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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  January 11, 2020 7:00am-8:31am PST

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the unique solution officials have come up with for a homeless camp. a judge order as group of vacant mothers who took over a vacant home to leave. when they must clear out by, and how they are responding. the stage is set for the playoff game at levi stadium. live in the south bay for you as the niners take on the vikings this afternoon. good morning, and welcome to mornings on 2, it's saturday, january 11th. i'm claudine wong. >> ready for football? >> feels like football. >> good morning, and happy
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weekend. i'm frank mallicoat, and here's rosemary, too, and it feels like a sunday. >> we have been talking about it for days, and we hope for a good gay. we have good weather, and there's a look at levi stadium. the rain will move out in time for the afternoon, under partly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the 50s over areas of santa clara for the second part of the day. storm tracker 2. we are seeing scattered showers over the bay area. right over the coastline of the north bay there, and stretching over in to hills, and we will get into areas of half moon bay, and also a few scattered showers there, and backing up some, you can tell not much going on. sprinkles over the santa clara mountains. calling for scattered showers, mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. partly cloudy, cool, and breezy, and coming along with the temperatures, and we will talk about what you can expect
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for the rest of the weekend. the king tides are back, more on that in a bit. thank you, rosemary. developing news we are following for you this morning. u.s. officials say two u.s. service members killed and two others injured when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan. a spokesperson said they are assessing the situation, but the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. a 6.0 earthquake shaking puerto rico this morning, causing further damage along the southern coast. it was 17 miles west of the city of ponce, just off the coast there. no reports of the damage or injuries on the island. it feels the strongest quake since the 6.4 quake struck the island on tuesday, knocking power out across puerto rico. back here in the bay area, the niners are playing their first ever postseason game at levi stadium, squaring off with
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the vikings. we have alyssa harrington live for us, and that's where the stadium is quiet now, but i don't think it will change very quickly as the morning rolls around, alyssa. >> reporter: that's right, we are 6.5 hours away from kickoff, and there's traffic control barriers up. the niners playing at home and the fans have been gearing up for this all week. >> we feel great, and it's light work. the boys, as sherman said, if everyone does their wart, we are good. don't go out there and be an engine or a tire. just be the tire, work together, and we got it. >> reporter: some fans are willing to do just about anything to get a ticket to the game, the game is sold out, but yesterday the team raffled off eight pairs of free tickets. to win, you had to do your best impression of nick bosa in the mud bowl. >> it's cold a little bit, but this is my fourth time through.
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>> hoping for more tickets. . [ cheers ] >> reporter: the 49ers are expecting a record-breaking crowd, and there will be tight security ticketholders should aride early to be in your seat before tickoff. there will be a navy flyover and a rally towel give away. gates open at 9:30, but there's already people waiting in their cars, and they want to be the first through the gates, and there's a lot of excitement in the air, even though it's early. the sun just coming up, and it's certainly going to be a very, very exciting day here at levi's stadium. >> i think we are all ready for a little football, thank you. sanoma county leaders said they have chosen where to build a new homeless shelter, and they are promising to clear out a growing homeless encounter along the joe redota trail.
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it's a popular walking trail, and people living near it voicing their frustrations last night, it was sponsored by linda hop since. critics say she has not done enough to address the issue. now 200 people from 20 in just months. neighbors are concerned about homeless people with untreated addictions or mental illness. >> i'm scared to walk in my neighborhood, not that homeless people are scary, but drugs are scary. >> i just want a piece of dirted where i'm not bothered by the police for being illegal for being homeless, and where my things are safe, that's all. >> there's tremendous community interest. we we have smart, creative people in our community. i see channeling that into change and a creative solution. >> $12 million has been
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committed for the new emergency shelters, detox beds, counselors, and shifting some into apartments. they are considering buying three properties for homeless campers to move into. san francisco's district attorney has fired several several prosecutors just days after taking the office. six attorneys have been fired, including the managing attorneys in the criminal division. i had to make difficult staffing decisions today in order to put in place a management team that will help me acome accomplish the work i committed to do for san francisco. a judge ordered a group of women who are occupying an empty home to be out of the home on by january 18th.
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they said they will not leave, and they are ready to be arrested. the home is owned by wedgewood properties. the spokesperson said what they have done is illegal and unethical. >> protecting not just wedgewood's rights but everyone's rights to have personal property and not have it broken into and invaded by squatters. >> the sheriff's deputies could effect the women and the children if they do not leave on their own in the next four days. new concerns over the downing of the downing of a jet. the iran guard is taking responsibility for accidentally shooting down the plane, killing all 176 people on board. the guard commander says during the heightened tensions the armed forces mistook the commercial planes far hostile target. iran's supreme leader also offering condolences this morning to the victim's families. following tehran's announcement, ukraine's prime minister said it's an important
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step in the investigation process, but the investigation itself is not over. in the meantime, justin trudeau issued a statement saying canada is concentrated on closure, accountedbility, transparency, and justice. president trump says the united states had information that iran planned to attack several u.s. embassies, and last night the president sat down with fox news, and said the threats led to the top killing of the military leader in iran last week. the administration said it was an act of self-defense to prevent what it described as an eminent threat against u.s. interests. some members of congress say the administration has provided little evidence to back that up. >> to have a large scale attack planned for other embassies, and if those were planned, why can't we reveal that to the american people, wouldn't that help your case? >> i can reveal i believe it would have been four embassies.
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>> president trump said one of the embassies threatened was in baghdad, and yesterday the u.s. also imposed new sanctions on iranian manufacturing, construction, and other industries. it's 7:09, and it's time to go over to rosemary orozco to look at the weather. not much is falling from the sky. it's winding down already. a live look at the oakland estuary as we look at the skies. temperatures warmer because of the clouds and added humidity in the air. storm tracker 2 showing a few scattered showers remain, the north bay coastline there, and looking like stretching over the mount cam area, along the coastline, south of halfmoon bay. a few sprinkles there. we have some of the diablo range, a few sprinkles there. through the morning hours t will continue to move out, and
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here's a look at how much warmer we are, up by 11 degrees in santa rosa, and 11 by livermore, and 9 degrees, a popular number. san carlos and oakland this morning, and temperature in the 40s for most. 48 to start your morning in downtown san francisco, and mid- 40s for castro valley, and by the afternoon, temperatures are ranging in the mid- to upper 50s, and here's a look at the futurecast for you. 10:00or so, and still watching some moisture just kind of skirting the coastline by 1:00 in the afternoon, and it's a partly sunny, partly cloudy one, and if you're going to be at levi's stadium, it could be breezy and cool. we will be dry. 54 at kickoff. 56 expected at halftime, and the king tide is back, and it looks like high tide through the morning hours. today, 11 07, and tomorrow, it's closer to noontime, and then we will look into monday, and it's right about the lunch
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hour or so, and this is the time when we are most likely to see the flooding, and along the coastline, and our bayside communities as well, we are talking about trails and low- lying roadways and sidewalks, and something to consider if you're going to be out to the coastline and you like hanging out near our bay side communities, taking on those trails through the morning hours, and there's also a high surf advisory, and it will start at 9:00 this morning, going until 3:00 in the afternoon, and that is today as well as tomorrow, and some areas expected to see 24 feet or so with the breakers. partly cloudy, cool, mid- to upper 50s in the forecast. not much change for tomorrow. we have a chance for rain in the extended forecast, and more coming up on this in a bit. >> thank you, rosemary. presidential candidate, pete buttigieg is speaking out about the homeless crisis across the country. why the democratic hopeful said it's a problem that does not
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respect party lines. why a stanford basketball star is having a tough time deciding who to root for in the playoffs. we will explain coming back. yeah, you know the happiest place on earth, but... did you know this is where you can harness your inner jedi? and tear around radiator springs? or get your flex on with the incredibles. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket.
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welcome back. 49ers are one game away from the nfc title game, and so are the seattle seahawks who will battle the packers this weekend that means they could meet for a third time next week if both
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win this week. ktvu's scott reese explains the stanford women's basketball team has a vested interest on both sides. >> reporter: anna wilson is a basketball player with football in her blood. >> i mean, i can catch a football. >> reporter: not only can she catch a football, she gets to catch passes from her brother, who happens to be seahawks' star russell wilson. >> it's really exciting, i get to be part of the game, and i'm a little more attached to than other people are. >> reporter: the combination of being a campus celebrity and seahawks fan does not always play well in 49ers country. >> when i first came to stanford, i would go to campus, and someone would say 49ers towards me, and that's the biggest thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm a seahawks' fan with anna. it was easy when the niners were not good, but it's a
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challenge. i hope they both make it to the super bowl, which i guess is impossible. >> i have two other teammates from the washington area, and luckily i have more numbers behind seattle than the 49ers. >> reporter: thanks to the wilsons, the numbers are growing. >> just knowing anna and her family, i have a team to root for. the seahawks are my home team now. >> when the seahawks are playing, they usually watch with me. they like metcalf and lynch. >> reporter: she has done a great job recruiting for the seahawks' nation, but she's expanding the nfl fan base one teammate at a time. >> my teammates are learning a lot about football. they are really, really good at basketball, and that's obvious, and they stick to what they are good at. >> i'm from toronto, canada, and football is not huge. every time we watch a game, i want to learn more.
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i probably annoy her because i constantly ask questions, what's happening here, what's happening there. anna gets nervous when her brother is playing, and i feel like when i ask the questions, i don't know if it's a goodies traction or shut up, i'm watching the game distraction. >> reporter: as anna leads the cardinals deeper into pac12 play, her big brother is hoping to lead the seahawks into the playoffs. we know that could mean hawks- niners round 3. >> what happens if they meet? >> it will be a dilemma. >> i'm all for it. >> seattle is my team. >> i don't really care who they are playing. >> they have to win first. >> that's a great story, but we are like, hmmmm, i don't know. she seems lovely. >> yes, she does. >> we just root for different
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-- >> talk about the gene pool, too. it's like the curry family. it's going to be dry out there, cool, breezy, and overall, it's going to be a nice day, and for all of us, we are looking at the cloud cover and a few scattered showers that will remain in place through the morning hours. a live look there the golden gate bridge. i like to know where they are going on a saturday morning. the view of the cloud cover and i should say the rain that remains over the north bay coastline, and it moves over to the areas, and it looks like right about san rafael, half moon bay, and a few sprinkles over the higher elevations, and you can see for yourself, it's not a big deal. winds are calm livermore and sfo reporting a breeze at 6. turning breezy into the
7:19 am
afternoon behind the system. that's common. here's a view of what we can expect rolling through the weekend, and here we are as we get to 1:00 or so, partly sunny, partly cloudy, and temperatures in the 50s. we start out sunday clear, and then the cloud cover returns, picking up on a few returns here, and it's fairly new. we will continue to track this, and we may have scattered shower activity entering the bay area sunday night, and monday morning t gone again, and it's winter, and we need winter-type of storms, and we are getting weak waves moving through. we will take it. here's a view of the temperatures, warm her morning, with the cloud cover in place, and 48 degrees in downtown san francisco, and oakland, and into the north bay, 40 for you in napa, and 46 over freemont and san jose, the afternoon highs for today, mid- to upper
7:20 am
50s for today. 56 for san francisco. upper 50s for berkeley, oakland, and the south bay, temperatures similar, upper 50s. mountain view, santa clara, 59 for san jose, into the extended forecast, and temperatures don't change a lot. stuck in the 50s for awhile, and if you're going to tahoe, it's a cold one. below freezing in truckee this morning, and just above freezing south lake tahoe, and the winds, generally light at the moment, and there's a wind advisory that continues until this afternoon, and morning showers are expected over the areas of tahoe, and driving out for the second part of the weekend, and temperatures into the afternoon, only into the 30s. 34 for today, 35 expected for tomorrow, and then the wind, it's what can impact some of the ski resorts out there, and a heads up on that, if you're traveling for today, and here's the look at the extended forecast. and overnight lows do not change a lot. the afternoon highs don't change a lot, and increasing cloud cover on sunday, and
7:21 am
maybe a few sprinkles coming our way by sunday night, and monday on and off. >> it was odd, this morning, i got into my car, looked up, and there's the moon, and everything was soaking wet. good dousing. >> when is it a common theme? >> when will it be over? >> it's not enough, you know what i mean. >> it's just sitting on us. >> thank you, rosemary. coming up why an all girl's school is planning to shut down after 65 years. and the governor presents a historic budget. his plan to present homelessness and health care. we will have all that for you.
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uber is is refusing to share sexual assault victim information with regulator. the chronicle reporting uber will not give names or contacted information from victims who have not given their consent, citing their right to privacy. 3,000 sexual assaults were reported in 2018 including 235 rapes. the same month the public utilities commission asked for more details including victim contact information, and they uber asked they revoke the ruling. pg&e could get half a billion dollars tax break. the deadline to file the
7:25 am
paperwork. they agreed to the penalties for the 2017 and 2018 wild fires. lawmakers are angry saying pg&e is benefiting from the fires. they promised they are learning from the past and apologized for the fires. the governor revealed a $222.2 billion budget proposal for the new year. it would direct $750 million to organizations that help the homeless and boost spend on schools, and the plan will steer more money to programs that combat climate change include progress siting health care to 27,000 illegal immigrants, and the undocumented immigrants would have to be medicaid eligible to receive their benefits. we are exchanging coverage regardless of immigration status for all of those 65 and
7:26 am
older. we believe in universal health care, and we believe that universal health care lowers costs for everybody, and we believe the evidence bears that out. the governor calling ensuring undocumented immigrants the right thing to do morally and ethically. his budget includes a $5.6 billion surplus, allowing the creation of new agencies. mercy high school is closing its door. the all-girl catholic schools say decreasing enrollment and rising operation cost has led to the closure. the school has been open for nearly 70 years now, and it will stop operation at the end of the school year on june the 1st. administrators are working with the parents of the students to help move the students to get into other schools including mercy high school in burlington. san francisco's new sheriff is making had history. the possible collaboration in the works between the sheriff's office and the mayor's office. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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bart police has a new chief. how he plans to address the safety problem. with the iowa caucus just weeks away, a new poll shows the widening gap with the top four candidates and the new leader on the board. ♪ we are going to start with soft music on this saturday to
7:30 am
wake you up, get the coffee percolating because it's game day, ladies and gentlemen. >> i thought it was for yoga. >> you can get your workout in, hydrate, and then get all the goodies together for kickoff at 1:35. it's a marine-layer kind of day, and that will change. >> yes, and we will have partly cloudy skies for the game. we are all in red, and we have got our rally towels here. >> i know. >> going to throw those out. there we go. it's game day. >> perfect. >> come on! e on! >> that's the normal part. >> hit the mic on that one. >> i have to admit, i was thinking of the goodies all morning long, like oh, goodies, we don't have to go to levi's stadium. >> i would if i had a ticket. this morning, mostly cloudy skies, lingering showers, and fog this morning, with all the
7:31 am
residual moisture in place. the second part of the morning, into the afternoon, we are drying out, and temperatures will be in the 50s for folks that are going to the game, and here's a look at where we are seeing scattered showers, and continuing to roll through, winding down. higher elevations for the diablo range, and likely picking up a few scattered showers there, and right off the coastline, and san mateo coastline, and going north, we may have some activity going on right over san rafael bridge, to mill valley, and perhap as few scattered showers for you there, and into the second part of the morning, we are drying it out, and we will be a little bit breezy behind the system, and temperatures will be a bit on the cool side, and we have been in the 50s for some time now, and if you have not already grown accustomed to that, come sunday night, another chance of scattered showers, not looking like a big deal. i will break it down for you, and temperatures in a little billionth.
7:32 am
>> rosemary, thank you. we are counting down to the first ever 49er playoff game at levi's stadium. just 6 hours away from kickoff. elissa harrington is live outside of levi's where fans are waiting to get in the gates. >> reporter: gates don't open until 9:30, but cars stretching all the way to the gates. cars are decorated with flags. with me, i have die-hard fans. [ cheers ] >> reporter: so how excited are you about the game. >> so excited! we are going to get this win. it's our turn. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: what brings you out so early? >> tailgating. >> we have to tailgate first thing in the morning. that was how we do it. the faithful. you to be here bright and early. >> reporter: what do you hope happens today? >> we get the w. that's all that matters. >> reporter: i'm going to take us on a walk a little bit, and i want to show you what we are seeing here. gates open at 9:30, and we have
7:33 am
a good crowd, and we have people who have been out here for hours, and with me, i actually spoke with miriam earlier, and you're ready for today. >> we left at 5:30 in the morning to be here on time. we are really excited. >> reporter: is the niners' first playoff game at levi's stadium, did you want to be here because of that, to be part of history? >> absolutely. we were also at the playoff game at the last time at candle stick, and it definitely is nice to be one of the last here and first here as well. >> reporter: all right, thank you. >> reporter: i'm going to walk over here to talk to more fans. hi, good morning. so you were telling me earlier you're doing pretailgating because we are not in the gates yet, but you're ready to party. >> it's the first playoff game at levi's stadium. we have to celebrate before we celebrate. >> reporter: how are you feeling about the game? >> i mean it will be a blowout it will be crazy. we will back here next sunday. it's about to be on. >> reporter: have a great time,
7:34 am
you guys, and again, we are still several hours from kickoff, but look at the fans. everyone is so excited. great energy in the air and if you're coming to the game today, we are told there's going to be really tight security. it's a very good idea to get here early, get through the process so you're in your seat at kickoff. reporting live, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> great crowd to be around. thank you. it's 7:34, and san francisco's new sheriff is making history, and he is outlining his priorities. last night a celebration was held for the first asian american sheriff in the state's history. he served in the sheriff's department for more than 23 years before taking over. the san francisco native said his goals include working with the mayor and looking at ways to collaborate. >> make sure that the community trusts the job that we do, and there's accountability and transparency in the system. >> we want to keep more police
7:35 am
officers on the streets so possibly when they make arrests, we. to work with transports to keep the officers on the streets. >> mayor says the sheriff would like to see a criminal justice campus to house the offices of the district attorney, public defender, and sheriff's department. it's 7:35, and doctors have reportedly amputated one of the legs of a man who was shot by the san francisco police. on december 7th, authorities received reports of a home invasion and car burglaries in the mission district. 24-year-old jamaica hampton matched the suspect's division, and he hit one of the officers with a vodka bottle and then tried to hit another. he's been in the hospital for one month, and one of his legs had to be amputated on thursday. bart's new police chief is wasting no time in carrying out one of his directive.
7:36 am
he was appointed to permanent chief yesterday. the transit agency wants him to reduce crime and improve ridership experience. next monday a newly created team of 12 sworn police officers will be devoted to riding in trains and walking along the platforms at night and on weekends. riders welcome the extra police presence. >> this is a wonderful idea, and it should have been done a long time ago, and you know, i have heard of all kinds of things, people getting robbed, raped, and you know, just a ton of things, but i'm glad their presence is here. >> presence equals safety, and our trained officers will be committing enforcements on the trains, and they will be providing the presence and safety our riders have been asking us to give to them. we owe it to them. >> alvarez has been with the police department for 22 years. the general manager said he knows the transit system and has short-term and long-term strategies to grow the department into a fully staffed
7:37 am
progressive agency. the only person convict in the killing of keith green has been released from jail. odela was immediately taken into custody by federal immigration agents, but the reason is not yet clear. odela was convicted of being an accessory to the murder in 2016 and fulfilled the maximum sentence. >> it's the final chapter, not the final chapter we wanted or what we believe occurred, but it's what the evidence showed according to one of our juries. we accept it. >> hillsboro, tiffany lee charged with the actual killing of green, and prosecutors said the pair hired odela, their former body guard to carry out the crime over a custody suit. they convicted lee, and the d.a. has declined to try the other
7:38 am
suspect again. detectives said they identified richard silverio through dna in an attempted rape. he offered the victim a ride, and he drove the victim to san carlos park, pulled out a knife and demand sex. the victim ran, and he caught her, and he tried to rape her. she escaped and called 911. he was arrested on thursday on felony charges. he was a driver with a ride share company, but he was not on duty at the time. several presidential candidates on the stump today. bloomberg in texas, and sanders and warren are in iowa, and pete buttigieg and the former vice president joe biden are both in vegas. new polls show bernie sanders has the lead among likely voters in iowa, 20%. warren next at 17, and pete buttigieg, biden, and
7:39 am
klobuchar. >> best-selling author marrianne williamson ends her campaign. she was at less than 1% in the polling. pete buttigieg is the main guest on this week's episode of the this is. he spoke with anchor alex michaelson about president trump's claim that homelessness is mostly a state and local issue. >> one thing i know for sure, partisan politics from this president is not going to help. trying to use this to attack other american leaders working the issue is the of sit of what we need. that's problem that does not respect party lines. >> pete buttigieg toured a transitional housing facility in los angeles, and he also looked at an infrastructure plan for roads and transit. he covered a number of topics including the escalating tensions with iran, and you can
7:40 am
see more in our weekly political show "the issue is:" it airs here on sunday and then here on ktvu channel 2. it's 7:40 on your saturday, and a wet start, but i think it will be a nice day, right, rosemary? yes, partly cloudy for the afternoon. cool, breezy, and we will be dry. here's levi's stadium. we do have a lot of cloud cover out there this morning, and pretty much bay areawide, and in addition to the cloud cover a few lingering showers, and fog for some, and we will check in on the visibility in a moment, and first, let's check on the temperatures, with the overcast skies, temperatures are up by several degrees over yesterday morning. upper 40s for san francisco and oakland, and san jose at 46. anywhere from 7 degrees warmer at half moon bay to 1 degrees warmer for napa santa rosa,
7:41 am
livermore. we don't have the sunshine either but not as chilly. looking at the rain, still a bit moving through the bay area, not much, most over the higher elevations. santa cruz mountains, mount diablo and the diablo range there the to north, looking like right over the richmond san rafael bridge, and then over to tiberon. a few sprinkles for you there. and maybe 580 along the berkeley stretch there, and also as we get through the morning hours this will continue to move out. we will be left with dry conditions late morning, early afternoon, and the visibility is a tough one. napa and santa rosa, everyone else looking okay. the darker shades of gray over the hills, and if you're driving out early, something to be aware of. we will have dry conditions expected for the afternoon, and there's a look at 10:00 and 1:00. 1:00game at levi stadium. or 1:35 i believe it is.
7:42 am
we have 54 degrees at kickoff time. 56 at halftime, and partly cloudy and breezy conditions. i will look at the afternoon highs for the rest of us, and a look at the king tide forecast in a bit. more fallout in the problems of the boeing max 737 jets, and why thousands of people will lose their jobs. there's a football game today. did you know that? >> maybe a little football. >> we will chat with joe to see what we can expect from the vikings, coming up next, stay right there.
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kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. the new season is upon us. it's playoff time for the nfl, and the fans have waited a long time for this 7 years as the vikings roll into town this afternoon as the number 6 seed, and with more on the big game, let's say hi to our football insider, joe fonzi. you a busy day, don't you? >> reporter: yes, and this is what the niners were battling for in seattle. they are not on an airplane. they are home at levi's stadium, hosting a playoff game for the first time in existence. >> it's going to be fun.
7:46 am
let's talk about the fact that the niners for the first time all season long, all 53 roster players on the practice field. how big of a difference will that make, joe? >> reporter: i'm not sure how much those are going to be used, but its huge to be back at 100% of the guys, and we are talking about alexander and deford, and key members of the defense who in the case of alexander, they have not had him since halloween, and they thought he was done for the year. when you get an extended season like this, you get a chance to get both guys back. getting the chance to have them back, psychologically, and they will probably spot them at different times, but it's huge to have them back. >> yeah, the defense was better in the 1st half when they were all healthy. good news for them today. bad news for the vikings. adam thielen with issues, and stephen diggs had an illness
7:47 am
all week. what's their status? >> reporter: i'm sure diggs, you know, who was sick earlier in the week, and you know, i mean this time of the year the flu will go through a clubhouse or locker room, and a lot of guys get it, and i think he was expected to play, and then adam thielen, really the star receiver in the win in new orleans, i guess someone stepped on him in practice, and he required stitches in ankle. it's one of the things during the week, he said i'm playing, but you know, whether or not he's 100%, and that's a big part of the offense, because if the 49ers can keep the vikings out of the air, and make them a little bit one dimensional at least, you know, obviously that's a benefit to their defense if they can do that. >> that cut on his ankle, and it will be interesting today
7:48 am
for him. let's talk about minnesota coming off the incredible o.t. win over the saints, and a lot of folks said cousins can bring it in a big game, but i guess he proved them wrong, the overtime drive, talk about that, joe. >> reporter: that's where he made the big throw to thielen that may be the best throw he made in his career, and you're right, you know, he gets that wrap that you can't win the big one, and then you win it, and you know, then people cannot say that about you anymore, and there is some history there because pretty well documented when cousins started out in washington, his offensive coordinator was kyle shanahan. he was not the starter then. robert griffin iii was, but i don't know if there's anyone who has spent more time with offensive coordinators and quarterbacks. i would think they know each other well. >> two other guys are george
7:49 am
and jimmy. going nuts today? >> reporter: well, you know, again, it's kind of as ki ttle goes, it's the good luck weapon, and good luck stopping him. not many have been able to do. don't forget samuels and sander. kendrick borne for that matter. they have been getting contributions from everybody this year, and it's the running back by committee, and rahm as been the guy lately, and you will see kevin coleman, and they want to be balanced on offense. it's funny. shanahan said something funnily this week that is true. he said people want to ask us, are you a running team or passing team, and he said we are both, and what is kind of funny, i know it sounds funny, but you have to pass to run and you have to run to pass, and everybody kind of laughed, but
7:50 am
it's true. >> they feed one another, and talk about the stadium, and what do you think it's going to be like down there? the last few games they have played there have gone down to the final seconds, and it felt like a college game. >> reporter: yeah, but the stadium finally feels like it's developed a little bit of a soul. you know the seattle game they lost, and the arizona game, that they won, and the green bay game, it's really starting to feel like, well, okay this place, the people are not in one of the greatest lines ever written scott from the chronicle calling the fancy seat in the sun where you can go underneath and not be in the sun, and he calls them the people who were down in the tequila bunkers, and you know, i don't think anyone will be in the tequila bunkers for this one it should be as lively has it has ever been for a game let's not forget hosting the college national championship
7:51 am
and a super bowl, but it should be for the 49ers, the liveliest crowd they have ever seen. >> a lot of people getting ready, including you, joe, and we will check you out later here on ktvu. >> reporter: let's keep it going and do this next week. >> i hear miami is nice in february. let's see if we can head that way. joe fonzi, ktvu sports. thanks as always, and let's get the game-day forecast now. i think you may want to bring a light jacket, but should be clear. >> you do not need the rain jacket or the umbrella. it will be a dry one, and it could be cool and breezy. the sun should be shining in time for the afternoon game. outside the doors this morning, a different story, and wake up with mostly cloudy skies, and you can see rain on the lens there, and a few remaining showers in place through the morning hours before we return to dry weather for the afternoon, and a look at the
7:52 am
rain fall amounts with this latest system, and not a lot, and don't want to complain, but we could definitely use more, and it looks like port reyes you're the winner there at .19. san francisco, not too bad. .15 for you there. and storm tracker 2 showing not a lot going on out there. we move in closer, and we have some, looking like it's moving in to the east bay shore of berkeley, emeryville, and maybe just the edge of the bay bridge, this looks like it's moving out, and into the santa curz mountains, and by noontime or so, partly cloudy and dry, and if you're going up to the sierra, there's a wind advisory, and you don't have to worry about the snow as far as travel concerns, and no advisory issues for that, but there is a wind advisory, and that could impact some of the ski resorts today, and it goes
7:53 am
until the afternoon, and here's a view of what we expect come sunday morning, and partly cloudy skies, and notice what is going on to the north, and this will eventually drop in, by about sunday afternoon and evening, and we may get add round of a few light scattered showers, and again, it does not look like a big deal. here's monday morning, starting off dry, and take a look at what happens monday night, and we are unsettled with the on and off light rain type of stuff going on for the next several days, and wednesday and thursday, looking like they could definitely be the best two days for some more widespread rain, and high tides this morning, 11:07, tomorrow, 11 54, and monday, 12:44, and the king tides are with us, and we are likely to see is a little bit of flooding during the hours along the coastline, inside of the bay, and our low- lying roadways, sidewalks, trails, and be careful out there. also a high surf advisory starting later this morning until tomorrow afternoon, and
7:54 am
for dangerous surf for our swimmers and surfers. temperatures this morning, warmer with the clouds out there, and dealing with fog in the north bay, and along the valley floor, take it easy. 48 now in downtown san francisco and oakland, and for the afternoon, mid- to upper 50s, and for the north bay, the central bay, and the south bay, and we will go to 58 degrees for mountain view, and upper 50s for santa clara and san jose. the extended forecast there, overnight lows, don't change much, and the afternoon highs, not much either, and we do have that possibility of light rain coming our way, sort of in and out of the next few days before the better chance comes on wednesday. >> rosemary, thank you. there's a new way to get around oakland, how you can rent an electric moped. it's a giant sign that has been a local landmark in the south bay since 1873, and now a san jose appliance store is shutting its doors. why western appliance said it's going out of business.
7:55 am
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7:58 am
city of oakland and the electric vehicle company rebel have announced the launch of the first all electric motor fleet. they will offer 1,000 vehicles, and they are available to rent to licensed drivers over the age of 21. mopeds can be rented through the smart phone app and carry two passengers. this is revel's first market on the west coast. after 146 years in business run by the same family, western appliance in san jose is closing. the company will liquidate the assets immediately. merchandise will be sold at discounted prices over the next several months it will remain in operation until the last customer order is delivered. they said they can no longer offer the level of service people are accustomed to.
7:59 am
a key boeing supplier is laying off thousands of employees. spirit arrow systems will lay off 2800 people in wichita company, kansas. they make the aluminum body accounting for 78% of the airplane structure. the 737 max accounts for 80% of their revenue. there's no time line when the planes can resume commercial services. king tides are expected along the coast through the weekend. the tides may reach 6.5 feet above the average daily low tide at 8:00 this morning. look out for that. crews have been preparing for the possibility of flooding, and cal tran closed a park & ride lot at 101 in mill valley. that's a wrap here. we continue in a few seconds on the plus, ktvu plus. >> we plan to join the sports team for the mercedes-benz
8:00 am
weekend show. we will see you over there. go niners. >> gameday. the nfc westernship division, 49ers ready, rested, and theoretically revved up to take on the vikings fresh off their upset of the saints in new orleans. >> i'm not sitting there going against kirk, and i think that's totally overrated. >> they do have history. kyle shanahan was cousin's offensive coordinator for cousin's first two years in the league in washington, and the vikings acquired cousins to be their franchise quarterback, and he's one impressive notch in his belt, the win last week against the good saints team in a hostile environment.
8:01 am
>> oh, best believe he has his game face on. former stanford star and minnesota viking defensive back to talk about the meeting. 49ers and vikings at levi's stadium. ♪ if you remember the days when going to the game was a regular occurrence, you may remember when they cut records, that was the '80s, and how this chapter of the playoff history turns out very much still to be determined. hello again, everyone. i'm joe fonzi.
8:02 am
>> that's an oldie but a goodie. you brought a smile to my face. >> we said it used to be a regular occurrence, and first time in levi's stadium history they are hosting the playoff game. >> what's been the knock with levi's stadium, there's no soul there. that's because there's not been a lot of huge moments, and that's all changed this year, joe, as it prepares for its first playoff game. >> if you notice the end zones, and they painted them red like the old days, back to the throwback days of the song we were hearing, and maybe they are trying to bring the old candlestick vibe to levi's. >> you have been seeing it build with the momentum, the crowds are bigger, the noise, all of that stuff meaning playoff football, and particularly good time for the 49ers, and they have healthy vocal cords, the 49ers have help all over the roster. 53 guys practicing, full participation this week. >> the guys they were most
8:03 am
thinking about. deford, alexander, and good news, some of them wearing the blue jerseys meaning don't touch me in practice, but they are expected to be available for the game. >> you know, obviously always bringing the energy, and having him on the field, it's a good feeling, and you know what i mean, having them running out there with the team, encouraging. >> and it's confidence boost. it's been awhile since we have had them all on the field together. >> you have the linebackers, and you have the edge, and it's fun to watch. >> all right, you know, you're always looking for story angles, one leading up to the game. jimmy garoppolo, he has never played in a playoff game, but i have to tell you, the way the season came down, and you were at all of the games, you saw it. it's a playoff like atmosphere, nothing that will be that monumentally different in the
8:04 am
game they saw against the saints, the seahawks, the rams, very much a playoff attitude. >> the only difference is lose and go home. there's no question that it put as different vibe on the whole thing it feels like they have been playing playoff games for the last 2 months, and there could not have been a bigger one so far in the regular season than the week 17 game they played in seattle when there was so much about stake that they are benefiting from right now. >> just jimmy garoppolo's demeanor and the way he conducts himself under pressure, i have to believe he feels good about where he is at and the team as well. >> we have had a couple of late games this season that felt like playoff games. starting with seattle here, baltimore, new orleans, all of those games, and we said it throughout the season, i think we will see it. playoffs, you have to love it. >> he has played good games, and jimmy earned the respect how he played, worked, and i think the guys really appreciate him as a man.
8:05 am
>> i don't think it will be any different, feeling the same size, and ball the same size, and it's fine. >> a lot of things don't change. they have played five playoff teams, and you can see the names where the 49ers had great numbers. >> we remember how the two losses ended with last-second kicks. >> up to enough, and i think jimmy garoppolo is ready for the challenge. you to feel particularly happy. there's a lot of first-time guys. you think of jimmy obviously, but kittle and other guys, but how about joe staley. reaching extreme highs and then lows after that, and now 74 is
8:06 am
back and healthy looking good for the postseason again. >> his 13th year, and six probowl seasons during that time. this year he missed eight weeks with a broken leg, three weeks with a broken finger, battled through all of that there could not be anybody happier, and a guy who thought at times about not coming back, and as you said, hung in there through the highs and lows, and a little bit of fun talk together media this week. >> hello. >> what is it like to be back in the situation? >> very exciting. [ laughter ] very exciting. >> the very epitome of the grizzle. i love that he shows up for the interview session with a full uniform on. he is one of the coolest guys, and i'm really on a personal note happy for that guy, and he's been happy through the
8:07 am
highs and lows, and maybe a lot more lows. the other story line in the game, the head coach of the 49ers, who used to be the offensive coordinator of the quarterback for the vikings. >> i think that, you know, people are playing up that angle, and there's mike shanahan with his young up-and- coming son, and the relationship with cousins on the left, and shanahan when he was a quarterback coach and offensive coordinator, but i think he's playing it smart. he is very much playing down how well he knows kirk cousins. >> remember there was talk about cousins ending up in san francisco, and they signed garoppolo instead. shanahan talked about if all the familiarity really means anything. >> down playing the whole thing. >> right. >> i think it's overrated. it's not overrated if the guy does not have much tape on him. everyone is trying to guess, and you can talk better than people guess, but i was with him for 2 years, and other guys
8:08 am
were playing. i'm not sitting there going against kirk, and i think that's totally overrated. >> i have been fortunate to be around great coaches, and kyle is certainly one of them. he has shown that through the years since we have gone our separate ways, and just have the utmost respect for him as a coach and person. >> obviously they are both playing it cool, but i think shanahan is playing it smart because i would bet you he knows more than he is letting on. there's little things that maybe cousins is insecure about or doesn't feel are strong parts of his game that shanahan knows. >> who doesn't an offensive coordinator spend more time with than quarterbacks even though he was the backup to rgiii. they have spent a lot of tight together. >> in the meantime, we have a lot more for you at the mercedes benz sports weekend. the niners are good in one thing, strength on strengths.
8:09 am
our in studio guests is one of our favorites. hank williams talking playoff football. he has his game face on, and he's ready for the playoffs. we will be right back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
i saw a lot of things on
8:12 am
twitter saying if the nfl wants to change the season in 17 games, they should ask me, and i say no. my body hurts, and i needed that break. >> one of the quirks of the season, emmanuel sanders because he started the year with the broncos was traded to the 49ers before the broncos got their bye, and he came after they already had their bye, and he played 17 games this year, and you can see what he thinks about that. tank williams, one of our local pros and favorite guys, with us, and we talked about the big three that are healthy for the 49ers on defense, and how important is the bye week? you have had four playoff games under your belt, how important is the bye week? >> the body is weary during the season. remember when romo went down to cabo for the week? that's how much we look forward to it. the man's body was worried. now they have a matchup with the vikings, i can't wait.
8:13 am
>> i have to ask you, everybody is basically celebrating the return of the likes of tart and deford and the guys who were injured, and how effective can we really expect them to be with that long of a layoff, and rest is nice, but differences always rest or rest? >> i would rather take rests than rust. >> it would take a series or two to get back in the swing of things, but all hands on deck. the vikings' offense was clicking . they will come into levi's confident. >> here's a graphic to look at. the one area where they are the most closely matched up, and you look at scoring offense, scoring defense, and takeaways, takeaways is a big one. both like to run the ball, and they both do it well, and something has kind of got to
8:14 am
give there. >> one thing that i'm not a big numbers guy. i don't know how much talk there is for this part of the season. it's interesting to note. i want to get your opinion, tank, the vikings are number one in the nfl in defense and tight ends. they have only allowed one touchdown all season long to a tight end, and conversely, the 49ers have that guy, george kittle. >> the vikings are good. the defense has fallen, and man, not too many times do you face a man like george kittle. >> all pro, george kittle. >> i'm sure the vikings will try to come up with a game plan to take him away. sanders was playing ball, and the niners can run the ball effectively. it's not like they are a one- trick pony. >> kittle was asked about the
8:15 am
viking defenders who handled the tight ends well this season. >> they have a lot of different coverages, and they do a good job. they focus on the tight ends, and i mean, i'm just whatever coach shanahan has schemed up, i'm going to do that. attack like we have been, and let the game take care of itself. >> the good news, another whole segmented with tank to talk -- >> just warming up! >> he will stay with us as the mercedes benz sports weekend continues. we will talk about another aspect of the game he feels the 49ers must control if they expect to win. jimmy garoppolo got overdell louse with his celebration, and it cost him in the pocket book. we will talk about that with the mercedes benz sports weekend continues. he can afford it.
8:16 am
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this is cool, crisp, 8 degrees above 0. >> great jack whittaker, the first playoff game that the 49er franchise ever won, outdoors in bloomington, minnesota. that was december 27, 1970, and the 49ers won 17-14, and they went on to play the dallas cowboys in the championship game. we remember how it ended three years in a row. the first playoff win in franchise history. >> looked freezing cold, too,
8:19 am
and i can remember. i'm old enough to remember the pregame hype for that, the 49ers from california, they will not be able to handle the cold. zero chance against the purple people eaters, and your thoughts about how you see it sizing up. >> mornings i think if the niners can establish the run game, they have a good chance. the vikings ran 20 more plays than the saints. >> that's hard to believe. >> that's ball control against the best run defense, one of the best run defense in the game. if the niners can establish the run, get a lead, and then you have a healthy d4 coming back, getting cousins, and shanahan has the blueprint to frustrate cousins, come on, now, niners fans will be going crazy at levi's. >> here's the thing they have to do. the vikings have dalvin cook, one of the best, and according to to what you say, if you can make the vikings one
8:20 am
dimensional, stop him. >> last thing you want to do is see dalvin cooking on the field. they will be commit to the run. they had 136 rush yards against the saints, and i mean they didn't really have a good average. the saints averaged more yards than the vikings, but they are going to continue to pound cook because they want to take the pressure off cousins. if you can force cousins to put the team on his back to win the game, throw it around, and you know who is looking in the secondary, sherman is ready for the soundbite. >> you talk about the game most of us saw. cousins against the saints with his first-ever career playoff victory, and what about the defensive backfield, now healthy for the 49ers. the front four, and in the first eight games, had like 22 sacks. dominate, and a lot of measure on the quarterbacks, and how do you think he will do? >> it's one of those things where the vikings went into the game against the saints, and i thought they were going to get pounded because they were beat up in the secondary, yet drew brees could not throw the ball.
8:21 am
this week, we hear diggs is stick, and thielen just had an ankle injury. it's not going to be easy. they are getting riled up, and they have confidence playing in one of the toughest stadiums you can play in, and levi's stadium needs to come alive, the fans need to get behind their team and show what the number one team plays like. >> if they can do that, they will win. >> to the other side, you have to take care of the football, drew brees finding that out, his only fumble of the year in that game. jimny garoppolo, how do you expect him to perform. >> what i expect, shanahan will be stubborn and do what he does. the run will always give, you know, take the pressure off your quarterback. if you're able to establish the run, open up the past lanes for my man over the middle, taking the shots over the top with
8:22 am
sanders. the vikings don't have the recipe to stop the offense. if you're not able to run the ball and jimmy g. has to take control of the game, you get pressure. the vikings have monsters on their defensive line, too. neil is like a mutant. that dude is built like an action figure, and if you get him coming around the edge, i'm telling you, jimmy g.'s head will be on swivel. make sure you get four or five yards of play, get the play action going. >> i wanted to ask you, last year, obviously prior to his injury. jimmy garoppolo lost to the vikings in the start, and had a pick 6 thrown against him, and quotes out of minneapolis, they have garoppolo's number, do those things mean anything? obviously you have been in a playoff game ourself, do they go by the wayside once you tee off? >> the one thing i will say, everything is heightened in a playoff game.
8:23 am
i want to bring up games that don't relate to this one, but if you saw the texans and bills, allen playing well in the first three quarters, and the fourth quarter, and he was doing uncharacteristic plays i have never seen him do in the playoff situation. if this dude can take control, and he can guide the offense, and shanahan can stay within himself, not doing too much, i don't think the outside noise that the players are talking and leading up to the game that will affect them. they will play good ball. >> can you guide us the rest of the way and stick around to the end? >> i gotcha. >> we appreciate it. the guru will be here. one thing that is the product of a good team when things start going for you, people look at your assistants and saying i wonder what kind of head coach they may be. we are coming back with more on the mercedes benz sports weekend, getting ready for the niners and vikings.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. your sunday lineup on fox has the pregame stuff with howie and the boys, followed by the game i think a few 49er fans will be watching from the frozen tundra of green bay, the seahawkses and packers and then the fox post game show with jason and joe, and all the
8:27 am
highlights and interviews the day brings us. >> speaking of jason, also known as the guru, because the fantasy season is over, we have now tasked you with some very important information, which this is very important to the 49ers what is going on. >> every year when you're good and the patriots can attest to this, the assistant coaches get looked at, and the 49ers have had one of the best defense in the nfl all season long, and of course, robert, as we all know, this past saturday, a week ago interviewed for the head coaching job with the cleveland browns, and he's one of a handful of candidates to do so. you can remember he kind of burst on the scene for a household name for a lot of folks down in la when they cut to him, and his defense held the rams 0 for 11 on 3rd and 4th downs in the game, and saleh interviewed for the head coaching job earlier this week, and he's not going to say hutch. he's focused on the vikings, but here's saleh talking about
8:28 am
the experience, and then kyle shanahan, the head coach, rooting for him, talking as well. >> i will be honest, i'm very grateful for cleveland for coming out here and their hospitality and that, but i'm so locked in on minnesota. >> pretty confident with how saleh did. he's unbelievably impressive when anyone wants to interview him, just like when i did, and if that's what they are looking for, i know they will be pumped with what they saw. >> yeah, and saleh does give good interviews, and you saw the energy. reminding me of a guy we have on the set. that kind of energy -- >> energy is infectious. we live in a social media age where everyone has seen saleh on camera. if they can get that hot in cleveland, maybe they can turn it around. >> you had an interesting comment what he brings to the party. >> he's that dude. he brings the energy, and he has the niners playing for him, and he motivates everyone who is son the stadium and on that sideline with him, and i mean, once he gets the crowd going
8:29 am
and the players going, they are tough to beat. >> leaving you with one more thing before we say good-bye. garoppolo lighter in the wallet this week because of what he did after the seattle game. you just won the nfc west, clinching home field throughout the playoffs, why not let it fly in the stands, and he was fined $7,017. tell me how the nfl came up with that number. there's more to the story about that ball he threw. >> just a reaction to being fined $7,000 and then finding out it was caught by a san jose fan who drove to seattle. >> that's pretty accurate. i thought i saw the guy. i was not trying to be a star, i was trying to throw to that specific guy, and he made a great catch on it. i was glad it was a san francisco fan who taught that. >> when you're grinning ear-to- ear about a $7,000 fine, that's like 43 cents for me, man. >> absolutely.
8:30 am
>> for jason, joe, and the tank williams, we will see you next time on the mercedes-benz sports weekend. >> we are fox sports! >> today, at assembly hall, early conference matchup between ohio state and indiana. >> ohio state is always a difficult matchup for any team. >> washington, bingo! bingo, bingo! >> indiana has tremendous size and depth along the line. their guards have outstanding firepower and we've got to be ready for that. >> alley-oop by trayce jackson-davis! >> they won three in a row, can they get back on track against indiana?


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