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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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how does. there so much excitement. we are looking okay. there is a chance this time of year that they could be talking about significant rainfall here in the bay area. not the case for today. we are heading into the break. with the clouds this morning partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. you deftly want to bundle up, look at the action. we have travel issues after the grapevine. lots of heavy rain for oceanside to san diego. that is not the case here in the bay area. the showers dissipating on the radar but we are going to hold onto the chances morning until about 7:00 or 8:00 this money. as far as the courage numbers, it is chilly. lots of 40s out there. we will let you know when the next chance of showers will arrive in the straight to breaking news.
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chp says three people were killed, including two brothers, and you can see a live camera near pleasanton, knot of castlewood drive, and the crash itself happened just after 10:00 last night, and here we are 7 hours later, emergency crews on the scene, and the road is still closed. we know the car slammed into the power pole and a tree. chp says in all, five teenagers, five boys and one girl in the car. three teenagers were killed, and the others were rushed to the hospital. we have alyssa harrington on the breaking news. we will bring her in as soon as we can in the newscast. a child is in the hospital this morning and recovering after being shot outside of his home on christmas eve. bullets hitting other home in the neighborhood as well. andre spoke to the family who said they found themselves dodging bullets in their own house. >> reporter: at a time when loved ones are coming together
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for christmas, families in one vallejo neighborhood found themselves terrified. kendrah black was getting ready for dinner with her family in their home when they found themselves dodging bullets. >> i found the gun shots going off, and about 20 shots were fired. >> reporter: several bullet casings were seen littering the intersection, but some of them from the barrage of gunfire ended another home, and ended up in the torso of a 6-year-old boy. >> supposed to be waking up on christmas morning, opening presents, eating food with people he loves, but he's in the hospital. >> reporter: the situation could have been much work for kendrah black as the bullets penetrated the walls. one struck the side of the but
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penetrate the house. another bullet traveled through the house and came out on the other side, very close to people standing inside of the house. >> it went pass by brother-in- law's face, about 2 inches,. >> reporter: simonice ask in the army reserves and didn't expect to have to use the training inside of his own home. >> we all just army crawled to the bathroom. >> reporter: the injured child was shot celebrating christmas with his family. it's a tragedy that put the holiday into perspective for survivors who found themselves caught up in the chaos in this neighborhood. >> make sure you just realize to spend every waking moment doing something memorable, not to live with regrets. >> i pray and hope his family can recover from this. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: as for the 6-year- old little boy who was shot, he
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remain the hospital in critical condition. as for what happened here, police are trying to figure it out. they don't know if it was the work of a single shooter or multiple people exchanging gunfire. they are turning to the public for help. if you know what happened here, you're asked to call the vallejo police department. police are investigating a shooting that injured four people at a party. it was just after 6:00 last night, and when they arrived, they found three men and one woman were all shot. police reported one of them is in the hospital in serious condition, and investigators are not commentingen a possible motive, and they have not said if they have a description of any attackers. police are investigating a mysterious death on christmas day. officers a man unconscious in the street at south 24th street, and he was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police are checking if he was hit by a car, but they ruled
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out a traffic accident as a death this is san jose's 33rd homicide of 2019. there were 34 the year before. happening today the four mothers who took over a vacant house in oakland are due back in court this morning. the mothers and their children moved into the home last month, and they said it had been vacant for years, and they needed a home. wedgewood a real estate investment company that bought the home in july evicted them earlier this month oakland land trust offered to buy the house and rent it to the working moms. an attorney for the moms says the real estate company will note negotiate with them. there's roughly 4,000 vacant homes and lot in the city of oakland. the political debate continues if the impeachment of president trump could provide a boost to the president's political fortunes or give democrat as leg up in 2020. the debate comes with growing uncertainty surrounding the
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senate trial. >> and did you notice that everybody is saying merry christmas again? >> reporter: for president trump, it's been a historic holiday season. >> article one is adopted. >> reporter: a week before christmas, he bail the third president to be impeached, but he's also the first to run for reelect at the same time. >> i announced three months ago i'm running. i announced because i figured once they announced, they would never impeach. they would never be so stupid. >> reporter: for president trump impeachment may bring an unexpected christmas bonus. >> we are seeing on various fronts, it's potentially benefiting the republicans headed into 2020 in the short- term. >> reporter: could impeachment strengthen the president's reelection campaign? >> some focus groups in swing states suggest the president is gaining support. >> to me, an unmistakable error that nancy pelosi made by pursuing the impeachment because it's actually helping
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the president. it's galvanizing the republican ares. >> reporter: it's also showing democrats are dealing with hecklers like this man at a bernie sanders' event. >> mr. donald trump, keep going, you're doing a good job. >> reporter: it's hard to know the long-term impact. president trump has been seething about his impeach. and admitted to fellow republicans it's a bad thing to have on a resume. >> it's an indelible stain on the record and legacy of donald trump. >> reporter: the downside was evident when supporters rallied in cities around the country before the vote. >> there's times in our lives we have to speak up and have to take some action. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi will be next to take action, and she needs to appoint impeachment arms and act as prosecutors at the
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senate trial. lawmakers said they will push for several politicals reducing noise from planes arriving and leaving from san francisco international airport. people have complained for years about the noise. jackie speer says nonstop flights and nonstop noise is affecting residents' sleep, mental health, and overall quality of life. airport officials are not commenting directly on the bills, but it operates three quarters of after million dollars in revenue, and the impact is felt across the bay area. it's 5:08, and 20 new laws will go into effect on the first day of the new year next year. one will reclassify independent contractors including ride share drivers as employees. it will make sure they get health insurance and minimum
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wage. many don't like the law including freelance journalists and musician. recently independent truckers and journalists filed separate lawsuits to have it overturned. another new law will bump the minimum wage up to $13 an hour for companies with at least 26 companies. and workers in smaller companies will see the minimum wage increase to $12 an hour. by 2023, all workplaces, regardless of the number of employees, have to pay $15 an hour. several bay area cities will start with the minimum wage up. south san francisco bumping up pay to $15 an hour for larger employers and $14 an hour for the smaller ones. san mateo is increasing to 15.38 on january 1st. it's 5:10a lot of people
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got hats, scarves, gloves, and all of the above. it's not that cold, but you can look cute outside. >> that's always the motivation. tomorrow morning could be colder, and you can put everything, all the new items to the test first thing tomorrow morning, and here's the plan for today. we have clouds this morning, and there's a chill in the air in a few spots. temperatures this afternoon in the 50s. los angeles, down to san diego, and look at the yellow and oranges on the radar, and oceanside, heavy rain fall, and in fact, all of the areas in white linking up to the winter storm warning, and green, flood advisory for a good portion of today. in the bay area, a lot of clouds rotating around the area of low pressure, and kind of rotating to the south. you will notice, we have clouds, not all reaching the ground yet, but we have the possibility of a few leftover sprinkles or light shower this
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morning, and current numbers, chilly in santa rosa. hayward, 46, and san jose, upper 40s, and winds were up yesterday, and these panels have a breeze out to fairfield, out of the north, sustained at 18 miles an hour, and more reports for you, these panels not as strong near 5-7 to around 10 miles an hour. the live camera out to sfo, all the airports will be busy over the next few days, and right now, we still have lingering clouds in place, but not much in the way of dense fog or in the way of wind or rain fall, and the plan today, the clouds this morning, and the overall trend, we scale back on the clouds into the afternoon hours, and tonight, we should have mostly clear skies, and temperatures this afternoon, most areas this morning. the 40s, this afternoon, in the 50s, and clouds in the short- term, and more sunshine this afternoon, and over the next few days, by the weekend, talking about a shower chance
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that could close out 2019, and we will talk about that in a bit. thieves strike a financial employee in san jose, but the community was quick to response. helping our lady of guadalupe church that was meant for donations. easing stress for one california community.
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. back now at 5:14, a family in san francisco is celebrating the return of their dogs this morning, and surveillance video showed the woman grabbing the french bulldog named lola on christmas afternoon, and there you can see it. the family says they just returned back from buying groceries when they noticed lola, who always follows them through the door was nowhere to be found. >> we were shocked. we never thought something like that could happen. it's something that we do hundreds of times during the year, going in and out of the year with lola following us. never thought it could happen in our neighborhood. >> lola was returned last night, and her owner said french bulldogs can be very expensive, fetching up to $4,000. it's unclear why she was taken to begin with, but her owner is thankful that a member of the family for the last 12 years is safely back home. another positive update on
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the san jose church robbery we told you about on christmas morning. people have stepped up to help our lay by guadalupe after the robbery of the donation money. a gofundme page raised $13,000 at last check. surveillance footage shows two people entering the church, distracting the cleaning lady, and they walk off with a collection box. it was filled with money from selling holiday candies, and the money was going to be used to buy toys for children at a celebration next month. many people make ice skating a holiday traditionat the rink in san francisco, 250 can be on the ice at once. some, like me, are hugging the perimeter as they are just
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starting out. >> i thought it was fun. i fell on my butt a million times, but it was fun. >> it was my first time learning to ice skate. it was really cool. >> reporter: there were other holiday rinks across the bay area. san mateo central park, walnut creek, civic park, and there's a flynn downtown san jose, and, and also of the civic center. it's the time many people think about their new year's resolutions, but you may want to wait awhile. spring is truly a time of new beginnings, and that can be easier for us to change our behaviors then rather than the first day of the new year. one psychologist is calling it the spring renewal and says cold weather and shorter days in the winter make it more difficult to stick to goals, and when the weather is wet, i can't possibly go outside for my jog today, and i like that, it makes sense.
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>> love the gym, too, on january 1st, everyone is there. 2 weeks later, it's like not. >> also you want the comfort food. i'm definitely on board. put it off until spring. you're headed out the door this morning, you don't have to put off your commute if you're commuting. traffic is light. in the south bay a report of a crash, southbound 101 to 880. a tow truck is on the scene of a crash with a car and semitruck, and looking at the free mont area, slow traffic on westbound 278 to that part of the eastbound. here's the san mateo bridge, traffic is light over to the peninsula, and no problems here. the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been light all week long. i have been here doing traffic, and i can say for a fact, the metering lights have not turned on all week long, and hopefully we get another day of that
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5:18, and we will have a day of pretty good weather. better than it was. it was so stormy yesterday, windy last night. >> oh my gosh, yeah, that was the real deal, the strong system coming on board and the lightning, and the thunder, and the hail, all of this. today is a day to go outside f you want. watch out for the king tides. there's been a week of king tides, and the golden gate bridge, we have different times depending on your location and the golden gates is for reference, at 10:48 this morning, 6.6, and the water levels are inflated around the coast and the bay. we are are also tracking rain fall, not here, and down to southern california. look at the numbers tallied up over the last 24 hours. some areas picking up 2-inch of the rain. long beach, 2 inches. los angeles 1.75, and here's our old system from yesterday, and that's probably what woke you up yesterday morning, and right now, the main action, all of the green, the yellows,
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oranges, focused to central and other than california, closer to ocean side. all the areas in white, a flood advisories for all the areas in green, huntington to oceanside, and here's the satellite and radar in the bay area, and you will notice, clouds are streaming in, and there's still the possibility of a few sprinkles or light showers this morning, and the main focus would be in the south bay, and definitely want to bundle up out there, and current number in the 30s and 40s. san francisco, right knew, 49, livermore, 44. you can see the numbers right now, strongest wind to fairfield, sustained at 18 miles an hour, and out to sfo, 7 miles an hour, and san jose, 6 miles an hour. a live camera to the bay on this authorize morning. break in the clouds, and we will gradually scale back on the overcast into the afternoon
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hours, and lake tahoe, a popular destination for this week, and today we are expecting cloud cover into the weekend, and partly to mostly cloudy skies, and thickening up the cloud cover by sunday, with the chance of showers in the mountains, and here we are for this morning, 9:00, and into the afternoon hours, and clearing skies, and tonight, the clear conditions, tonight, setting the stage for a very chilly friday morning, and as far as the afternoon highs, most areas in the 50s, and looking ahead, the 5-day looking good over the next few days. a few extra clouds on saturday afternoon, and it could lead to the chance of a few showers, and possibly the last rain drops of 2019, and we will keep you posted headed into sunday. thank you. the remains of a u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan now back on american soil this morning. coming up, we will look at the soil's journey home, and a u.s. counterterrorism effort going on right now in the middle east. and the christmas celebration in the south bay that kept homeless people out of the cold and also gave them what they need to survive.
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. it's 5:24. happening today, it's the start of kwanzaa, the week-long celebration to mark heritage. there's a noontime celebration at san francisco city hall, and this is what it looked like in
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past years. kwanzaa runs until january 1st. it was created in 1966 to forge stronger bonds of people of african decent around the world. tonight is the fifth night of hanukkah. the ceremony begins at 5:00 with candle lighting half an hour later. the remains of a u.s. service member killed in afghanistan are back own american soil this morning, and pentagon officials are taking stock of overall u.s. troop deployment to see what changes may be necessary. lucas tomlinson reports. >> reporter: president trump's
5:26 am
national security adviser and army general mark milley were there among honoring the new jersey native. the 28th killed in combat this year. the green beret deployed three times, receiving four stars. he leaves behind his partner jen and daughter zoey. peace talk with the taliban have resumed, but the united states will never let afghanistan be a safe haven for terrorists. >> until we are confident the mission is complete, we will keep a presence to remain with that. >> reporter: in 2010, 100,000 were deployed there as part of president obama's surge. roughly 500 were killed that year. fewer troops could spend next christmas in afghanistan as the pentagon weighs the decision to pull 4,000 troops out and more from other hot spots.
5:27 am
>> i'm looking at afrcom, centcom, and i can free up troops and allow them to rest up and retrain or to the pacific to compete with the chinese. >> reporter: with only 7,000 troops in africa, there's not many troops to cut. earlier this month, the head of the u.s. force briefed in the room known as the tank, and no final decisions were made this year u.s. forces have launched a record number of drone strikes in somalia, and french forces took the lead in west africa. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. after a break, we are live at the scene of a fatal crash that took the lives of three teenagers in the east bay, and we will bring you the latest on what is happening. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. a break in the case involving the stabbing death of clayton brethard. what we are learning about the charges the man is now facing and how long c.j. could be away from his team. the president accusing democrats of being hypocrites as speaker nancy pelosi continues to withhold sending the articles of impeachment to the senate for a trial. all right, day after christmas, and we are all feeling it a bit.
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welcome back. mornings on 2, and it's thursday, december 26th. >> and pam and dave are enjoying the day off today. it's fairly mild today. this morning, it's not too bad. tomorrow morning, bundle up so you can put your new sweaters and jackets to the test. first thing tomorrow morning, and here's the forecast in a nutshell clouds this morning, and we will scale back on the overcast into the afternoon hours, and skies are partly sunny, and highs most area in the 50s. around 53 to 57 degrees, and the rain fall is to the south, down to the central coast, and down to southern california, and look at all of the yellows and oranges showing up out to ocean side, and out to san diego, and the stormy weather, it's really targeting places down to the south, and as we come closer to the bay area, lingering clouds, and you will notice a few leftover showers, and we have the chance of, this is not all reaching the ground, but the chance of a leftover sprinkle or light shower this
5:32 am
morning in the south bay. current numbers in the 30s and 40s out there to start out the day. we will talk about the weekend outlook in a few minutes, and hopefully the roadways are quiet to start off the morning, good morning, allie. sometimes when it's not the day after christmas we see a backup here, and you can see it's a clear drive, westbound 205, through the pass on 580 into the livermore valley. and here 880, a wider shot, and we don't unfortunately have control over the camera's zoom ability, and it's one of cal tran's cameras. this is moving in both directions. highway 24 in lafayette, there's people on the roads at this early hour. no problems here. 5:32, back to the desk. >> allie, thank you. president trump is in
5:33 am
florida for the holidays, continuing to express frustration with his impeachment. ray is live in washington, and i have to mention a minute ago, the president tweeted, and he's taking direct aim at san francisco's nancy pelosi. >> reporter: that's right, he certainly. is good morning, gasia, to you. he tweeted nancy pelosi's district in california is has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the u.s. when it comes to homelessness and crime, and even though president trump is spending the holidays with what is now known as the southern white house, he certainly doesn't have any warm feelings towards his political rivals. >> on behalf of the entire trump family, we wish everyone a joyous and merry christmas. >> reporter: in a christmas message with the first lady, president trump is hoping for peace among the nations, but the president can't seem to get impeachment off his mind in a late night christmas tweet he said why should crazy nancy
5:34 am
pelosi just because he has the slight majority in the house be able to impeach the president of the united states. now nancy pelosi is demanding everything that the republicans were not allowed to have in the house, and the dems want to run the majority republicans in the senate. hypocrites. we are waiting for nancy pelosi to pick impeachment managers and send the articles to the senate for the trial. >> speaker is waiting to understand what the rules of the trial can will be so she is appointing the right people. >> reporter: it's prompted by this comment. >> everything i do during this i'm coordinating with white house counsel. no difference between the president's position and our position. >> reporter: lisa mirkowski said that statement made her feel disturbed. she said to me t means we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense. i happen to think that has further confused the process.
5:35 am
now, gasia, no matter what happens here, we have to wait until at least january to find out because the house does not return from recess until the 7th. back to you. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news about a deadly crash near pleasanton that killed three teens. two were brothers, happening just before 10:00 last night at northbound to the hill road north of castlewood drive. alyssa harrington is live with the latest information from the chp. good morning. >> reporter: yes, such a sad story, happening on christmas night, and behind me, you can see foothill does remain closed, and what we know at this time, there was a car with five teenagers inside, traveling along foothill road, just past castlewood drive when the car went through a power pole and wrapped itself around a tree. very, very bad crash. three people were killed, two brothers, and a male and female were taken to the hospital with
5:36 am
serious injuries. the cause of the crash is not yet known, and it did knock down a power pole, and pg & e are on scene trying to remain power to the area. foothill is closed while the investigation continues. reporting live in pleasantton, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you, alyssa. the man accused of killing the brother of c.j. bethard is behind bars in tennessee. michael mosley being held without bond on two counts of homicide and a $5 million bond for uncount of attempted homicide. investigators said mosley made unwanted advances towards a friend of beathard's last weekend. he stabbed him and another man to death and wounded a third person c.j. beathard will be remaining with his family in tennessee
5:37 am
indefinitely. funeral services are set for saturday. a man accused of arson is due in court today. noelle majea is accused of starting the fires between late september through november. he's accused of sneaking on to the reservoir's foothills by hiking from the back of the private property, and the authorities said the fires endanger protected and sensitive specious. a nonprofit organization hosted a day-long christmas celebration to give people who are homeless a way to get out of the cold, and city team homeless served up a hot christmas turkey and meal with the fixings, and the guests could choose to watch the nba matchup, and that's what you would do. i would sing christmas karaoke. they are serving people dealing with poverty, hunger, and homelessness in the bay area. >> we will have a meal today, and in the next room, there's a haircut station, a foot washing station, and we have gently
5:38 am
used shoes, and we have karaoke behind me, and we are going to have a festive day, and when our guests come in, they will be able to enjoy a meal, be able to sit and relax, and really bring in christmas right here, with us at city team shelter kitchen. >> it's all about being together and helping others, and since 1957, city team has been providing meals, groceries, shelter, clothing, and other essentials 365 days a year. ktvu is once again proud to team up with community volunteers to collect donations for the one warm colt coat drive. we are asking you to look in your closet, and if you have spare coats or jackets you want to donate,, and you will find a list of drop off locations. they include the san francisco ferry building. it will go until the end of the
5:39 am
month. 5:38 your time. i would imagine the commute cannot be too bad. a lot of folks sleeping in this week, right, allie? yes, we are seeing that elect thered on the roadways. we will show you the maps and the live pictures to see outside, looking at the maps in the south bay, the only issue we had to tell you about, an earlier crash that has been cleared. southbound 101 to 180. here's san jose, traffic in the northbound direction past downtown san jose, and no issues here. we were going to show you the east shore freeway, but instead this nice picture of the bay bridge. the eastern span, and traffic moving smoothly there, and it's a pretty short drive from the bridge, just under 20 minutes. another view of the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is light, and we don't expect the meters lights to be on any time soon. en a typical thursday, they would be now, but you can see it's open.
5:40 am
it's 5:39, and let's check in with mark. >> good morning, working on the weather forecast for today. lingering clouds and the possibility of a leftover sprinkle, mainly focused in the south bay, and we will clear the clouds into the afternoon hours, and sunshine, and partly to mostly sunny skies later today. highs warming into the 50s, and a heads up f you're headed to the coast, i know a lot of people have been to the shorelines getting a break from school or work, and just a beach hazard statement, not a high surf advisory, just below one, and waves around 10-15 feet, and there's energy impacting this. keep it in mind if you're headed to the coast. the satellite and radar, rain showers, and not really here in the bay area, but the main focus of central and southern california, look at the yellows and oranges. oceanside, closer to san francisco for this thursday morning, and they also have areas of snow to the grapevine, impacting travel over interstate 5, and here's the
5:41 am
satellite here, and you will notice a little bit of green, and it's the possibility of a few sprinkles, and into the afternoon, as i mentioned, we will clear out the clouds, and current numbers, it's chilly. up in the north bay, santa rosa, 38, not nearly as cold for san francisco, oakland, walnut creek, 47 degrees. what about today? the main action to the south, and the clouds will head out to the south as well, and more sunshine later on today, and into tonight, and mostly clear skies, and after tonight, in fact, tomorrow morning, we are thinking cold numbers, and sub freezing in a few spots. afternoon highs later this afternoon, mainly in the 50s, and that is for today. into the weekend, talking about a shower chance, and more in a little bit. >> thank you, mark. a grim prognosis if the
5:42 am
cathedral in rome. why it only has a slim chance of survival.
5:43 am
5:44 am
the noter dam cathedral in paris has a 50% chance of being
5:45 am
saved. the massive fire ravaged the church. the notre dame cathedral scaffolding will be removed, and that will be the ultimate test if it can be restored. pope francis delivering his annual message at the vatican before thousands of catholics at st. peter square, and it was one of many celebrations around the world. trey ying from jerusalem. >> reporter: pope francis speaking a message of hope this year, talking about the darkness surrounding global conflicts, and bringing people to focus on the light in human
5:46 am
hearts. >> may christ bring his life to many children suffering war and conflicts or stir the consciouses of men and women. >> reporter: in the littletown of bethlehem, the church of nativity, dating back to the fourth century, built in the spot where the virgin mary is said to have given birth to jesus. a somber celebration in paris. they had to cancel the cathedral service for the first time in some 200 years, and for the first time, they gather at different church a mile away. >> i think all the french are in solidarity. it will be in our prayers. >> reporter: thousands have come to see what will be of the night of the radish in mexico. the artists use the vegetable to create elaborated displays, often with religious themes.
5:47 am
some are allowed to visit the gaza strip this christmas day after reversing a ban preventing them from entering the holy city. queen elizabeth gave her annual christmas message, mentioning several major events and giving the message of patience and taking small steps when working towards reconciliation and forgiveness. >> as a child, i never imagined one day a man would walk on the moon, yet this year, we marked the 50th anniversary of the famous apollo mission. >> the queen recalls being transfixed watching neil armstrong walk on the moon, and she talked about d-day and putting differences behind them. some firefighters brought cheer to the patients in burn
5:48 am
units in at two bay area hospitals. >> merry christmas. >> they sang carols in the burn united, units and across the hall at the children's hospital. he has become known as santa to the children. >> lifting spirits to people in the unit, and they will be there for awhile, and they are not at home with their families, and as a retired firefighter, i had many years i wasn't with my family, and it seemed like the right thing to do. >> the firefighters don't limit their giving to the holiday season, contributing more than $1 million to the burn unit at uc davis medical center throughout the year. also in sacramento, the giving spirit was given to those down below at the mall. the men appeared to be moved
5:49 am
along by mall security, but not before throwing the last bunch of money down. >> i just reached my hand, and it was meant to be. >> no word on how much money the men threw out to the crowd. that's not a bad thing if you're shopping and saying what was that? >> there are worse things that could be falling. >> that's right. a good thing for drivers this morning, the very light traffic that we are seeing in the bay area. a lot of people taking the week or the day after christmas off. it's a nice, easy drive in the north bay from fairfield through vallejo, and we show you the commute. highway 4 usually backed up at this hour, but not today. here's 101 in san francisco before the split. you can see there's people on the road, but not the heavy volume of traffic we sometimes see or typically see on this
5:50 am
thursday morning. overall that seems to be the trend likewise at the golden gate bridge. it's 5:39, and we have seen overnight reports from the bay bridge and other bridges, but that was last night, has the wind died down since then? >> it was a good observation, the winds gusting over 25 to 35 miles an hour, and the wind advisories are scaling back, and there's a breeze. today we could have minor flooding near the coast to the bay. it's been the result of the king tides all week long. the golden gate bridge, the time this morning for the high tide will be at 10:48, and just keep that in mind. you may see inflated water levels near the coast and portions of the bay. the satellite and radar, you can see the rain headed to central and southern california. it's the main action for today, and look at yellows and oranges showing up here. drifting out of los angeles, and closer to ocean side, and san diego, and all of the snow,
5:51 am
linking up to some white. i saw earlier this morning, the grapevine was closed because of accumulating snowfall. oceanside to san diego, heavy rain fall on this thursday morning, and in the bay area, green on the radar. it's not a lot. not reaching the ground, but the clouds and the possibility of a few leftover sprinkles or a light shower this morning, in the south bay, and current numbers, santa rosa, 38 degrees. san francisco, 47, and san jose, 48, and lake tahoe a popular destination this week, for today, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures for the high, south lake, lower 40s. sunshine, partly sunny skies, and the chance of a shower as we head to sunday, and the sunday storm, not really a storm, it's a weak system moving into northern california and the bay area, but something we will be watching to see if it changes headed to sunday, to see if it could impact travel
5:52 am
on the way back to the bay area. the model today, you will notice the green and yellow down to los angeles and san diego. we will have clearing skies into the afternoon hours, and more sunshine. tonight, the clear skies, and the perfect recipe for cold temperatures overnight, and we could have patchy fog to start tomorrow morning and the afternoon highs later today, mainly in the 50s, around 53 to 57 degrees, and here's the forecast, and the cold start, freezing, and into saturday, partly sunny skies, and there's a chance of a shower and sunday, the forecast model is scaling back on the system, and we will see if the chance could vanish as we head into the weekend, and it's into early next week, looking like a quiet weather pattern. frank? >> sounds good. thank you. the national weather service is reminding people of hazardous beach conditions this morning. there's an increased risk of rip currents and large waves breaking close to the beach.
5:53 am
people are being told to stay off the shallow beaches and coastal jetties in the bay areas. the most dangerous conditions are likely to be at ocean beach, montara beach, and marina state beach. the warning expires at 9:00 this morning. a woman was seriously and permanently injured by using a popular skin cream product out of mexico. the creams you need to look out for, and what they were tainted with. you can soon suit up and fight along your favorite superhero. you will find out when the new attraction is expected to open at disney's california adventure, coming up. and it's been a difficult season for the golden state warriors and their fans, but the warriors gifted their fans both on and off the court yesterday, and we will share that, but first, we want to show you a live look outside, and you're watching mornings on 2 on this day after christmas, and we are glad to have you on
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. they want to continue their winning streak against the sons. they are playing some of the best the basketball this season. they won the third straight by beating the houston rockets on christmas day. it was a total team effort, every starter scored double
5:57 am
figures. the head coach said the team was up for the nationally televised game. maybe the biggest game they played the season. before they tipped off, they took time to give back. greatly shows us why this was a christmas some bay area kids won't soon forget. >> 430 kids and their families at chase center, christmas day to remember. the warriors teaming up with nba cares to host young people from the oakland public education find and boys and girls club of san francisco treating them tramiel, time with the dance team and photos with the larry o'brien trophy. >> it is cool, it is new to me and i've never done this before. >> it is really a special thing and i'm exciting about it. >> the special invite the
5:58 am
warriors game against the rockets, part of the nba season of giving. for 12-year-old mike brewster, a chance to see his favorite players. >> i saw russell and get to see more like steph curry even though he is injured. and i want to see james harden. >> i saw the look in his eyes when the player gave him a present. they will remember this for a long time. >> oh yes, the present. the players from both teams surprised them with gifts. inside the boxes? headphones and of course some warriors swag. >> that was cool, these are like $300. >> they are cool. the family said nothing could compare to the joy of spending the day together with their favorite team. >> it is good to count your blessings and be thankful for what we have. and it's not always about the gifts but it's about family and hanging out. >> part of the community
5:59 am
relations team is what we do, this is to make sure that we are giving back. so we listen to the community and understand how we can give back and how we can be more impactful. three teenagers killed in the east bay. live in pleasanton to tell you what happened. >> a child hospitalized after he was shot outside his home on christmas eve. where it happened. of the witnesses described the moments leading up to the chaos., from ktvu fox 2 to news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back. today is thursday, the day after the big holiday. we have mark tamayo guiding us through the next few days. >> it seems like the parks and the beaches are more crowded, taking advantage of the nice weather. remember yesterday we were
6:00 am
talking about the heavy rainfall across the bay area. that the thunderstorms are not the case for today. geyser partly sunny in the afternoon and highs will warm up into the low to mid 50s. the main focus today will be to the south. to southern california so we have the clouds and a little bit of green on the bay area radar. there is a chance of a leftover sprinkle this morning. mainly in the south bay. a few spots, 30s in santa rosa. what about the afternoon? we will talk about today's forecast. let's check in with alley who has the morning look at traffic. >> we are off to a good start. everything looks pretty good, just a couple of minor items to tell you about. this is northbound 17 at the summit. of this report of the vehicle, maybe a spin out crash. no reports of any injuries.


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