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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new stadium. good morning and welcome to you this monday, december the 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning to you. we are off to a dry start, some patchy fog out there. this is what we're looking at. we're watching the rain in the sierra foothills and snow over areas of donner pass as well as the greater lakefront area. the wet weather will continue with an advisory in place until 10:00 tonight in the lake tahoe area. for us, patchy fog and even freezing in some of the inland
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cities this morning. this afternoon partly cloudy, and we have more details coming up in just a bit. let's check the roadways. good morning. we are hopefully going to see a lighter than usual monday morning commute but we have some problems including here, northbound 101 south of 280. two vehicles involved in a crash, blocking one lane there. we are continuing to get information on the crash at northbound 680 at diablo road. all lanes are open now after this crash with injuries was reported. south bay looking good, no major issues to tell you about. traffic is pretty empty at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. back to the desk. police are looking for two
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suspects after a violent robbery sunday morning in a walmart parking lot. two men shoved a 65-year-old woman to the ground and dragged her across the parking lot because she wouldn't let go of her purse. they took the purse and fled in a possible black bmw. the u.s. military says an american service member was killed in action in afghanistan. the penalty pentagon has not identified the soldier. 20 u.s. troops have been killed
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in afghanistan this year. saudi arabia has sentenced five people to death in the killing of jamal khashoggi last year. the crown prince drew condemnation and several agents involved had worked with him directly. newly released documents show 90 minutes after the president's july 25th phone call with the president of ukraine, the white house ordered a freeze on aid to ukraine. in one e-mail, an official references the sensitive nature of the request. the impeachment trial in the senate could happen next month but house speaker nancy pelosi
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hasn't yet sent the articles of impeachment to the senate, saying she wants assurances that there will be a fair trial. >> i think what speaker pelosi is trying to do here is gain leverage as the proceedings move forward. the problem with that is iowa is voting and democrats have to worry about how impeachment will affect those running there. >> and president trump and the gop are expected to rally republicans and independent voters. nashville police have expanded the investigation into the killing of of clayton bethard. police are looking for 23-year- old michael mosely, who may have been at the bar when the
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stabbing happened. officials say so far today all flights are expected to arrive and depart on time after a rough day with more than half the flights delayed on sunday. there was an internet outage at the airport after a car hit a utility pole nearby, making every passenger required to be manually checked in. >> this is the worst ever. ever. >> almost every airline at the airport was affected but everything is back on schedule this morning. all three bay area airports have no serious delays or
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cancellations this morning. always a good idea to check with the airline before you drive out. allie rasmus is in before we are in the morning. >> everything is lined up here. we have a couple problems but no major issues. take a look at the map and you can see we have a crash northbound 101 south of main, two vehicles involved there. the danville area, we were following reports of a three- vehicle crash northbound 680 at diablo road and that's been cleared there. in the south bay, no major issues to tell you about.
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it could be monday holiday light with bridge traffic a little heavy but no major issues. and we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza, and traffic is very light, metering lights not even on. this should be a bright spot for the monday morning commute. thank you very much. it is a dry start to the day but a cold start to the day. we have patchy fog out there this morning as well. looking at san francisco and the bay bridge, temperatures near freezing for some of us. first let's check the fog. the inner east bay and north bay, we have it really thick. looks like we have patchy fog in that dark gray shading
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there, under a quarter mile visibility there. the fog is fluctuating, moving around. temperatures are colder this morning with the dry air in place and mostly clear skies, down by 17 degrees this morning. napa down by 17, half moon bay down by 14, san josi 10 degrees cooler this morning. this is a check of the numbers, 38 in concord right now, 31 right now in napa and mid-40s in downtown san francisco. we are dry but over the sierra there is a travel advisory today. mild afternoon today, 54 san
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francisco, upper 50s santa rosa. more details coming up in just a little bit. a rescue caught on camera off the california coastline. coming up, a close call with a shark. >> and we are entering the final week of the nfl season.
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the 49ers will travel to seattle on sunday for a game that will have a big implication for how the playoff situation will shake out in january. in the niners beat the seahawks, they will win the nfc
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west and grab the number one spot as well as a first round bye. if they lose, they will fall all the way to number five seed and likely have to hit the road in the first wild card round, likely to philadelphia. vegas still has them as the favorite over the seahawks and kickoff is 5:30. we are heading into the final week of the season now. the raiders beat the chargers in southern california yesterday 24-17. oakland is now 7-8 and will need a little help if they want
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to play in the postseason. raiders need to beat the broncos then they need houston, baltimore and indy all to win their games. if that happens, they're in. >> everything we have been through, let's not sugar coat it. it is what it is. to say that we're still playing week 17 for something like that, that's unbelievable. i've been on teams in the past and lose a couple games in a row, they don't know. this team never did that. >> sunday's game kicks off at 1:25 >> stanford trailed texas during the first half and only led briefly in the third quarter. the long horns got the 69-64
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upset victory. and the sharks lost a third game in a row. no score until late in the second, when the golden knights got their goal. the sharks have lost nine of their last ten and are off until friday, when they will host the kings. nobody likes to work the monday before the big holiday. >> well, i agree. >> but overall things are good. there are still people going to work and maybe getting that early shopping done. let's start with the maps. there was a crash westbound 80
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and a stall at westbound 80 in the richmond area. your drive from the carquinez bridge just 18 minutes to get to 80. highway 4 is looking good but quite a bit of traffic there, drivers still heading out this morning: it's not completely empty like it probably will be in a couple days. a little slowing on 580 but no major problems. the golden gate bridge is not empty either, but things are looking pretty good out there. good day to be heading out. but with all that moisture and cold temperatures, we have a little fog. >> that's true. >> so be prepared for coming across the fog this morning.
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the inland communities are experiencing dense fog. no airport delays for san francisco at the moment. we have 30 minute delays over areas of miami, florida. most of the major airports are in okay shape to start the day. we have rain continuing over the deep south. for us we are dry today. the sierra has winter weather expected throughout the day and they have an advisory until 10:00 p.m. we're partly cloudy and dry for the afternoon. tomorrow morning we wake up with partly cloudy skies, dry conditions. by the afternoon, increasing cloud cover and by tomorrow night we have scattered showers in the forecast. this will continue on and off through christmas day. there's 9:00 christmas day, and there's 5:00. this system, the main portion of this is going to scoot south
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along the coastline until we get the wrap around moisture with on and off showers expected. as far as rainfall amounts, right now the projections are a quarter to a half inch. this could change a bit as we get into the next 24 to 48 hours or so. for today it's all about the cold morning and patchy fog. 32 to start your day in santa rosa, 31 in napa, 45 in downtown san francisco. let's check the north bay here, where we have the coldest temperatures, including 30 degrees for hope valley right now. this afternoon 57 in the north bay and 55 for the east bay shore. extended forecast tuesday night into wednesday, santa will need
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the raincoat. we'll dry out thursday, friday and into the weekend with afternoon highs in the 50s. there's now officially a sixth branch of the american armed forces. why the president says it's crucial for dealing with foreign adversaries. and what could have been the cause of a 60 car pileup that sent dozens of people to the hospital.
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the cdc estimates the flu season has caused at least 1800 deaths so far. usa today reports nearly every state has an elevated number of flu cases. most patients are infected with strain d and the cdc says that's not normally seen until the end of the season and affects children and elderly adults the most. this was video of a coast guard rescue on saturday. a 37-year-old man was surfing when a shark bit his leg. crews from san francisco transported him to a hospital in santa barbara. no word on his injuries.
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several people are recovering in the hospital after a massive crash in virginia. investigators are still working to learn the cause of the 60- car crash. >> it could have been far worse. there's no confirmed fatalities, no major injuries at this time. >> in virginia this busy travel weekend, a pileup involving more than 60 cars crashing in a chain chemical reaction reaction on highway 64. >> we do know that icy roads were probably factors in this multivehicle crash. >> dozens of people were treated at the scene and others were taken to the hospital. >> those transported were
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listed in critical condition, and 11 have serious injuries but not life-threatening. >> sunday morning it started on the westbound lanes of i-64 and rubbernecking prompted both sides of the highway to be shut down. all vehicles are clear and all lanes are reopened but drivers are urged to use caution on roads with ice and fog. it could be several days to learn the cause of the crash. a fedex delivery truck went up in flames. the driver was heading toward san diego and firefighters sprayed water on the truck and tried to save what they could. no word on how it started. the u.s. has a sixth branch
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of the armed forces called the space force. they will employ about 200 people in the first year and that's expected to grow significantly. it could be headquartered in alabama or colorado and will be essential in the defense community. >> we're going to move more and more things into space and we've got to protect satellites and design them that way. >> the secretary of defense is expected to lay out a plan in the next several weeks for the first missions.
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today is the toy box day in san josi. how the community is coming together to help kids just in time for christmas. and house speaker nancy pelosi won't commit to sending articles of impeachment to the senate, which democrats are demanding before any action is taken. it is clear outside and cold. we are thankful you're with us this monday morning. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and we are looking at another storm coming tuesday night and wednesday morning. for today we'll be dry. if you're traveling to the sierra, expect the snow to continue there with a winter weather advisory for folks
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along those highways. we have a mostly clear start and we have fog reported in spots this morning, including patchy fog and dense fog for the north and east bay. temperatures are chilly this morning, even freezing for some of the inland areas. this afternoon we're partly cloudy and dry and cool. the next system is moving in late tuesday night. more details coming up. allie rasmus, good morning. >> we are following bay area traffic this morning and we have a few problems even though things are lighter than a typical monday morning. we have a report of a crash that could impact the north canyon here. it's the windy road that goes from 680 over to 580, so be
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aware of that. we'll have more updates shortly. this is a look at the east bay commute, no problems on 680 and highway 24. 280 in san josi, traffic is moving nicely but there's a lot of fog, something to be aware of. back to the desk. today thousands of toys will be handed out to families in need in the south bay, just in time for christmas. sara zendehnam is live with more before the toy giveaway. >> reporter: i'm having way too much fun already. i can't actually move because i'm wearing too many layers but i'll put it around my arm here. this is a winter wonderland here and this doesn't start
6:32 am
until 7:00 a.m. hard working volunteers have been here for hours getting everything ready for the big day. this is the sacred hearts community services kids day and family members will start heading in at 7:00 a.m. when they get in, they pick new toys, a child and a stocking stuffer for each child. and they are still looking for volunteers to work christmas eve. if you're interested, head to their website for details. they are still taking donations in south san josi as well. members of the organization say seeing these smiles makes the hard work worth it.
6:33 am
>> it's gratifying for me to see this determination on the part of parents, who are doing everything they can to survive and be able to provide for kids so they can enjoy something special this time of year. >> reporter: there are bikes, basketballs, dolls, stuffed animals, really anything a kid could want here. this is a great event starting at 7:00 this morning and toys will be given away until 8:00 tonight. this is for preregistered families only. sara zendehnam, fox 2 news. the petaluma police department is asking for the public's health in identifying this man and woman. police say they stole a wallet at the petaluma market december
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14th and charged more than $1,400 on a credit card in that wallet. if you have information, call police. another skimming device was found at a local gas station. it was discovered at the gas and shop station earlier this month. skimmers are used to capture credit card numbers and personal id numbers. 286 skimmers have been found in the area this year. chp is investigating a crash on highway 101 in santa rosa. it happened just after 5:00 last night, northbound 101 near mendocino avenue. a car drove off the highway and into a ditch and that driver was found unresponsive.
6:35 am
they were taken to the hospital and that person later died. chp is trying to figure out if they had a medical emergency and they are asking anyone with information to call them. president trump is accusing house speaker nancy pelosi of trying to dictate terms of the impeachment trial in the senate. there are questions about where the case against the president is headed. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi decided not to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. democrats say the delay is okay because the rules for a senate trial are still unclear. >> reporter: senate democrats are hoping to pressure mitch mcconnell into allowing four current and former white house officials to testify in president trump's trial. >> they might exonerate president trump. or they might further incriminate him. but the truth should come out
6:36 am
on something as important as an impeachment. >> reporter: the house voted to impeach the president last week but the articles of impeachment have not been sent to the senate. senate republicans say it is the senate's job to pass the articles. last year they discussed how a trial could be conducted. president trump wrote on sunday: >> you know, i don't know exactly how this will go down. i know that we have a constitutional duty to take on this very important case. >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties say they believe a
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trial will happen in the senate but it's unclear how long that would last. u.s. military officials are monitoring north korea for a possible missile test. north korea says the trump administration is running out of time with negotiations. military equipment is showing the construction and the missile was launched and the u.s. enacted additional sanctions. a shooting in chicago left 13 people injured at a home party sunday morning. the party was held in memory of a person killed earlier in the year in chicago. shots were fired inside the home but police say bullets were seen flying in the streets targeting people running for safety. new zealand officials say a
6:38 am
17th person died after a volcano erupted about two weeks ago. the victims died saturday night at the hospital. new zealand's prime minister has launched an investigation into why tour guides were working on the island when there were warnings issued about the uptick in volcanic activity there. two more are missing and presumed dead. officials say fires have destroyed more than 700 homes in australia. officials are not expecting any significant rain until late january. yesterday there were 105 fires burning in new south wales. crews responded to a fire in
6:39 am
south australia and found this koala, sharing water with it. >> poor guy. let's check with allie rasmus today. it's more busy than you than you would expect in spots. there's a multivehicle crash with injuries and it will be at least 7:30 a.m. before this is open just off the 680, west of it with boulder canyon road. across the bay here, northbound 101 south of 280, still a two- vehicle crash blocking a couple lanes there. you can see the backup there
6:40 am
northbound 101 heading up to that wreck. highway 24 in lafayette is moving at the limit but it's not empty, still a little crowded. this is where you'll see particularly empty roadways this time of day in a regular workweek but many people are off for christmas this week. let's turn it over to rosemary because the sun is peeking up over the hills there. we are dry and that dry air around clear skies overnight helping to cool things off. a look at san francisco there, you can see the top edge of the screen there with a little daylight glow on the horizon. sfo is reporting mainly dry and good conditions there, no visibility problems at the moment and no delays reported.
6:41 am
this is where we are having trouble, the inner east bay and north bay, sliding in a little closer. that shade of gray indicates we have 680, highway 24, highway 4, patchy fog reported there. north bay, visibility a half mile at napa. there's a patchy fog advisory in sacramento for fairly widespread fog out there. temperatures are colder, down by 17 degrees in santa rosa this morning, down by 8 in livermore. temperatures for the afternoon are in the 50s but it will take a while to get there. 34 degrees right now in fairfield, 32 in napa and santa rosa, so freezing for some locations. 45 downtown san francisco, mid- to upper 30s in the valley.
6:42 am
into the afternoon, we'll be dry today. we have snow continuing over the sierra and that will continue into the evening hours with the winter weather advisory for folks heading up. for us, partly cloudy and 54 for san francisco, 55 degrees in concord. the next storm is expected by tomorrow night. we have more details coming up in a few minutes. coming up, an event that's happening to be sure everyone is celebrating christmas with a tree. and travelers are hoping to make it home ahead of the holiday. the message from the tsa, coming up. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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6:45. happening today, families can go to the garden and get free trees for those in need. it's 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the gillmore park in the western addition. >> they don't have to pay anything. just come out, have a great
6:46 am
time, get a tree and bring it home for the holidays. it's not christmas without a christmas tree. >> yesterday dozens of people were treated to free trees as well. an early christmas gift as a church paid off millions of dollars in medical debt. >> we are canceling all the unpaid medical debt, $5.3 million, as a christmas gift to all the poor. >> the christian assembly church paid bills and cleared medical debt for more than 5500 households in the area. they purchased the debt from creditors for $50,000. families will receive a letter in the mail saying all their debt has been paid off. gas prices are down 4 cents a gallon at $2.55 on average.
6:47 am
but prices are as always higher in california. san francisco has the highest in the bay area with and average of $3.68. if you're planning on traveling today or tomorrow, give yourself plenty of extra time. most people will be driving and the worst traffic is expected the day after christmas. nearly 7 million are expected to fly, up from last year and the most we have seen since 2003. >> stuck in traffic, people all around, then you can't find a
6:48 am
spot to sit while you're waiting. >> airline officials recommend getting to the airport at least two hours before your flight and travel with gifts unwrapped so they can be expected. if you wrap them, you'll have to open them up. there are chain controls on several highways right now unless you have four-wheel drive. even those drivers should carry chains too just to be safe. and over advice for people on their way to the mountains for the holidays? >> i do a lot of driving up and down the mountain, but i didn't think i needed it. >> make sure you have extra blankets, flashlights, all the safety stuff. >> take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery. >> and it's suggested to check
6:49 am
the forecast before you take off so you know what to expect on the road. bart is running their sunday schedule on wednesday. bart is introducing the new schedule today and tomorrow, then again thursday and friday. passengers on the antioch lines during peak hours can expect trains every 10 to 15 minutes. this is the case for a lot of folks out there. we have seen a lot of lighter than usual commutes, but there are still some problems to tell you about. warning about a crash that's shut down crow canyon road just off 680, west of 680. this is a live picture as well
6:50 am
and you can see it looks like a work truck or utility truck. we are told it was a head-on collision at this intersection in san ramon, just a couple lanes open so drivers can get through the area. police are saying both lanes won't be reopened until at least 7:30 a.m. because of the injury crash there. and we'll show you the drive on westbound 580, a report of a hazard in the roadway at grant's law road. and 880 in oakland, northbound and southbound traffic looking good. we'll have more in about ten minutes on the bay bridge toll plaza. now over to rosemary for a look at the weather. we are dry today and the story this morning is how cold
6:51 am
we are with that dry air in place and the fog that's developed in the wake of the storm. rainfall amounts over the weekend, we had a quarter inch to half inch over many areas. right along the coastline, almost an inch. snow continues to pile up over the sierra. there is a winter weather advisory for those of you heading to the sierra today. for us, partly cloudy with cool conditions expected. tomorrow morning we're cloudy and as the day goes on, we turn mostly mostly cloudiy. then we have scattered showers over the bay area on wednesday. there's a look at the afternoon. this system is going scoot down along the coastline and we'll
6:52 am
get the wrap around moisture. it won't be raining all day. and the little ones can get out and enjoy those new toys but be aware that wet weather will be hanging around for christmas day. a quarter to a half inch is expected for that. today, this morning, it's a freezing start in napa and santa rosa, upper 30s in livermore, 45 in downtown san francisco. thinking about that early morning run, bundle up. 55 degrees later on today, and the overnight lows will come up as we get into this system with all the cloud cover. afternoon highs are not going to change. we get past wednesday's storm and we're dry all the way through the weekend. thank you.
6:53 am
a big win for the 49ers over the weekend came with heavy hearts as the niners learned one of their own is dealing with a death in the family. how the coach addressed the sensitive matter in the locker room. and where you can see this elaborate holiday display that's been bringing the community together for 70 years.
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welcome back. happening today, the lighting of the second hanukkah candle. the first was lit at san francisco union square last night, marking the first night of the jewish festival of lights. >> all the holidays revolve around celebration. in judaism, we say happiness breaks through all boundaries. >> today's event kicks off at 5:00 at union square. hanukkah is an eight-day celebration that will end december 30th. the first candle in the world's largest menorah was lit last night, thousands attending
6:57 am
that ceremony. the u.s. marine band performed at this event. several are giving back to the community today in the toys for joy christmas giveaway starting at noontime. people will gather at 45th and market street in oakland, and we have more coming up in the 9:00 hour. santa delivered early christmas presents to deserving kids in oakland. there he is, the oak love foundation collecting 3,000 toys to hand out to kids. yesterday they threw a block party in west oakland. >> it's a good thing, especially families with low income, like me a single mother who struggles also. >> i think it's great. i think it's really wonderful.
6:58 am
>> the foundation helps santa deliver gifts for the past 11 seasons. this was created by an immigrant from india to bring joy to families in the community. he died in 2002 and started by putting a blue star on the land on arlington boulevard in 1949. over the years, the display has grown as well as the crowds. >> i think it's amazing, the fact that he made all of these just to spread joy. that's what this time of year is all about. >> so much going on in the world and i need to get grounded back in the faith. i just came for the sense of
6:59 am
community, the peace. >> the display is put up by firefighters and a community group, and it will be up until december 26th. rapper 50-cent is proof that sometimes celebrities are not like that. he took his son to a toy store in new jersey and told his son he could have whatever he wanted inside. he shared video showing the boy choosing toys and meeting geoffrey the giraffe. he reportedly spent $100,000 to rent out the entire store. we are live in bay point with surveillance video of the attack as it happened. and what happened after the store clerk fought back. and the alameda county
7:00 am
board of supervisor expected to vote on selling their share of the oakland coliseum complex. what the sale means, the county and how the mayor libby schaaf is responding. the death toll risen this morning. what we are learning about one of the victims. december 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> at least it's not raining. >> that's true. >> not yet anyway. good morning, everyone. i'm frank somerville frank mallicoat in for dave clark. let's check in with rosemary and find out if santa will get wet. >> rain returning to the bay area tuesday night, lasting through wednesday. today, this morning, we are dry, but we are continuing with the patchy fog out there this morning and it is thick in some areas. here's a look at sfo where we don't have any delays reported at this point and we can see no fog in and


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