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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 24, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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furniture and some light fixtures. >> i was surprised there were this many people here at 5:00 in the morning. a race against time and the weather as thousands of people try to catch a flight before christmas. we are live at a packed sfo on this christmas eve. dna testing kits are popular gifts for the holidays but the pentagon has a warning for service members and their families. we say wolf. >> you're never too young to learn important life lessons. we will show you the program designed to enrich the lives of young students here in the bay area. welcome to you. gorgeous lake tahoe, so many people making that nine hour trip up to the mountains and back to get skiing and snowboarding in. the lucky three of us are here to hold down the fort on this christmas eve.
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allie rasmus, sara zendehnam, as mike and sal are enjoying a bit of time away. >> white christmas for folks up in the tahoe area. >> absolutely beautiful. >> yeah. and maybe even on some of the peaks here in the bay area. >> hamilton and diablo. >> cold enough and we are going to check in with rosemary in a second to find out. a lot of people counting down to christmas. for many people every gift, every family gathering, every meal documented on social media. however, a new survey shows many people would like to take a big old break from their phones. >> i am one of those people. according to a poll of 2000 parents, 80% said they would be willing to go on a digital detox. and 85% of parents admitted they needed to change their habits and would like to be present when they are with their family during the holidays. >> more than half of the people polled admitted they checked social media more frequently during the holidays and nearly half say they have had their holiday ruined because of social media. sad. >> do you guys check your phones during family gatherings? >> i too try to take them and
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put them in a cabinet, out of sight, out of mind. >> i try not to look but i am guilty of it, snap chatting all the time. >> the real trouble comes when you receive a gift and think it's the best thing in the world and then you go on instagram and saw that suzie got an even bigger and better things. >> so many things, not just gifts for the holidays. >> clothes and -- >> put it away. you don't need it. giving us good advice is rosemary orozco who is going to tell us about the weather forecast for this christmas holiday and beyond. >> yes. i would say out the doors this morning make sure you bundle up. by tonight make sure you have the umbrella. and tomorrow on and off scattered showers. it won't be a complete washout but we have wet weather expected for christmas day. start with today. here's a look over san francisco and we could see just one big cloud. otherwise we got blue skies overhead. we are waking up with patchy, dense fog in the north bay. let's check on the temperatures first. 32 degrees in santa rosa, 35 in napa. bone chilling cold but both
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areas have fallen to 31 earlier this morning. so we are thawing out ever so slowly. 46 in concord right now. 42 in berkeley. 46 in downtown san francisco. let's get into the north bay and take a look at all of these 30s. 34 windsor, 35 petaluma. the fog is out there this morning. not as widespread as yesterday morning. san jose has been fairly well all day and as well as the inner east bay. it's really the north bay that it continues and even at this hour less than quarter mile visibility reported at the santa rosa airport as well as novato airport. highway 101 stretches over towards highway 1, around american canyon, i-80, vallejo to fairfield, you may find some there. benicia, martinez, richmond, all areas that may be experiencing some of the fog this morning. outside of that, we have partly cloudy, mostly clear skies. dry weather in store for the first part of your day. and then into the evening hours, we will transition to
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the wet weather. right now a very cold start into the afternoon, a cool one, 52 san francisco, 53 in oakland, 51 expected in napa. better details on the rain moving in tonight and for christmas day. and the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. whether you're going over the river and through the woods or flying across the country on this christmas eve, this is one of those days where getting there is likely not half the fun. ktvu's elissa harrington live at sfo. you have been showing us since the early morning hours, sfo was packed from the start. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is what we like to see. we are taking a look at the boards and check this out, almost every single thing on time. so it's actually pretty good day here at sfo. although it's busy. airport officials say that 160,000 travelers are expected to come through the airport today and they advise giving yourself extra time. two hours if you're traveling domestically, three for international flights. >> we are seeing kind of that last minute push of traffic this morning. we think as the day progresses it will taper off.
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our busiest day is behind us, it was last friday because a lot of people really take the entire week off this period. >> reporter: you might call it a holiday treat for sfo travelers. most flights are on schedule. spokesman doug yakele said so far 25 delays which is a good day. that's because the weather today is cooperating. we saw lots of families flying out to see loved ones. some had very early flights. parents told me it is challenging getting everyone through security and to keep their kids entertained on long flights but it's worth it to see family for christmas. >> we are pumped up. it's a time off away from school, away from work, and just quality time. even the airplane, which has got new toys for the airplane. >> cubs are fed and they are good to go, i guess. i mean, the breakdown is mid flight. >> keep them busy for the whole
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flight, right? >> the movies that they like. so it's always the end. we have a six hour flight. >> reporter: one other tip airline officials want to get out there, if you are traveling with presents, keep them unwrapped. sometimes tsa will need to look inside of a box or take a closer look at what you're bringing through the gate. so keep them unwrapped. that way your wrapping paper is not going to waste. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. a judge can decide whether a man accused of a deadly stabbing on a b.a.r.t. platform is still competent to stand trial. john lee cowell is charged in the murder of neal wilson and the attempted murder of her sister at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last summer. since then the judge says cowell has been uncooperative, refusing to speak with his attorney or doctors. the judge expected to make a ruling today on whether cowell
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will stand trial, be found incompetent or face another psychiatric exam. one man died and four others lost their home when an apartment fire happened in san francisco's richmond district. the fire started in a four unit building on 16th avenue near cabrillo street yesterday afternoon. roger wilpitz says about 3:00 he heard his smoke alarm going off, he checked his apartment and didn't see anything until he started seeing smoke coming up from the heater vents. that made his realize there was probably a fire below his unit. he raced downstairs and began banging on the door of the man who lived downstairs. >> making a lot of noise. assumed after banging on the door for about a minute that he was definitely not there. >> wilpitz went outside to get the smoke out of his lungs and watched as fire crews managed to control the flames. they had to use a saw to get into that downstairs unit and that's when they found wilpitz's neighbor who had apparently been trapped inside the apartment. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators is not identifying the victim but
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people in the building say he was a man in his 50s who worked as a software engineer. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. president trump in florida on this christmas eve where he's railing against democrats after they voted to impeach him last week. mark meredith reports on what the president has to say. >> they treated us unfairly, didn't give us due process. >> reporter: the president this christmas eve blasted democratic leaders over impeachment. >> they had no evidence at all. they had no crime. we had 196 or so republicans voting 100%. we didn't lose one republican vote in the house. >> reporter: this as senate senate minority leader chuck schumer calls for key witnesses to testify in a senate impeachment trial. >> it's hard to imagine a trial not having documents and witnesses. >> reporter: schumer's demands come as house speaker nancy pelosi has yet to hand over articles of impeachment to the senate as republicans and democrats continue negotiating the terms for a trial. >> it seems to me a rather
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absurd position to say after you have impeached the president you won't send the papers over to the senate for the impeachment trial mandated by the constitution. >> reporter: meantime questions mound as to whether the house could impeach the president a second time. in a letter filed in federal court monday a judiciary committee lawyer argues democrats still need testimony from former white house counsel don mcgahn writing, quite, mcgahn's testimony is critical to a senate trial and to the committee's ongoing impeachment investigations to determine whether presidential misconduct warrants further investigations by the committee. the white house maintains it has executive privilege to bar mcgahn from testifying. an appeals court expected to hear are oral arguments on the case next week. the pentagon is warning service members about the potential security risk connected to consumer dna kits. yahoo got a memo from the defense department advising military personnel to avoid tracing their heritage through
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the dna kits. authorities are concerned personal data will fall into the wrong hands as these testing companies sell the information to third parties. the pentagon says genetic tests go largely unregulated and could lead to risk like exposing covert operation, dna and facial recognition. governor gavin newsom extending further support to victims of devastating wildfires. yesterday he signed an executive order that extends protections against price gouging by communities ravaged by wildfires dating back to 2017. the areas include sonoma, napa and butte counties. when governor jerry brown first signed the order in 2017 those were the counties as well. newsom now signing another extension because he says many rebuilding permits have not been submitted or approved and law enforcement agencies are still resolving criminal liability related to price gouging. coming up in a minute here on mornings on 2 at 9:00, nike's newest release sold out in minutes thanks in part to
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colin kaepernick. the not so subtle message behind the shoes. east bay students are learning valuable life lessons between their math and science classes. how these students will be ready for anything the world throws at them. them.
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i'us become just a littleyou part of your holiday. and we sincerely hope that jimmy dean sausage might make your holiday just a little bit brighter. happy holiday to ya. former uber ceo travis is resigning from the company's board of directors severing all ties with the company he created 10 years ago.
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back in 2016 kalanick resigned as ceo amid lawsuits and claims of sexual harassment but remained on the board. he recently sold all his stock in the company worth more than 2 1/2 billion dollars and with the company now public it seemed like a good time for him to focus on new business and philanthropy. increased patrols at shopping centers. two men shoved a woman to the ground outside the walmart near stevenson boulevard. witnesses say the men then dragged her across the parking lot before stealing her purse. the woman suffered several scrapes and bruises but was not seriously hurt. police say the robbers got away in a black bmw. thousands of people want target to abandon plastic bags. a protest organizer and target shoppers plan to deliver a petition with more than 455,000 signatures to target's corporate headquarters on thursday. the petition calls for target to commit to eliminating plastic bags. according to the e.p.a., the
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u.s. generates more than 4 million tons of plastic bags, sacks and wraps every year. only 13% of that plastic is recycled. a target spokesperson says the company uses plastic bags that are now made with 40% recycled content. colin kaepernick shoe sold out within minutes of it going on sale for the first time yesterday. nike says it selected the former 49ers quarterback for the shoe because the company quote believes his voice and perspective will inspire many generations on and off the field, end quote. the $110 black and white shoe has an embroidered portrait of kaepernick on the heel tab and has the numbers the date kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality. racial profiling, negative narratives and the his tree of african-americans all on the table for students in an elective that's being offered at dallas ranch middle school in antioch. it's a program that parents and administrators say is having a big impact on the lives of the students enrolled. claudine wong shows us the
9:16 am
impact of the class called the manhood development program. >> reporter: in here it is all about defining who you are and who you can be. this eighth grader created the handshake that starts the class. >> we have respect for each other and we can do anything together. >> reporter: this is the manhood development program, an elective at dallas ranch middle school in antioch. >> primarily it is african- american students because the cultural history of african- american history is the focus and the catalyst for it. however, it's open to anyone from any ethnicity. >> reporter: this class is about history and current events. >> i say wolf. >> reporter: it is about battling perception. >> people say that african-
9:17 am
americans aren't good people but while we are here we can show we are all good people. >> they think like because blacks -- some african-american people did something bad that all of them are bad. >> reporter: that's how you feel when people look at you? >> yeah. it makes me feel like i'm downgraded or something because of my color. >> reporter: it is a reality that the principal says educators need to acknowledge. >> for our students, those are the realities that some of them see and it is a reality for our society as a whole and you do have to know how to respond and how to communicate with people. >> reporter: jason reams teaches this class and science. the principal says he's very committed to getting this program off the ground and helping these young men focus on positive narratives. >> that educate me. >> that educate me. >> and motivate me. >> and motivate me to be my greatest self. >> reporter: strengthen here is
9:18 am
physical. >> 13, 14. >> reporter: and mental. >> the lesson i have learned, that you don't got to be with the bad crowd. you always want to be with a good crowd that gets good grades. >> reporter: the program is modeled after a similar one in oakland and has been here for five years. the first students to go through are now in high school, where the program has continued. >> management development teaches you things that you don't get taught in a regular english class. >> grades have most definitely improved. actually gave me responsibility to myself and to the group. >> reporter: parent volunteer velma wilson says she sees the impact the program makes. >> this program actually gives them an opportunity to now take a broken spirit and show them, empower them to know there is life beyond all your circumstances. >> reporter: and these young men know it's not just about them. >> i knew i was going -- >> go like this. >> reporter: it's about setting
9:19 am
an example for others, where you are tying a tie -- >> i never knew how to do it and it looks nice. >> reporter: or putting your best foot forward. >> it would help you throughout life. >> reporter: it's about setting your own narrative and telling your own story. in antioch, claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. >> supporters of the program say funding is always an issue but hoping to get more support from the state to help the program into more schools. >> such a great program. coming up on mornings on 2 on the 9:00, one giant step towards a new stadium. the as are acquiring the rights to half of the oakland coliseum complex. the team's president tells us what happens next. and we all dream of winning the lottery. next, why this tv reporter later apologized for what she did when she realized she was a big winner.
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welcome back. a baltimore police officer is being called a hero after he jumped into the frigid waters of the city's harbor to rescue a dog. this happened last sunday. officer bobby brown plunged into the 40-degree water and safely got the little pup out. the dog was in the water for about five minutes. the officer was in the water for less than a minute. both of them are doing okay. a magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit lake county. the earthquake struck about 10:30 last night. the epicenter was 2 1/2 miles west of cobb between geyser and middle town. there have been several small
9:23 am
earthquakes in that area. they have new evidence that a strong earthquake on an old southern california fault could cause serious damage here in the bay area. cal tech scientists say the garlock fault has been inactive now for nearly 500 years. but now they have linked it to two strong earthquakes in the mojave desert last july. focused down from los angeles. followed the next day by a 7.1 earthquake. all the activities showed ruptures along a web of two dozen faults interconnected. some of the faults weren't known about before now. >> total almost 200 miles long. if this whole fault was to go it could produce a magnitude eight earthquake. >> scientists say the new information shows the process of an earthquake rupturing other faults is more common than previously thought and with that much interconnection, there could be longer and more intense shaking than they previously expected. that means another big earthquake on the garlock fault could cause serious damage here in the bay area. help on the way for people who live in a large homeless
9:24 am
camp along highway 12 in santa rosa. the sonoma county board of supervisor approved an $11 million spending plan to people along the joe rodota trail. the plan includes setting up two sanctioned encampments and purchasing homes to house groups of people. @ also offer access to social and medical services. >> it can begin the healing process from the ground up in their community that they helped to create and to know their voices are heard and respected. we do not want to scream at you to please do something. we want to be a part of that something. >> the sites for the sanctioned encampments haven't been picked yet. some have suggested the sonoma county fairgrounds, others oppose the idea. the oakland school district is wiping out outstanding lunch debt for hundreds of students thanks to two generous donations. the ceo of tech firm one planet has donated more than $15,000 to the district to pay off students' past breakfast and
9:25 am
lunch bills. in the bay area, a person is giving the district $1000 towards the debt. a spanish television reporter is apologizing after an awkward moment. she started screaming on camera when the results of spain's christmas lottery was  announced. he was clutching a winning lottery ticket known as -- the lottery known as el gordo. she announced she was not coming to work tomorrow. she thought she had won. she had only won a share of that jackpot, about $5500, not even 55,000. she later apologized on twitter and says she plans on taking some time off. ladies, that's a cautionary tale for us. >> she broke all the rules. first of all, you know, stay quiet. >> don't tell anyone. >> get a lawyer. make your plans. >> and she is announcing it on tv. poor thing. hope she enjoys that 5000. i guess 2000 after uncle sam takes it. >> who knows what spain's taxes are. open mothers are taking a
9:26 am
stand today. in a minute we have a live report on why they are occupying a vacant home in oakland and what the agency that owns the house has to say and how it's warning about setting a dangerous precedent. controversy this morning over a new netflix series. some are saying it's provocative and others say it crosses a line.
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♪ sleigh bells ring ♪ are you listening ♪ in the lane snow is glistening ♪ >> what a gorgeous picture. and it just happens to be the ktvu back yard, if you will. nice and clear along the oakland estuary. a lot of people heading to the city in the distance to do last minute holiday shopping, i'm sure. a lot of local shops here in oakland are happy to receive you. a lot of hustle and bustle. weatherwise it is clear for now but that's about to change. in fact, the national weather service is warning of possible flooding on low lying roadways in marin county today, that includes the mans -- high tide level is up nearby roads would be covered in water. this morning we were fine. ktvu and the chp reminds people not to drive through standing water. just 6 inches of standing water can cause a car with low clearance to stall. a little bit of rain is in the forecast later tonight as rosemary orozco has been telling us. santa is going to need rain gear. >> yes, i would agree. we are looking at scattered
9:30 am
showers moving in during the evening hours. and we will continue into christmas day. outside our doors at this hour, a mix of partly cloudy skies, patchy fog and cold conditions. here's a look at san francisco. san francisco, 45 degrees, it has been 45 degrees for most of the morning thus far. our inland cities freezing and below freezing. santa rosa at 32. oakland 47. livermore 40 and san jose at 45. livermore slowly warming. 35 was the overnight low for livermore and a degree warmer than yesterday. we are looking at a few degrees cooler in napa, down by 8 degrees over santa rosa. santa rosa through novato where we are dealing with patchy fog and some of it dense fog. novato and santa rosa both reporting less than quarter mile. so it is thick in some areas still at this hour through portions of our north bay valley locations. everybody else a dry day. we are looking at partly cloudy skies turning mostly cloudy by
9:31 am
the second half. this system is expected to actually pull a little bit farther south and then cross over california. we are going to get wraparound scattered showers. here's a look at what you can expect into the afternoon today. we will have just a few sprinkles, perhaps closer to the coast, maybe the higher elevations, little bit of drizzle. can't rule that out. but we are going to be dry for the most part. here's a look at your afternoon and into the evening commute. and then as we get into the evening hours, if you do festivities, dinner plans, those types of ideas we have got scattered shower activity that looks like it will arrive between 9:00, 10:00, maybe 11:00 or so. and continue into the overnight hours. there's christmas morning. we are going to wake up with mostly cloudy skies, widespread scattered showers. in and out of a few sprinkles, not going to dry out completely, but we will have some breaks there for you to get outdoors and enjoy your christmas day. here's a look at 6:00, maybe towards the dinner hour, and we are still dealing with the possibility of a few scattered showers. not going to be a huge deal but definitely enough to get us wet and here's a look at some of
9:32 am
the projections as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from a 10th of an inch to quarter inch, maybe 1/2". afternoon highs for today under mostly cloudy skies, dry conditions, low to mid-50s and then the extended forecast shows you we are going to see that wet weather move out of the area by wednesday night into thursday and then we are dry thursday, friday into the final weekend of 2019. back to you. >> thanks. this morning some homeless mothers who are staying in a vacant house in west oakland will hold a christmas eve news conference. ktvu's leigh martinez joins us live from the house on magnolia street. leigh, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: it's pretty quiet. we did just see one woman show up here who says she is organizing with some mothers. we don't have a whole lot of information, but we are told that the mothers are going to be laying out their demands and also responding to the real estate company's response to have them evicted from the premises. the house in west oakland was taken over by four mothers and their children back in
9:33 am
november. they say it's been vacant for years and they need a roof over their heads but a southern california real estate investment company that bought the nassau july evicted them. on december 6th the mom spoke in front of the home to supporters when they received the eviction notice. >> we are not leaving. we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: now, the moms filed a claim of right to possession and a court hearing is scheduled for december 30th. the real estate company then enlisted the help of james washington, a former two time nfl super bowl champion and the founder of the nonprofit shelter 37. he said that there is a project in the works to renovate the house. >> if you set a precedence of giving one person a home, do you know how many people will be squatting? >> reporter: now the real estate company says once the renovation of the home is completed with the help of shelter 37, it will sell the
9:34 am
property to a first time home buyer with the profit split 50/50 with the nonprofit. now, the moms' attorney says that the oakland community land trust offered to buy the home and then rent it out to these working moms. we are going to hear more when the press conference starts at 10:00 this morning. in west oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, leigh. new this morning, president trump participated in a conference call with all military branches while he was at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. the president wished service members a merry christmas and talked about the recently signed defense bill that gives military members a raise. >> but this christmas i hope every member of our military will feel the overwhelming love and gratitude of our nation for your faithful service. starting january 1st, you will be getting your largest pay raise in more than a decade. you don't have to take it. if you want, you can turn it back into the government. >> president trump there just joking about returning the raises. later the president fielded questions from the military branches and someone asked him about his gift for the first lady, president trump said, he
9:35 am
got her a nice card but also admitted he is working on more. the door dash food delivery company says it's looking into another incident in which one of its workers is seen on video stealing packages from porches. the latest incident happened at a condo on lafayette street in santa clara on december 7th. security video shows a door dash delivery person bringing a meal to the tenant. the courier then walks to the hallway, moves out of camera's sight into the doorway where the tenant say she grabbed a package and walked off with it. the package contained a calendar, laundry detergent and razor blades. >> i thought that was cheesy. >> if the california law or the penal code changed it made it a felony to steal packages like mail, then this probably would stop some of the thievery. >> reporter: the homeowners association says in a separate incident surveillance cameras recorded a young man hitting the same condo twice last april. the association is considering
9:36 am
a lockbox that protects tenants' packages. in a separate incident door dash says it banned the delivery person who is seen on camera stealing items from a berkeley apartment complex. the oakland athletics on their way to owning the complex. voted unanimous to sell its half ownership to the as for $85 million. this change in ownership is the first in the 55-year history of that sports facility. ktvu was there for the historic vote. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, alameda county has financially helped three major sports teams but that has officially come to an end. in the unanimous vote the board of supervisor decided to sell its half of the coliseum complex to the oakland athletics. the price, $85 million. >> and we think it's in the best interest of the county to get out of the sports business and get out of it in a responsible way. >> reporter: supervisor say the money will be used for housing,
9:37 am
healthcare and other core services. the athletics will have 190 days to review the stadium, arena and nearby properties. then the deal is finalized. the as will also pay roughly $5 million a year in operating costs. >> we are investing in oakland, in alameda county, and we are doing that because we believe in this community. we have been here 52 years. we want to be here 100 more years, if not forever. >> reporter: but before the decision, there were some mixed reviews, mainly worry over rising housing costs and gentrification. >> we need to be concerned about those individuals that are currently in this city and how it will affect whether they are able to remain in this city. >> this is an opportunity for us to perhaps, perhaps develop something that may be good for the black community. >> reporter: supervisor and the as agree doing nothing is a bad idea and efforts will be made to include east oakland neighbors. >> i can't see any down side. >> reporter: now the athletics are looking to strike a deal with the city of oakland, which
9:38 am
owns the other half of the coliseum complex and to push forward with a new ballpark in jack linden square at the howard terminal. >> we want to move forward and get a deal and want to get construction underway and get the new ballpark opened. we have been talking about things for a long time but we want to actually get a shovel in the ground and ensure there are new jobs, ensure that the community is protected and that the entire development is done in a responsible way. >> reporter: from here the city of oakland will have to decide if it wants to work with the as on a future plan for the coliseum complex. if not, the president of the as says it would be willing to buy oakland's half. brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. first win streak of the season. last night the warriors beat the minnesota timberwolves 113- 104 to win their second straight game. deangelo russell scored 30 points to lead the way. the doves still have the worst
9:39 am
record in the western conference. steph curry surprised hundreds of oakland fans over the weekend at a holiday event by making sure nobody steals christmas this year. steph and his wife dressed up as the grinch and cindy lou who at a function sponsored by their eat, learn play foundation. to get into character the currys spent three hours in proceeds specs and makeup before finally revealing themselves in their costumes. they handed out food, games, books and more to over 2000 people who attended the event. netflix facing a black lash over its new show messiah. more than 3500 people have signed a petition condemning the series as, quote, anti- islamic pop gad propaganda. universal studios is telling movie theaters worldwide to scratch out their first copy of the film "cats." universal is now sending out new copies of the film. the director tom cooper said he had to rush to complete the
9:40 am
film and barely finished it for the premiere last week. the new version includes improved visual effects. the decision to send out an updated film that has already been released is extremely rare for hollywood but "cats" flopped at the box office in its opening weekend and its producers hope critics and audiences will approve of the new changes. >> called a do-over. happening now, still christmas eve in california but christmas morning in the far east and many people around the world want to know when santa claus is heading to their neighborhood. this is the 64th year that norad, the u.s. canadian air force command is tracking santa's global tour. you can also follow santa on twitter, facebook, google, onstar and alexa. 15million people are excited and checking in on where santa is this year. coming up in a moment on mornings on 2, thousands of people in the bay area will soon get a raise. the local cities that are raising their minimum wage next week. plus celebrating diversity in the bay area. we will take a closer look at some minority owned businesses that are being recognized in
9:41 am
san francisco.
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call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and ah mother nature sure doesn't cut any corners when she paints a morning like that. and we know there is no shortcut to quality. and that's why we use nothing but the very best sausage that money can buy. paint yourself a beautiful morning. there is holiday travel trouble for people all across the country. as david lee miller reports, there are flight delays, crowded highways as a record 115.6 million americans are
9:44 am
expected to try and get away for the holidays. >> reporter: time to travel, a record 115.6 million americans are heading out of town this holiday season, nearly 4% more than last year. and the great escape is already in full swing. >> we tried to change our train and they said they were booked all day long, completely. >> reporter: aaa's holiday travel period began saturday december 21st, and runs through new year's day. the most popular destination this year, according to advanced bookings, sunny orlando, florida. if you're traveling by car, you will have plenty of company. the majority of us are hitting the roads this holiday, around 104 million people. anyone driving through western pennsylvania tuesday found themselves going nowhere fast because of a fiery tractor- trailer accident that shut down part of the pennsylvania turnpike. people trying to get to los angeles international airport found themselves stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic due to heavy rain. >> people started to get crazy once they get on the road in the rain.
9:45 am
>> reporter: tsa says you can help avoid security delays by cooperating with agents. >> should go into your checked bag. >> i think bottled water should be allowed on the plane and shoes should be able to be left on. i think security is tight enough now. >> reporter: many travelers say once you do get to your destination, all those problems along the way become a thing of the past. >> we love our family and are so thankful to have everybody together this holiday season. >> reporter: whether it's by car or plane, aaa says the busiest travel day of the season will be thursday, the day after christmas. at new york's laguardia airport, david lee miller, fox news. nurses who work for santa clara county could be going on strike soon. the registered nurses professional association represents 3000 nurses at county clinics, jails and three county medical centers. over the weekend 94% of those who voted authorized their union leadership to call a future strike. the nurses want better pay and
9:46 am
more flexibility with their schedules. county ceo jeff smith says he's optimistic about future negotiations because nurses started casting votes before the county presented its current offer. the union says it will give the county a 10 day notice before nurses go on strike. on new year's day many hourly workers across the bay area will be getting a pay rise. several cities are set to implement new minimum wage levels that will start at $15 an hour. those cities include beaumont, menlo park, petaluma, south san francisco and san mateo. one reason for the increase is many cities do $15 an hour as a base line for workers living wage. the statewide minimum wage go up $1 to $13 an hour for large employers and $12 an hour for companies with 25 employees or less. a south bay teenaged turning love for legos into a way to help others. 17-year-old andrew chang started the lego club at friends of children with special needs. it's a south bay organization that serves both children and adults. for the past two years he has
9:47 am
been showing people how to make candy dispensers out of legos. he creates the designs and then teaches people with special needs how to make them step by step. >> it is mind blowing. i didn't expect to find what i found. >> chang says the goal is to help provide job training to the adults with special needs. he's currently teaching 13 adults every sunday. over the past two years he says he has noticed socialization skills have improved during their time together. no shortage of diversity here in the bay area and in san francisco the city has honored many minority owned businesses as part of its legacy business program. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama went to japantown where two sweet shops have been honored over the decades for serving traditional japanese desserts. >> reporter: in san francisco's japantown, customers line up early along the counter at ben
9:48 am
kyoto, eye traditional japanese treats nestled in neat little rows on the shelves. in the back kitchen bobby and ricky fold the sweet beans into small pillows of handmade mochi just the way their father taught them. >> my brother started first since like the late '70s, i would say, so going on like 40 years. >> reporter: that's a short time in ben kyoto's long history. opened the shop in 1906 and every since three generations of the family have persevered, making sweets through the bitter times of two world wars and the u.s. incarceration of japanese americans. ben kyoto was declared a legacy business by san francisco and awarded honors from the state of california. >> we respect our parents and our grandparents before. the work they put in to continue that legacy of the business. >> reporter: just across the street from ben kyoto here in
9:49 am
japantown there's another business that is passing on a san francisco tradition and family legacy to a new generation. standing in the kitchen of the sweet stop, 29-year-old is trying to fill his grandfather's shoes. >> it's crazy busy back here. >> reporter: a few years back his grandparents, the bakery's founders passed the spatula to their grandson. >> just said, okay, just watch me. i want you to do what i do. and just told me to go. >> reporter: but this wasn't about baking just any cakes. >> because the candy here. >> reporter: for 45 years, they have been preserving a slice of san francisco history, the beloved coffee crunch cake. >> crunch cake is a san francisco tradition. >> reporter: tom known to friends as moses learned the recipe from a blum's bakery confectioner. he opened his shop in 1974 and continued the crunch cake tradition, even getting
9:50 am
accolades, he says, when the blum's daughter dropped by. >> i was very pleased about that. then she said she is glad that somebody continued making the cake. because nobody was making that cake after blum's shut down. >> reporter: the topping is temperamental. >> you let it go too long it will taste burned. >> reporter: the results so sweet. >> something i've always liked just to see -- how i can help other people, how i can make them smile. >> reporter: and for tom, sweet satisfaction knowing the family bakery designated a legacy business this year will live on. >> account for something, instrumental in building the business. >> i love meeting people. >> reporter: ben kyoto's future is not as certain. they are still searching for a successor before they retire. >> a lot of japanese owned buildings but changing. >> reporter: two businesses, pillars of preservation at this
9:51 am
corner of sutter and buchanan. hoping to continue sweetening lives in san francisco. >> my mouth is watering just looking at it. >> they look delicious. >> yes. so good. coming up on mornings on 2 on the nine, the march family returns to the big screen. the stars of "little women" talk about the special message behind the film. and forget about video games and action figures. a little girl will warm your heart with this surprise gift she got on christmas eve.
9:52 am
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industrial and healthcare stocks are the biggest losers here. markets close in a few minutes at 10:00. the dow jones on the losing. after four nights under a doctor's care, the 98-year-old
9:55 am
duke of edinborough was treated for a preexisting condition. he walked from the hospital to an awaiting vehicle. he is now with queen elizabeth at a royal estate for christmas. notre dame cathedral in paris canceling christmas mass for the first time in 200 years. crews still working to restore the building after a massive fire in april that caused the fire and roof to collapse. worshipers have celebrated mass at the cathedral since 1803 after the french revolution. services were held during two world wars. >> probably many, many families have that tradition of going every year for christmas services. that is quite a break in tradition. >> the restoration of the cathedral is scheduled to be completed by 2024, just in time for the paris summer olympics. "little women" heading back to the big screen in time for christmas. the seventh film adaptation gives a brand-new look to the timeless classic. here's claudine cowen with a
9:56 am
preview. >> reporter: greta gerwig gives a novel take to the classic novel "little women" in the new film adaptation. >> any period piece needs a filter to be given, something new, a new filter to be seen through and greta is the one. take this piece, writing this gorgeous poem and somehow making it so much her own while honoring the period. >> this is meg, amy, beth and jill. >> reporter: the movie follows the march sisters coming of age during the aftermath of the civil war. florence pugh plays amy march and says the new version focuses more on how the women go after their dreams. >> i want to be great or nothing. >> amy has been misunderstood, probably since the beginning and people are so ready to hate her and i think greta just -- i think she wanted to honor the
9:57 am
book and make sure this woman, this woman in the book finally gets to say how she feels, finally gets to fight the battles she wants to fight and people get to see how driven she actually was. >> reporter: emma watson feels the modern take on this story is good timing. >> troubling for lots of different reasons, politically, and i think it says something about america and american values that is really heart warming and still very meaningful right now. >> reporter: in hollywood, claudia cowan, fox news. happening today, hundreds of volunteers from the salvation army in san francisco will be putting the finishing touches on prepackaged fresh meals that will be given out on christmas day. about 3000 meals will be prepared today and another 1500 tomorrow morning. and then on christmas day, more
9:58 am
than 500 volunteers will hand deliver all the meals to people across the city who aren't able to leave their homes this holiday. also happening today the berkeley humane society will be delivering kittens to families on christmas eve. volunteers will bring the pets to families who are able to adopt a kitten last week. it's part of the shelter's santa paws event to save the lives of shelter pets. berkeley humane has found -- kitten overcrowding at a shelter in southern california. some drivers in the central valley are getting a pleasant holiday surprise from madera county sheriff's deputies when they get pulled over for traffic violations. >> i am not going to give you a ticket today. >> thank you. >> but we are going to do is give you $100. >> i love her reaction. the deputies are stopping drivers who have minor offenses like expired registrations or broken tail lights. this is the fist year the madera sheriff's office has
9:59 am
held its operation random acts of kindness program. another great reaction here after a father in southern california wanted to see what would happen if he gave his little girl what he thought would be a bad christmas gift. his plan back fired and i want you to watch her reaction as this video has gone viral. >> banana. >> you got a banana. >> yes. >> you need help? >> yeah. >> i could watch this for the rest of the day. this is 2-year-old aria, she thinks the banana is the best present ever. a person said food is love, food is a gift but that girl's gratitude and excitement is the greatest gift we could ask for. >> that is such a cute age. half the fun is unwrapping. >> may you all be so happy for rest of your holiday. it has been a joy, ladies. >> so fly.
10:00 am
>> do this again. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> wendy williams is up next. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thanks for watching our show. say hello to my cohosts. the studio audience. how you doin'?


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