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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 25, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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two people stole thousands of dollars from a local church. what the community is doing to help. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, it is wednesday, december 25. merry christmas to all of you at home watching. merry christmas to you.
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looking at a live picture for san francisco's union square, that beautiful tree. you can see some raindrops on that camera lens. they have some rain last night we had to get through. rudolph as well. rosemary is in for steve . >> merry christmas, happy holidays. it is a wet one, even thunderstorms rolled through a little bit earlier. we're going to have scattered showers as we move through today. then it was we get to the second part of your afternoon we do begin to dry out. this morning, it is a wet one. here's a look at storm tracker two. as you look to the north bay coastline in the santa cruz mountain areas, you can see the lightning rolling through in the last few hours. perhaps saw or heard it. also notice over areas of the mount diablo range. snow levels are about 3500 feet this morning so were picking up on a mix of pink and white,
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let's get into the santa cruz mountains where we do have light to moderate rainfall falling here. into the east bay, there is a look at that rain and snow, wet over areas of fremont and milpitas, oakland, perhaps moderate rain falling. a few scattered showers over areas of the peninsula. we are seeing some heavier rain along highway 24 in lafayette. stretches over towards highway four, perhaps pittsburgh, antioch, into the north bay, we have a few scattered showers. we will remain through the morning hours with the wet weather. a few bits of moisture they are in the sierra. this will continue to move through the sierra. no advisories in place. be prepared, anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of fresh snow fall expected with the storm. we will be calling for morning showers and drying out later today. temperatures will remain on the
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cool side. >> happening now, volunteers with the san francisco salvation army or packaging holiday meals. it all goes to thousands of people who can't leave their homes for christmas. we are live from the salvation army central kitchen where the christmas spirit is alive. good morning. >> good morning. i got here at 6:00 and the volunteers were already here. they have an assembly line going right now to package up the meals. the salvation army has been doing this for more than 50 years. everyone has a specific job. we're going to talk to zach who was a volunteer . ? have you been doing this for a while wax >> when we are handing out other meals door to door. but now i am on the front lines, serving the meals. why do you do this? this is christmas morning, you are not with your family, why do you come out here ?
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>> it is always good to give back and it's good for the community and denies the people . >> what is it like since you have delivered meals before ? >> what kind of reaction do you get when you deliver the meals ? >> to see them smile and people out there carrying in trying to be nice to each other. they get a nice new meal for christmas, that's awesome . >> thank you so much for doing what you were doing. that's great for the family to be here. more than 4000 meals will be packaged and hand-delivered to thousands of san francisco residents who cannot leave their home to illness or to aids. we have more than 500 volunteers coming in picking up these meals and hand delivering them. you're looking at the first shift of volunteers packaging up the meals. we are told another shift will be coming in and then around 8:00 that is when they are going to be heading out, packing out these meals and delivering them to families.
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we will be traveling around with them. salvation army has been doing this for more than 50 years, and delivering these christmas meals. police in san jose are looking for two people caught on camera, stealing a donation box. we have more on what happened and who police are looking for? >> reporter: 'tis the season for giving but for a fall small few season for taking. plainly evident in this video taken at this church in san jose on saturday . >> i would say to them, this was the money for the children, to buy gifts for them. you are robbing gifts for children. >> reporter: that is the father, talking about the two people captured on church surveillance, to commit a unholy act . >> see how they are waiting by the door because they couldn't
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come in? >> reporter: the doors are always open for people to come in, pray and confess their sins, these two were only interested in lining their own pockets . >> pretend they ask a question to the cleaning lady. when she turned around i guess that's when you see them come in and grabbing the wooden box and taking it away. >> reporter: the pair carrying out this christmas holiday crime running past an unsuspecting parishioner, none the wiser to the bold move that was carried out. money that is used to help some of the kids, 6000 congregation . >> selling of the candles go to bike gifts for the children . >> used to buy gifts which are headed out for the kids. an event that is now shrouded in uncertainty, because of this theft, and stored of holding elwell and in keeping with the spirit of christmas season, choosing to express the message
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of hope for the two people who took the money, donated for the church, meant for children. >> i pray for these individuals, i hope and pray that they will listen to this message and they will repent. i think it goes with the spirit of christmas which is a change of heart. hopefully they will return the money. >> reporter: the father believes the thieves got away with two to $3000. he also found out another donation box was taken here in the sanctuary of the church. a gofundme page has been set up with the hope of getting enough money to buy those toys. you can find out more information about the gofundme page on our website, in san jose, ktvu mornings on 2 . new this morning, homicide detectives are investigating a deadly shooting. just before 1130, officers responded to reports of gunfire
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in the tenderloin district. they found a 29-year-old man suffering with gunshot wounds to his upper body, he was pronounced dead at the scene . a man was okay. a 23-year-old woman was shot in the ankle, she was treated at a hospital in central. police are saying if anyone was detained or what the relationship is among the three people? a shooting in vallejo, a six-year-old boy is hospitalized hospitalized. the boy and family were celebrating a christmas eve, reports of gunfire around 630 last night when they arrived they couldn't find any victims, the child's family had artie taken the boy to the hospital. it appears he had been shot several times in the torso. anybody with information is asked to call vallejo police . a frightening and caught on camera, tesla crashed into a busy salon, narrowly missing the customers inside.
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>> reporter: at the top right of the screen you can see the driver turning to park in the space when suddenly the car accelerates, lurching forward, crashing into the salon . >> i literally saw the car at the curb, get airborne and go right through the front door. >> reporter: employees and customers were inside when the car came crashing through . >> had two people in the lobby when it happened. they went flying, one woman just had a hip replacement, it was amazing she was able to get out of the way . >> we thought it was one of the mirrors that fell and then it kept going, we didn't think it was the car we thought maybe somebody fell. the driver was an older man who came through unscathed . >> he got out and seemed a little dazed and confused in them beginning, probably because of the shock. it was this back wall that stopped the car, the business sustained significant damage to
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the interior but will continue to cooperate as it is being repaired. outside, damages, minor, fortunately no one was hurt. all are grateful, during a crowded christmas eve morning it wasn't worse . >> it was a christmas miracle that no one was injured. at this time no one is exactly sure what caused the driver to drive into the salon but the cause of the crash is under investigation. blackhawk plaza, ktvu, fox two news. my windshield wipers are on full blast we're going to keep a slight chance of showers for the afternoon. if you can take a look at the radar, you can see we not only
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have rain, we have thunder and lightning out there this morning. if you look at the pacific you can see another wave that is expected to move through. by noontime, we really begin to see this wind it down. for the second part of the day we go with partly sunny skies and a chance for scattered showers, clearing out by tonight. here's a look at the santa cruz mountains where we do have light rain falling there. toward los gatos, san jose, morgan hill and gilroy along highway 101. if you do have a early morning drive along the peninsula, few hit or miss scattered showers here. we have a fairly widespread, even a bit of moderate to heavy rain reported along highway four. you can see we have some rain, snow, snow mix of the area of diablo range. is about 3500 feet, it is going to be cool out there. oakland and san leandro, we have some rain, 680, san ramon, concord, again highway four.
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right around antioch in the pittsburgh area. we have some pretty good rain falling. the north bay, few scattered showers out there right now. advisory, if you think it about getting out, walking the dog dog are going for a run. possibility of rip currents and sneaker waves out there for west and northwest facing beaches. how about the forecast on this rain, there is 10 am. it really winds down. there is a look at your afternoon, a few pop up showers, we're seeing a little bit of clearing, that storm continues to push south over southern california. we will be drying out by tonight. temperatures this morning in the 40s. 47 downtown san francisco, 44 in castro valley. not quite as cold as we have been over areas over the north bay with the clouds in place and the rain. when i come back we'll have a
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look at the afternoon highs with the extended forecast for your weekend and just a bit . lawmakers are taking a break from capitol hill in washington dc beside a laundry list of issues still pending. a look at the major items still outstanding at the nation's capital this christmas day . cameras were rolling as the member of the navy's return home it just in time for the holiday . we have breaking news in the east bay, deadly crash and interstate 80. it happened west of the offramp in berkeley. it happened just before 530 this morning. the two vehicle collision. lanes are close, one lane westbound that is reopen, we're going to continue to follow latest developments and bring you updates, ktvu mornings on 2 , continues after the break.
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welcome back. the nation's capital lawmakers out of town for the holidays. what is on their political wish list ahead of christmas eve and 2020 . >> everybody has surprises for me. we will see what happens. >> reporter: north korean leader, kim jong-un threatens a christmas surprise, the u.s. didn't left sanctions. on vacation at his home in florida, the president not letting that threat dampen his
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holiday spirit. maybe it's the president that says beautiful boss . >> there is reason to worry because north korean leader, kim jong-un has something to prove to his people. >>'s credibility is on the line of very little doubt that he will indeed do something. possible icbm test . >> on the presidents coal less, democrats home for the holidays are listing their demands for the senate impeachment trial before they will hand over the articles of impeachment from the house . >> release the emails, let your aides testify. we say to mcconnell, fair trial with fax. >> reporter: senate leader mitch mcconnell, his christmas wishes to hold off on the trial as long as democrats want . >> other house democrats seem to suggesting they would prefer never to transmit the articles. >> that's fine with me .
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>> pelosi sent the holiday member letter to her members. next month they will make their legislation too hot to handle for senate republicans. the president lawmakers will be back here to washington dc until the first full week in january. in washington, fox news . this christmas holiday is even more special this year for a military family and folsom. a petty officer was scheduled to come back from his overseas deployment in the new year. he got home just in time for christmas. it is been tough for his wife, maintaining the home and taking carried of the couple's two kids. they have been counting down the days until their dad come home. >> all i want for christmas is daddy . >> he did active duty for about 10 years and then this is his third year as a reservist. with that comes sometimes having to deploy again .
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>> i'm fortunate to be home for the holidays. a lot of our guys aren't able to have this opportunity. we are keeping them in our minds. >> reporter: next year the o'neill's will celebrate another milestone, it is their 10th wedding anniversary . >> what a great christmas gift for that family. we will keep our servicemen and women in our thoughts christmas day. it is been a busy, rainy morning so far. slick roads for folks that are on the go if you're flying out of san francisco, no delays at the moment. here is a look into union square where it is soggy, tree and ice-skating rink. we will have the wet weather through most of the morning first part of the afternoon, before it winds down and clears out tonight. is a look at some other rainfall amounts earlier this morning. this is preliminary. point reyes reporting 2107
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inch, santa rosa 3107 inch. many areas less than 10th of an inch. here's a look at storm tracker two, three hour time lapse on there, thunderstorms it moved into the north bay and the central area. if you look south, areas over santa cruz, monterey also reporting thunderstorms. here is what is going on right now. we do have the rain that continues over the south bay. moderate rain reported for you there. the peninsula just a few hit or miss scattered showers. it is really the south bay in the east bay where we're seeing this. we keep going over the diablo range where we're seeing a little bit of snow with levels down about 3500 feet. had about 580, if we stretch back toward the east bay shore we have 880 covered, oakland,
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san leandro, towards milpitas and highway 680 into highway four. antioch and brentwood reporting some rain over mount diablo. into the sierra little bit of snow falling. snow advisory for winter travel but a few inches of snow will be possible with this storm as it works out toward the sierra and the east. the brunt of the system, the court is going to remain offshore and then move over southern california. by 10:00, noontime we're drying out. we won't dry up completely. in addition to partly sunny's guide we will have scattered showers. we might see a thunderstorm or two. by tonight we're drying out. we are dry for the rest of the week. here's a look for your temperatures outside right now. for the afternoon we will go low to mid 50s. it is going to be a cold one, partly sunny skies, few
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isolated showers for the second part of your day. afternoon highs are not going to change a whole lot. overnight lows, once again getting into the next few days, sinking back into the low 30s for some of our communities, back to you . small family-owned wineries are at risk in one country . >> the small farmer is the character of the napa valley. >> why they say a new laws making it more difficult for them to do business. reduce, limited, cancel services to travel around the bay today . >> first let's have a live look at the golden gate bridge this christmas morning. you can see the roads are slick we've had a lot of rain overnight. there's gonna be a little bit more this morning so drive safely if you're heading out the door. you're watching ktvu mornings on 2.
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wine is a popular gift each holiday season but sums mall family owned wineries in california are battling, what some of them are doing to help change the counties restriction. for nearly the last 40 years the same family has owned
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of these 28 acres, nestled in the napa valley. they are home to elkhorn peak sellers. >> when that goes away, the soul of napa valley can go away. >> he worries about the future of his farm and napa losing its roots. he wants his daughter to take over the business but the permitting process makes it hard to get their wine in front of the consumer . >> encouraged to go big or go home and napa. it's creating an environment where small vineyard owners like us don't have a chance . >> it prohibits the building of a tasting room in a agricultural zone like this unless it is connected to a winery . >> we would have to construct the production facility. minimum cost of $5 million. no way it makes any sense .
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>> i welcome big business, small business, i feel like there is enough room in napa for everyone. i just wish the regulations in napa supported that. >> no tasting rooms, no sales on-site means there's fewer chances to get their wine out there. with that in mind they join save the family farms, a group of small farm owners was to add a resolution to help these micro wineries find a pathway to tastings in the county. survival amongst the large wineries in town . >> there is about 200 small family farms his soul to corporations in the past five years. that goes to show you that there is a problem here . >> that is not something we should consider we just want to keep the family farm going and be economically viable for generations to come. >> the group says they are scene opposition and support. they're hoping it will preserve their legacy, to keep them bearing the fruits of their
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labor. coming up, and east bay family is one step closer to justice. the latest ruling by a judge regarding a man accused of killing a young woman on a part platform.
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from ktvu, fox 2 new, this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> thank you for joining us. merry christmas for everyone at
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home we are in for pam and dave on this christmas day. rose may rosemary is here in for steve . >> we are also festive. >> on the screen we have the green, we have that rain out there as expected. this is rolling through, even thunderstorms in the area the last few hours. take a look at tour storm tracker two, four clock this morning areas of the north bay. kind of moved into the central, east bay and over areas of santa cruz, several lightning strikes there and under. if you look over the diablo range, we have that shade of pink and white, indicating the snow falling over mount hamilton. snow levels about 3500 feet. if i stop the radar, northbay, few scattered showers, along the peninsula on the coastline. the east bay, covered and it is
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moderate to heavy at times. this will continue to push through for the second part of the afternoon we will go mostly cloudy skies, chance for scattered showers will remain for the first part of day. we will be drying out by tonight. more details and what you can expect for the rest of the week, coming up. here is a look at some of today's top stories. at 8:00, volunteers will be delivering meals to elderly homebound and food insecure people across the bay area, this christmas day . a san jose church need help finding two people who stole a donation box full of money. it was caught on camera. the money in the donation box is going to be used to buy presents for kids, they usually hand out gifts every year january 6 . a deadly shooting that happened in san francisco at
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joins jones and o'farrell. a man was shot in the torso, died on the scene, another person was getting treated for a hit in the head with an object. her ankle is been treated and released from the hospital. police are not saying if anyone has been detained in connection with this incident. they are not talking about the relationship between those three people. >> the credible trial is beginning next year. the suspect is contender competent despite the debate over his mental state. we are in the courtroom alongside his the family. on this platform has forever changed the family of the victim she was stabbed to death in july 2018 . >> we are on christmas eve, it is hard but we maintain as a family. >> that family comes to court time and time again to face the suspect accused of murdering her and stabbing her sister.
6:34 am
for months there been different opinions over his mental state after three separate psychological evaluations the judge ruled he was competent to stand trial. recently the defense said new symptoms like refusing to meet with doctors or attorneys made him unfit but many are not buying it . >> he shouldn't have do what he can do to prolong his fate . >> prosecutors agree saying he is faking or trying to beat his case. a judge is left to decide if he was unwilling or unable to cooperate. ruling the criminal case will move on and that he is competent for trial. his family then clapped in court . >> i was happy that the criminal proceedings didn't get suspended again. that was good for us . >> but the judge also called for a fourth mental evaluation out of abundance of caution or the court. still for the victims family it
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is a state step forward . >> we have to be here for ourselves make sure our daughters, sisters, granddaughters, have justice. it was taken from her, all we want is justice. >> they will meet with the psychologist in january. the criminal trial is also expected to start early next year. we continue to follow the breaking news in berkeley, picture from a caltrans camera at westbound 80 where crash happened around 530 this morning. many of the westbound lanes remain closed, you can see emergency responders at the scene. unfortunately one person died in this two vehicle collision that happened about an hour ago. right now there is just one westbound lane open.
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you can see cars getting through very slowly and carefully. this happened at 530 this morning, westbound 80, most of those lanes and that westbound direction remain shut down. we will continue to follow the latest developments in the story . contra costa county sheriff's office has released the name of the suspect shot and killed in a convenience store robbery. he is 31 years old and lives in merced. this shows them walking into a market part chicago highway. one hit the clerk in the head with a gun and took money from the cash register the clerk then fired a shot. andrew ran out of the store but then died less than a block away . please chase through downtown sacramento ended a suspect being rescued from american river. it started when an officer tried to make a traffic stop. there is a three mile chase
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interstate five. he jumped into the river. the west sacramento police department the man can face several charges . oakland police is establishing a new safe exchange zone. this area for people buying or selling items through social media like craigslist. they are dealing with strangers so they need a safe place in order to carry out that transaction. please say this zone will be monitored by officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. a surveillance camera will also be recording all those transactions for everyone's safety . >> we want people to be safe. anytime you're dealing with money and goods there is an opportunity for a theft or a robbery to occur. we want to avoid that at all costs. is located on broadway,
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this zone will be well lit it all times . the tamale factory has one of their busiest times of the year. >> people were lined up waiting to pick up tamales yesterday.  outside of booth was also set up for those who didn't preorder their food. by the time they close today they will have sold 30,000 tamales . >> everybody we spoke with have said they been going to the tamale factory for years. it is our cultural tradition. every year we get together put it all together and then have family together. we celebrate christmas. preorders close on december 20. today there only 3000 tamales that will be available for public, once the doors are
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open. on this christmas day, bart will be running on the sunday schedule starting at 8 am. parking will be free all day. there reducing its peak commute antioch schedule for tomorrow and friday. all lines will operate normally for the rest of this week . christmas holidays affecting other bay area transit agencies. most are operating on sunday schedule. some agencies are not operated all this holiday including the ace train, contra costa county connection. including goldengate fairies. blue and gold fairy or san francisco bay fairy today. is probably good idea with all the rain we are having this morning, choppy waters out there. the city of san francisco has gift of drivers is no
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enforcement for street parking today. you still can't park next to fire hydrants . >> if you're able to find parking make sure you have an umbrella because it's really coming down . >> even thunderstorms roared through the bay area. 330 and 530 this morning but the rain continues to fall, here's a look at union square. it is a wet one out there. this can be soggy for the first part of the day. the brunt of all that rain is moving through this morning. so that is good news, san francisco one of the only spots for major airports reporting delays, about 39 minutes or so. everybody else looking good. here's a look at storm tracker two. three-hour time-lapse, areas of here in santa cruz you will see the lightning strikes as they move through.
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special time limit on this time lapse between 330 and 530 you can see how it moves through and dissipates and as it gets into the east bay and over to santa cruz and into the mountains. right now we're actually watching scattered showers as they begin to wind down. a few sprinkles in the north bay, san francisco, along the peninsula, hit or miss scattered showers. in the south bay it is a wet one, san jose, gilroy, santa cruz mountains, the range over mount hamilton a little bit of rain and snow mix. east bay, 880, alameda towards oakland there is rain there. as we stretch over to hayward, 580 livermore.dublin area. 680 also wet areas over danville and then highway for right around antioch, brentwood, pittsburgh. if we had into the sierra a little bit of snow falling. no advisory for winter travel
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but a few inches of snow expected in around the tahoe area. even without the advisory make sure you have the snow tires or the chains ready. for the next 24 hours or so we do have an advisory for sneaker winds as well as rip currents, when i come back we'll have a look at your temperatures, current conditions in the 40s this morning. a look at your extended forecast in just a bit. uber is working on a new system to help relieve traffic congestion in big cities. uber is rolling it out in the largest city in the u.s . get the appropriate medical attention for the youngest member. a look at this christmas mornings commute. this is a live picture of highway 24 in lafayette, headed toward the caldecott tunnel. not too many cars on the road,
6:43 am
you can expect a pretty light drive this morning. you are watching ktvu mornings on 2.
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uber is among the rideshare companies changing their practices to help relieve
6:46 am
traffic congestion in one of the biggest cities . >> a cruising cap, limit on the amount of time drivers can drive around the city without having a passenger in the car. the goal would be to cut down on traffic congestion . >> all of these car services? do you think they create a lot of congestion ? >> i use uber and left all the time, i am happy with it. >> he announced new rules for card sharing companies last june. drivers would be limited to spending no more than 31% of their time without a passenger in the car, and the busiest part of the city. a judge has now ruled the regulations are not legal . >> 2017 traffic study help develop the city's regulation.
6:47 am
>> about 40% of the time, uber and left a empty right around manhattan . >> the mayor's office is considering appealing. quote these corporations have flooded our streets with so many cars it nearly 40% drive around empty and clog our streets. these 85,000 new vehicles create significant environmental problems as well. in the meantime lift says the city created bad public policy. uber says it remains committed for driver flexibility. and east bay family is looking forward to the new year and hoping their three-year-old son will finally get the surgery he needs. he was born with the condition the sentence parents on the quest for answers and a solution.
6:48 am
music ♪ >> reporter: three-year-old landon keeps everyone on their toes . >> is a little boy that i didn't know that we needed. >> reporter: after three decades of marriage and too little kids he thrives. >> when he was born they were 12, 14, 16 years old. when they told kids the reaction had this video going viral. the pregnancy went well and they settled into life as a family of six. >> it wasn't until he was six months old when i was concerned because it looked like the bump on his four head was growing. and his head circumference was jumping. i think he was 25th percentile had circumference at two months i think it was 40th. six months, 80th percentile .
6:49 am
>> doctors say not to worry but she persisted and he was diagnosed. a condition that causes the bone of the baby's skull to join together to early. according to the cdc one in every 2500 babies are born with it every year. left untreated, children can suffer from problems that range from deformity, developmental delays, cognitive impairment and eye disorders . >> he was crying all the time, he was losing weight, he was getting further behind in his milestones, almost 9 months he was no longer rolling. they were threatening a feeding tube if i couldn't get calories and in . >> for most the treatment is surgery. >> to see your son to go into a room that you can't be in and to go through that surgery, not knowing exactly the outcome, it was very challenging . >> i didn't recognize him.
6:50 am
his eyelids were all bruised. they were swollen shut for two days. >> after surgery, the difference was remarkable . >> night and day difference with regard to his interaction, eating his interaction with people, he just really came to life. it was pretty amazing . >> the months pass and although the shape of his head wasn't getting better, his doctors weren't worried. >> he had kind of like a ski jump where the top of the skull would kind of ramp up and then down. he would say those kinds of things would modify and correct themselves over time . >> but they got a second opinion from a surgeon who focuses only on this. his diagnosis was different . >> it was confirmed, now he has another suture, back here that
6:51 am
had close . >> now we face is another surgery. this time they say insurance won't cover the out of network surgeon they want. their appeal was denied . >> i was devastated. his parents are determined to do it that their way, raising money for the surgery through a gofundme . >> the response was very humbling to see family and friends to be able to donate money like they were, it was overwhelming. it was really a blessing . >> they are sharing their story. they say hearing from other families gave them strength in their journeys . >> as they face is uncertain future, they say one thing get some throughout . >> wears before he wasn't interactive and not laughing at all, now he lost all the time. he is always laughing . >> whatever it takes they will
6:52 am
do what it takes to keep this sweet boy laughing. ♪ ktvu, fox 2 new. new. >> were hoping he gets his surgery, best of luck to him and his family. rosemary let's switch gears and move on to you with the christmas day forecast. still a little bit wet and chilly out there. if you want to get out and play a little bit later, the showers are going to be winding down we are pretty much in the thick of it. it is always already beginning to pass east. if you're heading to sfo for delays reported their little bit less than an hour or so. meanwhile temperatures not quite as cold as yesterday morning but cloudy and wet. 43 degrees in santa rosa. 45 degrees in livermore. some of our inland cities, below freezing yesterday
6:53 am
morning at the case for this morning, lot of upper 30s and 40s out there. three-hour time lacks lapse as he move through the overnight hours, northbay coastline stretched into the east bay. santa cruz mountains between 330 and 530. you may have heard the thunder roaring through but here's where we stand right here. just a few scattered showers over the northbay. we are seeing a fairly widespread areas of the south bay need to the east bay. areas right around morgan hill in gilroy we are beginning to get some dry weather there along highway 101 over toward san jose as well. fremont, milpitas massive scattered shower activity. hayward, towards livermore and tracy in the sacramento valley. as we move to highway four we have antioch as well as the pittsburgh area and let
6:54 am
brentwood. oakland and alameda. east bay hills, getting into the second part of your morning. we will continue to wind down. the system is going to be pushing south. we are looking at dry conditions expected for your evening. we will have a mix of sun and clouds during the second part of the day. rainfall amounts you could see a few 107 inch over the next 12 hours or so and then that is it. afternoon highs today, low to mid 50s and in the extended forecast shows you getting past the scattered showers and rain for today, we're dry all the way through the final weekend of 2019. a judge makes a crucial decision in the case of a man accused of stabbing a victim to death. what's next for the suspected killer. we are learning about overnight house fire, in
6:55 am
oakland. getting in the holiday spirit by giving back. how volunteers help provide thousands of meals for those in need. the first list take a look outside with the scattered clouds in the distance. pretty empty at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is been like this all week long, you are watching ktvu mornings on 2.
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hot meals for people that need companionship and good food this christmas holiday. and they will start work on christmas dinner pretty soon. last night they served a christmas eve prime rib dinner to thousands of people in need. >> like me and my friend here we come to eat and celebrate the holiday. >> he and his adult children and grandchildren spent christmas eve serving the children. he says that is the way to teach the next generation about the holiday of giving to others. one warm coat. it's something we've been part of for 17 years. you still have time this holiday season to donate your coat. we would like you to go into your closet to see if you have
6:59 am
any spare jackets to donate. the one warm coat drive lasts until the e. of this month. developing news in the north bay this morning where a child is in critical condition after a shooting. what police know about the incident. san francisco police are investigating a homicide in the tenderloin district. what we know about the victim as they look for the shooter that is responsible. good morning. it is wednesday, december 25th, christmas day. merry christmas to all of you out there. merry christmas to you ladies. i'm allie rasmus. >> dave and gasia have the day off. rosemary orozco is joining us. filling in for steve. >> yes, and it is a wet start to the christmas morning. this is going to dry out eventually. we are watching this move through and on the back end you can see areas over the north
7:00 am
bay, san francisco and the peninsula a few light scattered showers. san francisco picking up there with another wave moving through. we will be wet for the first few hours of wednesday. as we get into the second part of christmas day, partly sunny and a chance for scattered showers. it won't be as wide spread. over the east bay continues to fall. we have a little bit of rain and snow. that looks like it is also winding down. so the morning rain showers followed by evening clearing. temperatures for the afternoon going to be in the upper 40s to mid 50s. better details on the numbers and the future cast model will show you when the rain moves out. that coming up in a little bit. happening now, volunteers with the san francisco salvation army are packaging holiday meals to give to thousands in need that are not able to leave their home. >> this is a really great event that


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