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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 27, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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mikaelian. >> i am frank mallicoat dave and pam sleeping in and so does steve. and i bet there's an extra blanket. yesterday it was cool but not so bad. when you step outside, you can notice the change. >> for sure. >> that's the headline this morning. a chilly start. 30s and 40s and a few spots start out this morning in the 20s. and mild afternoon. cool to mild afternoon with 50s so patchy morning frost. no frost advisories and temperatures on track to reach the 50s with the big headline this morning bundle up with a noticeable drop off in the temperatures cared compared to yesterday. a live camera looking towards san francisco. we have the clearing skies. the old system is moving out of southern california. and so with skies overnight, temperatures allowed to drop off rapidly and look at numbers. lower 30s a bunch them for santa rosa. napa and concord 35. and san jose 35. and san francisco and oakland in the lower 40s. we will have more on today's forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with allie who
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is watching the row roadways. they look good overall a few more people on the road than yesterday. but no major problems to tell you about at is hour. let's start with the commute coming in tracy westbound 205 westbound 580 hooks completely opened. this would typically be a problem spot at this point in the morning on any other friday. but the friday after christmas is very light. same story for the eastern contra costa county commute westbound highway 4. nice and clear. same with 2 # 2 through concord and 68 through walnut creek. earlier crash eastbound 24 in the clearing stages. toll plaza richmond bridge, a few cars are on the road. but no backups as you make your way into san rafael. time is 6:01. now back to the desk. >> thank you. back to the breaking news we have been bringing you in oakland. firefighters are at the scene of a fire at a warehouse. people have been living inside the building despite the fact that it had been red tagged by the fire marshal. we will bring in sara zendehnam
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to bring us a me a few minute ago what we were talking about. still very active out here a lot of firefighters still dumping water on warehouse. it is called the apkar warehouse. the fire department said this was a woman taken to the hospital with minor burns but thankfully no one else was hurt. now, here on west street we are west of half mile from the bart station. to give you an idea of where it is located. the fire was reported at 2:30 this morning. video shows intense flames shooting from the building. the department says on november 28th the warehouse was red tagged and people living inside were evacuated because the building was not safe. the battalion chief says even though they were monitoring thebuilding, they expected people to sneak back and that's what happened. six people were inside the building and ran out when the
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fire started. like we mentioned, one woman was burned. we spoke to a neighbor who says this building has been a problem for a while now. they had a community meeting about it. but she says it shows how severe the housing cries sis in the bay area. . >> people lose a lease. and i mean, i knew a very good carpenter and handyman who had to live work space in the building. and he moved out because it was unsafe but he couldn't find another apartment. >> reporter: the oakland fire department says the building caught on fire in 2014 as well. roof partially collapsed during the fire. as for this fire, fire department says there are loads of debris pulled out of the building in what appears to be a live-work space. the department says all of the items inside and the partitioned walls made the fire fight harder. no visible fwe have
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seen in the last hour. but smoke coming from the building being dumped into the right now to make sure nothing reignites out here. so still a very heavy fire presence out here. oakland firefighters have been hard at work for hours trying to get a handle on this fire. they say they will be out here for at least the next couple hours with this big scene and throughout the day there will be at least a couple firefighters here to keep an eye on this building. in oakland sara zendehnam. berkeley police are investigating a report of gunfire near the cal campus. officers called to durant avenue near telegraph about 7:30 last night. police say they were checking on a report of a possible shooting, but there was no active shooter when they arrived. police said they don't know if anyone was actually injured from the shooting. officers closed down the area for several hours as they investigated what may have happened there. 6-yearldfollowing a
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shooting in vallejo on crest mass eve near ohio and mariposa streets. little boy had been outside on the sidewalk celebrating the holiday with his family when he was struck in the back by a stray bullet. he is being treated currently at oakland's children hospital where his condition was initially listed as critical. witnesses say as many as 20 shots were fired with a bullet striking at least two of the homes in the neighborhood. vallejo police are asking for public's help to identified shooter. this morning updated information on a crash that killed throw teens near pleasanton on christmas night. alameda counselity coroner identifies them as what area ramirez and -- javier ramirez and mark and michael urista. they played sports at dublin high. their friends said coaches and the school's athletic director gathered them around happened. . >>can't imagine losing twins
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that they both come in at the same time and leave at the >> f very caring individuals. very close. >> the five were in a hundred tay sedan when it crashed into a power pole and tree late christmas night. two teens survived and were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the chp says there's no evidence of alcohol. officers are investigating the cause of the crash. a vinal i will is organized forthis sunday at 5 at the dublin high school quad. people are asked to bring candles and photos of the thee students to honor their lives. the highway patrol says ten people were killed in traffic crashes throughout california during the maximum enforcement period of 30 hours on christmas eve and christmas day. officers also made 271 arrests for driving under the influence. mo out on the road next week for new year's eve. time 6:06. more information coming out regarding the death of a man at muir woweek. authorities identified the
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victim as 28-year-old who was visiting frootwhen he hiked on a hillside trail tuesday afternoon. a tree fell and hit other trees causing some large debris to fall on top of him. another person on the trail also hit by debris had to be taken to marin general hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the park itself is still opened for visitors, the particular hiking area has been closed since the incident. the south bay where san jose police arrested a 22-year- old woman who they say drove her car on a sidewalk and hit and killed a man. sabrina gutierrez was booked into the jail on a murder charge. investigators say it started after 2:00 in the afternoon on are -- 2 in the morning on wednesday when two men confronted each other on the sidewalk on east santa clara street. one of them pulled out a gun and shot other according to investigators. the wounded man got into a car and was taken to a hospital. and that's when police say gutierrez who is a relative of the shooting victim, got into her car and ran over sidewalk. . mount diablo unified school
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district trying could collect money they accidently overpaid to special pay. 2013 state law changes rules for compensating four assistants whsubstitute. they used to get holiday pay but that's no longer case. some overpaid believe the district should abor the cost for making the big mistake. . >> it was their fault. why do we have to pay the consequences for the district knowing what the law was six years ago. and yet continued to pay us. >> however a spokesperson for the district says although she empathizes with the workers she says for a public agency to forgo an overpayment is unlawful because it would be considered a gift of public fund. mistake was discovered in an
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audit. . 6:08. now out door. allie, i like what you said people try to get one last workday in before taking all of next week off? >> yes. well. i know some people personally who plan to do that. as well. but out on the road you will have a easy drive this morning an though there are more cars on the road than we saw over the last couple days. southbound 101 at blossom hill road a stalled vehicle blocking a couple of the left lanes. not a crash there but if you are driving the area, be aware of that. and northbound 680 north of highway 84, there's a collision that happened more than an hour ago but tow trucks are on the scene the south bay bridges san mateo and dumbarton look good. here's live picture the san mateo bridge. more cars are on the road. more volume in terms of traffic today than we saw yesterday. but, everyone behaving and no problems making are way to the peninsula. here's golden gate bridge a couple dozen cars going into
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the city at this hour. golden gate ferry is back in service. and transit is back in service but they are doing a limited service reduced service because of the christmas holiday. 6:10 let's check in with mark tamayo. good morning. and at least the weather not impathing the travel for today in terms of shower activity or real dense fog. we could have a few paps of fog develop over next few hours. but the key headline this morning is it's cold. and you will notice it first thing when you step outside the door so. here's the plan for today. for your friday, a cold start patchy frost and into the afternoon hours. more sunshine. and temperatures on track nice recovery to reach the 50s around 53 to 59 degrees. here is our live camera looking out above san francisco with mostly clear skies. and for friday morning the old system this circulation is the one that produced intense thunderstorms here in the bay area. two mornings ago on christmas morning and produced heavy rain and snowfall in southern california. and that is scooting out to the
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east. and we have this. clearing skies a few high clouds offshore. and that will move in later on today. current numbers definitely want to bundle up. look at all of the 30s santa rosa 30. napa earlier with 29. and they warmed up a little bit. and livermore 32. and san jose 35. and san francisco checking in 43 degrees. and north bay numbers a few more here out towards cloverdale and heraldsburg and all in the lower 30 toss start out friday morning. here is the forecast model bringing in a few high clouds through the afternoon. mostly sunny but a few high clouds move in by 4 or 5:00. and weekend starts off sunny but then more cloud cover by the afternoon hours, and then by sunday, we could be tracking the final system of 2019 that could produce rain showers here in the bay area. that's sunday. especially sunday afternoon and into sunday night. and after the cold start this morning, most areas back up into the 50s with mostly sunny skies.
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and this is one of the warmer spots. 59 degrees. as far as the weekend and next year, we will talk more about the five-day coming up in few minutes. we thank you mark a lot of work ahead in the new year for members of congress. how soon the impeachment proceedings could make it into the senate and the demands republicans and democrats are making. slow going for people driving to and from southern california on i-5. the way people are trying to get around a road closure at the grapevine. i'm ládeia, and ther
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. the family of a police officer killed in the line of duty is thanking their community for helping them u through the past year ♪ [ music ] ♪ small community in stanislaus county held a candlelight vigil mark year since the police corporal singh was shot and killed by a suspect drunk driver. it commemorated his life feature his familiar lane coworkers and they released balloons at the end of the ceremony and singh's brother is struggling to deal with the grief. >> it's not easy. my brother was [inaudible] >> among the mourners was singh's young son who was only 5-month-old when he lost his dad. court hearing for the shooting
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suspect has been postponed until march. . two county jails are reporting success at a new approach to solitaire tiey confinement limiting it to violent inmates. they encourage jails to use low cost incent turfs reward good behavior. the policy started in contra costa county earlier this year. contra costa county went from 100 inmates in sol tarry confinement at the beginning of the year to just 3 by this month. jail guards are reporting similar success in sacramento and santa clara counties. four homeless mothers who took over a vacant house in oakland will be back in court on monday for another eviction hearing. yesterday, they were in court and attorney for the women asked the judge for more time to prepare their case. the moms and kids apparently moved in on magnolia street last month. they say it was vacant for years. and they needed a safe place to live. but the real estate investment company that bought the homeback in july evicted the
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families earlier this month. . >> this was a win today. we will be back on monday. and still fighting. we are not going anywhere. >> a spokesperson for wedgewood says this is a case of illegal entry and illegal occupation. and saying the mothers will lose their case because they can't "steal someone's property and expect to keep it" the women and company representatives will be back in court on monday morning. it will be up to mountainview voters to decide whether people will be allowed to park their motorhomes on city streets. a new law just passed by the city council to prevent people from parking rvs was set to take effect next summer but mountainview election official confirmed housing advocates collected more than 4,000 valid signatures for a referendum to block the ban. council members must rescind the ordinance or authorize placing a referendum on the november ballot. . drive between northern -- southern california and northern california is taking longer than normal. grapevine shut down at this
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hour all due to the snowstorm. caltrans has not announced when the stretch of interstate 5 will reopen connecting the north and south. people are being urged to avoid traveling during the storm. those who do drive should have a full tank of gas in case they become stranded. .>> i never seen this much snowfall up hei mean i've been doing this for 28 years. >> since got stuck i said screw it. i will help everybody else out. >> you starred to help people on the road. >> yes. i started pushing their -- helping them by pushing their vehicles and getting them out of there. i was down there for five and a half hours. >> authorities say one driver was found dead in his big rig on the grapevine. they are looking into that death but say the truck was not involved in a crash. people heading to southern california are adviced to take highway 101. 6:18. people go from northern to southern and back down again. allie rasmus. >> it's friday. >> you can do just about everything. we don't have you doing weather just yet.
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i take the compliment i love rosemary she is a good friend. let's start with the drive in the south bay. because overall things are looking pretty good if you look at the maps the only problem we have to tell you about is southbound 101 north of blossom hill. there's that stalled vehicle according to the chp blocking a couple of the lanes. and then we have northbound 280 at sand hill road an earlier crash that should be in the clearing stages as well. from there up to take a look at the rest of 880 from oakland all the way down through hayward. and fremont into union city. everything here looks good. there's no major slow downs on 880 unlike a typical friday morning. but you see quite a few cars on the road at this hour. see traffic moving at the limitnorth and southbound past the coliseum a quick check of the toll plaza people who normally head into the city for work or other events have the day off and they are just staying at home.
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so traffic here very light. 6:19. if you are heading out, mark has been telling us about bringing the extra heavy coat because it's colder today than it was last couple days. >> yeah. and it's not just a subtle change. you probably noticed. it's a big drop off in the temperatures. so bundle up this morning. coat and sweaters and dress in layers all that. for today, we are in the clear for this morning. so, for your friday, cold start and more sunshine this afternoon. saturday will bring in a few extra clouds and sunday a. from they good chance of showers rollback into the bay area. watch out for the activity later on today. so we have the clear skies right now. once again the beautiful view looking out of san francisco. this mornin here's the out of southern california so that was the storm producing the rain and excessive snow in the mountains of southern california. for us right now, we have mostly clear skies, and with the clear skies, temperatures allowed to drop off overnight and look. lots of 30s to report this morning. and santa rosa and napa and novato basically over the east bay towards concord and walnut
6:21 am
creek and san jose 35 and half- moon bay in the upper 30s. and mainly in the lower 40s for san francisco and oakland. and here's the old system cannotting scooting out of town and southern california. mostly sunny skies. highs warming back up into the 50s as the area of high pressure is setting up camp out in the pacific. and tomorrow, it will be dry. but here's the sunday deal increasing clouds and we will bump up the shower chance here in the bay area. maybe a moderate period of shower activity by sunday afternoon. and into sunday night. lake tahoe take a look. you think it's cold here in the bay area. we have matching temperatures truckee south lake tahoe, both 5 degrees 5 degrees right now. here is the forecast for today. and into the weekend. and the forecast mimics ours in the bay with a chance of -- no snowfall for us here. in the valleys but in the mountains we have a chance of snowfall by sunday afternoon. and here's the forecast for today. looking pretty good into your
6:22 am
saturday. and increasing high clouds by the afternoon hours. and then into sunday, here's the weather system moving in especially saturday afternoon and sunday evening. and we are bumping up the shower chances in the bay area. it will stick around into sunday night possibly into early monday morning. highs this afternoon, mainly in the 50s. so a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. and the weekend starts off dry. but we are tracking the shower chances in to sunday and look towards new years eve should be dry with breezy conditions. gasia. >> thank you. it's true concert tickets are getting mother expensive. ahead, how much ticket prices are rising and the ways to bring the prices back down. also potential breakthrough for the those suffering regularly from pry migraine headaches. new medication that may provide relief when other methods fail.
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. 6:25. 12 people have been killed and more than 50 others injured in a plane crash in kazakhstan. local authorities say the beck airplane was carrying 98 people when it hit a concrete fence and two story building after take on off. twa a dutch made jet. the country suspend the flights with the airline and aircraft a looking for a missing tour helicopter carrying 7 people in hawaii. the coast guard says the
6:26 am
helicopter was last seen last night off the coast of kauai. no signals have been receive from the missing helicopter. it was carrying a pilot and six passengers. search crews say the conditions are expected to be challenging today. with increased winds and low visibility. harvey weinstein could face more allegations of sexual misconduct. prosecutors in los angeles announced they are reviewing 8 sexual assault case against him. they involve four investigations from los angeles police. and four more investigations by the beverly hills police department. so far no charges have been filed against woinstein in southern california. he is set to stand trial next month on rain charges in new york city. now to the health check. fda approved a new drug that could provide migraine relief within two hours. it was proven in study to help symptoms in that time frame even after the migraines started. it is designed for those who don't respond to common migraine treatments and those at risk expected to
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be available early next year. more than 37 million people across the country experience migraines on a regular basis. tensions remain high on capitol hill as impeachment proceedings will resume soon. we will go live to washington when the impeachment trial in the senate may begin. new information to bring you on the warehouse fire. we have been covering it as breaking news in oakland this morning. how authorities say they knew the building was not safe even before the fire started. [ dramatic music ]
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. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> and good morning. thanks for joining us. here on mornings on two it's friday december 27th. my sister carol's birthday. >> oh. >> carol, happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> i am frank mallicoat. >> i am gasia mikaelian hopefully she is receiving lots of gifts. >> frank should buy his sifter's big coat. >> perhaps a dinner tonight. >> even better. >> bundle up this morning. we have a cold start. cooler than yesterday morning at this time. so that's the headline. chilly morning. 30s and 40s. some patchy morning frost. and cool to mild afternoon with temperatures mainly in the nd53 degrees later on today. here is our live camera looking out above san francisco where we have clear skies and satellite showing you the old system from a couple days ago. christmas morning moving out of town and southern california. with clearing skies temperatures allowed to drop
6:31 am
off rappedly and we have a bunch of 30s to show you right now for santa rosa napa and concord and walnut creek fremont and san jose 35. if you want warmer temperatures lower 40s for sfo. san francisco and in the oakland area. we will have more today on the forecast in a few minutes. let's check in with allie and it looks like a little busier than yesterday at this time with traffic wise? slightly busier and more traffic and cars. no major problems so that's the good news this morning. if you have to get to workingsor where u yo are going on this friday morning after christmas, you are look at the drive from westbound 205 tracy westbound 580 through altamonte pass into livermore valley looks good. pleasant interchange no problems. an earlier crash at the bottom of the screen southbound 680 before 84. ople take to get fro livermore to the south bay. but that crash should have been cleared by now. the crash icon is showing up on
6:32 am
screen. westbound 80 from westbound 80 from hercules down through rich moshed and berkeley looks good. you will see that reflected in the very short drive time 17 minutes to get from the care keenous bridge to the macarthur maze. traffic is nice and opened taking no time to get on the span. 6:3 # 2 now back to the des glk thank you. back now to our breaking news in oakland where one person is injured in a big warehouse fire. building is red tagged by the fire marshal and sara zendehnam is at the scene with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just within the last 20 minutes or so, the fire department stopped dumping water on to the warehouse here. but you can see the ladders are still up. so they are still on high alert just in case anything reignites within the warehouse. they are ready for it. now i want to push in to the sign that's right outside of this warehouse called the apcarwarehouse. it was red tagged last month
6:33 am
and this is an order to evacuate put on the building last month. the department says people living inside were evacuated because the building was not safe and it was dangerous. so the oakland fire department says one person was taken to the hospital with minor burns in the fire. thankfully no one else was hurt. we are on west street less than half mile from the macarthur bart station. the fire was reported by 2:30 # this morning. video shows the intense flames shootint from the building. battalion chief says even though they were monitoring the building after it was regular tagged on november 28th, they expected people to sneak back in and that's what happened. six people were inside the building and ran out when the fire started early this morning. we spoke to one neighbor who says the building has been a problem for sometime now. they he recently d how severe the crisis is in the bay area. >> some of the people living out of the building were on a
6:34 am
tenous rung of the class ladder. you get sick and you lose a job. if you don't have family that can put you up or move you to another city, let ahe loan another state, very vulnerable. >> reporter: so a tough situation out here because this warehouse was very dangerous. and it caught on fire in 2014 according to the oakland fire department. they said during that fire, the roof partially collapsed. now, during this fire, that happened early this morning, there were loads of debris pulled out of the building in what appears to be the live, work situation. the department says all items inside and the partition walls made the fire fight harder but they were really on the defensive end the fire and got it under control fairly quickly but there are still a lot of firefighters out here just in case the fire reignites. we were told they would be out here for at least the next couple hours. like i said, in case there was
6:35 am
a lot of debris inside of the building. so there is that risk so here and the fire department will be out here a couple crews will be out here for the entire day just to keep an eye on the building in oakland sara z-e-n- d-e-h-n-a-m. alameda police are looking for a thief caught on camera stealing a surveillance camera. video shows at man stealing two cameras off a home on lincoln avenue around 2:30 on christmas morning. home owner was out of town and got an alert and called 911. officers say he was gone by the time police arrived. >> during the holiday season we see a rise in property crimes particularly theft of package from porches and doorsteps. >> in this case the thief didn't take anything else from the house. the cameras cost about $100 and anyone with information is asked to call police. the sekate schedule is wide open in january for what is
6:36 am
expected to be an impeachment trial of the president. ray bowingan joins us live from washington dkc where the trial won't shall won't happen until they will decide how it willcashied out but it might take a while. >> reporter: it could take a while for the negotiations to becleat complete and everybody feel like they have a fair trial in this senate. but you know what they say, all politics is local and yesterday, president trump lived by that mantra as he attacked napsy pelosi about her congressional district. president trump hit hard at nancy pelosi and hea series of tweets thursday. he wrote, nancy pelosi a district in california has become one of the worst anywhere in the u.s. when it comes to the homeless and crime. it is gotten so st tolt total c thespeaker is holding articles of impeachment from the senate in hopes of getting what she
6:37 am
sees as a fair trial. that includes testimony from acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security advice he john bolton. >> she is holding a live grenade they pulled out the pin and she has it and doesn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: chuck schumer tried to negotiate with the president through twitter he wrote, president trump, if you are so confident that you did nothing wrong, why doesn't you release the e-mails and let the witnesses testify under oath? >> the president said he would like to have those closest to him testify. if he is telling the truth, all senator mcconnell has to do to move forward on this is agree to that. >> reporter: before the trial begins, all senatake an each other of having already made up their minds. one wall street jourmembers of senate will have a bias either for or again the president. >> the job of being objective lies with chief justice roberts
6:38 am
who will oversee this senate trial. mitch mcconnell is a republican leader in the senate and i expect him to act like it. >> reporter: frank, public opinion is flipping on impeachment. according to the latest real clear politics average, while it used to be that most americanssupported impeachment now most are against it. back to you. >> thank you for that live report. 6:38 bay area airports are bustling through the weekend as people return home after the christmas holiday. this is a live look at sfo right now and it's clear and it's cold but thank goodness it's so dry. officials say they will have a better idea later this morning as to how the day is going to shake out. but so far, no major disruptions to report. there are flight cancellations from chicago's o'hare and washington dulles airport due to the weather problems. about 156,000 people pass through sfo alone yesterday. no problems being reported at
6:39 am
oakland or and jose but check your flight and with your airline ahead of time. most americans will drive rather than flying this holiday season. aaa projects 105 million people will hit the roads that's 4 million more than last year. and you should expect traffic to pick up through the weekend as people drive home and some people are work am i right? >> there are few. >> i can name three right now. >> in the studio alone. others might be visiting families or shopping. >> you can anticipate regular commute because people have to go to work but people traveling to and from loved ones and people traveling out of country to the airports all the things. >> travel experts say the booming economy is the main reason a record number of people is hitting the road this holiday season. it was not too bad coming into work but i think allie you had a good . people sneaking in a friday to save a day next week perhaps. >> yes. there's people going to work today. the issue is that the christmas holiday was right in the middle
6:40 am
of the week on wednesday and there was traffic on monday. and i think we will see a few people heading out on the road this friday. but so far, the overall volume is lighter than usual as you can see on this traffic map here in san jose and in the south bay. no major issues to tell you about here. an earlier stalled vehicle at blossom hid roll on 101 but that should be cleared. and it's not creating a backup the north of that, 880 going from hayward down through fremont. and no slow downs, no congestion and both south bay bridges look good san mateo and dumbarton and 280 you can see a few more cars on the road in the northbound direction past downtown. and but sometimes you see cal train going through the picture as well. and i pot spotted it 10 minutes ago. cal train is on the regular woke day schedule again. here's the san mao going peninsula. you won't entercounter problems there. 6:40 and mark i was looking at the chp notes from overnight.
6:41 am
and earlier this morning there was fog advisory for the mis nine labut peninsula but i imagine it's going to move out we have a chilly day. that's a good owes observation. we have patches of fog trying to regroup. it's not widespread and it's one of the deals where you can have a decent visible. and you get the fog bank that could impact visibility suddenly. so watch out for that in the short-term. also patchy frost as well and then for later on today highs in the 50s around 5 # to 59 degrees. and here is our live camera looking out above san francisco where we have the clear skies. satellite showing you this. old system cannot scooting out of town coming closer into the bay. a few high clouds offshore and satellite is not picking up on the fog but we could have a few patches that could impact visibility. we are watching that this morning and watching for the cold numbers. santa and napa 30. lower 40s closer to the bay and
6:42 am
the santa clara valley andhosanna jose 35 and lower 30s for walnut creek and north bay, cloverdale and healdsburg and 32. and petaluma 33 # degrees. the plan for today, we will have more sunshine this afternoon. looking pretty good for friday. and then into the weekend, saturday a few extra clouds roll in by the afternoon into the evening hours. and the final system of 2019, this marches in by sunday and produces rain showers in the bay area. but for today, there's no rain threat out there. a cold start. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. and most areas will be in the 50s. here is a quick look ahead at your five-day forecast and weekend starts off dry but we are tracking shower chances as we head towards sunday. >> thank you, mark. shoppers are not taking much of a break from the stores. how businesses say they are expecting record sales and returns this year. >> i was at macy's and it was crowded yesterday. and it's beginning -- becoming more and more expensive to
6:43 am
attend live performances from major artists what's behind the increase and the steps being taken to bring ticket price back in reach of fans. coming up.
6:44 am
♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
6:45 am
. nor than 330 people have been arrested this week in
6:46 am
protest in hong kong. prodemocracy demonstrators were out prompting stores to close just before christmas. riot police were seen around shopping malls and detained several people. protesters plan to return on new year's day. demonstrations have been happening most weekends since june. they start over proposed extradition legislation. the protests have comploan grownas demonstrators push for full democracy. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu won. the next challenge is the national elections in march. country third election less than a year he was unable to form a government. if he gains the majority he could gain immunity from prosecution on those corruption charges. . happening today, san francisco annual chipping of the christmas trees is getting underway. you can bring your tree down to civic center placessa start ring at 11 this morning.
6:47 am
that's where a giant wood chipper will turn the tree intomulch. if you want to hang on to the tree langer january 2nd you can you can leave it on the curb and we are learning how they are recycled and reused. national christmas tree association ace most unsold are donated. in the east by a most end up at oakland zoo and are given to the animals for play as a meal or both. . so for the elephants they will eat part of the tree. and they will play with it and rip it apart. . >> the giant christmas tree at new york's rockefeller center is cut into lumber and used by habitat for humanity to build homes. stores at malls expected to stay very busy throughout the weekend as shoppers make all the returns and look for the post holiday bargains. they were already long lines at the outlet mall in livermore and other retail locations on the day after christmas. national retail federation says holiday sales nationwide so far are up some 3.4% this year.
6:48 am
good news. and shoppers this weekend will likely increase that number a bit. . >> we are going to be at the stores. >> so you are doing a couple trips. >> yeah more than a couple. . >> master card says online sales were up almost 19% this year over last year. and made up nearly 15% of all retail sales. . ups expect expect record returns. chipping giant expects to process 1.9 million returns on january 2nd up some 26% from the year before. and the 7th could be sektive annual record u.p.s. says the spike coo due to the growing number of people shopping online over the holidays. support of the president lo . >> kites me where's the lobby. >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. . >> the canada broadcaster
6:49 am
haired the film on christmas eve but the cameo was removed he said it was not politically row mated but several scenes that were not vital to the plot were taken out in 2014 due to time manage men before the president with a elected. the president tweeted the movie would never be the same and went onto tweet canadian prime minister might have been upset about the u.s. coming out ahead of the new north american trade deal. gf if you go to a concert lately you noticed ticket prices are crazy. according to trade magazine 9 of the 10 highest grossing concert tours had average ticket prices of above $100. and the average ticket price for the top 100 north american tours increased 55% to nearly $95. some ticket retailers are offering dynamic ticket pricing to adjust prices up or down based on demand i bought stones tickets, and they were like 200 dollars. >> yeah. >> 2 and a quarter. >> on the other side of things my first concert ever was
6:50 am
aerosmith at shoreline amphitheater i think we paid maybe $35. into wow. >> that is hundred years ago. >> i remember going to ozzie osborne coniter a hundred years ago as well. if you are going to a concert today or later this evening, you are going to have pretty easy commute ere. roadways overall look good. even if there are a few more people on the road than we saw yesterday. but this crash is eastbound 80 west of the toll plaza atcarquinez bridge involving a big rig and s vu. blocking one of the middle lanes. that's in the eastbound direction. rest of your drive op the 0 through vallejo and herc lies looks good. owner contracost a county commute highway 4 westbound looking goods. earlier crash opt eastbound 24 at oak hill is cleared out of the way. 880 in oakland. passing the coliseum north and southbound. this their's quite a few cars onroad but no stalls or delays
6:51 am
or backups. same story for the bay bring toll plaza light like this all week alove showing this picture at this time of the morning. you can see the gorgeousrise. the beginning of it in the distance beyond the east bay hills and even though it's going to be sunny today, it is going to be cold. it's cold when we were heading into work right? yeah the sin sanity chill when the instant chill in the air when you step outside. lower 30s and a few upper 20s. beautiful scene here. looking above san and bay and the bay bridge bottom left portion of the screen so clear skies. we have a few patches of fog trying to regroup so watch out for that. widespread and more sunshine this afternoon. saturday, increasing clouds. and we are tracking some showers as we head towards sunday. a fairly good chance in fact ch here's the satellite and radar. the old system from wednesday morning from christmas morning is moving out of southern california. and we have the clear skies
6:52 am
right now. and current numbers most areas in the 30s so you can see the chilly start. santa rosa napa fairfield concord all in the low to mid- 30s. and san jose 35. and some lower 40s for san francisco oakland and right around sfo this morning. look at more 30s up in the north bay. cloverdale, sonoma valley reporting 34 degrees. and you can see the old systems scooting out of town. so clearing skies overnight, that allowed temperatures to cool off rapidly and that's why we have the chill in the air for later on for this morning. the area of high pressure will keep us dry for today. and also for your saturday. but then on sunday, we will thicken up the cloud cover as next system comes on board and this the bay area. as far as the sierra, take a look. we have matching temperatures right now it's 5 and same in south lake tahoe. single digit there. and for today, in the sierra
6:53 am
looking good on saturday. mostly sunny skies. and then sunday, we could be tracking more snowfall in the mountains. back here in the bay area, we will show you this a clear skys later on this afternoon a few high clouds move in throughout the afternoon hours. this is saturday and starts off dry. and more clouds by saturday afternoon and saturday night and then here is the next system possibly the final system of 2019. this comes on board sunday afternoon and into sunday evening. forecast highs later on today lots of 50s so a cold start this morning. and a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. and here's a look ahead at five- day forecast. weekend starts out of showers a we wrap up 2019. >> okay we thank you mark. as medications continues to rise patients are turning to a different kind of market to get their needed meds. come up next, we are going to explain what patients are doing in the black market and why they say it's all because of a broken u.s. health care system. plus find out who was named the
6:54 am
associated president's female athlete of the year. and why. and new requirement to make homes more energy efficient. the new law requiring solar panels in new homes and how much it is going to cost those home buyers. coming up.
6:55 am
6:56 am
we are once again teaming
6:57 am
up with community volunteers to collect donations for one warm coat campaign. we have been part of it for 17 years. you still have time over the holiday season and we would like to ask you to look into your closet. and see if you have any spare or extra coats or jackets that you would like to donate. you can go to ktvu .com for a list of drop off locations. jack london square in oakland, santana row in san jose, they street in emeryville and the san francisco ferry building are locations. it last until new year's day. employees at mcdonald's are being hailed as heroes, after realizing a customer was in trouble and they jumped into action to help her out. it happened on christmas eve around 2:00 at the mcdonald's drive-through. the woman was in the driver seat of her own car. her boyfriend of one month, edward o valenzuela, was in the passenger seat. which was placing the order at the drive through, she voiced
6:58 am
to the employee, that she needed help. the employee jumped into action and quite possibly saved her life. >> they formed down the drive through line. we held up to cars in front of the baccara. >> there is no telling what could have happened. the victim could have been possibly abused or killed. >> the delay gave time for deputies to arrive and arrest this man. they found a loaded gun that have been reported stolen from another state, in the trunk of the car. he was arrested and is excited to be in court sometime today. new state laws go into effect on the first of the year. one of them requires all new homes to include rooftop solar panels. residential buildings up to three stories tall will be required to be contracted with solar panels on the roofs. california is the very first day in the country to acquire and require solar panels on a new home.
6:59 am
it will add $3000 to the cost of a new house. another law that takes effect next week. the construction of so-called, granny units. will be easier to build homes on their property. to make it into livable space. the governor signed the bill in october as part of a series of new laws enacted in response to the california housing crunch. up next, at least one person is injured in an early- morning warehouse fire. will take you live to the scene with what happened and why neighbors in the area say it has been a problem for years 3 high school students killed in a deadly crash on christmas night. what we are learning about the victims and how teachers and students are mourning the loss. the president is blasting house speaker, nancy pelosi and her home district in california. why he says nancy pelosi should focus more on the homelessness crisis here in the golden
7:00 am
state. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> it is good to have you with us, i am frank bowen cart. and mark tamayo is upfront. >> lots of clear skies over portion of the bay area. patchy fog. the key headline is it is cold this morning. 30s and 40s. a cool to mild afternoon. and nice recovery later on. we are expecting most


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