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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 5, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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massive crowds gather around to mourn as the tensions between the u.s. and iran escalate. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 . good afternoon, everyone. i am frank somerville . >> and i am transferring them. >> today tens and thousands of people lined the streets of their runyan capital to pay their respects to qassem soleimani. >> government officials have said they will have harsher events.
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president donald trump is doubling down on thursday iran if they make good on those avenge of the killing of qassem soleimani. >> the iran nuclear deal has restricted is dissolved. here is more. >> reporter: new black/emerging sending the week of fridays drone strike that killed qassem soleimani. the u.s. iraq alliance tested as the members of parliament approved the resolution unsteady calling the expulsion of 250 u.s. troops on the ground . >> the iraqi government has the korean government is drying to basically take over iraq's political system. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of entering and officials
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say it will take harsher steps to retaliate over the killing. the secretary of state says the u.s. put is prepared. >> should the make the mistake of coming after an american interest, the response will be swift, decisive and costly. >> reporter: tens of thousands are in the city to get a glimpse of qassem soleimani during his funeral on sunday. the 10th situation mounts and they said they would no longer bind by the limit that prohibited them to have in atomic weapon. >> many democrats are questioning the president's actions and timing . one senate democrat said any further action requires congressional
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approval. i think we learn the hard way, in iraq and the iraq war that the administration sometimes manipulates and cherry pick intelligence to further their political goals. that is what got us into the iraq war. there are using it is happy now? they have the obligation to present the evidence. >> everyone knows that qassem soleimani is a bad, despicable guy. there is no debate there. but the claim of imminent threat, they have not this supported. >> the presidential hopeful, elizabeth warren accused the president that he is drying to distract people from the impeachment hearings. >> hundreds of people remember an oakland man today. he was chasing thieves after having his laptop stolen. >> shuo zeng died on his
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birthday . he attempted to retrieve his computer that was filled with his life's work. here is a report. >> reporter: community outreach and several people including family shared stories of him and each story was getting a got check for many in attendance. that illustrated his impact of his loss. hundreds of people gathered outside the montclair starbucks to grieve the loss of shuo zeng was tragically killed fighting back during a robbery.'s payment in every generation, we have a one child policy. event last tuesday was his
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birthday berkeley spent the day working on his laptop at the starbucks when a man grabbed his laptop. he ran after the thief and was dragged out with the getaway car. he died. see my coming of us would have done the same thing? the fact that he stood up for himself. i am so deeply sorry that he paid the ultimate price for that. emac he graduated from kansas state. >> how many people here asked how is your country, how is your family and how are your kids? this was shuo zeng. he was an amazing human being. >> reporter: missed opportunities to tell him how he felt. but i never got to tell you this, because we do not see this to friends. we do not just go up to them and say hey, i really respect what you have done. i am very impressed. >> reporter: friends. about his interest of photography.
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>> he was a generous person, he is ready to help other people. >> my wife bart a brooke from him and she never got to return it to him. >> reporter: his parents flew into oakland from china and did not attend the memorial. >> the flight is so long. i cannot imagine what they were thinking of during the flight and when they heard the news. >> no parent can take the losing of a child. i feel so sorry for them. as a parent, i feel sort of responsible for the fact that he deserved the very best in the united states ely, he got t. >> the day after he died, police arrested two men. they
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are being charged with shuo zeng's murder . this is a very emotional moment other. >> it is so touching to see those messages . an oakland city councilmember held a safety meeting in montclair in response to the death. they address concerns and pushed for changes and says oakland should prioritize resources to attack the community and stop crimes before they happen. one change, she is asking for walking police officers and will allow the public to see a consistent police presence. smith there was a police
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officer in front of the starbucks and right after he left, the incident occurred. that attests to as not having enough police resources. 's beam and the councilmember says she will introduce the policy when the counselor reconvenes on january 15. a 10-year-old boy from sam's is cause recovering from a back injury tonight after a member of the ski team plowed into him on a ski run last week. the father of the boy said two members of the ski team were racing on tuesday morning on an advanced run. the 30-year-old member lost control and collided with his son. son broke two vertebrae. his son will have to wear a back brace and will potentially have life long back issues. squaw valley released a statement, after an investigation, hours ski patrollers says the collision was not caused by reckless skiing, rather was an
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unfortunate example of the inherent risk that all skiers and riders take when they approach any ski slope. 's arms as homicide detectives are searching for clues after a woman was found fatally shot in the tenderloin neighborhood. they have not released the victim's name. our reporter spoke with a man and said she was his partner and mother of his infant daughter. >> reporter: erik jenkins set in tears. >> we have a for enough month baby girl. >> reporter: the sample baby police department said that the woman was killed in the tenderloin district.items.
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jenkins was comforted by s mforted by friends and his only hope is to have the services go policewomen to find into this. anyone with information is asked to contact the san francisco police department. in san jose, police responded to a 24 hour fitness after criminal threats were made at the gym. it happened about 8:45 am at the street from all. someone from the gym called police seeing a man threatened to shoot someone inside the business. when police arrived, the suspect had already left the and say there was ot have a no gun found at the scene. a car nearly crashed into a mcdonald's restaurant this morning in san jose. pharmacy the car jumped the curb and crashed into a traffic signal box along santa clara and reese street. fire officials said the pictures at the scene.
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authorities say the driver left the scene before emergency crews arrived. no word on what caused the driver to lose control of the car. stomachache search was held in the east bay for an oakland man was not been seen in eight months. searchers stay safe spent the day in san leandro, hayward to find clues in the disappearance of this man. he left his home in the fruitville district on may 3rd and was headed for a soccer tournament.'s car was found on the san mateo bridge and the next day. police say they searched in san leandro and the surrounding cities because that is where the missing man was last seen. they are also passing for the public to help find them. >> for something like this to happen, it is tragic . it is a nightmare. if anyone has information, just anything, it would be great help.
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smith last week, the man's family increase the reward to $10,000. if you have information about this missing man, your urge to call oakland police. still to come, the defense department has confirmed an attack in the u.s. base in kenya that left three americans said. coming up, details on a massive pile up on a pennsylvania highway that left five people dead and dozens hurt. what officials say led up to the crash. many folks going back to work this week, what can you expect and tomorrow morning, frost back is in the forecast. ♪♪ next time i'll go to jack,n at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the
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the last day to enroll is january 31st. ♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ 25,000 people took to the streets of new york city today to come back hate. participants gathered in lower manhattan and lowered gary designs as they walked across the brooklyn bridge. it was response in the attacks of jewish people. five people were stabbed in an incident in the attack happened at the home of the rabbi during a hanukkah celebration. new york's jewish community organize the march called no heat, no fear. a number of officials and took
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part in the march. a u.s. serviceman was killed along with two defense contractors on an attack in the u.s. base in kenya. an extremist group they were behind the attack on campus simba. the military says at least four attackers were killed. the attack comes one week after a truck bomb killed people in somalia. five people were killed and dozens injured on an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. it started when a tour bus that was traveling downhill struck an embankment and cause a chain reaction. officials say 60 people were hospitalized with unknown injuries. after the crash, that is about 30 miles east of pittsburgh.
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they dispatched a team to figure out what happened in the moments leading to the crash. investigators say they will look to see if weather played a role. >> the road conditions seem to be fine, we treated with maintenance crews and they are here 24 seven to treat the roadways. we did not have any indication that the roadways were anything but treated. pennsylvania's governor is praising first responders for their effort, they said they prevented more people to be killed in this accident. 20 firefighters from southern california are among dozens among fire crews heading to australia this week to help battle the massive and deadly wildflowers in a desolate the deputy stated the country. lower temperatures and light green in the country are helping crews with the firefight . the death toll rising to 24 as the devastation bush fire
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continued to burn industrially. this is one of many areas impacted by the flames. firefighters working around the clock to dry to contain any of the fires and save as many lives and homes. so far, more than 12 million acres have burned since the bushfires darted in september. the 2000 homes were destroyed and fires impacting wildlife. half 1 billion animals have been killed and thousands and thousands have evacuated and some are facing the tough reality that if they do not go, they might not be able to get out. >> it is pretty scary, it is something like a horror movie. i have never seen anything like this. it is really scary. >> reporter: a bit of relief as the weather takes a turn. temperatures have cooled off significantly and there is rain in the forecast. here in south mills, the shift in weather has helped firefighters gain the upper hand
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and many are still burning and not contain. fire officials were in the latest weather will not be enough to distinguish the massive threat from the ongoing bushfires. we are also learning that help is on its way from the united states. a group of firefighters from southern california were heading to australia to help in any way they can. the trial for the man accused of fatally stabbing an 8-year-old woman at a bart station is set to begin tomorrow. this man is charged with the murder and attempted murder of stabbing a woman and an attack on her sister in july of 2018. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. but after three psychological evaluations found him he is mentally competent to stand trial. he filed a motion requesting a change in venue. that issue will be taken up tomorrow. in the air, jury selection is beginning tomorrow in a
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criminal trial of harvey weinstein. he is facing a [ bleep ] allegation and forcible sex charges from 2006 until 2013 with two different women. he is 67 years old and pleaded not guilty. his attorney says he plans to aggressively cross-examine the accusers. jury selection is expected to be tricky process as weinstein has faced numerous us all claims . the former concord naval weapons station is at a standstill. the speed times says the contra costa building trades council have not been able to come to an agreement. labor representatives use a certain amount of union
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members. that would make the project unaffordable. tomorrow, the council is expected to make a decision on the issue that could force a deal. what a beautiful day today. >> the last couple of days have been nice. it will be cold tonight. we lose the wind , less wind, clear skies and frosty conditions. we will see temperatures in near freezing and frosts forming. it will be a cold one. tomorrow will not be a bad day. we get into a bit of a weather as we go towards the middle part of the week. both of these systems are drive- by weather systems. they are not real powerful. you see rain in portland and eureka. you see showers on the coast and for us, it is drive. there is a bit of cloud cover on the heels above pacifica, it should go a way. no fog rrow, except patchy
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valley fogs. the weather headlines will be cool and overnight lows. lots of kids go back to school and we go back to work. it will be chilly. current temperatures, 3 degrees cooler in napa, 5 degrees weather in santa rosa. as you go outside, you can see folks driving around getting back into the swing of things. 33 in santa rosa, 33 in fairfield. cool tomorrow morning, patchy valley fall, you wake up, there
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are a few clouds. mostly sunny throughout the day tomorrow. san francisco is 57 degrees. the sky looks like this in oakland, san rafael and san jose. this is another model showing the fog in the central valley. no fog for us. tomorrow afternoon, not bad. on tuesday morning, this is the chance for a drive by. tuesday morning dry, afternoon is dry. this is nothing. a chance of rain. on wednesday morning, eclairs out. thursday and friday, you will see that in the five-day forecast, there is a slight chance for something as we get into friday. not enough to change plans. no major weather steering is done. some incredible games on this wildcard weekend as the 49ers learn who they will play next week in. how the minnesota vikings have played the saints today. [ electrical buzzing ]
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can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the wildcard weekend is here. >> the football is close and it was that we again today.
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the 49ers now know there playoff marching order and the minnesota vikings are not the team expected to come to the device see them. today's game lead norlin scenes and the first cousins led vikings seemed like a mismatch. the scenes had a tense -6 lead. not for long. minnesota led 13-10 at the half and added on. late in the third quarter, it is cooked again fighting. the vikings had a 20-10 lead. the folks were stunned. they made a move in the fourth quarter. the scenes tied it with a field goal in the final seconds. the vikings won the toss and the scenes never saw the ball. minnesota 175 yards. down at the to and he got seven passes
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and a third and cool. rudolph and called for pushing off and there was contact, no call. vikings win 26-20. and the scenes descartes rick. minnesota set to come to levi stadium next saturday in a 130 program start. 40-year-old was a stand-in. he was hanging on for a half 3- 3. the hawks of the half. 10-6 in the fourth quarter. seattle connected and will send an medcalf holds it in and scrambles into the end zone. the seahawks win 17-9 in the
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get the play on lambeau field a week from today. one of the coldest fields was at lambeau field. >> they have been such a great team and there has been so much great talk about that. medcalf being a student of the game and really learning with russell wilson. >> he was way down the list and no one could figure out why. he figured out how to play in the nfl and he is making it. >> the he is the ninth wide receiver. >> we must of been on watching the same thing. we will see later. >> have a great night. >> good night.
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clarify something for me. isn't the point of a communal meal the exchange of ideas and opinions? an opportunity to consider important issues of the day? it is. you just kind of put a damper on things when you said, "the next person i see talking with food in their mouth will be put to death." well, we could argue about who said what all night long, but to set things back on course, i will propose a new topic of conversation. (koothrappali and wolowitz groan) great. what is the best number? by the way, there's only one correct answer. 5,318,008? wrong. the best number is 73. you're probably wondering why.


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