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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 17, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> more on the stepped-up security at levi stadium. also how the nearby businesses will benefit. and a deadly avalanche at alpine meadows near lake tahoe. one person did survive with serious injuries. and a mysterious virus causing airports to start screening passports and passengers of people coming from china. this is the four . the 49ers and their fans are getting ready for the huge game against the packers at levi stadium. we are just two days away. welcome. i am alex savidge. >> and i am cristina rendon. come sunday it will be rocking at levi stadium. we have
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coverage. this is big business for the area including the hotels. >> as we go near game time the lease do issue advice and warnings to those who are thinking about seeing the game in person on sunday. let's go live to levi stadium with ann rubin. >> reporter: >> reporter: the ticket prices are high on the retail market. and some say you could be a victim of a scam and not realize your ticket is not even real. the stadium is ready as well as the team. if you hope for last minute tickets to the game, officials say let the buyers beware. >> be aware of someone coming up to you with a pair of tickets in their hand or a screenshot of something.
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>> reporter: most tickets are electronic and not printed these days so that is a red flag . and a screenshot will not work , you will need the active barcode. >> as we get into these bigger games the risk increases a little bit. but we've done to mobile ticketing and that has decreased some of the risk a bit. >> reporter: counterfeit merchandise is another story. authorities busted several people selling fake 49ers gear last weekend. >> we have undercover cops that are always looking for that sort of thing here. the nfl brings out people to protect the integrity of the brand as well. >> reporter: in fact, security will be tight all around. you can expect to see police on uniform, on bicycles and on foot. >> we have a group of officers that do nothing but patrol the residential and commercial businesses outside of the
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footprint of the stadium. >> reporter: the messages to follow the rules, be respectful and have a good time. >> we are looking for great results not only on the field but around the stadium as well. >> reporter: in addition to those at the stadium there will be thousands of fans who go out to their favorite locations to watch the games. jesse gary is live in downtown san jose with more on the impact. >> reporter: it afternoon to you and thank you anne. we have a lot of hotspots here. and we have downtown office buildings where they go to a lot of the eateries and all of these will be packed from tonight through sunday as the 49ers fever carries on. >> go 9ers baby! >> reporter: the faithful are
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converging on downtown san jose. >> our office has niner friday to get hyped up. >> reporter: in this case the support is a two-way street. the home of the 49ers is just eight miles away. >> it says san francisco 49ers but the stadium is actually closer to san jose. you should have seen the red and gold here everywhere last weekend. it will be even more intense the sunday. >> reporter: the 9ers going against green bay and the winner goes off to the super bowl. experts say the added home games surrounding the team provides a slight economic boost to the region. and they say the benefit comes amid a sizzling silicon valley economy. >> it is a lot of fun . it is right in the middle of
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everybody being passed off against everybody else here, let's enjoy a few games. >> reporter: and at area restaurants and bars the managers are stocking up. they are getting ready for the customers. and official saturday watch parties will be going on as well. >> we had at least five times more people last saturday. >> reporter: some managers are stocking up for the game as well on sunday and they hope it will catapult the niners into the super stratosphere. >> we will have spillover and the greatest area here downtown. >> reporter: and remember, the last time the 49ers won the super bowl was back in 1995 and the parade was back in san francisco. this time should the parade be in santa clara or maybe downtown san jose? there's plenty of
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room. i know that i am ahead of myself . we will have to wait and then watch them go to miami to take the championship. i am live in downtown san jose, jesse gary . >> what an intriguing notion about the parade. thank you so much. remember you can watch the game this sunday right here on ktvu . afterwards we will have the postgame so coverage. developing news in santa cruz, police are trying to get a man to surrender after he allegedly kidnapped his young daughter this morning. police received a domestic violence call from a hotel and she reported significant injuries received from her partner. investigators say that
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the father, brian sellen, took the child to a nearby apartment at front and 2nd street. local authorities are now trying to get him to surrender. >> we are currently in contact with him. we are trying to get brian sellen to allow us to take the baby and make sure that the baby is safe and do that in a manager that is not threatening to him or anybody else. >> reporter: investigators say the mother of the little girl was taken to the hospital. now we are getting word that police have made contact with the baby who is safe. we will have another update for you on this story coming up at 5 p.m. house speaker nancy pelosi is back in san francisco. she says she is hopeful that witnesses will be allowed to testify next week. >> i hope that the american people get the truth and the facts. and that the senators
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will honor their oath of office. we do not want them depriving the american people of the truth. >> she says she's proud of her decision to hold back the articles of impeachment for one month before sending them over to the senate because that amount of time allowed more information to come up. the speaker also talked about the launch of the census campaign. the population count this year could be critical. experts say growth in the state has slowed to historic lows and birth rates are down. california is at risk of losing a congressional seat for the first time in history and the city of san francisco could also lose much needed federal funding. >> each person who participates in the census translates to $2000 in federal funding each
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year and that's more than $17.6 billion coming to our neighborhoods and communities over the next decades. we need that for food, libraries, road, nutrition and most of all affordable housing. >> you can begin filling out those census forms in mid-march online. ken starr is going to be involved in the impeachment trial. and we have reaction from washington for you. drug president donald trump congratulating the college football national champions at the white house and criticizing the ongoing impeachment trial. on tuesday we expect heated opening statements and votes on how the trial will be run including the democratic request to allow more witnesses
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and documents. >> when the prosecutor presses charges they continue to gather evidence and this is a trial that has evidence on both sides. the president can also bring in evidence. >> i do not see any need to bring witnesses before the senate, given the insufficiency of the impeachment articles. >> these are some of the leaders of the legal team and they have some familiar faces. alan dershowitz and ken starr included. >> we have a couple of strange choices here on this team. they will again have a lot of trouble if they want to try to block witnesses and documents given their past records. >> if i was voting as a senator i would vote to dismiss because
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i don't think they have the evidence that a high crime or a misdemeanor was committed. >> reporter: over the weekend the briefs will be submitted before the trial resumes tuesday afternoon. lauren blanchard from washington. coming up on the four, we talk about what's coming up about sanctions. plus a deadly avalanche near lake tahoe. officials say one person was killed. more on that coming up after the break. and we could expect a couple of feet of snow with that latest storm. we will be dry this weekend. details on what you can expect coming up after the weekend. can my side be firm?
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one person is dead and another seriously injuredin an avalanche at the alpine meadows ski resort that occurred friday morning. the victim has been identified as cole comstock, 34, of blairsden, california. the avalanche occurred this morning. >> this is an area which is a banned ski area. we do not believe any other area of the resort at alpine meadows is at jeopardy.
4:15 pm
a second man was injured. this was in an open area of the resort. officials say avalanche mitigation work had been done before opening today. and here in the bay area our mountains are capped with snow. mount hamilton is covered as well as mount diablo in the east bay. for more on that storm let's bring in meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> we had a good amount of rain and snow, including down into our heels. this is a look at the avalanche danger put into place today and it is considerable. danger is still fairly high because of that snowpack and this will remain in place for another 12-14 hours before we get the next update.
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if you are worried about the possibility we will be watching that for you. this is a look at the bay area. drying out today. a few scattered showers in the mountains but that has decreased. this is the system moving through the pacific northwest . we will not get any rain out of this. we will be dry all the way through the holiday. this is a look at the futurecast. tomorrow morning clouds but rain to the north of us. and sunday morning into sunday afternoon, mostly cloudy. drive for the game. temperatures will be trending upwards. a minor warm up. 52 right now. 53 in downtown san francisco. we are several degrees warmer than we were yesterday. tomorrow morning, another cold
4:17 pm
start. 35 at the in the and communities. around the bay, low 40s expected. and 42 expected in san francisco. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. 56 in oakland. some of the warmer spots into the south bay with upper 50s expected. going into game day sunday, temperatures expected to be in the upper 60s. i will have your extended forecast coming up. we are now learning about americans who were injured despite president trump saying there had been no casualties. we have learned that 11 service members have now been treated for concussion symptoms. >> tensions could be on the rise again after the supreme leader lashes out at the west.
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he called the trump administration falls and despicable american clowns. he says people still support this regime. >> reporter: america keeps saying we are standing with the iranian people. you are lying. >> the drone strike led to a retaliatory missile lerach. president donald trump initially said that there were no american casualties. now a spokesperson says 11 service members were injured and the missiles caused more damage than was first reported. >> they destroyed houses of dozens as well as obliterating
4:19 pm
several aircraft maintenance utilities. >> the trump administration says despite this that the hard-line strategy is working. >> only one american life was lost and after that this american launch the first airstrike in 10 years. >> they say there is no plan for the troops of the u.s. to be removed from iran. mike bloomberg campaigning in the bay area. coming up next is plans to fight climate change. tonight we have the wwe friday night smackdown. this is a look at what's on tonight. it all begins at 8 p.m. and then we follow with the 10 p.m. news and 11 p.m. news right here on ktvu fox 2 news. 1st
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democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg is
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in the area today campaigning. anti-took bart -- he took bart. he attended a campaign event as well at a barbecue in jaclyn square. he wants to cut down the greenhouse gases by closing down coal power plants. >> i want to close those dirty coal power plants. i want to combat climate change. >> he will be at another campaign event this evening in monterey. now let's go to alex michelson for more. >> reporter: good to see you.
4:23 pm
mike bloomberg is really betting big on the state of california. he is essentially ignoring iowa and new hampshire. he thinks super tuesday will be good for him in california and that is because he has $52 billion. he spends that money on advertisement. we talked about those and he said he is spending that money to try to hurt donald trump. i have more on his conversation coming up. i also talked to kevin mccarthy . he is making the argument that joe biden should sit out the campaign trail for the next few weeks during the impeachment trial because many of his impoundments will have to sit out to be part of that as jurors of the senate. >> the only thing that has changed are the four senators that are running for senate are
4:24 pm
now being denied the ability to run their campaigns. so as long as the campaign is on others should not campaign either because of the advantage. bernie sanders has been through this many times. if you are a supporter of bernie sanders you understand it. >> you believe that joe biden should not campaign? >> a lot of the others are not allowed to because it is a disadvantage to them. >> you think the president can campaign? he is a defendant in this. >> yes the president can because right now we are in the primary process. the republicans are being very fair about this process and that is the difference. >> kevin mccarthy also talks to us about the issues of homelessness and the issue of iran.
4:25 pm
i will have more on that as well for you. >> it's interesting on who he thinks can and cannot campaign when it comes to this entire impeachment trial. it is very interesting when you asked him about the president and he said that he could campaign. >> right. . essentially one could argue that if you are getting an unfair advantage, it would be an unfair advantage for all the democrats to not be on the campaign trail while the president is doing campaign rallies. the president is the subject of the impeachment to begin with but that was his explanation. >> thank you so much alex. that is part of the issue is which is on sunday mornings. be sure to check it out. and there was a campaign appearance last night in san
4:26 pm
francisco and hundreds turned out. the supporters called themselves the yang gang for andrew yang. they want to get a chance to qualify for the february 7 debate in new hampshire. >> this race is very much up in the air. people have not decided yet who to support down the stretch. we have been growing faster than any other campaign. >> evan lowe joined in on that campaign last night. and a poll shows that bernie sanders is gaining support. his supports go on up. sanders at 20%, biden at 19%, worn at 12%, bloomberg at 9%.
4:27 pm
and the jury is set with the new york trial of harvey weinstein. we will break down the case for you coming up next. plus officials are screening passengers coming in from china. more on that coming up after the break. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa we have the flu season now in full swing. and one particular strain is problematic.
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>> reporter: flu season is nearly halfway through but the activity is still widespread. the cdc says 120,000 people have been hospitalized across the united states. >> it is hard to sleep with it. >> reporter: the latest report says the b strain is the predominant one this season. >> we know it does impact children more. we usually see that during the second half of the influenza season. dropped more than three dozen children have died from the flu this year. experts say that the flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu this year. >> children under six months old cannot get the flu shot so it is important for all of those around them to get the flu shot to minimize the risk of them getting the flu themselves.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: the cdc says it is too early to determine yet if the flu season has be. people with flu symptoms are encouraged to see doctors immediately, especially if they have other risk causes. >> things like diabetes or cancer. that can reduce your immune system and make you more susceptible to catching the flu. >> reporter: the flu season nearly ends in spring. sfo is going to begin screening passengers for a new virus coming in from central china. the screenings will begin tomorrow at a specially- designated part of the airport. l.a.x. and jfk are also doing the screenings. this is for passengers coming from china. they will be questioned and
4:32 pm
check for fever and other symptoms. >> we think that connecting number is about 10-25 passengers per day. on top of that we have three nonstop flights per week coming in from the area on that happens on tuesday, thursday, and saturday. >> this virus was identified last month by experts. so far two people have died from it. and 200 people got sick after going to yosemite national park and the nora by ms. may be to -- and the norovirus may be to blame. at least two cases have been confirmed of the norovirus. crews are working to clean and disinfect common areas in the park. and the jury selection in the harvey weinstein trial is now finished. they have selected
4:33 pm
seven men and five women on the panel. testimony will begin next week. he has pleaded not guilty to his charges. he said that any sexual activity referenced was consensual. thank you for coming in to talk about this, michael. when you look at the makeup of the jury, do you see one side having an advantage going in? >> i'm not sure which side would have the advantage. both sides have strategies. we want more women than men, or vice versa, or we want younger, or we want older people, there are all types of strategies. i do not know if either one hired jury consultants
4:34 pm
beforehand. but i think the thing that distracts me is it's sort of like mike tyson who gets into the ring saying everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face and then the plan goes out the window. >> prosecutor's accuse the team of weinstein of eliminating white women on the jury. do you believe that is a strategy that would be deployed? >> absolutely. as a prosecutor myself i learned early on that sometimes women are tougher on the women victims then the men. the men can be more sympathetic. i'm not sure about that psychology but they say that women for example will say she
4:35 pm
was wearing a dress that was just too short. men do not think that way. so sometimes that type of thinking can really backfire. did you see him walk into the court room on that walker? i will tell you about strategy. that is the type of strategy, to make them look sympathetic to the jury. >> now let's talk about the jurors who have been set for the trial. there is no doubt that they have read or heard about the allegations against harvey weinstein. how do we know they can still move forward and judge this case based solely on the evidence? >> that is a question asked by either the judge or the attorneys on the case. if they say that they know about the case, the next question would be whether or not you have already made up your mind. you would be surprised in
4:36 pm
cases like this, the number of people that don't pay any attention to the news at all. i have tried some pretty big cases and people say they don't know much about it. but the bottom line is, knowing what you know have you already made up your mind in this case or will you wait to hear all the evidence that comes from the witness stand to make up your mind? and not on what you hear on the news? people say that they can do that. >> and as an attorney you look them in the eyes and figure out if they are being truthful. >> yes some people always want to get on a case that is high profile and we look out for those. >> we have to leave the conversation. happy friday to you, michael. i appreciate the input as always,. a long time political
4:37 pm
leader has passed away, terence hallinan . he died peacefully this morning. hallinan was known as a legendary civil rights activist, defense attorney, former city supervisor, and an outspoken advocate for marijuana legalization who became san francisco's district attorney in 1995. he was also a boxer and sparred with muhammad ali, earning him the nickname "kayo." he grew up nearby. he was a champion of progressive causes just like his father, vincent. terence hallinan passed away in his sleep at age 83. a search for survivors has been called off following a deadly avalanche. next we will go live to the location to learn about avalanche dangers in the sierras. and i will have your forecast. stay tuned. we will be right back after this break.
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more now on the deadly avalanche at alpine meadows ski resort. the person that was killed was cole comstock, 34, of blairsden, california. another person suffered serious injuries and is undergoing surgery now. a wall of snow came down this morning inside the resort boundaries. for more on what took place today we are joined by kevin
4:41 pm
cooper. it is good to hear from you but a very somber day in your area after that tragic avalanche at alpine meadows. the resort did take steps to try to decrease the danger from the avalanche. what do you think led to this? tell us about the conditions. >> we received a significant amount of snow in the last 24 hours which fell on top of hardpacked. that created the serious avalanche danger. you can go to the avalanche website in the backcountry and yesterday the advisory was high both above near and below the tree lines. today it is still in the considerable zone. we have up to 24 inches of snow received here recently.
4:42 pm
this was near the promised land and the scott chair where it is a little bit steeper. this is probably what caused it , the increase in the wind. we do not know if this was caused by a human or if it was natural breakoff. i guarantee you that the team at alpine meadows and squaw valley did everything to clear out the routes. unfortunately we are dealing with mother nature and she is in control. it is a somber moment. it is a wake-up for just how careful we need to be in the mountains while in the backcountry at a resort. avalanches are very rare in bounds because of the avalanche mitigation done by the teams. but we do still need to be aware of it. >> and in 1982 there was
4:43 pm
another avalanche at alpine meadows. that one killed seven people and sent snow onto the building , the resort itself. is there something about that particular area where the terrain is more susceptible to these avalanches? >> that's a great question. there is a book about that called the "while of life." the terrain you are talking about about thaw wall of snow that came down in 1982 was a known avalanche path. during that winter the ski patrol was working at alpine meadows. and there was a very high level of concern that something was going to let loose and it actually did. it did take out the lodge at alpine meadows.
4:44 pm
kirkwood mountain resort is a class a resort. that means the majority of the terrain is in the avalanche terrain. they do have avalanche awareness programs as well as training programs. again, unfortunately in this area by the promised land it is steep. it is a challenge we need to be aware of. >> and how worried do you think folks heading up the mountain this weekend need to be about the possibility of another avalanche? >> that's a great question. i do not think you need to be worried. all of the resorts will be talking. the patrols and mountain terrain keepers will be talking to make sure the resort is safe and ready to go. for the backcountry now that is
4:45 pm
a little different. >> we have to go. thank you so much. have a great weekend. we appreciate your insight on this topic. now let's look outside. let's look at the conditions in the bay area. we have a football game coming up on sunday and beautiful weather expected, don't we rosemary? >> yes we do. we will have dry conditions at levi stadium on sunday. and we are looking forward to that because we have been stuck in the low 50s for quite some time. this is the rainfall total of listing for this latest storm. pretty impressive totals. over 1 inch in oakland. the farther north you go, the more you did receive.
4:46 pm
that is good news because look where we stand. 55% in oakland as far as the season. the next chance for rain looks like tuesday. right now we have partly sunny skies. this system will remain to the north of us for the next few days. this is the futurecast model going all the way out to tuesday before coming back around. we do expect the clouds to be with us sunday. filtered sunshine expected. on monday, it is dry. things do change by tuesday. tuesday morning will be our best shot to see more rain and snow in the sierras. if you are going to the game on sunday, upper 40s expected at kickoff time. partly cloudy conditions expected as well.
4:47 pm
we are in the upper 40s in concorde right now. 51 in napa. mid-50s over san jose. tomorrow morning will be called with temperatures into the 30s. upper 30s expected around a in the morning. tomorrow the afternoon highs will be increased just slightly . mid-to upper 50s over the north bay. for the east bay, 55 . san francisco up to 54. san jose will be warmer with 57 . sunday will be the warmest day . very cold in lake tahoe right now. below freezing. overnight, temperatures drop down to the
4:48 pm
20s. low 40s expected for saturday and sunday. for us at home temperatures warm up. the next chance for rain is tuesday. >> thank you so much, rosemary. a lot of folks are showing their 49ers pride all over the bay area. more on that coming up after the break. and a father is accused of kidnapping his daughter. that little girl was just released. this is video of her with her grandmother. tonight at 5 p.m. we will hear from relieved family members after this standoff with police.
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common side effects... ...include injection site reactions and constipation. it doesn't matter what each day brings... long as you can say "i am here". aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. 49ers fans going to the title game this sunday may notice this fan who has an artistic flair and he has it in the parking lot. he does not have a ticket but he does have a brush to paint with. >> painting has always been something in my life. >> reporter: this man is a certified sports not, who else set up camp in the parking lot at levi stadium? >> we really need to win because i want to go to the super bowl and joined the parade.
4:52 pm
i want to and on the sidelines. >> reporter: we caught up with nick in his studio. this is where he has murals on the walls. >> that took me about 40 hours. >> reporter: he paints his heroes.  today, he added this one. >> i get very relaxed. i have done this for 40 years. it is very relaxing. it allows me to go to another place. >> reporter: you must be mighty proud. >> yes i am. this has been a dream. >> once a janitor, he was fired for drawing on boxes. his custom hats bring $150. and his paintings, thousands of
4:53 pm
dollars. his favorite complement is simply this, wow! >> i just love wow! [ laughter ] >> and nick has gotten his share of them. joe montana wears one of his hats. jerry rice has become a friend. his favorite is this painting. >> most people have the catch. i have the conversation before the catch. >> nick will never forget the day he met clark to get his masterpiece signed. >> i went to san jose to finish the painting. dwight clark was like, oh my goodness this is awesome. >> reporter: and so would a 49er super bowl win and nick
4:54 pm
says it is our turn. this was the deflected pass by richard sherman. >> richard sherman, he took that super bowl away from us. now it is time for him to give it back to us. [ laughter ] i am hoping we can take it all. we want to go to miami. this is one of the largest gaming conventions in the country. microsoft is here as well as the u.s. army. i will tell you how the army is looking to grow its ranks as gaming does as well.  download the ktvu fox 2 news app.
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4:58 pm
play the video games and then talk about the army. they bring this to high schools around the country to try to recruit. >> we are meeting people on social media and starting the dialogues. >> reporter: this is 16 people on the team. chris jones, tell me what attributes translate from playing video games to joining the army. >> some are the hand/eye coordination. also critical skills. teamwork. discipline. you take these complex games to a great height and that is something we look at. >> thank you, sergeant. and let me show you what this looks like from the outside. you wait in line here. you can watch the people playing on the
4:59 pm
inside on the screens. then you come in and are allowed to play and then they talk about the army with you. they tell me it has been successful in bringing in the recruits. ktvu fox 2 at 5:00 and 6:00, weeknights on fox 2. a man has been accused of kidnapping his 1-year-old daughter from a hotel. it happened today and lasted for hours. that little girl was released now in the past hour. good evening. these are the photographs of the suspect, brian sellen, and his daughter. police they were in an apartment near front and 2nd street for nearly 12 hours today. a lot of cheers from the family of the little girl when she was released at 5 p.m. this afternoon and our cameras were rolling after the grandmother carried her down
5:00 pm
the street. >> this kidnapping happened at a hotel near the wharf and the beach boardwalk. lee said this area locked down since this morning. henry has a brand-new development. >> reporter: we had a happy reunion here. now the suspect is in custody. his daughter is safe. >> this is just a wonderful thing right now having her back. >> tears of happiness after a 1- year-old was released almost 12 hours after her father, brian sellen, allegedly kidnapped her . earlier in the day there was anguish as the relatives waited to hear how she was doing. >> it is very hard to wait on this. >> reporter: and there was a domestic call earlier at 5 a.m. at the beachview inn.


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