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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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prosecutor and the city's first openly like the district attorney more than a century. she is going to be sworn in before a sold-out crowd here at harris teeter. we have more on today's ceremonies and what the city leaders have in store. >> as a whole the office. >> reporter: as a whole the office. >> of mayor of the city and county. >> of mayor of the city and county >> of san francisco. >> of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> reporter: mayor london breed took the oath of office with hundreds in attendance and even a surprise performance by carlos santana. the mayor say she is focused on facilitating the building of 50,000 new homes to help end the housing crunch and ultimately result the city's homelessness crisis. >> homelessness is not just a problem. it is a symptom. the symptom of unaffordable housing, of income inequality, of institutional racism, of
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addiction, of untreated illnesses, of decades of disk investment. these are the problems. if we want to fight homelessness, we have to fight them all. >> reporter: the city council's first asian-american sheriff also took the oath of office. sheriff london breed is looking forward to leading the department with discipline and compassion. >> as the department moves forward, you can expect more of this from my staff and myself. care, compassion, and collaboration. >> reporter: san francisco also swearing in a new district attorney. a veteran of the public districts office. makes him uniquely suited to make sure the adversarial process to seek justice is carried out. >> there are some cases where we inevitably will have an adversarial position. there are other cases and there are many cases where we work better together. >> but he already saying his
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office will be focused and ending the cash-based system. prioritize ground at more resolving: pending cases. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvo fox 2 news. stomach taking another live look at that ceremony underway. as we take a live teacher, we see the newly, about to be sworn in district attorney taking a seat alongside other elected officials. you see supervisor hillary. tonight and the 10:00 news, jen finds amberley going to sit that with the district attorney for his approach to the hall of justice. stomach tried to tackle the states homeless crisis. he is asking people for hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the statewide housing assistance plan.
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>> tom is in our newsroom now with more. >> it is a big deal because california is about to decide if it really is as brothers and sisters keepers. the governor, wants lawmakers to okay several hundred 30 millions of dollars among other things for those facing homelessness. this could be very meaningful in addressing the crisis for a state already short three to 4 million housing units. >> we must prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place, we must get them permanently and securely house. that is what that fund is designed today. >> what would she say to critics that this is merely using tax money to pay rental systems when others have to foot their own rent and mortgages to their own. >> housing has become too expensive for everyone. as we go through this moment of readjustment, we have to help the most vulnerable. everyone agrees that homelessness is unacceptable.
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>> cities dragging their feet and allowing major cities only to deal with homelessness will have to answer for that, >> we must all carry our own load and help out these broader issues, brought a crisis that we face. >> they're already more than 131 homeless californians, equivalent to the entire operations of berkeley, albany, and emeryville combined. the governor's office says listing and assigning a executive order creating a fund state lines upon which emergency shelters can be placed. it will also make 100 travel trailers of the debates and cities to provide temporary housing as well as other services. in a statement, the governor says, homelessness is a national crisis, one that is spreading across the west coast and cities across the country. the state of california is treating it as a real emergency. when $90 million already in the
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states various reserve accounts, and another $7 million surplus expected this year. spending one account between three and 4% of those reserves. potentially, for years into the future, leaving only one real alternative, massive building. >> housing supply is a huge cause of our homelessness problem. >> you can expect that major announcements are expected from the governor's office as soon as monday. tom vacar, ktvo fox 2 news. thank you. city council leaving from last night is scheduled to resume. cities meeting was put on hold after 6 1/2 hours which included three hours of public comment. the castle is waiting in on the labor disputes that halted work on a major redevelopment project at the concord naval weapons station. the council is trying to decide if the development proposal the union workers satisfies the terms appr coming out to the latest on the
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rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. today president trump responded to iran's missile attacks on those two bases in iraq, by announcing new sanctions, but no military action. the military official tells fox news that the u.s. near the muscles were coming ahead of time partly because iran where wind iraq, who in turn, wind the united states. the killing of their general qassem soleimani. >> all of our generals are safe and only minimal damage was his hand at our military bases. our great american forces are prepared for anything. iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned, and a very good thing for the world. >> reporter: the united states says it welcomes united nations welcomes any signs that the
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u.s. and iran are trying to avoid escalation. congress receives their first meeting on the iran conference today. lawmakers are bitterly divided over the administration's rationale for the killing of the iranian general. >> hours after president trump told the world iran appeared to be sending down and bowed to expose impose new economic sanctions, congress received their first briefing since the drawing strike killed iranian general trends 32. qassem soleimani >> imminent of threat and opportunity to take out a mastermind of terror. but i don't think any of us can say that we fall what a high- level confidence that this would make america a more your. it has made us less secure in the region and the tome. >> as with most things on capitol hill, republicans and democrats are mostly divided about the that justification of
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the strike. both sides agree with the president's remarks about de- escalation. immigrants are now seeking ways to limit the president's military authority, including introducing bills to block funding for action in iran without congressional approval. >> it is so important for the demonstration to come to congress if, in fact, they tend to use force anywhere in the world, especially now in iran. >> we never need congressional authority in this country to act in the defense of our troops. that is what the demonstration had done. i don't think to start a war. >> >> reporter: military veteran and retired marine your services you need to be on alert for potential attacks from an online proxy groups. insert from the hyper- partisan nature in d.c. brink, if we will of going out and sign all out war. it appears to be on entrie into
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possibly going into a serious negotiation to maybe come up with another agreement. i think at that point, that is something we should unify around. >> reporter: two republican senators did big party. they said they would board a similar war powers resolution and desired expression the power their frustration with the briefing. >>, probably the worst briefing i've seen, what i find so distressing about that briefing? one of the messages we received from the briefers was do not debate. did not discuss. the issue or appropriateness of further military intervention against iran. >> greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news . chemicals in iran, authorities say there were no survivors after a cane and international airline crashed in 1015. 167 passengers died in a boeing 737 800 and down in the field outside of tehran airport . family members came to decide today littered with debris.
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they planned, there was some kind of mechanical problem shortly after takeoff. at least six of the passengers were from canada including many of the international college buttons. this country is now working to try to get some answers. stomach coming up, an effort underway to protect communities and keep communication open even during power shut off, the requirement for cell phone providers that bay area lawmakers are now demanding. stomach ulcer, a man accused of a deadly stabbing his back in court today. what he told the judge about his date of monitoring the crime. stomach light showers following part of the bay area right now, but more rain overnight into thursday morning. forecast model when i return. stomach adapting to be more inclusive, white new scooters and bowed in oakland today are so special. stomach taking a live look at the wednesday evening commute. you can see the easement commute, the rush of traffic on the left, very heavy.
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state lawmakers blasted wireless companies today because hundreds of cell phone towers went down when pg&e shut the power last year due to trying to reduce the risk of wildfires. this prevent people from calling 911 or receiving critical alerts. now, new legislations, to require communication companies
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to have data backup hours. we have been following the fallout. brooke? >> reporter: heather, many people were prepared to lose power last year, but they were not expecting to be within cellular service. lawmakers say infrastructure damage, for maintenance and software failure has also caused catastrophic problems. >> it is and urgent crisis. moving ahead of an oversight hearing on telly communication service outages, some democratic lawmakers slammed those companies. >> they were wrong and candidly, lives were put at risk. >> reporter: because they claim backups were in place to keep people connected during rentals power outage. more than 870 towers went down for the >> this bill is not about checking your facebook status, this bill, for the three of us and for the tens of thousands, it is about life and death. >> reporter: preventing
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emergency managers from successfully sending critical alerts. by the system requested mobile towers are up and running. it is important now more than ever, even the fact that most members of the public have given up there where the line phones in favor of wireless. >> a new bill would require all cellular towers have at least 72 hours of backup hours, telecom companies would have to pay for it is the night i don't think your cell phone bills are too low. i think that they are pretty high. we put a lot of resources in paying for our utilities and you need to be with us at all times. that is the justifications that we have. >> it is unfair and unreasonable for the legislature and the tbc to allow the electric utilities to the energized their networks and expect that the communication network is going to become a wholesale replacement for power to 100%
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power the communication's network. >> lawmakers are pushing for quick solutions to make sure everyone has a lifeline in an emergency prospectus is no longer about a discussion about caused cost this needs to be a discussion about keeping clifford it's safe. we need to turn the discussion into human lives. without cell phone towers be operable, we put lives at risk. >> two other bills were introduced today, they were prepared for blackouts as well. one makes sure utility provided batting packs for people who are on oxygen and other held devices. even if the state doesn't formally declare a disaster. brooks rocha ktvu fox 2 news. stomach is sending four corban search and rescue team members to assist in the aftermath.
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is .4 magnitude quake killed at least one person authorities are calling it the most damaging earthquake there in over 100 years. the initial quake was followed by a an aftershock measuring 6.0. highly skilled firefighters from orange county and sacramento. >> we are looking at that rain headed our way. we did not see much last night, hundreds of an inch, some others got tens of an inch. it will show up late tonight or early tomorrow morning. the very early morning commute, 3:00, 5:00, 6:00. it's going to be the what this. rain should be moving through the south bay by 8:00 tomorrow morning. live radar and i like i kind of see that little bit green showing up in the santa rosa area. we are seeing light mist kind of drizzle other but not. live camera shot shows you can
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see behind me here but the clouds are moving in. this is really about the morning. the very early morning hours into about 8:00 at 9:00 tomorrow morning. after that, look how quickly it clears out. boom, it's gone. once it goes, it's going to open up this guys. plenty of blue skies, it can be a sunny day. by tomorrow afternoon, you're going to forget that it was raining this morning. notches tomorrow morning. the ideas that you're going to have a wet morning commute. get ready for that. not a storm, storm, but what, maybe a 10th of an inch, maybe a quarter of an inch. be ready for that after the 9:00 hour, it will start to taper off. get you all set up for to begin as well. >> thank you very much, bill. stomach the city of oakland today made history by becoming the first city in the nation to launch and adapt the scooter service for people with disability. accessible scooters with seats are now available to
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prequalified members throughout oakland. scooters are available to those who have downloaded the line app. by our team will deliver it to them, and rented out. when we wrote our scooter regulated ordinance in 2018, he specifically included a provision requiring the providing of a acceptable accessible mobility option for everyone in our community, including scooters that can help persons with disability. stomach individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities can manage to balance themselves on a seated suitor could use them. the cost is $6 a day for low income writers, and those above income level. stomach 100 cars broken into across four different cities but tonight people in place,
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today. investigators have recovered some of the items that were stolen. stolen. introducing a single sports destination.
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the man charged in the deadly stabbing of neil wilson once again pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. told the judge that he was insane at the time of the stabbing at 2008. nia wilson's sister latifah was injured in the attack before then, cowell will meet with a psychiatrist for another review to see if he is mentally competent to stand trial trial.
6:24 pm
police have arrested two men who they believe are responsible for a string of burglaries. spread over the south bay over the past few days including sunnyvale, palo alto, fremont. starting this mess of broken window glass marks the latest in a spring of water break-ins across the area. 43 cars were broken into across the city, including a dozen near the end of arc along rockefeller drive. he was one of the victims, his car is brand-new. >> we are scared. they can just come in and begin again tomorrow. >> reporter: sunnyvale investigators released this photo of the stolen properties recovered, including backpacks on the seat and more than 10 laptop computers backed up on the floor. >> we worked closely with the victim, that property was ultimately located in oakland in a vehicle.
6:25 pm
>> these two oakland men in their 30s interested 43 counts of auto burglaries. this marks the latest in dozens of auto burglaries since sunday. fremont took 30 tuesday morning, the day prior, but when dozen cars broken into in san jose and eight and follow alto. and apollo all the cases, the three teenagers were arrested along with two juveniles. enough face multiple felonies. the arrest was possible because it was socrates and called 911. the burglary tools that we found in the suspect vehicle are tools that are basically used to punch at windows. it is a very common tool that is used and takes just a matter of seconds. >> reporter: he is replacing glass after car break-ins across the area, say his
6:26 pm
company is quite busy. >> there are around 50 technicians, each technician takes about five, six jobs a day. we are pretty busy. >> reporter: they could not save the 93 reported break-ins since sunday are related, but the are investigating. in sunnyvale, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news . >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next would a hotel manager accused of dragging and raped a hotel guest. >> how it's affecting students and or services across the county.
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one was injured or killed. iran said the strikes were retaliation. it says the strikes included their response to the death. >> the governor is asking for help in solving the homeless problem. california says there's more than 150,000 people homeless throughout the state. in san francisco there's a new sheriff and district attorney. swearing in ceremonies were held today. london brie returns for her
6:31 pm
first full term. >> as our crime rotor a hotel restaurant manager is under arrest. issac amiga accused of drugging and rapping a guest. >> the employee paid for her meal and offered her a glass of wine. she started to feel weird. >> he sexually assaulted the woman. >> he was not arrested until a few days before christmas. >> after the results came in he was arrested for rape. >> he's accused of rape by use of drugs. the defends should have been someone the
6:32 pm
woman could trust. >> in this case this is a restaurant a supervisor. it's unfortunate. >> the double tree said we have no higher priority than our guests safety. she was shocked by the allegation and is thinking twice about the accommodation you can trust the hotel. way not recommend staying or eating here. >> the police don't know the substance used some are drawing parallels. >> sounds like the bill cosby. it's discouraging for a woman
6:33 pm
to imagine being taken advantage of. >> amiga has posted bail. bail. . new information about the man accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a teenage girl in son only e county. the suspect is 49-year-old lopez. he drove up and grabbed a 14- year-old girl as she was on her way to school. he assaulted her and let her go and tried to kidnap a second girl who got away. lopez was arrested. now police have extra patrols around the school. >> a string of burglaries, thieves in concord and walnut creek entered homes.
6:34 pm
they took off with guns and electronics. police in the east bay are looking for a serial wire cutter. a person has been caught cutting wires. police say it has been happening late at night. these are the images from the videos. if you have information on the incident or the person in the pictures the police would like to hear from you. >> the school district is the latest victim of a ransom wear attack. law enforcement is looking into the cases. >> the ransom aware attack is affecting every office in the school district. >> i am not able to get on the computer
6:35 pm
and finish my documentation and my notes and look at things to help the kids. >> if attack happened over winter break. it was acebook. we'll be teaching and learning like back in the day without laptops and facebook. >> the f.b.i. has been notified and the suber security team has been brought in. >> the districts has not said how much the attackers are asking for. >> the school district is not the continue that costa library system has been hacked. >> the cyber crimes unit are investigating. it's unclear if the attacks are
6:36 pm
related. there's no wifi or printing. it's taking an important don't offer. >> in ransom aware attacks are to rise. >> ransom wear is a huge business. they want to lock out the computers. >> some are saying harming schools and libraries are immoral. >> it's unclear when they will be up and running. now to breaking news, there's major delays in the directions. bart says that ins have made
6:37 pm
contact and are flying to move the person from the tracks but able to. trains are being held and power is shut off. trains at pleasant hill are being turned around. we'll give you any updates as soon as we learn more. senator feinstein breaks from nancy pelosi. we'll tell you what she said today. support is pouring in to battle the wildfires in australia including a donation from a rock band. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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. the powder struggle between the house and nat continue little as pelosi holds the articles of impeachment. >> by the end of the week she has not transmitted the article we'll > senate pans. pelosi has yet to send the articles of impeachment to the senate.
6:41 pm
>> there will be no haggling. we will not seed our authority. the house democrats term is over. the senate has made the decision. >> some democrats say it's time. >> i think we're reaching a point where the articles of impeachment should be sent. >> the disagreement is if key aids should testify. chuck schumer plans to require the republicans force votes for allowing more information. >> if the senate running a 14578 trial without the facts then the president's acquittal will be meaningless. >> speaker pelosi wants the out line of the senate trial. his claims its will be like the
6:42 pm
clinton trial are not true. showers headed our way. looks like we'll see them overnight into tomorrow morning. >> a look at the stories that we're working on for the 7:00 news. good news for the woman known as the rbg. rude bader against berg is cancer free and maintaining an active schedule. taking a step back from the royal family. the surprise announcement is a big deal. those more live at 7:00ism after the break. why california riders will no
6:43 pm
longer see an up front price. beautiful shot of downtown san francisco. the news will be right back.
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. the california law that requires cost to reclassify contract workers as employees, it recalculates the price at the end of the ride instead of before. california says they are discontinuing google award benefits. let's talk about the weather. a wet day. is more on the way. >> today a little bit of showers and the rain tomorrow morning will be early and will mess with the morning commute. i'll show you the model.
6:47 pm
we're tracking the rain working the way in. it's low grade stuff. right now we're picking up a few showers in the north bay. you can see it right here. getting rain drops in richmond. and that's how it goes tonight. on and off sprinkles. after midnight it turns into more. a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch. san francisco and east bay hills. we're in a wet weather pattern. none of this is big time rain kind of long for a cold front that drops a
6:48 pm
half an inch of rain and moves on. this is tonight, tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m. you can see the comma shape. that's the front. it pops in at 5:00 a.m., two in the morning to 5:00 a.m. folks are moving around. it's a wet road. by lunch type, and by the afternoon it's beautiful. fog comes back to the valley and a weak drive by systems and that's what that is. saturday morning may be wet and clears out. the five-day forecast coming up will show that. 59 in gilroy tomorrow.
6:49 pm
forecast with saturday. the a.m. showers on thursday. friday night partly cloudy with a chance of sprinkles saturday morning. sunday and monday partly cloudy. rain brought much-needed relief for firefighters in australia. the temperature are expected the to soar by friday. wildfire relief donations are pouring in. bay area rockers me talia donated half a million dollars. >> devastating bush fires have left thousands homeless. the fires have burned 25 million acres of land leaving people with little
6:50 pm
food and water supplies. elton john pledged a million. >> to see what's happening breaks my heart. >> others are offering time providing relief to crews who battled for months and helping wildlife. >> you can see how many people are here. >> while many are tourist destinations others are rural towns. they are encouraging people to support relief of thes. >> put cash in. that's what they need. >> residents hope fires help contributes to climate change.
6:51 pm
>> you point the finger all day. there's lots that could have been done. support is setting records. >> the 49ers were at practice. the playoff game with vikings on saturday. how the team got healthier today. looking to get your business off to a fast start in the new year? it's go time! switch to comcast business and get fast internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network. plus, complete reliability with 4g lte backup. and, cloud-based security to help protect the devices on your network. greenlight your business in 2020 with fast internet and voice for $64.90 per month. switch now and get a $100 prepaid card when you add comcast business securityedge. call today.
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market joins us now. >> first ever playoff game at levi stadium. pretty unexpected season from the 49ers. the concern over the second half of the season was the waning of the defense. they started so strong, the the week. one guy stands out for me. he's missed the last three regular season games.
6:55 pm
when they have the four guys on the defensive line that started healthy and ready. stats from the first 8 games. 22 sacks. in the last 8 games, 10 1/2 sacks. even the offensive guys have noticed him. >> sometimes the practice goes from the defense off, the offense is off. this week all of the guys want to see them work together again. they brought a tempo back. >> he's got far so good. >> knock on wood. >> three younger warrior fans in the old days, that was the big reason that everyone would show up for the game. to see the star on the other
6:56 pm
team. that's the kass right now especially tonight. everyone wants to see this guy. he's a physical specimen and 25 years old. he's great right now and getting better. he's unbelievable. 25-year-old. a possible free agent in the next year or so. the warriors have noticed how good he is. >> he works his [bleep] off. you can look at his body. put on 40, 50 pounds and moves better than he did then. it's crazy but you can tell he works on his game. he wants to be great.
6:57 pm
>> the grab freak on display tonight. if you're a shark fan hoping for a comeback. get in a playoff spot. it bled back tonight. against the blues into the boards goes couture, looked like a left knee problem. it's a fractures left ankle. he's out at least six weeks. six weeks from now it may not matter. you're going to love to see this. time to check this out. look at this young woman who can do it all. check this out. >> you're going to put your
6:58 pm
hands behind your back and you can't go on your side or back, try getting up. she's from colorado springs, you can practice that all you want in your living room. i would be in traction. haas night caps game. look at this kid. 7 years old. he gets to celebrate. look at this move. we might want to remember him. that's the sporting luffs. >> seven years old and 10 times better than i am. good night. (cardboard tearing)
6:59 pm
(sniffs) smell that? that's the smell of new comic books. (inhaling deeply): oh, yes. they're on me today, boys. you're paying? have you been selling your sperm again? no, i'm celebrating. as we speak, the space shuttle is docking at the at the international space station where it will deploy the wolowitz zero-gravity waste disposal system. oh, get over yourself. it's a high-tech toilet. leonard: just think. thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts will "boldly go where no man has gone before." is that supposed to be funny? i believe it is. the combination of the star trek reference and the play on words involving the double-meaning of the verb "to go" suggests that leonard is humorously mocking your efforts in space plumbing. okay, make your little jokes, but of the four of us, i'm the only one making any real-world contribution to science and technology.
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he's right. this is an important achievement, for two reasons. number one... and, of course, number two! oh, clever! playing on the use of cardinal numbers as euphemisms for bodily functions. (chuckling silently) here, sheldon, i pulled the new hellboy for you. it's mind-blowing. excuse me. spoiler alert. i didn't spoil anything. you told me it's mind-blowing. so, my mind is going into it pre-blown. and once a mind is pre-blown, it cannot be re-blown. i'm sorry. said the grinch to christmas. uh, hey, leonard. could i talk to you about something? sure. what's up? remember i went out with your friend, penny, a couple weeks ago? yeah, vaguely. sure you remember. that was the night you went to the bar and made a fool of yourself trying to pick up strange women.


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