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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 26, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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oakland mothers are in court today. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, thursday, december 26th i'll allie rasmus in for mark and dave. good morning to you. a little bit a chilly start this morning, yesterday the big deal, the rain and showers to start off christmas. and at least for today we still have clouds and a few lingering showers skirting through portions of the bay area mainly in the south bay, down towards central and southern california. we doing to start off with cloud cover. a few of the storm reports down to our south and the chance a sprinkle or light shower focused in the south bay. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs will be in the 50s. it looks like we have another system to talk about, we'll talk about that with your forecast answer few
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minutes. >> thank you, mark. the chp is investigating a single vehicle crash that killed a driver late last night on northbound foothill road just north of cattle wood drive. they done know what caused the vehicle to lose control cause tgiff to a hit a power pole and a tree. a child is in the hospital still recovering after he was shot on christmas eve. bullets hit other homes in the neighborhood as well. they found themselves doning bullets in their own home. >> at a time when loved ones are coming together, families in one neighborhood found themselves in the middle of a crime scene. >> overwhelmed and this is still a crazy thing to experience. >> she was getting ready for dinner tuesday night with her family inside their home when they found themselves dodging bullets. >> i heard all the gunshots going off, about 14 shots were fired. >> video shows several bullet
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casings littering the street near ohio and meriposa streets. it ended up in the torso of a 6- year-old boy. >> he is supposed to be waking up, opening up christmas presents, being around people you love. but he is in the hospital. >> the situation could have been much worse for kendra black, had the other bullet penetrated the wall. another bullet went through the top window frame of the home, traveled through the house and came out on the other side and it came close to people who were standing inside of the house. >> it went past my brother-in- law's face, about 2 inches. >> they tell us they are in the army reserve, trained for warn on foreign soil, they didn't have to expect to use that training inside their own home. >> i taught my family low
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crawl,. >> police say the child was shot while celebrating christmas with his family a tragedy that put the holiday into perspective for survivors. >> really preying, hope his his family can remember from this. >> as for what happened here, police are still trying to figure that out right now, they don't know if this was the work of a single shooter or multiple people exchanging gunfire, either way they are turning to the public for help. if you know any information about what happened here call the police department. in vallejo i'm andre senior, fox 2 news. police are investigating a shooting that injured 4 people
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at a holiday party shortly after 6:00 when thrived they found three men and one woman who had all been shot. police report one of the people is still hospitalize in serious condition. investigators are not commenting on a possible motive. they haven't said if they have a description of suspects. examining a mysterious death on christmas day. he was rushed to the hospital where he later was pronounced dead. police are checking whether he was hit by a car but ruled out a traffic accident add a cause of death. this is the 33rd homicide of 2019. there were 27 last year and 34 the year before. a family in san francisco celebrating the return of their dog this morning, surveillance video apparently showed a woman grabbing the french bulldog on christmas afternoon in the vernal heights neighborhood. they return from buying groceries. >> we were shocked. we never thought that something
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like that could happen, it's something that we do hundreds of times during the year, going in-n-out of the house with who la following us. never thought this could happen in our neighborhood. >> lola was returned last night, french bulldogs can be expensive, they can be sold for $4000. why lola was taken to begin with, they are thankful that a member of the family is safely back home. vow mothers are due in court this morning, mothers and children moved into the home last month, it had been vacant for years and they need add roof over their heads. wedgwood that bought the house in julie victimmed the women earlier this month, oakland community land trust offered to buy the home and rent it to these working moms. 9 mothers say the real estate company won't negotiate with them. there are are 4000 vacant houses and lots in oakland. political debate continues
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on weather the impeachment of president trump can provide a boost to the president's political fortunes. ray beg in tells us this debate comes growing uncertainty around the senate impeachment trial. >> and did you notice that everybody is saying merry christmas again. >> president trump, it's been a historic holiday season. >> article 19 is adopted. >> a week before christmas he became the third president to be impeached, the first to run for reelection at the same time. >> i announced 3 months ago that i'm running. i announced because i figured once i announced. >> in politics timing is everything. for president trump, impeachment may bring an unexpected christmas bonus. >> we are seeing on various fronts this is potentially benefiting republicans heading into 2020 in could impeachment actually strengthen
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the president's reelection campaign? some focus groups in swing states suggest that the president is gaining support. >> to me an unmistakable error that nancy pelosi made by pursuing this impeachment because it's actually helped the president. it's galvanized the republicans. >> impeachment has also been a big distraction for democrats wanting to replace mr. trump fighting for attention on the campaign trail and dealing with hecklers like this man at a bernie sanders campaign event. >> mr. donald trump, keep going, man, keep you are doing a good job. >> president trump has been sheeting about his impeachment in countless tweets and said to have admitted to fellow republicans it's a bad thing to have on a resume. >> this is an indelible stain on the record, the leg researcher of dump. >> rallied before the house vote in cities around the country. >> these are times in our lives when we have to speak up and we have to take some action.
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>> speaker pelosi will be next to take action, she needs to appoint impeachment managers to bring the articles over to the senate and act as prosecutors in the senate trial. ray beg in, fox news. time is 4:08, 20 new state laws go into effect. one is the so called gate worker law reclassifying independent contractors as employee, approved to make sure the workers were given paid sick days and health insurance, not independent contractors like the law. recently independent truckers and freelance journalists filed lawsuits to have the law overturned. bumping the minimum wage up to $13 an hour. by 2023 all california workplaces regardless of the number of employees will have to pay at least $15 an hour.
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several bay area cities will start with a minimum wage of $15 an hour, belmont will raise minimum wage across the board. san mateo current minimum hourly wage is $15, increasing to $15.38 come january 1st. lawmakers will push for several new bills that will reduce noise. people have complained for years about the noise. nonstop noise from flights is affecting residents sleep, mental health and quality of life. they have said the airport generates three quarters of a billion dollars of a year in revenue, impact of the money is felt across the entire bay area. 4:09 heading out on a
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flight today,. yeah, that storm. yeah, boy, powerful thunderstorm in the bay area. the main focus is down toward central and southern california. a little bit of green showing up still in portions of the south bay early this morning. but right now the main focus as i mentioned south, look at all the white you can see we have travel issues over the grapevine this morning with all the snow fall and all the rain showing up in los angeles, santa anna. for us, you can see what is happening in the bay area radar. keeping the chance mainly in the south bay until 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. so next 2 to 4 hours the possibility of a still fingers.
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mostly clear skies. and it's chilly, 36 degrees. redwood city 46 and san jose in the upper 40s, 49 degrees. here is our live camera looking toward san francisco. no storm clouds, immediate area in fact the clouds that we do have clear on out from north to south as the main energy heading south. here is the forecast model this morning into the mid morning hour, we say goodbye to the clouds and more sunshine this afternoon and mostly clear skies for tonight. that will set up a chilly start first thing tomorrow morning. highs this afternoon mainly in the east. over 0 the summertime temperatures 70s, 80s, 90s, today 53. 54, 55, 56, 57. so very narrow range of temperatures for this afternoon. into the weekend though we could be tracking another shower chance, more on that come up in a little bit. financial blow to a church
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in our lady of guadalupe church. and we'll tell you about the arrest that is reducing some fears intention for people living in one california community. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty much all week long over this christmas holiday week. you're watching mornings on 2. is skincare from around the world
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an update to the san jose church robbery. people have stepped up to help the church following a robbery of the donation collection box last weekend. gofundme page raised $13,000 at last check. surveillance footage showed two people entering the church distracting the cleaning lady and walking off with a large collection box. the box was filled with money from selling holiday candles and supposed to be used to buy toys for children. the movie theater is the place to be for christmas day. san jose movie go everies to see jumanji the n level, black christmas. becomes a tradition as after they opened the presents and eat. >> just started off with
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christmas eve partying. it felt like 1 in the morning, 2 in the morning. sleeping in, that's what we're up to. had 4 new movies hit the big screen. little women, spies in the skies. thousands of people for the annual christmas in the park celebration, filled with more than 40 musical and animated exhibits, glittering lights and a 60-foot christmas tree. lit up the plaza for the 40th annual holiday festival. for many christmas in the park is something they say they cannot miss over the holidays. i'm just enjoying myself with the family. wanted to come -- i wanted to come earlier but i guess today was the best day to come. >> christmas in the park runs through january 5th rain or shine. many people loofor ways tburn off calories after
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christmas dinner headed to bay areas outdoor skating rinks at san francisco union scare where 250 skaters were on the ice at the same time. a texas family spending the holidays says skating under the stars will be the highlight of this vacation. >> well, i thought it was fun even though i fell on my butt millions of times. it was fun. this is my first time learning how to ice skate, it was really cool. >> there are other outdoor holiday rinks in the bay area including one in safe is', san mateo central park, walnut creek civic park, downtown ice in san jose at the napa expo. san rafael, outside of san francisco civic center. it is that time of year when people stash to think about their new years resolutions, experts say you may want to wait awhile. say that spring is truly a time of new beginnings, and it can
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be easier for us to change our behaviors, one psychologist is dubbing that time of year as spring renewal. that is true, it has been long night, long chilly night as mark is here to tell us about that, it's cold outside. that will be the thing you will notice not only for today but also into tomorrow morning, the coolest spots could be freezing starting out friday morning. some clouds and some chilly conditions out there, there is a chance of a shower primarily in the south bay, this afternoon partly sunny, we'll be breezy into the afternoon hours once again and temperatures will be in the 50s for afternoon highs. remember yesterday we had all the clouds and the heavy downpours especially early christmas morning, the main action right now is heading to our south, down toward central and sunny california. look at all the rainfall, in fact flash flood warnings posted in santa barbara for the
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county area for the burn zones, you can see a lot of activities close to los angeles, santa anna, look at all the white here, you can't get over the grapevine this morning because all the snow is piling up. here in the bay area possibly a little bit of snow in the hills, east of san jose, mount hamilton. a tiny bit of green on the radar. so this morning holding on to cloud cover, the southern half of the region and a chance of a leftover shower or sprinkle over the next few hour. current numbers chilly in a few spot. you can see santa rosa 36 degrees. san francisco 50. we have livermore 493. and san jose in the upper 40s, checking in 499. wind speeds stronger winds yesterday, winds right now toward fairfield, northerly wind at 17 miles an hour. there is a breeze in a few spots. exposed in the northerly direction. sfo kind of a variable wind at
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9 miles an hour in san jose, 8 miles an hour. here is a live camera looking above san francisco this morning. and we do have partly cloudy skies, seeing stars in the sky. here st. overall trend into this afternoon, the forecast model showing you this, the clouds moving to the south, so we have cloud cover this morning, mostly sunny skies this afternoon. grab the sweater and the jacket especially tonight with the clearing skies overnight will be chilly. as far as this afternoon, temperatures from the 50s -- 53, 54 to 55 narrow range in temperatures, look ahead at the five day forecast. cool things off. cool spot is going to be sub freezing into the weekend partly sunny skies on saturday. there is a chance of a shower on sunday. it looks like maybe a few showers approaching the bay area second half of the weekend, between now and then
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bundle up. >> we get a little bit of sunshine, thanks, mark. the remain the of a u.s. soldier are now back on american soil this morning. we take a look at the soldiers' long journey home and the counter terrorism efforts going own the middle east. christmas celebration in the south bay that september homeless people out of the cold and gave them things they can use to survive. take you outside for this live look at the golden gate bridge, a few cars out there on the roads. you can see they are a little bit wet from that overnight rain and you are looking at a nice what looks like will be a nice day out there as mark has been tell tellings u you are watching mornings on 2.
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you're looking at video of the final eclipse of 2019 which happened last night but wasn't visible in california. this is thailand's regional. the moon passing between the earth and the sun because the moon is so much closer to the earth than the sun is. this was a partial eclipse in thailand. in sri lanka, parts of india and singapore a total eclipse, the next solar eclipse in the bay area won't happen in 2023. the next total solar eclipse won't happen until 2045. the remains of a u.s. service member killed in afghanistan are back on
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american soil, pentagon officials are taking stock of overall u.s. deployment to see what changes may be necessary. >> the remains of sergeant first class michael golder will return on monday morning. security visor mark owe brian and chefs of staff were among those on org him. the 393-year-old is the 20th american killed in combat this year. green beret deployed to afghanistan three times. sergeant first class leaves behind a partner and daughter zoe. this comes as the u.s. lead peace stalks with the tall i began have resumed. the united states is never going to let afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists. >> until we are confident thai mission is complete, we will
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retain a re a presence to do that. 1,090,000 deployed there. roughly 5000 were killed that year. fewer troops could spend next christmas at the pentagon with a decision to pull 4000 troops out. even more from other hot spots. >> i'm looking at south com, places i can free up troops, bring them home allow them to rest, refit and retrain and reallocate to compete with the chinese. >> with at least 7000 deployed to africa. there is not many troops to cut. ahead of u.s. forces in africa pentagon secure conference room known as the tank, no final decision were made. u.s. forces launched a record number of drone psychs in
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somalia. at the pentagon lucas tomlinson fox news. proposal to release student debt for thousands of americans, the plan by a republican lawmaker. unbelievable site at a sacramento mall, when a group of men threw dollar bills from a walkway. ahoyy! (excited squeal, giggling, panting)
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a break in the case involving the stabbing death of a man, what we learn about the past. calling democrats hypocrites after house speaker nancy pelosi refuses to send articles of impeachment to senate for trial. good morning, this is mornings on 2. i am allie rasmus.
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we are going to have more about the day and the weeks in the forecast. looks like we will get some sunshine. >> we will notice over the day and after the, we will have sunglasses. we will have a break from the intense rainfall that we are experiencing. the plan for today in the forecast is the headline graphic showing you this. clouds in the morning with partly sunny into the afternoon hours. most areas in the 50s. 52 to 56 degrees. the main action is focused to the south toward central california. all of that white as you can see , that is right around acres field into the grapevine. as a result, we have travel issues over the great wine this morning. we are not completely done yet. we have clouds and still a possibility of scattered showers rotating through portions of the bay area. especially in the south


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