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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 4, 2020 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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this is the 10:00 this ktvu fox 2 news . >> thousands of people around the country and of the bay area take to the streets to protest the president's decision to launch an airstrike that killed the top iraqi in general. >> we don't stop, we are all going to die in the war. >> president trump issued a all- new round of warnings today tweeting that his ministration
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has already found five iranian sites if the regime retaliates. they will serve three informants and a middle east. following the killing of general qassem soleimani. this was the scene in baghdad today with thousands protested. responsible for proxy wars across the middle east. fox 2's benjamin hall has the latest tonight. >> the united states remain on the lead as emotions ran high in the middle east. thousands morning iran's mr. commander qassem soleimani. the top general and iranian leader was killed friday. speaking from mar-a-lago friday, he ordered the operation to end the war, not to start one. >> soleimani was planning
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imminent and sinister attacks on american diplomats and military personnel , but we caught him in the act, and terminated him. >> reporter: soleimani was known as one of the most popular man in around . he was the mastermind, an elite unit that had restaurants ministry operations in iraq and syria. the president claims soleimani and his troops were responsible for the death of hundreds of american coalition service members . a claim iran denied. >> translator: americans do not realize what a big mistake happened. they will see the consequences of their mistakes, not only today, but in the years to come. >> reporter: in the meantime, in washington, d.c., new york, some are even calling to withdraw all u.s. troops in the middle east. others are gone to the trump administration to seek congressional approval for any responses to iran's promised retaliation. >> my biggest fear is that we
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might end up in the war. the very least, we would be discussed distracting the country for more important and diverse. >> reporter: benjamin hall, fox news. stomach hundreds of people showing up today. this is a marketing policy. leigh martinez deltas, many say they were not there to defend soleimani. >> reporter: at the corner of market and palo street, hundreds of people stood to demonstrate against the u.s. decision to kill iran's major general qassem soleimani on thursday. president trump called him a terrorist, he was planning an imminent attack on american diplomats. but for the states question not, they're not defending
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soleimani, but tell us why the u.s. was in the middle east in the first place. >> my son was killed in iraq on april 4 2004. in a way that i opposed at that time. a war that obama supposedly ended in 2009. but of course, the people of iraq are still suffering. it does not seem like there is a strategy, you can see and the politicians are trying to scramble for a reason. i've heard people even say that soleimani was involved in 9/11. which is an absolute ridiculous live. >> reporter: president donald trump's attack in iran and four president george w. bush's call to invade iraq in 9/11. >> it is the same thing all over again. it is so, i think, very questionable. i think we see the same thing involving now. >> reporter: one of 70 happening in major cities across the u.s. last saturday. many of them are tired of endless wars, >> i am fearful for the crew members of the military who are
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carrying out the actions of warmongers and defense contractors and other billionaires who stand to profit from a conflict like this. >> reporter: a majority here questioned the timing of the assassination of soleimani. >> trump can use a fake want to win a second term. he is using this to divert attention from his own sins in the impeachment process. >> reporter: the demonstration turned into a marsh down market street. with a final slot of protesters telling their biggest fear. >> world war iii. >> worldwide three. >> reporter: however, with certain things in motion, they are not sure if this administration or one ran by democrat president will be able to roll things back. in the newsroom, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news .
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>> what you're watching here is hundreds of people marching around sacramento today, checking against the killing of soleimani. home of the sacramento kings, there they participated in a giant blocking some people from getting into the arena. after that, some protesters continue to watch the and the demonstration out of state capital. it remained mostly peaceful, but law enforcement was close by. >> the younger people here should know that all of the wars that have been fought since you have been fought since you have been born have been fought over oil. >> the antiwar protest in lafayette park across of the white house. antiwar and anti-climate change activists for decades. philadelphia, boston, chicago and outside of the u.s. embassy in toronto. stay with as for continuing coverage of the strike at 10:30. how they are ramping up security as u.s. and iran trade
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threats. stomach an 89-year-old woman who was brutally attacked in san francisco almost one year ago has died. a gofundme page for family members says she died yesterday at laguna honda hospital. she was attacked jen my age while she was doing her routine exercises at the visitation playground across her home. she suffered facial and skull fractures as well as brain injury in the attacks. the 18-year-old suspect was arrested two weeks later, the essence pleaded not guilty. the family was planning to hold an event to mark the one-year anniversary of the attack. the event will now be a memorial to their beloved grandmother. stomach a laptop robbery that turned into a murder investigation. to honor the man was killed while trying to get his stolen laptop back. two men sitting jail pays interest charges related to his death, live in oakland as part of a growing memorial for that
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fatal attack. >> here is the starbucks where the victim had been working. you will find the typical flowers, but you will also find these. hundreds of post-it notes. this display went up on thursday. we watched it grow all evening as people stopped by to leave messages for the young man who died. this is the first post-it that cited it all, a crying hard for the death of the young man. he is the engineer that died tuesday on his 24th birthday trying to retrieve the laptop stolen from him while at starbucks. these two men had been arrested for the crime. that one post-it multiplied a l
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somebody for a man she did not even know. >> express appreciation for each other and also sorrow. people are grieving. >> the greater of this public platform says her hope would that be at least one window would be filled. been so many hearts filled with sorrow, it blossomed into much more. >> what it has done is to really give the community a voice and opened a platform to say, i wish i met you. have a bit of healing, and something that they can express. >> reporter: as the community some of the graves, their messages speak loudly whether it be political or sympathetic. all in public display., monday, this mosaic of visitors will be taken down but will live on in a special way for the parents of this young man. >> someone has offered a
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professional scrapbook. all of this will be in leather bound for the family. >> reporter: tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. there will be a vigil here for jan. everyone in attendance is asked to wear a couple of purple because that was the color he was wearing the day he died. stomach all right, thank you so much, greg. removed the does not. the police department confirming an officer involved shooting this morning. it happened on the windy road at intersection of east capital west bay. a man was trying to use a letter to him night paper in the nozzle of a gust. he reportedly charged that officers would a metal bar. he had no idea there was a shooting in the area, he tried to get to work but please had the area blocked off. >> you don't really have anything much going on regularly. it's a regular neighborhood.
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boring. >> the man was shot was in the hospital. there are no updates. stomach have been late last night, officers say they were called to the market a little after 10:00. a suspect armed with a gun entered that store, forced the issue to her knees and demanded herself on and money from the register. a second employee had other suspect money who then took off with several hundred dollars. stomach fellow also police are hoping the public and help identify a robbery suspect. the man in this sketch robbed a woman on university avenue december 22nd just before 9:00 pm. the man was on his back when he approached the victim from behind and grabbed her purse. the victim actually held on and was dragged by the sea while she was screaming for help. this man is described as being in his mid-40s with a thin build. anyone with information is asked to call police. stomach still dealing with an apparent ransomware attack.
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the information that may be addressed later in sport, thrilling first date of wild card weekend. a patriot may have come to an end. semi keeping an eye on your weather. a little fog starting to creep in out there. we will talk about that and what your sunday looks like coming up, stomach a huge part of australia is engulfed in flames as weather conditions continue to prove difficult for wildfires i got details coming up. looking to get your business off to a fast start in the new year? it's go time! switch to comcast business and get fast internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network.
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stomach a plane was forced to return shortly after takeoff this afternoon. the deputy manager sfo says 747 plight struck a bird. it identity airport landing without incident. headed for taiwan before the incident occurred, there is no word yet on when those passengers will resume their fly to taiwan. stomach let's go to california now, one person is dead after a small plane crash at long before the freeway in santa clarita. the fire put department says that the aircraft went down around 10:00 this morning. the single and the plane caught fire and was deonounced dead on the passengers on board. stomach at least 23 people have now died and thousands forced to evacuate as well. reporter @has more.
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>> it is a very tough situation. we prompt everybody to follow the advice of they cover. >> reporter: one of the most catastrophic fire season in australia's history. record-breaking high temperatures and months of severe drought, covering a series of massive fires across the country. megan is not over yet been a lot. by any means. >> reporter: the ongoing hot, dry, and windy weather also making it difficult for firefighters battling the flames. larger than the size of the state of connecticut. huge smoke and smoke and ash are creating a red and orange haze through the sky that can be seen from miles away. at the bushfire continues to bring out of control, they continued to declare a state of emergency across the area. >> sat down and is that is third-quarter and. >> reporter: also urging people
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along just a lack of it. rescue operations are ongoing. the navy helping thousands get to safety. and has been an experience, that is for sure. but, i mean, i am so blessed that we still have a place to go. >> reporter: the buyer has destroyed more than 1000 homes. wildlife experts estimate around one hundred million animals have been killed. december could rise and the severe weather is expected to change anytime soon. >> i don't have family out there, but i do have friends, unfortunately. and i am worried for the lives. >> reporter: in vista view, australia, jeff hall, fox news. stomach hollywood is getting involved to help those affected by the wildfires. nicole kidman who is australia an american and are among the
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hollywood celebrities to donate to the organization. they pledged to donate half $1 million and encouraging others on their answer, towns to donate as well. all right, let's take a look at our weather tonight. it is about a degree or two cooler than it was dishonest today. live picture out there, i can see san francisco looking pretty nice at this hour. we are going to see some fog move in tonight. most likely number valleys, but do you know it can be just about anywhere. in oakland today, we have a 61 degrees. that might have felt a little cooler. 5 degrees above average. take a look at this. can you imagine the below overnight low in 1950s was 27 degrees. i cannot imagine that here in oakland. we should be at about 56, they were 59. it was a nice day out there for sure. taking a live look at outside
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right now, temperatures have fallen into the 40s and places like santa rosa. 52 currently in san francisco, oakland and 47. san jose coming in at 50. we are going to see some 40s and the map. in napa, it is a little bit better than it was 20 minutes ago, it is an indication that that fog is coming back tonight. we are starting to have some of that cloud role in. that is the tail end of a low pressure system to our north. we are not going to causes rain, but we will see a few clouds overnight. tomorrow, another nice day. yet another degree or two cooler as more cool air is ushered in. i will tell you more about your extended forecast. now, i will send it back to andre. amid an apparent ransomware attack on the contra costa county library system. yesterday, they were
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experiencing a network outage. some library services have been restored, but says it might take several days for all services to be fully operational. the libraries remain open and they can check and return material, but some online printing services are not working. library officials stress they do not believe any personal information of its patrons have been compromised. >> some drivers may experience delay on the bay bridge. planning on closing three lanes of the upper and lower decks. the lanes are expected to reopen again at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> smart has released daily ridership status showing a mixed review. numbers decreased, but weekday ridership has gone up my weekend numbers are down. the main independent journal
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reports smart general manager says the railway is young and that is limited to go they will continue to be transparent. critics of the railway question whether their tax dollars are being used well. there is no noticeable difference on highway 101 traffic congestion. one of the reasons smart was proposed was to give commuters an alternative to driving on 101. >> still to come, why the organization is losing its headquarters. was, how many right housing units san francisco is it expected to have. stomach a 13-year-old goes missing in san from the bay are where she was last seen, coming up.
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stomach was police are investigating the discovery of two fake explosives in southern california. you find in venice in west l.a. thursday night. nearby homes and sweets were evacuated several hours. the shelters site was not the target of the incident, but they would not elaborate. this comes as a groups of neighbors have a post- construction of homeless salters nearby weekly political show, the issue is. morning sun 2:00, starting at
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7:00. it will air until 10:00 am. stomach san francisco was still in a how they tried it. however, the chronicle reports there will be more than four dozen housing finished by the end of the year. people who work in the city should be able to afford to live there. last february, reduced redtape to additional dwelling units, confirming additional spaces into in low units or into apartments. stomach recreational center this morning. some of the cities and county agencies that were involved, including the sheriff's department, the comptroller's office, and sfo. >> there's a lot of different gang jobs that i'm also applying for and also doing looking for something where i don't have to have multiple
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jobs. >> job-training information is also included, for those interested in the next two job fairs i or january 18 at the hamilton durational center and january 25th at the county fair building. stomach the oakland nightclub means the organization is losing its headquarters. the new owner is changing into office space. for years, oakland pride the nonprofit puts on the annual pride parade and festival. they are deeply disappointed. to rent a similar space with double the organizations expenses. it will come back for its 11th anniversary in september. stomach alex, come home. we are all worried about you. >> a 25-year-old amazon employee was missing. coming up, the message from his
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friends and family as the search for him continues. stomach cities in the united states are getting ready as tensions rise with iran. the emergency that they are prepared for after the break. egg and your choice of sausage, jacks or now chicken,cracked are just 4 bucks. served all day, so they're not just for early birds. great cause i was out raging last night. (snores) get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can.
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we are continuing coverage of the fall right after the u.s. launched an airstrike that killed a top iran in general. there now ramping up security m protect people here in the u.s.
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>> reporter: national security sources are saying neurons events could come in the form of cyber attacks since the country does not have the ability to take on the military. cities across the country are changing counterterrorism deployment because of it cohere in your company set up patrol to high-risk areas and the governor deployed national guards to new york city airports . electric, gas, phone and water utilities to increase awareness in both cyber and physical facilities. city mayor bill de blasio says we will have to be vigilant against this trend for a long time to come. >> are dealing with a different reality. >> and set it last night. we are in this point a de facto state of war between united states and the state of iran. none of us know how this will play out. >> reporter: if iran is able to
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carry out a cyber attackers severity will depend on how long it will take to get the systems under attack back up and running. they are not just focusing on prevention, but also resources for quick recovery. in new york, heinrich, fox news. stomach sovereignty will change its training plan. was scheduled to train for three weeks in the american soccer camp starting tomorrow. the u.s. team will now practice this month in florida instead. the decision to relocate was made late. already flowing and are now flying back. a coverage of the airstrike in the yet rising tension in the middle east continues on, you will find all the latest developments right there on our homepage. stomach it remains unclear whether the center will have to take up impeachment. pelosi and senate democrats
10:32 pm
want to note that the money from four current and former white house officials will be allowed before the handover the articles to the senate. >> if we don't a commitment of front, that the house managers will be able to call witnesses as part of their case, the senate will act as little more than a nationally televised meeting of the mock trial. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell has not ruled out allowing witnesses to testify, however, essentially how a senate trial actually conducted. stomach 10:00 in asking for the public health defined this man who is at risk for jay baldwin was last seen on thursday, heading towards stone town mall in san francisco. he was reported missing by his roommate and caretaker as well. he suffers from an undiagnosed form of dementia and maybe unaware of his surroundings.
10:33 pm
anyone with information has to call the daly city police. stomach locating a limousine services go yesterday. the family a 13-year-old bin says she disappeared yesterday afternoon. they say they were last seen leaving the clinic at 1500 olin street. at the annual event information on, and a quarter said whereabouts to call them. stomach four days when a sacramento man went missing. his son would never disappear without any friends and family knowing where he was going. take a look. >> reporter: the search continues for alex holden, the 25-year-old man missing since the morning of years even >> and has been hard. we keep hoping every day that he comes home. he stated goes by makes it harder. we don't know why he is not
10:34 pm
coming home. >> reporter: alex's father flew into sacramento from australia to help in the third shepherd's son. >> we do know that he is not in the hospital, he is not in the jail. he is not deceased. nobody has been showing up. >> reporter: about a dozen friends and coworkers met here in midtown, saturday at about flyers and canvas the city looking for alex. >> we need to find out where he is. where he is, what happened. stomach a friend of alice's ahmad says >> he has done 100 times, this time, is worrying because he did not make it there. >> reporter: friends and family tells fox 4 he came home from a night out and has not been seems seen ever since. >> he is a really nice guy. he is super testing anywhere he goes.
10:35 pm
we are really helping somebody might have seen him or talked to him that night. he's the type to a conversation where ever he is at. >> reporter: he has green eyes and weighs about 190 pounds. he was last known to be weighing the template over in his photo and birkenstock sandals. >> we are trying to find somebody that will hold him at the video. we don't have any other leads stomach that commendably to actively working the case, they have not found anything suspicious at this time. his family and friends are still worried and say they have this message for him. >> if it's to alex, i say come home. we are worried about you. >> alex's girlfriend is the one who reported him missing to police and their parents. never showed up for the new year's eve plans. stomach using the county to better detect breast cancer. how google's artificial intelligence software can possibly help doctors determine
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trumpand total disaster.mplete let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows.
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and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. new technology is helping google the tech breast cancer diagnosis. mammograms failed to find the one in five breast cancers. especially talented to read some mammograms where the
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breast tissue is dense. now, google software engineer scott mckinney helped design a program that uses artificial inteidentified 9% more cancer i screening than doctors do. false positives by 6%. >> significant and more free time to consecrate concentrate on what we all went to medical school for which is to provide treatment >> hoping they become ubiquitous. >> is by the positive results the resources has also find instances in which doctors were able to identify the cancer while gloves algorithm did not. stomach all right i hope you have had yourself a lovely day today. it has been a nice day out there. a lot of sunshine. we had a few clouds. we thought a bit cooler air
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mass come in behind that friends. we are going to see some successive friends over the next couple of days and continue to give these temperatures eventually back to seasonable t here lately. 50 degrees in san francisco. we are already in the 40s here in oakland, about 47 degrees. 43 in santa rosa. we are going to see some 30s tonight. 43 and follow alto. 50 in san jose. getting a little chilly down there tonight, too. westerly flow coming in at about 60 miles per hour, other than that as we take a look around the bay, everybody else is relatively comparable some lands popping up in novato. these clouds have been rolling down into the north bay. that is because that is just the tale of a friend that is tracking through. and weak fr bringing showers up to northwest. for a, it's really just the bottom of the there were we have some clients. you look down here.
10:41 pm
that, of another low pressure system. this one also a week one. we are going to check our way as we go to words tuesday. might be a whole lot of action within except for a few guys in the north bay in the morning. the second one is a chance of bringing up a few sprinkles. we're tracking north to south. tomorrow, except for the north bay in the morning to have a few clouds left over, mostly sunny skies. plenty of sunshine as well as i get into the afternoon. the next system that comes through will be the one on tuesday. ahead of this front he could get a little bit of a shower. doesn't look like it's going to be a big rainmaker. anyway, it's going to be very similar to that order and should or any kind of activity that we had last night. tonight, we're going back to the 30s which is where we should be for many of our inland communities. easy those temperatures, 3745 degrees tonight. overnight fog and gradual a.m. clearing as we get into tomorrow. we see those studies up in the north bay over to east main places like concord and livermore and dan to the south
10:42 pm
may in oakland hill. 45 in san francisco is not too bad a bit cooler than last night. morning fog gives way to the afternoon, beautiful sunshine. 58 in the bay, about 60 inland. still above average, but about a degree or two color. that sunday system that does not make it down here. we got to tuesday, the system does not look very exciting either. we get the friday, that is our next shot at a little bit of rain. after that, when you look ahead further, it's really looking to be about that midmonth we can see in actual soaking rain that would be our next opportunity for that. so, i think you between now and then, we are not looking at any big rainmaker's, maybe just a few sprinkles as we get into tuesday. amateurs are going to be chilly they'll. to offer the next five days. again, back to where we kind of should be, still a couple of degrees about where we should
10:43 pm
be getting a little bit comfortable with all these warm weather. -upper 50s for most. it is pretty consistent. we get the limit cooler after that front through on tuesday. a lot of sunshine. sunday's going to be nice. monday is going to be beautiful. cloudy on you today, but again, against the ones you start to clear on wednesday. thursday is more sunshine. sunshine for everybody. >> thank you so much. >> that's at that for us. next with a thrilling thursday hail fog began, how it can be the end of an era for one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. we will have that coming up next. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott.
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