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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 21, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> sure. >> i'll talk to steve little bi it's not too bad. we've had some to the north. 1/3" about the same going north up in the mendocino county. our system is just bringing in the warm sector in advance of it. looking okay here. 1/4" to maybe 1/2" and as this system begins to make its move it's still a little bit offshore. for many highs today 50s. maybe one below, one above on the temps. we'll have more in about 10 minutes. on your traffic now at 6:00, you're looking at your screen. do you see something new? >> no i'm just looking at a tweet of the 49ers that people seem to be sending me. i'm looking at traffic that's what happens. good morning everyone. you can send me what you want
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on twitter. one of the things i'm looking through bay point. but west contra costa county already has a slow down just after highway 4. you can see traffic is doing very well. so we kind of have a mixed bag to start the commute right now. we'll have more on this coming up. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >> we are following breaking news from palo alto where streets are blocked off as police investigate a shooting. ktvu's sara zendehnam is out there right now and you have new information. >> good morning. not much has changed since you saw us in the last hour with this scene. we did talk to two men who say they worked with the man who
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was shot. we asked if the man was doing okay and they just said they were told he was in the hospital. palo alto police confirms there was a shooting in the business parking lot. it happened about 3:00 this morning. police have eastbound san antonio shut down between leg horn and charleston while they investigate. we did ask the two men we talked to about this area. they said it's a nice place. to give you an idea of where this area is it's like. there are apartment complexes, a tutoring center. it's still pretty dark out. so we can just assume this is a well traveled area of town. so once we have the details we'll bring those to you live. ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> thank you. in sunnyvale an overnight fire at an mobile home park is under investigation. >> it happened at the el dorado mobile home park. now we heard from one woman who lives across the street from the home that caught fire. . >> it shook me. it gutted the place. i was only outside for maybe half an hour then the entire place was gone. >> we will continue to bring you more updates on the story as soon as we get them this morning later this morning the senate impeachment trial. senate leader mitch mcconnell wants to press the arm. democrats want to keep pressing to have witnesses at the trial.
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>> we will introduce a whole series of amendments for witnesses, for documents and other ways to straighten out what mcconnell has done. >> it's not our responsibility as senators to help improve or expanded case. but our responsibility as jurors is to hear the case not add to it. >> now it's very likely the decision on whether to allow witnesses may not be decided for several days. we did talk with the dean of the u.c. berkley school of law who says the impeachment trial will be completely different from a judicial trial. . >> in a trial in court, it's all about evidence the evidence can be documents. but here we don't know what documents are going to be >> now testimony and documents presented during the house hearings will only be allowed if at least 51 senators approve
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it. any witnesses will undergo a deposition before the republican majority decides whether to allow their testimony. now the senate impeachment trial begins at 10:00 this morning our time and we'll carry it live over on ktvu plus. we'll also bring you updates on the ktvu fox 2 news at noon. police are investigating a shooting that happened last night near the marriott hotel on north main street. witnesses tell us that police arrived at park side drive shortly before 6:00 last night. there are reports that one man was hurt. we are still waiting to hear back from walnut creek police. berkley police want your help. the driver according to investigatoreeding on university avenue trying to escape from u.c. berkley police. the driver drove onto the sidewalk between 5th and 6th streets. >> when it made that turn, it went wide onto the northwest
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crosswalk entrance and onto the sidewalk and then it struck the person on the sidewalk. now investigators say uc berkley police officer started chasing when they heard the screams of a woman from inside a gray 4-door nissan. the police search for that car continues. our time now 6:06. a woman from santa rosa has been arrested and charged with attempted homicide and for being a convicted felon who had a gun. police arrested a man yesterday. just west of dutton avenue. police say 51-year-old lynn rance young had an unregistered gun in her car. she tracked down the man and chess chaed him because he owed her money.
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police say she pulled out a gun and fired two shots. later today, the 49er's coaching staff gets back to work preparing for the super bowl. head coach kyle shannahan will meet while the players rest up. get a day off. then for the next three days, the players will go over a game plan before taking another day off on saturday. now on sunday, they'll fly to miami to prepare for super bowl 54. told the media yesterday his players will be ready no matter what. >> you don't know what it's like until you go through it. they're going to get an experience here on the super bowl. you know, people will tell you all about it but you've got to go through it. i'm very thankful you've got two weeks to do it. >> shannahan says he learned a lot from his time in atlanta as they prepared for the super bowl three years ago: you can
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watch super bowl 54 on sunday february 2nd right here. stay with us for complete coverage including live reports from miami. sal and i were talking yesterday. we were a little jealous. >> she's going to kill it though. >> she's going to do great. >> yes, i should say when i say she's going to kill it, that means she's going to do well. some people take that literally. she's going to do well out there. >> she's going to report for us live in the morning next week before the game. so that will be fun. >> that's right. it's going to be fun and channel 2 is self-servingly ly where you can see the super bowl. let's go ahead and take a look at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. people are back. yesterday was a holiday for many people and many people are working on a tuesday. and we also have commutes here that are beginning to stack up like 680 after the 80 split or
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the 80 area in cordelia and 80 in vallejo. things are looking slow. if yo driving out to right with 280 i valley off to a nice start. 6:09. let's bring steve back in here. >> thank you kievend sir. >> yes, sir. let's get to it. we'll ain. not a lot to kind of help it along. we're running out of deficit here. and some of this is only 54% oakland. 77 for santa rosa. 72 for san francisco. and 56 san jose. so, yes, we're getting rain but these are little systems. except for the one we had last week. cloudy with rain developing maybe 1/2" for some to 3/4". heaviest will be north of the fwolden gate. we've been below with that cold fog and that east wind. man it was cold for a couple of
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days. system's on its way. just warmer air out ahead of it is producing some light rain. santa rosa .06. so it has a little bit of an oomph to it. system's on its way so we're pretty close here. sfo 53. sang jose. oakland 52 pretty good little south wind has kicked in. 33 miles per hour. same can be said there for big rock by novato. south at 33 miles per hour. 12 to 18 in the oakland berkley hills. first part of the system is moving out of the picture. here comes the front now. any rain here this morning will be pretty light.
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and the system will to move sou evening. that's a system that will give us a little bit of rain. it looks to be a stronger system. showing up saturday into sunday we'll see if that continues to come in and advertise 6:11 is the time fblt they were evicted from a home in oakland that they occupied illegally. still ahead, the new deal that may let that group of homeless mothers move back into that house. >> but first, a really scary scene after three people had to tobe rescued from a lake in southern california that was covered with ice. as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions
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and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. police chief bill scott. now so far we know that the 2019 statistics include a significant drop rdrop in serious crimes. the full announcement will be held at police headquarters. the city of berkley is considering establishing an outdoor emergency homeless shelter.
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the shelter could include climate controlled wind rigs ent tents with wooden pallets for support. half 0 of the homeless people living on the streets are not receiving sanitation needs. may now have a chance to buy that house. the owner of the property bought the house in yesterday shgts officials announced they agreed to sell the house to oakland community land trust. the women in the group moms for
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hougsing had hoped to also in oakland people have been donating their time and supplies to build small homes for the homeless. people have been living in tents at that location for 10 years now. the volunteers started building the tiny homes on saturday. in honor or mlk. >> now it's unclear if the buildings will be allowed to stay. volunteers say tiny homes should be allowed to stay until the city can provide permanent housing. the ski patrol at heavenly
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valley is mourning now after one of their members died. christopher nick olson was found unconscious on saturday on an sxaerp level ski trail. officials say he was working on what they call a serious incident is on that trail officials a family very lucky to be alive . ngon't wale all of them fell through the ice into the chilly lake waters. they were back on land after three minutes. they still received a ticket a citation because they ignored the warnings.
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>> oh, gosh very scary. 6:18 is the time. what are you keeping an eye on sal? >> there aren't that many problems but it's a typical commute. there's also some slowing on interstate 80 from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and that's slow traffic there as well. so the vallejo stuff that i mentioned is there. i don't want to forget 37 because that's getting slow as you head west over to marin county. and contra costa county the concentration of slow traffic is on highway 4 and on 242 heading through concord. coming up next time we'll check in with that south bay commute
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which for the most part hasn't been off to a great start. let's take a look at our system on the way nothing great. but there will be some okay amounts. most locations 1/4" to 1/3 which would be the weekend. a lot of cloud cover, not much go here plenty of upstream here 36 out of due south. so there's some pretty good
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gusts in the higher elevations and the warm part of the system is moving in. there's our system and eventually it will break in. that's very active. next six days not a big system today but a better one looks to be on the old weather menu here. 50s on the temps. low to mid to upper. and also around santa cruz. next will arrive and then rain arrives on the weekend pam. >> thank you steve. 6:20 is the time. president trump is in switzerland meeting with world leaders. coming up what he had to say about the u.s. economy early
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this morning. plus uber is testing a new feature that would give drivers the ability to set their own fares.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. now starting today drivers taking passengers to and from the airports the company baby is recalling 2000 strollers because of a falling risk. that's sean here was sold by target and amazon. officials say the hinge joints on the sides may fail under pressure. consumers should immediately stop using the strollers and contact baby strendz. no injuries have been reported. real estate agents are offering advice for people interested in what's known as house hacking. that's when people buy
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properties with the intention of renting out all or part of it to help cover the mortgage payments. first time home buyers have been taking part in the trend. real estate agents suggest you research your local regulations. and while many americans save enough early in life to retire a large portion of senior citizens are drastically underfunded. finds 40% of retirees do not have enough savings. that means social security is their only source of income. prince harry back with his wife megan and his baby archiee. early this month, the couple
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shocked the uk by announcing their plans to step back from royal duties. the queen will allow them to split their time between the u.k. and north america but they will no longer represent the crown as working royals. back in england, gift shops are slashing prices on prince harry and megan items. . >> they're not apart of the royal family anymore. we justice want to sell all the stuff we've got. we don't want to keep it in stock. >> as part of the new agreement the duke and duchess will stop using their royal title. it takes effect in the spring. very scary story we're
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following. coming up what we'll tell what you the father did to get his little boy away from that big cat. >> plus u.s. senators on capitol hill. what we're learning about the rules of that trial. first, we want to take you out to the golden gate bridge. it looks like traffic is moving along just fine. very clear across the bridge but there is supposed to be some rain north of that bridge. steve will have that. you're watching mornings on 2. vo: droughts. floods.
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hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here for mornings on 2. tuesday morning january 21st i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. good morning. thank you for joining us here this morning. still wondering where the rain is coming and where. >> there's a little bit behind you. >> concord, oakland has a little bit. most of it will be later this i
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about oakland, concord north looks to be the line right now. some of the heavier rain amounts will be north of the golden gate and then also northward and maybe 3/liquor". first part of the system moving across. now the front is making its move and that's going to give us rain and then it will start to pick up in the next few hours. 50s on the temps to near 60. sal might be noticing that or maybe not. i don't know. it's all-telling. >> i pay attention to what you're saying. and right now i don't see any rain yet although i haven't been looking at some of our far north cameras yet. right now we don't see any rain at the bay bridge toll mrasz sda. we do see some slow traffic on highway 4 in pittsburgh and bay point and now 680 which wasn't slow a half hour ago. we'll dive into this commute
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and take a look at a few hours when we come back in just a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. president trump is in davos switzerland has his impeachment trial in the u.s. severy intens expected between republicans and democrats about how that trial is conducted. ktvu's christina rendon is in our newsroom with what we're hearing about the proposed ground rules for the trial. >> the senate will resume the impeachment trial later this morning after the ceremony alproceedings last week. and members of the senate are prepared to argue over the terms of the trial. republicans hold the cards here. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell released his plan to condemn arguments for and against the president into four, 12-hour days. democrats would go first on wednesday and thursday with republicans following with their arguments on friday and saturday. the president now has eight house republicans defending him
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and this morning he spoke with reporters in switzerland sharing his thoughts on the world economic forum and the impeachment trial. >> the biggest, most important people in the world they were bringing back tremendous business to the united states and they're all here to see i'll be making a speech and then we'll be leaving shortly. but i think it's very important. the other is a hoax. >> the democratic counsel impeachment managers will continue to press for witnesses in the trial but a vote on witnesses likely will happen later in the proceedings and republicans have the votes to prevent witnesses from being called. house managers will argue the president's phone call asking ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son. rises to the level of abuse of power and that he obstructed congress when it tried to find out what happened. trump's defense team will argue
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the president's actions are not criminal and don't rise to the level of impeach am. and it is expected to be a very long day in washington. those proceedings get under way in just a few hours from now. live in the newsroom christina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. >> the senate impeachment trial begins at 10:00 this morning our time and we're going to carry it live over on ktvu plus. we'll also bring you updates on the ktvu news at noon. 17-year-old swedish climate activist greta thunberg also spoke at that economic panel. the voices of young people and science. >> it's about us and our future and the future generations and of course those who are already being affected today but especially we also need to bring the science into
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the conversation because that is what it's all about. >> thunberg expressed her frustration saying quote basically nothing has been done so far in regards to fighting climate change. our time now 6:35. back here at home police in moraga say a shooting outside of a starbucks involved an institute r student at a st. mary's college and a former student. police believe the shooter drove up to the van, fired several shots injuring the woman and a male friend who was in the passenger seat. the shooter identified as isaiah glaze. the x-boyfriend of the woman. police say glaze ran away but was later found nearby after apparently shooting himself. >> it's pretty shocking. it's a really small community so there's a lot of conversation going on around campus about what happened. >> now st. mary's college will
6:36 am
offer counseling for students and staff of that shating. glaze is still in the hospital under police guard and is facing charges of attempted murder. >> there is now a $10,000 reward for information leading to the hit and run driver. friends and family held a candle light vigil last night venlgt hit in the crosswalk at her children's school. police found the car that hit her but they are still looking for the driver. singleton's sister and husband were there at the vigil and publicly expressed their grief in very different ways. . >> you will slow down. >> we need justice, we need it. we need it. we don't want it we need it. please. police say they are working with the fbi and the search for evidence from the car. they say it was not reported stolen and there's surveillance
6:37 am
video. >> and the alameda county coroner has identified another woman. police say 42-year-old brook smith was driving a 2-year-old outback and was hit. police say the driver of the audi and his two passengers got out, ran away and left the car behind. if you have any information call oakland police. time is 6:37. stanford released the name of the stay tuned who was found dead last week at a frat house. the university says 19-year-old agent weaner was a sophomore and the son of a stanford professor and a stanford associate vice president. he was found dead friday morning at the theta delta chai fraternity. the cause of his death still not determined. the santa clara county investigators still have found no signs of foul play. in southern california
6:38 am
sheriff's deputies shot and killed a mountain lion that attacked a three-year-old boy. the boy was with his family in orange county yesterday afternoon. we want to show you video. this shows a mountain lion in a tree that was taken by park rangers shortly after the attack. the little boy was walking in front of his family when the mountain lion grabbed him by the neck. the father threw a backpack at the mountain lion which dropped the boy, grabbed the pack and ran up a tree. authorities evacuated the park and killed the mountain lion about an hour later. >> i would assume that it would be one of the most horrible tlings things you can go through. >> the boy was treated for neck injuries and is expected to recover. authorities say a man was killed by a mountain lion at that same park 16 years ago. pacifica police received a report that a mountain lion was
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near a home in the afternoon near big bend drive which backs up to open space and says the mountain lion was only visible for a time. our time is 6:39. let's see what's happening out on the roads. sal has the latest on our commute. >> people are back. yesterday was a holiday and we had light commutes that are over and the commutes were normal. you can see slow traffic pretty much all over bay point on highway four all the way out to concord and 680 which is slow. nothing unusual. 80 is slow through hercules and richmond. as we go to the south bay they're beginning to wake up so to speak. slowing on northbound 85 and 280, 101. it is getting a little bit slower here in downtown san jose. nothing unusual and of course at the bay bridge we do have a back up that's about 15 to 20 minutes that you start counting
6:40 am
right from the macarthur maze until you get on the span. it's 6:40. rain may be an issue for drivers later. >> well it's for some mainly north. if you're north about t golden gate san pablo. concord. there is some light re. up to 13100ths. later this morning into this afternoon and this evening. one forecast model has kind of upped the totals over sfo with most of it falling in the afternoon. it has 1/3" in sfo. that's double what it was just six hours ago. heaviest will be north of the golden gate. so some very light rain is beginning to move through. again, not a lot but there's a little bit associated with that system. the front is still offshore but making its move. 1/10" to the south.
6:41 am
if we can get santa rosa with 36/100ths. kernville. forestville. 50s on the temps. mid to upper. these are close to average. look at the wind though. i know big rock by novato's now south at 30. there's some gusts in the hills. there are about 30, 35 miles per hour all the way up to lake county. 40s, 50s on the temps. a mild 53. 36 in truckee. 34 in reno. this is a warmer system coming in. snow level will probably not be a factor until tonight. look for cloudy skies, light rain and picking up on those rainfall rates. but the bulk of this is coming in a few hours. it's just offshore but it will arrive with rain for your tuesday. it will see a lot of partly cloudies. next system here on saturday, looking wetter. looking a little stronger now as we head towards the weekend. i don't plan it that way but it does look like a stronger
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system saturday afternoon into sunday morning. mid 50s to near 60 degrees on the temps and we will get a break after today for the rain. a lot of cloud cover fog and then saturday afternoon and evening you guys. 6:42 is the time. puerto ricans are calling for the resignation of their governor as the fallout from hypothetically continues. hurricane maria. >> we'll see what he's designing to freevent damage to the brain. >> and -- prevent damage to the brawn. >> and now let's check in with gasia. >> we're going to start with hello, good-bye now you can use that same wave to pay for your purchase. amazon wants to make checking out even easier with the wave of your hand. >> also a store that's pretty much the exact opposite of
6:43 am
amazon is being honored by the city of san francisco. why its secret can be boiled down to one word local and why its take on the peanut butter sandwich had people raving for years. we'll be right back. as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 6:45. the players will wear white jerseys and gold pants but the chiefs are the designated home teams in a tweet joe said you heard from me first i guarantee my team will win the super bowl before he was traded to the chiefs in the final two years of his career don't forget ktvu is home your home for all
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things super bowl. stay with us here for complete coverage and that game by the way sunday february 2nd. time is 6:47. the warriors they have the night off tonight before they play a home game tomorrow. last night they played in a shootout against the portland trail blazers. for the blazers it was all about damien lilard. he was hot. lilard hit a 3 pointer. that sent the game into overtime. now the war dwrors kept things close but eventually they lost 129-134. the new helmet designed and created at a lap developed prototype helmets for hockey,
6:48 am
football, baseball, and bicycling. the inner layer is made with yellow special energy absorbant foam. >> so the inside shell doesn't move, the outside move takes the force, the stress absorbed energy and snaps back in place. >> knight said he started his company eight years ago after several berkley students and teachers suffered brain injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. a rally in virginia that atacted thousands of people -- attracted thousands of people to the state capital ended peacefully monday's rally is part of an annual event in virginia where supporters of certain causes descend on the
6:49 am
capital to plea their cases to lawmakers. hundreds in puerto rico are demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor. and the capital building in san juan puerto rico. the demonstrators say they're angry. forgotten were found in a warehouse. those supplies have been sent to puerto rico after hurricane maria hit puerto rico back in 2017. the governor wants an investigation into those forgotten supplies. we're getting close to 7:00. 6:49. so people back to school are back to work. >> it is getting crowded out there pam and yesterday people had the dpa off. i want to show you there's a lot of slow traffic in contra costa county and solano county on 80 and on 37 and on highway 4 it's not unusual for it to be this way. but it's just getting back to it on a tuesday that seems for
6:50 am
monday for a lot of people. and then you look at the south bay which is also beginning to fill in including 280 and downtown san jose. so just as you might expect you may have some slowdowns building up there. what we haven't seen is any rainy weather which steve says is coming a little later. right now we've spared that at least on most of the pictures i'm receiving right now. >> thank you sal. i appreciate that. thank you sir. >> take a look at our rainfall. we have some this morning. not a lot but there's more on the way. we need the rain. we've been getting these systems that don't produce much rain. the one last week. that was the best. on the other edge of the sword we have not had a winter dry spell. it's very common to get two or three weeks of no rain. we've not had that yet. we get these little systems, but the total so far were also.
6:51 am
54% to 77%. we need the rain. we'll get some today. are there any signs of a winter dry spell. yes, in february. i don't trust anything past 5 days. show high pressure in early february. we'll see if that develops. the system is producing some light rain. not a lot. i get this all the time. see that right there. right there. people ask me all the time what is that. that is the radar beam from sacramento hitting the wind turbines. it sends back a false return okay. there you go. >> no clap. >> i don't get a clap from the control room. thank you very much. >> 1/4" to maybe 1/3" to a half. a little bit less to the south. the wind is out of the south. look at that. napa. fairfield. out to the delta.
6:52 am
that was due east and that was bringing back that cold fog. 30 miles per hour gusts to 35 in marin county from out of the south southeast. there's some pretty good gusts in the higher elevations. 40s, 50s on the temps. light rain and about 1/4" for some. i know 1/3" has llen in the is not coming in for a few more hours. it will take us into this evening. there's another system on tap for the weekend which looks wetter. 50s mid to upper and a few mid 60s after today's rain. a mix of sun and clouds fog probably. . time is now 6:52. more anxiety this morning as the corona virus spreads in china and elsewhere overseas. coming up in the next hour with health officials all over the world to prevent a major outbreak. plus a new list is out for
6:53 am
the top jersey nfl sales. a young quarterback has dethroned tom brady for the top spot who came in at number one and where jimmy g. and george kittle are on that list. plus a warning about why this flu season is so dangerous even if you've already been sick. we want to take you out live as we sing for you and look around a live picture of san francisco. you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news . vo: droughts. floods.
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hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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case in point, if you savget xfinity internetple. and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 656. there will be 20 new more canopies at bart station. the board of directors is expected to vote on a contract to build these new canopies. bart stations along street. the to canopies built in 2018 have been successful. these canopies close off the station entrance when bart isn't open for service because of security concerns about people sleeping in bart stations. the canopies all also protect
6:57 am
the canopies the stairs and escalators from the weather. if you have already had the flu, you may get it again. the cdc says there are two it kinds of flu strains. if you have already been sick, you may be sick again. the cdc says at least 30 million cases of the flu have already been diagnosed this year. the cdc is recommending everyone from the age of six months to older should get a flu shot every season. the time is 6:57 am. following the boeing 737 max jets. they have secured at least $6 billion from banks and they are talking to other banks trying to get more money. they suspended production of the 737 max jet last year and have had planes grounded now for almost 11 months. it is still not clear when or
6:58 am
if the jets will be back in circulation. the dmv and the contra costa county clerk recorder's office teaming up for a one- stop shop to help people get a real id. starting next month, if you live in contra costa county, you can by certified copies of vital records you need to get a real id at the concorde dmv office. you get a real id at the same location. those services will be available on today's, february 1st and february 15th. teslas now responding to what it calls false complaints filed with the national highway traffic safety administration. that agency received a petition with more than 100 complaints about cars speeding up on their own. tesla says it has spoken to federal officials about most of the cases, and in each instance, it claims human error caused it. tesla may change claims the
6:59 am
cars only sped up because of driver influence. one man is chose to run eight marathons and eight days on seven continents hothe aaa. brendan watkins is running his second race today in australia. ompleted hinew zealand. he works for stanford children's hospital and is raising money for the still packers children's fun. we are live at the scene of an accident and how traffic is impacted in an area. a fire at a mobile home in the sunnydale area, what we know so far and the reactions from neighbors. struck the presidents impeachment trial is about to start on capitol hill. we will breakdown the main points of contention that are
7:00 am
in place today. from ktvu , fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. good morning. are you ready for lane later today? >> i am one of the east bay d r already did you? >> yes. it was important da> welcome ba we have light rain out there and a little more the system looks to be having a little bit more going for it later today. it will be back all the way down toward santa cruz mountains. current conditions, 48 and raining. .05 so far. santa rosa has had more than that. last time i looked, they were at 71 hundredths. there's been a third of the inch and some areas. we are seeing it warmer out ahead of the front, but the front is starting to move in close the breeze. the southwind, 35 miles per
7:01 am
hour. parts of marin county, missouri at mount diablo. we have warmed up with the south, southeast breeze.


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