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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 30, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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holiday. stepping up security for the rest of the holiday season. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2, it is monday december 30th, pam and dave have the morning off, i am sara zendehnam. deposit is standing by the weather center. welcome back. >> just you and me, i didn't want you to do this by yourself. >> thank you. >> we had good rain for some but not for all. some 1-2 inch amounts. rapidly on its way down to southern california. giving them more rain and snow. we are on the drier side and breezy side and the rain is starting to wind down, little is left around the santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley, the next couple of hours will be on its way south, 40s and 50s, decent breeze kicking up its heels for some, chill in the morning air, a lot of 40s,
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maybe some 30s, high pressure builds in for us, upper 50s to a few soft 60s, new this morning, the california highway patrol is investigating after a person was hit by the car on the highway. the collision happened on the northbound side of the freeway south about 11:30 last night, the freeway was closed two hours overnight, so far chp is not saying who the person is, nobody else was hurt, chp is not released information about the driver, this is the 61st time this year a pedestrian has been killed in san jose. two teens remain hospitalized after a car crash christmas night killing three other teens, free victims included twin brothers and their cousin. greg wiggins was there is the community joined the family had a solemn school vigil. >> reporter: candles lit in memory of the twins and their cousin.
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all 16-year-old students who lost their lives in a fatal crash on foothill road in pleasanton, christmas night. >> the mother of the twins was overwhelmed seeing hundreds who came out and support. >> so beautiful just looking at everybody out here. and warms my heart. is beautiful. i can't, put into words. >> thank you all, we thank you, we really do. we love you. >> the family asked the crowd to pray for those injured and in the hospital following the crash. >> we hope we get them to respond and wake up and of course, samantha is doing a little it's better as well. we are grateful she has woken up. >> the crowd heard personal stories from friends about how all three young men were generous, caring, and well-
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liked, the young men touch the hearts of many like their friend. >> the sweetest boys i ever met. they cared for one another. they did not sleep until they knew everybody was okay. >> the principal addressed the crowd giving students a dose of honesty about the pain they're going for. >> i would like to say the pain will go away. to be honest, for many it won't. take it as a side that he will continue to live on and you. >> the size of the crowd was a testament to the impact the young man had a in so many lives. passing might leave a void in the community but is also providing a lesson one young woman says she is taking to heart. >> take life, love it, just hug who you love, you never know when you can expect this. >> students at dublin high will return from winter break january 7, counselors will be on hand to help them deal with their grief. greg wiggins, ktvu, fox 2
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news. >> the investigation into why a man opened fire in a church, three people died and police are now crediting the church security team for stopping the government. christina coleman has the details. >> a gunman opened fire in a texas church sunday morning, the incident happened inside of a west freeway church of christ outside of fort worth. >> we have a congregation of openhearted people. to have something like this happen destroys my heart. >> the shooting began before 11:00 local time, two parishioners stepped in fatally shooting the suspect. >> today let me remind you good people raised up and stopped it before it got worse. >> multiple agencies included the atf and fbi were brought to the scene, and investigation into the incident is underway. >> our hearts are heavy and we ask for prayers for every one of these parishioners today who
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witnessed this. >> governor greg abbot released a statement saying places of worship are meant to be sacred and i am grateful for church members who acted quickly to take down the shooter and prevent further loss of life. the latest attack in a place of worship in the u.s. saturday nights. man wielding a machete stabbed several people at a hanukkah celebration at a rabbis house in new york. local officials say the incidents are becoming too common. >> it is tragic and terrible for a situation, especially during the holiday season. >> please say there is no ongoing threat to the community involved in the church shooting, christina coleman, fox news. hanukkah and tonight and synagogues the new yorker beefing up security following a stabbing attack please say they enter the rabbis home stabbing five people at a hanukkah party saturday. thomas was arrested about an hour after the attack when a license plate reader captured his tag as he crossed the george washington bridge into new york city. he now faces five counts of
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attempted murder. >> it is intolerant, ignorant, also illegal. >> nobody thinks it can happen in your home county or your city, well, it happened that happened here. >> the attack in the rabbis home was one targeting the jewish committee. governor andrew cuomo said a saturday the stabbing was the 13th act of anti-semitism in new york the past three weeks. >> we cannot fight it if we do not fight all forms of hate and organize against every individual. >> following saturday nights attack, cuomo arrested the hate crime task force to investigate. high alert after dealing with the running forces. this following u.s. airstrikes against iranian backed militia forces in syria, the pentagon move comes in response to a series of rocket launches against the iraqi base friday
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killing one american contractor injuring forged u.s. service members. president trump facing a slew of new challenges in the new year including joint military drills by russia, china, and i run, this weekend the country is conducting joint drills in vermont, the military exercises, amid heightened tensions in the region, a chinese defense official says the drills are meant to deepen cooperation between all three countries. one democratic lawmaker says the exercises should be a wake- up call to the american foreign- policy leaders. >> where are the republican leadership to say we are going to stand up to russia, to china, make sure this type of a military threat against the united states is held in check. >> the gulf has been a focus point of geopolitical tension this year after two takers were attacked by an identify party. the u.s. was going for the attack but tehran denied the allegations. a georgia congressman and
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so rights icon john lewis says he's undergoing treatment for stage iv pancreatic cancer. the fight ahead and the well wishes pouring in from around the world. >> reporter: well wishes pouring in for john lewis, the representative from georgia revealing over the weekend he has been diagnosed with stage xlviii big red cancer. the democrat faced several battles throughout his life especially a civil rights activist right along martin luther king queued junior. during his cancer campaign president obama tweeted if there is one thing i love about john lewis, it is his incomparable will to fight. i know he has a lot more of that left in him. speaker nancy pelosi also sent prayers, we are all praying for you following this diagnosis. john, generations of americans have you in their thoughts and prayers as you face this fight. and well wishes were sent from the campaign trail by twitter with amy klobuchar saying if
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there is one person who embodies what it means to be a fighter, it is john lewis. and cory booker saying john lewis is one of the struggles people i know, he already beat jim crow the ku klux klan, cancer is next. positive vibes from across the aisle, ms. walker tweeting about my colleague john lewis knowing he will handle this prognosis with grace and courage. only 3% of those diagnosed with stage iv-pack cancer are live five years after being diagnosed. the 79-year-old said in a statement i have a fighting chance. lewis says he will be returning to washington in the coming days to resume work on capitol hill and begin his cancer to. new york, popper sally, fox news. the time is 4:09. steve paulson's and the weather center for us. >> there were pretty impressive totals for a few, i'm starting to put together but looks like
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canfield is the leader of the pack. and into third. even conquered two thirds of an inch, american canyon evidence of rain, diving south, still rain with san jose to gilroy. the sacred mountains. also sacred proper. the system is exciting southward. is heading back into central and southern california for another round of rain and snow for them. the last system went down in the 40s and 50s on temperatures. santa rosa 41. cloud cover holding up san jose about three miles south. down to 45. san ramon is in there. a lot of 40s, panola martinez and bramwell 46. 38 in las vegas, truckee with a system near not a sierra veg but more of a marin county events, solano county south of that. that is where it is going, 30s already, you can see the system accelerating moving northward, a little bit of a breather, not too strong of this but in the
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hills there sure is above the oakland zoo, 25 miles per hour, mount diablo north at 36, east northeast breezes kick in as high pressure kicks in and the system dives the south so, the rain is ending the next couple of hours to the south and mostly sunny and breezy, looks like kind of a quiet week, not much going on as we get ready to go through thursday, could be a weak system collecting as we head towards sunday. that is pretty far out right now. coming up, holiday numbers are up, will be enough to offset tariffs on chinese goods? the prediction and economic outlook for 2020. the 49ers win a wild game in seattle. the post in reaction as we look ahead to how the niners rose to the super bowl.
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the 49ers will have home- field advantage for the playoffs after an exciting wood in seattle. >> second and four. a little toss to samuel, out in front, spinning his way inbound into the end zone. >> game. the niners jump out in front early against the seahawks. seattle made it interesting
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again. hopefully marshawn lynch went over the line and scored in the fourth quarter. 19 minus 49ers. the niners added to delete a few minutes later. it all came down to seattle. russell wilson an apollo the goal line. but the niners hold onto win 26- 21. joe fonzi has more from seattle. >> reporter: it was a charged atmosphere between two rivals with everything to play for and not for the first of this year, the outcome of the game was a matter of inches. seattle stopped hollister short of the goal line and fourth- down. the states could not have been higher, what is at stake in this game is on the road. >> it's about not giving up, push each other and you know, fighting to the last yard on the field, so, you know, my guys, everybody, they stress on
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playing to the whistle and playing the clock to zero so that is what we did, i'm happy to be a part of it. >> was that emotional at the end what? >> definitely, that is of year is going for us, and you know what i mean? we lost by an inch. do you know what i mean? a testament to the gods, keep fighting, do i mean? always to the end. >> probably the best or second- best, i saw the ball in his opposite hand, if he was not down it was fumbled but i saw it double down with the ball crossed. >> is important as the defense was at the end, the 49er offense also deserves credit for answering back in the second half. >> so resilient i think, over the last two years we put this situation which turned out the best russ. this year, i think we had a couple tough once but the majority just got mentally tough, sticking with us the whole time, it has really paid off. >> the guys were ecstatic, they left everything up, a lot of guys were banged up throughout the game but they kept battling and earns the bye week and you know how happy they are about
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this. >> everybody knows. really knows how long it has been. everything, like you said, the whole division is on the line. >> the 49ers got all they could after the receipt. they finished with a record of 13 and three and have home- field trump playoffs and earns the much-needed by, this playoffs of 2020. joe fonzi, ktvu fox news. niners fans can exhale this morning after holding their breath in the final sentence of last night's nailbiter. san jose packed to watch the big games. needless to say we were pretty hyped about the outcome. >> an amazing game, a close game again like we said, the previous time, a fantastic finish, they held up. good offense. number one seed in the west. in the nfc, great. >> the niners bring it every
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time right now. they are made for moments like this. they did it all season, they will do it for the playoffs. no doubt about it. >> a lot of passion out there. we of course have high hopes. they are protecting the niners are heading to the super bowl in miami. the time is 4:18, let's check in with steve paulson and a look at your weather. >> what is that? i'm here. i'm good. let's go. is it me? >> i thought it was you. >> let's do this. 70 is clapping at me, this is happening. >> rainfall is pretty good, not bad, canfield, and ensure third, mill valley over an inch of rain, santa rosa as well into central lima, american canyon, they said it was coming down this night, it was, an inch of rain and others i am also seeing, san francisco, oakland airport both with a half inch of rain, system
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diving to the south, some rain is holding on, hollister, gilroy, santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. i think it's on its way pretty rapidly out of the picture on the santa cruz coast, most of this is heading towards central and southern california again, giving them another round of rain and snow. 30s in lake, 37 there on the insulin, upper 40s, 48 is popular, san mateo, foster city and a cast of many even over to los altos and union city and fremont, truckee 30, las vegas 38, 50s and 40s as you head down to southern california and arizona, scottsdale 37, flex f- 15 and 54 san diego, also los angeles will be raining pretty soon if it has not started already for some, a good breeze in the hills, mount diablo 38 above the oakland zoo, 25 to one system moves out and the high pressure is deflected with the next one, the rain show up? it doesn't look like much, maybe if you are at lake county north through friday it was
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required, a couple little models indicate that as well. we will get cloud cover out here, it doesn't dry as we end the year and early january the dumb rain returns. jerry 10th we get back into some kind of letter pattern, until then, a mix of sun and clouds takes us through the end of the week. sunday, you know, i would worry about that right now. coming up, the bears taking on illinois, the red sox met at this afternoon. what both teams did over the weekend to benefit barry committees and how you can catch the game at levi stadium without leaving the comfort of your couch. before game comes the parade. next, behind the scenes look at how organizers are prepping extravagant floats against the rose parade.
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levi stadium in santa clara will be packs this afternoon. starting at 1:00 the cal bears take on illinois, both teams busy leading up to the scheme this game. they been taking the bay area's sites with a trip to alcatraz. it begins at 12:30 for coverage right here on ktvu fox 2 news. the 131st rose parade is days away, over the weekend, hundreds of volunteers decorates the elaborate floats, the work from parade headquarters.
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>> reporter: do you know any floats? >> 11 . >> how many volunteers? >> thousands come through . >> reporter: what goes on here? >> this is a year-long process. it really is, the planning of the design, and fortunately is much as you plan it all comes down to the last week right before the rose parade. it is always crunch time and you know, there are certain ways to streamline things, we work with people here, a lot of volunteers here coming through night and day, at the end of the day you really have to roll your sleeves up and get it done. that has not changed in 32 years. >> what have you learned over 32 years? >> so, there are a lot of things we put into action over the years that change. you know, some of the materials had ground are now ground by machine, some of the materials, certain flowers we get, we are getting different flowers that we used to get in some cases. because they might stand up to the test of time.
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>> we know they are seeds, straw, flax. but you have any idea how many roses we use? 11 floats this year? >> yes, every float is a little different. they range anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 roses at times and some of the floats. so, if you do the math we have 11 floats so we are using anywhere close to over half 1 million, maybe close to 1 million at some point. >> extremity. a big boost for the industry. >> oh yeah. is, a lot of roses, a lot of flowers come from california, it is that local initiative, farms down by san diego, the grow exclusively for the rose parade. >> that was how eisner reporting. rita marino and lori hernandez are the grand marshals of the rose parade. determined roses president says they were picked because they exemplify the theme of the power of hope this year. the flower covered floats and
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part marching bands move for pasadena before the 106 rose bowl football game in pasadena . a, several homeless mothers it's their day in court, what a judge consider today is the mothers fights to stay inside a vacant home in oak. a robbery at a marijuana grow business. the s.w.a.t. team investigates this morning. let's take a live look at the traffic commute, this is the san mateo bridge. cars are moving, you can see some brake lights but not too bad for one of the last days of 2019, we will be right back.
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i am still fighting, we are not going anywhere. >> group of homeless mothers due in court today face evictions from a vacant home they have been occupying since november. two men arrested in marin.
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how employee tipped off authorities. ies. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, it is monday, december 30. i am sara zendehnam, pam and dave have the morning off. i am joined by steve paulson with a look at the weather, we are only couple days away from 2020, i cannot believe you. >> i know, where has it gone? i know, we have rain totals the last 24 hours, lettuce fell around 4:00 8:00 this night. over to solano county, canfield again, mill valley, santa rosa, semolina, american canyon doing a double take a couple of these. i verified these, an inch of rain also around late, pembrook, cordelia, some really good rain. other totals i will show you in about ten minutes. after that, but recorders inch, less than an inch, the system is turbocharged, flow master
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with southern california holding up. the santa cruz mountains and the sackler valley i'm sorry southern california, 40s on temperatures for most. a few 30s the north, not too bad at the surface be mostly sunny, breezy out of the north northeast, 50s and very low 60s. this morning a running back delicious as my firefighters were killed in the u.s. military strikes in iraq and syria. as dozens, the u.s. lost the airstrike in retaliation to the death of american contractor in iraq. the u.s. warplanes had five locations. three and much iraq, two in eastern syria, killing a number of militia fighters. the u.s. 15 just like this one carried out series of raids in iraq and syria the defense department shut off before and after images of at least one of the target sites, they are believed to belong to the iranian elect militia


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