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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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these women will keep fighting to stay.>> reporter: the women said they are not going anywhere and they're willing to be arrested. >>they are occupying a west oakland home and have no legal right to be there the judge says they said that they will be sent packing in five days. >>this is a and him a illegal act. >> this is the beginning of the movement. >> reporter: for the beginning of
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trips of but everyone who lives in oakland having private personal property and not having it broken into . >> the women are after the
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reporters at 6:30 in the morning this coming thursday. i reached out to the sheriffs office for an eviction, they said that was something they are keeping. live in west oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox2news . we spoke to michael on the floor about the ruling . >> what is going to be interest, they are not moving out, they said the sheriff got them out, he missed them . >> if i were the district attorney of alameda, i would tell the seraphs to put them in jail but do not bring it to us because we will not prosecute them . >> trespassing charges against women would serve large protest at the courthouse . police identified the vehicle they connected to a double homicide. a security camera caught this in a just of a shooting.
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phone call to 911 statement gunshots were heard in the area of the driver. the victims were found in a parking lot. boys ages 11 and 14 were shot, one died on scene, the other died on the way to a trauma center. police are looking for a silver toyota sedan similar to a late toyota camry model . a 22-year-old veteran& an east bay native who said his career moving up the rank for the department, he was serving as police chief and was previously the deputy chief of the support services bureau. alvarez is now packed with implementing changes with the onboard trains and that includes hiring more police officers and creating other strategies to reduce and improve rider experience .
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>> president and safety and officers are going to be ready, trains will be provide the state it has been asking us to give them . >> alvarez knows the system and has a vision for safety that includes short-term and long- term strategy. we spoke with riders today, many of them said they will come this . >> that is a wonderful idea, it should have been done a long time ago you know? i have heard of all kinds of things, it people getting robbed and , a kind of things. i'm glad they are here . >> alvarez's appointment is effective immediately. riders can ride the system right away. they include increased visibility and engagement for writers to decrease crimes. changes will be made to patrol staffing and they are looking to create assignments like the
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colosseum. data shows a high volume of conservation . foxnews launched a drug strike at a military official on the same day as the fight in iraq that killed the general. that secret mission was not successful. as fox's lauren blanchard reports, the trump administration also rolled out more sanctions against iran today . >> we will continue to apply economic sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and submits that it will never have nuclear ap>> president don signed the executive order imposing additional sanctions
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against ir he says it follows through on his promise to deny iran's substantial revenue that may be used to fund and support its nuclear program, and that mr. development, and terrace proxy networks and regional influence. the sanctions are imposed against any individual or entity operating in the construction, manufacturing, textiles, or mining sectors of the iranian economy. the sanctions target eight two iranian officials . >> that is approved . >> there appeared to be some disconnect between the president and his top diplomat on this specific and imminent threat, iranian general qassem
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soleimani before he was killed . >> we do not know precisely when and where . >> we will tell you it will probably be the embassy in baghdad . >> secretary pompeo revised his comments which has not satisfied all lawmakers . >> and included attacks on the u.s. embassy. >> this is the first time we are hearing about attacks on embassies, future attacks on embassies . >> they confront a drone strike was fired on another military official the same night soleimani was killed. that strike however was not successful. in washington, lauren blanchard, foxnews . immemorial is growing at the main airport in the key of ukraine for the 176 people killed at the ukraine jet minor
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crash in iran. there was a recent morning in canada where the victims lived that were studied, canada and the usa says their intelligence knows they may have shot down the plane by mistake hours after a missile strike on iraqi basis. today, ukraine's security service says it is looking into terrorism as a possible cause of the disaster on wednesday . >> our experts are working on site and they have access to clean debris. we are happy with our cooperation. we hope to continue . >> ukraine also says it has been given access to flight data recorders that have been covered from the wreckage, iran has invited boeing as well as the french authority to take part in this investigation . >> the topic of discussion for
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stanford as ktvu greg lee joins us what experts are saying . >> all of the people with years of governmental experience with middle east specifically with iran, it is hosted by stanford international studies focusing on what the rising tensions mean for iran and the world. analyst joaquin for future implications, the u.s. strike on soleimani and missile error on attack holding u.s. troops in a response. one of the overarching messages, the u.s. and iran continue escalating the situation and avoid rhetoric that could lead to more military action . >> the good news is, the crisis is now, the bad news is we keep
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possibilities wrapping back up because of these fishing dynamics and the new issue coming back into here . >> getting rid of it is not going to be easy getting rid of it will be military confrontation. it might be a disaster for the u.s. and israel and saudi arabia. this does not have it, it does not have structure . >> another clear message from the panelists, this is not just a u.s. iran issue, so many other countries but at least not worldwide. you figure when you have the many people gathered at stanford, you have to surmise they know what they are talking about. what are they saying about iraq? >> the iraqi parliament said they want u.s. pulled out, mike
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pompeo said that will not happen at least anytime soon. one of the panelists said they want to see this intervention for the u.s. and iran out of their country, they are tired of being in the middle and interestingly enough, one of the things they said, they want to be tidying up to be a role. they would help with infrastructure and those kinds of things. we talk about the world structure and impact. >> thank you so much, greg . be sure to download the new ktvu news app, that way you can stay up-to-date with everything going on. it's free, download from the app store or on google plate and t with the victims family wanted, a suspect in a bay area killing was released from only free fo
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switching gears, what would you do for a chance to go to the 49ers game tomorrow, filled out but a bunch of fans went to a slip and slide. look at the first playoff game, philadelphia coming up. trips have in bay area weather, lots of sunshine, clouds are moving in. we could be tracking a few showers, we will let you know if that impacts your weekend plans. your forecast is coming up. we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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it is the calling before the storm, levi stadium is empty for now, it is ready for roughly 70,000 fans tomorrow. sky fox flew over the stadium one last time before the playoff game. just about an hour ago, the minnesota vikings plane touched down at the san jose. sky fox was there for as well as the pulled away from the airport.
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after a red-hot season, 49ers are gearing up for the first ever playoff game at levi stadium . >> tomorrow is kickoff against the vikings, i cannot go. plenty of people can go, ktvu is live and tell us about it. >> reporter: we have been out here all day soaking up the atmosphere. of course, there were those fans who were claimed soaking after trying to win tickets on the slip and slide. for a chance to win a 49 tickets, some people are willing to get wet. >> is called a little bit. the first time was worth, this is my fourth time through. >> reporter: doing their best impression in the mud hole. valerie florez was one of the lucky winners . >> he was like you won, you won. >> reporter: the game is sold out, the 49ers are anticipating
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a record-breaking crowd, the largest in their 73 year history . >> get into the stadium early. >> there will be a navy flyover, towel giveaway and halftime show featuring the sugar hill game. people are hoping to gear up in time. this will be the first 49ers playoff game in the levi stadium getting fans in from afar, mark has been a fan . >> it is unbelievable that they have a statue of it, that is marvelous. >> reporter: he flew in from new york . >> i am feeling happy about tomorrow and i want to be in this new stadium. i have never been to levi stadium. >> reporter: the game is ready for game day and the team had their eye on the prize.
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>> we feel great, it is light work. as the chairman said, everybody does their part, we will be good. do not be an engine, work together. we got it. >> reporter: parking lot open tomorrow at 9:35. gates open at 11:35 and kickoff against the vikings is at 1:35. there are two official watch parties, one in san francisco and at san pedro square in san jose. allison, andre picked >> thank you so much . >> the fans are ready, the important thing is the teamwork. scott reese is here to tell us, give us a rundown of how it is looking. they had a week off. >> i am ready, does that count
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for anything? let's play this, we have been talking and talking. let's play the game. great teams, not always born in training camp. sometimes it takes a week or two to put them over the top. when all is said and done, we may look at the manual standards for that. you make a splash on a national level when the niners got to denver be part the straight lines. he is giving them a threat, huge plays along the way and a veteran presence in the locker room. he knows how to have a good time . >> i was like kendrick walking around the locker room and blasting music and doing all kinds of dance moves. it is kind of hard to not be moved. i said guys like that are good for you. you know guys like me and sherman are good for the playoff experience to let them understand the magnitude of
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what we need to accomplish . had to other on offense, it does not always go as seen. this is things he does in the locker room and his performance on the field speaks for itself. he brings a little bit of everything . >> in regards to tomorrow's game, quarterback quan was out since halloween. he will be available for the game, alexander returning from what normally is a six-month injury in a little more than two months. let's see how much he actually plays. we know who the favorite is in the super bowl. it is the afc, a site called sports betting ag has stepped the line at b- 3 1/2 point over the nfc. the assumption being either the ravens or chiefs would be favored by either the niners or the packers. read into that as you will, those four teams may not be in
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the football. >> apparently, we know what the pundits believe, they believe the niners would not be the favorite against baltimore. >> leave that out . >> last season, he was hurt early in the season. you are surprised of what the team is now versus what we saw last. you have to be surprised they are 13-3, nobody saw that coming, i am surprised seeing jimmy play at the level he is . >> he included he would do an upper echelon quarterback. i don't think he is a top five guy or top 10 guy in the lead, he is trending and he is proving there are a lot of guys who can make plays in the renting games but when he has to win a game, he is capable. that is a big deal . >> thank you so much . we are not airing to 49ers game, but they will move on to
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the nfc title game. be sure to tune in and find out who they will play. the seahawks travel to green bay sunday, they are playing in snowstorm and it will be a snowstorm this weekend. right here on ktvu and the forecast calling for snow tomorrow night and hype in the 20s for the game. we have the meteorologist here, mark. unfortunately, we do not play in in those type of conditions. here is our live camera look . getting ready for the playoff game for tomorrow, this time of the year, we could be talking about heavy downpours, strong gusty winds, but both of those elements will not be a part for tomorrow's forecast. from tonight to tomorrow morning, we have scattered showers but by kickoff, 1:35, we expect partly cloudy skies, a bit of a brief and degrees. the forecast is okay as we look forward to saturday afternoon.
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we are tracking a system to our north and clouds approaching yreka. we had heavy rain against the border now. in the bay area, partly cloudy skies with skies filtering in from the north. current numbers, oakland 60 degrees, san jose 54, santa rosa cooling off into the lower 50s. overnight lows, we have upper 30s to 40s, lots of cloud cover and a chance of a shower. we are talking about early saturday morning between 4- 6:00. and those chances fade away. here is the next system in the pacific dropping in overnight. with those showers in the north bay by tonight around 10 or 11:00 and early tomorrow morning some scattered showers. as we head toward afternoon hours, sunny skies and a brief kicking in. there is another system that could primarily affect the
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north bay. that would be on sunday. we will be watching out for that maybe light showers. this will increase the height of advisory 9 a.m. tomorrow, you could see the overall trend waves are picking up around 12-18 feet on sunday. the remote spots could have the waves going up above 20 feet. here is the forecast models picking up with the rainfall around the north coast and this is tomorrow morning 4 a.m., the clouds and scattered rain showers may wake you up early. this is 6:00, you notice, everything is gone. we scale back on the clouds tomorrow afternoon. sunday morning partly cloudy skies and there is that sprinkle chance in the north bay. it is into sunday night, these are fairly weak systems and lingering clouds into monday. forecast high tomorrow, lots of 50s.
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santa rosa 59, san francisco 56 and livermore 57 degrees. your five-day forecast, it has been a pretty quiet weather pattern over the past week or so. things are changing, we are thickening clouds sunday, a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay, evening showers into monday, scattered showers into tuesday morning and looks like later today, wednesday we contract a stronger system wednesday into thursday. that could be the strongest impact in california. we have a few days, this weekend is not looking too bad . if it is right across from the san francisco giants ballpark, the team shows off its new event space able to host as many as 10,000 visitors . i had on ktvu news at six, they say these two men are suspected in at least six burglaries in the east bay, how they were caught and the charges .
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the san francisco giants are offering a new convention for big parties and meetings . >> ktvu christian takes us inside offering 200,000 of event space. >> reporter: historic has played several roles over the years of working at a location where san francisco's board of elections is and the 50s
5:27 pm
conventional meetings state . >> you get a true san francisco feel in the 85,000 square feet parallel to each other. there is a lot of great opportunities indoors and outdoors. >> reporter: they oversee it, it is already rented out for the past. the addition of the second shed nearly doubling the available space. it may look like a empty warehouse now, enterprises say it is exactly what event planners want, a blank canvas. they hosted the event planning convention transforming into a swanky base with a few that is up to beat . >> you see it is an open canvas. waterfront views, accessible .
5:28 pm
>> with the addition of the second shed, 48 offering the second best. the travel association says it will help boost the billion dollars plus a year of hospitality industry. the two locations may wind up working together to bring more visitors . >> i do not think it is competitive, i see it being where you can have your breakout sessions, meetings and that is where you have your events. >> reporter: it fits into a larger story about development into the area going a quarter- mile away and developments to the mission rock area against the ballpark. in san francisco, ktvu, fox2news . the final chapter in a murder case involving a real
5:29 pm
estate bay area, the man accused of dumping the body released from jail this morning but he was freed for only seconds . the safeway and peninsula they smashed into a closed pharmacy. the overnight care for employees inside when it happened . a new timeline offered for nancy pelosi sending those articles of impeachment to defendant.
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the final chapter in the murder case closed a few hours ago. after the osed the body was released, as gary tells us, his freedom lasted for seconds. >> reporter: in the blink of an eye, he went from former inmate and into the custody of federal homeland security agent, those agents took him to a federal office. >> this is the final chapter, there is a period on it. it was not what we believe occurred, it is what the evidence showed to one of our was with the homicide end at
5:33 pm
the time, it was fueled by the heirs to lose her children in a bitter custody battle with green. prosecutors say she hired a hello, her former bodyguard to carry out the crime . >> i knew her for six years, she was able. she was able to me, she was able to my son, she was able. >> reporter: lee told adello was the murderer. setting to testify for the prosecution, prosecutors say he violated conditions and his plea was revoked. adello sat in the san mateo county jail but the sentence ended friday . >> disappointed, it is not what we felt the evidence showed but it is what the jury decided.
5:34 pm
as for ms. adello, we are disappointed he turned out to be a untrustworthy witness . >> no one has been convicted in the green killing, the jury acquitted lee, the jury was hung over and he was released with no further charges. as for adello, he is on custody. jesse gary, ktvu, fox2news . the pharmacy at a 24 hour safeway in palo alto was robbed this morning. police say they are reviewing video from inside the store. they know that three arms suspects opened the store and one of them ordered an employee get on the ground. once inside, police say they stole a undisclosed amount of narcotics and left .
5:35 pm
>> it is unsettling when you hear this, this happened all over the place. >> police say the suspect left their pickup truck, but nobody was hurt and no customers were inside at the time . one year after davis police officer was shot and killed on the job, the 22-year-old is being remembered for her service. there are several events planned, she was responding to a cross when a man rode up to the scene on a bicycle and ambushed her. at 6:30 this evening, a people plan to gather at the police department and they carry flags in front of the police station. she wanted to be a police officer for as long as she could . it has been 23 days since
5:36 pm
the two articles of impeachment are against president donald trump. the impeachment process has solved, she was had& negotiate the terms of the senate trials. ktvu political reporter greg lee has more on the impeachment process which could soon be moving forward . >> more than three weeks after the house decided to impeach president donald trump, house speaker nancy pelosi indicated she will send the two articles, the abuse of power and obstruction of congress for a historic trial as soon as next week . >> documentation, witness, facts, truth, that is what they are afraid of . >> in a letter to democrats, speaker pelosi wrote "i have asked today's hearing committee chairman bringing to the floor next week a resolution to
5:37 pm
appoint managers and articles of impeachment. i will be consulting with tuesday has democratic proceeding how we can get further." she would help the articles in pressuring mitch mcconnell bringing witnesses and additional evidence to trial also asking for mcconnell to share the rule and projected the request. he made it clear he is not pledging announcing this week he had the votes needed to move forward on his terms. he said in the past he wants an acquittal . >> we will not see our authority for this impeachment. the house democrats turn is over. the senate has made his decision . >> if the senate runs a sham file without witnesses or
5:38 pm
documents or all of the facts and the president acquainted the end of the trial will be meaningless . >> for my security adviser john bolton said he would be willing to testify and subpoena. there is pressure between the republicans and the members of pelosi's party . >> i'm not sure if she is embarrassed about the work being done or she lied to us . >> i think we are reaching a point where the articles of impeachment are tricky. i think it is time to send the impeachment to the senate . >> president donald trump suggested friday he may use executive privilege to block bolton from testifying. gregory, ktvu, fox2news . governor gavin newsom unveiled a records citing state budget. we are looking at where some of
5:39 pm
the money is going . this vikings coach called the bay area home when he was growing up. still to come from contra costa college, patterson's family celebrating his success.
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two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's. governor newsom this morning unveiling a record $222.2 billion budget proposal for the next year, the proposal
5:41 pm
is 2.3% larger than last year's budget. it would direct $750 million to organizations who help the homeless and boost spending on schools. the plan would fear more money to medicare and programs with climate change including healthcare to 27,000 undocumented immigrants and undocumented immigrants would have to be medicaid eligible in order to receive benefits . >> we are expanding coverage regardless of immigration status for all of those 65 and over. we believe in universal healthcare, we believe that universal healthcare lowers cost for ever we believe we have to respect that out . >> governor newsom calling ensuring undocumented immigrants the right thing to do morally and ethically. it includes $5.6 billion surplus which has been funding
5:42 pm
healthcare for those who are undocumented . for delivery service grubb had announced it is not looking to be sold, earlier this week, there were several reports that the company had been exploring a sale for months without takers. it plummeted more than 8% following the denial of selling the business. a grubb hub spokesperson said the company felt it was important to clarify there is no process in place to sell the company and there are no plans to do so . hiring last month, u.s. employers added 125,000 jobs in december which was less in the 160,000 that economists had expected. an employment health study had a low of 3.5%. wages grew 2.9%, the weekend since july of 2018.
5:43 pm
financial advisor james mcbride said the slowdown in hiring is not cause for concern . >> this is the 111th straight month of job growth and growth is growth. we are seeing an extraordinary job picture. that is why we see it at 3%, that is why consumer confidence is at 126, a high number. that is a leading number for the economy and 70% of our gdp . >> on wall street, the jobs report sent stocks slightly lower today from the record high of yesterday. the dow was down 133 points, the nasdaq falling 24 and the s&p was down two points . raising taxes on homeowners and using money to pay for homeless services, two introduced a bill yesterday that would eliminate the interest for vacation homes. it will lower the mortgage
5:44 pm
interest a person could claim on their taxes. the price of loans of $1 million, the bill would lower it to 750,000 to homeowners in the federal taxes. he says this bill would generate about $500 million in new tax dollars each year . today, we found out there was one family that will be cheering for the minnesota vikings tomorrow . you have the pressure of wanting to root for the home team but then you know what my brother keep a job? >> her brother is a vikings coach, we introduce you to andre patterson and played football at contra costa college . lots of sunshine today, already the clouds moving in but not a lot of cover blocking this beautiful site. we look at our full moon, a lot more on your weekend forecast coming up.
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vikings 49ers, can you feel the anxiety? you know as a bay area station, we focus on local teams, their players, coaches and fans, not tonight though. we introduce you to this man, andre patterson, the vikings coach who called richmond home as a kid. ktvu rob roth spoke to his sister and uncle who will be cheering for the vikings . >> when the san frand minnesota off saturday, barbara peterson is one bay area native who will not be rooting for the niners.
5:48 pm
she has got to because her brother is andre patterson, the defensive line coach for the minnesota vikings . >> when you have the pressure for rooting for the home team but then when my brother keep a job? >> the root was not easy, the pattersons grew up in the kennedy manor housing project in richmond called monterey pines. uncle says patterson rose above his environment . >> he had a very bad reputation for you know activities that were not necessarily appropriate or legal. he lived through that without becoming involved in it . >> andre patterson graduated from the high school in richmond where he played football and he came here to contra costa college where he also played ball . >> he got into a lot of trouble,
5:49 pm
that has been his life, his dream . >> patterson went to the university of montana where he survived a knee injury . >> my mother flew down to montana to tell him he will not play, he wanted to play . >> patterson has been coaching 16 years in the nfl and his son is coaching with him. his sister says patterson is more than a coach to his players . >> all of his players love him. they look at him like a father figure. he treated them that way . >> during this interview with minneapolis station kmsp . >> i think the biggest compliment i can give is if my daughter ever brought home a man that she wanted to marry, i hope he is like him .
5:50 pm
>> has he leaked any secret strategy to his family about the game? >> he says it will be tough, they are looking for a win . >> we will find out soon enough, rob roth, ktvu, fox2news . >> bay area weather, we are trapping one week system. overnight you may hear a few raindrops, it is the beginning of what will be. you can see sunday there is a chance for sprinkle in the north bay and on tuesday, we could be tracking scattered showers for possibly a stronger storm. wednesday into thursday and time could change a little between now and then. in the short term, we are watching this guy move in from the north. it is moving into the bay area and some green around yreka and cape mendocino. as we come in closer, we show
5:51 pm
you current numbers and what you would expect. we are starting to cool off, san jose 54, walnut creek 52, san francisco 51 and santa rosa 52 degrees. also, a bit of a brief, winds nothing too major around 3-5 to around 12 miles an hour. the sfo, westerly about 15 and northerly wind at about 10 miles an hour. here is our live camera out towards san francisco, high clouds streaks moving in. as we head into your friday evening, looking nice. the clouds continued to move into thovernight, we bring more nit lows are in t- 40s starting upper 40s. here is the first, you can see developing the cold front comes on board. this front will basically fall
5:52 pm
apart overnight, it will have enough strength to bring in showers overnight as you can see. it is a quick mover by afternoon hours, partly sunny skies and breezy by midmorning we can have clouds lifted out. this will generate a small, approaching the area coastline. a high surf advisory begins at 9 a.m. saturday into 3 p.m. sunday. wave height around 8-12 the tomorrow, 12-18 feet on sunday and a few spots like mavericks the winds had come out enhanced or amplified because of the waves going above 20 feet. we are selling you this and you can see the system is falling apart, this is 5:00 tomorrow morning. a few scattered showers, do not be surprised when you wake up, you may have wet roadway. a few hundredths of an inch, this is saturday morning 7:00
5:53 pm
into afternoon hours the clouds move out. sunday we thicken up the clouds later in the day. you see by 4:00 there is a chance of a northbay sprinkle and another week system coming in from the north. monday we have cloud cover and maybe shower chances later in the day on monday. forecast highs tomorrow, 50s out there. becoming partly cloudy into afternoon hours and a little busy, no major storms yet, more clouds on sunday, we could be tracking showers by monday and into tuesday and we could have another better chance in fact by later in the day on wednesdays . san francisco city and police officials held their news conference as chinese lunar new year approaches. it starts january 25th, the wide campaign and they stay
5:54 pm
vigil so they do not fall victim to scams. this is the time of year where criminals will try to extort money asking for money or valuables in exchange for a blessing or offering of good luck . >> with the many celebrations and events, you will be seeing increased foot patrols with extended hours of operation, enhanced community engagement and outrage. >> san francisco is home to the largest chinatown outside of asia. the chinese new year parade will be february 8, it will air on ktvu at six following the news at five . a celebrity on stanford's campus because of her skill on the court. off of the court she is a huge seahawks fan because of her brother russell wilson. coming up, we talked about
5:55 pm
savannas events and how that sticks with her teammates. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem ...and done. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. only at a sleep number store save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time
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the 49ers are one game away from the nfc championship, so are the seattle seahawks which means that the rivals may meet for a third time . >> scott reports the stanford women's skboth
5:57 pm
sides. >> anna wilson is a basketball player with football in her blood . >> eye contact a football . >> not only can she catch a football, she gets to catch passes from her brother who happens to be seahawks star russell wilson . >> i get to really be a part of the game. i am a little bit more attached than most people . >> of course the combination of being a campus celebrity and a renowned seahawks fan does not always play so well in 49ers country . >> sometimes i would go around campus and someone would be like 49ers towards me and that was the biggest thing that has
5:58 pm
ever happened . >> it was easy when the niners were not very good. now it is a challenge because i do love the niners, too. i cheer for both of them and hope they make it to the super bowl which i guess it's impossible . >> luckily, i have more numbers than the 49ers . >> those numbers are growing thanks to the wilson's . >> i will call the seahawks my home team now. a lot of them love metcalf, they are a huge fan. we are in it 100%, we are watching games and screaming at the tv. it has been pretty fun . >> she has done a good job recruiting for seahawks nation, she is doing something more fundamental, she is expanding the nfl fan base one teammate at a time .
5:59 pm
>> my teammates are learning about football, they are good at basketball. they can stick to what they are good at. i am from toronto, canada, every time we watch a game i want to learn more and i probably annoy her because i constantly ask questions and it is funny, anna gets nervous especially when her brother is playing. i do not know if it is a good distraction when i asked questions . >> looked at anna wilson doing a great job . >> as anna wilson leaves, big brother russell hopes to lead the seahawks into the playoffs. we know what that could mean, hocks, niners, round three . >> what happens if they need to get into the nfc championship game? >> it does not bother me, seattle is my team .
6:00 pm
>> i think as long as they are in i do not care what they are playing . >> ktvu, fox2news . this is ktvu, fox2news at six . >> one of the top concerns, a fresh face of the top pop of the police department and he is bringing new ideas . >> i finally have the opportunity to use the additional police officers to put them out into our system and we know what presents we will be determined and we increase the safety in our system . >> after nine months of serving as the chief, ed alvarez is in charge of bartz police department. >> i am allison rodriguez, that announcement made and the team wasting no time, ktvu alex here now with more of the background and how he is promising to make


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