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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  January 5, 2020 7:00am-7:30am PST

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this morning we continue to follow the tension between u.s. and iran. president trump warning iran not to target american sites. this is rally against in the bair area and across the country. >> breaking news in san francisco, an early morning homicide, we will have our cruise there and bring you a live report. a vigil will be held in the neighborhood for the 30-year- old los is live trying to save his top doctor from being stolen. discussion about safety. coming up. good morning to you. welcome to morning sun to. happy sunday, good morning, everyone. we have rosemary. yesterday, we have having rain.
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this morning not so much. >> cold this morning with clear skies. yes. we have a fabulous afternoon coming our way we. here's the look at the golden gate bridge, the difference today makes. beautiful start there for you. although a chilly start in most areas done by several degrees. we are in the 30s for some of our in land location. 35 degrees, few degrees of freezing. yesterday in the 40s with that cloud cover. we have a beautiful look over san francisco this morning. san francisco starting at 40 degrees, out for parties in oakland, livermore above freezing, san jose coming in at 42. here's the look at your 24 hour change, 15 degrees by this morning in napa. how about these bay shore, 10 degrees cooler in san jose and livermore also 10 degrees cooler. as we get into the afternoon we go partly cloudy, mostly sunny especially for the central and south day. temperatures back into the
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upper piece to low 60s in the extended forecast, only minor changes coming in our way. looks like right about tuesday we will have a look at that in extended forecast coming up. we begin the sunny morning with some breaking news. san francisco police investigated a homicide in the tenderloin district. >> reporter: good morning. details are limited at this point. right now, we are on the corner of ferrell. we stopped by the way fairly active seen this morning. you can take a look at all the evidence markers on the corner right here. so, like i said details are limited at this point. here's what we know, the san francisco police department said this homicide happened just before 1:00 this morning. the homicide was reported at this corner. we do know any details about the suspect or the victim or how the victim died. we reached out for more information and we are waiting
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to hear back. right now, officers of art between alice and of ferrell blocked off. because this is a homicide investigation, this area will likely be like this for a while. if you have any blinds of being here this morning, it's best to avoid this area. back your life, you can take another look at the scene here. couple of things in the corner, there's an italian restaurant, bars in this area, we can see that this is heavily traveled area. this area been blocked off while the investigation is going on, it's best to avoid it if you can. you can see some of this crime scene investigators out here, some of them are taking pictures, taking notes, talking to each other about exactly what happened. questioning people as well. working on getting details on this developing story. for now, all we know is that there was a homicide reported san before 4:00 this morning ktvu fox 2 news. new this morning, 6 people are dead and 11 other was hurt
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after their a car plowed into a group of 4. nearly all the people killed, young germans were gathered toward their tour bus. the driver of the car was drunk and have been driving in a high- speed speed. this is not being investigated as an act of terrorism. new this morning, responsibility for attack on the u.s. canyon military base this morning, the extremist group with tyson al qaeda says it was behind the attack of comps even in kenya. kenya's militaries is at least 4 attackers were killed during the incident . there are no reports of any u.s. or canyon that. to smaller planes, helicopters and several vehicles were destroyed. time now 7:04. president trump addition a new round of drownings. am the americans or american
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assets that hits the administration is already targeted. 52 iran sites that will be hit cold very fast and very hard. high intentions have led hundreds of u.s. diplomats deployed for now-- deployed for north carolina yesterday. they will serve as reinforcements to the middle east following the killing of iranian general qasem soleimani . this morning, thousands of people turned out. people crowding the streets and sidewalks and moved to a shrine in mashhad. seller money was known as most powerful man in iran. he was the mastermind of the elite unit that handles iran military operation to iraq and syria. qasem soleimani him and his troops were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of american coalition servicemembers. the claim iran has denied.
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>> americans do not realize what a big mistake they have made. they will see the consequences of their mistakes not only today, but in the years to come. >> moralities to lace across the country protesting any further escalations. some even calling to withdraw all u.s. troops in the middle east. those rallies also the lace here in the bay area. in san francisco, hundred show up and marched through the embarcadero. leigh martinez explains. many demonstrators say they will not be there to defend qasem soleimani. >> reporter: at the corner of market hundreds of people stood to demonstrate against the u.s. decision to kill iran's major general qasem soleimani on thurayump called him a terrorist. he was plotting an imminent attack on american diplomat. protesters question that, they say they're not decemb
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the money, but challenged by the u.s. the middle east in the first place. >> my sun was killed in iraq in april 4, 2004. in award that i oppose at the time and a war that obama supposedly ended in 2009. of course, the people of iraq are so separated. it doesn't seem like there is a strike to the. you see that the politicians are trying to scramble for a reason. i heard that qasem soleimani was involved in 9/11, which was an act . >> similarity between president trump's attack on iran and former president w bush is called to invade iraq after 9/11. >> is the same thing all over again. i mean, 9/11 in the next between that and afghanistan is still, it's very questionable and i think we see the same
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error that we're revolving up. >> one of 70 happening in major cities across the u.s. on saturday. many of them are tired of endless war. >> i am fearful 40 current members of the militaries, who are carrying out the actions of war and defense contractors. within the prophet from a conflict like this. >> majority question the timing of the assassination of seller money. >> they locked the dog, trump can use a fake war to win a second term. hughes using this to divert attention. >> the demonstration turned into a mark down market street, with the final thoughts of protesters telling their biggest fear to come out of the u.s. attack. >> world war iii. they want the u.s. to dial back some of the regressive rhetoric and and the military occupation overseas. certain things in motion, they are not sure if this administration or one iran by democrat president will be able to roll things
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martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. our coverage of the airstrike in the middle east continues on you will find all the latest developments right there on our homepage. an 89-year-old woman who was brutally attacked in san francisco home almost one year ago has died from her injuries. sadly, family members said she died friday at a hospital. she was attacked on january 8, while she was going on her routine exercises at the vegetation valley playground across from her home. she suffered facial and skull fractures, as well as brain injury and that the. 18-year-old suspect was arrested two weeks later, he had since the not guilty to the attack. the family was planning told him an event for the one-year anniversary of the attack. the event will now be a memorial to their loved grandmother. happening today, there will be a memorial vigil for this 34-
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year-old region or after robbers took his laptop. he died after trying to get his lap top back. that prompted a community. the note seemed to cover the entire window and they now numbered in the thousands. tomorrow, out of those memorial notes will be taken down. a professional scrap book or has offered to combine them into a leather bound book for his family. the council member who represents him to hold a public safety meeting at the farmers market. that begins at 10:00. 7:10, no rain today, but you get the code. >> freezing for the inland this morning. we are going to have a nice afternoon under partly cloudy, mostly sunny, dry conditions. not even picking up on a whole lot of fun there. you do have a place to be this
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morning, those roadways are looking okay. giving you a view here at the satellite and radar with the radar has gone quiet. we will remain quiet at least for the next couple of days, our next chance for rain comes in on tuesday. we do have a system here over northern california, you can see this is going to slip in the areas over lake county and john on the north edge of sonoma county later today. like county could pick up a few showers. the women's are generally line there. come over bunkers, hayward, sfo, they are reporting a very light race about 3 miles per hour. livermore included in that as well. here's a look at future cast, how about into the noontime. notice over lake county, we've got mostly cloudy skies, we have a little bit of cloud cover possibility as the sky,. a little bit farther, that's it. central and southern portions of the bay area would remain mostly sunny, we will call for
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a mix of sun and clouds to the north bay. at least the first part of the afternoon. temperatures this morning, very chilly, 35 degrees for the north bay of santa rosa, east bay 34 in livermore, around the bait 40, 44 in victories, start your day in san francisco coming to the north bay, we have temperatures in the upper 30s, 44 degrees right now in novato. into the afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s we will have a look at those numbers plus the look the possibility of some rain in tuesday with our extended forecast coming up. parts of estrella continues stepping this morning. up to help the firefighters. 18-year-old ryan joseph was paralyzed after an accident and now he's walking again and going back to school. detail of his journey when we come back.
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and east bay high school student is said to return to school next week after he was paralyzed during a match two years ago. >> we spoke with him and his parents and has more on his remarkable recovery. >> 2020 is off to a great start for ryan joseph. he could now walk with the help of crutches on his home in walnut creek. almost 2 years ago, the teenager became paralyzed from
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the net down after an accident during a high school wrestling match. he needed the ng journey to rec these in part by his resilient spirit. >> it came together. it's tough to work out. >> until two weeks ago, the 18- year-old has been in colorado, where he seek treatment at greg hospital, which specializes in spinal cord injury. this video was taken in august when ryan took his first solo steps. >> for him to be walking now, it is pretty incredible. >> ryan in his breaded parents credited the support for helping them cope with challenges they say. >> everyone has their back this entire time. that makes me cry. that made a huge >> they are grateful for the donations from the community to
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help renovate the home to accommodate ryan. a work still on progress. >> every day gets better, you look up and two years have passed. it's hard to imagine. >> the key to take one step at a time, one day at the time. he can now walk for up to an hour each day. >> i'm really happy about how my family have handled this. you know, i think people can do a lot more than than they think they can. >> ryan plans to return to school for the first time to attend classes since his accident. he is scheduled to graduate on time in may. in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. that's remarkable. so good to see. taking those steps out, incredible. >> the family as well. it's a total team effort. it would be a big deal to back to school. >> best thoughts are with him.
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rosemary? how is our weekend going to wrap up today. >> if you're speaking out about getting out to have some breakfast, walk the dog, we do have are the cloudy, mostly clear skies, light winds, not a lot of fun to go around this morning. definitely cold, temperatures sinking into the 30s, some of our inland cities, we do have dry conditions expected for today, at least most of us. we get a very slight chance for a few scattered showers over the north day. here's the in the lake county and further north. here's the look at that storm, that is going to slip into the bay area right around noontime, 1:00, maybe a few sprinkles. our better chance for at least all of us get a scattered showers cut comes in on tuesday. there's the system and you as we get into the afternoon. it afternoon, centre basalt may, mostly clear, dry,
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perhaps a few sprinkles right along the coastline there. that's going to be about it. mondays and friday, we are now on the tuesday morning we start out mostly clear. as we get into the afternoon, things start to change. the cloud up to 4 by the evening hours you scattered showers in the forecast. doesn't really look like a storm , we have a very similar with that one as we were yesterday. the system came through, is a little bit of rain. that would be our next opportunity, but now it's the cold weather. 35 degrees for the winter east bay, 34 in livermore, around the bay 47 over oakland, 47 sfo, into our south bay 42 san jose. afternoon highs today up or 40s for the north day, 59 in nevada, in the san francisco 57 east bay, 58 in oakland, for 8 for the interstate in and you. out east for today 60 degrees san jose, 60 degrees this got a, extended forecast not much change. temperatures slightly warmer so
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far. afternoon highs on monday, cooler than tuesday. will notice to increase the cloud cover tuesday night. doesn't look like a big deal. our next chance after that looks to be the weekend. it looks to be weakening, we will see how it all plays out in the days ahead. >> all right, thank you. coming up at 7:30 on ktvu plus. troopers in united states are getting ready as tensions rise in iran. the conditions in australia are worsening and those deadly wildfires continue to rage across the country. we will update you coming up. when we were looking for a roommate,
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at 7:23. australia's raging bushfires ranging new zealand to the south. site skyline of oakland now showing an overall shade of orange. take a look at the clouds above the capital city and the other features of orange color off of the bushfires coming from neighboring australia. oakland is about 1200 miles southeast of estrella. the fires are being killed by record making high temperatures and months of severe drought. >> it's a very volatile situation, we ask everybody to follow the advice and.
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>> the fire have killed 24 people destroyed more than 5000 homes, burned through 13 million acres of land since september. >> hollywood is getting involved to help those 4 are affected by wild fire. actors nicole kidman had fled half $1 million to the volunteer firefighters. being and selena gomez, naomi watts and are also pledging to help. a coveted national wildlife. from a dozen city of fires. c2 shows a group of our front rescued from a fire zone area. professional volunteers include vets are helping take care of them. coming up next, yesterday thrilling day of wild card in the nfl. how tom run as the
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coming up. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott.
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college basketball scene very skills lose a heartbreaker stockton last night. it took 4 overtimes to figure it out. we jump to the third overtime were st. mary's alex lucas has p s cked at the buzzer keeping the score tied up at 91. st. mary's now schooled in the
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fourth overtime. 107-99 big ears fall to 13 to only their second loss. your and if and playoff continues with two more games today. today it's the nfc stern to play. get ready for some terrific football. yesterday, they give bills attention. years the play of the game, swallowed up in the pocket by two bills, but deserves up, for our 34 year your game. that set up the game from 28 yards blow 60 points. 22-19 texans will play next week. 23 in the postseason, not anymore. running back had a big day rushing for 180+ yards that was set up this one-yard lunch right at the middle, crunch time 15 seconds to go, passed down the point, last past the the patriot tested and pick for
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the touchdown ball game. tennessee head to baltimore's arm of the patriots go down in the wild card game. for teens to 30s. it is a busy day of wild car, the with them is 80s bins sports weekend. that followed by minnesota vikings, new orleans. julia and frank will have the news today at 6:00. join mark and so for our sports rep tonight at 11:30. you're also keeping an eye how this while card game in philadelphia, because the winner of that game could go on to play the 49ers in santa clara. that game off at 1:00. morning sun to is going to come to in just a few the tvu. football sonny's, for more news and weather beast sure to switch over ktvu plus. we will see over there.
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