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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 3, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> earlier this week head coach kyle shanahan indicated the return had grown more real. >>announcer: did the crashes raising questions about tesla's autopilot. we will let you know rating a social revolution during the late 60s in san francisco. how this historic theater group is marking 50 years of music and art. before professional bull riding kicks off we catch up with one of the bull rider. time to turn it up. friday here and a good-looking friday it is. we give you a beautiful shot of san francisco bay, transamerica building. gregg allman singing a little i'm no angel as we crack open the 9:00 hour.
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phenomenal job again, alex, billington. is cruising around yesterday, i'll 4, getting my meds come over the counter guess what i saw? hearts, lots of hearts but valentine's day, >> i noticed that. >> caught me off guard i saw the red and i thought his christmas decorations no hearts everywhere. >> pressure on delivering come valentine's day? >> they just made a lot of money they did well. >> keep it going. >> i got in and got up quickly. maybe you did i don't know. >> start loading up. for the calendar believe it is a friday this year. >> absolutely. weather, we have been watching patchy, dense fog portions of
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the coast but actually the inland spots. dense fog impacting visibility to concord. improving a little bit up to a quarter-mile in fairfield just over a mile. here is the plan for today partly sunny skies more clouds especially for tonight in mild this afternoon upper 50s to lower 60s. storm tracker to the north of the bay area. we will introduce scattered, high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. today for the most part it's dry after the foggy start in a you spots. temperatures will recover in the afternoon hours. current number santa rosa 41, oakland 45 and san jose 47. here is the forecast model tracking rain later on tonight. forecast models late tonight early tomorrow morning, 3:00 a.m. on saturday. this is 8:00 saturday morning. the bulk of this comes early saturday morning, 3:00, 5:00,
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most of your weekend 90% is dry sun cloud mix on saturday. for today partly sunny skies, few high clouds increasing especially north they later this afternoon forecast temperatures upper 50s and 60s in the weekend, first weekend 2020 started saturday with clouds, maybe drizzle or sprinkles but not until about 6- 7:00 tomorrow morning rest of the weekend we clear things out and track cooler temperatures the next few days. we go overseas following a developing story in france for police are investigating a deadly stop and that happened in a town 4 miles south of paris. four stabbed, two have died. french police, down the attacker, later shot and killed them. there are reports the suspect was wearing an explosive best but that has not been confirmed. more as we get it into our newsroom. tensions escalating after president trump ordered an attack killing one of ['s had
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military generals. in washington d.c. with how the trump administration is defending the attack. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo defending president 's decision to take out one of brandon mack's top generals. the pentagon confirming the u.s. military drone killed the head of the revolutionary guard in an airstrike, friday at baghdad international airport. president trump tweeting this morning that quote he was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people. >> the absence is a boon to this region. >> reporter: this is thousands of worshipers take to the streets of tehran, condemning the attack. some protesters shouting death to america and setting fire to the american flag. in washington mixed reaction among lawmakers. republicans of plotting the president. >> absolute duty to take this
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action. >> still some democrats are condemning the airstrikes from calling the attacker reckless escalation. in a statement, house speaker nancy pelosi urged the administration to brief congress on the situation immediately, saying airstrikes quote risk provoking further dangerous escalations of violence. american world cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the point of no return. >> he is responsible for the death of americans citizens and many other innocent people. he was planning more such attacks, president trump deserves all the credit for acting swiftly, forcefully and decisively. >> reporter: giving red is threatening to retaliate u.s. embassy in baghdad has urged all american citizens in iraq to depart immediately. and public meeting taking place in santa rosa to address the homeless issue. neighbors that homeless camp continues to grow and they want city leaders to take action. live at the veterans memorial
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building. >> reporter: this meeting just got started a few minutes ago. county officials saying they want to focus today on plans for an indoor outdoor shelter, this is neighbors grow increasingly frustrated. residents feel that county officials have not responded to their concerns quickly enough. a homeless encampment has swelled to roughly 200 people. tents lining the trail and increasing the risk for dangerous fires. >> in the last month we responded to approximately 25 calls in the last week or so. >> i sleep on the couch at night so i can make sure there is no fires going on. >> monday night a fire in the camp caused a propane tank to explode. when neighbors said it sounded like a bomb had gone off. thankfully, no one was hurt. another neighbor got rottweilers to guard his home
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after the car was broken into. neighbors bought and installed offense report was already cut down the next day. sonoma county did declare the trail the homeless emergency last month and said they will put into action a comprehensive plan for outreach and engagement . trash pickup will not happen three times a week, with starts on monday. also plans for nightly security patrols to help protect campers. meantime this meeting is set to go until 3:00 this afternoon. they are expecting roughly 100 people to be there. they want to let everyone know it is open to the public. we are staying on top of the developing new story where repair crews are cleanup a water main break. we don't know what caused it, work is estimated to take about 24 hours. right now water service is cut off to a two block stretch of
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pierce road. search crews near san mateo will continue to search the waters after an suv was captured plunging off a cliff on monday. high water and serve has forced them to suspend the search. so far they have not been able to determine who may have been behind the wheel. >> we don't know if there was foul play but we will look into that. we don't know if it was intentional and or if it was an accident where they happened to veer off the road. >> dashcam video capture the moment the vehicle plunged off the highway into the pacific ocean. in the video the vehicle doesn't appear to slow down. waiting for 33 said in the of a man killed while fleeing from chp. have patrol officers were responding to a separate incident, 9:00 last night, when they spotted a man holding a tire arm near cars some car windows had been shattered.
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officers tried to stop the man but he took off in a truck down 101. >> suspect cross the intersection against the red line and subsequently t-boned by the person there, car spun out hit a light pole and went into the coldwell banker building. >> the suspect died at the scene. the driver of the other vehicle was not seriously hurt. new questions are being raised about the safety of tesla's after three people were recently killed in three separate incidents. two people killed sunday. and model s ran a red light and slammed into a honda civic near los angeles, and a model three hit a fire truck on an indiana freeway. authorities do not know if autopilot was activated in either case. national highway safety, traffic safety administration announced it will open an investigation into the southern california crashed. you might be surprised an airline safety website rank
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southwest airlines lost among all american carriers. airline ratings .com gives seven out of seven stars to airline such as alaska american, delta, united. southwest only had three stars. the chronicle attributes the low score to the death of a passenger in 2018, and the fact that southwest is not part of an international safety and audit system. the carrier must pass strict safety standards in alameda, city leaders are looking at putting a ban on disposable plastic spring that includes knives, forks and cup lids. the proposal comes from a county agency that works with cities and businesses to curb litter and recycle. the proposed ordinance would also require compostable items to be provided with take-out food. on tuesday, city council will consider the proposal. if you are a diehard san
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francisco 49ers man, and you want to avoid the commute to levi stadium to watch the divisional playoff game next weekend, you maybe out of luck when it comes to booking hotels. san francisco chronicle reporting no rooms available. both hotels are next to levi. there are other, smaller hotels in the area but they are but, too. the price inside levi is about $220 on stub hub. coming up, a frightening ordeal for one man in san francisco. in the next half hour we will see he was chased more than a block by another man with a hypodermic needle. following up on a machete attack on a hanukkah partygoer. the charges the suspect faces when he returns to court. when we were looking for a roommate,
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the death toll in jakarta, indonesia at least 43, as rescuers continue to find more victims. monsoon rains and rising rivers affected more than 80 cities. at its peak the water reached as high as 19 feet in some places, floodwaters have started to receive a bit in some parts of the city enabling people to return to their homes. the state of utah trying to reduce the risk of avalanches. they will place explosive that certain spots on the mountains
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and set up charges. the northern part of the state is blanketed in snow from all the winter storms that will do the area. the heavy snow buildup oil prices headed up after the airstrike killed a top leader in the price of oil up overnight as investors were gripped with uncertainty over repercussions after the attack in baghdad. the previous tensions with the u.s., rowmac has threatened the supply of oil that travels through the persian gulf to the rest of the world. about 20% of the oil traded worldwide goes through the straight of hormuz. again, after the killing of that top dilatory leader in iraq, the u.s. markets headed lower. we also see manufacturing coming in this morning there is the doubt down 200 points more than half of a% about the same percentage wise for the nasdaq and s&p 500.
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new details about the suspect in a machete attack on a hanukkah celebration in new york over the weekend. this was not his first encounter with police. >> reporter: a grand jury considering charges against the man accused of a stabbing. he is being held without bail they seem federal hate crime and attempted murder charges after investigators say he stopped by people in attack at a rabbi's rabbi's home on hanukkah. meanwhile, the daughter of one of the victim says her father will likely never regained consciousness. she is coming forward with the message to law enforcement. >> at this time we would like to call for increased methods of security for all groups of people throughout new york state . >> reporter: investigators say they found journal entries referring to adolf hitler and. the defense claims he has developmental illness after joining the marines. military
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officials say he was removed for fraudulent enlistment months after he started boot camps >> we are going to do everything we can possibly do to figure it out. not just get the bad guys, but figure out what prompted this attack and if there were any others, reasons, motivations associated with the. >> reporter: police say thomas was previously questioned about the november stabbing of new york man. there wasn't any evidence he was involved in the incident but the investigation remains act of. ethan couch back in jail. you may remember him as a young man arrested in 2013 for killing four people driving drunk. he made headlines when he said he was a victim of affluenza, a product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits
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farm. prosecutors sought 20 years in prison the couch received no prison time. he was arrested yesterday after 30 say he violated the terms of his probation. apparently tested positive for thc. voters in an will decide whether to take a 105 million- dollar bond of great city schools. antioch unified school district trustees recently decided to seek funding from voters in the march 3rd ballot. we create a new school, facilities improvement district. people who live in the area would pay for the bond based on property values. new money would be used for improvements attend school. economist and real estate analyst predicting california's housing market will start to cool down. the survey found 64% of experts expect home values in the san francisco metro area to grow, but slower than they do nationally. about the same number predict the same rate for san jose. the top housing market in 2020 is predicted to be austin, texas. coming up, a job posting
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going viral. we will hear why a mother is looking to hire a nanny to help her 18 -year-old college student. . >> you may recognize his distinct voice. we sat down with patrick warburton who is in town for standup.
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>> the guy in the pink might be, the coppers, i don't like those coppers always trying to stop us from doing what we do! the bad stuff. >> a voice might recognize whether from family guy or the emperor's new group or you may know him as heidi, elena's good boyfriend in seinfeld. comedian actor patrick warburton live in studio. great to have you, i've got a six -year-old daughter and she loves ranch. she will eat anything with ranch. she said something of the day that reminded me of seinfeld, why can't i eat ranch for dinner? there is a line i think you said you lane we said something like, don't remember it was something like why can't i why can't it just be a snack why can't it be dinner.
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>> gypsum is also something. there was a long time ago. >> it was. the petty character when you first read it compared to the petty character when you walk up the show, how did that evolve? is it what the writers division? 's but they don't always know what they are looking for until they see it or hear it because originally he was just jerry's mechanic. i don't think the staccato tendency for him to be a halfwit , like i made, might have been in the original script from i made him really stupid. >> it was good stupid. >> it was a lot of fun. >> did you have to turn down roles after that? roles too similar? >> yeah, yeah, absolutely. >> you don't want to go down that road? >> i don't want to do something that sort of a bigger than life character, a caricature. and if you keep walking down that road you are typecast and you create your own destiny which you
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never work again. you do have to get out and reinvent. >> when people look at your voiceover work, that is impressive. look at the resume from family guy to buzz lightyear in the tv series, tell me about the most important roles for you, when you do voiceover? >> one of the earliest returns i got to do the emperor's new group for disney. again, they don't, they could have four pages of the character description that they don't what a character sounds like until they hear you have to go in and show them. a lot of times you have to remember it is a creative industry. show them what they are looking for. remember looking at a henchman but didn't seem like dark or evil. we just made him sound a little sweeter we are going to miss dessert. >> there he is. where you do this? at home?
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in your room? studio? >> if i was doing this at home it would be crazy unbelievable. you have to go into studio. >> what is the creative process of getting to that character? >> think about what would be fun. it takes you back to your childhood. i grew up with the movies and love them. just to have that opportunity, you don't want to squander. get creative and have fun. >> are going to have fun at tops comedy club? what's going on here? >> i'm doing letters from the net, jerry seinfeld is coproducing partner punk in corporate america for decades. there is nine best-selling books of these letters. he will like write coca-cola company to whom it may concern i have a product, just want to make sure there is no conflict with diet coke doesn't taste anything taste more like pepsi. i sell my soda to construction
9:26 am
workers i like that how much caramel do you use they get really postop and they write two page legal, you can't sell this, this is conflict. i am so sorry it was a bad idea, . all the letters are real all the responses a real. and on stage and i talked to everybody how fun. i bring out my buddy, mike wilson, one of the best impersonators in the world. all the letters i read are funny because we know, and as the audience knows, we are chunking corporate america. the responses are all real but sometimes there not as funny as the letters. i have my buddy who can impersonate anybody in the world and reads each letter back from each company has a different character. that might be mark wahlberg, don knots, doesn't matter. >> mike's dear your idea. >> my idea. frank kelly, the genius killed them so i was like all right i
9:27 am
will do my buddy, mike. will bring him out. >> how fun. welcome to the bay area. ketchup cobb's comedy club tonight as well as tomorrow, saturday night. we have ticket information for this on our website under web links. pleasure thanks for come in and have a great run in the city. >> thank you. >> love seeing the voice. >> fun idea for that comedy. >> 9:27, coming up, slept away by strong currents trying to rescue her dog. in the next half-hour how officials say one woman was able to stay afloat in dangerous conditions and how both she and her dog managed to get back safely. of vallejo man says he is heartbroken after someone took his puppy gave it to an animal shelter and now the humane society says they can't get the dog back. trump: obamacare is a complete
9:28 am
and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000
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more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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. >> the trump administration defending an airstrike that killed a top iranian military commander. but many top democrats call the move reckless and said that attack was done without notifying congress. live in the newsroom with the latest developments. >>reporter: has about harsh retaliation after this u.s. airstrike. in a series of tweets, president trump said he was hated and feared in red. he explained why he ordered the attack. here is one of the tweets,
9:31 am
solely money has killed or badly wounded thousands of americans over an extended period of time and was plotting to kill more. pictures show the charred wreckage left behind following the airstrike the behind. he killed the top iranian general soleimani. and mike pompeo said the strikes were necessary. >> which never his military commander who is actively engaged in plotting to kill americans in the region. had an important set of underlying reasons to take the strike, holy lawful and confident we not only got it right legally but we got it right strategically. >> the state department accuses solo money of approving violent protest this week at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. there is also a travel advisory issued after the attack, urging
9:32 am
u.s. citizens to leave iraq immediately. . the australian navy rescued hundred stranded on the beach as wildfires continue to report to the eastern coast of the country. so far the fires have killed at least 19 people and destroyed more than 1400 homes. kitty logan tells us about the largest evacuation in australia 's history. >>reporter: thousands have been ordered to evacuate southeast australia as crews fight a series of deadly wildfires there. a state of emergency now in effect throughout the state of new south wales. the fires are burning across more than 12 million acres. twice the size of connecticut. >> scary situation the other night. we came here, i am his, so it's really important to get them home safe. evacuations come as conditions worsen. for firefighters on the front
9:33 am
lines. temperatures topped 100 degrees saturday, that, combined with heavy wind creates the perfect environment for the fire to spread. >> very likely we will lose homes tomorrow. but we will be very happy if there are no lives lost, that is the single focus tomorrow. >> reporter: more than 100,000 australians and tens of thousands of tourists are now under evacuation orders. the australian military is helping police and local officials but traffic is still gridlocked in many areas. residents acknowledge this me be the last time they see their homes. >> it is impossible. if the fires came that way, that is no way i could keep everybody safe. it is sad. >> reporter: but there could be relief coming in the weather forecast. rain is expected in some areas affected by wildfires, sometime next week.
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in san francisco, a father on his way to pick up his son from preschool said he was chased by a man with a hypodermic needle. he was walking out of the civic center mini station on his way to pick up his three -year-old from daycare, and he says he saw a man openly shooting drugs and realized he would be walking by in a few minutes with his son and asked the man to move on. >> that triggered him he chased me three quarters of a block down from the hole time tony was going to stick me with a needle. i was terrified. >> he managed to evade the man and called police who cut the suspect a you blocks away and also shot this video of arresting the man. the suspect faces multiple charges. more information coming out regarding an oakland robbery victim killed while chasing one of the people suspected of stealing his laptop. a memorial for the victim is growing at the montclair
9:35 am
district starbucks, where the victim was robbed on tuesday. we have learned he worked as a software engineer, he was killed on his birthday. people who don't even know him created the memorial there which put flowers and condolence messages on the store window. >> we need something to happen here. i just thought this is a way to say, for residents to speak out, say something and let the family know, and friends, that we really care. >> the investigation continues. oakland police have made two arrest is puppet still looking for a third suspect. police in dublin investigating after a man shot and killed his ex-girlfriend when she and another man confronted him at his home with a gun. police say happened wednesday night at 11:30 when a man who lives in this condo complex heard banging on his front door. no man saw his ex-girlfriend and another man forced the door open and pointed a gun at him. >> the resident brought his own firearm down and basically was fearing for his life and shot the firearm. he left and then
9:36 am
called 91 immediately. police say the ex- girlfriend died at the same. the man she was with was taken to the hospital where he is expected to survive. police are investigating the motives. a young man accused of killing his father on new year's day will soon be extradited from nevada to california. authorities truck down arrested the 20 -year-old incline village following a massive manhunt. he is accused of killing his father in the california town of pinegrove in amador county. neighbors who watch the -- grow up in their community say they are absolutely shocked. >> i never would have suspected, from everything i have heard about them. my granddaughter says that he would be capable of such a thing. >> investigators have not revealed a possible motive nor any other details about what happened. an african-american attorney filing a federal lawsuit against the city of oakland on the oakland police
9:37 am
department, alleging unreasonable search and seizure. he really cell phone videos claiming police officers told him at gunpoint and forced him to call on the ground during a traffic stop two years ago. pointer says he was driving on international boulevard when oakland police officers pulled over his mercedes. >> officers need to be trained on how to deal with these types of situations. it is scary to think that officers are allowed to have a badge and a gun and conduct this type of stop and it was a complete lack of coordination amongst the officers, giving conflicting orders, all of which could have wound me up dead. >> pointer works in the office of well-known civil rights attorney john burris. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. oakland police referred the comments to the city attorney's office. african-american drivers in california are stopped by police at higher rates than white and latino drivers. the first of its kind attempt to track profiling and from
9:38 am
from african-americans count for 15% of all stops to make up about 6% of the population. white and latino drivers were stopped at rates generally proportionate to their populations. a 2015 all requires police officers in california to write down what they believe is the race, gender and sexual orientation of any person they stop. the california and identity profile advisory board use data from nearly 2 million stops for its report. avenue valeo man says his puppy was stolen from his home by a stranger them put up for adoption by the humane society. crime reporter henry lee tells us what happened and what the former owners are saying. >> reporter: these are pictures of linda, through mental puppy that belonged to michael and catherine elledge in vallejo. the coupling kids are devastated after learning their beloved dog has been adopted by someone else. >> it doesn't make any sense if you are about the animal's welfare when you relinquish this animal?
9:39 am
>> reporter: it started on december 20 when the family's surveillance system capture this woman apparently learning the blue would to her subaru. the, not microchip, had somehow gotten out of the front yard and away from the family's through the dog. >> and thinking myself you see all my dogs here on the fence line my wouldn't you leave a note? >> reporter: they searched high and low. >> got on my harley, road through every single street in neighborhood over here looking for the car. >> reporter: he didn't know it at the time but the woman turned the dog into the humane society in the north bay the same day. it wasn't until christmas eve four days later the same society posted pictures of the dog on facebook asking if anyone knew who it belonged to. no doubt it was linda. >> i showed him a close-up image of my puppy, luna, she has this little line going down the side of her face. the family didn't see the post for several days after that. when he contacted the humane society he was told it was too late because it had been more
9:40 am
than 72 hours. on thursday we went with ellis to the humane society to get an explanation. >> when time's up we put up for adoption and she was adopted. the executive director says the humane society followed state law with respect to stray dogs that are microchip. >> i am heartfelt sorry, but at this moment right now remain his only hope now is for whoever adopted luna to give her back. >> if you are watching this, i just hope that you can reach down and your heart and help us be a whole family again. >> reporter: all told, luna was at humane society nine days, including christmas and new year's before she was adopted. he did not immediately come down here to look for because he assumed the woman in the video had stolen his dog. and woman in half moon bay
9:41 am
was swept up and strong current trying to rescue a dog. officials it was amazing she was able to stay afloat in the dangerous conditions, yesterday afternoon. calfire says the dog managed to swim safely back to shore on its own but the owner needed to be rescued about 200 yards from the shoreline. >> still swimming when they rescued her. the harbormaster brought her in and she was in serious condition. are fighters loaded her to the ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. >> the coast guard has been warning people the past few days to stay out of and away from the water. a developer planning and 18 story building has canceled the plan it cost prohibitive to continue. the developer proposed a building on shattuck avenue that would have included nearly 300 housing units, retail space and a new movie theater. the project proposed for, and faced opposition over concerns.
9:42 am
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. original members of the san francisco groundbreaking performance getting ready for a one night only 50th anniversary celebration. the group's assistant director, where the performers join us here. thank you for coming is but thanks for have any. >> the contest described as 50 years of music, art and mayhem. >> a group back in the summer of love part of a commune system responsible for entertainment, whatever that might be.
9:46 am
different communes have different responsibilities. the entertainment was quite revolutionary and costumes and makeup and gender. >> i was going to say this is 50 years ago. what is the role in breaking ground, was the reception back then? >> they were loved in san francisco. is to perform at the palace in the north beach area. at midnight shows there. some movies at that time you couldn't show in a regular theater as it were. certainly john waters' films were shown in that theater at midnight and would often do a performance in front of the curtain then they got more and
9:47 am
more complex and eventually went to new york with rex reed. it was not quite what everyone expected. >> what new york was looking for? 's but there is the difference between the two there is the new york side the pacific coast side, the views on what is going especially then. >> the summer of love back then a lot about sex and drugs and what is it about now? >> really more than anything specific, releasing the self. and letting yourself -- >> used to look lovely. >> i have another one. if you
9:48 am
like something put it on. if you like something put another one on top. it's a very short period of time that they came together they broke apart different people one on to do a lot of different things someone to new york and worked in the cabaret some state here, stating continued. >> tell us but we are going to see. >> i couldn't possibly describe it in a simple bullet but there will be film, there will be on before seeing clips from a movie, there will be some other films people have made especially for the event and there will be a troop of oh my goodness around 30 of us i
9:49 am
think who will be emulating as it were pain and intentional to the musical member. >> one night only any chance we will see this is a continuing performance? >> we are assembling about 13 of the original members there. we are assembling quite a special show. we are taking the musical portion of the evening. >> we will look for more. >> i hope so. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. for more information on the big anniversary celebration go to our website and click on web links. coming up, next, nannies with small children are not uncommon but what about for college students? we will explain why a mother's looking for someone to help a law student getting ready to put on a
9:50 am
show with the oakland arena. in minutes we speak live with one of the bull rider's.
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. >> today's the first friday of the new year. here is the first 2020 edition the weekend watched. heading into the first weekend of 2020, good time to take advantage of the first friday events alongside all the other free offers in san francisco. enjoy the asian art museum for free on sunday, where you can see 18,000 objects represented 6000 years of asian art and culture. or head to japan town for the 49th annual japanese new year festival, complete with entertainment, food, cultural arts and crafts happening at the japanese cultural center. heading north the lantern fly festival as it continues to the solano county fairgrounds in
9:54 am
vallejo featuring massive, handmade lanterns, inspiring performances and children's activities in celebration of chinese culture. in the east bay, scroll through hundreds of life-size and larger-than-life lanterns cultures at the luma night lantern festival complete with carnival attractions and food vendors. you can find it at the alameda county fairgrounds. in the south bay the final weekend of christmas in the park . walk through offers over 40 musical and animated exhibit, glittering lights and the 60- foot community giving tree. in sports warriors played home, sharks are awake that is your weekend watch the lineup for this year's coachella music festival now out. some of the big-name acts include travis scott, rage against the machine, calvin harris. this year's coachella sparta over two weekends in april. 10-12 and 17-19 in india. first weekend sold out but presales for the second week and starts monday at noon.
9:55 am
go to and click web links for more information. a popular tradition in oakland takes place tonight. the first, first friday celebration of the new year. the free festival highlights art, culture and food. runs from 5-9:00 tonight between was granted 27th street. this month's celebration honors women and teachers local, female singers performing on the 27th street stage thank you some of the roughest athletes around will compete for a spot in the world's final joined by one of those pro bowl riders, good morning to you. >> athletes these days and so many venues are so strong mentally, physically, i'm curious how do you prepare for the season for events like this? you role in it all you in the gym doing cardio?
9:56 am
>> winter break first one coming back a little rough on some of us but a lot of us worked out throughout the winter and got ready and got prepared for this but i was at my desk this morning and i watched a clip from an event that took place in billings, montana and you are on a bull named too's mood. my goodness, gracious. you are on about six seconds and you went flying out. i think it's torn crush your head. to remember this? >> yes, sir. he knocked me out that's part of the score. we love doing what we do. it is just part of what you have to take. i was roughed up after that probably one of the rides it did not finish the way i wanted to. >> people watching at home say why in the world people do this what drives you to get on a bull and perform? >> of done it since i was a kid . my dad and grandpa did it so
9:57 am
it's kind of bread into me. the adrenaline, seeing a new town every single weekend, meet new people put a smile on a kids face, awesome feeling for us and rewarding when you ride once but whose the bull right behind you? >> i don't know. i'm excited to meet him. >> funny you mention growing up i know you grew up in east bernard, texas outside of houston. going back to your roots, were you the child that was 3 -four riding sheep? >> yes, sir i was i went to school everybody wanted to be a firefighter, i wanted to be a bull rider. >> you are doing just that. i mentioned too smith. we are showing this here what is that right below your feet? >> this is my helmet all of us are required to wear a helmet and he born after 92 has to
9:58 am
wear a helmet. we put that on if we get stepped on ortega horn, spurs, animals are here for us we want to take care of them so anything like that the rope is to hang on live chaps that make it nice and flashy to dress it up. >> that's great eye know you did great last year in california, santa maria as well as bakersfield. new year, new beginning all you need is eight seconds. thanks for joining us go get them this year. >> awesome for having me. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> get on the bull? >> definitely not. >> great spectator sport. >> i have been to them, they are fun. if you have a chance. >> they have them in idaho, too. >> today is also freebie friday and turn out for a chance to win four general admission tickets, you can go to
9:59 am click on the link to the freebie friday giveaway follow the instructions to complete the online entry form five winners selected by random drawing monday, january 6 and you can see official rules good luck an and usual job to tell you about. a very worried mom and canada posted an online ad seeking a part-time nanny for her 18 -year-old daughter going to college in england. the mom want someone to help cook and clean her apartment while the daughter is on her quote very intense study. the daughter has a driver to pick up groceries but she needs someone to make sure to help her with the day and live without the stress of laundry or cleaning and make sure the fridge is stocked with healthy snacks and juices. >> really like a personal assistant the. >> she should navigate her way.
10:00 am
>> i but there are others out there. >> called adult thing people need to learn to do it. >> thanks for watching have a great weekend. wendy williams is up next. s "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: whoo! [cheers and applause] wead


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