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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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the homeless crisis and how governor gavin newsom is responding. good morning, welcome to mornings on two. it's thursday december 27th. i'm allie rasmus. steve is in on this cold morning dfrjts you notice the change? >> it does feel colder. seems like there's not as much cloud cover. >> yeah, that was a blanket to keep us warm but not the case this morning. you definitely want to bundle up and dress in a thick coat. cold start, mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours and temperatures on track to reach the 50s. here's our live camera looking at sfo. our satellite showing that storm system in southern california over the grapevine just impossible yesterday with the snow coverage. for us in the bay area, mostly
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clear skies but colds numbers. santa rosa and napa both sub freezing. 31 degrees in san san francisco and san jose in the upper 30s. more about your weekend outlook coming up. breaking news now, oakland fire crews say they're on the scene of a warehouse fire we don't know yet how the fire started. we'll bring you more information as it comes in this morning. morning. officers were called around 7:30 last night. 0 last night. this morning we have updated in
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killed three teenagers on christmas night. the county coroner released their ie dent, all 16 years old and attended dublin high school. the shocking news has rocked students and teachers in the community. the three victims played sports at dublin high and coaches and the school's athletic director gathered the students around and talked about the tragic loss. >> i couldn't imagine losing twins. they both come at the same time and leave at the same time. >> fun, lovable and caring individuals. very close. >> the five teens were in a hundred die sedan when it crashed into a power pole late christmas night. two teens survived the crash and taken to the hospital with serious juries. no evidence of alcohol but officers are still investigating what caused the crash. a vigil is being organized for this sunday at 5:00 p.m. people
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are being asked to bring candles and photos of the three students to honor their lives. the highway patrol says ten people were killed in traffic crashes throughout california during its max enforcement period from christmas eve to christmas day. officers made 271 arrests for driving under the influence. more officers out on the road next week for new year's eve. a six year old boy listed in stable condition following a shooting on christmas eve. police say the little boy was outside on the sidewalk celebrating the holiday with his family when he was hit in the back by a stray bullet. he's being treated at oakland children's hospital where his condition was listed as critical. as many as 20 shots were fired with the bullets strikes two homes. santa fe police arrested a 22-year old woman who drove her car on a sidewalk and hit and killed a man. she was booked into santa clara county jail on a murder charge.
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investigators say it started after 2:00 in the morning on wednesday. two men confronted each other on the sidewalk on east santa clara street. one of them pulled a gun and shot the other. the wounded man got in a car and bu chshgsez got in her car and ran over the shooter on the sidewalk. four homeless mothers who took over a vacant house in oakland will be back in court. they asked for more time to prepare their case. the mom and kids moved into the house and it was vacant for years and they needed a roof over their heads but the real estate investment company evicted the families earlier this month. >> this was a wednesday. we'll be back on monday still fighting. we're not going anywhere. >> a spokes person for wedge wood says this is a case of illegal entry and illegal occupation and the moms will
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lose the case because they can't steal someone's property and expect to keep it. the women and company representatives scheduled to be back in court on monday morning. president trump taking aim at nancy pelosi but not for the current state of the impeachment trial. instead he's criticizing her for homelessness in san francisco and as christina coleman reports he had harsh words for our state's governor. >> president trump is blasting house speaker nancy pelosi on twitter over california's chronic homeless crisis. she says her district is one of the worst in the u.s. when it comes to homelessness and crime. and crime. on christmas day he took aim at california's governor saying the governor has done a bad job on taking care of the homeless population in california and
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issued him an ultimatum. trump's warning comes on the thg department of urban housing development report showing the recent 2.7% rise in homelessness caused by a 16% increase in california. this latest report analyzes data from 2018. california led the nation in the number of homeless people with an estimated 129,000 or more in january. rlier this month he said the federal government hasn't done nearly enough to help. governor newsom also says the state has invested an unprecedented one billion dollars to attack homelessness. in los angeles, christina coleman, fox news. caught on camera, a thief br a bakery in the south bay. flour flour on willow street posted this surveillance video on its facebook page. you can see someone breaking
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into the front door early yesterday morning taking one of their cash registers and walking out. no word on how much the thief got away with. the unified school district is trying to collect money after it accidentally overpaid hundreds of retired employees who occasional continue to work for the district. they received a notice instructing them to give back the extra money. we spoke to the retired employee calling attention to the problem. >> a retired mount diablo unified district employee says she's among hundreds who do substitution work. they are forced to pay thousands of dollars back to the district. a retired special education assistant says those impacted do a variety of jobs including campus supervisors and cafeteria workers. all members of the california school employees association and teachers are not members of the union and they are not affected. >> i'm outraged. when they audit me i'm going to
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owe them thousands of dollars. i don't have. >> the mistake in payment resulted when a state law went into effect in 2013 that changed the rules for compensating retired school district employees who worked the day before or the day after a holiday. the letter was sent to retirees who do substitution work. ution work. 0. >> it was their fault. why do we have to pay the consequences for the district knowing what this law was six years ago? and yet, continued to pay us. >> a mount dee ablow school official told me, "i empathize with these people but it would be illegal to waif the money overpaid and it would be a gift
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of public funds." they discovered the mistake in an audit and it doesn't affect all employees. >> they're auditing and coming up with these names. i may not have one today but that doesn't mean mine is not coming in the mail tomorrow. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox two news. more information is coming out regarding the death of a man at muir woods this week. he was visiting from minnesota when he hiked on a hillside trail tuesday afternoon, a tree fell hitting other trees causing large debris to fall on top of him. another person on the trail hit baby debris. while the park itself is still open, this particular hiking area has been closed since tuesday when this happened. muir woods sent us a statement saying "almost a million visitors visit each year and this is very rare and isolated
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and an occurred from recent winter storms around roots of the tree. looks like we will be lighting up the last friday of 2019. cool spots now are below the freezing mark with patchy frost. more sunshine this afternoon and highs around 53 to 59 degrees. here's the satellite showing you the storm system in southern california. this is our old storm christmas morning. that's kicking out to the south and leaving us with mostly clear skies. that northerly flow is bringing the cool temperatures here in the bay area. lots of clear skies right now and colds numbers. look at santa rosa. 30 in san francisco. san jose 38 degrees and liver
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more around 32. here's our live camera looking at sfo with mostly clear skies. we could have patches we develop later on tonight and basically over the next few mornings. this morning and into tomorrow morning. here's your forecast model and here we are as we put this into motion. yule notice a few high clouds approaching the north bay but a quiet weather pattern. lots of sunshine for friday. saturday bringing a few extra clouds by the afternoon hours but still a dry weather pattern. by sunday we'll bring in another chance of rain showers especially sunday afternoon and sunday evening. forecast highs this afternoon, lots of 50s, the warm spots actually close to 60 degrees later on today. so a cold start this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon. coming up, we'll track the rain chances towards saturday evening and then we're talking about new year's eve forecast, that is coming up in a bit. >> time to start thinking about that, thanks mark. winter weather making it
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tough for holiday travelers trying to make it home to california where snowy roads are causing issues for drivers in the southern part of the state. how apple is stepping in to help wildfire victims in australia. let's take a look outside. this live picture of highway 24 through lafayette, not too many cars on the road. a nice easy drive on this hole dau friday week. mornings on two continue after the break.
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welcome back. 12 people have been killed and 50 others injured in a plane crash. local authorities say the plane was carrying 98 people and hit a two story fit after take off. the airline was operating the plane to the country's capitol. it was a dutch made jet. pilot error or technical failure may have led to the crash. aviation officials investigate what went wrong. 28 people are dead in the philippines following a destructive typhoon. the storm caused landslide and flooding and widespr walk to waters
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to wildfire relief efforts in australia. another heat wave this weekend expected to make their fire fight challenging. more than 3,000 unpaid volunteer firefighters are among the crews fighting one of the worse fires on season. 86 homes have been destroyed this week. 7 million acres have burned and nine people killed and nearly a thousand homes lost. bay area airports bustling this weekend as folks return home after christmas. let's check sfo in the distance. a live picture from the airport. a lot of planes parked on the tarmac. more movement there as the morning goes on. administration will have a better idea later this morning about any flight interruptions but so far no major disruptions. there are flights cancelled from chicago's o hear airports due weather problems in those cities. about 155,000 passed through yesterday. no problems being reported at oakland or san jose airports but
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a good idea to check with your flights and airline ahead of time. most americans will drive rather than fly this holiday season. aaa projects 105 million people will hit the roads. 4 million more people than last year. you can expect travel to pick up through the weekend as some people drive home from holiday destinations. others will continue holidays by visiting loved ones or going shopping. >> you can anticipate not just the regular commute because people traveling to and from loved ones and people travels out of country to the airport, all those things. >> travel experts say the booming economy is the main reason a record number of peopls holiday season. the drive between northern and southern california is taking much longer than normal for some people. the grapevine is still shut down. caltrans has not announced yet when the stretch of interstate five will reopen. they tweeted pictures of crews
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plowing snow and people are being urged to avoid tral in the storm but drivers should also have a full tank of gas in case they're stranded. >> i've never seen as much snowfall. i've been doing this for 28 years. >> since i got stuck i went to help everybody else out. >> you helped people? >> yes, i pushed their vehicles and got them out of there. i was down there for five and a half hours. >> wow, that could be worse though. authorities say one driver was found dead in his big rig on the grapevine. they're looking into the death but they say the vehicle was not involved in re crash so they're investigating what happened. people heading to southern california are advised to take highway 101 instead. don't get stuck in that. yeah, i have family in southern california trying to make it back to the bay area and they're having to wait things out before that grapevine opens. we are hoping for improving
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conditions for today. here's our lye camera looking out towards sfo. mostly clear skies, want to bundle up this morning. lots of sunshine this afternoon. a few extra clouds for saturday and sunday we're tracking the possibility of some scattered showers here in the bay area. now we're still taking a look at our old system from christmas morning. you can see a circulation here in southern california. that is the one that produced the snowfall yesterday over the grapevine. for us mostly clear skies and a few high clouds approaching the north bay this afternoon. current numbers, take a look at the readings. it's chilly, santa rosa and napa in the lower 30s. san francisco, 44. walnut creek, look at these 30s. liver more 32. san jose in the upper 30s. so once again clear skies to start out your friday morning. our old system is scooting out to the east. with that no longe pattern. lots of as we
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head into saturday. on sunday this could be the last system of 2019. this will dthe cloud cover and e tracking the chance for showers as we head into sunday. the forecast model showing you this. mostly clear skies for today. high clouds drifting in from the north and then on saturday this is saturday morning, mostly clear skies and a few extra clouds moving in during the afternoon hours. then sunday definitely cloud cover and by the afternoon into the evening hours we bring in the chance of scattered showers here in the bay area. so watching out for that in the second half of the weekend. highs this afternoon, after the cold start, lots of sunshine and 50s. 55-59 degrees for your friday. as we take a look ahead, your weekend checking out the last weekend of 2019. saturday a few extra clouds. by sunday there's a shower chance and then on monday, partly cloudy skies and more sunshine as we head towards
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tuesday and new year's eve. at least at this early point, we're making plans for the festivities and rain free forecast as we wrap up 2019. >> and warmer it looks like. >> that's nice, thanks mark. workers at a mcdonald's are being called heroes. how they helped rescue a woman who was being held against her will. he's now a free man after spending 30 years behind bars. next, one man's long battle to clear his name after being wrongfully convicted of murder. let's take you outside for a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is light this morning, even though it's still an early hour. we expect it to be light for most of the day. but we'll keep an eye on it throughout the morning. this commute is others across the bay area. you're watching mornings on two.
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0. a man is spending his first holiday season out of prison in 30 years. jack sagan was convicted of murder in 1986. he always said he was innocent and wrongly accused in the crime. henry lee shows us how an appeals court overturned his conviction. >> just days before he turned 74, jack sagan walked ot of state prison a free man after three decades behind bars. >> very excited to be here. >> he had been convicted of killing paula d the mother of two found stabbed
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to death in her apartment. there were signs she struggled with the attacker. he always said he was innocent. in september an appeals court overturned his murder conviction, proof he had nothing to do with it. >> never, i've never seen that woman in my life. >> in a recent interview with ktvu sagan says he isn't bitter. >> instead i try to do the right thing and just keep going. what happened happened. i spent all that time in prison for nothing. but you know, it is what it is. >> so how did he end up in prison? >> he was arrested for an unrelated offense months she was killed. two informants say he confessed to killing her. >> they did what they did. they got their freedom. i was the one they chose to do it with. >> he was convicted of first degree murder despite no physical evidence but he fought to clear his snam.
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>> i went to court after court after court. all the way to the 9th circuit court of appeals. >> then the northern california innocence project took up his case in 2009 a judge granted a motion to test dna evidence from the case. dna found under his fingernails belonged to some unknown man and none of sagan's dna was found at the crime scene. his attorney and sisters were there when he was released from prison in october. >> dna came the first way we could establish that informant was lying. rarely would they ever recant what their claims were. >> the legal team still faced obstacles. >> the court kept saying well he still could have done it and been there and the fact the dna of other people was on the crime scene evidence, it was people she knew. >> but in 2017 a state law relaxed the standard used to consider new evidence.
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before the evidence had the point to innocence and now we go to them and say there's newly discovered evidence and have this jury known it would have come to a different outcome and it's something that a court can understand. >> sagan is trying to understand all the changes in the outside world. he now lives with a sister in phoenix and she recently took him to a supermarket she took me and talking to a machine. i'm looking like what the she's paying this machine with this plastic. >> as he navigates his new life sagan hopes other people in his situation stay strong. >> if they're truly innocent, don't ever give up. >> henry lee, news. powerful words there. time is 4:27. the impeachment trial front and center for the new year. why both democrats and
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republicans believe i their party in the next election. and taking a look at where christmas trees go after the holiday. coming up, how they can help the animals at the oak land zoo. is skincare from around the world better than olay? olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything.
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it's not your typical porch theft. the moment person is caught on camera bypassing packages to take something more high-tech. the team was so well trained and prepared. >> quick thinking at a mcdonald's drive-through and wet workers did to help a woman in distress. good morning 2.


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