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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 3, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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ten children in the middle east tension in the middle east, what is happening with the u.s. military right now. plus tackling the homeless crisis in santa rosa. also anticipation building for the playoff game next weekend at levis stadium. the impact it is already having on the local economy. the news at noon starts now. good afternoon, 3000 u.s. troops headed to the middle east, the move comes after a drone strike near baghdad killed a top general. americans are being told to leave immediately. cities right here in the u.s. are on high alert. elissa harrington has the latest.
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>> reporter: iran has bought retaliation after a airstrike killed suleimani. the general has been blamed for the deaths of hundreds of american soldiers. the state department accused suleimani of a bruising violent protest in baghdad. president trump ordered the strikes, secretary of state mike pompeo defended the president's decision. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous. also, highly risky, doing nothing in this region shows weakness. it emboldens iran. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy issued a travel advisory urging u.s. citizens to leave iraq. u.s. cities are also on high alert. new york officials are taking steps to protect key locations.
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>> we are now facing a threat that is greater than anything we have faced previously. over the last 20 years this city, more than any other, has suffered the results of terrorism. >> reporter: many democrats called the air attack reckless and dangerous. nancy pelosi released a statement saying "this action was taken without consulting congress pursed." she said congress must be briefed immediately of the next steps. right now oil prices are up on news of the airstrike. investors say they are concerned about the potential retaliation, in previous tensions with the u.s. iran has threatened the supply of oil that travels from the persian gulf to the rest of the world. the rising tensions having an impact on the start market, the dow jones is down 160, the nasdaq
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and s&p 500 also down. we are getting more information about that oakland robbery victim killed tuesday while chasing after someone. in the montclair district a memorial for the victim is growing outside of a starbucks. we now know he was a software engineer and he was killed on his birthday. people who did not even know him created a memorial. >> we need something to happen here, i just thought this was a way to say, for residents to speak out, say something, let the family know that we really care. >> oakland police have arrested two people but they say they are still looking for a third suspect. we are waiting to find out the name of a suspect killed last night while trying to escape from highway patrol. officers were rushing to a separate incident when they saw a man holding a tire iron.
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the windows of cars in the area had been smashed. police tried to stop the man but he sped away. >> the suspect crossed the intersection, subsequently he was t-boned by the person, the car spun out then hit a light pole. >> the suspect died at the scene. the driver of the other vehicle was not hurt. crews continue to work on repairs are a water main break on pierce road near the bayshore freeway. officials say it will take a day to completely do the fix. water had to be turned off for several residents. happening now a meeting at the memorial building in santa rosa to discuss a growing homeless encampment. sonoma county officials are in the middle of drumming up ideas for
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an already approved indoor, outdoor shelter. allison rodriguez has the story. >> reporter: this meeting is open to the public but there was only one resident inside at the start of it. officials tell me the only goal is to figure out the future of the shelter. more than 60 workers started the meeting here to discuss the future of two indoor, outdoor shelters, which will house 40 people each. the encampment on the trail has grown to more than 200 people. residents are concerned about sanitary conditions. monday night a fire in the camp called a propane tank to explain. thankfully no one was hurt. another neighbor bought guards after his car was broken into. other neighbors installed a fence.
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sonoma county declaring they trail a homeless emergency. last month they said they would put into it action a plan for outreach engagement. >> last week we started trash services so we have weekly pick up, starting next week it will be three times a week. we have 11 port-a-potties out there currently. we have two handwashing stations, pest control services will begin next week. >> reporter: there are plans for nightly security patrols to help protect the campers but she is fed up, she lives near the park and says she does not feel safe taking her grandchildren out. >> i am really angry. we pay a lot of taxes in santa rosa. our lives have been affected deeply by what is going on here.
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it seems like there are groups of people who come out to enable people that come here from wherever and they leave messes. >> reporter: a notice of intent was filed to recall the supervisor admitted the concerns. notice claims hopkins has failed to protect her constituents. this meeting is set to go until 3:00 this afternoon. i am told the county has until june to establish the facilities. allison rodriguez, ktvu news. the san francisco 49ers hoping to strike gold in the playoffs. many hotels near the stadium are already booked for the divisional playoff game. no rooms are currently available at the hyatt regency for january 11. the hilton is also booked.
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right now the price for a standing room ticket to get inside the stadium is about $220. one of the best defensive players may return from an injury just in time to play. linebacker alexander returned yesterday. he has been out since his injury, everyone thought he was done for the regular-season. alexander met with the media yesterday and talked about all the work he did to recover from his injury. >> whenever they let me i am ready to play, just trying to get back. i am just happy to be back out there. it was fun to get back. >> he is probably mvp of the team, the energy, all the time. if he is there we have no choice but to have fun. >> earlier the codes indicated the possibility of a return for alexander.
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here is this weekend's playoff games on saturday they buffalo bills take on the houston texans while the tennessee titans go after tom brady and the new england patriots. on sunday it is the vikings against the saints. it is the seahawks taking on the philadelphia eagles. of minnesota vikings upset the saints san francisco will play the winner of that seahawks, eagles game. one of the largest evacuations australia has ever seen. that story coming up next. a grand jury considering charges against a man accused of going on a rampage at a hanukkah celebration. i will have your details coming up. another beautiful day with thoughts of sunshine across most areas. we are tracking a chance of scattered showers for your
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police in france investigating a stabbing that happened in a town near paris. 4 people were stabbed, 12 have died. all of the victims were chosen at random. police later killed the attacker. today the australian navy rescued hundreds stranded on a beach as fires continue to burn out of control. so far those fires have killed 19 people and destroyed 1400 homes. katie logan tells us about the largest evacuation in australia history. >> reporter: thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate australia as crews fight a series of deadly fires. a state of emergency is now in effect throughout the state of new south wales. fires are burning across more than 12
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million acres. it is twice the size of connecticut. >> it is a scary situation. i am his grandmother so it is important for us to get him home. >> reporter: the evacuation comes as conditions worsen for firefighters on the front lines. temperatures are expected to top 100 degrees on saturday. that combined with the wind creates the perfect environment for the fire to spread. >> very likely we will lose homes tomorrow. we need the community to have the focus. >> reporter: more than 100,000 australians and tens of thousands of tourists are under evacuation orders. the military is helping police, traffic is still gridlocked in many areas. this may be the last time some people will see their home.
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>> i had to leave my home. there is no way i could keep everyone safe. >> reporter: there could be some relief coming in the weather forecast. rain is expected in some of those areas affected by the fires by next week. katie logan, ktvu news. a woman in half moon bay is home safe after getting swept in strong currents trying to rescue her dog. officials say they were surprised she was able to stay afloat. hellfire said the dog managed to swim safely back to shore on his own but the owner need to be rescued. >> she was still swimming when they rescued her. the harbormaster brought her in she was in serious condition. she was taken to the hospital. >> the coast guard has been warning people to stay out of the water. let's check in with the weekend
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forecast. early saturday morning we are talking about 5:00, a little bit of rain. it will really not impact your weekend plans. here is a live camera looking out towards san francisco. today another nice day with partly to mostly sunny skies. we did have some fog this morning. another mild afternoon, forecast highs 58-63 degrees. you might be asking where is the rain? as we look at long-range we take this into next week this forecast model showing you a pattern, no rain to the south, a lot of rain to the north. let's get to breaking news we will have an update in a little bit. >> thank you, president trump
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now speaking here about the attack outside of the airbase in baghdad that killed a top general. let's listen into the president. >> who plunder. nation to finance bloodshed. the u.s. has the best military, by far, anywhere in the world. we have the best intelligence in the world, if americans anywhere are threatened we have all of those targets already fully identified, i am ready >> reporter: prepared to take whatever action is necessary. that refers to iran. under my leadership we have destroyed the isis territory caliphate. recently americans special operations forces killed the terrorist leader known as al-baghdadi. the world is a safer place
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without these monsters. thank you, god bless you. god bless the great military, god bless the united states of america. >> the first time we have seen the president speak to the media since the general was killed. we heard the president say the world is a safer place without these monsters. still to come one of the most traveled airlines but now a report is out showing what airlines are the best when it comes to safety, this one is not at the top.
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california's housing market will level off. a survey found 64% of experts think home loans it will grow slow. about the same number is predicted in the san jose area. the top housing market in 2020 is austin, texas. the trump administration is ordering the oakland housing authority money as part of a federal program to help people facing eviction. there is no explanation from the white house about why oakland is receiving the money. the president has attacked california clinical leaders about homelessness. a airline safety website ranks southwest ranks last among all carriers. they gave seven out of seven stars to alaska, american, delta and united but southwest received only three stars. the irvine released a statement saying, "as we approach 50 years of service southwest have
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safely transported more travelers each year than any other carrier for well more than a decade." city leaders in alameda looking to ban disposable plastics. the proposal comes from a county agency that works with cities to curb a litter. the proposal ordinance would require items to be provided with take-out food. on tuesday the city council will consider the proposal. as we reported at noon yesterday the trump administration is moving forward with a plan to tackle under age vaping. we have a closer look at the ban is not the reason it is not as strict as initially proposed. >> reporter: a ban is happening, the fda confirming it is banning the manufacturing it back sales of electronic cigarette cartridges with the flavors.
12:24 pm
the move is in response to the growing number of illnesses associated with vaping, mostly in teenagers. >> people have died from this. they have died from vaping. >> reporter: officials believe thc is behind many of the illnesses but another part of the problem is a chemical used to bring out the fruity flavors. tobacco and mental oils are exempt. the restrictions also do not apply to tank vaping systems. those devices can be refilled with oil as opposed to a juul type cartridge. the ban has been expected for months, president trump announced the possibility in september, prompting backlash from stores that sell electronic cigarette products, worried about declining sales. >> we are going to protect our cities. >> reporter: companies that manufacture, distribute or sell the flavors have 30 days to comply or risk
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enforcement action. a popular tradition in oakland takes place tonight it is the first, first friday celebration of the new year. it will highlight art, culture and food in the city of oakland. organizers say the celebration honors women it back features local female singers. the flu season continues to get worse, the warning from one family whose daughter is now in intensive care fighting for her life. the trumpet illustration defense killing a top iranian general. up next, the latest on the tensions in the united states. you try hard, you eat right...
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we are now potentially facing a threat that is different, greater than anything previously. >> haskins tensions escalating in the middle east after a top general in iran is killed. iran has about retaliation, now cities across the dates days are on high alert. the mayor in new york announced the city is taking steps to protect key locations. also moments ago president trump speaking to the media regarding the airstrike that killed the top general, the president say the general was probably sinister attacks there for the general was terminated. earlier iran vowed to retaliate. now 3000 troops will be sent to the middle east. a lot of moving parts here, i know you were just listening in, strong moments from the
12:30 pm
president. >> reporter: good afternoon, the president defending the decision to launch those airstrikes. even though that defense is coming while members of congress have said these attacks could lead to more violence. now lawmakers are demanding to know what steps the president may take next. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous, in the short term. >> reporter: mike pompeo defending the decision to take out a top general. the pentagon converting a drone killed the head of the revolutionary guard, qassem suleimani, in an airstrike friday at the airport. president trump treating this morning that qassem suleimani was "directly responsible for the death of millions of people." >> the access to qassem suleimani is a boom in this region. >> reporter: this as thousands of worshipers condemn the attack. some protester shouting, "death
12:31 pm
to america." in washington mixed reaction, republicans applauding the president, blaming iran for escalating tension. >> i think it was his duty to take the action. >> reporter: democrats called the attack a reckless escalation. in a statement nancy pelosi urged the administration to brief congress on the situation. saying the airstrike, "risks provoking danger, america. the world could not afford to have tensions escalated to the point of no return." >> he was planning more attacks. president trump deserves all the credit for acting swiftly, forcefully, decisively. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in baghdad has urged all american citizens to depart immediately. congressional leaders have been briefed by the secretary of defense. all senators are expected to get a briefing next week.
12:32 pm
>> thank you. oil prices right now are up on news of the airstrike. global investors saying they are concerned about a potential retaliation. in previous tensions with the u.s. iran has threatened the supply of oil. about 20% of the oil traded goes right through the persian gulf. rising tensions also having it impact on the stock market today. back here in the bay area police investigating a act of violence in the city of dublin. police say a man shot and killed his ex- girlfriend when she and another man confronted him at his home. the resident is claiming self- defense. >> they had a dog here too. >> reporter: he describes what
12:33 pm
he witnessed, three doors down when police officers stormed this complex on monahan street. here they found a woman shot to death, a man injured. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: police say the call came in as a home invasion. >> he informed us at 11:30 he was sleeping he heard something on his front door, they came down to answer the door, he saw someone that he recognized as his ex-girlfriend. >> reporter: police say that is when the ex-girlfriend and another man forced the door open holding a gun. >> the resident brought his own a firearm down, he then shot the firearm to get him out of that house. he then called 911. >> reporter: police say the ex- girlfriend died at the scene. the man she was with also 28,
12:34 pm
was taken to a hospital where he is expected to survive. police say the weapons used were handguns. >> these types of things do not occur in dublin. >> reporter: that does not calm the nerve of some neighbors. she called the neighbor finally, she suspected nothing out of the ordinary. >> it is a little scary that not only he had a weapon but a person coming here had a weapon as well. >> reporter: police are investigating a motive, only saying, it is likely over relationship issues. >> why would he show up at 11:00 at night with a gun. that i would like to know. there has got to be something else. >> reporter: neighbors are hoping it was a lover's quarrel. >> this never happens here.
12:35 pm
san jose police say the latest crime statistics show things are improving. the number of home burglaries fell 40%, police chief eddy garcia credits the return of the department's burglary prevention unit. vehicle thefts also went down last. but the number of aggravated assault has gone up since 2013. garcia says he wants to add four officers on the streets. there are only ten officers for every 100,000 people living in san jose. the latest crime numbers it oakland show a troubling trend, violent crime is up for the second second straight year. oakland also experienced a 30% hike in the number of burglaries. an african-american attorney filing a lawsuit against oakland and the police department alleging unreasonable search and seizure. demand released
12:36 pm
video claiming police officers held him at gunpoint then forced him to crawl on the ground during a traffic stop two years ago. he says he was driving on international boulevard when police pulled over his mercedes. >> these officers need to be trained on how to deal with these situations. it is scary to think that officers are allowed to have a gun to conduct these type of stops. they gave conflicting orders. >> he works in the office of a civil rights attorney. oakland police referred comment to the city attorney's office. new details about the suspect in a machete attack on a hanukkah celebration in new york. this was not his first encounter with police. >> reporter: a grand jury is considering charges
12:37 pm
against the man accused in the stabbing at a hanukkah party. grafton thomas is being held without bail facing federal hate crime and attempted murder charges after police say he stabbed five people in an attack at a rabbi's home. meanwhile the daughter of one of the victims says her daughter father will never regain consciousness. she is coming forward with a message. >> at this time we would like to call for increased measures of security for all groups of people throughout new york state. >> reporter: police say they found journal entries written by grafton thomas referring to hitler. his defense claims he has a mental illness. military officials confirm grafton thomas was removed from the marines for fraudulent enlistment. >> we will do everything, i mean everything, that we can possibly do to figure it out. not just get the
12:38 pm
bad guy but figure out what prompted this attack. if there were any other reasons, motivations, that are associated with it. >> reporter: police say thomas was previously questioned about a stabbing of a new york man. the investigation remains active. the palo alto police department stepping up patrols their places of worship after the recent attacks. the police department announced the effort on twitter yesterday. over the weekend a church in palo alto was vandalized. a bicyclist in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after crashing into a car near golden gate park. the crash happened at 6:00 last night in san francisco.
12:39 pm
the bicyclist identity has not been released. police say the driver stayed at the scene. in san francisco at father on his way to get his son from preschool says he was chased by a man with a needle. he says he was walking out of the civic center station on his way to pick up his 3-year old. he saw a man shooting up drugs and realized he would be walking by him with his son, he asked the man to move on. >> that is what triggered him. he chased me down the block, the entire time he said he was going to stick me with the needle. i was terrified. >> he managed to evade the man then called police to caught up with the suspect a few blocks away. he posted this video of police arresting the man. video showing an suv driving straight off a cliff along the san mateo cause. why the search for
12:40 pm
the suv and the driver has been so difficult. very nice friday here in the bay area, just a few high clouds. we are tracking a chance of a few showers early saturday morning. we will have your forecast coming up.
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a camera inside a car catches in suv plunging into the pacific ocean. in the video it does not even look like the car slows down before driving off the cliff. authorities are still searching for the driver it back the suv. >> reporter: along this oceanside cliff off-highway 1 a tourist camera captured a disturbing video. while the motorist was driving south he
12:44 pm
witnessed a dark suv driving the other direction, all of a sudden, drive off the cliff. at one point the car is temporarily airborne before disappearing. it happened south of great whales beach. right now police say they have is this video and the tire marks left behind. >> we don't know if there was foul play. we don't know if it was intentional or in accident. >> reporter: a diving team and helicopter scoured the area monday but the high serve has prevented any further research. >> we weren't able to continue the search. the tide has been high, conditions have been rough. right now we are on standby. >> reporter: some car parts of washed ashore but investigators say belong to several cars so they can't connect the dots to the suv. >> we did not find any
12:45 pm
markings, we can only suspend the vehicle did fall into the water. >> reporter: did the vehicle try to stop? >> not that we see. >> reporter: the chp has made no connection to any missing persons report. they are waiting for water conditions to improve. a nice friday afternoon with some high clouds. eventually those clouds will produce some rain showers across parts of the bay area. you can see some of the overcast coming in. we did have some patchy fog this morning across portions of the area. today partly sunny skies, more clouds expected tonight. it will be mild, forecast high this
12:46 pm
afternoon 58. as far as rainfall it is a break in the rain for right now. santa rosa over 13 inches of rain since october. compare that to san jose with just 3 inches of rain since october. as far as the satellite high clouds streaming to the north but some of those clouds approaching the northern portions of the region. as we come in closer we will check in on some of the numbers, most areas right now in the 50s, san jose, fremont, lower 60s, fairfield yesterday was 70 degrees, right now they are 57. tonight we will have cloud cover that could get in the way of a meteor shower. we could be talking about 50 plus
12:47 pm
meteors per hour but the challenge is going to be the high clouds coming in. if you happen to be up at midnight just look up to the sky you might be able to see a few. the next system to the north will be dropping in eventually. today we call it a nice day with temperatures in the upper 50s. lost track of the system moving in from the north, the chance of scattered showers overnight, a good bet up in the north bay. saturday we start the weekend with cloud cover with some sprinkles tomorrow morning. clouds gradually leave by the afternoon hours. you can see here rain developing on the north coast, this is early tomorrow morning. as the system falls apart over the bay area it could hold together to produce some cloud cover, maybe a few scattered, light showers. partly cloudy skies by the afternoon hours.
12:48 pm
at the most a tenth of an inch in the north bay. not a major rain producer at all. it should not impact the majority of your weekend. maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. we cool things off as we head into sunday and monday. the number a few flu cases continues to rise. in california there have been 54 flu related deaths. the season has impacted many families who have seen loved ones end up in the hospital. reagan porter has the story. >> reporter: he is sitting in front of a monitor watching the numbers go up or down because her daughter's life depends on it. >> we are in shock. >> reporter: he and his wife spent every day at the medical center with no end in sight.
12:49 pm
their daughter has pneumonia and influenza. the mother of 2 has been sedated in critical condition since sunday. >> it has been difficult. >> reporter: he said a week ago her symptoms got better but then turned into a three day fever. the doctor said that is a sign you need to see a doctor immediately. >> there is a pneumonia that follows. anybody with a person did fever needs to get checked out. >> reporter: the flu system is just getting started. they are seeing people in the hospital on a regular basis. >> the more severe cases people are on life support machines. many of those people will be left with deficits. >> reporter: that is why the doctor suggest getting a flu shot. >> we are seeing some terrible cases of flu.
12:50 pm
>> reporter: he knows firsthand, he believes it could have helped to keep her out of the hospital. >> everybody go get a flu shot. do not take a chance. you don't want to be in this situation. >> meantime children in colorado are still getting the flu even after getting a vaccinations. va ns. in a twist doctor say flu b peaked early, that is the flu strain that impacts more children. some doctors say this year's flu shot may not be working as well as they had hoped. >> i think right now it is kind of like 50/50. the ones that we have seen vaccinated are coming in for the flu. >> in california two of the deaths involved children. a judge has given a hospital position to take a
12:51 pm
11 month girl off life support in texas. she has not left the hospital since she was born. she suffers from a heart defect as well as chronic lung disease. the hospital plan to move the baby from life support in november arguing the baby is suffering. she is on a steady stream of sedatives, doctor say her condition will not improve. >> all the things we have to do to keep her alive or keep her well is causing her pain, causing her suffering, we don't want to do that any longer. >> her family is fighting to keep her alive. her mother believes the little girl has a chance. >> she has made it this far, i know she will continue to fight for her life. >> trinity lewis has up to seven days to make a decision on whether are not to appeal. still to come, a man
12:52 pm
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welcome back. we are taking you live to san francisco, a car crash causing some delays in that area. skyfox giving of this live picture. no word yet on any injuries but if you are headed to san francisco near the bay bridge, the intersection is blocked because of this two vehicle crash in san francisco. a family asking for their puppy back after the dog was taken to an animal
12:56 pm
shelter then adopted. the puppy somehow managed to get out of the front yard. a woman passing by was caught seemingly taking the puppy away. the family of to she stole it but it was turned over to the humane society. by the time the family realized it the puppy had already been adopted. >> i am sorry but at this moment i am angry. >> if you are watching this i hope you can reached out into your heart to help us be a family again. >> the dog was not microchipped, the humane society said it followed the law with respect to stray dogs. coming up, continuing coverage of the tensions between u.s. and iran. we will have the latest from the middle east. here is one last look at the
12:57 pm
markets before the closing bell. the dow jones down 200, the nasdaq 500 in negative territory along with the s&p 500. here is a look at the first 2020 edition of weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into the first weekend of 2020 is a good time to take advantage of the first friday events. enjoy the agent art museum for free on sunday where you can see 18,000 objects representing 6000 years of asian art. head to japan town for the japanese new year's festival complete with entertainment, food, cultural arts and crafts all happening at the japanese cultural center. visit the lantern light festival as it continues at the fairgrounds in vallejo.
12:58 pm
in the east bay stroll through hundred of larger-than- life lantern sculptures at the lantern festival complete with carnival attractions and food vendors. you can find it at the alameda county fairgrounds. in the south bay they find a weekend of christmas in the park in downtown san jose. walk through and look at over 40 exhibits. in sports the warriors play at home, the sharks are away. that is your weekend watch. california's oldest newspaper may end as early as this month. >> it will catch you up on all of your garza. it is pretty much the only news outlet we have appear. >> since the 1850s the "mounted messenger" has
12:59 pm
been covering news in sierra county. the owner bought the paper in the 90s but has been trying to sell it for a year. he plans to retire, he hopes someone will embrace the history of the newspaper. >> the governor said i will give you 24 hours but you have to get out of town. >> russell says unless somebody buy a newspaper depresses. for good. an unusual job, a worried mother in canada posted a ad seeking a part-time nanny for her 18-year old daughter going to college in england. the mother wants someone to cook and clean at her daughter's apartment while she focuses on her studies. the daughter has a driver who can pick up groceries but she needs someone to make sure she eats three meals a day. she wants to make sure the refrigerator is stocked.
1:00 pm
with that we wish you a great weekend. thank you for watching. the next newscast is at 4:00. >> are your loved ones sending you signs from beyond the grave? do everything to get our attentionism could -- could you be missing them? >> we can ask for specific things. all rise for health court. >> i am at my wit's end. she's losing sleep over her husband's snoring. >> i sleep with a beatbox. up next. ♪ [music] dr. oz: are you ready for season 11? [cheers and applause]


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