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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 31, 2019 12:00pm-12:58pm PST

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in baghdad and dozens of protesters done the u.s. embassy. i've got the details coming up extrema preparing for a new decade. the last minute work being done right now in san francisco for tonight's big new year's eve celebration. plus is a final curtain call for an iconic show in is now, when beach blanket babylon takes its final bow. the news is starting right now. this is ktvu fox2 news at noon. >> i'm allison lot rodriguez. it might not be 2020 it in california but several cities across the world have already rung in the new year. we are taking a live look in dubai where it just turned 2020. dubai is on the list of one of the most popular global destinations to ring in the new year. it is not hard to see why. an amazing display. that along with new york, sydney and london. throughout the money we have
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been watching the celebrations across the world from new zealand to sydney australia to pyongyang, north korea and hong kong. celebrations were held all across the globe and several more will take place before we ring in the new year on the west coast. tens of thousands of people will kick off the new year in san francisco with a fireworks show at midnight. in the past, treasure island has been a popular spot to see the show. you may have done that yourself but it will not be this year. tremont elissa harrington tells us why. >> reporter: this is our view of the bay from treasure island. if you are trying to find a good point to watch the fireworks show tonight, officials say to avoid this area altogether. >> the treasure island authority is discouraging people from going to treasure island so we are asking folks not to go to treasure island to watch the fireworks show because there are not a lot of places to park or stand and watch and traffic getting in and out is a nightmare with one westbound
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and one eastbound ramp. >> reporter: the island is usually a populace but with striking views of the city but this year, construction, mounds of dirt and lack of parking might not be the best way to enter the new decade. >> the majority of that island that has the view of the actual fireworks display is completely fenced off with construction. >> reporter: officials are gearing up for big crowds along san francisco's embarcadero. every available police officer will be working. >> we will have additional resources in the field as well as along the embarcadero,. 39 and other venues of san francisco like broadway, columbus. mission district. that type of thing. additional uniformed officers, officers on patrols, foot beats, bicycles and motorized vehicles. >> reporter: the fireworks show begins at midnight. they are set off from two conjoined barges near fourth.. 314. police have barriers for crowd
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control. firefighters have marine units. they will send out roving paramedics and multi-casually buses in case of a large emergency. there are these electronic signs also, around the city, urging people to sign up for alerts by texting nyess to 888777. >> -- >> reporter: in sum for this, elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. we want to go outside live in severances go right now, expected to be a clear buckle night for tonight fireworks display. sara zendehnam has a closer look at conditions for you and the new year's celebration across the bay area. >> reporter: we started of the day chile and ending in chile as well but throughout the day today, mostly sunny skies. >> a beautiful way to end this year in 2019.
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a lot of people are wondering what to expect tonight during the new year's eve festivities. a dry forecast, no reign to speak of and no fog to speak of. we will see some high clouds developing in the evening hours. throughout the day today, into the afternoon, we are expecting mostly sunny skies. once we start getting into the evening hours, those high clouds will develop. tonight will be partly cloudy and cool by about 9:00 tonight. we will see temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. by midnight, when you are bringing in the new year, temperatures in the mid-40s to upper 40s. let's take a look at your futurecast. we will walk you through exactly what to expect on this new year's eve so you can make those plans. 58 degrees is where we will be around 3:00 in oakland, 56 in san francisco, 59 in concord. as we get through the early evening hours, things start to cool off a bit. low 50s across the bay area by about 7:00 tonight. it is a really, really cool evening tonight so you should have all of those layers. even if you go out now and you feel it is a little warmer, things will drop off is officially we get to midnight and we bring in the new year from countdown to 10, it will
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be chilly, 50 degrees at midnight in sanford cisco, 49 in oakland. upper 40s is where we will be and i will have your 5 day forecast coming up. several bay area transit agencies are providing free rides tonight to make your new year's celebration fun and safe. that is the important key here. from 8 pm to 5 pm, uni will be tree, caltrans, ac transit, and bus systems will be operating and offering free rides during those hours. bart is extending service until 3 am tomorrow morning but it is still going to be charging for rights and in fact, bart is increasing fares by more than 5% starting new year's day. the chp will have extra officers up on the roads to make sure everyone is staying safe. they will look for drunk drivers as well as people who speed or are showing dangerous behavior behind the wheel. maximum enforcement period begins at 6 pm tonight and runs through tomorrow night as well. the u.s. state department says all u.s. personnel are safe at the embassy in baghdad, iraq
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and there are no plans to evacuate. as trivial young reports, that is after hundreds protested at the embassy with some even storming the u.s. compound. >> reporter: a major security crackdown at the u.s. embassy in baghdad after hundreds of protesters gathered to demonstrate against a u.s. airstrike. dozens of protesters broke into the embassy compound, smashing security cameras and windows. setting fires and spraying graffiti on the walls. the assault falls the biggest ever u.s. attack against state sanctioned militias in iraq which many iraqis view is a violation of their sovereignty. >> -- this is a message to trump. watch out. you have touched our soldiers and brothers in arms. the fire has reached your embassy and we will not spare an american. >> reporter: the militia hit by a u.s. airstrike is backed by iran and president trump is blaming the iranian government for the situation at the embassy tweeting and part, complaint iran is orchestrating
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an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq. they will be held fully responsible. in addition we expect iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy. " but iraqi security allowed protesters to pass through a security check in the compound and a cabinet meeting, iraq's prime minister did not even discuss the attack saying only the airstrikes will have serious consequences, an indication the iraqi government may be siding with iran at this time. >> iran has been using their proxy militants to target us. they want us out and they want to drive a wedge between the u.s. government of the an iraqi element. iraq is caught between iran and the united states. >> >> reporter: iraq's foreign minister says more security will be deployed to keep people away from the u.s. embassy. a fremont man is in custody on multiple weapons charges. 33-year-old marquise mcclinton was arrested this morning following a police pursuit. then a crash near morrie avenue and sarah padre parkway. it happened after officers tried
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to serve a warrant on mcclinton. he was booked on assault with a deadly weapon and evading police. charges at the intersection was shut down for a couple of hours this morning while police investigated. and amtrak man killed on the tracks near richmond. it happened around 6 am this morning near brookside drive and giant road. nobody on the train was her. capital corridor service in the east bay was two hours behind schedule because of the police investigation on the tracks. union pacific was which manages the remote-access the man was trespassing. we have learned about a deadly shooting in fresno last month. a short time ago police announced 6 suspected gang members have been arrested for the shooting deaths of 4 men at a backyard football watch party. it happened november 17 when the gunman entered the backyard through an unlocked gate and opened fire. police say the gunman carried
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out the shooting to retaliate against a rival gang they believed was responsible for killing the brother of one of the shooters. today is the deadline for some wildfire victims to file claims against pg&e. it applies to people who lost their homes or other property because of wildfires that were caused by pg&e equipment and started before january 29 of this year. that does include the camp fire in the town of paradise as well as the 2017 wine country fires and the of amador county in 2015. claims can be submitted online or in person at one of the 6 pg&e claim service centers but it does have to be filed before 5:00 tonight. a community on edge. coming up in the next half hour, what we are learning about a string of burglaries in cimarron san ramon and warnings coming from police. plus a staple for 45 years, the final curtain call for beach blanket babylon, the sendoff expected later on tonight.
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the final curtai down on beach blanket babylon tonight, marking the end of an era in san francisco. two performances will wrap up the shows 45 year run. cristina rendon has more now from san francisco. >> it is a san francisco icon. the country's longest running musical review and tonight, beach blanket babylon is set to take its final bow. you can see delarosa's brought in and a red carpet for the special occasion. >> ♪ >> reporter: the stage show started in 1974, performance put on more than 17,000 shows since then. beach blanket is known for its times by culture and stories an performances. the show was started. michael herriman is a
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show before it became beach blanket anesbringing so much joy to not only to the city but for people who came to the city. it is a landmark. i think people are going to be upset when they find out it is closed. it could run for years and years. >> the decision to cut and end of the show company by surprise. >> reporter: it was not supposed to last this long. it was scheduled to run for 6 weeks in into something much larger, drawing people year after year including big names like the queen of england, and at fournette cello and willie brown. >> i don't know what would happen. i did not think this would happen. i thought i would die in this theater wonderfully. >> i never thought the show in close but i got this feeling. >> they will be two performances tonight, both shows sold out. who knows what's going to happen but what a way to cap off a 45 year run and close
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down 2019. in san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. if yo make it until tonight, until midnight,e are several family- eve events the science center. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> just a short time ago, the center held a balloon drop for families, hundreds of balloons released from the ceiling. two more balloon drops will happen at 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. the science and will also show people celebrating the new year from all around the world. happy new year's eve to everyone at home. i know the bigger question on everyone's mind is what do i
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wear tonight? so the new year's eve celebration, it will be a cool but dry day. before we get into the forecast, let's talk about the coastal forecast. there is a beach hazard advisory that goes into effect at 1:00 today until 9 pm tomorrow. the big concern, sneaker waves, dangerous rip currents. the best advice, stay off coastal areas, keep your eyes on your kids, don't turn your back to the ocean. the ocean conditions can be very dangerous when there is a beach hazard advisory. this goes from the coastline from sonoma county south through monterey county. i know a lot of people have the days off so it's something to be aware of if you plan to go to the beach. if you are planning to go to the mountains, it will be cool in the sierra. you can see your lake tahoe forecast for new year's day, temperatures with lows in the mid 20s. if you are planning on ringing in the new year in south lake tahoe, bundle up. it will be chilly but it will mostly be cloudy and on thursday, mostly sunny. the biggest chance for rain and snow possibly friday into the weekend but the highs really not too high. 45 degrees is where you will be on your new year's day. like i said, bundle up. your
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forecast highs a little closer to home for the new year's day, 58 degrees is where we will end up in oakland, 60 in san francisco for all of you people celebrating in san francisco, it will be a nice day. really, mostly sunny and dry across the bay area. some high clouds will develop into the evening so we will have a partly cloudy night but really, mid to upper 50s and 60s throughout the bay area, 65 degrees is what we are expecting to end up at in vallejo. 60 in mountain view and san jose, 56 degrees in antioch. here's aincreasing but by cool off so layer up eally if you are celebrating. anywhere across the bay area, especially in san francisco, so by 9:00 tonight, we will see temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and by midnight, mid- 40s to upper 40s so it will be chilly. here's a look at your 5 day forecast. temperatures really stay consistent throughout the week.
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we are going to see highs in the low 60s, lows in the upper 30s to low to mid 40s. that is really going to take you throughout the rest of the week. it is shaping up to be a nice week all around. we are not going to see any moisture until possibly the weekend. that is something we are keeping an eye on. back to you. thanks, sarah. the number of flu cases across the country and in the bay area are on the rise. there have been 4.6 million flu related illnesses and 2100 flu related deaths this season. the majority of the cases involve adults over the age of 65 and young children. about 200 flu patients treated by venice in san francisco our children. we were joined by dr. vincent to morris who says the best advice is to get a flu shot and that it is never too late to get one. >> you can protect your own
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family and people who are at high risk, over 65 for instance, under 5 years old. these are the children, under five of the highest risk and under 6 months are even the highest, representing a lot of mortality so you are protecting other people's children as well as sharon. >> flu activity will remain at the moderate to high level in the coming weeks. still to come on the noon, thousands of people forced from their homes in aris australia. the latest on the dangers and why conditions are expected to get worst.
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thousands of australians have been forced from their spi burn around the country. dozens of fires are burning in victoria and new south wales. about 4000 people are taking refuge on beaches in victoria away from the fire. at least 11 deaths have been linked to the fires which began last month and millions of acres have burned.
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authorities say conditions will worsen over the next few days acres of extremely high temperatures and strong winds. the family of a man who police say attacked people during a hanukkah celebration in new york over the weekend says he is not part of any group. police a 38-year-old grafton thomas burnt burstyn with a machete and stabbed 5 people including the rabbi's son before for trying to get into the synagogue next door. and ypd tracked him down in manhattan and investigators say they found a journal with anti- semitic statements and references to tran33s and hitler. after serving in the marines, his family says he developed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and has been hospitalized many times. >> we are learning more details about the person who shot and killed the gunman outside a inside a church in texas. police say a gunman opened fire and killed two people before he was shot and killed. officials say had it not been
12:24 pm
for wilson, more people could have died. nearly 240 people were inside the church at the time. >> since when do you know when something is bad going to happen? you have to be prepared at all times, at all places. and that is the way that i ascribe, that's the way i teach in the way i want people to understand. if they are going to wear a firearm for protection, for themselves or family or anyone else, they need to be aware that it can happen anytime, anywhere. >> wilson does volunteer as the head of security at west freeway church of christ. as for the gunman, authorities say he did have a criminalist break. he was of arrested for assault
12:25 pm
with a deadly weapon just 3 years ago and also in 2009. secretary of state mike pompeo is planning to meet with the president of ukraine friday in gift. this after a new york times report says pompeo, the defense secretary and the former national security advisor met the president trump in hopes of convincing him to release military aid to ukraine. senate minority leader, chuck schumer says the report is even more reason to call witnesses in a senate trial but republican lawmakers are pushing for a speedy impeachment trial. >> the new reporting shows there was serious concerns raised by trump administration officials about the propriety and legality of what the president was doing. >> the house democrats have had plenty of time to try to demonstrate that donald trump committed an impeachable offense . they failed miserably. >> pompeo will be the first cabinet official to meet with the ukrainian president since the formal start of the impeachment inquiry. a rare investigation in the city of san ramon. what we are learning about six months homes double to 6 homes were burglarized on this week.
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testing the famous times square ball ahead of the big drop.
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well it might not be 2020 here in the bay area just yet but several cities across the world have already rung in the new year from australia to hong kong to bangkok. many cities putting on a big new show and a fund displayed to see. here in the bay area, big crowds expected to ring in the new year in san francisco. in less than 12 hours away, the city's annual celebration is highlighted with fican see from embarcadero. amber lee has more on what is new this year. >> reporter: san francisco's a special place. >> we agonize over the design, the product choices. >> reporter: san francisco's annual new year's eve fireworks show will have a different look, this time paradises the
12:30 pm
events new producer. >> all i have ever ever wanted to do since i was a little boy is be a fireworks man. >> reporter: this fireworks man tells me the best vantage point to view the show will be along the embarcadero. anywhere near the ferry building. a few blocks away, prospect is preparing for a busy new year's eve. the restaurant plans to extend hours and operate for the early seating and $125 for the late seating. prices are lower this year than last. >> people are looking for a i tk we are a place that can deliver on that. at union square, the staff at hotel emblem tells me it has a lot to celebrate. the boutique hotel on center street at powell opened the
12:31 pm
doors early this year. the public is welcome in emmett and there will be no cover charge. >> we are excited to get folks to the door get the word out about hotel emblem. this is one of our rooms inspired by the beat generation. >> reporter: the hotel says there is limited availability and many guess our local. one couple from concord says it is their tradition to check in on the eve of new year's eve. >> why not enjoy the city a little bit and have fun, walk around? we looked at all of the ch, back here along the waterfront, crews started setting up the fireworks show monday morning. the producer says he is excited to put on the show. >> i also get to see the faces of the people and hear the excitement. there is no better location or thing that you can do in the world than something that makes thousands of people happy simultaneously.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: the producer tells me the show will last for about 15 1/2 minutes. san francisco police are advising people to avoid watching the fireworks from treasure island. they say construction there is limiting accessibility and parking. incense disco, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. san jose police and fire departments are expecting tonight to be a little on the busy side. they are anticipating some people will set off their own fireworks to ring in the new year. fireworks, by the way, are illegal in most bay area cities including san jose. if you do live in seneca, first- time violators could face a $500 fine. on new year's eve would not be the same without the times square ball drop. with just hours ago, crews are making sure everything is ready for tonight. ray bogan has a preview. >> reporter: before the ball drops and the confetti rains down, officials in charge of the massive new year's eve celebration in new york prepare the world famous times square
12:33 pm
ball. as we get ready to ring in 2020. on monday, officials flipped a giant switch to test the crystal sphere. >> 3, 2, 1! happy new year!! >> reporter: illuminating the ball more than 3200 -- 32,000 l.e.d. lights, ascending one more than 100 feet to the starting position atop times square. the centerpiece measures 12 feet in diameter made up of nearly 2700 waterford crystal triangles and ways 11,875 pounds. the ball has been ringing in the new year since 1907. who will be flipping the switch tuesday night to start the ball drop? >> as we look back over the last year, we saw that the dominant theme in the news globally was science teachers around the globe and the students and young people that they teach who are really the key to climate changethe future and
12:34 pm
>> reporter: while the nypd says there is no credible threat to this year's celebration, there keeping up security around times square's and urging revelers to remain vigilant. >> this is going to be one of the most well policed, well protected celebrations in the entire world and we will have another safe and enjoyable new year's eve as we do every year. >> reporter: more than 1 million people are expected to be in times square to usher in the new year with over 1 billion more watching on tv worldwide. ray bogan, fox news. you want to be sure to join steve harvey and maria fernandez for new year's eve live at times square. after th 10 england patriots star, rob gordon ramsay and the country music duo, florida georgia line. police are looking for 3 men who broke into 6 homes in the city saturday night in san ramon. we spoke with one of the burglary victims. >> reporter: -- >> it is pretty upsetting.
12:35 pm
-- >> reporter: this san ramon resident who asked not to be identified return home from a holiday party saturday night to find his patio door bourbon, his home ransacked. >> they tossed everything on the floor. then you know right away it is broken. >> reporter: one of 6 homes burglarized throughout san ramon in the evening hours. another homeowner found out about a break-in from an alert on his home. a camera in his living room captured 3 people in hoodies, flashlights and gloves. their faces covered. walking up the stairs. >> basically gmo wasn't the same on all 6 burglaries. they go to the backyard, and windows mash on the rear slider or a door that has a window on it. >> reporter: from there, police say they go to the master
12:36 pm
bedroom looking for valuables. police believe it is the same trio based on mo, how they entered, where they went in the house and what was taken. police say this is rare. >> with 6 in one evening, occasionally we get residential burglaries but 6 in one evening is a lot. >> police say the thieves got in and out of the home quickly and in one case were out of a home after 4 minutes. why san ramon? >> i think san ramon is a fairly affluent area. there are nice homes. >> reporter: police urge residents to re-leave lights on, alarms, surveillance systems any big dog can help too and let late neighbors know when you will be out of town. >> i've been here for 2 1/2 years and it has been really safe. i have left my doors unlocked at times and it has been fine so very surprising. >> as still shaken up. he plans to install a home security system to better protect his home. >> everyone should be more careful. you have to have security. >> reporter: as lynn smith,
12:37 pm
ktvu fox2 news. two suspects are in custody after a police chase across the dumbarton bridge but they will wanted in connection with a shooting in a san mateo market parking lot from about 2:30 yesterday. a young man in a bmw was shot in the leg and drove about a block before police were told what was happened he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. by the time police arrived at the market, the shooterllance v police a description of the suspect's car and that is when they got a break in the case. >> there was a citizen that was listening to the police scanner and when they saw this suspect dunbarton iving in east palo bridge. the suspect took the thornton road effort exit in fremont and a woman got out of the car. the driver continued but eventually crashed into a nearby post.
12:38 pm
both suspects were taken into custody. police are still looking for a motive in the shooting. a santa clara county judge has denied bail for a 22-year- old woman accused of killing her boyfriend on christmas. sabrina gutierrez has been charged with killing ricky martin with his with her car. early in the morning, they got into some sort of fight and martinez allegedly shot gutierrez brother. shortly after prosecutors allege she ran martinez over with her car. >> she deliberately drove that car onto a public sidewalk on east santa clara street in san jose. she did it so she could run down and kill ricky martin is. that is exactly what she did. my brother was murdered. i mean, there is no justification for her actions. >> prosecutors say they have video surveillance and witnesses in the case. gutierrez is scheduled r
12:39 pm
date has been set stabbing a teenager to death on the platform of the macarthur bart station last year. and alameda county superior court judge set the trial date for january 6 after determining john cowell is mentally competent to stand trial he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in november to the 2018 killing of mia wilson and the attempted murder of her sister. a vigil will be held in oakland to remember oscar grant who was shot and killed 11 years ago tomorrow by a bart police officer. the event is happening tomorrow from noon until 4 pm. this is at the fruitvale bart station were 22-year-old grant was shot january 1, 2009. community leaders and activists are expected joint grants family and friends at the vigil. former bart officer, murphy was shot and killed grantsaying he
12:40 pm
mistook his gun for a taser. he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and serve less than one year in jahis black nissan ultima on the east on highway 4 in pittsburgh. he was the only one in the car and was treated for minor injuries from flying debris. the driver told officers he saw per people shooting at him from another car but could not provide any other information. adult police say was shot by a man on a bicycle is back at home in menlo park. the 4-year-old pit bull was being treated after being shot in its shoulder sunday night. police say a bicyclist was riding by the owner's backyard on -- avenue and shot the dog for no apparent reason. the suspect is described as being in his late teens or early 20s, wearing a black hooded jacket, dark plates and was writing a dark-colored bike. the new year comes with new laws and many of us know. up next, what we now know about california's new internet privacy law and how it will change the way your personal data is collected online. plus,on
12:41 pm
heading out tonight to ring in the new year? sara zendehnam will have a look at your full forecast and what you need to know as you head out the door. with advil liqui-gels, you have fast-acting power over pain,
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right now on the fox 2 news app. >> i was homeless last year. i was sleeping in my it warms m will be impacted.
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>> in the east bay, many unsold trees and appear. the biggest consumer literally the elephant. >> you have the power to watch the stores right now when you download the fox 2 news up. a 16-year-old mountain climber is recovering after falling 500 feet on mount hood in oregon. the boy fell while climbing with a group monday.he reached elevation point and it took crews about 4 hours to get him. when crews arrived, they discovered he hurt his leg. they were eventually able to bring him to safety and 11,002 happened 11,239 feet, hood is the highest mountain in oregon and one of the most climbed mountains in the >> we are less than 12 hours away from the start of the new year and if you have plans tonight, to be outside, bundle up. throughout the day today, though, it will be dried. we are really going to cool
12:45 pm
down so as the sun sets, of mild afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and 60s all throughout the bay area. that is really going to linger until the evening hours but things will definitely cool off. why do we take a look at your futurecast. if you are trying to plan your new year's eve night, this is where you can plan if this is your futurecast and we start at 3 pm this afternoon. these are temperatures that we are expecting later this afternoon. san francisco, 56 degrees at 3 pm, 63 in napa, 59 in concord, 57 in oakland and in fremont. it is going to be a mostly sunny afternoon but once we start getting into the evening hours, high clouds do develop. it will be a partly cloudy evening. by 7:00 tonight, temperatures will drop and you are going to start feeling the chill in the air once the sun sets. 53 is where we are expected to be at 7 pm in san francisco tonight. sunrail and santa rosa also, 51 in oakland and mountain view, 52 in concord at 7:00. the biggest question, at midnight when we are counting down from 10, this is what we
12:46 pm
would be at. temperatures across the bay area will be in the upper 40s, low 50s, clear lake, midnight, 58 degrees, san francisco, 49 degrees in redwood city, 48 in mountain view and fremont, 49 degrees in san jose. the best piece of advice for tonight is bundle up so this afternoon, like i said it will be mostly sunny but then we will see a partly cloudy evening and a chilly evening as well. definitely a good idea to pass packed those in outside. here's a look at the 5 day forecast. if you take a look at the week, pretty consistent throughout the week, seeing highs in the low 60s, lows across the bay area going to be pretty similar to what we see for the last couple of days, lows in the upper 30s, low to mid 40s, and really, these conditions linger. the dry, mild conditions linger through friday as high pressure remains along the west coast. our daytime temperatures just slightly above average for this time of year. our biggest chance right now this week for any moisture is
12:47 pm
possibly into this weekend, light showers, possibly in the north bay, keeping our eye on that. maybe some snow in the sierra this weekend as well but for tonight, the biggest night of the year, new year's eve is shaping up to be dry and cold. don't forget to bundle up. >> california will ring in the new year with the new digital privacy law. interviews tom baker has details on how the change will affect your personal information. >> come wednesday, california's new privacy law will give californians the right to choose not to allow their individual personal information to be sold to took to third parties. >> nobody has attempted to do anything like this but we are at a crossroads. americans should not have to give up the privacy to live and thrive in this digital age. >> the law allows you to know what personal information has been gathered on you in the last year. and you have the right to demand that such information be deleted. attorney, boris sehgal is is a
12:48 pm
cyber law and privacy expert at the international law firm based in semper cisco. >> i'm not sure the law achieves anything but you do have the right to have your information deleted but it is a limited right so in certain circumstances. businesses don't really need to delete it if they have a legal requirement to keep it. >> reporter: there are many so- called information identifiers covered by the new law. personal data, such as your name, address, driver's license, passport and social security numbers. information such as dna, fingerprints, voice prints, i rational scan patterns and health records. since -- sensitive information such as reli preference, political identity, sexual preference and sexual behavior or characteristics. digital data like numbers. it also includes invisible data collectors known as cookies,
12:49 pm
beacons or pixels that allow websites to know the sites you have gone to and to record those sites that you visited. >> what i was told is that we have a lot of choices to make browsing. >> that includes smart phones, notebooks, and computers that have non-traffic tracking settings you control as well as many major websites that allow you to turn tracking off. companies that do not comply with the law face a fine of $7500 for each violation and $750 in civil damages for each affected user which means penalties can quickly mount up. tom baker, ktvu fox2 . other new laws taking effect in the new year include new protections for renters. starting january 1, rent increases on most rental units will be capped at 5% per year.
12:50 pm
it will also be harder for parents to get their children medical exemption for vaccinations. a new law requires doctors who issue exemptions to go through the state department of public health and also, in the new year, undocumented in immigrants hundred and 26 will be eligible for low income health insurance. some changes coming to youtube, the san bruno based company says it plans to limit personal data collection on videos for children. this comes as youtube tries to meet privacy rules set by the federal trade commission following allegations the company collected personal information from children without the parent's consent. starting in general, creators may have to make clear if content is designed for kids and if so, there cannot be comments or personalized ads with the video. >> a new report says san francisco-based jewel is having trouble getting its employees to not vape at work. according to the wall street journal, employees they put their desks in the hallways and even in meetings even the last year, the company officially
12:51 pm
banned vaping at its u.s. offices saying employees needed to comply with local and state law. in september, the company issued a memo, deep detailing disciplinary action against employees who continued vape. still to come at noon, is going to be a sad new year's eve for many longtime residents of hayward. why an historic restaurant is closing its doors after 71 years in business.
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a popular east bay restaurant will be serving customers one last time today. the haywood ranch is closing its doors for good after 71 years in business. ktvu's rob roth tells us restau customers come to call home. >> a restaurant that seems like it is from another era but to regulars of the haywood ranch on mission boulevard, it is much more special than that. >> when you walk in here, it
12:55 pm
was home. >> on new year's eve, at the stroke of midnight after 71 years of serving food and drink, the ranch will close for good. >> we feel like we don't know what we will do after this. and -- >> we had time to -- it's time politico. but it's also a bitter moment for the hayward community. >> >> memories. >> we would have family timber dinners here and when the company i used to work for, we have the company parties here. >> regulars would come ly what want. they did not have put it right in. >> the restaurant is floor to ceiling with old equipment donated by growers and ranchers. there is an old cast register and would phone booth, all going up for sale. on monday, people came in for one last meal, one last drink, one last look. bobby worked here for a time after that and she became a regular customer. >> it has been in the family for over 20 years for me personally. >> the ranch is planning a
12:56 pm
special goodbye menu for tuesday night. it will feature some of the customer's favorite dishes including prime rib. >> the people are great and everything else. they serve good drinks. >> in hayward, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news . it is also the end of the line for one of the oldest sub shops in california. why surfboards opened in 1968, one of the earliest surf shops in 19 san francisco. for a long time they were able to hold off online shoppers because most people want to feel the weight of aboard be spending huneds before spendiand the cost of shipping aboard was pretty high. when they open 51 years ago, people would call to ask about wave conditions. bob weiss resorted to making a recording every morning. the 49ers will have time off before the playoff game and fans will have time to consider how much they want to spend on playoff tickets. according to seagate, the average ticket price for that niners division game is about $400. that game is scheduled for
12:57 pm
saturday, january 11. some believe ticket prices will only go up especially after this week's wildcard games are played and the matchups are all set for next week. now that the nfl season is over for the raiders, the players have cleaned out their lockers and as the team prepares to head to las vegas, spending the last time cleaning om and after the team's 25 year second tenor in all oakland, some players appear happy to be moving on. >> excited to know where we will be playing. and excited to ha a city that is excited about having us. we can't wait. 3 quarterback derek carr does not seem like he will miss oakland much either. he told sports illustrated, think it's time for some fresh air. the cal bears ended their coaster season on a high note and had headed into the off
12:58 pm
game season with a bowl game victory. they beat illinois 35-20 thanks to a fantastic performance by quarterback, chase garber. the offensive mvp of the game through 4 touchdowns and scored on the quarterbacks need after helping the bear set a season- high for scoring. christopher brown jr. rushed for 124 yards and caught a touchdown. after the game, the team was contacted about the impressive win. >> -- this is bears territory! >> this is cal's second win of the decade. they will be back next season, opening the 2020 season against unlv at the future home of the las vegas raiders. hundreds of volunteers are playing a little game of beat the clock in pasadena today. they are responsible for applying all the finishing touches to 40 floats it will roll down pasadena streets for the 100 21st annual tournament
12:59 pm
of roses parade. the structures and vases were constructed weeks ago but those have to be covered in all natural flowers, flower petals, seeds, leaves, fruits and vegetables and those are so delicate that each individual piece must be applied by hand before the floats hit the road. just to give you an idea of how intricate the work can beproxim million roses on the floats and a friend there now what they donate light float and right now getting to work putting on the last minute touches. it should be a really good parade. a richmond teen has been chosen to be at 2020 rose freight parade henri. evans will ride the top of the flow tomorrow in pasadena. she help to decorate the float and had a special dinner along with hundreds who will be walking with the parade. she is also a liver transplant recipient. ever great and safe new year and we will be back here 4:00. i arrived at the weld county jail.
1:00 pm
dr. oz: chris watts, his letters from jail in an oz exclusive. he admitted he killed his daughter's twice. his words, his details, his confession. >> when he put his hands on her neck, he could not let go. dr. oz: coming up next. >> ♪ season 11 starts now. to help peopleor heal.


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