motel apartment in downtown las vegas. there was heavy smoke where people jumping out of the windows to escape the fire. local officials say at least 30
7:37 am
people are hurt. >> they had some multiple fractures, one individual has broken legs and broken back. we went in and found the fire in the apartment at the first floor. when the team got in there there was a far in less than a minute. >> fire officials say the fire is accidental and not criminal. investigators believe the fire started around a stove in one unit. you bowled really shows 52 people of those questioned said they supported the house of representatives articles of impeachment saying the approved the trump impeachment and removal from the office would 42 people opposing it. the first conducted after the house passed articles of impeachment.
7:38 am
peninsula congresswoman jackie spears back in the bair area after casting his historic impeachment vote. we have a chance to catch up with the congresswoman who said she had a constitutional duty to vote in favor of impeachment. >> the president of united states bribe a foreign leader to do an investigation on one of his potential opponents and his election. that is interfering with our elections. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said she will not send articles of impeachment to the senate until she's giving the senate's plan for fair trial. democratic presidential candidates are spending the final few days before christmas on the campaign trail. former vice president joe biden is in iowa this afternoon. senator bernie sanders hold a rally in venice in southern california yesterday. the center's campaign says more than 40 elected officials in california have recent endorsed
7:39 am
the vermont senator including several in the bay area. >> north korea is convening an internal meeting to decide on the next apps of the countries nuclear program. the meeting comes as the speculation, the lord and have been up abandoned with the united states. north korea has recently tested its capability to launch a long- range missile capable of reaching united states. north korea once the united states to grab some sanctions in order to continue the talks. they will remain up to make the optimistic for the political talks. the peninsula and to address north korea's programs are remaining hopeful that we could get the process started again and remain on the diplomatic path. military leader says no matter what north korea may decide to do next, the united
7:40 am
states will be prepared for any possible action. >> a lot of rain. >> actually got an alert on my phone that is leading in all. >> a number of offerings. field with water as well. take it slow. >> when the water goes flying out, it it your windshield, that is very scare. we do have wet roadways, pretty much the entire bay area. the snow beginning to fall little bit later this morning that is already in place. at least for the first part, we will dry out getting into the second part of your day. here's a look at your afternoon eyes. notice a cool one. to get about 53 degrees, 57 expected in areas over livermore and upper fifth over san jose. cooler air moving in behind the storm. here's a look at what happening right there right now. will continue with the rainfall in the last 24 hours, we can
7:41 am
actually collect the last few hours. the storm came in and overnight. san francisco, not picking up a tent of an inch just yet. it continues to fall. redwood city a little bit less than 3 pence. we could have conquered center is picking up more than quarter inch. more than half inch. good news for you there. here's a look at storm tracker two, we've got some scattered showers activity, white spread over the north bay. san francisco actually looking dry at the moment, we have not rain falling over the east bay into the south bay as well. this is what sarah is talking about just a moment ago right around 7:00 this morning. officers reporting some flooding along 580. and it's for the next wee hours, this is going to continue to push to the east. turn over to snow getting into this year, levels below canyon. here's a look at temperatures outside right now, we have upper 40s in nevada, 51 in downtown san francisco, for 40s
7:42 am
custer valley, expected in livermore. by the afternoon, this temperatures are only coming up a few degrees. it's going to be a cold one. temperatures don't change much in the extended forecast. our next chance will come in right around christmas. coming up, surveillance plans tracking criminals through the streets. while the baltimore is facing backlash after they tried. the newest cast of the disney plus. coming up
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ernsatchel paige was still old dominating batters at 59. . celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77. john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70. and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space.
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your best is yet to come. [ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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they are cute and connolly, but they are not ordinary puppies. they are guide dogs in training in their is a start of ducky series in disney. pick up a letter in each episode follows in nonprofit guide dogs. >> they're pretty cute. ktvu alex savidge shows us how long the addition is not helping the organization, but also raising awareness about the need and the abilities of the visually impaired. >> it's playtime now. but don't be fooled, these puppies have a purpose. >> we actually start by training our dogs when they are 3 years old. >> guide dogs is a nonprofit organization that breeds, trains and partners guide dogs with people who need them. the gold is simple. >> to give independence to
7:46 am
those people that are either blind or visually impaired. we do that through the use of a well-trained service. >> achieving that goal is a lot of work. >> it is most complicated of service work, it takes the best of the best. >> and involves volunteer up erasers who teaches the dogs basic house manners and exposes them to real life scenarios. >> we follow the protocol in terms of what she can be exposed to, she's been on the ferry, she's been on this part train. >> then comes the real guide dog training, which takes several months.'s training requires cooperation not just from the dog. >> it's a teamwork process, where the dog is there to guide them around obstacles, but to see individual had learned that
7:47 am
is leading the team and giving directions. knowing where they're going to be going. >> it breeds about 900 puppies every year, but only about a third of a dog and hudler teams graduate. >> meeting and getting to know all the work was worth it. the have 3-year-old back black lap as a protector by travel partner and a companion. >> he takes his job of safeguarding me and helping me navigate the world very seriously. he's an adorable, cuddly, playful puppies. >> guide dogs for the blind is now the subject of a new dock you see of disney plus. >> it's really hard to become a guide dog. >> the 6 episode series comes a year after the release of successful feature-length documentary with the same name.
7:48 am
>> from just about beginning to end, because it is such a wonderful reminder of our experience here. >> the group is grateful for the recognition which help them get the donations and volunteers they need to continue offering their services free of charge. >> it's also raised visibility around blindness. it is not just the poor blind person, it's the amazing teams working together. a somebody with visual impairment, working with a guide dog. >> alex ktvu, fox 2 news. again, pick up the letter is available on you can find it in our web story, as well as the web links page. >> i have a story with guide dogs in the oakland airport.
7:49 am
>> labradors are so cute. >> weatherwise, list check in with rosemary and find out what it will turn out here. noontime, 1:00, they have afternoon plans. we do have the rain that will continue to fall between now and then. here's the look at the east bay, where you can see folks are already on the go. we have a lot of cloud cover, if you do need to be in the highways, you you don't have a patchy fog to deal with. they are reporting 15 minutes or so, looks like one of the only main airports around the country that is experiencing the delay. you can see here we've got a little bit of rain and snow through this pacific northwest, california and over towards the south. areas near atlanta, as well as georgia. down through florida, but the central part of the country and east coast has been dry all weekend long. hopefully, that has been good for folks that are traveling. here's the look at where we're
7:50 am
seeing. we do have a break, san francisco along the peninsula, maybe a drip of falling below the radar. that's about it, is bay shore now beginning to get a break. we have some other the rainfall in the last half hour and 45 minutes. even some flooding reported along the side 80. days bay shore we've got sun 580, and then as we head towards brentwood, we have some moderate rain a while ago also beginning to wind down. moving into the sierra, you haven't seen anything just yet. it will turn to snow, right around 4500 feet. there's an advisory that goes until 10:00 this evening. if you're planning on traveling, expect this, it's on its way. you can see a foot of new snow with new system. by tonight, here's the look at what we can expect over the next couple of days. still dealing with a few
7:51 am
scattered showers, by the afternoon there's noontime, mostly cloudy and for the second part of the afternoon and early evening hours, we have dry weather. we will be mainly dry monday, let me show you tuesday, mainly dry tuesday morning. things start to change by tuesday night. here's the look at the nexus time. expect to move in on christmas day. amateurs this morning, low 50s in downtown san francisco, for 40s over san jose. take a look at the afternoon high, it's not going to see much of a change, even santa rosa, 48 right now on the go for 53 for the second part. we may warm 5 degrees, by the second part number here's that a got ears extended forecast. monday, tuesday, in the thursday by tuesday night that rain begins to move in and wednesday right now looks like it's going to be soggy for santa. >> chili for santa to. coming up, 30 churches and temples are coming together to
7:52 am
get homeless people of this treat and back on their feet. the troubles had the need a horseracing park is postponing the start of raining season. the reason why, coming up after the break.
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welcome back. good morning onto. suddenly the park in southern california has is to start the opening. officials say with the rain in the forecast, we will start on saturday, december the 28th. is the first time since 19 6 to 7 has not opened the day after christmas. the track has been under a microscope since 37 horses have died on the track in the last year. last week, the l.a. district's attorney's office made a series of recommendations to fall into improving safety at california racetracks. there was no criminal
7:55 am
wrongdoing. the city of baltimore is facing backlash this morning after announcing 3 surveillance airplanes will be used in the city to help law enforcement fight crime. the cameras will capture almost everything happening in the city. you won't be able to make out anyone's faces, it will be flying 8000 feet in the air. police say that should be enough for them to track the movement of a person or a car after a crime has been committed. he wants to be a transparent of possible with the program after a similar one failed two years ago. >> i have decided to proceed with this private program, because it could represent another two in the toolbox to solve crimes in our city. it's important that we are transparent on how the program will and will not be used. >> there against the program saying it affects the privacy of
7:56 am
people in the city. the police chief says the plans will be used for live surveillance and will be limited to investigating serious crimes after the crime. >> up next, helping the homeless, how 30 churches and temples are all stepping up to give those without a home a place to stay and some other resources. kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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7:58 am
dozens of religious institution in the king valley is going to be on worship. it's the joint effort between 30 churches and temples to donate food and support. some will offer a place for the homeless to stay. in stock in this part of the program, board member john gracie says they are campus will host a job-training center to help any adults staying there. >> teaching people whose falling on bad luck, because their trade is no longer in demand. showing them a new weight to use developing skills. >> there hoping to start sheltered the for those who are in need. sacramento county started the same program roughly 15 years ago. one miami businesses giving back to those who are in need over the holiday season by making the community look a little bit sharper. the owner of razzle-dazzle barbershop offers free haircuts
7:59 am
to the homeless in south larry the am even ashamed. ever since the start of the program, they give 70 haircuts for free. the cause is important, because she spent time at the woman's shelter and now wants to give back. >> we get a lot of guys, still grateful, because they don't have the money to pay for haircut. it's the greatest gift that we could give. >> i feel like i'm part of this community now. i feel like i was all men with i first came here. now, i feel like i got or turn 55. i think about 45. >> good for him. along with the haircuts, the team of stylists also set up pop-up shops inside a homeless shelter in miami. the international space station couldn't wait for christmas, they're already started celebrating. the 6-member crew put on santa
8:00 am
hats and ring gears. they required christmas stockings in mid air. check out the video. the celebrated with fruit cakes, smoked salmon, hot apple cider. they also send holiday greetings back down to anyone on earth. it is the final week and a before christmas, they're testing your shopping patience this morning. rosemary will tell you when it will let up before the big holiday. >> senate impeachment fat is doing for president trump. by the how speakers deliver the articles of impeachment. we will chat live with david mcqueen of the sonoma state to fill the bank. the 49ers enjoying that rare weekend off. we will show joe fonzi next.
8:01 am
>> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is morning sun to. saar's mouth is dry. >> i'm waiting for the music. >> it's beautiful. >> welcome to morning sun to. rosemary here she's been busy all night, because mother nature says we are not ready for sunshine. >> no, we are not going to get it. perhaps late in the day. we might get the mix of sun and clouds, right before sunset.
8:02 am
this morning, we are waking up with cloudy skies, we have rain falling, we have snow, beginning in the areas of this area with advisories already in days. we are going to remain for the first part of the day, that's when we get the second half. partly sunny, particularly skies, mainly dry conditions. here's the look at what's happening right now. you can see central bay getting a bit of a break. sky shower still reported over the north bay, santa cruz mountains, that start in the north may. over towards ellen, looks like napa all with light rain, some light rain, line 80. in today's may, highway 24 over towards the wanted greek. transitioning into conger over towards highway 4. 680 right now looks like we're in and out of scattered showers, transitioning to 580, we've got livermore, we are getting some flooding reports from law enforcement that came in about 7:00 this morning, we may still experience it along 580, it
8:03 am
could be close to the highway 13. junction, here's the look at the peninsula, as well as the south day. we are in and out of a few scattered showers. you got some dry weather out there, mostly cloudy skies in the study conditions i imagine we have some drizzle and areas were not seen in the radar. here's the look at this year, when we started about an hour ago can barely pick up on any white, you can see now allow i- 80, right around the blue canyon, moving towards donner, summit. so, the snow will continue to fall for today and there is a winter weather advisory for folks that are traveling, it goes until 10:00 tonight. when we come back, we will look at the future cast model. what you can expect for the weekend ahead, coming up. developing news this morning, 30 people are injured after shooting outside the party in chicago overnight. police say they are was a large crowd, where people are gathered to celebrate the life of a man who died last ring. an argument broke out in the
8:04 am
shooting started. people ran outside, there was more gunfire in the street. the victim was hospitalized with critical condition, one person is in custody, one other possible suspect is still hospitalized. police do not have a motive for the shooting. the police department is investigating a shooting that after responding to reports of gunfire at a home. what happened just before mid night, early friday night on an avenue near various street. police said one officer got there they found a man suffering from at least one gunshot wound. anyone with information is asked to call the police. 9 people were hurt when a car driving drive the wrong way hit two cars head-on. the crash happened just after midnight, saturday morning in the eastbound lane of 80, between chad and road in state highway 12. all 9 people injured including
8:05 am
children ages 5, 11, 17 were all taken to the hospital. one person is in critical condition. the driver of the toyota corolla was arrested on suspicion of dui. of man rub 21, leon was booked into jail for a robbery and violation of probation. officers say they are responded to the coddington mall for reports or woman purse being stolen a she is walking to the parking lot. them suspect reportedly rubbed the second woman nearby an atm. nick caught up with the 26-year- old suspect as he tried to run away, he has been booked into the sonoma county jail. lease encounter and still looking for a missing 8-year- old man who is considered at risk. investigators say this month was last seen going to bed at his residential care facility. police believe he is now somewhere with his dog in estrella shepherd name eli.
8:06 am
he suffers from dementia, some other help problems as well that are serious, they do require medication. if you see this gentleman, you're asked the call the police. oakland police are searching for another package the. this one happening in the month blair avenue. the homeowner cut the incident on their ring doorbell. you can see the man right there walk-up to the home and walk away with a couple of packages. if any information, give police a call. there warning people to check their credit card statements for charges they didn't make. skimming device was discovered at the gas station earlier this month. the skimmer was found at the gas substation in boulevard near spalding drive. scammers are used to capture customers credit and debit card number us well as personal i.d. numbers. they found 286 credit card skimmer so far this year, but they believe many more were probably discovered before identity teams move them.
8:07 am
use the busiest travel day of the year to remind voters they are working to curb noise around our local airports. peninsula democrats jackie spear asked holding a press conference in south san francisco as 8 bills about airport noise before congress, including one of them required the airport to provide noise installation for about 200 homes a year near the airport. sfo has $7.4 billion plan for expansion and she says that mean more traffic and passenger coming to the airport. >> we want to see the airport be successful, have robust, have revenues, but we have to also come up with solution to help those who are most impacted by it. airport officials say the airport generates more than 3 quarters of $1 billion a year in revenue and they say the impact from all that money installed to cross the entire
8:08 am
baby region. holiday travel is in full playing around the country. more than 86,000 passenger made their way to sfo yesterday. that's about 26,000 more travelers than the usual saturday. taking a live look at out, you can see some clouds in the sky, the sin seemed to be raining there right now. it really hasn't been all smooth sailing. yesterday, they fought 9 consolation in more than 300 delays throughout the day. more people often means more potential for problem. line with the rush of the crowd, it's important to maintain your holiday spirit. >> this have to be patient with people and notice it could take a little bit longer. converse with the passengers of the time goes by a lot better and have fix all the difference. >> there monitoring the weather. last night, all 3 runway were open . people were coming in smoothly. and death of a put the sfo
8:09 am
because of weather condition, it would reduce the arrival and departure by half. >> check your flight ever heading that way. in our weather, it's not helping by any means. maybe a little sunshine later. >> we will dry out later today. san francisco is one of the major airport. outside right now, it is a soggy one, how about a look at the oakland this morning. you can see, we still have sprinkle falling, we are going to continue with this pattern for the next few hours and then for the second part of the day came mix of clouds and dry weather. some of the delays throughout the course of the weekend, we have been in really good shape. san francisco, you can see reporting delays in about 40 minutes or so. we've had dry weather in the central part of the country, the east coast as well, that is really, really help out. even areas where we are seeing some rain, atlanta, miami, not reporting any delays at this point.
8:10 am
pacific northwest, you can see the rain and snow here. seattle, looking good. at least at the moment. here's the view of the satellite and radar, what's going on outside our door. very so scattered showers. looking mainly dry, most of our bridgers dry at the moment. in today's may, we've got scattered showers that continued to fall. areas over santa rosa, petaluma, towards nevada and single in you, perhaps napa from light rainfall from their. as we shift in today's may, we can see it like one. we've got some over towards set stretching for the highway as well. we've got this little area here, i've 80 where it meets highway 13, we have some flooding reported about an hour ago. hopefully, we are in better shape. something to be aware. santa cruz mountains continue with the rainfall, as well as areas over the range. there's 10:00, scattered showers over the bay area, by
8:11 am
noontime, we're mostly cloudy, mainly dry and then for the afternoon even some pics of sunshine late in the day before the sunset. in your evening hours, you have evening plans, there we are with hartley cloudy, mostly clear skies. it's going to be a cool afternoon. the next possibility coming for rain will be on christmas day. details on this coming up. coming up, a national strike is has disrupted travel for more than two weeks. it is making to get trains running in time for christmas. >> it was a thriller, last night in santa clara and levi about what the niners need to do. as well as the playoffs believe it or not the niners is still alive. coming up right after the break.
8:12 am
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week 16 in the nfl, there are still a few playoff spots and division titles. the niners taking care of their business last night. eliminated the rams for the postseason in seattle. they are the top seat in the nse. the raiders plan, believe it or not they are still like is the visit the charges. today in southern california, joe fonzi joins us after a road trip. the cover the niners last night and then you drove to carson california. how is that this morning? >> there is not traffic on i-5, we're going to los angeles at
8:15 am
3:00 in the morning. that's the good thing i could say. >> let's talk about the niners first kind of becoming a habit for the steam. last-second winds, they got to be the rams, they want to stay alive for this first round. you take away. >> it feels like they have been playing games that are decided, what about, there's no question about that. that's the type of game that you have been to be playing. it's all come down to that seattle game anywhere. is going to be for both teams whether or not they get the first or ultimately this weight would turn out. i mean, talk about the finish, number one, they had the whole rams and number two the goal, number two they have the drive down in the final second and what are the odd of converting
8:16 am
to consecutive, two-minute. as we talk afterwards, i just said you've been in that position so many times. let's at stake here, i just tried to go 3 like a huge routine, go to my normal mechanics and you did it again right in the middle. >> there picking it to the right time. especially those third-down place where crazy and show video. can we talk george kittle for a moment, 5 gotcha 79 yards , a is not driving who is. >> he certainly one of them. he is no secret for the rest of the week anymore. they're certainly trying to have a game plan to keep them out of it. much as they do that, the
8:17 am
signature moment against that drive, even atlanta, where the red a career game. again, a touchdown last night and another game with this kettle like, the opposing team's game and trying to prevent you from doing the things that he does. the thing is, characteristic of him is when he gets the ball, i mean is almost wanted to be stopping it. >> there are incredible. using i can use a break, winning that first week off, it's still key of the playoffs. that seattle is playing arizona today. truly, that game next week will be a rating bonanza. don't you think? >> it would be for who gets the
8:18 am
by or who wins the nse west. if they don't win that, they go to position next week. well, you mention this year. that's second string guys to be asked to step out. you know, it's like having people back and have them week for rest. >> let's get them a little how much today. there down to carson, it's the last game for the raiders to play in the soccer stadium. well, they're moving, so are the raiders. that means a little something to the raiders. they need the stars to align, but they still have something to play for. >> that strange during atomic year, with the cars in charge.
8:19 am
every game is a road game for them. i mean, i really expect the stadium to be full and their fans. you're right, the charges of them having trouble, 25,000 feet. they moved to a big rams next year. that's going to be a crazy dynamics. if you see a in a glimpse, unfortunately as we've been watching what the raiders did with the last second, lost to the job, with that situation where it's going to take the like you said such a greasy alignment of things, but if you saw the video last week, they're playing the viking and the vikings fans at the stadium in minneapolis see that thing at the beginning of the game. it look like a viking home game here. that's how the things have turned year in person. you thought raiders play their last home game, they actually have one more to play today. >> two teams without the home,
8:20 am
the raiders travel well, all i can say they're going to find out, if there's a road trip you want to make a watch, why not go to vegas and have fun. watch and play the readers. >> that certainly what the nfl gambling on. you know, as we go to las vegas, but what the business model never been tried. they're hoping that the visiting chamber by about 50% of the attendance, which is certainly not the an advantage, but as soon as their $750 million of public money in las vegas, they won't be gone. >> we're sitting in a full breakfast and a cup of coffee. >> there you go. that sounds like a good man. >> after the round-trip. >> k, always a pleasure. thank you for waking up with us. enjoy the radar game this afternoon. >> go back to back within less than 24 hours. to ball games, you can't beat
8:21 am
that. >> you are a bulldog. >> thank you for that. let me tell you what's happening here on ktvu at 9:00. we are going to be joined by sunday crew. first, we are going to tell you about whether, because it's wet outside. >> at least for the next few hours, by the second part of the afternoon, we will get a break if you do have out door festivities. if you have more shopping to do, we will be mostly cloudy, but mainly drive. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts in the last 24 hours. it's been the last several hours, the snow moved in the overnight. reporting almost half inch at this point, san francisco 16 100, santa cruz mountain redwood city 44 107 inch for you there. oakland almost quarter inch, scattered showers continued to fall. you can see over the north bay into the east bay, hours out may, the san francisco area peninsula had a break. let's looks what right on
8:22 am
shore. here's the look at the north bay right now. highway 101, nevada, we've got some light rainfall, through the east bay, bit of a break at the moment, mostly cloudy skies, maybe a little bit to drizzle, not the pickup in the radar, with that over some the east bay. we have mainly dry conditions in san jose, santa cruz mountains picking up sunlight rains, we've got some light rain there into the sierra, we are beginning to see that snowfall along i-80, right there it's like between summit area, right about 5000 feet, so levels are expected to be about there's a winter weather advisory we're looking at the possibility of another foot of snow at the higher peak. by the end of the storm, as far as the timeline of this, look at the 11:00, scattered showers still possibility, by 1:00 it
8:23 am
is moving out, moving east. for your afternoon, could even get a little bit of sunshine before sunset. how about monday, it's going to be a drier day, partly cloudy day, cool day, partly cloudy as well. if you take a look at behind me, that is going to move in, looks like tuesday night, which is christmas eve for folks that is celebrating. happen to be christmas, that would be our next shot for some rainfall. christmas day on wednesday. temperatures outside right now, soggy sky, we've got 52 degrees in downtown san francisco, 53 in oakland, 49 in santa rosa, for the afternoon santa rosa, your low 49, your high today 53. of the 6 expected for hayward, 58 in san jose. we are going to warm you degrees, it's going to be a cool one of today. temperatures don't get much better. cheat overnight lows, cool afternoon nice, but mainly drive. monday, tuesday before we transition wet weather tuesday night into wednesday.
8:24 am
>> first day of doing winter. up next, star liners face crap is back on earth. the makeshift the mission to cut short just minute after lunch. holiday shoppers back in stores and mall, on this very last week before the holiday have some shoppers on the east bay spent their day getting ready for christmas.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
today, the san francisco police department listing aiming up to give away hundreds of christmas trees to families. have some video from a similar event that was hosted by sf be the last year, it's on 1:00, jenny street, the event features the facepainting, free rollerskating, refreshments and photos with santa. bring the kids, as a city is expected to give away more than 300 trees today. there will be another giveaway, tomorrow at 3 in the west in addition. company today, this is the first night and there are several celebrations around the area in san francisco. there will be a festival that starts at 3:00. another lightning at the auditorium in the city also at 4:30 this afternoon. at the courthouse redwood city at fremont city hall both of those event as 4:00 today.
8:28 am
the national estimates 148 million holiday shoppers spent 48 billion dollars yesterday preparing for the upcoming holidays. some of that were done online. many people including the getting together to shop any other way even though they lived thousands of miles apart. >> where the match finish at this, to me you kinda lose some of that when you're doing online. even though it's crowded, we are in the parking lot, it's fun still being here, everyone is in the spirit, dressed in their christmas finery, not everyone was out shopping, students in nearby pleasanton were offering a laughing. with all the money going to the program, pediatric care center tell families facing end-of-
8:29 am
life situation. up next, the member 49ers dealing with the sudden death. the brother quarterback, was killed in a stabbing. what police know about the incident so far in ashville. it's the poor has been killed and dozens after an apartment fire in las vegas. what firefighter police started the tragedy. on the economy, a unique leader.
8:30 am
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