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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 6, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the middle east. how congressional democrats are now trying to put a check on the person's abilities to strike overseas. stomach a man was killed on a laptop theft. what we are learning about the case as two suspects appear in court. stomach despite the numbers, oakland is actually getting safer. the news at noon is next. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. but good afternoon. >> tensions are still rising between democrats and the trump administration between the president's decision to order an airstrike that killed an iranian general. >> calling on the president to declassify the reasoning for last week's airstrike. they killed the general qassem soleimani. meanwhile, in charon, warner max line the streets. seen among the mourners,
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weeping among the caskets and soleimani under the attack. vowed to take revenge in the u.s. president donald trump says the u.s. will strike back if iran reacts. >> we will take responses that are appropriate commiserate with actions that threaten american lives. >> world powers responded to killings which could bring iran closer to building an atomic bomb. this morning, president trump tweeted iran will never have a nuclear weapon. in iraq, members of the parliament call for the removal of all u.s. troops on iraqi soil. >> the resolution by the iraqi permit is nonbinding. don't expect the u.s. to silently backup and leave a security vacuum there. getting iran's influence out of
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iraq. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says she plans to introduce a resolution this week to limit the president's military actions regarding iraq. stomach a potential fallout on the story between the u.s. and iran, some of whom are actually buying up gold. trading of more than $1500. not a lot of moving right now. the dow jones did come out and give a somewhat negative. nasdaq s&p, 500 are. >> happening today, two men accused in the soft that claimed the life of an oakland man. the charges the man faces off of the victim of that robbery died trying to save his laptop. >> they're the hearing was supposed to start at 9:00 this morning, but it was delayed. it ended tragically with this 34-year-old man died after he tried to get his stolen computer up. now the house as notches the
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robbery charges, but they are also charged with the victim's death. is 34-year-old oakland man was the victim. last tuesday was his birthday. he spent the day working on his laptop and montclare and martin boulevard when one of the suspects grabbed it. it was dragged by the getaway car. he subverts he suffered severe head trauma and died a few feet away from the starbucks. >> she says she empathizes with the victims family but she believes her nephew is innocent. >> my heart goes out with a family of the victim. i know i can't even imagine what they are going to. i don't know what happened, and my understanding, he wasn't there i met some. he was at home. that is what i'm going to stand on. on her words, not to support my
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family. >> reporter: a research scientist who lived in oakland and worked for several years after immigrated to the u.s. from china and graduating from kansas state. this was nothing yesterday when hundreds of people turned out for a community 2 remember his life. >> you do not grow up here. he deserved the very best of the united states, unfortunately, he got the worst go >> among the crowd were some of zhang's longtime friends but also a lot of people who do not know him but felt moved by his death. people wrote their condolences and expressed their disbelief about what happened. there are also photos, candles, baskets full of flowers outside i coffee shop. a colleague is in the courthouse right now waiting for the moment to begin. as soon as what we know what
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happens in court, we will update the story online. levin in his room, allie. ktvu fox 2 news. thank you for that. in 2019, we know there were about 400 more cases of violent crimes in oakland than the year before. that's an increase of 7%. their worst 74 more homicides, seven more than the year before. despite the increases, oakland is getting safer. >>, while it is unacceptable to see an increase in crime, we do want to recognize that over all, we are seeing the longest sustained period of a homicide under 19 and only the third period of fewer of 7000 total violent crimes in six consecutive years. >> the mayor and police chief also working with the city he department of violent prevention to help reduce
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violent crimes. tomorrow morning, the mayor joins us: the senior. we will be talking more by these numbers. $1 million towards the recovery efforts in australia. as they continue to fight unprecedented efforts that had killed at least a dozen people. >> reporter: fire crews here in southeast australia are still working to get a handle on the series of bushfires that have killed more than two dozen. burning through the area more than twice the size of maryland. cooler temperatures and rain brought relief to some areas allowing residents to return to hard-hit towns have to be evacuated over the weekend. >> we have never seen a bushfire like this before, not since we have been here. >> what has happened is devastating. >> reporter: a state of emergency remains in effect in new south wales where more than 100 fires are still burning. australia ms. harry is now
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trying to get food and supplies to communities isolated by the fire. they are also sending and wildlife experts to help deal with thousands of animals that have been hurt. australia's prime minister have been criticized for what some have been calling and inadequate response to the wildfire. an additional one point billion dollars for the recovery effort, saying the government is willing to spend whatever it takes to get the country back to its feet. >> we made this commitment to all australians that we will be there for you during this immediate response, and we will be there for the rebuilding and the recovery. >> the prime minister says the funds will go towards rebuilding tacit infrastructures once the fire is contained. jeff paul, ktvu fox 2 news. australia continues to request international air the. australia and new zealand sent
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firefighters right here to northern california back in 2018. stomach new at noon today, sending millions of dollars to the not made to hop in the rebuilding efforts from the devastating wildfires. u.s. commerce department announced that the community college district received $7 million that will be used build the construction. data center is a junior college campus in petaluma. >> the skilled workforce that will result will be offered absolutely critical to advising rebuilding efforts. mega facility is expected to increase the number of skilled workers for construction which should help reduce the cost of rebuilding the fire damaged area. >> we are now hearing about a new potential problem for the boeing 737 max jets. linked with the two crashes that killed 346 people found a
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new problem with the jets warning. boeing is reportedly looking into whether the two bundles of a wiring are too close together and could cause a short- circuit. they have been grounded since last march. regulators have said they could be approved by spring. even if it needs to fix the wiring issue, that timetable could still hold. >> an 89-year-old grandmother who survived a terrible attack in san francisco has died. how the family is remembering her and it charges the suspect is facing in this case. the pain has gone down for one. but it still hurts a significant amount. >> a 10-year-old boy injured in a skiing accident, why has is upset about how the valleys had lengthy situation. >> as at our doors, beautiful blue skies and pleasant weather in store for your bay area monday.
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i will have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the day and that next chance of rain moving in, coming up.
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summit in san francisco man says he he has frustrated and upset with the resort about how they are handling the incident with his son. >> a young skier crashed into his set. we have more than what happened because >> the pain has gone down from one. incident happened, but is still hurts a significant amount. >> reporter: this 10-year-old has been a back brace for more than a week following the skiing accident. here he is in wyoming last december. on christmas eve, nolan and his dad were ski together, making a turn to head in a different direction. when two young skier's came up from behind and one struck nolan. >> the actual boy rammed right
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into him, at high-speed. >> i was screaming out. i couldn't even come out. >> reporter: and mri shows fracture disruption to bone marrow according to his parents. the permanent implications is that he is going to have lost of height. >> reporter: the 14-year-old who hit nolan admits going fast. a ski patrol eyewitness reported the same. yet in a statement, squaw valley says, we concluded the scotian was not cost by a reckless scheme but rather as unfortunate and sample that all skiers writers take on when they approach a slope. >> they had to have a safety talk to watch a safety video and had a season pass suspended
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for a week. at a minimum, the suspensions should have been the entire season. >> to send a proper message to the community that safety is a priority at squaw, that is not the message being sent. >> no other place basketball competitively and will miss at least the entire year. he hopes kids learn a lesson about what happened to him. >> they should be more conscious of skiing recklessly, skiing to fast. summit let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary. what is the sunshine like there ? >> dry weather is going to be a pretty one. it already is outdoors. temperatures are climbing this afternoon. by tomorrow, things will start to change. by tomorrow night, rain
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expected in the forecast. here is a look at san francisco. san francisco in the 50s. sfo, downtown san francisco, 55 in santa rosa. oakland 56. livermore. and jose. we are a few degrees cooler in some areas, a few degrees warmer is in some others. in the second part of your day, we will have that light wins out there. hayward, eight miles per hour. conover 47. coming in from the north. we do have the mostly clear skies, a lot of sunshine out there. that will change getting into the next 24 hours or so. by tomorrow, an increase in cloud cover.
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a chance for an looks like it's going to come late in the evening. here's a look at what we can expect for today. not much change. there is a look at the 5:00 this afternoon. tomorrow morning, going to be a mostly clear chilly start today once again. here's tuesday morning where he can see we start out with clear skies. by the afternoon, thanks start to change up. here is a view of the evening commute, perhaps the dinner hour were we to have mostly cloudy conditions, but we're still dry. you're not expecting it to hit and separate evening arrived. wednesday morning, we try out, but we're not done completely. by thursday, we could get another shot of some rain by thursday morning. melbeta doesn't look like a whole lot. the futurecast model will show you, we may pick up a quarter inch or so. may be a half inch, the farther nurse you go. you will continue to check in for you there, but the next couple days looks to be fairly week. temperatures again, nice and mild out there. 56 over areas of the in the east bay. your for your day after nick upper 50s and the bottom, 57
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for san francisco. upper 50s and conquered and to south bay. a few degrees warmer expected between now and in is there. 59 four san jose. 60 degrees expected los gatos. extended forecast, temperatures will not be changing a whole lot. the overnight lows a chilly one as we get into the afternoon, 50s and the forecast, mid upper 50s. into the weekend to tuesday night and wednesday, that one opportunity for scattered showers and then, thursday morning, we will get another shot. friday and into the weekend looks partly cloudy and dry with temperatures remaining the upper 50s. back to you. rosemary, thank you. bay area communities explained they spend a lot of time waiting for buses that never come. dozens of job openings for bus drivers. it their piety is money from taxes from uber and lyft. struggling to get drivers who can often get higher pay
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working for shuttles. why it has so many people on edge.
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a strong earthquake workup some people in puerto rico. 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck philo 30 this morning in the cream in the just south of puerto rico. 5.1 aftershock just a few hours later. can see from this video here, there was damage to several homes and many were knocked off their foundation. the rocks actually fell into the roadways in southern parts of puerto rico. today was the strongest today. investigators in pennsylvania are looking into whether the slip roads were the cause of a major crash that killed five people and injured dozens more. it all started when nature bass tour bus hit him back minute,
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at least 60 people were hospitalized after this crash some 30 miles east of pittsburgh. they're trying to figure out what happened in the moment meeting of to the crash. >> the conditions seemed to be fine with that area, we treat all night long with our maintenance crew, we are here 24/7. we did not have any indication that the roadways were anything but treated. >> pennsylvania governor praising first responders further efforts. in new york are thousands of demonstrators staged a solitary. >> no hits. no fear. that is the main message of a march held in new york on sunday. nearly 25,000 people made their way across the brooklyn bridge in solidarity against anti- semitism. we wanted the jewish people to be louder proud of who we are
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and that we are not afraid of all of this hey going on the city and around the world because >> and is in response to a series of hate crimes targeting the jewish community in the region. marchers came from near and far to join the fight, including those from other religions. >> although i am not jewish, i am completely concerned about the outbreak of violence and hatred that you see in today's america. >> this guarded attention from communities across the globe. we stand with the many thousands of our brothers, sisters, and friends in nyc marching against the rising anti-semitism. we will not wager in the battle against anti-semitism and hated. >> reporter: promising change in the wake of the attacks. >> i am going to propose a new law for the state of new york that is called this hate what it is.
12:25 pm
this is domestic terrorism. these are terrorists and they should be punished as such. >> reporter: in new york, bob roselli, fox news. >> we are now learning how many people have taken their own lives since the death with dignity: spatter in california. the law was passed through the end of 2018, 1100 and prescriptions have been written for illegal medication. 807 people took the medication ending their lives. allows terminally ill adults to get in and mr. life ending drugs. >> a teenager is back in school. the latest and escalating tensions in the middle east, following a deadly attack on and iranian general. i am lauren blanchard in washington and how
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congressional democrats are now trying to put a check in the president's abilities to strike overseas. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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in iran today, tens of thousands of iranians turned out for the funeral of and iranian general who was killed in the u.s. airstrike last week. >> weighing in on the president's and to carry out the attack. lauren blanchard reports. >> reporter: centers bob menendez and democratic leader chuck schumer sending a letter to president donald trump demanded he declassify the notification to congress required by the war powers. why the president ordered the deadly strike on iran general qassem soleimani. it is critical that national security matters of such import be shared with the american people in a timely manner.
12:30 pm
>> he was on solid ground constitutionally, legally, strategically. they know that congress will be briefed. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi sending a letter to her fellow democrats, writing because the initiation that the strike without consulting congress, this week, the house will introduce and vote on the war powers resolution to limit the presidents military actions regarding iran. in toronto this funeral procession for soleimani drawing millions according to local police. soleimani's daughter and his replacement prompted to take revenge for his death. they will no longer abide by the remaining limits of the 2015 nuclear deal. they are calling for all american troops to leave the country. president trump has threatened retaliatory sanctions on iraq if they force the u.s. out. >> meanwhile, the u.s.
12:31 pm
ambassador announced he would step down as tensions in the area continue to bubble over. they department says the departure was plan. lauren blanchard, john for. eye top story following this afternoon, the two men accused in the laptop theft are scheduled to face the judge. that hearing was scheduled medical this morning but it was delayed. the crime began with the theft of that laptop and ended with a 34-year-old man dead after he tried to get that computer back. beside robbery charges, they face a murder charge and an involuntary manslaughter charge. we will have an update today on the floor. last year, there was about 400 more cases of violent crime in oakland compared to 2018. that is an increase of 7%. there were 74 homicides last year where is seven more than 2018.
12:32 pm
auto burglaries. stomach marijuana grow building in the west oakland. suspected burglars are holed up inside. a tactical team along with a bearcat armor vehicle and a negotiator at all at the scene. they received a report of the people inside the building taking things out. they believe the others in the building are also armed, several streets in the area are blocked off it is expected to be that way for several hours. new at noon, the trial been delayed for a man accused of killing an 18-year-old woman and seriously injuring her sister. it is just morning postponed the morning trial until next monday. the judge also scheduled a hearing for january 2000 file bakehouse attorney asking that the child will be moved out of alameda county because she did not think he could get a fair
12:33 pm
trial. they pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in november to the 2018 stabbing death of mia wilson and the attempted murder of her sister. the found him competent to stand trial after three psychological examinations. four the severe beating of an 89-year-old grandmother appeared in court today. 19-year-old face is more than 20 charges, the victim died from her injuries last friday. be held in jail without bail. they had been planning an event to mark one year since she was attacked near her home, now that planned event will become a memorial honoring her life. her family members say after she fought for months to keep living, she began to fade in october. >> she would transition very soon. it was timely. >> reporter: said sharing one of the last photos of her 89- year-old grandmother to get
12:34 pm
outside the hospital in san francisco last friday. to celebrate her life and to say goodbye. >> we were not ready. we tried to let go, of course, but i think now she is in a better place. >> reporter: she died friday nearly one year after she was brutally beaten and visitation about the playground across from her home. back in january 8th last year she was at the park during her routine exercise. police say they man tried to break into her home, the two did not know each other. the victims daughter spoke chinese and through a translator told us about her injuries. >> translator: when she was brutally attacked, her eyes were blinded, her ribs broken, her arms shattered. she is still trying to live courageously. it took her one year.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: the family showed pictures of long back in april able to eat and stand. however, she spent most of the year bedridden in and out of hospitals and rehab centers. >> she survived for almost a year. this is really a miracle. some seniors say they are afraid to use the park, no longer a refuge but a place of fear. they want more security cameras, police patrols and resources for limited english speakers. a memorial and vigil will be held in the park monday morning were community members with two exercises just as she did, a way to reclaim her space. >> translator: my mom is a great man mom because she has set an example for people not to give up on life. stomach searching for clues
12:36 pm
after the mother was found shot and killed over the weekend. this happened in larkin o'farrell. right there in tenderloin. the victim was 32-year-old emma hunter. shall is behind a 4 1/2 old baby daughter. >> she was fantastic. >> police have not released any details about this shooting. if you have any information about the case, you are asked to call the san francisco police department. new at noon, prosecutors say harvey weinstein has been indicted on new sexual assault cases just as a trial of a separate case is on their way. weinstein has been charged with work raping one woman . the series of elections begins tomorrow for his rape and as a child and you work laura ingle has more on the case. >> a new chapter in the me too era begins. one day before jury selection
12:37 pm
begins in his criminal trial. stemming from accusations from two women. one his wise and her in manhattan in 2018 and another who claims he performed a forcible sex act on her. the charges will be challenged in court. >> any sexual assault case normally, you want as a prosecutor, they want the dna. the ones of the firm. these are really old allegations. the defense is going to go after that. >> reporter: in your emails, weinstein says, quote i am expecting the truth to be told and the facts to be fully explored. this despite more than 80 women coming forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the disgraced hollywood producer. >> i tried to those testifying cover standing. not just for themselves, but
12:38 pm
for all of us will never have even one day in court. many have seen this trial as critical to brain change to culture and hollywood in the workplace. but am very happy that now mr. weinstein is going to have to confront the evidence against him and the witnesses. we will see what his defense are. weinstein could face life in prison if convicted, he has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. in york, laura ingle, ktvu fox 2 news . >> katv use amberley spoke with him and his parents and has more on his recovery. >> it is awesome to be home. stomach 2020 is off to a great start for ryan. he can now walk with help of crutches at his home. almost 2 years ago, the teenager became paralyzed from the neck down after an accident during a high school wrestling
12:39 pm
match he needed the help of a ventilator to breathe. the long journey eased in part by his resilient spirit. >> everything kind of came together. stuff doesn't usually work out for me, so. >> reporter: he received treatment at craig hospital which specializes in spinal cord injuries. ryan took his first solo steps. >> for him to be walking now is pretty incredible. >> reporter: ryan and his parents credit a great medical team and support for friends and strangers for helping them cope for the challenges they faced. >> everyone had our back this entire time. that makes me cry. that has made a huge difference. >> reporter: the family says they are grateful for the donations from the community to
12:40 pm
help renovate their home to accommodate ryan, a work still in progress. >> everything gets better. it's hard to imagine. >> reporter: ryan tells me the keys to take one step at a time one day at a time. he can now walk for up to an hour each day. >> i have been really happy with how my family and i handled this. people can do a lot more than they think they can. >> on tuesday, ryan plans to return to high school for the first time to attend classes since his accident. he is scheduled to graduate on time in may. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news a lot of us have done it. when you feel sick, you decide to go online. the warning doctors have for one generation who really rely more on the advice of google. >> outside our doors this afternoon, a pretty one. we've got temperatures in the 50s.
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what you can expect for today, our next transfer some rain, and a look into the extended forecast for your weekend, coming up. a lot of people need to replace their windows or patio doors.
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new at noon, president trump, former national security advisor john bolden says he is willing to testify is an impeachment trial if he is subpoenaed. bolden initially said he will not testify before the house intelligence committee unless the judge ordered him to do so. but saints his mind after the has impeached donald trump. >> he is endorsing elizabeth warren in the race for the white house. this comes after julian castro ended his own bid. elizabeth and i share a vision of america where everyone counts. the people, not the wealthy are well-connected.
12:45 pm
part of a three-way tie in the state of iowa. sanders, joe biden and pete the judge are all falling at 23% in iowa. elizabeth warren with 16% and amy klobuchar with 7%. those five candidates also happen to be the only candidates who have qualified for the next debate. the threshold achieved 7% support and have at least a 5% support in the national will. the next debate is one week from tomorrow in des moines head of iowa caucus. stomach separating into two denominations. this following anger at the churches decision to. in order for the separation to become official, united methodist church will need to pass a separation proposal during the worldwide conference in maine. were and how some congregations are now conducting protest services.
12:46 pm
>> reporter: mosaic united methodist church says it will welcome whoever wants to worship there. that is why pastors scott says he does not agree to the changes to the policy of same- sex marriage. >> the churches have really become harsher on january the first. across united states, many churches today are marking up a having the services. >> reporter: the gluttony i said methodist church now face tougher penalties if they perform same-sex marriage. he believes this concurrent discourage some people from coming to the church. >> we believe that people who are openlyor maybe even and relationships should openly be >> reporter: she supports rules that will come everyone in the community. macaroni as part of the leadership. part of the family, the community will continue doing
12:47 pm
that. she wants to take a stand for the churches that are not as accepting of same-sex couples. >> we all are saying no more. we will have no more discrimination. we will not stanford is anymore. >> reporter: he could see some methodist churches breaking away. >> a split has been coming. we are closer to ever to a split. whether that happens or not, i do not know. people are actually working to possibly make that happen. back to the area where the sun is a long. it is a beautiful day out there. guy blue skies, dry weather. temperatures in the 50s and climbing a few more degrees by the end of the day. we can have rain in the forecast, thankfully because take a look at some of the numbers we have received since october, we are still just about 50% of average of areas of oakland. santa rosa now, 91% of average, but santa rosa was about 100%. we need the rain to keep
12:48 pm
coming. the next couple of systems were fairly week. the radar is very quiet today. if we shifted an article you can see areas to the pacific northwest picking up on some rain. for us, it's going to take until tomorrow night. for today, we will go mostly sunny, mostly dry. we will go seasonably warmer mild at this time of year. we do have a change is coming our way, not so much when it comes to temperatures, but increase in cloud cover will come tomorrow and by the evening hours, scattered showers a possibility. notice all that blue sky or clear sky out there. as we get into tomorrow morning, we continue with the clear skies, which means tomorrow morning is going to be just as cold as this morning. into the afternoon so, thanks start to change. we see an increase in cloud cover, the rain sticks to the north of us through the evening commute, we have a little bit of shower activity as far as pringles and drizzle, but not really a big deal. wednesday morning already
12:49 pm
drying out, not a lot to go with that. thursday, another shot of scattered showers moving there. this could actually impact the morning drive. again, with that second system, not a lot of rain anywhere from a quarter inch, maybe a little bit more than that if we are lucky? we will continue to fine-tune that as we get closer. meanwhile, as i do doors now drier conditions. 60 degrees castor valley, but decide make? 61 in sunnyvale 56 over san jose. mid to upper 50s reported here. nampa, santa rosa and the bottom at 55. as we shifted to northbay, i can see a lot of upper 50s as well. petaluma, novato. we have 37 degrees. for stage reported right on vallejo. afternoon highs today mid to upper 50s for our bay area. upper 50s expected for the
12:50 pm
eastern shore areas of her oakland. 60 degrees in morgan hill today, your extended forecast taking care of those numbers there, the overnight lows will remain chilly. 40s around the bed, but the afternoon highs did not change much. upper 50s, tuesday, wednesday thursday and even in the friday and your weekend. the chance for some rain tuesday night and wednesday, and that a chance on thursday. right now, the weekend looks partly cloudy and dry. back to you. >> a lot of trenches out there. more and more doctors reporting if you were minogue millennials are coming in for a checkup. >> reporter: like this patient, many young, healthy professionals are putting off their annual visit with the doctor. when was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? >> two years ago.
12:51 pm
>> reporter: one of many millennials who stick to a solid workout routine, try to eat a healthy diet but prefer to sideline checkups with the doctor. >> if it's not broke, don't fix it. >> how do you know it's broken? >> i don't know. >> for the most part, they are pretty healthy. but there are times when proper medical devices necessary. >> reporter: a new study reveals, 78% of millennials admit they may prefer to consult mr. google instead of going to the doctor's office. >> i think the 17% is very foolish. >> reporter: he sees this and his private practice as well as the public health of the all across the country. >> prior to coming to me, they have googled her symptoms. sometimes there right. many times they are wrong.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: he is using more social media now get his medical message at as a way to reach more young adults. new minden generation >> reporter: however, there still to come at noon, a look at the headliners and when you can buy your tickets. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly)
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the sending u.s. crews to help with massive fires in australia. >> coming up today at 4:00, we are going to look at procedures that must take place before any bay area crews. the letters on national disasters coming up today on "the four" . you can see that the dow jones came up negative.
12:56 pm
right now, is currently up about 46 points right there. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also in positive territory. >> friends and teachers now know the importance of reading. they have launched their read to succeed program to help increase literacy. police chief betty garcia kicked of the efforts. the department plans to send a uniformed officer to each of the cities 107 seven public charter private to read to the students. >> we preached our department. we are here to take the criminal element off the street and bring strong community relationships. this is part of the latter. both have to be done. we are not just saying we need to do this, we need to show everyone that it starts from the top and this would set a good example. >> it is important that a child's first interaction with bullies is not a time of crisis. the read to succeed program is
12:57 pm
a perfect opportunity to have a positive experience with the police officer. the plan to reach their goal by visiting one school a day. the 49ers are coming off a much needed by week. to start their playoff run, dubai games to gondi new orleans. the vikings will now pack up and have the levi's stadium to take on those 49ers on a saturday afternoon game scheduled for 1:30. that game will be the first ever playoff game for the 49ers at levi's stadium. officially kicked off from drama, comedy to television streaming. ashley, borgen has a look at this year's golden globe. a night full of soft owners >> reporter: the world war i epic 1917 winning the big
12:58 pm
prize. best lead actor and actress in motion feature dramas. >> 2010 once upon a time in hollywood gets the best motion picture musical or comedy gold. brad pitt waiting for best supporting role. >> reporter: becoming them first woman of asian descent for winning a globe. playing elton john a rocket man. on the small screen, hbo succession for best drama series and amazon prime for musical comedy. >> this is the last time i'm hosting these awards. >> reporter: picking up special accolades, ellen the generous
12:59 pm
earned the charles burnett award for tv. tom hanks take some. drag our barrels adequately from here as a golden glow x of the shortest award season ever done the work show almost every week leading up to this february 9. ashley dvorkin, foxnews. stomach disney continues to dominate at the box office. >> what will i do without you? >> you will always have me. >> the highest grossing animated film for the first time, surpassing the first frozen installment. the movie ranked in $1.42 million since its november relays. >> we now know who is going to take the stage at this year list 1018 festival in napa. the big names include miley cyrus, blondie, and khalid. the trio will take place. tickets go on sale 10:00
1:00 pm
tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us. we will see you right back here. dr. oz starts right now. dr. oz on his son's heart condition. >> he had two problems with his heart. i tried to make bad things that happened to me into good things. announcer: joined our brand-new plan, system 20. 20 goals. lose 20 pounds. and reduce disease by 20%. coming up next. >> ♪ dr. oz: are you ready for season 11? >> yeah! >> ♪ [applause] today, an oz exclusive with someone opening up


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