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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 1, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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big wave business are battering the coast tonight and have prompted officials issue a warning this holiday to anyone headed to the shoreline. >> use extra precaution when it's like this. the surface has been incredible the last couple days. >> the high surf advisory is in effect for dangerous conditions. >> waves are breaking at 20 to 25 feet. higher in some areas. we have live coverage tonight
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from ktvu. >> reporter: we've seen some of the waves breaking over the pier, even over the barriers they have been so high. and that's happened even at low tide. authorities want to warn people that this high surf advisory could be continuing through tomorrow morning and bring dangerous conditions. >> reporter: the first day of 2020 brought people to the edge of the pacific ocean to relax and reflect. but high surf brought powerful waves barrelling toward the shore, packing a punch at pacifica pier. >> we just happened to be coming through town and saw the waves and thought we'd come out here and get a little closer look. >> is this the first time i've ever seen them this high. we were hoping for a nice walk on the pier. >> reporter: a high surf advisory for new year's day
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warned wave-watchers down the coast to half moon bay. >> conditions like, this it can pull you out, there's rip currents. it's best to stay away, even if you're standing next to the water. you've been hearing about all these sneaker waves. those can come up and grab you. >> reporter: the big waves for surfers out in the water. >> we thought it was a great way to start the new year's off. getting the boys out here. it was pretty powerful today though. >> reporter: patrick wall has been surfing two decades but got a scare when he was caught by a big wave. >> this is not a day where you want to go out there by yourself. my leash broke. once you lose your board, that's when things get dicey. >> the wave took his board and yanked it off the leash. i was luckily on the inside and able to catch it. >> i was out there, and there were some pretty good waves. i was scared. >> a little scary. really big. and very cold. >> reporter: water rescue teams were on alert with the harbor master. >> even if you are paying attention, you don't realize that the water can come up to a
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spot you thought you were safe. >> reporter: back here live at pacifica, you can see the waves right now and feel the wind blowing. authorities do want to remind people that this advisory is in effect until 9:00 am tomorrow. >> never turn your back on the ocean. janna katziama in pacifica tonight, thank you. tats a look at this, a take a look at this, a huge sneaker wave caught a man by surprise in santa cruz county. amazingly, cal fire and state park rangers were able to get to him in time and pull him to safety. highway 12 in unincorporated santa rosa is reopened tonight after a crash involving two sheriffs vehicles closed the road in both
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directions. the sheriff's office says the two deputies were responding to the same domestic violence call when their suv's collided. police in vallejo are looking for a man who hit a man in a wheelchair and didn't stop to help. the 85-year-old victim was hit when when he was crossing the street. oakland police have arrested two people in connection with the death of a man who was killed chasing down a laptop ries of crimes to hit the typically quiet montclair neighborhood. >> reporter: a memorial outside starbucks in oakland's montclair, honoring a man who died while trying to chase down laptop thieve thieves.
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>> it's good that they were call bud it's not enough. this is a condition that is going to continue. >> reporter: the victim was working on a laptop on tuesday morning inside the starbucks. someone walked in, stole his computer, and ran to a waiting bmw. the victim grabbed onto the door of an suv. but the driver took off, which knocked the victim into a parked car. >> i saw him, he cannot move at all. nothing. is just completely numb. >> reporter: the man's death is the last straw for many in montclair which has been hit with a rash of purse- snatchings, bank robberies and thefts. >> reporter: last week, this man stole ski jackets worth $5,000 from montclair sports after casing the store for months. the owner says he's fed up with the crime spree. >> my concern is is it gonna
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happen again. and as a business owner, as a tax-paying citizen, as a local resident of oakland for 65 years, i have rights as well. >> reporter: private security guards patrol the village and there are security cameras throughout the district. >> until the word gets out that we are serious about public security and safety, people will try thing. s. but ther gonna get caught. >> reporter: in 2017, musician david deporis died after being dragged by laptop thieves. police are still looking for this man in the case. i'm told montclair's security cameras and officers who were here played a key role in these arrests. one of the most influential figures in basketball history. >> the league announced today
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former nba commissioner, david stern, has passed away. more on his legacy and reaction to his death. >> many people are calling it a sad day for basketball. david stern suffered a brain hemorrhage in new york on december 12th. he was in serious condition and was unable to recover. many current and former players are reacting to his death. the warriors calling him a sports icon. >> the nba community is mourning the loss of staved dern who passed away today. >> reporter: prior to wednesday's washington wizards game, the team had a moment of silence and paid tribute to the former commissioner. he died from a brain hemorrhage he suffered three weeks ago. he was 77 years old. his wife and family were at his bedside. >> for me, it's really hard to imagine a world without david stearn. i don't think there's any doubt
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that he is the single most important individual in the history of the nba. >> warriors president and chief executive officer worked under stern for 17 years. >> his inspiration, creative genius, innovation, ingenuity, are the things that really created the nba that we know today. >> reporter: stern spent more than three decades overseeing the league, taking over in 1984 when the nba was at a crossroads. >> finals games on tape delay. salary caps. like $4 million total. and to think where it is now, david stearn really led the expansion of the league. >> reporter: he transformed the league into a $5 billion enterprise. michael jordan entered the league during his tenure.
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stern helped form the u.s. olympic dream team in 1992. magic johnson, a key member of that team, praised stern on twitter. "when i announced in 1991 i had hiv, people thought they could get the virus from shake my hand. when david allowed me to play in the 1992 all-star game in orlando and play for the olympic dream team, we were able to change the world." stefan curry posted this picture on twitter and wrote "will never forget the words he spoke this day. with the seventh pick, changed my life forever." >> stern went into the hall of fame in 2014 and he is created for creating the wnba in 1997. nba commissioner adam silver said in a statement stern was not only one of the host influential business leaders of
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his generation. stern leaves behind a wife and two sons. there was a call for love and union n.i.t. oakland this afternoon in memory of oscar grant. it was 11 years today ago that the 22-year-old was shot and killed at the fruitvale bart station by a bart officer. his mother told the crowd that her son's legacy is of community and bringing an end to violence. >> we can change the status of what the world thinks about oakland, california. we could change the statistics that we have been plagued with in our community. >> along with that mural there, a street adjacent to the station had also been named oscar grant ray in memory of him. two days of violence targeting the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the situation tonight and
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what's being done to secure the facility and american workers inside. >> some warm temperatures today. a few clouds tonight. we'll talk about what the future holds coming up. >> and two small cameras found inside a starbucks bathroom. how they were discovered. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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a chp officer was taken to the hospital this morning after being exposed to the drug fentanyl during a traffic stop. chp says the stop of this white lexus on highway 17 near hamilton avenue in campbell resulted in a search of that vehicle. one officer was sickened by apparent narcotics in the center console. and that set off a hazmat response by san jose firefighters. >> we did bring the vehicle with the substance to our office as a precaution. make sure there's no hazardous materials in there. it may be a drug. >> the officer was treated at o'connor hospital and released this ranch. the driver is under arrest and faces charges related to possession. a disturbing story. 37-year-old man faces charges for placing two small cameras inside the bathroom of a
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starbucks in san jose. police found the suspect sitting in a car outside of the coffee shop. >> that's disgusting. ting. >> reporter: frequent customers are still shocked over the sunday arrest of a fellow patron at this starbucks in the cambria section of the city. san jose police say 37-year-old sean evans hid two small surveillance cameras inside the bathroom of the store in the 1 ,800 block of hillsdale avenue and recorded people using the facility. >> i know i've seen his face. he's so familiar. >> kind of troubling? >> it's very troubling. what a creep. >> reporter: a call about the suspicious devices brought officers who investigated and found evans sitting in a car outside the coffee shop.
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police found multiple electronic devices linking him to the crime, along with drug paraphernalia. starbucks officials say customer safety is paramount. >> our partners check not only the bathrooms but of place or is not contributing to a welcoming environment. >> reporter: evans has been booked into the santa clara county jail, and faces multiple charges, including invasion of privacy. those who frequent this starbucks say they're glad an arrest is made. >> makes you think twice about everywhere you're going and what's safe in our public coffee shops and things like that. >> reporter: police believe his crimes are limited to the starbucks. but they want anyone with information about similar crimes to contact them.
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san francisco police are searching for a suspect in a new year's eve shooting that left two men hurt. video posted to the citizen app shows the scene. police were called to the area of franklin and bay streets in the city's marina district just after 9:30 last night. two men had been shot. one with life-threatening injuries. anyone with any information about this case is asked to contact police. san francisco closed out 2019 with the low evaluate number of homicides in, lowest number of homicides in 56 years. there were 41 killings in the city last year, down 11% from 2018 when there were 46. san francisco, however, still has the highest property crime rate in the country. mostly driven by the high numbers of auto burglaries. inmates who sue the city of san francisco over unsanitary
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conditions the deal. faulty plumbing caused toilets to back up into the cells from january of 2017 to september of 2018. there was a similar situation at the district attorney's office which also experienced sewage leaks. the board of supervisorsville to approve the agreement. mountain view's controversial head tax took effect today. it means the city will be able to charge businesses based on the number of employees they have on staff. the new tax is expected to generate almost $6 million a year with more than half of that coming from google. the money will go toward mass transit projects and building new housing. businesses have been critical of the tax saying it will drive jobs away. >> we have a time-lapse of the sunset tonight. just enough clouds out there to get some our photographer clayton shot this for me. and you can see it was kinda pretty out there. the clouds rolled in.
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then we got some breaks, just enough to see the colors in the sunset before the sun went to bed tonight. still some clouds out there. we have had some warm temperatures today. some of the highs behind me, 66 in concord today. 11 degrees above average. 64 in santa rosa. that's eight degrees above average for them. even at the coast where they don't heat up quite as much as inland, at sfo got up today to 59. and the average is 56. it was warm out there. we are still at temperatures that would kind of be normal for highs for the day this time of year. santa rosa today, 54. 54 in san francisco. oakland 53. 47 in livermore. san jose 55 degrees right now. we have some wind at the coast. and you certainly see it here at sfo. 23 miles per hour. everything there is relatively calm. that will start to ramp down at the northwest flow as we get into friday. tonight temperatures pretty mild out there. dry, a few clouds, things will clear out for tomorrow.
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it's gonna be another beautiful day with above average temperatures. you can see we're looking up to about 58 and 64. a shot at a shower. i'll talk about that when i come back. dozens of people gathered at a san francisco church tonight to mark the final night of kwanzaa. the ceremony included lots of music, food, singing and dancing. it also featured the lighting of the last of seven candles. >> each one of the candles have significance in terms of their color. because the black represents the people, d the green represe prosperity and hope. >> kwanzaa is celebrated from december 26th through january 1st. it started in 1966. and it's celebrated by more
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than 30 million people around the globe. rules for california gig workers except truckers. >> the siege on a u.s. embassy overseas. how marines secured the facility after two days of attacks.
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a my year's day rally in hong kong ended with hundreds arrested. further violence between police and demonstrators. police say they arrested 400 people. protestors smashed crossing lights, barricaded roads, and set fires to banks and businesses. officers used pepper spray and teargas to drive off demonstrations. nearly 6,500 people have been arrested in protest against the government since last june. hundreds of militia members have withdrawn from the military embassy in baghdad. the attacks by fighters the u.s. says is backed by iran is resulting in more u.s. troops in the region. >> reporter: iraqi militia men and protestors throw rocks toward the u.s. embassy. on the rooftop, american troops stand guard. the embassy suspended operations wednesday until further notice. for the second day, iraqis
10:24 pm
backed by iran attacked the compound, lighting fires. mike pompeo canceled a multicountry visit to europe to monitor rising tensions with iran. iran's supreme leader accused the u.s. today of committing crimes by striking hezbollah targets on sunday, killing 25 of the iranian-backed fighters. >> they are using something else as an excuse. they are attacking iraqi soil, killing a number of people. the iranian government, nation, and i strongly condemn the us's malicious attacks. >> reporter: today night nearly a hundred u.s. marines arrived to reenforce the embassy. through midnight, demonstrators set new fires and threw molotov
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cocktails toward the parking area of the embassy compound. dozens of militia men left in bag dag's green zone before clashes erupted again in the morning. by late afternoon, many of the militia members had begun to withdraw. demonstrators carried flags and chanted claiming victory. >> we pulled out from this place triumphantly and soaked america's nose in terror. >> reporter: u.s. officials do have thousands of troops on standby. last year there were multiple attacks by iran on western- linked infrastructure. any single event could act as a spark to reignite the region. pope francis apologized today for slapping a woman's hand as she was making her way through a new year's eve crowd in st. peter's square. cameras captured the moment when a woman no, sirfully grabbed the pope's hand, pulling him toward her.
10:26 pm
the startled pope slapped the woman's hand before pulling his hand free. he addressed the incident today saying, quote, "so many times we lose our patience. me too. and i apologize for yesterday's bad example." they call themselves bridge watch angels. how a group of people patrolled the golden gate bridge today offering a comforting voice. >> the slate of new year's games did not disappoint. >> which candidates had a blockbuster quarter.
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i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy osn e medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the democratic presidential candidates are getting ready for the first votes early next month. month. >> reporter: mayor pete buttigieg is starting 2020 on a high note. the campaign raised $27.4 million in the last three months alone. for 9, they say they raised over $76 million from more than 733,000 individual donors. big numbers for a candidate who started 2019 with little name-
10:30 pm
recognition and even less money. at midnight, 2020 came in at the end of the quarterfinal deadline. bernie sanders' campaign received more than five million individual contributions. the booker campaign beat their yearend goal. andrew yang says his campaign expects to raise over $12.5 million in the fourth quarter. a 25% increase from the third quarter. the iowa calks are 33 days away. the new hampshire primaries eight days after. that then nevada, then south carolina. on march third, it's super tuesday. and six of the most populous states have primaries. elections for over 50% of the democratic party's delegates will have taken place by the end of march. >> i don't have to tell anybody in this room how important the
10:31 pm
iowa caucus is. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg is skipping the early states. >> it was too late to enter, really, the early four. >> reporter: instead focus on super tuesday. >> it's very, very difficult to substitute months of campaigning in the early states with ad-buys. i don't think it can be done. >> reporter: yang and most of the other candidates plan to spend the coming weeks in the early states. yang spent the first day of 2020 talking to voters in new hampshire. >> we're going to grow when the voting starts. by the time it gets to super tuesday, we'll have a wealth of momentum. >> reporter: the dnc has six more primary debates scheduled between now and april. a new state law gives californians the right to stop their personal information from
10:32 pm
being sold to third parties. it allows you to know what information has been gathered on you in the past year. you can demand that information be deleted but experts say there are loopholes. companies who break this new state lawing face a $7,500 fine. one new law is facing a new legal challenge. the law could have major implications on companies that use federal contractors. a federal judge handled one group before 2019 came to an end. >> reporter: as the controversy gig worker law officially takes effect in 2020, one group will not be included for now. the california trucking association, earning a small victory in their legal fight against the state.
10:33 pm
>> i hope this is really a strong message to the state of california's legislature that you don't have the absolute right to do whatever you want. and perhaps they'll take a strong look at ab-5. >> reporter: the trucking association shares members with the cpa. ab-5 could require companies to reclassify contract workers as employees, qualifying them for benefits. >> taking that ability away from them, not only does it create a situation that is less advantageous for many of the drivers, but it also makes it harder for trucking companies to deliver the same types of services. >> reporter: the decision comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by uber and postmate. it called ab-5 irrational and unconstitutional, accusing lawmakers of targeting app- based companies. >> finally people are waking up and seeing how it's gonna affect them.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: the state also faces legal action from groups that represent freelance writers and journalists. supporters say it's time to protect workers. the bill's author released this statement. "we expect they will continue to invest resources in protecting their profits earned on the backs of workers. but we will continue to fight them at all levels to return jobs in the trucking industry to good middle class careers." a hearing for c, it a's preliminary request an injunction is scheduled for february 13ing. federal investigators have launched a probe into a deadly traffic accident in los angeles involving a tesla. nhtsa is joining the investigation. authorities say the driver of the tesla was speeding on sunday night, ran a red light and collided with a honda
10:35 pm
civic. two people inside that civic were killed. there is no word if tesla's driver assistant system was engaged. dozen was people spent new year's day at the golden gate bridge trying to save lives. they patrolled the span talking to people who may seem like they're contemplating sued. the bridge remains one of the top sued sites in the world. we spoke to a man from marin who recently lost his son to suicide. and now he wants to bring hope to others. >> this is my son, ben. august 19th, a hundred and 30 odd days ago. he was a 26. he was a beautiful young man who had too much pain. and i'm very grateful for the bridge watch angels and what they're doing today. >> the golden gate bridge district is currently building
10:36 pm
a safety net trying to deter people from jumping off the bridge. the new year brings with it higher fares on bart. the hikes taking effect today across the transit agency. >> and we do have a shot at a little shower as we get toward our weekend on friday. i will tell you specifics and time it out for you. >> the wildfire devastation in australia where the death toll is rising has a popular tourist areaing evacuated. ing evacuated. can my side be firm?
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devastating wildfires in southeastern australia show no sign of slowing down. more than 380 homes were destroyed on the coast of new south wales this week alone. authorities are evacuating tourists in a 1 first-mile zone south of sydney. the military is helping thousands of people who ve the september. the family of a man who was wounded in the hanukkah stabbings in new york city says he may never recover. 71-year-old joseph newman was among five people stabbed last saturday night at a rabbi's home by a man with a machete. he may have permanent brain
10:40 pm
damage and be partially paralyzed for the rest of his life. since the attack, the governor of new york has ordered police to increase patrols in orthodox jewish neighborhoods. people came together to celebrate the completion of the reading of babylonian tal mud. the reading of the sacred text takes seven and a half years. at the end of that time, jews get together to pray and celebrate. people at the gathering say despite the fear, there is a sense of unity. >> we see what's been happening. all the anti-semitic attacks. on the streets in new york. whatever the reasons are, i'll leave that to the political scientists. but the reality is that whether it's ourselves or any ethnic group, we are here, we're proud. we're not going anywhere. and this is a perfect example of it. >> more than 50 law enforcement agencies were on-hand helping
10:41 pm
to protect more than 92,000 people who attended. be prepared for changes to your commute. bart is increasing fares. it's part of a program that increases bart prices every other year to deal with inflation. rides went up an average of 5.4% a day. rides are calculated by distance. so shorter rides may only go up a tenth of a cent. >> it's hard to continue justifying increasing fares. when they're crowded or broken down or always late. >> bart officials say the money raised will go toward a new control system and improving trains. meet the baby boy being called the bay area's first baby of the new decade. >> and back with her extended forecast. forecast.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. the first bay area baby born in 2020 made his appearance just after midnight in the east bay. christopher santiago was born at 12:05 am at the kaiser hospital in san leandro.
10:45 pm
this is the third child for the proud parents. >> we said okay, the baby may come three days, you know, early. until one of the nurses assisting said happy new year. and a few minutes later, the baby was here. >> little christopher joins two older sisters at home. mother and baby are said to be doing well. adorable. talk about a chilly start to 2020. >> some people in san francisco decided to welcome in the new year by jumping into the bay wearing as little as possible. >> more on this new year's day tradition. >> reporter: a new year came with a brisk wake-up call for the brave olympic club members who rang in the new year with the annual hike and dip into the chilly waters off ocean beach, keeping alive a very long tradition. >> it's a tradition that
10:46 pm
started in 1894. people gathered together here and did a little jaunting down the beach. and then they jumped into the ocean. >> reporter: a few hours later, a larger contingent gathered at highway street ready to partake in the polar plunge. >> cold. >> does alcohol help? >> not at all! but cheers. >> reporter: with that hundreds plunged into the pacific wearing only their swimsuit, others wearing even less. polar plungers came out to greet the new year and the new
10:47 pm
decade. >> just saying yes to things more like this. and yeah, trying to start off on the right foot. >> reporter: for some, the chilly waters of pacific weren't cold enough. a handful of hearty competitors took the ice off their skating skills and competing for who has the best beach attire to ring in the new year. >> this year, i'm taking it to the next level. the game out here is really, really strong. a lot of people come out and they really do the thing. this year i'm getting to that level. >> we are gonna talk about weather right now. and i'm gonna start off with what's happening at the coast, which is that we are under a high surf advisory. it goes throughout the night tonight until tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. and you saw the video from where janna was earlier
10:48 pm
tonight. and you gotta be really careful. the waves will be up to 20 to 25 feet. sneaker wave, dangerous rip currents all a part of that. if you go south of half moon bay, 16-foot waves there. and the wind here as well, 36 miles per hour. we'll be getting a little bit of a break in the clouds right now. you can see the clockwise circulation of the wind. that's going to change things and give us the blue skies tomorrow. tonight partly cloudy. at sfo they were gusting into the 28 mile per hour range. that high pressure is going to strengthen. tomorrow ultimately we'll have mostly sunny skies. friday is looking good too. later into friday, we have a chance for some showers.
10:49 pm
tomorrow beautiful. thursday, looks fantastic. some clouds starting to move in. that'sed from at 10:00 am. ed from night, 11:00 pm , this is late. after the commute. saturday at 10:00 am, we start to clear out and it's looking pretty good. not bad. a few showers from north to south. tonight i think the big news is there are no 30s on the map. 47 for san francisco, 46 for oakland. 41 in napa. 43 in morgan hill. not bad at all. tomorrow, these are the highs now. check this out. these are the averages. 56, 57 degrees is where we should be. tomorrow in santa rosa, we're expecting 64 again tomorrow. 58 in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 61 in livermore, and 62 in san jose. another sunny day. we're going to see the warm temperatures roll in again. your extended forecast, it's pretty good. we have that shot of rain overnight friday.
10:50 pm
but the timing on that is kinda nice, right? later in the evening, after you're home already. maybe already asleep. and it's out of there by saturday. we cool down a couple of degrees toward the weekend. and then beautiful sunshine for your sunday. we are starting the new year with just a sprinkle and a lot of sunshine. and i think that's great. >> great way to ring in 2020. we had the rain this past weekend. >> we certainly have. >> a little dryspell is good. >> a little sunshine never hurt anybody. a ohio in washington was shut down last night after cars were trapped in a mountain of tumbleweeds. road crews worked to get to one trapped car on state route 40 in richland, washington. the mountain of tumbleweeds was 15 feet high in some places. the state department of transportation had to bring in snow plows to clear the scene. no one was hurt and authorities reopened the roadway early this
10:51 pm
morning. coming up in sports, oregon and wisconsin found all kinds of ways to store points today at the rose bowl in pasadena. scott will tell us who came up with the win. >> then on the 11:00 news, new video showing a car plunging off of highway 1.
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so get covered today. scott is here now in for mark tonight. a full slate of bowl games today. you were in hench. >> no doubt. >> and the rose bowl did not disappoint. >> no, it was entertaining start to finish. this is the stuff local legends are made of. justin herbert, eugene oregon native, steps on campus during the ducks' worst season in a century. three years later, he's a pac- 12 champion and a rose bowl mvp. and soon to be a top-10 draft pick. the grand daddy of them all, fantastic game between oregon and wisconsin. first quarter after a herbert touchdown run made it seven-0. 95 yards, stiff-arming his way to the house. longest kick return in a bowl game in wisconsin history .
10:55 pm
it's 7-7. second touchdown of the game, 14-7 oregon. back and forth we go. third quarter, badgers punting, no they're not. they fumbled a snap. 31 yards the other way. 21-17 ducks. wisconsin went back on top, 27- 21. herbert was good with his legs. one rushing touchdown all year, how about three today? that one 30 yards. oregon wins 28-27. and the pac-12 finishes four and three in bowl gapes. the sugar bowl time, good match-up. it is 3-0 in favor of jake from and the bulldogs, looking for more. george pickens caught 12 for 175 yards and that touchdown. it was 19-7 in the third when
10:56 pm
zamir white goes for the score. georgia wins 26-14. citrus bowl. jim harbaugh and michigan taking on the alabama crimson tide. mack jones, 85 yards to jerry judiy. and alabama has a seven-0 lead. other end, slay patterson rolls left, seven-yard touchdown. it's 7-7. nick saban, your thoughts? not so much, but his team would be just fine thanks in large part to naji harris. nine-yard touchdown. 24 carries for a buck-things. and two scores. bamma wins 35-16. the wolverines, first time in school history they've lost consecutive bowl games by
10:57 pm
double digits. ouminnesota and auburn. i got this the first game, it was so good. 96 yards true the zone. 10-3 tigers. second quarter, 17-17. tanner morgan going to work. tyler johnson, one hand. did he get a foot down? he's got the ball. >> jeez. >> there's the ball. video proof. 24-17 gophers at the half. fourth quarter, 24-24. same combination. this time johnson just catches it with two hands in stride. yep. 74 yards there. 12 catches for 204 yards, two touchdowns. s. minnesota wins. the nfl coaching carousel is now officially going round. the redskins turning to a trusty veteran, hiring former panthers coach and cal bear ron rivera as their new head guy.
10:58 pm
heel be charged with turning around a franchise that went 62, 97 and 1. there's another bay area connection. the skins' new defensive coordinator is jack del rio. recently head coach of the las vegas raiders. you know them. his defenses have ranked in the top-10 in total defense seven times. finally this new year's day, sad news times two. we told you earlier in the show about former nba commissioner david stern passing away. just hours after that, don larson who pitched the only perfect game in world series history died. he was a journeyman pitcher, played for seven teams in 14 years. had a career record of 81 and 91. on october eighth, 1956, he taught that world series perfecto for the yankees against the brooklyn dodgers. one of the most iconic games in
10:59 pm
baseball history. >> two big names lost in sports. >> i think we've all seen that video footage. just really incredible to think, 90 years. >> a long time. steph curry had nice words to say about stern today. how he's changed his life. >> he changed basketball forever. one of the all-time great executives. it's not enough. it's good that they were caught but it's not enough. >> a neighborhood in oakland on edge after a man lost his life trying to chase deny laptop thieves. two people are in custody after potentially facing murder charges after a man died trying to chase after his stolen laptop in oakland.
11:00 pm
>> it happened in the typically quiet montclair neighborhood. henry lee reports people there are fed up with crime. >> reporter: a memorial outside starbucks in oakland's montclair, honoring the man who died trying to chase down laptop thieves. on wednesday, oakland police said they arrested two sense. they're looking for a third. many in the district are still concerned about a recent rash in crime. >> it's not enough. it's good that they were caught, but it's not enough. this is a condition that is going to continue, i believe. >> reporter: witnesses say the victim was working on his laptop on tuesday morning inside the starbucks. someone walked in, stoem his computer and ran to a waiting bmw. the victim grabbed onto a door of the suv the driver took off, which knocked the victim into a parked car. >> i saw him, he cannot move at all. nothing. just completely down on the floor. >> reporter: the man's death is the last straw


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