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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 21, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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across the area. rosemary will have more on how much rain is expected. history and capitol hill asthma cemented impeachment trial gets underway. what to expect. super bowl fever heats up across the area. what the team is doing to prepare for the big game and why so many fans are talking about the teams assistant coach. by noon news starts now. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we are tracking another storm. the weather causing some delays in and out of sfo. we are looking at the airport. it doesn't look too wet just yet. let's bring in rosemary. how much rain should the spring? that's exactly it, gasia. not a lot of rain yet. if you take a look at storm tracker, you can see the north
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end of the bay area. this line of rain will be marching into the central and south bay. it is expected to fall apart just a bit. but northbay is going to get the most out of this. in fact, we already seeing it. we have some light showers over the hills, into areas along highway 101 from hillsboro through santa rosa, down towards petaluma. then we take another shift over here, napa, it looks like just approaching sonoma. we have light shower activities over the northbay. we have some right along the coast year. just a bit north shifting into the south bay, nothing reported here. a little bit a drizzle and many spots. here's a look at the sierra were we do not have an advisory
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for travel. although we do have a rain snow mix right at about 6500 feet. daughter passed is expected to pick up a few inches. you will need the chains or tires. when i come back, better details on this rain, the timeline, and what we can expect. >> thank you. now to the historic impeachment trial of president trump which is currently underway. today's focus, a bitter debate over the rules. the president's team calls the outline fair but how is managers are calling it an attempt at a cover-up. greg lee is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: there was outrage from many democrats when senate majority leader mitch mcconnell released as proposed rules. a couple of key changes. changing opening arguments from two to three days and house evidence will be included
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unless there is a vote against it. expect a full day of a bigger debate. >> i urge everyone to vote to hold up the bipartisan president of a fair process. >> each of us will face a choice about whether to begin this trial in search of the truth or in service of the president's desire to cover it up. >> reporter: before the trial of president trump even reconvened, the battle lines were drawn. the senate opening a day of debate over what the rules of the trial will be. >> on every point, the straightforward resolution will bring clarity and fairness that everyone deserves. the president of the united states, the house of representatives, and the american people. this is a fair roadmap to the trial. >> it is nothing short of a national disgrace.
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this will go down, this resolution, as one of the darker moments in the senate history. perhaps, one of the darkest. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it is modeled after the clinton trial. it calls for 24 hours of opening arguments for each side that each must complete in three days. clinton's had no set days. then questions for 16 hours followed by four hours of debate. then votes. >> we are in favor of this. we believe that once you hear those initial presentations, the only conclusion will be that the president has done absolutely nothing wrong. >> why should this trial be different than any other trial? the short answer is, it shouldn't. the resolution would turn the trial process on its head.
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it requires the house to prove his case without witnesses, without documents. >> reporter: president trump reacted briefly while at the world economic forum in switzerland. >> is just a hoax. it is a witchhunt that has been going on for years. it's disgraceful. >> reporter: something worth noting, the rules of the clinton trial, mcconnell says he has the votes to pass it with the majority and the gop controlled senate. senator schumer says he will announce amendments over the course of a long day. a reminder, you can watch the trial in full on ktvu plus. in the newsroom, greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. now to palo alto were police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital in critical condition. sarah has more. >> reporter: paul o police spent hours collecting evidence after a man was shot at 3:00 this morning. it happened on east san antonio road. the police department says a
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man was shot once in the stomach area and he actually called 911 himself. officers found him in the parking area of these businesses. he was conscious, breathing, and talking when he was taken to the hospital. he had surgery and is now in the intensive care unit in critical condition. we talked to two men who say they work with the men. they say the victim works at one of the businesses here on east san antonio. the crime scene tape and flashing lights came as a shock to people who are trying to get to work early this morning. >> i was not expecting to see this. we don't have many problems within this area at all. i was just coming into open up the shop and see this commotion. there are no suspects in custody but police say they are actively investigating. they are looking through video and towed away dark-colored bmw that could be connected. police say the victim was by himself when he was found. we are told this is under
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investigation. investigators are looking into what exactly the victim was doing for the 24 hours leading up to the shooting. they say they want to figure out who wanted to harm the man because things like this don't happen in this area. >> this is considered a very safe city. this area is a mix of businesses. san antonio road is a well- traveled road. we don't see a crime like this. >> reporter: follow-up told police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning new information about a fire were man was killed. it happened at the el dorado mobile home park. this was just before 10:00 last night. one firefighters arrived, they found smokes in flames coming from the home. a 67-year-old woman was rescued. a 71-year-old man was found dead. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. officials say they want to build 22 new canopies at bart stations. the board of directors expected to vote on the contract for the new canopies along market street. officials say the two built in 2018 have been successful. the canopy is protect stairs and escalate from the elements. we are less than two weeks away from the super bowl. the coaching staff gets back to work preparing for the game against the kansas city chiefs. >> in that group of coaches is a woman who is set to make history at the game. christina joints at the lower. >> reporter: this is a very cool story during the all- female newscast, i met ed. she is making headlines for her role within the organization. she's fulfilling a dream she had since she was a child. katie sowers is headed to miami with the 49ers. she'll be the first female and
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openly coach to appear at the big game and history. >> to see someone actually driving the game, it's great. >> reporter: she is featured in microsoft's latest ad. >> i'm not here to be the token. i'm here to be there to win. >> reporter: breaking down barriers on the sidelines. >> everybody loves her. she gets great respect, as she should. she's an incredible athlete as it is. >> reporter: the coaching staff are now coming up with a game plan for the super bowl against the kansas city chiefs. the team will wear their traditional road uniforms, white and gold come up when they take the field in miami. she says her historic standing in the league want to find her career and her colleagues see her for who she is. a coach. >> frankly, i kind of feel left out when i watch sports. especially the super bowl.
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it's all about the guys. it's very inspiring for young girls to see they have a place in the sport. >> reporter: if you're getting pumped up for the big game, players are resting today. then they are going to practice for three days. they will be off on saturday before heading to miami on sunday. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. this could be the most expensive super bowl. ticket prices are hitting record highs. the average ticket price is currently almost $6800. that is more than $1000 higher than last year's average super bowl ticket. your cheapest seat is going to cost roughly $5700. the most expensive, $70,000. you can watch super bowl liv and sunday, for a second, right here on ktvu fox 2. stay with us for complete coverage. >> that's a close call. what we are learning about a multiline attack and the split- second decision that saved a
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new at noon, the first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the united states. the cdc says the person was diagnosed last week. >> the illness has killed at least six people in china. the cdc is now taking the unusual step of screening airline passengers who are from the chinese city. >> reporter: public health officials in china are working hard to contain a new deadly outbreak of the corona virus. hundreds have been infected so far. a major cleanup effort is now in place. the chinese government is pushing back against claims it has not done enough to contain
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the infection. >> relevant chinese authorities have informed the w.h.o. of the outbreak. >> reporter: it is in the same family as the common cold but can lead to more serious pneumonia type symptoms. the cdc says this outbreak appears to be a mild strain so far but the virus could mutate as person-to-person transmission becomes more widespread. >> an animal source seems most likely. with limited human to human transmission -- >> reporter: health officials in the u.s. are taking measures to contain the virus. ordering passenger screenings at major airports across the country. most passengers say they understand the need for the percussion but doubt the measures will be effective in stopping the virus. >> it is scary to bring any type of virus or anything into
12:16 pm
any other country. >> they know what they're screening for. >> reporter: the world health organization has called for an emergency meeting on wednesday to coordinate efforts to contain the outbreak. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox 2 news. lawmakers in california are introducing legislation to prevent power shut offs. they represent the area devastated by the campfire. they say they want to direct more funding into upgrades and forced fuel reduction projects which are two of the main contributors to wildfires. rain is on the way. meteorologist rosemary orozco is watching it coming this direction. it is definitely cloudy. >> a little bit breezy ahead of the system. over the north bay, the rain is already on. it started earlier this morning. here's a look at san francisco. we remain mainly dry.
12:17 pm
i can almost guarantee we have had a few sprinkles, maybe some drizzle. we have had some and oakland as well. it is not only the north bay seeing the rain. take a look at novato. if you take a look to the north, we received quite a bit of rain. an inch reported since early this morning. meanwhile, napa reporting 4/100 of an inch. petaluma, a little bit more than a 10th of an inch. here's a look at storm tracker 2. most of that rain resides over the north bay. it is going to take another hour to before it can get to the central bay. we are seeing widespread rain around highway one. searching over into napa valley, into sonoma, we have late scattered showers reported.
12:18 pm
into the central bay, a little different story. i'm sure we have drizzle this morning. not seeing a lot on the radar. or the afternoon, as we have crossed over. the radar showing dry conditions, likely to have drizzle. the snow is beginning to fall over areas of the seer as well. right now, snow levels look to be about 6500 feet but they will be dropping. no advisory for travel, not an official one. to be prepared for hazardous conditions over the next 12 to 24 hours. we are expected to pick up a few inches, at least, over donner pass. snow levels are expected to drop. that will go on through tomorrow morning. for us along the coastline, we do have hazardous conditions with large breaking waves expected throughout the afternoon today. and we have that possibility of rip currents as well. that's for all of the northwest and west facing beaches, lasting into the afternoon. as far as future cast, take a
12:19 pm
look at what we do expect. the rain line does shift and into about 4:00, it is into the south bay. at 5:00, we are likely to have what roadways and still some falling from the sky. that could equal a pretty complicated commute. into the evening hours, scattered showers continue. we do dry out by tomorrow morning. temperature wise, in the 50s. 56 in downtown san francisco. upper 50s in livermore. when i come back, i will have a look at the extended forecast. we'll try out for a few days. more rain by the weekend though. more on that coming up. still to come at noon, the world economic forum is underway. how the president is touting the united states's economic success.
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stocks are low as of the worry in china. there is worried that this coronavirus is spreading.
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we see the down is down by one half of 1%. losing 130 points. the s&p is down a here and nasdaq is down slightly as well. president trump is at the world economic forum where he delivered the opening reports. the u.s. trade deals were touted. >> reporter: part sales pitch, part victory lap for president trump in switzerland as he touted the u.s. economy while speaking at the world economic forum, a gathering of business and world leaders. >> we have regained our stride. we discovered our spirit. we awaken the powerful machinery. >> reporter: highlighting business investment and record low unemployment in the u.s. along with his two signature trade deals. >> the agreement with china and the united states, mexico, agreement, the two biggest trade deals ever made.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: despite the deals, the president is also trying to renegotiation a trade agreement with the european union. the president met with his counterpart from the european commission. >> we have been talking about it for a while. >> reporter: another topic of discussion, climate change. 17-year-old greta thunberg appearing on a panel, criticizing the u.s. and other nations on failures related to the paris climate agreement. >> we are all about to fail the commitments you signed up for in the paris agreement. it doesn't seem to bother the people in power at the least. >> reporter: this trip comes as the senate is prepared to take up the impeachment trial later today. in switzerland, the president continued to describe that as a hoax, instead trying to turn attention back to the u.s. economy. at the white house, like berman, fox 2.
12:25 pm
boots are on the ground early to make sure underserved populations are counted. the rest of the country doesn't start counting until march. the census bureau plans to recruit hundreds of thousands of temporary employees. they are part-time with flexible hours. as we mentioned earlier, there is a great need in the bay area to fill those positions now. >> you can go directly to the census website. if you want to learn more about censuses in general, text the word count to the number on your screen. my organization will be sending organizations and reminders. we'll 8000 positions are currently available. at least 45,000 people need to apply. the pay is 25 to $35 an hour. this comes after a report that the cars are accelerating without warning.
12:26 pm
tesla is disputing these claims. the company says it checks out all complaints by drivers and it says the cars drive as they are designed to. the allegations cover about 5000 model threes, model's, and model acts. a close call for a 3-year- old. how his father's quick action made all the difference between life and death after a mountain lion attacks. an emotional candlelight vigil to remember a mother of seven. the play by the driver victim's family. ♪
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. here's a look at some of the top stories. the first full day of the impeachment trial is underway in the senate. adam schiff and attorneys from president trump's legal team
12:30 pm
are debating the rules. senate leader mitch mcconnell has called for three days of opening arguments, 16 hours of questions, and four hours of debate. house evidence will be included in the thirds vote against it. >> we believe that once you hear those initial presentations, the only conclusion will be that the president has done absolutely nothing wrong. >> why should this trial be any different than any other trial? the short answer is, it shouldn't. his resolution would turn the trial process on its head. >> opening arguments are set to begin tomorrow. the house impeachment managers going first. we are carrying it for you live on ktvu plus. police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital in critical condition. this happened around 3:00 on e
12:31 pm
sent antonia road. police found the man in a parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound. no arrests have been made. we are tracking another storm that is bringing more rain. a live look here, you can see some dark storm clouds. we'll bring ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco back to dial us in to how much rain we are getting. >> it is going to be a soggy day. giving a look at storm tracker 2, it remains over the north bay. as we talked about, we had about an inch of rain before it shifted and moved a bit. into the north bay, anywhere from quarter to half an inch over areas around santa rosa. here's a look at where we are seeing scattered showers activity now in and around inverness. as we shift inland, highway 101 is a slick one right now. petaluma reporting some light rain.
12:32 pm
highway 116, highway 12, sonoma, over towards napa, some light rain falling there. as we shift into the central bay though, not a lot going on just yet. quite a bit of drizzle reported along the coastline and the santa cruz mountains. we have a few sprinkles reported right along highway one. we'll begin to see that rain of line moving into the central bay, then into the south bay. it looks like it is going to be a soggy afternoon as far as the evening and afternoon commute. into the sierra we go, snow levels are dropping in the last half hour to 45 minutes. we have watch them drop below immigrant grab. no official advisory for travel but you are going to find snow along i-80 and highway 50. have the snow tires or the chains if you're heading off in the next 12 to 24 hours. here's a look at the system
12:33 pm
over northern california. seeing some rain and snow. we'll have a better idea of how much rain we will get over the course of the system and what we can expect, coming up. and oakland, there was an emotional candle light vigil to remember the mother killed by a hit-and-run driver. it happened right outside her children's school. debora villalon reports the victim's family and supporters pleaded for the driver to surrender. >> reporter: a husband's grief in the spot where his wife was hit and killed, raging in the street, he found no comfort in the memorial to her. he could not be consoled. >> you will slow down! >> reporter: 40-year-old miesha singleton was a mother of seven ages 3 to 22, picking up her children from elmhurst middle school , she was hit in the crosswalk by a driver who kept going. >> whoever did it, please, turn yourself in. >> reporter: singleton's family is heartbroken and outraged. the driver left her to dry in the street.
12:34 pm
>> we need justice. we need it. we need it. we don't want it, we need it. please. >> reporter: from witnesses and video, police new to look for a white nissan maxima with front end damage. tips led to that car, found in oakland. it is now being processed with help from the fbi. >> evidence that can be processed to find the driver, we are going to ask the driver to do the right thing and turn yourself in. we have a grieving family who has lost a loved one. >> miesha wasn't about vengeance or street violence. >> reporter: this councilwoman new singleton as a community leader. >> we want miesha 's memory to be cherished and loved. and we want someone reckless to be off the streets. she was just so sweet. she was so sweet. >> reporter: those who worked with singleton say her commitment ran deep . >> usually when there is a
12:35 pm
homicide in oakland, she would show up. just to support the family and the friends. >> say her name! >> miesha ! >> reporter: friends and family can't believe that miesha 's life was taken violently and carelessly in the community she works so hard to make better. >> we miss you, sister. we love you. >> reporter: police are not revealing where the hit-and-run car was found but they note it was not reported stolen. in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. we have an update to a story we brought you at noon yesterday as breaking news. berkeley police are asking for help to find the driver in hit- and-run crash where a woman was killed. that driver was speeding on university avenue, trying to escape from a police officer. the driver drove onto the sidewalk between fifth street and sixth street. >> they made the turn. it went wide. it went on to the northwest croc was crosswalk entrance and
12:36 pm
then hit the person on the sidewalk. >> investigators say police started chasing the woman inside. the search for that car continues. police are investigating a deadly shooting in sunnydale. officers reported this morning. they say they found a man who was shot at least once. he died at the hospital just after 8:30. police have not released any information on suspects or motives. walnut creek police are investigating a shooting that happened near the marriott hotel. witnesses say that police arrived just before 6:00 last night. there are reports one man was hurt. we are hoping to hear back from walnut creek police to bring in more information. sheriff's deputies shot and killed a mountain lion that attacked a 3-year-old boy. the boy was with his family in orange county yesterday afternoon.
12:37 pm
we have video that shows the mountain lion up in a tree. this was taken by a park ranger just after the attack. witnesses say the boy was walking in front of his family, when the lion grabbed him by the neck. the family through a backpack at the mountain lion. authorities evacuated the parking killed the mountain lion about an hour later. >> i would assume it would be one of the most horrible things you could go through, to see your 3-year-old being dragged away by a mountain lion. the boy was treated for injuries and expected to recover. the man was killed by mountain lion 16 years ago. the countdown is on to super bowl liv in miami. excitement is building among fans. maureen naylor shows us the faithful are getting geared up. >> reporter: at the 49ers team store inside me be stadium on monday --
12:38 pm
>> if you want women's, it's the next table. >> reporter: it felt like the happiest place on earth for 49ers fans. they shelled out $40 for new championship t-shirts and hats. one family drove 14 hours to attend sunday's game and the unforgettable experience didn't come cheap. >> just on tickets alone, it was over $2000. >> $3000. >> reporter: isaiah liked the airplane flyover and the pretzels but had some complaints about the championship game. >> it was actually too loud, first of all. second of all, a got way too cold. >> reporter: we found fans as young as one year old donning niner gear. frank was buying his wife a jimmy garoppolo jersey. >> what is your life like him? >> she thinks he's cute. [ laughter ] got to keep her happy. >> reporter: at a smaller store in campbell, the manager says the super bowl run is
12:39 pm
equivalent to another christmas in terms of sales. >> i have never heard a team that loan. >> reporter: melissa is especially proud to see katie sowers become the first woman in nfl history to coach a super bowl. sanchez herself is a special teams high school football coach in campbell. >> it shouldn't be a big deal but it still is. i still get the looks at our level here. i'm a female coach. it means a lot to me to see that. >> reporter: and his van, with his brother, was trying on a kansas city chiefs jersey just for size. this super bowl will highlight a family rivalry. >> it is going to be interesting. i have a lot of family in kansas city. it takes us back to the world series when the giants were playing the kansas city royals. you know, how close that was. we'll see how it goes. i'm excited for the super bowl and talking trash to my cousins. >> reporter: at levi's stadium,
12:40 pm
maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. you can watch super bowl liv on sunday, february 2nd, right here on ktvu fox 2. stay with us for complete coverage. crews are headed there to bring you live reports from miami. many people are looking to win big. >> that's right. >> they are. >> the kansas city chiefs are going for their first title in 50 years when they face off with the niners. the niners are seen by gamblers as a slight underdog in the matchup. nick from williams sports betting talked about why the niners are the favorite. >> obviously, green bay cut the margin a little at the end. that might influence something. if they had pounded them 44-0, then they would've been a favorite. one it is all said and done, either way is about all you're going to see. >> sports betting is spiked.
12:41 pm
it reached nearly $1.4 billion according to the american gaming association. >> i bet you are going to have a great time. >> we'll be there all weekend. excited to bring you everything. coming up in a second, building a better helmet. we'll go inside the lab of a neurologist to see why his design provides better protection.
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house speaker nancy pelosi visited oshawa it's today. some 1.1 million people died. speaker pelosi along with a congressional delegation laid ritz at the death wall. the delegation was joined by polish officials including the polish senate speaker. people continued to show
12:45 pm
support of the two fallen officers in hawaii. they were killed sunday night while responding to a stabbing. the mario continues to grow. flags across the state flew at half staff and hundreds paid respect by leaving flowers. >> they are so young and they are here to protect us. you know, they died doing their duty. it's just really tragic. so sad. this should never have happened. >> the candlelight vigil will be held tonight for one of the two officers. she was originally from guam and graduated from high school in 1999 before moving to hawaii. a woman was arrested and charged with attempted homicide for being a convicted felon with a gun. police arrested her yesterday after being flagged down saying someone was chasing after him and fired shots at him on a trail just west of dutton avenue.
12:46 pm
lynn young had an unregistered gun in her car. she tracked down the man and chased him. he owed her money and she reportedly fired two shots. no one was hurt and the investigation is continuing. local laws are being updated in several cities about a lot units on private property. tonight, piedmont and walnut peak will take up those issues. santa jose already issues permits. marin county is offering some owners new incentives to create affordable rentals on their land. people have been donating time and supplies to build small forms for people who are homeless. volunteers say the area between east 12th street and 14th avenue was a need of an upgrade. volunteers started building the tiny homes on saturday. they say it was important to finish the project for yesterday's holiday. >> there are so many people in need of help.
12:47 pm
the services aren't available for them. and in honor of mlk's legacy, today, you know, this is just what needs to happen. >> volunteers say the home should be allowed to stay until the city can provide permanent housing. 12:47, we are watching the sky as the rain makes its way in our direction. rosemary, how are we looking? no we are definitely went over the north bay. central and south bay will be getting in on it. here's a look over san francisco as we have a lot of cloud cover. we'll remain with the clouds for today. despite the clouds, temperatures are up. let's look at sfo, mainly dry. san francisco, 56. 56 in oakland. upper 50s in livermore and san jose. temperatures are up by 12 degrees in livermore today. up by 7 over san carlos.
12:48 pm
temperatures are expected to trend upward. afternoon highs in the low 60s. that's an improvement over the 50s we have been enjoying over the last week or two. here's a look at the winds, coming from the south. concord at 12. santa rosa at 9. hayward and sfo reporting sustained at 12. sfo is gusting to 20. a little breezy ahead of the rain coming through. here's a view of storm tracker 2 the rain continues to move over areas of the north bay, slowly making a shift into the central bay. we have some moisture off the coastline that looks like it is entering san francisco in the next 10 to 15 minutes or so. over areas like santa rosa, off the colo sign, highway one, it has been raining. we expect the central and south bay to get in on this. this is going to last for today. we dry out tomorrow and then we
12:49 pm
are dry for a few days. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from quarter inch to an inch reported over areas way north. then you get to the central bank, a few one hundredths of an inch to half an inch. perhaps even less in the south bay. the rain is expected to break apart just a bit as it moves through the rest of the bay area. here's a look at the model for you. into wednesday morning, we dry out. we are dry wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday though, things start to change with rain moving in. it looks like it will last for the first part of sunday. the weekend could be a rainy one. for the afternoon today, 56 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. upper 50s for the east bay. here's a look at your extended forecast. drying out tomorrow. temperatures trending upward just a bit. getting into the second half of the business week. if you're joining us, i will say once again, snow in the sierra with a few inches
12:50 pm
expected over donner pass later today. back to you. >> thank you. a neurologist has created a new helmet to protect against serious brain injuries suffered by athletes and bicyclists. amberley visited his lab and shows us the results of the work. >> reporter: inside his lab, bob knight says he finish creating and designing a new helmet design that will better protect against serious brain injuries. it is a two layer helmet. this yellow layer is an absorbent form. >> it doesn't move. the outside shell takes the force, the stress absorbed energy, and it snaps back in place. >> reporter: he says the best helmets including the ones used by the nfl can absorb energy from a direct head collision and prevents the full force from reaching the brain but it doesn't account for kits that
12:51 pm
snap and rotate the head. >> if you're hit from the back, you can see that the helmet is moving. that is really the principal of being with this movement. then the signals are taken out and just brought over here to the analysis station. >> reporter: he and his team have conducted tests that have proven the design works and that there is no added bulk compared to helmets currently on the market. he says he started his company, bring guard, eight years ago after several students suffered life-changing injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. >> it's a one time injury. falling off a bike, it can be devastating. >> reporter: they have developed prototypes for hockey, football, baseball, and one for everyday use that includes bicycling and riding a scooter. >> whatever you can you, to have better head protection, it's a good thing for society. >> reporter: the next step is
12:52 pm
to find a partner to produce these helmets in large numbers. he says his goal is to put a helmet on as many people as possible who need them to prevent serious brain injury and save lives. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, getting results for military children dealing with deployment. the toys that are bringing children comfort while their parent is away.
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we are looking to learn more to learn the case of coronavirus just discovered. the cdc says a man in his 30s had just traveled from china and showed symptoms. we are going to talk about the symptoms and the severity of the coronavirus and what you need to know, today 4:00. the dow jones is down by just over one half of 1%. the s&p is down and nasdaq is
12:56 pm
almost there as well. a man set a goal to run eight marathons in eight days and half of accomplishing the triple a quest. he is running his second race today in australia. he completed the first race yesterday in new zealand. he is raising money for a children's fun. prince harry is back with his wife meghan and archie in canada after finalizing their split from the official duties. he landed early this morning where he and his family spent their christmas holiday with meghan's's mother. they shot the uk after announcing they wanted to split their duties. they will no longer represent the crown as working royals. back in england, gift shops are slashing prices on prince harry and meghan merchandise. one shop has no plans to stock
12:57 pm
it after supplies run out. >> we reduce the prices because they are not a part of the royal family anymore. we just want to -- >> as part of the new agreement between the royals, the duke and duchess will start giving up state funding. this takes effect in the spring. a woman from north carolina is helping military families cope with deployment. she has created a hug a hero line of dolls. >> reporter: it is a toy unlike any other not meant to comfort military families dealing with deployment. caleb is spending his second birthday without his dad, master sergeant jason is currently stationed in japan. a special toy helps keep him close by. >> he absolutely loves his
12:58 pm
daddy doll. >> reporter: while dad is deployed overseas, in south carolina, mom, kelly, says this doll helps caleb culp. >> it helps him to be able to hug a doll that looks like his dad and having something tangible. i think that makes all the difference. >> reporter: the dolls are the creation of tricia dayal from jacksonville, north carolina. she created the photo dolls for her then infant daughter 15 years ago when her husband, justin, was deployed to iraq. the doll helped introduce their kids to dad. >> we didn't have skype then. there was no way she would have known who daddy was if it wasn't for the dolls. >> reporter: earlier this month, around 4000 troops in ft. bragg began deploying to kuwait . with the help of donations,
12:59 pm
she is giving back and giving results. donating hundreds of hero dolls to hero families, uncertain of when their loved ones will be back home for real. >> it is tough. it's really tough. >> reporter: they have received more than 500 request for dolls. she is looking to partner with the red cross to help with the rising demand. >> more snow is headed to the syrup. some police are enjoying the snowy weather. the sheriff's department posted this video of two of its dogs enjoying the snow fall. deputies recorded the brothers rolling around in the snow. this has hundreds of lakes on facebook. my family likes to go up there. have you been up? >> a couple of times. >> did it feel like that? >> it always feels like that. they are so excited. they can tell it's called. 2 it is so nice having you in for mike today. >> thanks for joining us.
1:00 pm
have a great afternoon. stay with us. dr. oz starts now. harvey weinstein's file gets underway, he's charged with new sex crimes. we sit down with an actress as she reveals shocking details about her ordeal. dentist turneded body stature illegally harvesting human tissue for millions. >> i believe the dead tissue was in my freezer. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 11 starts now. i became a doctor to help people heal. same science the and medicine to take on true


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