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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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next level, "frozen 2", then "cats," and then "knives out." a shootout during an armed robbery in the east bay. how a store clerk responded after being attacked in the middle of the night. the raiders will be playing in las vegas before you know it, and they are leaving behind millions of dollars in debt. the important vote happening later today. who is america's dad now? >> 35 years later, eddie murphy is still making headlines on "saturday night live." how one of his jokes on the show this weekend caused an angry response from bill cosby. and good morning, everyone. we are just two days away from christmas and santa flies for anyone who has to do last minute shopping, you're going to get a break from the rain today. but don't put away the umbrella yet. we are going to check in with rosemary in a moment and get the big holiday forecast. >> the music makes me think of
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standing in line. >> i was going to say, anytime i hear this christmas song it takes me back to my teenaged self. >> and number 1, mariah, out of the blue, 20 years later. >> she is -- >> even more than that. she has made like $60 million on this song alone. along with all her other fabulous songs. >> and she is still making money. >> she can buy all the presents. for those of us who look for bargains, a lot of us spent some time on their phones peeking at what's hot on social media. a trending list, one that could save men this christmas. the #what women don't want from men. here are some of the highlights from twitter. >> i need to watch. >> the term baby sitting when you're watching your own children. >> do people still do that? >> they do. i am not going to name names but they do. also, women say they don't want kitchen appliances. >> come on. >> i would love like a vitamix, something high end. that's what i want. >> no kitchen appliances, no cleaning appliances either. >> really? >> no.
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>> i got an apron once -- >> that's a gift for the house, not a gift for mom. >> i was taking copious notes up here. i'm very quiet. >> women say they do not like being compared to their loved ones at -- did i really have to -- >> no kidding. >> you've been a busy woman. kicked off the news at 4:00, traffic of the morning and now we are all together, mike enjoying some time off. >> good to see all you here. we have rosemary joining us in for steve paulson this morning keeping an eye on the christmas holiday week weather for us. >> yes. so we are dry today, guys. but by tomorrow things start to change once again with scattered showers in the forecast by the evening of christmas eve. outside our doors this morning, a chilly start to the day. colder than yesterday. we have mostly clear skies. we are dealing with patchy fog. take care of the numbers first, 40 degrees in santa rosa, an improvement there where you flip to about 33 this morning. 45 in san francisco, 46 in oakland. 40s over areas of livermore and
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colder, down by 14 degrees napa. but the shining and it's dry. so we will see a nice rebound getting into the next few hours or so. here's a look at where we are seeing some of the fog out there, especially in our hills, seeing a lot of it. but even along the highways you may pick up on some, even though the visibility in oakland and concord at the airports there reporting 10 miles which is great news. we have to assume that that darker shade of gray could include patchy, dense fog along highway 24 as well as 680, areas over san ramon, walnut creek, find it stretching over towards highway 4 and then in areas over the north bay, picking up on a reading in novato that says quarter mile visibility. the patchy, dense fog is still out there for early morning drivers. getting into the afternoon, we are going to remain dry with mostly cloudy skies. we have scattered showers over the sierra. are you going to tahoe today? there is a winter weather advisory. it doesn't expire until 10:00. so expect the winter travel for folks there. it could be hazardous at times and slick. afternoon highs for today under
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dry conditions, we will go 54 san francisco, mid-50s in concord, upper 50s santa rosa, upper 50s expected in san jose. tomorrow we start out dry over the course of the afternoon. we turn cloudy by tomorrow night, rain in the forecast. details coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. new this morning, police say a clerk shot and killed an armed robber at a convenience store in bay point. it happened at kam's market on port chicago highway. ktvu's elissa harrington spoke with the owner and she is live now. you have pretty clear video that shows exactly what happened. >> reporter: that's right. what we know is that two gunmen entered the store last night just after 11:00 to try to rob the place. but the clerk behind the counter fought back. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. this happened just after 11:00. you see the clerk behind the counter was getting ready to close. he was counting money when those two gunmen entered the store. one approached that clerk behind the counter while the second suspect held a manager in the back of the store at gunpoint. the owner who was not there at
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the time told me his employee named mark fired his weapon because the suspect fired his first. >> two guys came in and one went in the back towards arturo and hold him at gunpoint. and the other came here to rob mark and pistol whipped him like two, three times over the head. and then they got into a struggle here, they started fighting and his gun went off, as you can see here, and then mark pulls out our gun and ended up shooting him. >> reporter: the clerk was not hit. in fact, the suspect's bullet hit a sun glass case in the ceiling. the suspect, though, was injured with at least one gunshot wound. the two men are then seen running out of the store but that injured suspect did not make it far. he collapsed about half a block from the convenience store and was pronounced dead at the scene. the clerk involved is an air force veteran.
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other employees and some customers i talked to told me he's tough and has chased shoplifters out of the store before. they are not surprised he fought back. >> i just talked to him the other day. i told him, hey, mark, it's the holiday season, people are desperate and sometimes it does happen, people try to come rob and just give them the money and i just talked to him the other day and i'm like on the phone, like, what happened, mark? why did you do that? he goes it's just an instinct because he's army and security. he has a lot of experience in that so he said it was just come out with the instinct. >> reporter: the clerk was taken to the hospital and had to get stitches. deputies are still searching for that second suspect. now, the contra costa county sheriff's department is taking over the investigation and they are expected to give us some more information later today. live in bay point, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. nashville police say they are still gathering information in saturday's stabbing that left two young men dead, third
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person hospitalized. one of the victims, 22-year-old clayton beathard is the younger brother of 49er backup quarterback c.j. beathard. when he heard the news about his brother, beathard left to be with his family in nashville over the weekend. head coach kyle shanahan later told the team he talked to beathard as he was leaving right before saturday's game. >> barely could talk and the last thing he said to me when i walked out the door, he stopped me and goes, make sure the guys going to win this game. and i didn't want to say that at the beginning because this game doesn't mean anything compared to his brother. we all know that. but you also know c.j. and he's got our backs as much as any of us and we got his, man. special day for us, guys. and i'm so thankful for you guys, that you could do that for him. because that was the last thing he said to me and i know that still meant a lot to him. >> clayton beathard's 21-year- old friend paul trapeni also died. nashville police have now released a photo of another man they would like to question
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about the stabbings. happening today, the alameda county board of supervisor scheduled to vote on selling the county's share of the oakland complex to the oakland as. the sale would include the stadium and arena, the former malibu green property next to the complex and the oakland raiders training facility in alameda. supervisor say the county's stake in the complex is $85 million and sale is likely to relieve the county's debt that has weighed on taxpayers since the raiders returned to oakland. oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement about today's vote saying, quote, a sale represents progress for east oakland and as fans and all of us working to keep the team rooted in oakland. now to washington where congress is on a two-week holiday break and the impeachment process has slowed to a crawl. mark meredith reports from washington, d.c. with the latest on what's happening. >> we need to listen to the arguments, have a written questioning period and then decide whether we need witnesses or not. the house went ahead without
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witnesses. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell downplaying the need for witnesses in a senate impeachment trial despite his democratic counterpart senator chuck schumer urging key white house witnesses to testify. schumer citing newly released e- mails obtained through a freedom of information acts request -- revealed -- the white house's budget office was ordering the pentagon to freeze security funding for ukraine. >> so far senator mcconnell and president trump have come up with no good reason why there shouldn't be witnesses, why there shouldn't be documents. we don't know what the witnesses will say. we don't know what the documents -- how the documents will read. they my exonerate president trump or they might further incriminate him. >> reporter: the debate over witnesses continues as the impeachment process remains stalled in the house. speaker nancy pelosi delaying turning over articles of impeachment until senate leaders negotiate the terms for
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the pending trial. president trump tweeting monday, quote, pelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of u.s. congress and now she is crying for fairness in the senate and breaking all rules while doing so. she lost congress once, she will do it again. early monday speaker pelosi defended her decision to delay the process. she says she is unable to move forward with impeachment until she knows what kind of trial the senate will conduct. in washington, mark meredith, ktvu fox 2 news. eddie murphy's return to "saturday night live" caught the attention of disgraced comedian bill cosby. >> if you told me 30 years ago that i would be this boring, stay-at-home, you know, house dad and bill cosby would be in jail -- [ laughter ] >> even i would have took that bet. >> who is america's dad now? [ laughter ] >> cosby is serving time in the pennsylvania prison for drugging and sexually
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assaulting a woman. a spokesman for cosby took to social media after murphy hosted snl over the weekend, andrew wyatt called murphy a, quote, hollywood slave over disparaging jokes about cosby. in his statement the -- breaking color barriers in the entertainment industry. coming up next here on mornings on 2, california remains the most populous state but there's a trend in the golden state. when we come back, new numbers on our state's population and the reason why we are seeing a shift in those numbers. also rapper mistifab is back in the studio. making sure the holidays are plenty for people who may not have so much otherwise
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i'm jimmy dean and thank you very much for lettin' us become just a little part of your holiday. and we sincerely hope that jimmy dean sausage might make your holiday just a little bit brighter. happy holiday to ya.
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a 9-month-old german shepherd is back home with his family after a dramatic rescue in wisconsin. take a look. the dog fell through the ice on a frozen pond. it happened on saturday. two firefighters crawling across the pond, broke the ice around the dog before they lifted it up to safety. and there he is right there. we are told all of it started after the dog escaped from its back yard. but it's expected to be just fine. california's population still growing but at a slower rate than in years past. new numbers from the department of finance show the population growth rates for the last two
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years are the lowest recorded since 1900. there are fewer births in the state along with an increased number of deaths among an aging population. and another key factor to the growth rate, rates here in california is a decline in immigration levels. for the first time since 2010, california had more people leaving the state than moving in from other states or countries. in just the coming hours some of the bay area's biggest stars are coming together to give deserving children a happy holiday. it's the 15th annual toys for joy giveaway in north oakland. just ahead of that, we are so excited to help back to the nine, rapper mistah f.a.b. welcome. >> how are you doing? >> it's great. >> 15 years. >> a long time. how did it get started? >> my soul sister, we were like, i want to do something with my influence. i don't want to be the rapper that collects off the community or collects off -- i don't want to be that guy that just take, take, take, take.
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and my mother would always tell me, she was like, whenever you get in a position, do good while you're doing good. and for the first 15 when we first started, we wasn't always, you know, financially possible to do it. we would go out and just ask, you know, ask whoever will want to be involved and still today we allow it to be open gates for everyone to be involved. some people will call it claiming their karma and people call it -- it just started. 15 years later, a decade and a half, i'm still humbled that we are still in a position to do it. i'm thankful. >> here's to another 15. it's not just toys and not just food. tell me all that's available to people who -- >> everything, it's coats and covers for those that are without homes. most definitely socks, fresh pair of socks. a lot of people fail to realize how important socks are. so people bring out blankets, socks, there are schools that we feed the public.
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>> toys. >> most definitely toys. so many toys. please, bring the kids today, so many toys. and more than that, it's just the community love and to see everybody come out, to see people just -- it's so humbling, man. just watch everybody come out there and smiles on people's faces. sometimes the only sad faces are the kids that didn't get a chance to get in the line like, oh, i want that. please let there be some more. >> growing up here in the bay area, you knew what christmas without was like. >> right. >> what do the parents say to you after you give their little ones toys and food and jackets? what do moms and dads say? >> great feeling. like we said off the air, it takes a lot for a person to stand in a line to receive something and so with me, knowing that i never try to be too hard or too many rules and regulations for a person. i'm like just come. >> you don't have to register. >> you don't have to register. you don't have to sign, don't
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do have to do anything like that. just show up. for the first platoon of people, have a kid a present so the kid can feel it. unfortunately there are certain people who just come and grab, grab things to grab things and the greed. but most of all it's no rules. it's just come out and the parents are thankful because times are tough and very hard. man, especially when you have a household with two, three kids, it's very difficult, man. to see the smiles on their faces that someone else is helping them out and giving them a chance, an opportunity, hey, man, it's humbling. i feel great about it. >> give me some other names. you are going to be there. who else? >> klay thompson said he was going to come out. you never know. emcee hammer shows up all the time. other artists that are locally, you know, big artists. >> it's funny because i imagined the moms and dads know you and they know klay thompson
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and emcee hammer. but do the little ones know who you are? >> i don't think they know. >> maybe better that way. >> it's great that way. the greatest thing that a person can do is inspire without authority. so for you not to have just, oh, look, this is my event, this is me, me. it's not about that with us. this is for the community. this is for everybody that comes on and volunteers their time. this is for all the people out there that have donated, whether it was five or $10 that sponsored a child. this is for the parents that come out and bring their children who swallow their pride. i'm the last person that it's about. i'm just organizing. this is my sister who goes out and a team of people, strangers inside of their house and they cook all night. that's what it's about. so to all the volunteers and all of the artists and people that are in position that do these things in their areas and their cities, yesterday there was a big event going on and the district six, filthy rich, a friend of mine, it's his fifth annual toy giveaway and several other arts doing this and inspiring to see us give
9:20 am
back on the holidays. i'm humbled to do it and be a part of it. >> let's get people to the toy giveaway, coming up later today. the toys for joy christmas giveaway is this monday, starts at noon, you will find it at 45th and market in oakland. you don't have to register. just show up and bring the positive attitude. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you as well. >> we will see you in the new year, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> i knew it. frank and allie, back to you. >> thanks. coming up here on mornings on 2, the 9:00, a trick is growing in popularity during the holidays. it sounds like a good idea. now, however, it can quickly back fire in a couple of weeks. and this is not the gingerbread house he built as a child. coming up we have an expert pastry artist we have in studio. how you can build a creation like this. his.
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new this morning, boeing's ceo is resigning amid ongoing problems with the company's troubled 737 max jets. dennis muilenburg is stepping down immediately. and boeing's current board chairman will take over january 14th. the board says a change in leadership is necessary to help restore confidence as it works to repair relationships with regulators and stakeholders. the max jet was grounded worldwide in march after the second of two crashes that killed a lot of people. 88-year-old joseph segel died on saturday from heart
9:24 am
failure. segel started qvc in 1986, retired in '93 but stayed on as a company advisor until 2013. it reaches some 380 million homes around the world. the 49ers travel to seattle this week for a game that will have huge implications for how the playoffs all shake out next week. now, the 49ers beat the seahawks. they will win the nfc west and by virtue of that, grab the number 1 playoff seed in the nfc which comes with a first round bye. if they lose they will fall to the five seed and likely play on the road in the wild card round. niners still dealing with a number of injury concerns but the las vegas odds makers still have them at the slight favorite over seattle, sunday's game will kick off in the northwest at 5:20 p.m. final afc playoff spot heading into the final week of the season. >> a lot of yardage.
9:25 am
renfroe off to the races, five, touchdown. >> the raiders beat the chargers in los angeles yesterday 24-17. oakland is now 7-8 and they will need a little help if they want to play in the postseason. the raiders will need to beat the broncos in denver and they need houston, baltimore and indianapolis to win their games. sunday's game against the broncos kicks off at 1:25. it may seem hard to believe but there's a house to the market in one of silicon valley's most sought-after cities and it's going for $274,000. of course there's a catch. this home is part of the city of los gatos' affordable housing program. zillow estimates that two bedroom, 1100 square foot townhouse is worth $1.1 million. there are income qualifications. a family of four has to make less than $132,000 a year to qualify. and keep in mind the home will always remain in the affordable housing program. that means whoever buys it won't be able to make millions when they sell it. it will have to be sold at that lower price. there is a new growing trend for singles during the
9:26 am
holiday season. it's called snow globing. term refers to couples who appear to be more involved than they actually are. the effect can be brought on by romantic holiday themed outings, couples who have been dating for a little bit soon find themselves going ice skating, exchanging gifts and even accompanying one another to holiday parties. but you should be careful because when the festivities are done, come january, and the magic of the holidays are over, snow globing couples can realize they weren't as invested in their partners as once thought. >> this is like doing it for the gram, right? >> exactly. i think this is a social media influencer. >> exactly. coming up on mornings on 2, parents rejoice. the big guy in the red suit might be your best tool right now. a study that reinforces a classic parenting strategy. and it's the season of giving. we are going to take you to the south bay where thousands of toys are being handed out to kids today, coming up. up.
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welcome back. this is a neat live look. the coast guard cutter is returning back to alameda. a three month journey and we reported on some of their work.
9:30 am
they made a massive drug bust off the coast of southern california. i think it was a couple of busts at all and it netted $100 million worth of cocaine. so keep the men and women who are away from their families and serving our country in your hearts and there's nothing better than going to a welcome home for crew members. so welcome home to them. >> never had a family member but when you cover them, it's incredible. >> i cry. if you're planning to leave on a holiday trip either today or tomorrow, you should give yourself a lot of extra time. >> according to aaa, a record 115 million americans are expected to travel over the holiday season. the highest total in almost 20 years. most of them will drive with the worst traffic expected the day after christmas as they head home. nearly 7 million travelers are expected to fly, which is a 5% increase from last year, and the most since 2003. >> airport is more stressful. you're stuck in traffic as you go. there's a bunch of people all around. you can't find a spot to sit while waiting for your plane.
9:31 am
>> it's expensive and more inconvenient but you're going to places where you're excited to see people. it's all worth it. >> airline officials recommend getting at the airport at least a couple of hours ahead of your flight and the tsa suggests traveling with your gifts unwrapped because if they need to be inspected, agents will have to open them up. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, expect to be putting chains on your tires. if you don't have all-wheel drive. right now there are chain controls on highway 50 and 89, except for vehicles with four- wheel-drive. interstate 80 is cleared, and the chp says even those drivers should carry chains in case the next storm dumps more snow than snow plows and scrapers can handle. experienced drivers had some other advice for people who are on their way to the mountains for the holidays. >> i do a lot of driving up and down through the mountains, but i didn't think i would be coming up here when it would be this bad. make sure you have fuel. make sure you have extra blankets. make sure you've got flashlights and all the safety stuff you need. >> take your time and just enjoy it. it's beautiful.
9:32 am
it's peaceful. >> the chp also suggests drivers check the weather forecast before they leave so they know what to expect on the roads. we can bring in rosemary orozco to fill in for steve today. let's talk about when the rain is going to get here. >> for us the wet weather returns tuesday night which also happens to be christmas eve for folks celebrating, into the sierra as we just mentioned a moment ago, the snow will continue to fall throughout today and more in the days ahead. there's a look at san francisco. a beautiful view, a lot of sunshine out there. for today partly cloudy, mostly clear, waking up with patchy fog and some areas really thick but improving quite a bit just in the last half hour to 45 minutes. dry here and you can see the snow still falling, areas over the sierra, talking about it a little bit today with that winter weather advisory for winter travel going all the way until 10:00 tonight. here's a look at the futurecast. for us here at home it's going to be a partly cloudy, mostly clear afternoon. temperatures will be in the 50s. tomorrow morning we wake up
9:33 am
with partly cloudy skies. but late in the day we start to see the cloud cover increase, it will begin to thicken by the evening hours. and there's tomorrow night, it looks like it's going to come late but it will arrive tomorrow evening and then through the overnight hours, here's christmas morning, democratics loo like scattered showers, mostly cloudy. the storm is going to take a southerly track and cross over areas over southern california so we will continue to get the wraparound moisture but looks like for the second part of the day continuing to wind down. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from quarter inch to 1/2" is what we are seeing, at least the projections at this point. we will continue to watch that. the storm could shift just a little bit, bring us a little bit more wet weather, perhaps bring us a little bit less. temperatures outside right now, slowly rebounding, upper 30s in napa where we started out about freezing this morning. 45 in downtown san francisco. and for the east bay 40 degrees right now castro valley as well as fremont. your afternoon highs, 55 in oakland, 54 in san francisco.
9:34 am
in the north bay 54 napa, in the south bay, 57 morgan hill. extended forecast, afternoon highs not going to change a whole lot. we will remain in the mid to upper 50s throughout, get into the wet weather tuesday night into wednesday and then we are dry thursday, friday and right now the weekend looks dry as well. back to you. >> thanks. court in saudi arabia is handing down death sentences in connection with a killing of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. as tray yangst -- carried out in near total secrecy. >> reporter: a saudi court sentences five people to death for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, the 59-year- old was a columnist for "the washington post." he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in turkey in october of 2018. where he was reportedly dismembered by saudi agents. they looked at 31 people for the murder and put 11 on trial. >> those convicted were sent to
9:35 am
trial and those who were not were released by the public prosecutor for lack of evidence. >> reporter: five people executed. three others will be sent to prison. little is known about the trial or those convicted. saudi officials say they determined the killing was not premeditated but rather a spur of the moment decision. that assessment critics conclusion by turkish authorities. >> the killing was a of an elaborate mission involving extensive coordination and significant human and financial resources. it was overseen, planned and endorsed by eye level officials and it was premeditated. >> reporter: khashoggi had gone to the consulate to obtain paperwork to marry his turkish fiance. inside he was ambushed by men with suspected ties to the saudi government. his remains never found. the killing sparked international outrage and heavy criticism of the saudi crown prince. mohammed bin salmon was accused of ordering the killing of the writer. he denied involvement calling
9:36 am
the incident a, quote, rogue operation. among those acquitted are a former top advisor to the crown prince and a top intelligent official. united states now has a sixth branch of the armed services called the space force. in its first year the space force will employ some 200 people about expected to grow significantly. the pentagon is still deciding where space force will be headquartered. the speculation it could be based either in alabama or colorado. experts say the operation will become essential in the defense community. >> we are going to be moving more and more importance into the space domain, more missions for our space satellites up there and so we have got to protect them, got to design new satellites that can hide or jam attackers or maneuver out of the way of a threat. >> the secretary of defense is expected to lay out a time line in the next few weeks for how space force will be implemented. american airlines is now offering nonbinary gender options for passengers who book a flight. people can now designate you or x for their gender by calling
9:37 am
the airline. "usa today" reported that unite was the first airline to roll out that option back in march. southwest and alaska are looking into offering a nongender specific classification when passengers book flights as well. happening today, san jose sacred heart community services is holding its annual toy box day. >> as ktvu's sara zendehnam tells us thousands of toys are being handed out to families and just in time for christmas. >> reporter: this room is filled with donated toys but they are brand-new and these aren't bottom of the barrel toys by any means. check some out. star wars toys, very popular items that line these shelves. so kids will have a great holiday season. check out everything that they have here available really for kids of all ages. they have barbies and dolls over here and if we turn around, there are also things for teenagers as well. this is probably one of the most popular sections that they have here. you can take a look, they have makeup, they have lotions, anything that a teenaged boy or
9:38 am
girl would really want. now, this is an event that's put on every year and families really rely on it to help them give their kids holiday gifts. this is the sacred heart community services' annual toy box day where more than 18,000 toys will be handed out to 6000 kids in need. sacred heart hosted this event every year for the last five decades and helps so many families. the event today started at 7:00 a.m., so people have been shopping now for a while and every time the shelves seam bare, volunteers restock them to make sure each child gets enough gifts. volunteers are the backbone of this toy box day. they got here at 4:00 a.m. to get the space ready, then spent the day shopping. each family is paired with a volunteer and they get to walk through the rooms and pick two toys, one book and a stocking stuffer for each child. sacred heart brings the community together to address poverty in silicon valley. this event is for families that pre registered with sacred heart. they are still looking for volunteers to work christmas eve so if you're interested, head to their website, sacred heart for details.
9:39 am
the organization is also still accepting toy donations at its donation station here on south first street in san jose. if you can't stop by, you can donate money on the website to help families this holiday season. this event is in full swing. there are a lot of families out here, a lot of smiling faces and a lot of appreciation for this organization and all they do. shopping will continue all day until 8:00 tonight. in san jose this morning, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. a new study not from the north pole but from the u.k. finds that threatening to put children on santa's naughty list does help them behave better. >> weren't we just talking about this? >> sounds right. >> all scientists at exeter university surveyed more than 4200 parents around the world and more than a third said that they had used the threat of putting children on the naughty list to improve behavior. and it worked. around 40% of respondents used the naughty list threat to get their kids to behave throughout the year. some kids are reportedly
9:40 am
using alexa to get things on their christmas wish list. according to the "wall street journal" children are asking alexa to find items and telling it to buy on their parents' devices. that means mom and dads now have to find ways to block kids from their smart speakers. the woman says she discovered issue when she received texts from amazon telling her two dozen paw patrol toys were headed to her house. >> smart kid. >> do you do the naughty, nice thing like he knows when you're sleeping or awake and bad or good? >> that's what the song says and that's the truth my kids live by. >> i love it so cold and harsh but such a smile and warmth is coming from you, i love it. >> be the parent and that is what you're doing. >> well, thanks. coming up in a second on mornings on 2 at 9:00, the world famous street artist. he has unveiled his vision of a nativity scene. we will show you what he did in bethlehem. how to build the ultimate
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gingerbread house from the eggs to the icing, how to get started and where you can see it beautiful tree. e. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ]
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happening today, a nonprofit group is giving out
9:44 am
christmas trees to families in san francisco. the guardsmen help at risk youth and teaming up with san francisco police and the city of san francisco to give out free trees to those in need. it is happening from 2:00 to 4:00 today at the fillmore street mini park in the western edition. >> you don't have to worry about paying anything. come out, have a great time, get a tree and bring it home for the holidays because there's not christmas without a christmas tree. >> yesterday dozens of people were treated to free christmas trees in the bayview's hunters point neighborhood. ktvu is teaming up with community volunteers to collect donations for one warm coat. it's something we have been doing for the last 17 years and this holiday season we would like to ask you to look into your closet to see if you have any spare coats or jackets you would like to donate. you can go to for a list of drop-off locations. and some include bay industry in emeryville, jack lennon square in oakland, and the
9:45 am
ferry building in the city. the one warm coat drive lasts until the end of the month. a new elaborate gingerbread house is display at san francisco's water bar. it's a model of the city's historic -- this tasty creation, although donated, it took 60 hours to make and plan. this morning we are talking to the one behind this gingerbread masterpiece, erica lamb. welcome. >> thank you. >> when you're building a gingerbread house, i cheat, i buy the already built ones because it seems intimidating to make a structure and make the icing so it sticks. what do people need to think about when doing this? >> i think the icing, and there's new ways to make royal icing. i personally use egg whites in mine. i work in a restaurant. >> not a lot of butter? >> that's in the cookies. maragne powder, if you're using raw eggs you want them to be
9:46 am
pasteurized because it will get you sick if you're eating raw eggs. some people will buy meringue powder and use that. you whip it until it's loose. they call it -- you want to whip this in it's stiff and add lots of powdered sugar to it and a little bit of cream of tartar. >> this is your homemade icing. >> right. >> we have a little snoopy. >> we do. and i'm going to have you help me just a little bit. we are going to try to pretend that we can make one -- >> all right. >> so i did a layer on the bottom of kind of like -- it's kind of like the foundation layer because what that's doing is it's cementing my walls up. so you don't have to stand here for an hour and hold them up while they dry. >> do you have to wait a certain amount of time? how long should you wait before you do the rest of it? >> if your icing is stiff, it's not going to be that long. yesterday when i put the finished product together it took me about 30 minutes to put the whole house together and
9:47 am
keep it from me being able to walk away from it. you can see it looks a little bit like i put something in there and i did that on purpose so this could fit in here exactly the way i wanted it to. >> reporter: i see. >> you can also see on the inside i have tucked a little bit of royal icing to cement the walls together too. >> reporter: so maybe icing on the inside. the royal icing is your glue so do it all over the brick and mortar, right. >> i'm going to put a little bit in here. >> how thick should you do it? >> for -- when you're gluing your walls together you want to make it nice and thick. >> reporter: i notice your icing does not drip at all. it stays right where it's supposed to. is that because of the way you made it? >> yes. >> reporter: then we are going to put the back of the house on. >> eventually this is supposed to look like the other snoopy house we have here. >> right. i'm going to line this side as
9:48 am
well. >> reporter: i want to talk about your masterpiece that you made that people can come to water bar and see. >> yes. that piece, i worked for seven days through the thanksgiving holiday. the future bath was a place. >> a public pool house between cliff house and lanes and trail. you can go down there now and walk down into the ruins and my little brother came in in july and he visited and we hiked down there. i had never been there before so we went home that night and researched it and i thought this would make an amazing gingerbread house. i want to recreate this. he was the inspiration for it. i gathered lots and lots of pictures and i built a big model of it and i needed that model to create the templates to cut the cookies. >> how much research did you have to do? >> you can't go walk through an actual structure. >> right. >> and look at it. you have grainy like photos.
9:49 am
>> aerial shots, inside shots. all kinds of shots. so what i'm doing now, if you want that really smooth, fun snow effect, you want to use your icing sooner, like you can actually refrigerate it and use it the next day because you really want it to be fluffy, the best time to do it is right away. so i'm going to come in here. >> and another suggestion, you baked and decorated and put all the other frosting on these walls and panels ahead of time? >> correct. and you want to do that on a sheet pan, flat. let it dry overnight before it actually -- before you actually start touching it, otherwise you will get finger fingerprints or it's going to smoosh. >> that's very gooey. >> if you put this in an oven that's off over like the pilot light for six or seven hours it will dry off enough for you to touch it and be able to be more rough with it. >> okay. now, the future baths creation, if you had to do it over again, anything you would do differently? or do you like it just the way it is? >> actually, we did have to --
9:50 am
three days after i put up the first one, all of the rain that came into the bay area came pouring down and all of the moisture in the air just kind of like the roof started to bow a little bit so we had to take it off and had to redo that part of the house. and when i did, i got the opportunity to decorate it in another fun way. >> nice. so it was a happy accident? >> it was. >> we want to get the information to folks out there who want to go see it. you can head to water bar, you will have the future baths on display, they are already on display and also this creation too. >> this will be up until new year's, which is also a really exciting time for water bar because we do an amazing prefixed menu that i can buy. you get the best view in the city from your dinner table, like actually looking out the window to see the fireworks. so it's a perfect opportunity to see the houses and come in and enjoy a really amazing meal by myself and our chefs. >> very festive. erica, thank you so much for joining us. gasia and frank, send it back to you. >> that is impressive. >> it looks so easy, doesn't
9:51 am
it? coming up in a second on mornings into the 9:00, a man who wanted to take you to the candy shop is now a deep father with -- generations in the making. where you can find this elaborate and very beautiful holiday display that's bringing the community together. coming up. coming up.
9:52 am
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not only is it monday, it's mug monday. right now starts your chance to win the ktvu fox 2 news mug. to enter head to, click on the contest tab at the top of the page. >> sprees accepted from now until 1:00 p.m. today. don't miss out on your chance to win. these are the mugs we are talking about here. get to play a little switcheroo. >> double duty. you're hired. >> if you're the big winner, take a picture with your mug and send it over to us. karen is our most recently
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winner. thank you for watching, karen. >> i worked with karen in my first job at supercuts in livermore. i have not seen her in 20 something years. >> oh. >> she was like the chief stylist and i was a receptionist. >> that was my job too but at cost cutters standing around. >> we could go on forever. that was a nice blast from the past. happening now the faa issued a temporary ground stop at sfo on such a big travel day. the ground stop for short haul flights along the west coast. we are told this is due to an equipment outage that is faa- related. we will monitor the situation for you. we will have updates here on the nine and online through the day and a full wrap coming up on the news at noon. go to the hills of the east bay where you can find a christmas tradition in its 70th year. created by a man immigrated from india who wanted to bring joy to his family and neighbors. >> they turn the lights on ahead of christmas day. mas day.
9:56 am
>> reporter: nestled in the hills of el cerrito on mosier lane, you will find the handy work of sundar shadi. he made the hundreds of pieces meant to depict the biblical city of bethlehem. >> his wife was a christian and he wanted to do this for her and for the community. he was warm, he was humble. it's a very kind thing that he did for our whole community. >> reporter: it all started up the hill with this blue star he made and displayed on land next to his home on arlington boulevard in 1949. but over the years the display grew and grew as did the crowds who came to see it. >> i think it's amazing, just the fact that, you know, he made all of these and he didn't have to. but he just wanted to spread joy and that's what this time of year is all about. >> reporter: now the viewers spanned generations. sarah hanes hasn't seen the display in 20 years since her daughter was a child but it
9:57 am
pulled her back today. >> there's so much going on in this world and i just need to get grounded back in the faith so i came for a sense of the community, the peace. >> reporter: soft music in the background, a chill in the air, the calming presence of the figures. one woman says she comes because it slows her down, at least for a moment. >> all we do is like a quick text, text, and whether it's the tempo or the temperature, i think everyone really wants to just bring it down a notch. >> reporter: the display is considered folk art. over the years many pieces have been restored but they are all original and took countless hours to create. many bring friends and family to share in something rare and special. >> it's beautiful. this is the fourth generation of us that's been coming out here since i was a little boy, when i was 5 years old, my
9:58 am
mother and father brought me up here. >> reporter: since the early 2000s, pg&e provided the small piece of land for the display. firefighters put it up and the sir optimist club and a community group take care of it. about five years ago the creator made his first appearance in the display as depicted here. sundar shadi died at age 101 in 2002, but his legacy is alive and well each year. if you would like to come and see this display with your own eyes, you have until december 26th, 10:00 p.m. otherwise you have to wait until next year. in el cerrito, greg liggins, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the street artist unveiled his version of the nativity scene. it features a concrete wall pierced by a mortar shell that resembles a star. it's titled scar of bethlehem. on display at a hotel in bethlehem called the walled off hotel. it's right next to the concrete barrier israel installed in the
9:59 am
west bank. banksy has been a long time critic of israel. if you are out doing last minute holiday shopping over the weekend you are not alone. >> hello. experts estimate americans spent more than $34 billion on saturday and sunday alone. that's 2 1/2 billion dollars more than black friday shopping on its own. a lot of money being spent over the season. the national retail federation predicts the average american will spend about $1050 for the holiday. that's the most money since they started keeping track. rapper 50 cent proved sometimes celebrities are not like us. he took his 7-year-old son to the toys "r" us in new jersey. he told his little boy you can have whatever you want. it shows the little guy wanting jeffrey the giraffe. he rented the whole store out for $100,000. wow. >> that is not on my list. >> not on mine either.
10:00 am
>> it was good having both of you here today, and sara tomorrow. wendy is next. >> happy holidays. >> yeah, you too. happy holidays. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: hi! thank you for watching our show. say hello to my cohost, the studio audience.


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