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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 27, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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christmas day. two other teens still in serious condition at a local hospital this morning. >> also president trump once again takes aim at california. what he said about our tate state's homelessness crisis and how governor newsom is responding. . >> from k to tvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. and good morning everyone welcome to mornings on two. today left time checked is a friday. >> aagree. >> friday december 27th i am frank malli coat. >> we are in for dave and pam who are off. and you are in also. >> stepped outside and. >> wow. >> i am awake. lots of sunshine on the forecast. after the cold start this morning, most areas back up into the 50s this afternoon. and here's the live camera looking towards san francisco, this early friday morning. and we r old storm is kicking out of town so with that, the
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clearing skies overnight. and allows temperatures to drop off rapidly and check in on the 5:00 numbers right now. look at that napa number. they have cooled off. 29 degrees right now in napa. one of the coldest locations. santa rosa 30. san francisco 43. and lots of 30s from walnut to heyward to san jose. more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. . all right. thank you for that. back down to our breaking news in oakland where fire crews are at the scene of a warehouse fire at west and apcar street. it started around 2:30 about 2 1/2 hours ago this morning. and that there is at least one burn victim in the fire. neighbors say the warehouse had been red tagged in the past but people were still living inside the building and that there was a lot of debris inside as well. . >> what i've been told is there's a timeline for procedures to shut a building down as it were. and those procedures wereunderway but people were
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still living there. . >> we don't know yet how that fire got started or the condition of that victim. we have a crew at the scene and we will keep you update as we get more information. also this morning, berkeley police are investigating reported gunfire near the cal campus. officers called to durant avenue near telegraph near campus about 7:30 last night. police said that they were checking on report of a shooting but this was no active shooterp police said they don't know if anyone was actually injured from the shooting. officers did close down the area for several hours as they investigated what happened there. this morning we have updated information to bring you on a crash that killed three teens. near pleasanton on christmas night. the alameda county coroner identifies them as javierramirez and two twins that were all 16 and attend duplin high school. student and teachers are devastated. three played sports at dublin
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high. coaches and the school's athletic director gathered them around and the loss. . >> i can't imagine losing twins they both come in at the same time and leave at the same time. >> fun, loveable. caring. very caring individuals. and very close. >> the five were in a hyundai sedan when it crashed into a power pole and tree late on christmas night. two teens survived the initial crash and were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the chp says this is no evidence of alcohol playing a factor here. but officers are investigating the cause of the crash. a vigil is organized for this sunday at 5:00 at the dublin high school quad. people are asked bng candle and photos of the three to honor their lives. the highway patrol says 10 people were killed p traffic crashes during the max enforcement period of 30 hours on christmas eve and christmas day. officers also made 271 arrests
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for driving under the influence. more officers will be on the roads next week for new year's eve. 6-year-old boy is listed in stable condition following a shooting in vallejo on christmas eve. happened near ohio and mariposa streets. police say the boy was outside on the sidewalk celebrating with family and the holiday. when he was hit in the back by a stray bullet. he is being treated now at oakland children's hospital where his condition was initially listed as critical. witnesses say as many as 20 shots were fired with bullets striking at least two of the homes. vallejo police are asking for the public's help a identify the shooter. san jose police arrested a 2 # 2-year-old woman who drive and killed a man. sabrina gutierrez was booked in on a murder charge. investigators say after 2:00 in the morning on wednesday, two men confronted each other on and shot the other. santa of t the wound man got into a car and was taken to a hospital.
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that's when police say gutierrez who is a relative the shooting victim got into her car and ran over the shooter on the sidewalk. four homeless mothers who took over a vacant house in oakland will be in court monday for another eviction hearing. yesterday the attorney for the women asked the judge for a little more time to prepare their case. the mothers and their kid moved into the home last month and say it was vacant for years. and they needed a safe place to stay. but wedgewood the real estate investment company that bought the home in july evicted the families earlier this month. . >> this was a win today. we will be back on monday. and still fighting. we are noti going anywhere. . >> a spokesperson for wedgewood says this is a case of ilwill l to keep it. the women and companyrepresentatives will be back in court on monday
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morning. president trump is taking aim at house speaker pelosi. and again, criticizing speaker pelosi for homelessness in san francisco. christina coleman reports the president also has harsh words for our state's governor. . >> reporter: president trump is blasting the house speaker pelosi on twitter over the chronic homelessness crisis in california and tweeted that her district has "rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the u.s. when it comes to the homeless and crime. adding she has lost total control and along with her equally incompetent gore governor and on christmas day president trump took aim at california's governor by twoating the governor has "done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in california. and he issued newsom if he can't fix the problem, the federal government will get involved. trump's warning is on the heels of the blistering department of housing and urban development report that shows the nation's
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recent overall 2.7% roiz in homelessness was caused in part by a 16.4% increase in california. this latest hud report analyzes data from 2018. california led the nation in the number of homeless people with an estimated 129,000 or more in january. earlier this month, newsom said the federal government has not done nearly enough to help. governor newsom says the state has invested an unprecedented 1 billion dollars to tackle the issue of homelessness. as for the warning, the president didn't say how the feds could or would intervene. in los angeles, chris tona coleman, fox news. . caught on camera a thief breaking into a bakery in the south bay a flower on willow street. the video was post on the facebook page. someone woke into the front door yesterday morning. takes wouldn't registers and then simply walks out. no word on how much the thief got away with.
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and more information coming out regarding the death of a man at muir woods. the victim is 28-year-old who was visiting from minnesota whenhe hiked on a hillside on a trail and apparently a tree came down and hit other trees causing a large debris to fall on top of him. another person on the trail was hit as well. taken to marin general hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the park itself is opened. that particular hiking area has been shut down since the incident. . meur wood sent us a statement saying almost a million visitors visit the national monument every year. that is very rare and isolated event that may have occurred due to wet ground from recent winter storms around the roots of a tree. martinez news gazette published since 1858 will print the last addition on sunday. the editor of the gazette says he is not sure whether the
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paper will published online. he says the paper needs a mean a lot to the community and there's local support that people who want to save it. he says gibson publishing has not informed him about the paper's future. boy, i am one of the guys that loves a cup of coffee and reading the chronicle in the morning page to page. >> nothing beats the feel of a news paper. >> and it's a dying breed. a lot of kid don't know what they are. anyway. mark. it's true. >> bring us back up here. >> i used to be a paper boy for the marin ij. i remember getting them delivered and having to fold them and load them in the bag. >> chuck them in the yard in on the rainy days that watts extra -- a tough day because you had to put the bags on.memories as no rain threat out there. in fact, it's cold so you want to bundle up this morning. patchy froes frost lots of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s from 53 to 59 degrees here. here is the live camera looking
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towards san francisco bay. where we have lots of clear skies. but definitely want to bundle up. notice temperature change compared to yesterday. satellite showing you high clouds in southern californiathe old storm is moving out of the state. and leaving us with a dry weather pattern. but a chilly one this morning. so some high cloud drifting from the pacific. current numbers, it's you will notice the change compared to yesterday morning. look at the numbers right now. subbe freezing in a lot of locations out towards livermore and towards santa rosa. napa right now 29 degrees. and san jose, 36. and even towards the coast, and 40s with a warm end of the temperature range san francisco and in oakland. here's the plan for today, some north this could move approach afternoon. and this is saturday morning at 9. and then saturday afternoon, we will thicken up the cloud cover. next shower chance that moves into the bay area on sunday. and as you can see the forecast
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model, it's kind of bumping up the rain chance as we head towards sunday afternoon and into sunday night. but today, we are looking pretty good. but want to bundle up this morning. clear and cold. patchy frost. lots of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures warming up steadily into the afternoon hours. you can see the forecast highs in san francisco 55. santa rosa close to 60. and livermore 56 degrees. we will talk more about that weekend shower chance coming up in a few minutes. time 5:10. let's check in with allie who is standing by. >> she wears many hats so we will take a break and check in with her. it's busy morning for everyone. staying on the weather theme, winter weather is making it tough for holiday travelers trying to make it back home. up next, the snowy roads are causing issues for wild fire victims in
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. at least 12 people killed and 50 others injured in a plane crash in kazakhstan. airplane was carrying 9 will people when it hit a concrete fence on a two story building after take off. plane was a dutch made jet. the country suspend flights with the airline and aircraft type. aviation officials are investigating what went wrong. authorities in the philippines say 28 people were killed and 12 others missing following a typhoon. the storm hit the central part
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of the country on christmas day. it caused landslides, flooding and widespread destruction. thousands were evacuateed. many had to walk through high waters. it cut off popular tourist destinations. and di disrupted travel by air and by sea. apple will donate to wild fire relief efforts in australia. another heat wave will make the fire fight more challenging. more than 3,000 unpaid firefighters volunteers are among the crews fighting one of the worst wild fire seasons on record in the country. at least 86 homes were destroyed this week alone. and since july, more than 7 million acres burned and 9 people have been killed. and nearly a thousand homes have been lost. bay area airport will be bustling this weekend as people return home after the christmas holiday. let's go live out to sfo and it's clear and it is very cold but thankfully, we can see through the live picture no rain to speak of. officials say they will have a
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better idea later this morning about what's happening but no major disruptions. flight cancel free hair and dulles airports due to the weather problems. some 156,000 people passed through sfo yesterday alone. there are no problems being reported at oakland or san jose at the airports but as always, check your flight and airline ahead of times. americans will drive rather than fly. ta. aaa projects 105 million will hit the roads 4 34eu8 one more than last year. expect the traffic to pick up for the weekend as more people drive home. >> anticipate not just regular commute because people have to go to work but people traveling to and from loved ones and people traveling out of country to the airports all the things. . >> travel experts say the economy is the main reason more people than ever before are hitting the roads this holiday season. the drive between northern and southern california is taking much longer than usual for some drivers. the grapevine is shut down
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atthis hour due to the snowstorm. caltrans has not said when that part of interstate 5 will reopen. transit agency tweeted pictures of crews plowing snow at the cajon pass. it's advised to wait it out. but if you have to go have full tank of gas and supplies in case you become stranded. >> i never seen this much snowfall up here before i am mean, during this for 28 years. so,. >> since i got stuck, i said screw it. i will help everybody else out. >> you started helping people on the road. >> yes. i started pushing their -- helping them by pushing their vehicles and getting them out of there. i was down there for 5 1/2 hours. authorities say driver was found dead in the big rig on grapevine. they are look into his death but say the truck was not involved in the crash. people heading to southern california is adviced to take 102 instead of 5. here in the bay area allie razz must putting on another
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hat and handling traffic as sal is away. there's a little more traffic today than yesterday. so, christmas fell in the middle of the week and so maybe people are trying a get a workday in on monday and now try. we have crashes to tell you about because of it. this is on eastbound highway 24. first one happened near oak hill road a two-vehicle crash and ambulance was called to the scene. according to the chp's notes another crash may have happened as someone, a driver, drove into the debris from the first crash. eastbound 24 you can see some of the emergency vehicles there at the scene. in the westbound direction, there is heavier traffic. it's not backed up but maybe a little slogan rub necker going on as people look at crash in the eastbound direction. we will keep an eye on it. bay bridge toll plaza. more traffic than yesterday. but overall, a pretty easy drive if you are heading into the city. 5:18 here's mark tamayo.
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remember a few years ago we had the weather challenge where i had you guess the temperature in truckee it was so cold. >> and i got it. >> yes. let's do it again. >> i think you ow coffee. >> for a year i think exactly. so right now what do you think truckee is? >> oh. i haven't been following as closely let's say 27? >> 27. you want to find out i feel like a game show host. >> i feel like that's too high. >> look behind me right now. it's 9 degrees in truckee so you think it's cold here in the bay area. >> that's frigid. >> very frigid. but, you were perfect last night and were close this time. >> better luck next time. >> good job. >> now i owe you a coffee. >> that's my motivation. south lake tahoe right now 6 degrees. if you are heading to lake tahoe, 4. for friday and for today lots of sunshine. in fact it looks pretty good into saturday. chance of snow, though, as we head towards sunday. here is our live camera looking out towards the golden gate
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bridge with mostly clear skies. a little bit of a breeze setting up here. this is what i look at to see the wind direction and the flag a little offshore breeze setting up in the bay area. the old storm is heading out of southern california and with with that they should have improving conditions down there. and we have a dry weather pattern for this for today and into saturday but take a look at cold numbers. 29 degrees in napa. 30 in santa rosa and 40s for san francisco and oakland and san jose checking in at 36 degrees. here is the plan for today clear and cool. most sigh sunny mostly sunny sks 4 this afternoon. but it's shaping up to be a very nice friday as the area of high pressure sets up camp offshore. pushing the storm track up to the north. so mostly sunny skies. highs in the 50s. tomorrow, a few extra clouds in advance of this guy that moves in on sunday. as we bring in the next shower
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chance in the bay area. this morning, we have clear skies some high clouds drifting in by 5:00 and then saturday, we will start with clear skies but some cloud cover moving in during the afternoon hours. here's the system and this forecast model will bullp up the shower chance. by sunday we bring in chance of showers especially by the afternoon. and into sunday night. that could be the last system of 2019. forecast highs for today, mainly in the 50s. warm spot flirting with 60 degrees. it's amazing after the cold start this morning a nice recovery. could feel a little mild later on today. here's alook ahead the five-day weekend is quiet. dodging showers by sunday. and partly sunny skies into monday and wrapping up 2019 for tuesday new year's eve looks like we should have dry conditions but a bit of a breeze kicks in northerly wind by tuesday afternoon. . >> thank you. workers at a mcdonnel's in lodi are called heroes today.
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diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. glace at 5:24. the mount diablo unified school district is trying to collect money after accidentally overpaying hundreds of retired employees who occasionally continued to work for the district. workers say they received a notice instructing them to repay that extra money. ktvu amber lee spoke to retired
5:25 am
employee who is calling attention to the matter. >> reporter: a retired mount diablo school district employee is among hundreds of district workers who do substitution work after retirement. they will now be forced to pay up to thousands of dollars back to the district for being overpaid. bonnie ray a retired special education assistant says those impacted do a variety of jobsincluding campus supervisors and cafeteria workers. all are members of the california school employees association. teachers are not members of the union and they are not affected. >> i am outraged. you know when they audit me, i am going to owe them thousands of dollars. i don't have. >> reporter: the mistake in payment resulted when a state law went in effect in 2013 that changed the rules for compensating retired school district employees who worked the day before or the day after a holiday. the letter from the california public employees retirement
5:26 am
system was sent to retirees who do substitution work. it said in part, "we are provide yowing a one time option to rectify this violation by repaying the district all the special compensation received during the violation period. >> it was their fault. why do we have to pay the consequences for the district knowing what the law was 6 years ago and yet continued to pay us? >> reporter: a mount diablo unified school district official who wanted to remain anonymous told me i empathize with the people but it would be illegal to waist money overpaid. it would be a gift of public funds. cal prs discovered the mistake in an audit. rae says not all employees have received theoverpayment. >> they are auditing and coming up with the names i may not have one today but that doesn't mean mine won't cop come in the pail tomorrow. >> reporter: amber lee ktvu.
5:27 am
up next impeachment trial will be front and center for the new year. still ahead, why both democrats and republicans say it will help their party in next year's election. and taking a look at where christmas trees go after the holiday, coming up, how they can help animals actually at the oakland zoo. stay right there.
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. this is not your typical porch theft. moment a person is caught on camera by-passing two packages to take something more high
5:30 am
tech. plus. >> it was an exciting thing to know that our team was so well trained and prepared for this moment. >> and quick thinking at mcdonald's drive through. what employees did to help a woman in distress. >> this is morning on 2. >> happy friday one and all. it's december 27th. i am frank malli coat. >> i am gasia mikaelian. if you are heading outside, bring the coat you got for christmas. >> maybe the coat and sweater, everything. because temperatures a lot more 30s to talk about this morning starting out your friday morning. so, no in fact we have patchy frost as well. no frost advisories but a cold start this morning. lots of sunshine later on today. and nice recovery into the afternoon hours. most areas back the 50s. here's the live camera looking towards san francisco where we have clear skies. and our old system is cannotting out of southern california. and so with that, we have a dry
5:31 am
weather pattern for today. but with the clear conditions, temperatures allowed to drop rapidly overnight. and look at the current numbers. we have 20s in napa. 29 degrees. santa rosa 30. more 30s towards the east bay for concord, walnut creek and livemore area. we will talk more about the forecast in a few minutes. let's economic with allie who is standing by and checking out the roadways. good morning to you. good morning. we will start with highway 24 in lafayette because this is where there is problem we have been telling you about for the last half-hour or so. eastbound direction highway 24and single vehicle crash and this is in the same area where there was an earlier crash involving two other vehicles. so it sounds like this new crash happened when the car hit the debris from the earlier crash. you can see emergency responders on the scene. westbound direction, traffic looks okay. it's filling up. here's # 80 in oakland north and southboundch no problems driving past the coliseum. and heading towards downtown oakland and 880 in the
5:32 am
southbound direction looks good through hayward and beyond. 5:31 now back to the desk. back down to breaking news in oakland where fire crews are apcar street. f a warehouse it started around 2:30 this morning. and there is at least one victim a burn victim. neighbors say the warehouse had been red tagged in the past but people were still living inside the structure and there was a lot of debris inside there as well. we don't know yet how it got started or the condition of that burn victim. we have a crew at the scene and we will keep you updated as we get more information. here are other stories we are following this morning. the three teens killed in deadly crash in pleasanton on christmas night have been identified as javier mere twin michael urista. two other crash victims are in the hospital with serious injuries. the chp says there is no evidence of alcohol. officers are investigating the cause of the crash. highway patrol says ten
5:33 am
killed in crashes throughout california during the maximum enforcement period of 30 christmas eve. and christmas day. officers also make 271 arrests for driving while under the influence. more officers will also be out on the roads next week for new year's eve. and police in san jose are on hunt for the burglar who smashed his way into the flower flower shop on willow street early thursday morning. it's clear surveillance video which we see the thief taking a cash register and walking off with it. no word on how much the thief got away with. alameda police are looking out for a christmas day thief who was caught on camera ironically stealing the surveillance cameras. ktvu joined police up in front of home man emerges an climbs the stairs. without hiding his face, he
5:34 am
reaches up and yanks and easily steals this home surveillance camera. . >> during the holiday season, that we typically do see a roiz in property crimes particularly theft of packages from porches and doorsteps. >> reporter: but here on lincoln avenue, the thief walks around two packages. the victim admits he was out of town with family. and always leaves the porch light onto keep criminals away. but not this one. because minutes later, he returns in his car. >> and it's low crime rate. everybody watches's everybody back and we don't have too many problem. >> reporter: he can september for the creeper on the stairs. this time with a black crate in his hands. giving himself a boost. he goes for a second camera and snatches and steals it too. but leaves the third camera behind. out of reach and able to capture the crime. >> the point of having the camera is to prevent or detour this crime so making them less accessible and call the police because we want to know when
5:35 am
the incidents do occur so we erts on phone and called 911. but when officers arrived, the man the bluecoat was gone. nothing else was taken or burglarized. now police just want to catch this crook. >> we want to create a safe environment and be ambassadors for safety and we encourage people to have surveillance cameras. the last thing we want is them to be stolen. >> reporter: we found the cameras cost about $100 each. the victim was afraid the guy would come back and break in so he cut his family vacation short and came back to check on his house. if you know anything about this thief, call alameda police. brooks jarosz. workers at mcdonald's in the central valley are called heroes after jumping into e dri seat of her car. her boyfriend of a month was in the passenger seat. when she was placing her order at the drive through she mouthed the words i need help. workers saw her on the drive through camera and took quick
5:36 am
action. . >> they informed everyone else down the drive through line and we held up actually two cars in front of the car. >> there's no telling what could have happened we don't know if they made it to the family's house in atwater. the victim could have been possibly abused or killed. >> that delaygate gave time for deputies do get there and arrested the boyfriend. they say they found loaded gun that had been reported stolen from another state in the trunk of car. and he was arrested and is expected to be in court today. schedule is open in january for what is expected to be an impeachment trial. ray bogan joins us live where it won't happen until they agree on how it will be carried out. but ray, it is a busy couple weeks ahead right? >> reporter: that's right. a busy couple weeks ahead as they try to negotiate the trial
5:37 am
you know they say politics is personal. yesterday, president trump really followed that mantra he's put out multiple tweets attacking speaker pelosi and her congressional district. president trump hit hard at house speaker pelesoi and her home state of california in a series of tweets thursday. he wrote, nancy pelosi's district in california has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the u.s. when it comes to the homeless and crime. it gotten so bad so fast she lost total control. the speaker's holding articles of impeachment from the senate and hopes of getting what she a >> she is holding a live gre it's a and they pulled the pin and she to the it in her hand and she doesn't reporter: chuck tried to negotiate with the president through twitter he wrote, president trump, if you are so confident you did nothing wrong, then why done outrelease the e-mas
5:38 am
the witnesses testify under oath? the. >> the president said he would like to have the closest to him testify. if he is telling the trout, all senator mcconnell has to do to move forward on this is agree to that. >> reporter: before the trial begins, all senators will take an oath to administer "impartial justice. many politicians are accusing each other of having already made up their minds. one wall street journal columnist says all members of the senate will have a bias either for or against the president. >> the job of being objective lies with chief justice roberts who will be overseeing this senate trial. mr. mitch mcconnell is a republican leader in expect him it. >> reporter: polls show public opinion has flipped the real av that while most americans used to support impeachment now more are against it. back to you. >> all right ray bowingan live
5:39 am
in washington thank you. >> you said something that rings true for me. there are more people on the road today compared to just the past couple days. yes. so maybe people are trying to get one more workday in before the weekend. and before maybe people take sometime off next week. expect traffic to be light. so the new year's holiday with you we are seeing some cars on the road although overall the commute is pretty light. the only problem in the south bay is northbound 680 at jackson street and this is a crash that happened more than an hour ago. it's on the maps but it should be cleared by now. here's 280 in san jose north and southbound past downtown san jose things look good. you see more volume traffic volume in the busier than this hour yesterday. but no problems as you make your way towards the tunnel in the westbound direction. you see some flashing lights in the eastbound direction. and that is because of an earlier crash that happened eastbound 24 at oak hill road. here's san mateo bridge no problems making are way to the pi anybodies laat this hour.
5:40 am
5:40 let's check in with mark tamayo. i want to bundle up this morning. we have a cold start. cooler than yesterday so you will notice the change instantly when you step outside the door this morning. take look at the forecast in general. cold start, patchy frost. lots of sunshine this afternoon and highs from the 50s around 53 to 59 degrees. and here's a live camera looking out above san francisco where we have the clear skies and that's the deal when you have the clear skies. temperatures allowed to cool off rapidly overnight and that's why we have the chilly start this morning. in fact you will see the old system heading out of southern california coming closer to the bay area. and a few high clouds out there in the pacific and current numbers most areas t now a 29 degrees. and san francisco 42. half-moon bay in the 30s at 36 and a few more spots in the north bay showing you lot of 30s from petaluma to cloverdale start off your early friday morning. here's the satellite showing you this. we have clear skies for this
5:41 am
morning. maybe some patchy fog could reform. in fact dense fog closer to the fresno area this morning. and then high clouds drifting in from the north this afternoon. and saturday, the weekend starts off dry. but a few extra clouds by the afternoon hours. and then, by sunday, here we go. we bring in shower chances as possibly the last system of 2019. moves into northern california. and the bay area. as far as today, a great day to get outside for a hike or bike ride. lots of sunshine and few high clouds drifting in and temperatures mainly in the 50s for your friday afternoon forecast. and as far as weekend, we will track the shower chance and we will have more on that up in just sound good. thank you a frantic couple rushes to hide in their an intr downstairs. what gave responding officers a laugh when they were there to handle the unique situation. coming your way.
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5:44 am
. back to breaking news in oakland where firefighters are at the scene of a large warehouse fire. the building itself was red tagged by the fire marshal. ktvu sara zendehnam and we understand one person was injured in the fire? >> reporter: that's right. there was one woman who was taken to the hospital with minor burn injuries and right
5:45 am
now a very active scene still here in oakland. i will tell step out of the way so you can can look at fire fight that continues at this hour. there are no visible flames left. but there are a lot -- there's lot of water dumped on the building to make sure nothing sparks up again. inside the warehouse it is the ap bar warehouse and there's debris inside and we will get into that in just a minute. but oakland fire department did say that one person was taken to the hospital with minor burns. but thankfully, no one else was hurt. we are on less than a half mile from the macarthur bart station. theyth fire was reported 2:30. video shows intense flames from the ed by building. on november 28th it was red tagged and people living inside were evacuated because the building was not safe. battalion chief says even though they were monitoring the building, they did expect people to sneak back in and that's exactly what happened. 6 people were inside the building and ran out when the
5:46 am
fire started. like we mentioned, one woman was burned. we spoke to a neighbor who says the building has been a problem for the while. and that he had community meeting about it. but she says it shows how severe the housing crisis is in the bay area. . >> people lose a lease. i mean i knew a very good carpenter and handyman who was -- who had to live work space in the building. and he moved out because it was unsafe. but he couldn't find another apartment. >> reporter: the oakland fire department says this building caught fire in 2014 as well. the roof partially collapsed during the fire. as for this fire, there was loads of debris pulled out of the building in what was a live- work space. the department says all the items inside and the partition walls made the fire fight harder. now back out here live, you can still see that the fire
5:47 am
technically is not contained. that's what the battalion chief told us about 30 minutes ago. even though you can't see any visible flames, there is still the risk the fire could reignite so these firefighters will likely be out here for the next couple hours and then really throughout the day. there will be at least a couple op oakland firefighters keeping their eye on the building here. in oakland this morning, sarah zendehnam. >> you said people were living in the warehouse even though they shouldn't have been. have fire crews told you if everyone is accounted for or is there a chance more people are inside the warehouse? >> reporter: well you know, they said the first thing they did when they got on scene was they da targeted search of the area because like i mentioned, they expected people to sneak back into the building after people were evacuated at the end of november. when the building was red tagged. the first thing they did was building. there was no one left so they said this were people who self-evacuated. once the fire started they ran out of the building and there was just the one woman who was
5:48 am
injured. >> okay. sara is live at the scene thanks so much. we will bring her in throughout morning for more. >> thanks. a couple in north carolina say they are still getting used to their new robotic vacuuma afrightening nighttime encounter they were in their bedroom and heard strange loud noises from downstairs. thinking an intruder broke in they hid in the closet and dialed up 911. within minutes deputies checked the house. turns out it was not a burglar but a brand new robotic in the middle of the night. . >> they asked me how long i had it and i said two days and they started laughing. because they knew it was but th had great attitudes about it. . >> the couple is still unsure how the robotic vacuum managed to turn itself on and made light of the situation and given the vacuum a nickname they call it harry after joe
5:49 am
pesci's character in the film home alone. u.p.s. expects to process 1.9 million returns on january 2nd. that's up 26% from the year before. and it is the 7th consecutive annual record. u.p.s. says it is due to the growing number of people who shop online instead of in stores for the holidays. happening today, san francisco's annual chipping of the christmas trees will get underway. bring your tree down to civic center plaza starting at 11 this morning. it's where a giant wood chipper will turn it into mulch if you want to hang on to it longer st curb for pick up on the regular garbage days and there are other trees are recycled. national christmas tree association says most unsold trees are donated. in the east bay many unsold trees end up at oakland zoo and given to the animals for play, as a meal or both. >> that's nice to know it goes
5:50 am
somewhere but keep it up at least until new year's. >> we just put it up. >> gifts are gone and it's like out the door. >> feels like the whole holiday season from thanksgiving to newyear's is together so i he feel look i need more time to enjoy my tree. but. >> absolutely. >> but. at least animals at the zoo and other places you with put it to good use. if you are driving this morning, we want to tell you about the commute. it's going to be little bit heavier traffic today than yesterday. but overall still looking pretty good. here's the north bay commute driving on westbound 80 down through vallejo no problems and the rest of the westbound 80 # from hercules to berkeley looks pretty good at this hour. you see the crash that is in the clearing stages and eastbound highway 24 near oak hill road and this should be almost out of the way by now. carquinez bridge to macarthur maze is under 20 minutes. and once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic here is light. metering lights are not on. usually they would be on a
5:51 am
nonholiday friday. but we don't expect them to turnon this morning. we have not seen them turn on during the morning commute all of this week. 5:51. if you are heading out the door it is pretty cold out there. you need your extra jacket and maybe a hat and scarf. >> yeah. i think maybe all those are good suggestions when you step outside this morning, and you will notice that chill in the air. temperatures this morning cooler than yesterday with the clearing skies. so you want to bundle up this morning. cold start lots of sunshine this afternoon. and saturday, we will bring in more clouds and then sunday, possibly another system if fact a fairly good chance heading into sunday afternoon and sunday night with more shower chances in the forecast. here you can see on the satellite the old system moving in and moving into southern california. in fact it's cannotting scooting out to the east and we have clear skies and with clear skies temperatures dropping off rapidly overnight. look at some current numbers we have lots of 30s in napa. and 29 degrees right now.
5:52 am
san francisco 42 and we have hayward 38. san jose 36 degrees. and even fairfield in solano county reporting temperatures near freezing. clear and cool this morning. this is for san francisco. and more sunshine into the afternoon hours. and a few high clouds drift in by 3 or 4:00 but still a fairly nice friday across the entire bay area. here is our old system the guy that produced thunderstorms in the bay area christmas morning producing heavy rain in southern california yesterday. for today, with the area of highpresh pressure offshore a dry weather pattern and saturday, still dry, here is the next system coming on board on sunday. and this will be a cloud producer. and the chance of showers by sunday afternoon. and into sunday night. and that could be a factor out in the sierra as well. right now, gits for truckee and south lake tahoe. 5 and 6 degrees. and here's the plan for today. some more sunshine and temperatures on track to reach the 30s. and then a chance of some snow as you can see by sunday.
5:53 am
so, we will keep an eye on that to let you know if it could impact travel back to the bay area on sunday. here is the forecast model showing you this a few high clouds that is a nice friday. saturday, we will start off with more sunshine but then we will thicken up the cloud cover by the afternoon hours. and by sunday more clouds and looks like a fairly good chance of showers by sunday afternoon. and into sunday night. highs this afternoon, mainly in the 50s and nice recovery into the afternoon hours. and look ahead your five-day weekend starts off dry. we bring in the shower chance later by sunday afternoon. and sunday night. and new year's eve good news should be dry. >> that's good news. all right. thank you. right now, it's one of the more dangerous times of the year out on the road. what chp is saying about the number of crashes and arrest so far through the holidays. and now neighbors in mountainview could have a say on whether to stop people from parking their rvs on the streets. very latest on that but first, you have to be at least 21 years old to buy cigarettes and
5:54 am
e-cigarettes in the united states. more on the new law signed by president trump and the challenges it faces.
5:55 am
5:56 am
itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. . new state laws go into effect on the first of the year. one of them requires all new homes to include rooftop solar panels. residential buildings up to three stories tall will be required to be construcked with
5:57 am
solar panels on their roofs. california is the first state in the country to require solar panels on new homes. it is estimated the new requirement will add about 10,000 dollars to the cost of that home. president trump has signed a bill into law that raises the legal age for buying cigarettesand e-cigarettes in the u united states. reporter william tells us when that new rule will go into effect. >> the tobacco industry is counting on you doing it to get you addicted. and i don't think at 18 you necessarily think that through. >> reporter: a victory for public health a blow to personal freedom. >> there's things you could do so why not smoke it's your body and choice. >> if they do this they need need to raise the age for going to war. >> reporter: 18-year-old can vote, get married or joint military but under a bill signed last week they can't buy tobacco. >> we are getting some stories that we don't want to hear. and we may very well have to do
5:58 am
something strong about it. >> reporter: president trump favored banning all flavored e- cigarettes but after pressure from the tobacco lobby, he agreed to raise the minimum age to buy any tobacco product. >> we put up 21 because everyone agrees. >> reporter: he worried a ban could drive companies out of business and e-cigarettes under ground. >> if you don't give it to them it will come illegally. they will be selling stuff on the street corner that could be horrible. >> reporter: about 23% of high school student vape according to a university of michigan study. advocate say raising the age to 21 will save lives and money but they also want the igarette currently it doesn't. >> we need stronger regulation and more information about when's in the product so people can make informed choice. >> reporter: that's another challenge. choice and enforcement. >> the problem right now is that in california, we have restricted the sales but we see that youth are able to get tobacco products. >> reporter: the good news is significant, alcohol and
5:59 am
prescription drug use among teens is down. what is not is teen vaping. most of whom don't know that a single pod carries as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes. in los angeles, fox news. . we continue to follow breaking news a warehouse fire in oakland at least one person is hurt. what firefighters know about what may have been inside. >> new information about a crash that killed three dublin high school students on christmas eve. what police now know what happened and how teachers and students are mourning the loss. . >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning on this friday december 27th i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am frank mallicoat dave and pam sleeping in and so does steve. and i bet there's an extra blanket. yesterday it was cool but not so bad. when you step outside, you can notice the change. >> for sure. >> that's the headline this morning. a chilly start. 30s and 40s and a few spots
6:00 am
start out this morning in the 20s. and mild afternoon. cool to mild afternoon with 50s so patchy morning frost. no frost advisories and temperatures on track to reach the 50s with the big headline this morning bundle up with a noticeable drop off in the temperatures cared compared to yesterday. a live camera looking towards san francisco. we have the clearing skies. the old system is moving out of southern california. and so with skies overnight, temperatures allowed to drop off rapidly and look at numbers. lower 30s a bunch them for santa rosa. napa and concord 35. and san jose 35. and san francisco and oakland in the lower 40s. we will have more on today's forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's ch


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